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Re: [Complete] Never Dance Alone (Ohno and OC)

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“Okaa-san! You’re here!” Anna said, rubbing her eyes. She has just woken up because she was tired doing her new choreography.

“So, this is the house your father bought for you,” her mother said, looking disgusted. “Are you sure you can live here?” she asked.

“Of course. I’m not a picky person,” Anna replied.

“What will you have for dinner?”

“Ramen. I still haven’t bought groceries,” she told her mother as she arranged the couch for her to sit on.

“Ramen? Anna, don’t tell me you’ve been living with noodles for the past years,” she said.

“Of course not! And it’s not just noodles. It’s ra-men,” she said slowly, trying to give the difference of the two. “Satoshi loves ramen… Eh… chotto matte! Satoshi will be here and he’s the one bringing the ramen!” She started hitting herself hard on the head.

She took her phone and started to dial Ohno’s number to call him.

“Moshi moshi?” Ohno’s voice from the other line said.

“Satoshi, don’t come here!” she whispered loudly on the phone.

“Eh? I can’t hear you. It’s choppy,” he replied.

“Just don’t come here in the house…” Anna pleaded.

“I can’t hear you. I’m in the…”

The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” her mom said.

“Iatta!” Anna shouted as she ran back to the living room. There, she saw, face to face with her mother, Ohno Satoshi.

“You!” she yelled, pointing at him.

His face twitched into a weird expression. It was as if he was trying to smile but thinking that it was not the right time to do so. “Konbanwa, Anna, Mitsuhashi-san,” he bowed in front of her.

“Satoshi!” Anna said in whispers, trying to grab his attention to follow her in the kitchen.

“Anna, get the ramen he’s carrying,” her mother ordered. “I would like to talk to him.”

Anna frowned as she took the plastic bag from Ohno and proceeded to the kitchen. She heard her mother say, “Seriously, you’re only feeding ramen to the woman who’s carrying your child? Can’t you afford something more… more wholesome?”

Anna just mimicked her mother as she heard her endless ranting from the living room. “Kawaiso na,” she thought. “I bet he never experienced that from his own mother.

“Anna?” her mother called out a few minutes later.

“Hai, okaa-san?” she said, leaning from the kitchen.

“Go dress up, we’re going somewhere,” her mother said.

“Where?” she asked. She was still wearing a white shirt and shorts and since she was in the kitchen, she has an apron over it.

“We have to talk about something,” she said. Anna was halfway upstairs when she heard her mother talking on the phone. “Hai, Ohno-san. We have to talk about something. It’s about your son and my daughter.”

Anna locked herself inside the room. “Tell me this isn’t happening!” she said disbelievingly, looking at the newly-framed painting Ohno gave her. She desperately phoned their ‘butai’ director, Nino.

“Nino-kun, my okaa-san’s going to talk to Satoshi’s okaa-san!” she said in a panicked voice. She had to distance herself from her phone’s earpiece when Nino shouted.

“NANI? We must do something about that then!” he shouted. “Where are you going, Anna-san?” he asked.

“I don’t have any idea!” she replied.

“Well, I must inform the others. Tell us where you’ll meet,” he said.

“Hai,” I replied, hanging up. She went to the bathroom to have a quick shower and helped herself into some clothes, the type of clothes her mother wanted her to wear.

“Okaa-san, tell me where are we going,” she demanded angrily as she asked the driver to go.

“Don’t raise your voice at me, young lady,” she said, making Anna shut up.

Ohno was silent at the rest of the trip. His phone rang. “Moshi moshi?”

“Oh-chan, what’s the meaning of all of these?” Nino asked. He was in Jun’s place, pacing around while the other three watched their director.

“I don’t know too,” Ohno replied. He lowered his voice and crouched down. “Mitsuhashi-san told me that she’s going to meet my okaa-san. And Okaa-san agreed! Nino, tasukete!”

Nino turned to the three. “What can we do? I still haven’t planned the plot yet!”

“First, Nino, you must call Ohno-san. I know that the two of you are close,” Sho said smartly.

“Must we tell her about this ‘butai’ thingy?” Aiba asked. “She might get angry!”

Nino winked. “We must use our super actor powers with her! And because I am the first one here who got the Hollywood debut, I should lead the group.”

“Iku!” Sho said, standing up and taking the keys from the table. “I’ll drive.”

“Yamette! Yamette, Sho-kun!” Aiba shouted as he was driving full force. “You don’t want us to be mistaken as those underground drivers in Shibuya, don’t you?”

“We have to get to Ohno-kun’s house before she gets out of the house,” he said through gritted teeth. “Hold on, guys!” he said before pressing a green button which turned out to be…

“Woah! You have nitro in your engines?” Jun said, his fashionable hat lopsided due to the sudden speed increase.

“I only use that for emergencies,” he replied, smirking.

“So, Sho-chan is really an underground racing driver,” Aiba said in an amazed voice.

