[One Shot] The missing notebook (Sakumoto)

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[One Shot] The missing notebook (Sakumoto)

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Title: The missing notebook
Author: coolohoh
Length: One shot (569 words)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sakumoto
Beta: jheili
Summary: Sho's notebook went missing...

“I can’t find my notebook!” Sho whined as he flipped through the contents of his bag for the umpteenth time.

Jun merely raised an eyebrow.

“Which notebook?” He asked calmly.

“THAT notebook! The one I use to write my random song inspirations!” Sho exclaimed.

Jun cocked his eyebrow again.

“You mean that tattered and torn, and 200% dasai* notebook that you’ve been using since secondary school? It still hasn't ran out of pages?” Jun snorted.

“Look!” Sho huffed, “I have not been using it since secondary school. I only used a bloody 12 pages of it during some leadership camp in secondary school. Before abandoning it until I rediscovered that book at the start of this year. I’ve only been using it since this year!”

“Same difference,” Jun shrugged.

“And for the record, I. Like. That. Notebook. Okay?” Sho said forcefully as he glared at Jun.

Jun merely shrugged.

“Where do you usually put it?” Jun asked.

“Either in this bag, or on my work table, but I’ve gone through both so many times and it’s not there…” Sho sighed in frustration.

“How about that second bag?” Jun asked casually.

“It can’t be there, I don’t usually put it there…” Sho replied.

“But you did bring it to Hawaii didn’t you?” Jun asked.

“I did, but I did use it too after returning to Japan…!” Sho said as he dug through his cupboard for his overseas-use hand carry pouch.

“Nope, not here.” Sho said as he unzipped the bag, revealing the empty darkness within.

Jun narrowed his eyes as he scanned Sho’s study room again.

“Say, what’s that?” Jun asked as he squatted down and squinted while pointing at the gap between Sho’s study table and the bookshelf.

Sho squatted down and took a look. Jun helpfully turned on the camera flash on his phone and shone it through the crack.

“Aha! There it is!” Jun exclaimed triumphantly.

“Gosh it must have fallen off the table! Thank goodness it’s here! I thought I lost it!” Sho said excitedly.

The gap was too narrow and they actually had to push the bookshelf aside in order to retrieve the book.

“Gosh what would I ever do without you Jun?” Sho said as he gave his lover a quick peck on the cheek.

“I have no idea, but for starters, I think you’d starve,” Jun said thoughtfully.

Sho laughed heartily in response.

“Seriously Sho, when will you finish using that notebook?” Jun asked as he wrinkled his nose at the childish look, unfashionable object.

“I don’t know….” Sho said as he started flipping through the pages. “I’m only about a third through.”

“Sheesh! Then you’d better write more. And write bigger. And once you’re done with that notebook, you’re going to use the notebook I’m buying for you!” Jun said exasperatedly.

“Yay! New notebook!” Sho exclaimed as he throw up his hands in delight before giving Jun a hug.

“Now what’s for dinner? I’m hungry?” Sho said with a little pout.

“Sheesh!” Jun said as he rolled his eyes skyward.

He untangled himself from Sho before heading to the kitchen.

When Jun went to call Sho out for dinner a little while later, Sho was busy writing in the notebook. His eyebrows were knitted in concentration and his hands were moving furiously. Jun smiled to himself. Maybe he should make some soup to go with the lasagna. Maybe some dessert too...

*Dasai translates to unfashionable, or uncool.
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