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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 39

'Moshi moshi...' Mizuno replied quickly, frowning slightly. 'Who's this?' From the phone receiver she could hear the other person groaning.

'Who are you trying to call anyway?' The voice snapped.

'Umm...' Mizuno's frown deepened. She had talked on the phone once with Sho and the high pitched voice wasn't how she remembered his to be. 'Ano... Is this Sakurai Sho's number?'

There was a pause before the person replied. 'If this is his, what do you want with him?'

The person's patronising tone began to irritate Mizuno. 'I'm sure this is his phone, so where is he and who is this?'

'I'm his brother. What do you want with him?'

'His brother?!' Mizuno sneered. 'Today is Monday, why aren't you in school?' From her updated profile research on Sho, she knew that he has younger teenage sister, Mai, and an elementary school aged brother, Shu.

'It's because I'm sick!' The brat coughed as if to emphasise his point.

'Right... So where's your brother then?'

'Somewhere... I guess...' Shu said half-heartedly. He was playing a game on Sho's computer when Sho's mobile rang continously annoying him and led to his game over. So he wasn't very pleased with the persistent caller, obviously.

Mizuno silently cursed the boy. It took her a lot of courage and a debt to Ryo to ring Sho and all she got was his little brother?! Well, she wasn't a happy bunny either, but her voice was dripping with honey when she talked to him. 'Okay, can you please call him now? I know he's there...'

Shu went out to take a peek at the still closed bathroom door and could still hear the water running. His elder brother just went to take a shower. He contemplated on whether to tell Sho about the woman wanting to talk to him. Suddenly he remembered something. 'What are you to him?'

'I'm... I'm...' The question stumped Mizuno for words. 'A friend. Yes, yes, I'm just a friend.'

'Really?' Shu went to sit in front of the computer. Not aniki's girlfriend then... He was familiar with Sho's fans calling on the mobile as Sho usually used him to convinced them that they got the wrong number or act as his middleman. 'Well, you can just tell me and then I can tell him.'

Mizuno rolled her eyes, but decided to tell him anyway as her coins were running out and she doubted that she would have the guts to call Sho again. 'Tell him that Mizuno thanks him for the flowers. It was beautiful. Thank you.'

'Aniki gave you flowers?' Shu asked incredulously. 'But why? Aniki has a girlfriend all ready.' He assumed Sho has a girlfriend when he found a picture of a girl in his brother's wallet, but didn't know her name.

Mizuno choked. 'Na-Nani?!'

'Don't lie to me. He went to see her yesterday.' He told her matter-of-factly. Sho said he went to Osaka to spend the weekend at Yuki's place, but his sister believed something else was up. His sister commented that Sho looked and smelt nice when he returned home and deduced that he had been to see a girl. That sounded reasonable to the young Shu.

'Oh...' Mizuno found it hard to breath. Sho for sure didn't come to see her yesterday! 'So ka?'

'Hai. Aniki won't give flowers to you because you're not his girlfriend.' Shu continued with his logic. 'Okay then. I'm hanging up now. Bye bye.' With that he cut off the call.


The engaged tone seemed to echo around Mizuno as she froze in her spot. The phone still glued to her ear. When it got too much for her, she slowly removed the phone and returned it to its place as if she was in a daze. She blinked her eyes several times as she could feel the tears coming. She didn't want the tears to come out. Oh God... This hurts!

Meanwhile back at the Sakurai residence, Sho had finished showering and went back to his room. He smiled as he saw his brother still playing on his computer. 'Hey man, time's almost up. You're supposed to rest.'

Shu groaned loudly though he kept moving and clicking the joystick. 'Do I have to?'

'Yes, you do.' Sho threw his towel onto Shu after he finished drying himself and worn his boxers. 'You're sick.' He chuckled as he watched his little brother wrestling with his wet towel, angry that he couldn't see the monitor.

'Aniki! Now I'm dead!'

Sho just shrugged as he pulled his jeans up. 'Come on... You can play again next time. After you're not sick anymore.' He put the back of his hand on Shu's forehead as Shu stood in front of him pouting. He had heard that they looked similar to each other, but he doubted that their personalities were alike! 'Still a bit hot. So off to bed you go...'

Shu nodded as he made his way back to his room, but a call from Sho stopped him.

'Did anyone call me while I was in the shower?'

Shu shook his head. 'No one. Just a prank call.'

Sho sighed as he put on his shirt. 'Right. Thanks Shu.' He thought nothing of it. 'Now off to bed with you...' He smiled when he heard Shu trudging through the corridor, unaware that the phone call was the one he had been hoping to come for a long time...

Aniki - Elder brother
Nani - What
So ka - Is that so?

- Okay, the names of Sho's siblings are totally from the rumours I heard. This year (or is it last year?), his sister was rumoured to be around 17 and the brother around 9. It was rumoured that they looked similar as well. :lol: (Any other info would be much appreciated)

- I made Sho's age is 24 in the fic, but in real life Sho just turned 23 (as of 2005 when this chapter was written). Just add a year to everyone's age - so 18/19 and 10/11. Oh well, don't bother much with the details. Just know the sister is a teenager/young adult and the brother is still in elementary. :lol:
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 40

'Ahh... It's good to be back!' Aiba exclaimed as he plopped down on the cosy faded brown sofa in their dressing room. After nearly two months of break, Arashi was back in the Johnny's Entertainment headquarters to start their new album preparations. Aiba flipped a couple of the pages from his schedule book. 'Looks like we'll be busy again...'

'Yeah...' Nino came to sit by Aiba's side. 'And since the boss said we can have more say in the production of our next album, we really can't screw around anymore.' They had proposed to have more control of their album's productions after they gained more experience and confidence in themselves backed by the demand from their ever supportive and loyal fans for an album with a more personal touch.

Aiba nodded. 'Well, we can't work with empty stomachs can we?' He turned to Ohno who sat across from him. 'When's your girlfriend gonna bring our lunch?' They all ready placed their orders at Sayaka's cafe before their meeting.

Ohno threw a cushion at Aiba. Hard. 'Be patient a-ho! Stop thinking about your stomach!'

'Yeah...' Matsujun piped in as he put his schedule book on the coffee table surrounded by their sofa set. 'We ordered the food for 1:30. We still have 10 minutes to go.'

Aiba pretended to look shocked and hurt as he turned to Nino. 'They're ganging on us Nino! They're ganging on us! Discrimination against singletons!' His words provoked a humourous argument with Aiba and Nino taking the part of the victims and Ohno and Matsujun as the bullies. Sho just sat laughing on his seat as he watched the ruckus ensuing in front of him.

>Knock knock...<

'Come in!' Sho answered the knocking on the door and the argument died away. Ohno quickly stood up.

'Lunch delivery for Arashi!' A delivery boy came in with their packed food. Ohno frowned as it wasn't who he expected it to be.

Aiba was stumped too. 'A-re! Where's Sayaka?'

'Ahh...' The delivery boy bowed slightly. 'Sayaka-neechan said she didn't want to see someone just yet...' He turned to Ohno as he set their orders on the coffee table. 'Onee-chan said hi though. She said you know what she means.'

Ohno nodded as he patted the boy's right shoulder. He got along well with Sayaka's younger brother whom he met over his break. Sayaka's brother only came around to help once in a while, when he had nothing to do after school. 'So ka? Arigato ne. Tell her I'll see her later.'

'Hai!' Sayaka's brother replied cheerfully before he made his way out of Arashi's dressing room. 'Enjoy the food! Dozo!'

Curious as he was at the cryptic message from Sayaka, Aiba waited til he was sure the boy had walked past their corridor before asking Ohno, 'Who doesn't she want to see?'

Ohno rolled his eyes as he unpacked his food. 'Someone...' That was all he said.

'Who?!' Aiba and Nino asked simultaneously. Matsujun just smirked as he clipped a piece of meat between his chopsticks. Both of the singletons noticed it. 'Jun, you knew?!'

At that particular moment, Sho could feel something changed in the air. He looked up from his fried noodles and met four pairs of eyes staring at him. 'What?'

Aiba narrowed his eyes. He thought that it couldn't be Ohno or Matsujun or Nino or himself whom Sayaka possibly didn't want to meet. This left Sho as the most plausible candidate. Moreover, he thought Sho was a bit quiet since the morning and right through the meeting, not his usual smart-talking self. 'What did you do?'

Sho looked at his bandmates in confusion. 'I don't know. You tell me.'

'You really don't know?' Matsujun raised his eyebrow. He couldn't believe what he was hearing! 'Kira gave me a long lecture about fidelity over the weekend because of you!'

'Eh?' Sho felt more confused than ever. What did I do?!

'Yeah, me too.' Ohno added in between his mouthful of ramen. He always got extra noodles in his orders. 'Sayaka was furious with you and she let it all out on me.'

Nino's chopsticks paused on his lips. 'What did you do Sho?'

'I DON'T KNOW!' Sho was irritated with Ohno and Matsujun's accusations. 'What did I do?!'

'Honestly Sho...' Matsujun looked at him disdainfully. 'I really thought you had it for Mizuno, but who would've thought you all ready have a girlfriend.'

'Wh--What?' Sho sputtered in disbelief.

'Yeah, Sayaka was pretty angry with you about it. She said she would like to slap your face if she sees you for playing with Mizuno.' Contempt was apparent in Ohno's tone.

Sho put his food and chopsticks down on the table and took a deep breath. 'So Sayaka and Kira were saying that I all ready have a girlfriend and that I was only fooling around with Mizuno?' He gritted his teeth when Ohno and Matsujun nodded. 'Where the hell did they hear about this?'

'Mizuno.' Both answered in unison.

'Excuse me?'

'MI-ZU-NO!' Ohno shouted at him. Sho had to take some responsibility for the time he had to endure being questioned by Sayaka.

Sho's jaw tensed. 'Mizuno?' His hands curled into fists. 'And where did she get the idea from?'

Matsujun shrugged. 'Your brother said you have a girlfriend when she called you last week.'

'She called me...?' Sho's voice was barely audible as he quickly fished his mobile from his bag lying by his chair. He flipped his mobile open and quickly checked the received calls log. He groaned as he saw a nameless +066 number - it was a call from Osaka. 'Damn!' He stood up and dialled the number as he plotted a million ways to make his brother suffer for his words. He left his food growing cold on the table.

>Duud... Duud... Duud... Duud...<

The repeated ringing added to Sho's irritation as he walked to the other corner of their dressing room for some privacy. Then the phone was answered.


'Eh? Moshi moshi.' A man's voice answered startling Sho that he almost dropped his mobile. 'This is a payphone at Kansai Johnny's headquarters. I think you've dialled a wrong number.'

Relief flooded through Sho as he regained his composure and apologised to the man before hanging up. For a second, he was so scared that he had lost Mizuno to another guy all ready. However, his relief was short lived as he realised that Mizuno had effectively thought that he had a girlfriend and was only playing with her for about a week all ready. 'Dammit!' He punched the wall next to him in frustration. 'Kuso! Kuso! Kuso!'

At the sofa area, Aiba, Nino, Ohno and Matsujun turned to look at Sho, alerted by his punch on the wall. Sho glared at them.


'Betsuni.' They replied quickly and quietly as they continued eating their food. This can't be good! Not good at all!