“We’re here!” Nino said, jumping out of the car to hit the Ohno family gate full force.

“Oi? Stop banging on the gate!” a voice said angrily, the gate was opened. “Ninomiya-kun?” It was Ohno’s sister.

“Onee-san!” Nino said, gasping for air. “Where’s Ohno-san?”

“Eh? She just left, five minutes ago,” she replied.

“Oh my,” Aiba said, covering his face. “What are we going to do now, Nino?” he asked.

“Yeah, Mr. Director. What are we going to do now?” Jun asked, smirking. Even though the situation was serious and he was also willing to help, he can’t help but smirk at this situation where Nino got into.

He called Anna once again. “Anna-san, do you have any idea where you are going?”

“Hai,” she replied. “I think we’re in a restaurant named ‘Le Vienne’.”

“I think I know where that it,” Jun said, revealing his fetish for fine dining. “Turn to the left, Sho-kun!”

“Roger that,” he replied, turning to the right swiftly, making them experience the direct impact of inertia.

Nino was silent, frowning, thinking of a way. “Minna, what if we…?”


“We’re going to get screwed up,” Anna whispered to Ohno as she saw his mother waving at them from the far table.

The three of them sat along with Ohno’s mother, who looked happy that her son was indeed successful in getting Anna back.

“What are we going to talk about, Mitsuhashi-san?” she asked.

“You see, your son and my daughter here are…”

“Oh-chan! We found you!” a voice from afar said, making everyone turn towards their way. Nino was waving his hand frantically as though something bad happened.

“Nino, what are you doing here?” Ohno asked, standing up to meet him.

Nino was gasping for breath. “The… the… concert costumes! They are… err… they need Anna-san’s help!”

“Eh?” Ohno asked, confused.

Sho, Aiba and Jun came running from the door. “Riida…”

“What’s happening here?” Anna’s mother asked, also standing up.

“Ohno-san, we need your help,” Aiba wailed.

“Eh… itai... ah... hai!” Sho responded after Nino stepped on his foot.

“But this is more important, dears,” she said kindly. “This concerns my son.”

“But this also concerns your son!” Nino said, using his acting prowess to lure her. “It’s about… about…”

“His next worldwide exhibition!” Jun said in a crazed way.

“I will have a worldwide exhibition?” Ohno asked, scratching his head. “Demo…” He stopped when Jun gave him a death glare. “Ah, hai…”

“Well then, ‘Toshi, move along. We have things to discuss. This looks urgent,” she said, looking at the impatience written all over Anna’s mother’s face.

Nino, Aiba and Jun looked at each other. Wrong move. “Err… we’re hungry. Can we eat here with you?” Aiba asked stupidly.

Sho closed his eyes, waiting for a blow. Jun clenched his fists, tempted to punch Aiba.

“Okaa-san, they’re my friends. Let’s let them,” Anna said, looking at Nino worriedly.

Her mother looked at the three of them momentarily. “How about this so-called ‘worldwide exhibition’?”

“Err… Sho-kun, you accompany Riida to the pre-meeting,” Nino said, pushing Sho near to the now standing Ohno. Sho looked at him confused but Nino just showed expressions. “We’ll stay here for dinner.” He smiled as he sat down between Ohno’s mom and Anna.

“Nino-kun, what’s up?” Anna whispered through the corners of her lips.

“Daijoubu, daijoubu, the butai’s just starting,” he said with a sly smile.
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Re: [Complete] Never Dance Alone (Ohno and OC)

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“You mean that’s the plan?” Ohno asked Sho. They were in an empty parking lot, Sho was leaning on his car and Ohno was pacing around.

“Hai,” Sho said. “That’s the only way so that no one will know,” he added. “But if your mother knows about this false fact, the plan will be harder to carry out.”

“How can we stop Anna’s mother from telling Okaa-san?” he asked.

“I don’t know what Nino’s planning at this moment but I hope that works,” Sho said, sighing.

Ohno saw an empty can and started kicking it to nowhere. “I don’t know, Sho-kun. I don’t want to blame Anna for cooking a story like that.”

“Well, she cooked that up because she really wanted to return here with you. If everything fails there will be a chance that you’ll never see her again,” he said.

“Sho-kun,” Ohno said, stopping from kicking the can. “Do you still like Anna?”

Sho raised his head and looked directly up to the sky. “I told her that I love her so much I don’t want to see her cry,” he said. He laughed a little. “That’s why I’ll help.”

“So… where to get a doctor…”

“I have a friend from Keio,” Sho said. He took his phone and called that friend.


“And then Anna-san was really applauded by the audiences,” Aiba said enthusiastically. Anna just nodded as Aiba kept on telling stories that she was not really familiar with.

“Maybe he’s trying to stop my mom to tell her that I’m pregnant,” she thought. “Ah, Mitsuhashi Anna, you’re dragging everyone here!”

She looked at her mother, who was not really intently listening to Aiba’s genki stories, though she patiently and silently listened for polite reasons.

