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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Aibakaland. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Aibakaland Forum Rules

    1. These apply to the ENTIRE forum. Some subforums have additional rules in their respective areas. #
    2. 1. Membership to Aibakaland is free. No fees will be collected by the forum owners in order for you to be given access to the forums.
      2. Ranks and corresponding minimum number of posts:
      Johnny's Jr 0
      SUNRISE日本 - 15
      IROあせないで - 50
      PIKA☆NCHI - 100
      Lucky Man - 150
      PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE - 250
      サクラ咲ケ - 400
      Cool & Soul - 600
      Everybody前進 - 800
      シリウス - 1000
      Troublemaker - 1200
      Lφve Rainbow - 1400
      Wild at Heart - 1600
      Endless Game - 1800
      Disco Star - 2000
      心の空 - 2200
      Miles away - 2400
      バズりNIGHT - 2600
      Hero - 2800

      3. Signatures are deactivated to avoid clutter. Avatars or icons are limited to a size of 100 x 100 px only.
      4. Be active. No posts in three months will result in the deactivation of your account, and eventually its deletion. To prevent this from happening, check in at the MEMBER HIATUS thread and give the administrators fair warning that you will be away for a specific period of time. #
    3. First thing first, make sure you are in the correct thread or subforum when posting.
      1. Post in English. Since it is the universal language, it is presumed that majority of the members understand and can communicate in English.
      Exception: You may post in your own language in the Subarashiki Sekai Section.
      2. Absolutely no rumours or gossip, in any form, about the private lives of Arashi members.
      3. No double-posting, triple-posting and the like. This pertains to two or more posts in succession by only one poster, regardless of the date. If you double-post by accident you can delete your own post yourself if no-one has replied that topic after you. If you can't delete your post PM the forum moderator or iheartaiba with a link to the topic and it'll be fixed for you. A staff member may bump a topic or double-post to push a topic to the top of the topics list when seen fit.
      Exception: News, Arashi Gallery, Fan Art, Fan-made Media, Fanfiction and Download section, and only for the original poster, when updating the thread.
      4. No one-word posts or posts without substance. "Thanks :D", "He's nice", ":)" etc fall under this category.
      Exception: Short posts are only acceptable in the game section (Oh Yeah!) where posts don't affect post count.
      5. Music files or mp3 rips of official Arashi songs are not allowed in this forum. To support our boys, buy their albums/singles instead.
      6. When posting external links, or links leading away from the site, please code your links.

      CODE: Select all

      [*code][*/code] - remove *
      7. When posting pics use thumbnails or make sure your pictures are max. 600px wide. #
    4. At all times, observe proper forum etiquette.
      1. No bashing, no flaming, no foul language directed at other forum members. Any personal disputes should be settled privately. Staff members will not intervene unless necessary.
      2. Disrespect to staff members is highly discouraged. If you have problems or displeased with behavior by any Aibakaland staff member, please refer your concerns to any of the Administrators or PM the staff concerned directly.
      3. Give credit where it is due. If using or posting pics, videos, lyrics, or such, by other people, credit the original uploader.
      4. Write properly to be understood. DoN'T wRiTe LiKE thIs. it'S SO aNNoyIng. Use proper English, not textspeak. 4 u this may b 'k but i rl hate it. And DON'T WRITE THE WHOLE MESSAGE IN CAPITALS. #
    5. As much as possible, we don't want to ban or warn members, so please observe and follow the rules. Breaking the forum rules will lead to a warning. Three warnings will get your account banned. Banning may last anywhere from a week to a month. Staff will decide how long a member will be banned case-by-case. A staff member will give a reason when warning or banning a member. Defamation and trolling is not tolerated at all and will lead to an account deletion. #