Onee-chan - Elder sister
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 41

Shu and Mai sat at the edge of Sho's bed facing their unsmiling elder brother sitting on his study chair studying their guilt-stricken faces one by one. Sho had ordered them to come to his room after they had their dinner in a tone that told them that he would think nothing short of dragging them from their rooms should they refused. Their brother rarely got angry without a reason, so when he was angry, for sure there was something which ticked him off real bad. Shu and Mai didn't dare to look at each other, each of them trying to think of anything they could possibly have done to make their elder brother angry.

Sho blew out a breath which sent goosebumps on the back of his siblings' necks. Both of them fidgeted slightly on his bed. 'Right... Anyone has any confessions to make?'

Only the ticking of the clock could be heard.

'Nothing at all?' Sho raised an eyebrow. Both of his younger siblings looked down. 'Are both of you sure?'


Sho tapped his foot impatiently on the floor making his siblings squirmed even more. He let a few moments passed before breaking the tension in his room with another question. 'Now, you two. Where did you get the idea that I have a girlfriend all ready?'

Shu and Mai looked up in relief. Well, this isn't so bad. Thank God!

'Well?' Judging from the looks of the two in question, Sho was sure they thought that it wasn't that serious a matter. You two are so going to get it...

'Umm... I saw a girl's picture in your wallet...' Shu began.

'Eh? Really?' Mai said before continuing. 'Well, I saw a picture of a girl in your drawer and you kept watching the J no Arashi Kansai episode with the choreographer a lot when you were at home.'

'Is that her? The one on tv?' Shu asked innocently.

Mai nodded knowledgably as Sho continued to listen. 'Yeah, I told you Shu. They look alike to me. Even my friends said that the girl is pretty and you seemed to like her.' She relaxed as she began to gossip with her brothers. 'You know my friends like you right? So they don't like the girl much in the beginning, jealous of her and everything you know. They kept asking me if she was your girlfriend for ages.' Sho narrowed his eyes. Seeing that, Mai waved her hands in the air. 'Of course I didn't tell them anything! I'm not stupid!'

'Ne aniki...' Shu's brows came together. 'Why do you keep hiding that you have a girlfriend all ready? She's pretty and she seems nice.'

Sho raised an eyebrow at his little brother. 'Do you know what her name is?'

Shu shook his head. 'Nope. You never told.'

'Hmm... Is it Mizuno something? Her given name was strange...' Mai hazarded a guess.

'Oozora. Mizuno Oozora.' Sho glared at both of them again. 'It's not that strange.'

'Uh... Okay...' Mai could feel the tension building up again.

Sho then focussed his attention on Shu. 'Now Shu, you answered my mobile last week right?' Shu looked at him blankly. 'Last Monday when you were sick and you said I had a prank call...' Shu's pouted as he tried to remember. 'Right, did the person tell you it's name?'

'Ahh...' Shu nodded vigourously. 'It was a girl. She said something about thanking you for the flowers, so I told her that you had a girlfriend and she's lying.'

'Her name, Shu. What's her name?' Sho's tone became more threatening making Shu edging more towards his sister.

'I... I... Don't remember...'

'Oh?' Sho drawled out before an evil smile formed on his lips.

Shu and Mai gulped. Uh oh... We're dead!

Sho sighed loudly before giving out his sentence. 'Okay you two, new rules. One, you don't answer my calls anymore. Two, you don't tell anyone anything about me. Nothing at all. Three, don't ever rummage through my stuff again. In fact, my room is off limits to you two unless I said you could come in. And yes, that means you cannot borrow any of my games, CDs, tv, hifi, computer and anything else in this room.'


'I'm not finished yet.' Sho held up a hand to silence them. 'You are not to step in my car and you can forget about me buying you anything anytime soon.'

Mai groaned out loud. 'Why am I involved in this? Shu was the only one in the wrong!'

'Well, he got the idea of me having a girlfriend thanks to you. So you are involved.'

'But I don't see anything wrong with telling the other girl you have a girlfriend all ready!'

'The girl happened to be Mizuno and we are not together yet.'


'And thanks to both of you, she now thinks I have a girlfriend all ready.'

'Ahh...' Mai nudged hard at Shu. 'Baka-Shu!'

'Ittai!!!' Shu rubbed his side and pouted. 'But I didn't know!'

Sho stood up and pulled his siblings up as well. 'Both of you get out now. Out!' He threw both of them out of his room and closed his door.

Outside, on the corridor, Mai slapped her brother's head. Because of him, she too was punished. 'Apologise to oniichan now!'

Shu glared at his sister before facing Sho's door. Either he do it or Mai is going to knock his head again. 'Aniki, gomen nasai.' He bowed.

All they heard was the music turned up from their brother's room. Mai waited for a few seconds before pushing her little brother to his room and walking back to hers. Man, oniichan must be serious about this girl. She closed her door and lie on her bed. I hope everything will turn up okay for them later. She thought of her elder brother's new rules for Shu and her and groaned. 'BAKA-SHU!!!! Why do I have to suffer too?!'

Back in his room, Sho tried to calm himself with the music blaring in the background. He felt only a small satisfaction of punishing the two little devils as the girlfriend issue hasn't been solved completely. He thought of going to Osaka to explain to Mizuno about the misunderstanding, but his schedule was packed. He didn't have time to go to Osaka at all. He still doesn't have her contact numbers as Sayaka and Kira both won't give them to him and Yuki didn't know the numbers either. He didn't want to apologise through a middleman as it seemed cowardly and insincere to him. Moreover, it would be a embarassing for him to say what he wanted to say to Mizuno to someone else!

'Argh!!!' Frustrated, Sho went out to his balcony. The air was chilly, but he didn't care. The chill would probably be good to cool him off. 'Come on Oozora. Please call me again.' He brought his hands together and closed his eyes. 'Please please call me, Oozora...' The sentence flowed like a prayer from his lips. A prayer he wished to be granted desperately and soon.

Real soon.

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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 42

Mizuno flipped the page of the photobook showing Latin dances in various poses as she chewed on a piece of takoyaki slowly to enjoy the flavour of the food. Osaka really have great takoyaki! She smiled as she thought Sayaka would kill her if she knew that the takoyaki were much better here than at her restaurant back in Tokyo. The golden brown octopus ball fritters bathed in a dark brown sauce were still steaming in their serving plate on the right side of her book. She was having lunch at the Johnny's Entertainment Kansai headquarters restaurant and just browsing through the photobook for research purposes. She sat on a table on the furthest corner of the restaurant away from the chef's bar, hoping to be isolated from the crowd.

'Can I join you?' An intruder asked putting his tray down on her table. Mizuno rolled her eyes mockingly and nodded. She really didn't have a choice, did she? Yuki was all ready making himself comfortable in his chair, they sat facing each other. 'I almost didn't see you!'

Mizuno closed her book and set it on the side. 'Well, why do you think I chose to sit here then, Yuki?' She said before taking another bite off her takoyaki.

'Hmm... That's not it... There is something different about you...' Yuki narrowed his eyes as if that would make the details of Mizuno's face clearer. 'Aha! You cut your hair!'

Mizuno clapped her hands. 'Bravo! You're a genius!' She had her hair cut over the weekend. Now her hair was boyish short with only the bangs kept long, but only down to her ears on her right side parting. 'My head feels lighter now.' She smiled as she shook her head lightly. 'Ahh... So good desu yo...'

Yuki tore off his okonomiyaki with his chopsticks. The so-called Japanese pancake with his chosen ingredients was simply calling to be eaten. 'Lighter is it? Or is there another reason?' He smirked before putting an okonomiyaki piece in his mouth. Cutting one's hair could carry a deeper meaning such as a symbol of starting anew or a show of regret and apology.

Mizuno pricked a takoyaki several times with her pick. 'What are you getting at?' She was very aware that Yuki was a close friend of Sho's.

Instead of answering immediately, Yuki took his time preparing his next okonomiyaki bite-size piece. 'Well... I was just wondering since Sho kept ringing me for your number.' He clipped a piece in between his chopsticks. 'You haven't called him have you?'

Mizuno felt her blush coming up and averted her gaze to her takoyaki. She pushed her pick hard into one ball and brought it up to her mouth to eat. 'No, I haven't.' She said softly before taking a bite.

Yuki nodded as he chewed his food, trying not to talk with his mouth full. 'Why? Sho's waiting for your call.'

It had been more than a week since Mizuno called Sho's mobile and received a shocking news. She felt extremely uncomfortable talking about Sho with anyone. She was angry and confused when she called Sayaka and Kira. If she was much calmer after she heard what Sho's brother told her, she might not talked to anyone about it at all. She chewed on her takoyaki slowly and returned the pick into another takoyaki. She was clearly bidding her time to reply to Yuki's question, hoping that Yuki would switch the conversation topic.

Yuki, meanwhile, observed Mizuno's behaviour in between stuffing his mouth with the pancake. Now she kept her eyes on the thick photobook on her left side and her fingers began to open the page in the middle of the book. He should spare her and changed the subject, but he thought he might do his friend a favour. 'Are you ever going to call Sho?' Seeing that Mizuno seemed to be engrossed with her book, he pulled the book away and put it on the chair next to him. 'Please mind your p's and q's, Mizuno.'

Mizuno glared at him before picking another takoyaki. 'Sumimasen deshita.'

'Much better.' Yuki replied with a small smile. 'Now, about Sho. Are you...?'

'No. I don't think so.' Mizuno couldn't meet Yuki's eyes as she answered.

'Why? The least you could do is text or call him from my mobile or something. That way he couldn't get your number.' Yuki tried to reason with her. Mizuno just kept quiet prompting him to add, 'Don't tell me... You didn't believe he has a girlfriend do you?'

Mizuno sighed. 'True, I didn't believe it.' However, that was after she did some investigative work when it hit her that the card which came with the flower was hand written by Sho. The florist was more than happy to give her the details which helped her piece the scenario together.

Yuki smiled widely. 'Ha...ha... Way to go Mizuno! I knew you're special. Sho doesn't have a girlfriend. Shu mistook you for a fan, so he always came up with the excuses to end the calls.' He put in a bigger piece of the okonomiyaki in his mouth. 'Yokatta yo!'

Mizuno gave a hesitant nod, but her smile was cold. 'Hai... Yokatta...' It came out as barely a whisper.

'A-re...?' Yuki frowned. It wasn't the expression he was hoping to see on Mizuno's face. 'What's wrong?'

'Betsuni.' Mizuno said in between chewing her last takoyaki. Her food had lost its taste, now it just tasted like rubber.

Yuki put down his chopsticks as he noticed that Mizuno seemed to be forcing herself to swallow her food. 'Daijoubu desu ka?' Mizuno nodded as she finished swallowing her food and reached for her tea cup. Yuki waited until she put down her tea cup before saying, 'What are you afraid of Mizuno? Are you afraid of getting hurt?'

Mizuno gave a nervous chuckle as she wiped her mouth with a napkin, but didn't say anything.

'Mizuno, some things are worth the risk.' Yuki said softly as he gave Mizuno's light blue fleece hoodie sleeve a tug.

Mizuno closed her eyes and and gave a dejected sigh. 'I think Sho deserved a far better person than me. Someone stronger. Because now, I don't think I'm strong enough on my own, let alone for him.' She put her hood up and stood up. 'Yes, I am scared.' She stepped to the side and bent to pick up her photobook on the chair next to Yuki. 'I'm sorry.'

'Tell him Mizuno. Talk to Sho.' Yuki looked up as she stood straight, the photobook tightly hugged to her chest like a shield. 'Call him.'