“Ohno-san, are you tired?” Anna whispered to the woman beside her.

“No, my dear. I’m also waiting for Sakurai-kun and ‘Toshi to return,” she said with a smile.

“But it’s already late, you have to go home,” she said in a worried voice. She was indeed worried. “I’ll just tell Satoshi that you went home earlier.”

“But how about…?”

“Daijoubu,” she said, smiling.

“Anou sa… Ohno-san needs to go home,” Anna announced. The three nodded in agreement.

“Hontou ni?” her mother replied, raising an eyebrow. “Well then, we’ll just talk next time.” She stood up to bow and the others followed. Jun went out with her to find a cab.


“Ah, Sakurai-sama!” a doctor said, going out of her clinic.

“Sonosa-kun,” Sho said, patting her back.

Ohno bowed in front of her. “Hajimemashite, Ohno Satoshi desu.”

“Hajimemashite, Sonosa Hikaru desu,” she replied, smiling. “What brings you here?” she asked as she motioned them to follow her inside the clinic.

“Sonosa-kun, we need your help,” Sho said with a pout.

“Why? Do we have a patient here?” she asked. “Don’t call me ‘-kun’ anymore, Sakurai-kun.”

“Hai, Sonosa-chan. Is that better?”

“A bit,” she replied. “So, don’t tell me one of you here needs my help. I’m an ob-gyne, you know.”

“That’s why,” Sho said. “Ohno, start telling her…”

And ohno started to tell the story, from the day Anna shouted the words in front of her mother.

The story finished and Sonosa frowned. “And?”


“’-chan’ or ‘-san’ will do…”

“You know how badly we need your help,” Sho said.

“We’re not making testube babies, are we?” she asked.

“Iie,” Ohno answered. He looked at her seriously.

“Don’t tell me…” she started. “You want to pretend that she’s carrying a child then stage a miscarriage?”

“You got that right,” Sho replied.

She sighed as she clicked open and close her pen. “I’m a doctor, not an actress,” she said. “I do not want to participate in this namby-pamby of yours,” she added.

“I guess we can’t get her help, Ohno-kun…” Sho said, his voice trailing away as he led Ohno out.

“Chotto matte,” she called out, standing up and removing her glasses. “But since Sakurai-sama is one of my best friends in college, I’ll take this as a favor.” She winked and did a small salute. “Now sit down. I’ll have to explain some things.”

Ohno and Sho sighed with relief as the doctor explained to them what’s supposed to happen and when is the advised time for Anna to have her ‘miscarriage.’


“Whew, Nino-kun, that was close,” Anna said as her mother’s car drove off.

“I know,” he replied. “I panicked when we found out that she’s gone when we got in their house.”

“It made my hair stand up,” Jun said, rearranging his soft curls.

“I think I’m losing energy,” Aiba said. “But the food was great! Umai!”

Anna smiled. “Arigatou. Gomenasai for the trouble,” she added.

“Daijoubu, daijoubu,” Nino replied. “We’re Oh-chan’s friends. We’re your friends. I just feel that…” His phone rang. “Ah, sou… sou… Eh?” He looked at Anna. “Hai, hai… Ja.” He turned to the rest. “I asked Sho-kun and Oh-chan to come over here. We’ll need to talk.”

Sho’s car halted in front of the gate and the two of them came in. “Good news,” he said. “Sonosa-kun, I mean ‘-san’, agreed to work with us.”

“Sugoii! That boyish schoolmate of yours?” Aiba asked.

“Hai. She’s not a boy anymore,” he added. “She told us that she’ll help but only once.”

“So that means we have to plan this very carefully,” Nino said, his small eyes narrowing. “Very carefully…”


“What again?” Anna asked as her mother called her by the phone 6:30 in the morning. “Okaa-san, I have work 8:00 AM! Can you stop bothering me?”

“I just thought that you need a check up today,” she said.

“Oh no, no, no,” she said firmly. “I have my work schedule today.”

“I insist. Take a leave. You could live with your credit card, you know.”

“I don’t need a credit card, okaa-san. Stop bothering me at this instant!”

“Iie. If you don’t want me to accompany you, ask your boyfriend…”

“Okaa-san, he also has work!”

“Well, is his work more important than his child?”

“Whatever,” Anna just replied, rolling her eyes.

“I want some examination results this week or you’ll be going home. You’ll never see that idol guy again.”

Those words really made Anna stand up. “Okaa-san!”

“Hora! Now, go to an examination with him!”

“Do I have a choice?” her mother hung up. Anna buried her face on the pillow. “Satoshi! Okaa-san wants us to go to an examination!” she wailed on the phone. She was already crying. The thought that her mother will drag her back to the Philippines, never to see Ohno again (and maybe ban her from any Arashi goodies that sported his face) made her cry madly.

“Eh? We have to ask the guys!” Ohno replied. “What time will you arrive here?”

“8 AM. I have to choreograph M.A.D., you know,” she said.

