[Aiba] Tokyo Live 24 - Tokyo Live 22

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[Aiba] Tokyo Live 24 - Tokyo Live 22

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Originally posted by wonsraed.

Tokyo Live 24o'clock (Can Johnny's Provide Solution Live?) [stylized as トーキョーライブ24時 〜ジャニーズが生で悩み解決できるの!?〜] was a special show that aired live in TV Tokyo for two weeks over the weekdays from Mar.31- Apr. 11, 2014 every 11:58 pm - 12:55 am. It was hosted alternately by 5 Johnny's members from different groups namely Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO, Domotou Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids), Aiba Masaki (嵐), Yasuda Shouta (Kanjani∞) and Koyama Keiichirou (NEWS) alongside TV Tokyo's Mascot 'NANANA'.
The hosts received live calls from audiences wanting to consult their worries where they then try to offer solutions while the audience votes for the solution they approve of best. It received a special prize the 2014 Social Television Award from the Galaxy Awards.

Because of the good reception, the show soon returned as a regular program titled Tokyo Live 22o'clock (The Awaited Sunday Night Live Broadcast) [stylized as トーキョーライブ22時 〜ニチヨルまったり生放送中〜] airing very Sunday from 9:54 - 10:48 pm with the same hosting concept with a few changes. It started on Oct. 19, 2014 till Sept.29, 2015 for a total of 43 episodes.

Official Site: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/tokyolive22/

Note: Only Aiba's appearances are listed on this guide.

Tokyo Live 24'clock
Aiba was the presenter for the Wednesday slot with the theme, "Women's Concerns".
  • Episode 03 |2014.04.02
    • Concerns:
      (01) I've got no lovelife experience so I'm feeling left out when we have girls talk. - 26yrs
      (02) Is it okay for me pursue romantic relationships even when I have stalker tendencies? - 25yrs
      (03) I'm wondering if anyone finds it strange that my 3rd year middle school son still enters the bath me. - 45yrs
  • Episode 08 |2014.04.09
    • Concerns:
      (01) I'm torn between my boyfriend who proposed to me and my ex who says that he still loves me. - 25yrs
      (02) How do I make my husband swoon all over me again? -  44yrs Wife
      (03) Even after losing weight to 55 kls, I got rejected because it was still on the ‘chubby’ side for him. - 22yrs

Tokyo Live 22'clock
  • MC Aiba 01 - Episode 04 | 2014.11.09
  • MC Aiba 02 - Episode 06 | 2014.11.23
  • MC Aiba 03 - Episode 11 | 2015.01.18
  • MC Aiba 04 - Episode 16 | 2015.03.01
  • MC Aiba 05 - Episode 19 | 2015.03.22
  • MC Aiba 06 - Episode 25 | 2015.05.10
  • MC Aiba 07 - Episode 29 | 2015.06.14
  • MC Aiba 08 - Episode 33 | 2015.07.12
  • MC Aiba 09 - Episode 38 | 2015.08.23
  • MC Aiba 10 - Episode 42 | 2015.09.20

Fangirl Alert: You really should watch Tokyo Live guys, at least Tokyo Live 24. ANGELIC, GENTLE, SWEET, WONDERFUL, CONSIDERATE AIBA and very gorgeous to boot!!
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Those are the only ones I can recommend because I haven't watched the rest. You might want to give the other episodes a watch as well then recommend them back to me, hihi.