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Natsuhayate (2018)

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:46 pm
by Dyani
夏疾風 [Natsuhayate]
Release date: 25 July 2018

Limited Edition

01. 夏疾風 [Natsuhayate]
02. After the rain
03. After the rain (original karaoke)
DVD: 夏疾風 [Natsuhayate] PV + Making of

High School Baseball Edition

01. 夏疾風 [Natsuhayate]
02. 夏疾風(熱闘ブラバンver.) [Natsuhayate (Nettou Buraban ver.)]
DVD: 夏疾風 [Natsuhayate] (high school student collaboration version) PV

Regular Edition

01.夏疾風 [Natsuhayate]
02. Midsummer Night's Lover
03. Sparkle
04. 夏疾風 [Natsuhayate] (original karaoke)
05. Midsummer Night's Lover (original karaoke)
06. Sparkle (original karaoke)

"Natsuhayate" is a fight song for 2018 Summer High School Baseball Championship and theme song for its television broadcast.