In reply, Mizuno just bowed slightly and walked away in silent.

Yuki groaned as Mizuno left him at the table. Come on Mizuno! You trust him all ready, now all you have to do is believe in yourself! He picked another piece of his okonomiyaki. Sho isn't as strong as you believe him to be either Mizuno...



Mizuno's haircut: (cause I'm not good at describing hairstyles! -_-;;)
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 43

'Arrgghhh!!!!' Mizuno screamed in frustration as she snatched her beanie hat off her head and threw it to the mirrored wall. Her reflection fumed back at her, huffing, eyes wide, hair messy, her body tensed as she tried to suppress her anger. Her fists were clenched tightly as she turned her back from the mirror, heaving heavily, her face was flushed.

It was a day after her lunch conversation with Yuki. Mizuno hadn't been sleeping much eventhough she really believed that Sho didn't have a girlfriend. Today, in her schedule, she was supposed to start constructing a choreography for a Spanish themed song for Yuki.

Yuki all ready started filming a drama with him playing a Latin dance instructor who was supposed to have an affair with the main character's neglected wife who came to his class out of interest. Two other choreographers were given the task of teaching the actors all the dances. Mizuno was asked to come up with one original choreography which would be used as the dance to the ending theme song. She had a feeling that the producers only gave her the job because of Johnny's Entertainment. Nevertheless, it placed some rice on the table for her, so she can't complain.

The Latin music still filled the dance studio as Mizuno went fetch to her face towel and water bottle lying by the wall adjacent to the mirrored one. The brightly lit spacious room seemed to suffocate her. 'Bloody hell!' She cursed as she sat down with her back to the wall and wiped her face with her towel. 'Bloody freaking hell!' She had been experimenting with the dance steps, but they didn't feel right. The steps didn't seem to synchronise with the melody and they didn't seem to bring the music to life at all. They were horrible!

Days like this were a rarity to Mizuno. Sure she had felt some dissatisfaction with her former creations during the planning stage, but to so far as admit that they were actually horrid, well, that was another story. Something was seriously wrong with her if she started thinking along that line. 'Kuso!' She took a deep gulp of her water and closed her eyes. She couldn't do magic on the dance floor if her emotions were in a turmoil. Right now, her emotions were restless and just bubbling with wrath and confusion.

When Mizuno ran into a muck like this, she needed to break away from it. Fast. If not it could be a dent on her career and her reputation. The deadline for the dance was the week after. Time was money she was told when she asked for an extension as she wasn't very familiar with the genre as she mostly choreographed freestyle and break dancing. The pressure to succeed felt more vicious than ever.

Mizuno groaned. She knew exactly what was wrong with her, but refused to acknowledge the whole idea. She would be a weakling if she did. She put down her bottle and opened her eyes. She looked at her reflection on the mirror. 'You're pathetic!' Her shout broke through the sensous Latin melody in the studio. Her reflection showed a sweaty girl sitting with slumping shoulders sitting legs stretched out. It was the very picture of dejection. 'Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic!' The words ringing in her ears and brain.


Mizuno banged her head back against the wall. 'Oww!' She winced and rubbed her head. Baka! Hontou ni baka! She took a deep breath and exhaled. Her father used to slap her head to snap her out of her moments of depression, daftness and denial before asking her to breathe in and breathe out slowly and deeply. It hurts, but it worked to clear her muddled mind so that it can be made to think clearly. She took several more breaths before the pain went away. She had banged her head a little too hard. Heck, I'm going to have a bump for this. She winced even more as she felt the back of the crown of her head. 'Ittai...'

On a side note, the trick worked. Mizuno had figured out what she could do to regain back her dancing spirit. 'Bloody pride be damned!'
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 44

Arashi came out of the gym sweating and hot. That was the last thing on their Wednesday schedule after their voice training and some studio time. It was just coming to 4:30 p.m.

'I think I might have eaten too much over the holidays...' Ohno pondered loudly. Their routine was all ready adjusted to be less strenous than their pre-concert sessions.

'Do you really need to say that, Leader?' Nino whined. 'Talk about rubbing it in!'

'Hai! Hai!' Aiba snapped his face towel on Ohno's rear. 'That was cruelty! Evil! Evil! Evil!' The singletons fought back.

Ohno guffawed. Sometimes, he couldn't seem to stop talking about Sayaka repeatedly. He was very well taken care of during his holidays, so he was happy. 'I thought you guys are happy when I'm happy...' He blinked his eyes and tried to look hurt.

Nino and Aiba threw daggers at him. 'That was before you have a girlfriend. It's different now!'

'Jun~~~' Ohno went to hid behind Matsujun. 'Help me~~~'

Matsujun rolled his eyes as he met the two singletons straight in the eyes. 'Have I told you the time when Kira and I went to the amusement park?'

Aiba went to a spasm and collapsed on the floor while Nino tried to shake him. Looking up at the two smug all-ready-have-girlfriends guys, Nino began wailing how they were killing Aiba. 'Evil is here! Help! Help!'

Of course, it only took two seconds before all of them burst out laughing. Even Sho - which was a relief to the rest of his bandmates. It was on Monday when he found out about Mizuno's misunderstanding and since then they often caught him spacing out and missed their world-class jokes and pranks. Amazingly, he kept his head cool when it came to work, so they didn't mention any of his weirdness for the past two days to him yet.

Sho finished wiping his face and neck and hung his towel across his neck. 'A-ho!' He helped Aiba to get up from the floor and they continued walking back to their dressing room. Their conversation and laughters boomed along the corridors. The hallways were quiet as most of their floor's occupants, the other debuted groups, were doing their own things. Only Arashi were left to readjust back to their working schedule after their long holiday.

'We won't be starting our new D no Arashi season recording til next week.' Matsujun commented matter-of-factly.

'We'll be busy by then. I can't wait! You have to hear of my ideas for new experiments!' The ever hyper and curious Aiba said enthusiastically before telling them what he had in mind for his segment. Suddenly Tupac's Changes blared into the corridor.

'Ah... Gomen.' Sho quickly fished out his mobile from his trousers left pocket. His eyes widened when he saw the displayed caller's number and signalled for the other four to keep quiet and to walk before him. 'Moshi moshi...'

'Moshi moshi.' A woman's voice greeted him at the same time. 'Sho ka?'

'Hai. This is Sho.' Sho could hear the sigh of relief from the other end of the line.

'Yokatta. Are you finished for the day?'

'Yes, I am. Why?' Sho asked curious. This was a rare call for him.

'I need you to come here.'

'Huh? Where? Right now?' Sho's was the only voice which carried through the corridors. They were now nearing the turn to their dressing room.

'Here. My place. As soon as possible. It's important.'

'Important?' Sho raised an eyebrow. 'Okay, okay, I'll come as soon as I've taken my shower and...' His conversation halted when he bumped into Aiba who was in front of him. 'Why did you stop Aiba?' He looked over Aiba's shoulder and his body froze.

Mizuno was standing in front of their dressing room looking directly at him.

'Sho? Are you still there?' The voice from his mobile broke his trance.

'Ahh... Hai. Yes, Haha, I'm still here.' Sho never left his gaze from Mizuno. Aiba, Matsujun, Nino and Ohno moved to the sides so that Sho and Mizuno could look at each other without any obstructions in between them.

'Good. Make your way over to my office and pick up your brother and sister and drive them home with my car.' His mother's voice then gentled. 'Your father is picking me up for an impromptu dinner tonight...'

From where he was standing, Sho's eyes widened as he saw Mizuno nodded once before turning to the opposite direction from him. Kuso! Sho panicked. She was walking away!


Mizuno had been waiting since after 1 o'clock for Arashi, well for Sho actually, to come back to their dressing room. She had taken the morning shinkansen to Tokyo without as much as her bagpack on her. She didn't plan to go to Tokyo at all. She was supposed to be at the dance studio to work on her new choreography. After bumping her head yesterday, she resolved to call Sho come night time, but chickened out by the time she pressed the fourth digit of his mobile number. When morning came, the bump on her head wasn't the only thing on her mind. Most of it was: Sho! Sho! Sho!

She was all ready at the Kansai headquarters building gates, when she suddenly decided that she won't be free of her chaotic thoughts until she had sorted the root of her problem. And so, she ran to the opposite direction, made it to the train station and bought the ticket for Tokyo.

It was just coming to five, when she finally heard Arashi's voices vibrating through the hallways. As they neared their dressing room corridor, only Sho's voice became more prominent. '... I'll come as soon as I've taken my shower...'

Mizuno stood up from sitting in front of their dressing room when she heard what he said to the caller. Ahh... Bad timing. When she turned her head to their direction, her eyes only saw Sho. He was still talking on the phone with his mother. Must be something important then. She touched her navy blue and pink cap and nodded once. Better go and come again next time. Should have called him first... Feeling like a fool, she turned around and walked away.


Sho's loud shout made her turned her head and before she knew it, she was pinned to the wall and Sho was looking straight down into her eyes... ~doki doki~


Sho's mother winced when she heard her son screamed heaven through the phone. 'Sho, are you all right? Did you just see something falling off the sky?'

'You can say that Haha.' Sho replied mysteriously as he kept his eyes on Mizuno's. His legs and right arm trapped her between him and the wall whilst his left hand still held the mobile to his left ear. 'My angel has come to see me.'

His mother tsked. 'Right... Anyway, you'll come as soon as you can and drive your siblings home. You remember where my department and office is right?' It had been a while since she asked Sho to come to her university department to run errands for her.

'Yes, Haha. I know where your office is.' Sho said as calmly as he could. Being so close to Mizuno straight after his mad dash to prevent her from leaving without a word to him was making his heart felt like it was beating a thousand times faster than normal. 'Oh, I'll be bringing a friend over as well.'

'Ah, that's fine. Bring whoever you want. I'll see you soon!' With that his mother ended her call.

Sho slowly flipped his mobile closed and slid it back into his trousers' left pocket. His eyes kept studying Mizuno's face which was now bright red. Mizuno's eyes never left his either. 'Mizuno Oozora... What took you so long?' With only that as a warning, Sho kissed her hungrily.

Shinkansen - Bullet train
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

Post by mclam01 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:41 am

Chapter 45

Sho felt most his frustration melted with the kiss. He took off Mizuno's obstructing baseball cap and supported her neck and head with his right hand whilst his other arm cupped the right side of her face. Vaguely he could feel Mizuno's arms encircling his waist. When he finally broke their kiss, they were breathing hard and he placed his forehead on hers. Both of their eyes still closed. Sho brought his right hand from the back of her head to her face, his fingers caressing her left cheek down to her jaw. 'I miss you, Oozora...' his voice whispered huskily.

'Someone's coming!'

Mizuno's head snapped back as she heard Aiba's warning from the end of the corridor. Sho scowled at Aiba. Damn bloody idiot! However, his scowl disappeared when Mizuno's face turned an even darker shade of red when both her and him realised that her arms were still encircled around his waist. He smiled smugly as Mizuno quickly released her fists from anchoring on the tail of his T-shirt. Seeing that Mizuno was still flustered, he guided her towards their dressing room as his bandmates from each end of the corridors came walking as slowly as they could towards the dressing room. They had been on guard to prevent any possible photo opportunity from happening again as soon as Sho ran towards Mizuno. Aiba and Nino followed Sho to the other end of the corridor while Ohno and Matsujun stayed at where they were standing originally.