“Well, I guess you really have to cancel that appointment. We’ll go to Sonosa-sensei,” he said.

She almost forgot their accomplice doctor. “Hai.”

“I’ll be there by 8 AM,” he said, hanging up.

Anna threw the phone, literally, on her bed as she stood up, only wearing really short shorts and a large shirt that almost revealed the right side of her body. She was still tired choreographing the song given to her as a comeback.

She took a shower and wore a simple pink blouse and leggings. She ate the microwaved ramen that was in the fridge. “Seriously, I can’t live in ramen forever,” she said as she tried to eat. The taste was fading as it was reheated.

The doorbell rang two hours later and Ohno, wearing a large jacket that made him look like a hanger, went inside. “Anna…. Sho-kun just called and he told us Sonosa-sensei allowed us to go. She really doesn’t have clinic now but…”

For the first time ever, Anna discovered that Ohno knew how to drive. He was using his mother’s car. And because of that, they were driving only with the first gear.

“Umm… Satoshi, what time do we plan to go to the clinic?” Anna asked, her patience losing.

“Gomen,” he said. “I am just nervous driving with you.”

Anna watched as his hands were shaking on the wheel. “Err… Satoshi, we’re on the road for about an hour! Can’t you go any faster?”

“Ah… hai,” he replied as he tried to hit the second gear. They were really slow that if there was a law against underpseeding, they’d be caught (is there a rule for underspeeding?).

An hour later, they arrived in front of the hospital. Sonosa was waiting in front of her clinic, an eyebrow raised. “What took you so long? I have an appointment an hour later!” she said.

“Gomen,” Anna apologized. “We were just stuck in traffic,” she lied.

“Get inside,” she told the two of them. She closed the door of the clinic. It felt awkward that the two of them were sitting at THAT kind of clinic. They did not even dream of it in two or even in five years.

“I thought Sakurai-sama told me to participate only once,” she said, folding her arms.

“We can’t just go to any ob-gyne to ask for pregnancy results,” Anna retorted.

“Sou ka… so what do you need? Actually, if your case is just a week long or something we could just say that it cannot be detected by ultrasound… yet,” she said smartly. “So I’ll just do some checkup and give a record for you to show.”

“Do I really have to go through checkup?” Anna asked.

“Mochiron! Now follow me. Ohno-kun, stay here,” she told Ohno, who was about to stand up.

A few minutes later, they returned. Sonosa sat down and started to scribble down on a piece of record paper. “I think this will be enough,” she said, giving the paper to the two of them. “If you want to do your plan, I suggest you do it fast. Don’t make that longer than a month.”

“Hai,” they both chorused as they stood up to leave.

Sonosa’s phone rang. “Hai. Daijoubu,” she said.


Ohno’s sleeping peacefully after a twenty-four-hour dance practice when he heard rampaging up the stairs, and into his room.

“Satoshi!” his mother exclaimed, hugging him tightly.

He blinked a few times because everything was still a blur. “Eh, okaa-san, doushita?” he finally asked as his mother was beaming at him with tears on her eyes. He looked at the clock. It was 10 AM in the morning. “Okaa-san, I’ve only slept for about two hours…”

She hugged him again. “At last, my dear. At last…”

“At last what? Eh, okaa-san, I still can’t understand what you’re talking about,” he wondered. “What is it this time?”

“Omedetou gozaimasu!” his sister greeted from the door. She was wearing her office clothes.

“Eh, Onee-chan, what are you doing here? Is it my birthday already?” he asked. As far as he could remember, it’s not yet November.

His mother hugged him tighter. “Okaa-san! Tell me what’s going on!”

“You did not tell me I’ll be having a grandchild,” she said happily.

“Grandchild?” Ohno repeated. It was a minute later after he realized. “Grandchild? Who told you that?”

“You see, otouto, I came to see a client,” his siter explained. “This client asked after I intrduced myself, ‘Are you in any way related to Ohno Satoshi?’ and I said, ‘yes, he’s my brother.’ And then she told me that her daughter is pregnant with your child. And then I told okaa-san.”

“I thought I won’t ever have a grandchild from you with that career of yours,” their mother sobbed.

“Chotto matte. Can you please get out of my room for a while?” Ohno asked, his jaw still dropping at the fast turn of events.


“This is really a small world,” Jun said, cleaning his fingernails. “Your sister even works for her?”

“They shouldn’t have known!” Ohno said. “This will make things harder for all of us.”

“I know. But we have to do this fast. First, you must have a reason for your miscarriage,” Nino said, pacing here and there.

“Chotto matte,” Sho said, standing up. “Isn’t it good for pregnant women to do strenuous activities? Like dancing, perhaps!”

“Hai, good idea, Sho-kun. Let’s make Anna-san stop dancing,” Aiba said.

Jun hit him. “Baka!” he said.

“Aiba-chan, you’re making things worse if you do that. Anna-san can’t just stop dancing without a reason to the Jimusho since she just restarted dancing,” Nino explained.

