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1. Tag your thread properly: [ONE SHOT], [DRABBLE], [POEM], [ONGOING], [COMPLETE]... + the title + members + rating (G, PG, PG-13).
  • For example, [ONE SHOT] They never knew - All (G) or [DRABBLES] Share House - Yama (G).
2. DO NOT post R and NC-17 fanfics to Aibakaland.
3. No foul language.
4. Your graphics should be max. 600px wide.
5. At the beginning of your post write the following (use the same form):
  • Title: Fanfic title
  • Rating: G, PG, PG-13
  • Member/Pairing: Name of the member or pairing
  • Author: Your username
6. After you have posted your fanfic, PM mclam01 with a subject title "One shot"/"Drabble"/Ongoing"/"Complete". For the message write the address of your fanfic.
7. If you read something please give the writer feedback. But remember: no one-word posts.
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