When Mizuno was seated on the sofa, she kept her head down in embarassment and nodded as Sho told her to wait for him while he took a shower. She can't even look at the rest of Arashi after what had happened. The kiss left her heart beating uncontrollably.

Nino held on to the navy blue and pink baseball cap he had picked up before entering the room and contemplated on the best way to approach Mizuno, now sitting nervously on the edge of the long sofa. Ohno, Matsujun and Aiba pretended as if they didn't see her at all and Sho had taken his bag and clean clothes to the shower room. 'Umm... You dropped this.' He said matter of factly as he put the cap on the coffee table in front of Mizuno.

'A... Arigato.' Mizuno replied bowing slightly without looking up.

'Un...' Nino nodded before turning away to his locker where Matsujun and Ohno were checking their mobiles and Aiba rummaging through his bag. He followed Aiba's tactic and rummaged through his locker for whatever. Obviously Mizuno was feeling rather uncomfortable with the event at the hallway just then as they were feeling awkward with the whole thing as well. Sho was once again behaving out of his norm. Nino wondered just how long were they going to keep up with their acts. When is he coming out of the shower?! Just as he wondered, Sho came out of the shower room, fully dressed in his street clothes with hair glisteningly wet and messy. Whoa! That was quick!

It must have been the fastest shower and change Sho ever had. He couldn't tempt fate this time for fear Mizuno would walk off without saying anything to him. He walked directly to the sofa and took the cap off the table. 'Here...' He placed the cap gently on her head before pulling her right hand. 'Let's go.'

Mizuno gasped and looked at him in surprise. 'You're cold!'

'The heater was broken.' Sho answered casually as he pulled her to the door, glaring at his other bandmates who were looking suspiciously at him.

Liar! They all thought and had to suppress their smile and laughters until they couldn't hear the sound of the couple's footsteps in the corridor. Someone is clearly having a hard time! They smiled evilly.


Meanwhile, before Mizuno knew it, she was sitting at the back of a taxi with Sho's left arm curling possessively on her across her shoulders. They sat in silent before Mizuno mustered a question. 'Where are we going?'

'To my mother's university.'

'Huh? Why?' Mizuno found it hard to think when she was sitting so close to Sho.

Sho turned to her. 'My mother asked me to get my siblings so she can have dinner with my dad.'

'Ohh...' Mizuno nodded dumbly. Her heart skipping a beat as her eyes clashed with his. When she finally snapped from staring at him, she realised that his hair was still wet. 'Umm... Your hair is wet.'

'I know.'

'Here...' Mizuno's brain finally kicked into motion. She took her maroon face towel from her bag, placed it on Sho's head and began rubbing his hair. 'You have to dry it or you might get a cold later.'

Sho bit a groan as he kept still, waiting for Mizuno to finish with her ministrations. The motions of her fingers kneading his head felt nice and relaxing. Then without him realising it, his forehead rested on Mizuno's right shoulder.

Eh...? Mizuno stopped massaging Sho's head as she felt a heavy weight on her shoulder. She slowly removed the towel and the corners of her lips lifted as she saw that Sho had fallen asleep. Keeping her eyes on Sho's calm sleeping face, she gently eased her position to accomodate Sho more comfortably without waking him. She quietly put her towel back into her bag, satisfied that his hair was dry enough for her and began to sit back and relax. It had been a long day...



'Wake up... You're here.'

Mizuno slowly opened her eyes when she heard the knock and unrecognisable man's voice.

'You're at the university all ready.'

'Uhmm...' Mizuno blinked several times. 'Oh yeah. The university...' Her voice hoarse.


The knocking attracted her attention. Who...? She stared at the woman looking through the window. She looks familiar... The woman looked curiously at them. Mizuno vaguely aware that Sho was still sleeping on her shoulder. Then it clicked. 'Kami-sama!' She abruptly turned her whole body towards the window causing Sho to slip onto her lap and waking him.

'Hermmm...' Sho groaned as he felt a tug on his shirt collar. 'Nani?'

'Sh...Sho... Wake up!' Mizuno hissed. 'Hayaku!'

Sho raised his head to meet Mizuno's. 'What?'


Sho frowned as Mizuno gave an uncertain smile to someone behind him and gulped. 'What is it?' Sho turned his head back towards the window and his eyes widened in surprise. 'HAHA!'

Haha - Mom; Mummy; Mother...
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 46

'Mizuno Oozora desu. Hajimete ome ni kakarimasu.' Mizuno took off her cap and bowed to the woman who was knocking on their taxi window as soon as she came out from the taxi. 'Dozo yoroshiku.'

Sho stood next to her looking slightly amused with her formality. He all ready told his mother that she was the friend he'd be bringing over during their call. 'So Haha, where are they and your car key?' Sho didn't plan on hanging around for a long time.

'There's no rush, Sho.' His mother smiled gently as she studied Mizuno from head to toe. It wasn't everyday that Sho brought a lady friend over to meet her. She saw the uncertainty in the girl's eyes and in her smile. So this is Oozora... Sho's mother remembered her son screaming the name down the phoneline. 'Oozora? What an unusual name. You must be a gift from the heaven to your parents.'

'Ahh... Unn...' Mizuno nodded feeling extremely intimidated in the prescence of Sho's mother who was elegantly clad in her designer suit and immaculate updo. 'My mother thought Oozora was perfect for me. My Dad said it was inspired by the endless and beautiful skies and that I looked like an angel.' She could feel her cheeks getting warmer with every word she uttered. Mizuno chuckled nervously as she swept her fringe to her right ear, very much aware that her appearance left a lot to be desired. 'Umm... You look beautiful Sakurai sensei.' Mizuno met Sho's mother's eyes and smiled sincerely when she said that. She was secretly hoping that the comment would also divert the attention away from her.

'Well, thank you my dear.' Sho's mother replied, pleased with the compliment. Of course she had noticed Mizuno's attempt and decided that she would let her off for now. 'My husband is taking me to dinner, so I had to make a little effort.' Sho's mother said jokingly, trying to calm Mizuno whom she noticed was wringing her cap in her hands.

Mizuno gave a nervous laugh and nodded. 'Yes, you should.' Just as soon as her words came out, Mizuno realised she just made a faux pas. Her face burnt. 'I... I mean... Not that you need anything. You're all ready so pretty!' She bit her lower lip. Oh Kami-sama! Open the ground and swallow me!

Sho's mother laughed and took Mizuno's right hand in hers. 'It's always nice to hear compliments like that more often. So Mizuno, I don't think you've met my other children.' She said casually and then stepped to stand in between Sho and Mizuno. Mizuno's eyes widened when she saw Sho's sister and brother whom she didn't even noticed standing behind their mother before. 'That's my daughter, Mai, and my youngest son, Shu.' Both of them bowed as their names were mentioned.

Mizuno replied their greetings and smiled. She felt even more uncomfortable with the two new pairs of eyes looking and smiling mischieviously at her. 'Nice to meet you all.'

Sho noted his siblings' looks. 'Haha, I see that they're ready, so why don't we just move along now and let you do any last minute touch up before Dad comes to pick you up?' He grinned as he stood talking to his mother while shielding Mizuno away from his siblings. He could tell Mizuno was feeling nervous and felt a little twinge of guilt for putting her up to this ordeal.

'Ahh... Yes, of course.' Sho's mother nodded as she took her car key from her suit pocket. 'Oh, Mizuno, where are you staying tonight? You live in Osaka right?'

'Uh... Well... Yes, I live in Osaka. I just came today.' Mizuno answered falteringly. 'Umm... I thought I'd go back tonight.'

'You mustn't. It would be too late at night.' Sho's mother replied. Her hand squeezing Mizuno's hand in concern.

Mizuno looked at Sho quickly before answering. 'Ah, if it's too late I can always stay at one of the capsule hotels near the train station. It's no problem at all.'

'Capsule hotels?' Sho's mother said sounding slightly offended. 'Didn't Sho offered you to stay at our house?' She turned to her eldest son. 'Sho, where's your manners?' Sho looked dumbfounded.

'No, really, Sakurai sensei. There's no need. It's okay. I can return tonight.' Mizuno cut in because the last thing she wanted was to be sleeping under the same roof as Sho. 'I didn't plan on coming here anyway.'

Sho's mother chose to ignore Mizuno's protest. 'Don't worry dear, it's no trouble at all. You can sleep with Mai in her room.' She walked Mizuno over to her daughter. 'Our guest room is unhabitable now, but I'm sure Mai won't mind having you around. You're Sho's friend after all.' Mai gave Mizuno a friendly smile.

Mizuno was left speechless as Sho's mother quickly gave Shu the car key and told him and Mai to lead the way to their car for Mizuno. 'Now behave you two. I just need to tell Sho something.' She smiled at Mizuno. 'Hope our house won't be too messy when you get there. I'll see you for breakfast tomorrow.' She motioned for the three of them to go ahead and waited a few moments before turning back to Sho who was looking warily at her.

'Haha, what was that all about?' Sho asked. He could feel his mother had something up her sleeves.

'Sho, did you realise that you left her in the taxi to pay for the fare just now?' His mother raised a disapproving eyebrow.


'You didn't pay the taxi fare. Honestly, what kind of man are you? That's no way to impress a girl. Simply shocking, Sho.'

'I... I...'

His mother rolled her eyes and shook her head. 'That's why we have to offer our hospitality to her. Besides, she's your friend, it's nothing out of the ordinary isn't it?'


'However...' His mother took a step closer to Sho. 'Since she's staying in our house, don't even think of taking advantage of her.'

Sho's eyes widened. 'Haha!'

'She's someone else's daughter you know.' His mother continued, taking no count of Sho's tone and his offended and guilty face. 'Make sure you behave as well.'

'I can't believe this!' Sho threw his arms in the air. 'I'm not the one who invited her to stay at our house!'

'But you're glad she's staying.'

'Yes I am.' Then immediately Sho shook his head in denial. 'I mean, no, I'm NOT!'

His mother chuckled as she patted Sho's right shoulder. 'You run along now. I have a date to get ready for.' She watched as Sho rolled his eyes and said his goodbye before walking away to their car. 'Drive carefully, Sho.' She waved when Sho had entered the car. These Sakurai men... Whoever knew what they were thinking? She found it interesting that Sho was unusually secretive about this particular girl. If it wasn't for Mai and Shu complaining about Sho's punishment for them, she wouldn't know what was going on in his love life!

Mrs. Sakurai smiled knowingly as her gold baby Range Rover pulled away from her parking spot. But of course the Sakurai women are smart. She smirked as she stepped back into her department building. Shu was so impatient for Sho, that they had waited in the building foyer for Sho to come. I hope Mai and Shu would get more information about 'the Mizuno Oozora'...

Hajimete ome ni kakarimasu - Glad to meet you. Formal, not usually used in normal conversation.
Sakurai sensei - Well, instead of calling Sho's mother Mrs. Sakurai (Sakurai-san / okasan ?), Mizuno referred her by her profession. A show of respect possibly. Aish... I don't know how to explain, but I hope you get the gist of it! :lol: >dies<

The gold baby Range Rover:
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 47

'Ano... Oozora-neechan...' Mai began tentatively looking at ther left side to where Mizuno was sitting.