“Anna-san needs to act like she doesn’t want to stop dancing, ne?” Jun asked.

“Hai,” Nino replied. “What do you think, Anna-san?”

“Well, that’s a good idea, I suppose,” she said.

“Well then, if we stage that she’s having her miscarriage while teaching kids how to dance, what will the Jimusho think?”

“Well, we have to make them to our accomplices,” Aiba suggested.

“M.A.D.? No way!” Nino said. “Their mouths never stop moving.”

“I’ll be shifting back to Hey!Say!JUMP for their concert tour,” Anna said.

Sho smiled. “I think they’re a better crowd.”

“They worship Anna-san!” Jun said, laughing. He tried to imitate scqueaky voices. “We love Anna Nee-chan!”

Nino smirked. “Yeah. They think of her as the goddess of all dance moves,” he said.

Anna blushed. “They do not!”

“They do. Especially Chinen-kun,” Sho said. He creepily imitated the kid. “I like Anna nee-chan and Ohno-kun together!”

Anna made a weird expression. “Don’t tell me I’m just going to bleed in the middle of choreographing those kids. They would surely tell everyone about it!”

“Exactly! That’s my plan!” Nino said. “We’ll be outside waiting and I’ll spray those kids with…”

“Nino, that’s too violent. This is not some RPG of yours, you know,” Sho said.

“What I mean is that we have to make it believable. It’s easy to stop the brats from rattling that ‘Anna nee-chan is bleeding! She was pregnant! It’s obvious, it’s Ohno-kun’s baby! WAAHH!!’” Nino said in a weird expression while running around.

“So, at that time we’ll be waiting around to tell them the real story. We need some witnesses, you know,” Jun said. “With Aiba’s unstoppable mouth, it looked like your mother got a little suspicious. She might even start researching about us.”

“Matsujun, we’re not in Hana Yori Dango…”

“But that’s the way I was thinking too,” Aiba butted in. “She might do some research and discover everything, Anna-san. Riida told me that your family is really rich.”

“Well, that is in the Philippines,” Anna said.

“Anna, didn’t you ever know that she has partners here?” Sho asked. “I also did some research. If I’m not wrong, she also has connections with press people and with a flick of a finger, she could release this news with a bang. Bye bye, Arashi.”

“So are you telling me that this really looks like Jun-kun’s drama?” Anna asked disbelievingly. She was really freaking out.

“Not really because this one’s creepier,” Nino said.

“So, are we going to do this or what?” Jun asked impatiently, stopping everyone to talk about his past drama series.
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Re: [Complete] Never Dance Alone (Ohno and OC)

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CHAPTER 23: (this is called… GUILT ATTACK!)

“It has been a long while, ne?” Ohno-san said as they were in the grocery to replenish their supplies. She was talking about the last time they had groceries together.

“Hai,” Ohno replied, not really sure what they’re talking about.

She stopped by a stand and started to take her choice brands. “What will you name your child?” she suddenly asked as she watched Ohno prod on the displayed beef.

He looked at her and blinked a few times. “Name? Okaa-san, she’s just…”

“Wakatta, wakatta,” she said, as she crouched beside her son to get some fish. “But it was at that same time when we planned your sister’s name, and your name.” she stood up again and spotted a father, a mother and their baby looking for baby food. “Well, I love your name. It means quick-witted and clear-thinking.”

“Oh yeah? Then why am I not thinking clearly? Why am I not quick-witted? Why do I always space out?” Ohno thought to himself. “Ah, sou… sou…”

“If it’s a girl, it would be nice to call her Chieko, a wise child. Or Fumiko, Eri!”

“Okaa-san, those are too common,” Ohno complained. Then he did not stop his mouth from talking. “I want a girl named Hoshizora.” He closed it quickly. “Why am I saying stuff like these?”

“Hoshizora? That’s quite… remarkable,” she just said. “And if it is a boy…”

“Satoru,” he said, choosing yogurt flavors from the shelf. “Or Taro…”

“Ah, where did you get those names, ‘Toshi?” she asked. “They’re all quite… deep.”

Ohno looked at her shyly. “Anou… umm… I read it from a baby book.”


“Hai,” Anna said. “Mendukosai na…” she sighed at the pond in front of her. She slowly walked towards Ohno’s house where his mother was waiting for her.

“Anna-chan!” she said, hugging her. “I’m so glad to see you. Come inside,” she said.

“Hai,” she replied. She felt awkward since the last time she stepped inside the house was shen she screamed and kicked Ohno’s door. “Why did you call me today, Ohno-san?”

“Okaa-san…” she said.

“Okaa-sa… eh?” she said, shocked.

“Well, it looks like you’ll be my daughter-in-law in a few months time,” she said. “Here, come here.”

They entered a dusty room. Ohno-san… or okaa-san removed the white cloth covering the piles of boxes. “What is this?” Anna asked as she saw some baby things.

