[Mini-Drama] Tokio - Chichi he no dengon

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[Mini-Drama] Tokio - Chichi he no dengon

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Episodes: 20 (15 mins. each, 5 weeks)
Broadcast period: 2004-Aug-30 to 2004-Sep-30

The 18th NHK Yorudora is Tokio, based on a 2002 science-fiction novel by Higashino Keigo, the same author who wrote Byakuyako.
The painful tears and deep emotions of the bonds between father and son transcend time in this epic, heart-warming drama.
The year is 1979, and Miyamoto Takumi's life suddenly changes when he meets a mysterious young man named Tokio at a park in Asakusa. The young man says, "I've come from the future. I'm your son, Tokio." Thinking it's some kind of bad joke, Takumi doesn't believe him at all. However, Tokio can predict the future, make strange machines, and shows Takumi strange powers. Takumi, who at first doesn't pay any mind to Tokio, slowly begins to believe him.
Present day, 2004. Miyamoto Tokio is suffering from a serious illness and is in between life and death. As 50-year-old Takumi watches over Tokio in his sickbed, he suddenly remembers strange happenings that took place 25 years ago...
A father and son who cross the borders of space and time to meet 25 years in the past; 1979. They travel together to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, searching for Takumi's lover, Chizuru, who has disappeared. Takumi, who had been a bitter man, begins to grow as a human being through spending time with his son, who came from the world of the future. Throughout a strange two-week journey together, Tokio watches his father in his younger days, and leaves him with an encouraging message.
-- translated from excerpts of NHK synopsis by awrittensin

Episode Titles (By Week)
Week 1: 「25年後の息子」 "My Son From 25 Years in the Future"
Week 2: 「消えた恋人を探して」 "Searching For My Vanished Lover"
Week 3: 「大阪・真夏のふたり」 "Osaka: Two of Us in the Middle of Summer"
Week 4: 「彼女の秘密と母の秘密」"Her Secret and Mom's Secret"
Week 5: 「そして旅立つ君へ」"For You, Embarking on a Journey"
-- translated by awrittensin

Kokubun Taichi as Miyamoto Takumi
Sakurai Sho as Miyamoto Tokio
Tomita Yasuko as Chizuru
Yasuda Kei
Takahashi Hitomi

source credit: DramaWiki
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