'Hmm...' Mizuno smiled, giving assent to Mai to call her by her given name. Sho took a quick peek on the rear view mirror of the two girls sitting at the backseat. He was slightly wary when his sister started talking. How else did his mother knew that Mizuno lives in Osaka since he never breathed a word about Mizuno to his parents?

Mai avoided Sho's eyes expertly and continued, 'You were on J no Arashi right?'

Mizuno nodded. 'Yes I was on the Kansai special.'

'You said you've been with Johnny's for 5 years all ready right?' Mai closed one of her eyes as she tried to recall what was said during Mizuno's interview, 'And you were in the Tokyo branch before transferring to Osaka. So you must have known Sho-niichan for a long time.'

Mizuno gave a nervous chuckle. 'Well, yes I've been with Johnny's for 5 years now, but I don't know Sho for as long as that.' She grinned. 'We only started talking last year.'

'EH!!!' Shu who sat on the front passenger seat turned around with a disbelieving look. 'No way! You should see aniki around the building. He's always there.'

If it wasn't for a sharp turn he had to make, Sho would've smacked Shu's head. These little devils... He groaned inwardly. He was so sure this was his mother's motive for inviting Mizuno to sleep at their house. She was using the brats to collect information from the unsuspecting Mizuno!

Mizuno, who has a soft spot for kids ever since she was assigned to train the new recruits, fell into the trap, hook, line and sinker. 'I worked at a different section and used to go to Johnny's sister branch to train the female juniors there.'

'Ohh...' Shu's mouth formed a big O. 'But why didn't you try to find aniki? He's famous. Lots of girls always come to our house to see him.'

Sho's knuckles turned white on the steering wheel. I am going to kill him!

Mai agreed. 'Yeah. They were such a hassle!' She leaned towards Mizuno. 'You don't think our brother is cool?' She raised an eyebrow and said with a cheeky smile. 'Or have you found out that oniichan could be a big pain and a dork?' She cackled evilly.

Sho gritted his teeth while Mizuno laughed out loud at his siblings' comments. Oh, you two think this is payback eh? When I get my hands on you squirts!

'Hai hai... I can see why Sho is famous with the ladies...' Mizuno gave them a conspirational look. 'Famous enough not to be able to see me before I was Arashi's choreographer. If I wasn't under his nose all the time, he probably wouldn't even know I was alive!'

'That's not true!' Sho suddenly spoke up. 'I saw you around, but never had the chance to get close to you. You were always buzzing around everywhere. Didn't even say hi when we walked past each other. So snobbish!'

Mizuno was taken aback by Sho's admission. 'Oh...' That was all she could say.

'Hontou ka aniki?!' Shu turned back to look at his elder brother. 'But how come you never tell us about her? You always tell us about the pretty girls you met.' He was confused. 'Oozora-neechan is pretty too...'

Sho glared at Shu. He was really going to chop up his brother and threw him into the Tokyo Bay. It was true that he told them of the pretty girls he met, but they were all the other artists he met during his tv appearances, drama shootings and other entertainment events. 'They're different!' From the rear view mirror he could see Mizuno's smile looked forced. Kuso!

Unexpectedly rescue came from within the enemy line. Mai slapped Shu's head. 'They were artists! Not random people on the street ba~~~ka~~~.' She had seen the change in Mizuno's expression and decided that it would be a good time to revert back to Sho's side. When Shu turned to glare at her, she widened her eyes and shook her head to tell him not to comment further or they might be in serious trouble. Open your mouth and die! Mizuno was looking out of the window and missed the exchange. Mai chuckled. 'Ne... Oozora-neechan, how's Kansai?' It was time to change the subject.

'Ahh... Nothing much.' Mizuno met Mai's eyes again and continued to steer the conversation into safer waters, halting only when Sho told them that they were going to make a stop at a sushi bar to pick up their dinner take away all ready ordered by their mother.

Then along the way back to their house, Sho made a plan to get some time alone with Mizuno and get his siblings out of the way...
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 47b

>Kluk kluk<

'Here we are. Welcome to our house Oozora.' Sho took out his house key and opened the door wide. 'Please make yourself comfortable.'

Mizuno nodded and looked around the reception area as she entered the house. Taking off her shoes and slipping her feet into the indoor slippers Mai had taken out from the shoes rack. 'Arigato.' She stepped on the platform and followed Sho to their living room.

'Shu, put the sushi boxes on the dining table please.' Sho instructed his brother and pointed towards their dining room. 'We'll eat after all of you have cleaned yourself.' Sho turned to Mizuno. 'Yes, you too Oozora. Why don't you take a bath first.'

'Eh? Me too?' Mizuno said dumbly and Sho nodded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'Do you want me to prepare the bath for you?'

'Ah no! That's not necessary. I'll just take a shower.' Mizuno shook her head. 'Daijoubu. Daijoubu...'

'Right... Mai will show you her room and the upstairs bathroom.' Sho used his pointing finger to beckoned Mai to Mizuno. 'I will take a futon from the guest room up later. Mai, go and lead the way...'

'Hai!' Mai saluted her brother mockingly. 'Come Oozora-neechan. My room is just up the stairs. I can lend you some fresh clothes.'

'Ahh... I'm fine. I still have my practise clothes in my backpack.' Mizuno replied as she followed her host. Looking around the framed family pictures hanging on the wall. 'Aww... Kawaii!!!' She exclaimed when she saw a kindergarden photo of Sho. It prompted Mai to tell the story behind the picture as they continue making their way to her room.

Meanwhile, Sho went to the dining hall to make sure Shu did as he was told. 'I said you can eat after you have cleaned yourself!' He smacked his brother's head as he caught him opening one of the sushi boxes.

'But I'm hungry!!!!' Shu whined.

'I don't care. If I say later, then later!' Sho still remembered the conversation in the car. He pulled a chair and sat down, so that he was leveled down to his brother's height. He put his hands on Shu's shoulders. 'You know we have a guest today...' His voice was deceptively unthreatening. Shu straightened up. He knew nothing good would come his way when Sho took that tone when talking to him. 'As usual the same rules apply. So behave yourself.' He squeezed his little brother's shoulders. 'However, I would like you to watch what you're saying to Oozora. Actually don't say anything about girls to her.' He gave an evil smile. 'Are we clear on this matter, Shu?'

Shu gulped and tried not to squirm under Sho's gaze. 'Ha...Hai... I won't say anything. Promise!'

Sho eased his clutch on Shu. 'Good... Very good...'

'Right, Oozora-neechan's in the shower.' Mai suddenly came into the dining room and halted immediately when Sho turned to look back at her with a sinister smile. 'Na...Nani?'

Sho stood up and raised an eyebrow. 'Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do either.'

'I didn't do anything! Honest!' Mai protested, frowning.

Sho smirked. 'Yeah right. You just know how to provoke Shu into asking some dodgy questions at Mizuno just now.' Mai looked away guiltily. 'Let me remind you two again, I rarely miss anything... Understood?'

'Hai...' His two siblings answered weakly.

'Good. Now, after Oozora finished her shower, you two will go up and take your really long baths.' Sho told them as he signalled them to follow him to the guest room. 'Then you come down for your dinner and...' Sho's words were cut off when he opened the guest room door and found that the room was tidy and habitable. He sighed. Haha... He gritted his teeth as he took a futon out from the cupboard. His mother was really really devious! Saying that the guest room was inhabitable and asking Mizuno to sleep in his sister's room. Hontou ni...

Unaware of the rather tense situation downstairs, Mizuno stepped out of the shower and proceeded to change into her Japanese football jersey and her comfortable Nike navy cotton trousers. It felt weird to actually be in the Sakurai's house. It definitely wasn't part of her plans when she came down to Tokyo on her impulse! How did I get myself into this situation?! She patted her towel on her head as she slid open the bathroom door.

'So you've finished...' Sho's voice made Mizuno froze on her spot.

'Ahh...' She peeked from under her towel to Sho standing in front of her with a futon in his arms.

'Just bringing the futon up for you.' Sho said as he continued walking towards his sister's room.

'Ah... Arigato ne...' Mizuno whispered as she followed behind Sho. 'Where's Mai?'

'Oh, she'll be up shortly. Just setting the table with Shu downstairs.' Sho set down the futon on the floor next to Mai's bed and turned back to Mizuno. 'Was the shower all right?'

Mizuno hung her towel on her right shoulder. 'It was nice and warm...'

Then the room went quiet as they just looked at each other not knowing what else to say. It had been a long time since they were together. Alone.

'Aniki! Can I go in the bathroom now?!' Shu shouted from the foot of the stairs shattering the vacuum in the bedroom. Mizuno shifted to one corner of the room and allowed Sho to exit the room.

'Yes! You can have your bath now!' Sho shouted back from Mai's door. Then he turned back to Mizuno. 'Come down when you're ready, okay.'

'Yeah, sure, sure...' Mizuno pulled the towel from her shoulder. 'I'll come down soon.' From behind Sho, she could see Shu running to his room and Mai walking towards them.

Sho shifted away from the door to give way to his sister. 'Right... I'll see you downstairs then.' He took a few steps backward before turning away completely. Kami-sama... That was so smooth Sho! Very smooth! Sho felt like beating himself for acting like that in front of Mizuno. Kuso! I better get shape up before she comes down then...
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

Post by mclam01 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:43 am

Chapter 48

Mizuno finally hung her towel on one of the coat holders on Mai's door. She touched her slightly damp hair and decided that it would be stupid to delay going downstairs much longer when she had nothing better to do in Mai's room anyway. She stepped carefully on the hallway and down the stairs as if she was an intruder in the house. From the foot of the stairs she could hear a tv commercial jingle and followed it to its source.

In the tv room, Sho turned from the tv to the widely opened door when he heard the sound of footsteps. 'Come here Oozora.' He called her over and patted a cushion next to his. 'Make yourself at home.'

Mizuno smiled shyly as she moved her cushion slightly away from Sho before sitting. Then she looked around the simply furnished traditional-minimalist fusion tv room. 'This room is nice. I like it.' In front of them, a large plasma screen tv was attached to the beige suede textured wall. Underneath the tv, a low mahogany cabinet housed the digital tv receiver box, a DVD player and stereo and amplifier control box. Her eyes went up to the ceiling and saw the embedded stereos on each corner of the room. 'Really nice...' She whistled.

'I know...' Sho said with pride. The only other furniture in the room was the kotatsu, the low coffee table with heater and blanket, the seating cushions and a dark brown floor sofa on one corner behind them next to the door where Mizuno had entered from. He saw Mizuno's smile widened when she saw the sofa. 'If you like to sit there, we can just move the table over there...' He offered.

'Yes please!' Mizuno grinned gleefully as she stood up and ready to help move the kotatsu across the tatami floor to the sofa corner.

Sho chuckled as they moved the kotatsu nearer to the floor sofa and Mizuno plopping enthusiastically on it. 'This is our family room and also our hang out area when our friends come over.' Sho sat next to Mizuno as he made his explanation. 'The living room is just through that door...' He pointed to a glass sliding door which looks like a waterfall cover on the left side wall, 'That is used mainly for my parents' guests or for formal stuff. This room is soundproofed so the people in the living room won't hear the ruckus made in here unless we opened the doors, of course.'

'Cool...' Mizuno nodded as she ran her hand on the leather sofa. 'I really like this...'