“Well, my son used to use them,” she said. “Even though I am quite aware that you came from a well-to-do family and all that stuff, I would just like to share precious things here.”

Anna was just silent as she started to tell stories of Ohno’s youth, some facts making her laugh. But she was starting to feel guilty as she animatedly told her of her dreams for her grandchild.

“Ah, I see your way of taking care of babies is different, ne?” she asked as Anna looked in confusion on some things in the room.

“Sumimasen,” she apologized.

“No need to,” she said. “Let’s go down. It’s stuffy here. It’s bad for the baby.” She got out of the room, leaving Anna staring at the wall where Ohno’s baby picture was hung.

“She makes me feel guilty,” she sighed.


“Anna Nee-chan! We thought you’ll leave us!” Morimoto wailed before hanging on her neck. They weer currently having their rehearsals in the same private dance studio where she choreographed Arashi for their concert.

“Oi, stop hanging from my neck, Morimoto-kun,” she said bossily. “You two,” pointing at Yabu and Inoo, “Stop playing and come over here. Seriously, you ten are getting harder to manage.”

Anna carefully moved so that nobody notices it. Unfortunately, the nosy Chinen noticed it. “Nee-chan, doushitano?”

“Betsuni… anou… my stomach muscles are aching so suddenly,” she said, pretending to be in pain.

“That’s bad,” Okamoto sighed. “I’m hungry too.”

“It’s not that,” she replied. “I’m not hungry.”

“Ah, nee-chan’s sick!” Takaki said in realization. “What if you just rest there and give us a brea…”

“Uruseiyo! No break! Now get up from the floor and start warming up!” she said like a military officer.

“Indeed, she is…” she heard Yamada and Nakajima whispering. Chinen joined the club, sitting down on their laps.

“Doesn’t she look a little… bigger?” Yamada asked.

“And her temper changed,” Nakajima added.

“Do you think Ohno-kun and her…?” Chinen chirped in a low voice.

“Chi… ecchi desu!” Yamada replied, ruffling his hair.

Anna raised her eyebrows. “What are you talking about?” she roared.

“Betsuni!” the three chorused as they ran to their ‘find-your-height’ places.

Anna looked at the wall mirror. “Did I grew bigger?” she thought. “It’s impossible, isn’t it? I’m not really pregnant, am I?”

Anna’s phone rang. “Is it time?” Nino asked. “We’re just across the street by the closed udon stand.”

“Hai, wakatta,” Anna replied.

“Call your okaa-san,” Nino reminded.

“Hai. Wakatteru,” Anna said.

“Anna-san, ganbarou!” he shouted through the phone. They both hung up.

“Moshi moshi?” her mother said.

“Anou… Okaa-san, we need to talk later, after the rehearsals,” she said.

“Rehearsals? You’re pregnant! Why are you having rehearsals?” her mother replied indignantly. “You come home this instant!”

“Ja matta,” Anna just replied, hanging up and shutting down her phone.

“Now, I want all of you to stay put while I show you the choreography,” she said as she pressed the player on.


“Ohno-kun, why are you reading that?” Sho asked, taking the book from him. “How to Prepare for Your First Baby.” He laughed his genuine laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re taking this seriously!”

“Okaa-san gave this book to me,” he replied. “I think it’s a good book. I’ve also been reading baby names…”

“You don’t need to do that, Oh-chan. You can just name the child Arashiko,” Nino said.

“Arashiko? Didn’t you just give that name to me and told me I could use that name for my child in the future too?” Aiba asked.

“Kowaii na,” Jun said. “If all our children are named ‘Arashiko’.”

A shrill scream was heard from the secluded dance studio, making Ohno accidentally rip the page he was holding.

“What do you think happened?” Sho asked Nino, who smirked.

“A sudden spur of the moment,” he said, flipping his phone open. “Hai. Hai. Daijoubu dayo!”

A minute later, Ohno’s phone rang. “Ohno-kun!” It was Chinen, once again. “Nee-chan’s bleeding! Hayaku”

“BLEEDING?” the four chorused as they heard the voice from the phone.

“What the…?” Nino asked. “I have not planned this.” All of them ran towards the dance studio.

Three of the BEST members were carrying Anna as her face was stuck in a weird expression. “Ohno-kun, you’re here!” Okamoto yelled.

“Nee-chan suddenly started bleeding!” Morimoto wailed, scared.

“This is not the plan,” Ohno thought. He had to to do som ad libs. “Hai. We’ll take her to the hospital,” Ohno said, carrying Anna.

“We’re coming with you!” Yamada said, insistent.

“Iie!” Jun said. “All of you, ride inside the car!” he ordered, pointing to Sho’s Pajero. The ten scrambled inside, feeling they should really follow his order.

Nino and Aiba rode inside Ohno’s car, when, for the first time, he drove faster. “Anna-san, what happened?” Nino asked. “This is not the plan.”


ending a fanfic is like seeing the last encore of a concert, ne?
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Re: [Complete] Never Dance Alone (Ohno and OC)

Post by mclam01 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:30 pm

My update! (sorry for being a DoS and holding off the next chapter for two days... it's not that torturous since i've seen fanfics authors who update ONCE A YEAR *ahemthatincludesmesometimesahem*


“Okay, time to clean up,” Anna said as the boys scrambled out of their positions to clean up whatever they had to clean up. Some of them took quick showers.

Ann herself took a quick shower, and she placed a fake blood pack at her upper thigh before wearing a knee high skirt and sandals.

“Now, I just have to meet my mother,” she said to herself as she made sure that the pack was not obvious.

“So, is everyone ready to go?” she asked as she walked to the studio. The boys were sitting down, packing up their clothes. “I don’t want any candy wrappers, junk foods, or any other trash inside this studio, including those capsule toy containers. Keep all of them.”

“Chi, stop running!” Takaki scolded as he chased the naughty boy all over the studio. Anna was walking when he hit her.

“Itai!” she shouted as her foot stepped on a scattered toy capsule container, making her fall down on her behind, making the pack burst out.

“AHHH!!!!” Chinen shouted in his shrill voice.

The others ran towards Anna. “Nee-chan’s bleeding!” they said, pointing at the blood flowing down her legs.

“So it’s true!”

“It is true!”

“Uruseiyo! I need your help here, you know,” Anna said. “Yappari, I know this would fail. Damn you, Nino!” she thought angrily as she acted.

“I’ll call Ohno-kun,” Chinen said, taking his phone from his bag.

“Let’s carry her out of the studio and bring her to the hospital,” Yabu suggested. Inoo, Yaotome and him carried her.

“That Chinen brat surely did something to almost destroy our plan!” Nino said angrily. He tossed the dilapidated book to Ohno.

“It’s not his fault. I was just not that careful,” Anna said.

“Luckily, the boy called us or you’ve landed in a hospital without our supervision,” Nino said. “But I miscalculated…”

“Do you think I planned this? I feel sticky down here,” she said heatedly, pointing at the liquid flowing from the pack down her thigh.

“Riida, drive faster. Sho-kun’s catching up. We don’t look like we’re rushing to the hospital, ne?”

Ohno nervously stepped on the gas a little harder. They arrived in the hospital, which turned out to be owned by the Sonosa family.

“Here,” Sonosa said, asking Ohno to lay Anna on the bed in the room. After the nurse left, Sonosa sniggered. “Wakatta. I thought it’s supposed to be an hour later?” she asked.

The two shook their heads.

“Well then, call her mother,” she instructed Ohno. “Anna-san, go to the bathroom to wash yourself. There is a change of clothing there.”

“Hai,” Anna replied, getting up and going to the bathroom at the side.

Ohno hung up. “She’ll arrive in a few minutes,” he said.

Sonosa sat down in front of Ohno. “Ohno-kun, this is not what you want, ne?”

He looked at her, puzzled. “Wakarimasen deshita.”

“This whole set up thing. I knew it. You just have to put up with it because it’s the only way.”

“How did you know?”

“Well, my pre-med is Psychology,” she explained. “What do you really want?”

Ohno sighed as he looked at the floor. “I wanted everything to come true.”


Ohno shook his head. “I don’t know. When Anna shouted those words in front of her mother, I was actually delighted. But then, I was being selfish.”

“Ah, wakatta,” she replied. They heard the door open and Anna emerged, wearing the hospital gown. “Anna-san, lie down the bed. I’ll call the nurse.”

Ohno watched as the nurse who arrived started to fit Anna some equipments. The nurse left and the two of them were silent.

“Satoshi, gomen ne,” Anna said, holding his hand.

“Nande?” he asked.

Anna turned to the other side so that her face could not be seen. “I dragged all of you because of my mistake. I only wanted to return here with you.”

“Daijoubu. Everything will be under control,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Ne, Satoshi. Are you ever planning something like this in reality?” Anna asked, sitting up a little.


“You know, the two of us together?” Anna said. “I know it’s wrong for me to think like this. You’re an idol. You cannot even marry someone.”

“Iie, Anna,” Ohno said, feeling guilty. “It never crossed my mind before but when you told your mother that you are pregnant, I felt a little happy.”

Anna’s eyes narrowed. “So you want me to be pregnant.”

“Well, maybe. But not now,” he said, smiling a little.

Anna smiled. “I’d love to have a talented boy like you,” she said, pulling up one of his spikes. “You know, a boy who can dance, sing and act well. And also make some sculptures and fish.”

“I’d like to have a beautiful girl that’s as strong and great as you, Anna,” he said. He leaned in for a kiss.

“Sumimasen,” a voice interrupted. It was Nino. “She’s here.”

Anna went back to the bed and acted weak. Ohno was beside her.

“Anna! What happened?” she asked, demanding an answer from Ohno.

Sonosa entered. “She was choreographing when she bled,” she explained. “We’re sorry to tell you…” her voice trailed off.