Sho began to relax as he noticed that Mizuno had loosened up and began to become comfortable in his house. He thought she looked a bit nervous and uptight when she first entered their house. Sho poured some orange juice to her glass and asked her to have a drink. Other than that, he just left Mizuno to get used to the surrounding in silent as they watched the tv while carefully monitoring the digital clock on the DVD player. His siblings said they would take an hour for their baths and change after he dropped some heavy hints. He waited until the clock said he had only 30 minutes before the trouble twosome came down for their feeding to ask the question he had in mind since he saw Mizuno standing in front of their dressing room. 'What brought you to Tokyo, Oozora?'

'Ahh...' Mizuno let go of her grasp on her now empty glass as her dreaded moment had finally come. 'I don't know.' She gave Sho an uncertain smile as she faced him.

'You don't know?' Sho asked incredulously. 'Did you hit your head or something?'

Mizuno winced. You got that right! She thought to herself realising how stupid she looked right now and mentally kicking herself for it. 'Well, actually...' She took a deep breath before continuing. Better get this over and done with then idiot! She stared Sho directly in the eyes. 'It's your fault!' Sho was taken aback by the sudden attack. 'If it wasn't for you, my choreography wouldn't be so messed up and I wouldn't be hitting my head on the wall!' Her hand reached for a cushion next to her. 'I hate you!' She swung the cushion up to the side of Sho's face.

After the hit, Sho pulled the cushion away from Mizuno's hand to discover her gritting her teeth and closed her eyes as she appeared to try regaining her control. His lips pursed and his eyes narrowed as he waited for Mizuno to open her eyes before saying anything. 'And what is that supposed to mean?'

Mizuno shuddered inwardly upon Sho's low dangerous tone, but kept her controlled composure. 'You don't have any idea what you do to me do you?' She grabbed hold of Sho's T-shirt collar with both of her hands. All the anger, confusion, craving and frustration rushing back to her. 'You moron! You are always in my mind when I was awake and when I sleep you are in my dreams. One time you make me feel on top of the world and another you make me feel like hell!'

She pulled him towards her, eyes narrowing as the words spilled from her heart. 'Just what are you doing to me Sho? I don't understand.' Her eyes softened and she eased her deathgrip on Sho. 'When I'm reminded of your birthday surprise for me, I felt happy. When I touched your flowers and read your card, I felt like I love you. But when I heard that you have a girlfriend, it just killed me. It made me think that you were just playing me for a fool and I hate it. I hate you.' Her voice wavered and she let go off Sho. 'I just don't understand... Why are you doing this to me, Sho?'

'Oozora...' Sho breathed out her name and threw his arms around her and hugged her hard. 'I'm sorry...' He tightened his arms around her when he felt Mizuno trying to push away from him. Then he ran his right hand through her hair gently and felt a small bump on her head. 'I'm not playing with you Oozora.' He pulled himself away from her and cupped her face with his hands. He brushed her hair away from her eyes. 'Open your eyes, Oozora. Look at me.' His breath caught when he saw Mizuno's eyes glistening with moisture. 'There is only you in my heart. I think of you when I open my eyes. I think of you before I close my eyes and after. There wasn't a second when I don't think of you.' He let a tear burnt a trail on his hand as Mizuno closed her eyes. 'Believe me, there is no one else but you, Oozora...' He brushed his lips on her eyes, one after the other. Then his right thumb traced her lips. 'Suki desu, Mizuno Oozora...' He whispered on her lips as his neared hers.

'ANIKI! Your phone is ringing!'

Mizuno quickly pulled away from Sho and scrambled to the other end of the sofa and wiped her tears away upon hearing Shu's loud voice from the corridor. Both of them finally realised that Sho's mobile on the kotatsu was ringing. Sho's jaw tensed as he picked up his phone and flipped it open. 'WHAT?!'

'Shush Sho!' The caller hissed in a low voice which sounded a bit hysterical. 'Keep it down!'

Sho wasn't in the mood for games now. 'What is it Aiba?'

'She's back, Sho. She's back!'

The floor sofa:

Look at the table with the blanket - kotatsu is like that.
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

Post by mclam01 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:44 am

Chapter 49

'She's back?!' Sho frowned as he tried to think what was Aiba on about. 'Who the hell are you talking about?' His frowned deepened when he saw Mizuno hastily stood up. Kuso!

'You know her...' Aiba continued in a whisper. 'She's back home now...'

Sho gritted his teeth. 'Who?!' Mizuno just signalled that she was going to the dining room where Shu was all ready running to. He couldn't do anything but nod as she left him alone to talk on the phone on top of still not having a clue what Aiba was saying to him! 'Aiba, if you don't tell me right now...' Sho's voice dropped to a threatening tone.

At the other end of the line, Aiba gulped. Better end this quickly then... He cleared his throat. 'She found her red shoes. Dorothy is back at home.' He waited for a while for Sho's response, but none coming. 'Sho... are you still there?'

'Aiba...' Sho exhaled deeply. 'Get a freaking life!'


Aiba winced as Sho shouted angrily at him and ended the call. He looked up at the other people around him. 'Guys... I think our timing is bad... Really bad...' He flipped his phone closed. 'I think he's going to kill me tomorrow.' The credits for the Wizard of Oz film rolled silently on the tv in the background.

'Really?' Nino asked sceptically. 'He didn't even laugh?'

'No. He just screamed for me to get a life and hung up.'

'Woops...' Ohno said as he looked at Sayaka sitting next to him. 'Maybe we should have waited until tomorrow to ask him about Mizuno ne...'

Sayaka sighed. 'I hope Mizuno is all right.' Her shoulders slumped slightly. 'Wonder where is she now? Her mobile is unreachable.'

'There there Sayaka...' Kira gave her a quick hug. 'I'm sure she's fine, where ever she is.'

Sayaka turned to Kira. 'But something doesn't feel right.' She turned back to meet Ohno's eyes. 'Please, can you just call Sho once again and ask where she is Ohno-kun? I mean, what if she hadn't eaten and fainted somewhere?' She was anxious when Ohno told her that Mizuno was at the Tokyo headquarters from around noon, as they found out from the visitor's log book, without even dropping by at her cafe.

Ohno was weak when it came to Sayaka looking sad or worried. 'Okay, okay, I'll call him again.' He pulled out his mobile and searched for Sho's number and called him.

'Tell him we're sorry okay!' Aiba told Ohno seriously. He really didn't want Sho to hold a grudge against him. Sho was smart, so Aiba was certain he could come out with something evil if he really put his mind to it. And if it was true, he didn't want to be at the receiving end of Sho's wrath!

'Moshi moshi Sho!' Ohno began cheerily, but only to be replied with an exasperated hello. 'Right, I'm just calling to ask you where Mizuno is.' Ohno thought it'd be better to get straight to the point when Sho sounded like he was having a bad day. 'Sayaka was worried about her.'

'She's at my house.' Sho replied monotonously. 'She'll be staying here. Tell Sayaka not to worry.'

'She's sleeping at your house?!' Ohno exclaimed attracting the attention of the rest of his bandmates, Sayaka and Kira who were hanging out together at Aiba's apartment. 'Now I'm worried!'

'What the hell is that supposed to mean?!' Sho was not amused.

'Sho!' Sayaka suddenly grabbed the mobile off Ohno's hand. 'You better not do anything stupid!'

Back at the Sakurai's house, Sho closed the tv room door as he felt his temper fraying at the edges. He locked the sliding door, taking his time to calm himself so as not to lash out his frustration and anger at Sayaka. 'Sayaka, she'll be fine. My sister and brother are here as well.'

'Oh... Yokatta...' Sayaka breathed out a sigh of relief. 'But still, I don't trust you with her alone.'

'What are you? Her mother?!' Sho snapped angrily causing Sayaka to gasp audibly.

'Hey Sho, what the hell did you say to Sayaka?!' Ohno's voice came back on the phone. 'Apologise now!'

Kuso! Sho ran a hand through his hair. 'Don't get into my case, Ohno. I'm sorry. There. Happy?' He didn't get it. Why can't they just leave me alone tonight of all nights?!

'Sho?' Now Nino took over the phone. 'Are you all right?'

Sho closed his eyes. 'I'm fine...' He opened his eyes. 'Is there anything else you guys want to say to me?'

'You do know that we planned to meet up at Aiba's tonight, don't you?' Nino reminded him calmly.

'Ah... Damn!' Sho cursed. 'I'm sorry. I forgot all about it.' He made a mental note to buy them dinner next time for forgetting the meeting. 'I'll treat you guys next time okay.'

'You know, you could just bring Mizuno and your siblings here. Kira is also here as well...'

'NO!' Sho squashed the idea at once. 'Look, just tell them my apologies.' There was no way that he would give up the opportunity to clear things up with Mizuno. He was so close too! 'I'm sorry, I have to go now.'


'Tell Sayaka I'm sorry I snapped at her. I'll take care of Mizuno.' Sho said with conviction. 'I'll see you guys tomorrow.' He ended the call after saying his goodbye.

At Aiba's apartment, Nino took the mobile away from his left ear. 'They're not coming. Sho forgot about tonight.'

'Figures...' Matsujun smirked which earned him a slap on the head from Kira.

'What is that supposed to mean?' Kira asked with narrowed eyes.

Matsujun's gave a teasing grin. 'It's a guy thing sweetheart...'

The look which Matsujun gave her sent a blush through Kira's cheeks. 'Ah... Baka!' She pinched him on his arm causing him to yell out his pain.

At this scene, Aiba and Nino turned towards each other and began to fake vomitting and fainting. 'Enough with the love-love atmosphere!!!!' Thus the tense atmosphere was broken and their night proceeded to be fun, relaxed and full of laughters.

Meanwhile, Sho walked slowly into the dining room feeling uncertain about how to break the tension he could feel emanating from Mizuno when she left him just then...

Oh, if you guys didn't get it, Aiba was talking about the girl from the Wizard of Oz. :lol: :P It was a joke. ^_^
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 50

Sho stopped short when he stepped into their dining room. Where are they? The round rosewood dining table were empty. Then the sound of laughters coming from the kitchen answered his question. He went to the opposite end of the room and slid open the adjoining frosted glass door.

'Did he really?!' Mizuno screeched as she poured some boiling water into a tea pot. 'No way!' She was sandwiched between Mai and Shu, all of them facing away from the sliding door.

Sho's mouth twitched. 'Who did what?' His question made the three froze at the kitchen counter. Slowly they turned to face Sho, each trying not to look too guilty. Sho narrowed his eyes. 'What?'

'Betsuni...' Mai replied with a straight face. 'Was just telling Oozora-neechan about the time when you had to do the kindergarden cosplay... Pfft...' She snorted, unable to contained her laughters. This prompted Mizuno and Shu to break into laughters as well! 'You look so stupid!'

Sho tried to look angry as he walked towards them who tried to control their laughters unsuccessfully. 'On the contrary, I was so kawaii~~~' He made a cute face reminiscent of Puss in boots in Shrek 2.

Mizuno laughed even harder and she could feel tears in her eyes. 'You're too much Sho!' Sho grinned as she fanned her face. Mai and Shu were all ready on the floor, clutching their stomachs.

'Too much?' Sho blinked his eyes. 'But it was the truth ne~~~' He gave an exagerrated pout.

Mizuno snorted as she covered her mouth trying not to laugh even more. 'St... Stop it Sho!' Her stomach was hurting all ready. 'You're killing me!' More laughters escaped.

Sho chuckled and rolled his eyes. 'Fine fine...' He reached past her for the tea tray. 'Let me just bring this to the table.' He looked down at his siblings on the floor. 'Up you two and clean your hands.'

Mizuno and his siblings began to sober up and walked towards the circular adjoining table at the end of the marble kitchen counter where the sushi bentos were set. They were breathless when they came to their seats. After placing the tea cups to each of them, Sho sat down and looked at his siblings who sat between him and Mizuno. 'Why did you guys move the food into the kitchen? I thought the dining table was set all ready.'

'Ahh...' Mizuno looked up at Sho who sat facing her. 'I asked them to move. You don't have to go through so much trouble for me.' She bowed her head to him. When she first entered the dining room, she was overwhelmed by the 10 seater dining table and the elegant interior of the room with it's Japanese landscape scroll draping on the wall facing a huge glass window which showed the Sakurai's beautiful quaint Zen garden when the white and gold sheer drapes were pulled back. The adjoining sliding door had a rocky mountian scene etched on the frost glass.

'Oh, it's no trouble. We use the dining room for guests all the time.' Sho said before dipping his sushi in soy sauce. 'This is where our family eat most of the time.' He motioned Mizuno to eat up as well and then proceeded to act as the perfect host throughout the meal. The conversation was light-hearted and didn't venture into any awkward probing from his siblings as he had warned them off earlier. However, he kept trying to create a perfect opening to get rid of his siblings after their dinner. As they were finishing their bento, Sho was growing anxious. Now how do I get rid of them? He thought as he chewed on his sushi. His thought was then interrupted by Shu's question.

'Ne Oozora-neechan...' Shu mumbled between his last sushi. 'What are you working on now?'

Mizuno made sure her mouth was empty before answering his question. 'I'm trying to create a dance for Yuki's new drama.'

'Really?! The one where he was supposed to be a Spanish dance teacher?' Mai's voice went high pitched. 'Wow! Isn't it hard?'

Mizuno chuckled. 'Yeah, it is a bit hard. I'm not used to create that kind of dance. And it is a couple dance as well...' She rolled her eyes.

Shu nodded. 'Is that why you came to see aniki?' He swallowed and didn't notice that Mizuno looked slightly taken aback by his question. 'You want aniki to help you.'

'So desu ne!' Mai clapped her hands. 'We have some dance DVDs we bought from Europe when we went there a few years ago. They should be in the tv room.'

Sho kept his face straight eventhough he felt so ecstatic with his siblings for giving him the opening he wanted. 'We could watch them together and I don't mind being your practice partner, Oozora.'

Mizuno managed a small grin. She didn't see this coming! 'But I...'

'It will be my pleasure, Oozora...' Sho smiled as he leaned back on his chair.

'Well I...'

'Oh yes...' Sho continued before Mizuno could say whatever she had in mind. 'Shu, brush your teeth before you go to bed.' All of them had finished eating. Shu nodded obediently. He knew his bed time was soon. 'You can take a manga from my room for your bedtime reading.' Shu's eyes widened upon hearing his words. Sho's ban on him meant he wasn't able to read any new comics. Then Sho turned to Mai. 'And you can borrow my laptop for your homework.' He made that up and raised an eyebrow so Mai would get the hint.

Mai didn't need further nudging to know what her brother was up to. 'I'll clean the dishes before I go up then.' She was too excited with the prospect of using Sho's Ferrari laptop which he rarely lent her. She stood up, eager to get the dishes done so she could go on the internet from her room. They have wireless connection throughout the house, but only their parents' study and Sho's room have desktops. Her only hope of going on the internet was Sho's room which she was banned from entering. She really couldn't wait to get her hands on the laptop! The laptop was Sho's treat for himself when it came out.

'Great.' Sho grinned as he stood up. Shu was all ready running up to his room. 'Thanks Mai.'

'No probs!' Mai said cheerily as she picked up the empty boxes and the used cutlery.

'Coming with me Oozora?' Sho asked as he waited, amused, for Mizuno to leave her seat.

Mizuno hoped her blush wasn't that obvious as she tried to keep her cool. She couldn't meet his eyes as she came round the table. ~doki doki~

Sho let her walked before him to the tv room. Finally... He closed the tv room door shut, sealing them from the rest of the world. We're alone Oozora...

The 10 seater round rosewood dining hall table:

Imagine the huge window overlooking the garden like this. Of course, the Sakurai's would have the drapes. Oh, Zen garden is like the one in this picture as well - stone and pebble garden really, sometimes have a water feature:

Sushi bento - basically sushi in a box :lol: Something like this:

Think of the circular table adjoining the counter where they sat eating as something like this. Mizuno would be sitting near the sink, Mai and Shu on the rounded corner and Sho would be sitting facing Mizuno.

Acer Ferrari laptop:

Ha...ha... Sorry, I just have to add in the pictures! Can't help myself! :lol:

Ah... Almost forgot! Puss in Shrek 2!!!
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 51


Mizuno immediately tensed up upon hearing the door being locked behind her. She put her hands in her trousers pockets as she turned around and gave Sho an uncomfortable smile. 'So...' She looked around the room for anything interesting to talk about. 'Nice curtains. It looks like a painting.' She said and stepped towards the drapes falling from the opposite wall to the waterfall doors leading to the living room. 'Bamboo and a full moon in the background. Hontou ni kireii...'

'It is inspired from a painting.' Sho said quietly as he stood close behind her. He reached out to follow the trail of Mizuno's fingers on the curtains. 'Bamboo at snow night...' He whispered to her right ear. 'See, here are the snow.' He closed over her hand and moved it to trace the snowflakes on the drapes.

'Ohh...' Mizuno hoped that Sho won't feel her trembling from the contact and his near presence. She could feel her cheeks burning up at their close proximity. Sho was making her nervous and she didn't like it. She wanted to break away from it - to preserve her sanity, at least - but no words of protest came out from her lips.

'Oozora-neechan!' A voice suddenly boomed into the room making Sho dropped her hand in surprise. It came from the intercom next to the locked door. The intercom was used to call the people inside the tv room when the doors are locked. 'I thought you might need your bag for the dance practice.'

Sho silently cursed his sister for being thoughtful at the wrong moment and went to open the door. 'Thanks Mai.' His voice was calm as he took Mizuno's bagpack from Mai's hand. 'Now go do your homework.'

Mai grinned widely as she waved at Mizuno who was standing behind Sho before leaning towards her brother. 'Oniichan gambarimasu!' She whispered and winked playfully. 'Fight-o!'

'Go away!' Sho whispered back and slid the door shut and locked it again. Honestly...

'Well...' Mizuno began as she took her bag away from Sho and proceeded to sit ont he floor sofa. 'I guess I should begin by telling you what my plans are.' She went into her business mode for fear of losing her control over Sho's unexpected advances. She unzipped her bag and took out her sketch book and her black pair of dancing sneakers which she wore especially for this dance. 'Ahh... Woops...' She said as she grinned apologetically. 'We can't dance on the tatami floor, can we?'

'Actually, this is also a dance room.' Sho replied off-handedly as he went to the centre of the room and bent on a tatami. 'Give me a minute to get rid of these tatami mat so we can dance on the floor underneath it.'

'Ohh...' Mizuno was impressed. She would never have thought that the room was multifunctional. Polished wood panelled floor began to emerged as Sho lifted several of the tatami until a large square dance area was uncovered. He stacked the mat at one corner of the room and took a small hand brush in the cabinet drawer to sweep the floor - not that it needed the sweeping in Mizuno's opinion. 'Cool.'

'Oozora, can you just draw back the curtain please?' Sho said as he kept sweeping the floor.

'Hai.' Mizuno nodded and went to pull the curtains to one side and gasped. 'I can't believe this! You even have a mirrored wall!' She stood back, eyes wide. 'Sugoi!'

Sho chuckled. 'Well, it is a dance room as well. Intended for my practice, but I rarely use it.' He stood up. 'You can slide the panel and go out to the garden as well. We always open it during the hot summers for the breeze to go in.'

Mizuno nodded not knowing what else to say and walked back towards the floor sofa. She really liked the room. 'Who designed your house's interiors?' She asked him curious as he put the hand brush back into the drawer.

'Well, all of us have a say as to what went into the house, but I reckoned my mother held the veto power in the final decision.' He grinned and rolled his eyes. 'My dad is the bank.' He came to sit next to her and took her sketch book.

'Oi! Chotto!' Mizuno slapped his hand and pulled her sketch book away from him. 'Don't touch it.'

Sho raised his hands up to his chest. 'Oooh... Possessive aren't you?'

Mizuno harumphed. 'Of course! This contains all my choreography steps and plans. If anything happens to it, I'll just die!'

Sho chuckled as he caught the teasing glint in Mizuno's eyes. 'Anyway, what's this dance you're having trouble with? Something for Yuki's drama?'

Mizuno nodded, frowning slightly as she flipped through the pages filled with dance sketches and annotations before stopping at one with pictures of the cast involved in the drama. Sho's eyebrow raised unnoticed by Mizuno when he saw Yuki's pose in one of the pictures. That idiot...

'Yuki looks quite sexy there, don't you think?' Mizuno commented as she pointed at the picture.

'No, he doesn't!' Sho's denial came quickly. 'Not as sexy as I am.'

Mizuno giggled upon hearing Sho's reply. 'Ha...ha...ha... Gee... Someone's got some issues here...' She smirked.

'No, seriously.' Sho turned to her and smiled evilly. 'Let me show you...' His hands deftly unbuttoned the first few buttons running down his blue over shirt with grey grown-on sleeves to reveal a glimpse of his collarbone and chest exposed by the layered blue and white singlets he wore underneath the long sleeved overshirt.

'Yah! Bakayero!' Mizuno quickly slapped Sho's head before he could get any further. 'Are you out of your freaking mind, you big idiot?!'

'So you admit that I am sexy?' Sho asked in a serious tone.

'Hai! Hai! You are the sexiest man alive!' Mizuno breathed in and out harshly and fanned herself with her right hand. 'Happy now?' She said as she slid away from him on the sofa. 'Don't come near me, you pervert.' She warned him, eyes narrowed. He was all ready making her feel bothered in his long sleeves and Buckaroo jeans and now he was going to strip?! I am going to have a heart attack one of these days!

Sho laughed out loud at Mizuno's act, his shirt was all ready unbuttoned half-way by the time Mizuno slapped his head hard. He thought of buttoning it up, but decided against it seeing that Mizuno was getting even more nervous when he teased her just then. His plan was simple: Make Mizuno lose her control. He had been very patient with her for the last couple of months, but he wasn't willing to wait anymore. 'Okay okay... Now, why don't you show me some of your ideas for the dance?' His smile was innocent when he looked at her, not betraying a sliver of his devious plan. 'Let's not waste our time now.'

Mizuno looked at him warily before moving back to her original position next to him and showed him the page after the pictures page. Sketches and annotations of dance steps were drawn in numbered boxes running from left to right. Though Japanese read from right to left, Mizuno did hers in the opposite direction so it would be easier for some of the non-Japanese cast to follow through. She was told that due to the time constraint, the female lead would have a professional dancer as her body double for the complete dance scenes. Yuki, on the other hand, didn't have such allowance. 'Right, this is the draft I have so far. The drama is about Yuki as the dance instructor having an affair to a married woman who still loves her husband and won't leave him.' She rummaged through her backpack for her mp3 player. 'I have the song here. It's called 'A Puro Dolor' by Son by Four.'

'Purest of pain; pure anguish; pure sorrow...' Sho translated as he took her mp3 player.

Mizuno looked at him in surprise. 'You know Spanish?'

Sho shrugged. 'Just a little bit.'

'Oooh...' Mizuno took out a piece of paper sandwiched between the layers of her sketch book. 'I have the lyrics and translation here to help me tell the story in the dance.'

'So then what's your problem?' Sho asked her matter of factly after examining the dance sequence sketches. 'From what I can see, you seemed to figure it out really nicely all ready.'

Mizuno sighed. 'I know, I know... But it just didn't seem... Right...' She cringed at her lame excuse. 'Do you know what I mean? It seemed to be lacking something. When I see myself doing the dance, it looked technical.' She said the last word as if it was a taboo. 'It didn't conveyed the passion warranted by the beats, lyrics and the characters.'

'I can't blame you.' Sho hmmphed. 'It's Yuki, not sexy enough.'

'SHO!!!' Mizuno slapped his head again. 'I'm serious!' However, she couldn't help a little chuckle upon seeing Sho's Puss impression after she hit him. 'Baka Sho!'

'Ha...ha... Okay, let me just connect your player to the amplifier and we can listen to the song again and figure out where to add the extra spices.' Sho quickly went to the cabinet and did the connections. Soon the beats of the song flowed in the room. 'Hmm...' He sat back next to Mizuno and read the lyrics together with her. 'This is very interesting to interpret...'

Mizuno nodded, biting her lower lip. 'I know. I'm thinking more bachata, but the possibilities are endless.' She was unaware that Sho had shifted closer to her as they read the lyrics together.

As the song came to an end, the left corner of Sho's mouth lifted up. Very very interesting indeed...

Break time! Heh...heh... :P Before I proceed, I would like you lot to listen to the song from this website:
It's 'A Puro Dolor' in Bachata Spanish version. The song streams on realplayer. The Spanish and English translation lyrics are on the page as well. (If anyone can rip the music, please do. I want to save it too, but don't know how! >dies<) Son by Four also have an English version of this song called 'The Purest of Pain'.
Info on the bachata is in the website somewhere as well. It's a type of Latin dance originating from the Dominican Republic. Will describe more in the next chapter. Besides, there's Google. ^_^

Anyway, more pics!

The fabric painting on the curtain, 'Bamboo at snow night':

Tatami floor:

Mizuno's dance sneakers:

The 'sexy' Yuki pic:

Sho's grown-on sleeved shirt:

Buckaroo jeans (Korean brand):

Sho in the layered singlets:
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Re: [Complete] Of water and storm (feat. Arashi; Sho-centric)

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Chapter 52

'I should have known...' Mizuno muttered wearily as slid the mirrored panel open and stepped bare feet onto the porch. The cool October air brushed against her hot and sweaty face and neck. She sat leaning against a pillar with her legs hanging at the porch's edge. Sho had gone to the kitchen when they decided to have a break before running the full choreography they finally managed to agree upon after a lot of arguing.

Mizuno drew in a long breath as she closed her eyes to calm herself. She forgot one thing about doing choreography with Sho: they don't get along well. How did I forget after doing his solo?! She remembered the time, last year, when she was the assistant choreographer for Arashi's concert and was assigned to create Sho's solo dance. Like it was then, tonight was no different. They quarrelled and thrown criticisms at each other's ideas without any bars hold. Despite agreeing that they were the worst pair when it came to creating a choreography, they were secretly surprised that the end results were the best they ever achieved in a teamwork.

The sound of water dripping opened Mizuno's eyes and she looked around for the source. She smiled weakly when she saw the tall layered rock water feature in the middle of the Sakurai's garden. It was certainly a great centrepiece. Funny how she didn't notice it earlier. She must've been physically and mentally exhausted from her quibbling with Sho over the dance for Yuki's drama. They were basically demonstrating the dance steps to each other like they were in a dance battle for the past two hours in between watching some Latin dance DVDs for inspiration.

'Oozora daijoubu?' Sho suddenly appeared with a tray of tea and some chocolate chip cookies. He had unbuttoned his shirt fully and rolled up the sleeves past his elbows. He smiled gently as he saw Mizuno turned to him with a weak smile on her face. 'Tired?' He asked conversationally as he sat with the tray in between Mizuno and him. Mizuno nodded once. 'Here, have some tea and some chocolate for some sugar rush.'

'Arigato...' Mizuno took the offered tea cup and sipped her tea. 'Oh, what time is it now?'

'Almost half past 11.' Sho picked up a cookie. 'I guess you should go to sleep soon. When are you planning to return tomorrow?' He broke the cookie in half and held one half for Mizuno to bite. 'Ahh...'

Mizuno munched on the cookie half before answering. 'I should return by noon, so maybe I'll take the 10-ish shinkansen.'

'So ka...?' Sho sipped his tea as he contemplated his schedule for the next day. 'I'll send you to the station.'

'Huh?' Mizuno looked up from her fingers which were breaking a cookie into two. 'I don't think that's a good idea Sho.' She handed one half to Sho's opened mouth. 'I can go there on my own.'

Sho didn't reply and only the sound of the water and the crunching of their cookies can be heard. It wasn't until the cookies and tea finished that Sho spoke again. 'Oozora, how long are you going to keep running away from me?'

Mizuno gasped at Sho's question. The air suddenly felt much much colder though her skin was feeling hot. 'I... I think we should go back inside. It's getting cold.' She said as she picked up the tray and brought it inside the warmer tv room with central heating.

Sho followed her inside without a word. 'Just put the tray on the kotatsu.' He said as he closed and locked the mirrored door. Mizuno was avoiding him again.

'Hai.' Mizuno did as she was told before walking back towards the dance floor where her socks and shoes were. 'Let's run our final masterpiece before your parents come home.' She sat and pulled her socks up her feet. 'Besides, you need to sleep with your album in the making. Don't want your voice to be affected by fatigue.'

'The recording won't officially start until next month. We're just gathering our materials and stuff before going into the studios.' Sho informed her as he put on his socks and indoor sneakers for the dancing. Mizuno had insisted on him putting on some shoes instead of using his slippers when dancing. She said it gave him support and helped to protect his feet should she stepped on them accidentally. 'I reckoned my parents won't come home til after 1, so we've plenty of time. Don't worry about it.'

Mizuno nodded as she stood up and did a couple of stretches. 'Ready?' She asked Sho a couple of minutes later when Sho had done his stretches as well. Sho nodded and reached over the cabinet to play the song on the mp3 player.

Mizuno and Sho faced the mirror and when the music started Mizuno began to move her hips with her arms in the air, languorously, with a contented smile on her face - trying to convey an image of a woman satisfied with her life. Sho only stood behind her and watched with hooded eyes until the lyrics came on.

~Perdona si te estoy llamando en este momento~

---Pardon me for calling you at this moment
But I needed to hear again---

Sho glided up to her and placed his hand on her back.

~Pero me hacia falta escuchar de nuevo
Aunque sea un instante tu respiracion~

---Even if it were only for a moment, the sound of your breath---

Then he spinned her to face him and held her close to him.

~Disculpa Se estoy violando
Nuestro juramento~

---Excuse me if I am violating
Our agreement---

Mizuno's expression changed to that of a troubled woman. She tried to back away from him, but he caught her hands and pulled her back to him.

~Se que estas con alguien, que no es el momento~

---I know that you're with someone, that now is not the time---

Sho's left hand moved to her back.

~Pero hay algo urgente que decirte hoy~

---But there's something urgent I have to say to you today---
Mizuno turned her face away from him defiantly as he ran his fingers down her left cheek.

Their bachata steps continued to synchronise with Sho taking the lead. Left forward, right side, left foot together, right hip raise, right foot back, left side, right together... The lyrics continued to be conveyed through the movements of the dancers. Sho playing the desperate man craving for the attention and love of his object of affection who belonged to another man. A woman trapped in a cruel love game.

As they danced, Mizuno was convinced that whatever the tingling feelings where Sho touched her were merely due to her reaction as the married woman and not her own. Her fast heartbeats and shallow breaths due to the steps and her concentration on getting the sequence right. Nothing else. She recalled the words her mentor used to say: 'Dancing is like orchestrating a song. Everybody can use the same moves, but who is going to make it a hit? A good dancer appeals to your reason, but a great dancer appeals to your emotions. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'. It was her characters' emotions she was feeling, not hers!

Besides, the dance was influenced by bachata - said to be a sensual dance as one could feel the music more and have stronger connection with one's partner when dancing, she remembered reading a comment from a bachata dancer. It looked and sounded perfect for the piece, but it seemed that she couldn't handle it as well as she thought she could - especially not when Sho was her partner.

The end of the song was nearing. Sho had suggested something which made her nervous, yet he convinced her that the emotions came through better than her original idea.

~Estoy muriendo, muriendo por verte
Agonizando muy lento y muy fuerte~

---I'm dying, dying to see you
Dying slowly and painfully---

Sho pulled her spinning towards him over the two arms distance from which they stood away from each other, but still linked by their hands. Then Mizuno was leaning with her back supported by Sho's left thigh and his left arm looking up to the ceiling.

~Vida, devuelveme mis fantasias
Mis ganas de vivir la vida
Devuelveme el aire~

---Love of my life, give me back my dreams
My desire to live
Give me back my breath---

Sho's lips just hovered, not touching, from her breast bone up to neck and chin. Eyes closing at first before opening when he reached her neck, exposed to him with her head tilted back.

~Carino mio, sin ti yo me siento vacio
Las tardes son un laberinto
Y las noches me saben~

---My dear, without you I feel empty
Evening are endless confusion
And nights taste---

He almost reached her mouth when he pulled her back up. Mizuno arms encircling his neck with his hands on her hips. He tried to brush his lips on hers only for Mizuno to turn her face away, so his lips hovered over her right cheek to her ear. By then their steps had slowed down, almost to a standstill.

~A puro dolor~

---Of pure sorrow---

He mouthed the last sentenced in her ear before the music finally faded leaving them standing close to each other. Neither of them wanted to move away.

'Oozora...' Sho whispered and Mizuno slowly lifted her eyes to meet his. He brushed his lips on hers. 'Quiéreme como te quiero.'

Mizuno's stammered when she spoke. 'What does that mean?'

'I'll tell you when the right time comes.' Sho slid his arms away from her.

Mizuno pulled him close to her, startling Sho. 'Then tell me now.'

'Are you sure?' Sho stared into her eyes. 'It's not because of the dance, is it?'

'No.' Mizuno lips curled upwards. 'I lied when I told you I don't have any idea why I came here.' She took a deep breath before telling him the truth. 'I came to see you. I want you to be mine.'

'Are you ready to cope with the bad things that come with being together with me?' Sho had to be certain. Mizuno had gone through a lot of bad press and stalkers. His conscience kept him from rushing her before, and it was doing its job now as well.

'I hope so.' Mizuno tip toed to whisper in his ears. 'I survived so far and it made me stronger.' She brushed his lips just as he did with hers. 'Sakurai Sho, daisuki desu.' Sho's smile at her confession made Mizuno's last trace of reserve for him disappear.

Sho brought his lips closer to hers. 'Love me like I love you.' Their noses touched. 'That's what it meant.' With that they kissed passionately to seal the beginning of their love relationship.

The end.

Daisuki desu - I really like you.

The porch - something like this:

The water feature in the garden:
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