Ohno did not know whether he should show a disappointed, angry, or sad face. But Anna and Sonosa could seriously start acting. “Gomenasai, Okaa-san,” Anna said.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, crying. “My grandchild!” She sobbed on Anna’s lap.

Anna and Ohno momentarily looked at each other before they tried to comfort her.

“Oh no! this shouldn’t be happening!” she wailed further. “Anna!”

“Okaa-san, stop it!” she said, stroking her back.

“Mitsuhashi-san,” Ohno also said.

Sonosa just shrugged before she went away.

“Tell me this isn’t happening!” Anna’s mother gasped as she was given water by Ohno.

“Okaa-san, don’t make it harder for us,” Anna sighed. She was rubbing her back.

“This is all your fault! Why did not you make her stop dancing when you know she’s pregnant! Seriously, what kind of father are you?” she asked, trying to hit Ohno, who was defended by Sonosa.

“Mitsuhashi-san, please don’t do that. It’s all an accident,” she said. “Anna-san is not really at fault. The child lacked nutrients…”

“Because this guy here only feeds her noodles!”

“Okaa-san! He doesn’t feed me noodles! It’s ramen!” Anna answered.

“Gomenasai, we cannot do anything about it,” Sonosa said, hanging her head low.


“Sakurai-sempai, is it really true?” Nakajima asked as the ten of them were squished like sardines inside the car.

“What true?” Sho asked, still driving. They decided to take a detour.

“Well, we all thought Anna nee-chan’s acting a bit weird lately…”

“She grew bigger… err… fatter…”

“And she becomes mad all the time…”

“And just early this morning, she was bleeding!”

“Is she… pregnant?” Yamada finally asked.

Sho slammed the brakes, making everyone go forward. “Sakurai! I’ll kill you!” Jun yelled.

“Mendokusai deshou?” Aiba asked Sho.

“Hai,” he replied, thinking of what to say.

“Anou sa… Nee-chan’s really pregnant? By Ohno-kun?” Chinen asked.

“They did it?” Inoo chirped in.

“What the…? Don’t ask questions like that!” Sho said, getting red. “Kids nowadays…”They stopped at the side of the hospital. “Ah, Nino. You come right here. Hai. Daijoubu.”

A few minutes later, Nino arrived and went inside the Pajero, squishing everyone more. He struggled to close and lock the door beside him. “Ah, brats,” he sighed. “You almost destroyed my butai!”

“Butai? You have a butai?” Morimoto asked stupidly. “When? Where?”

“What happened to Nee-chan?” Okamoto asked.

“She’s carrying a baby…”

“Iie!” Nino shouted, annoyed with their shrill voices. “Now, listen to me before I blow your heads off!”

Everyone was silent, even Aiba, who was playing noisily with the plushie hanging on Sho’s car. Only the whine of the engine could be heard. “Good,” Nino said, smirking. “First of all, I would like to explain what’s happening.”

It took him ten minutes to tell the whole story and the plot he created to save everyone. “And now, since the ten of you are involved, you all have to keep quiet. Especially, you, you ever-annoying Ohno-worshipping brat!” he pointed at Chinen. He was still blaming him for everything. “You are at fault at this!” He smiled slyly. “What if I don’t let you see Oh-chan ever again?”

Chinen gasped, horrified, then buried his head on Arioka’s shoulder.

“Hai,” Jun said. “If you release a word, even the ‘ninshin’ word, you better say goodbye to Arashi-sempai.”

Everyone gasped along.

“Hai, and if that happens, you also better say goodbye to your lives,” Nino added with flourish.

The ten backed off from Nino, squeezing themselves together. “We won’t breathe a word!” they said.

“Well, I think that’s it,” Nino said, getting off the car.

“He’s scarier than I imagined,” Chinen told Arioka while hugging him tightly, who nodded.
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Re: [Complete] Never Dance Alone (Ohno and OC)

Post by mclam01 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:30 pm

please don't get it wrong. i don't despise chinen. in fact i love him sooo much! i don't hate hsj, they're my second favorite JE group... it's just that, it's fun imagining nino being a bully to his kohai (and i know you enjoyed it too). i wouldn't mention HSJ in the first place if i didn't like them...


“Oh, Anna-chan, Satoshi, what happened?” Ohno’s mother gasped as she almost knocked the hospital room door down.

“It was a miscarriage,” Anna’s mother said between sobs.

“Nande? Nande?” she wailed, shaking Ohno. It horrified him, his mother crying. He looked at Anna, who carried the same guilt.

Anna felt she could not take this anymore. “Gomenasai,” she said, closing her eyes and bowing down.

“Why are you saying sorry, Anna? It’s not your fault,” Ohno-san said.

The door opened quietly and the four members of Arashi stood there. “It’s my fault… I… I lied…”

“Lied about what?” her mother asked, standing up.

Anna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m not really pregnant.”

Aiba covered his eyes, not prepared for the drama scene that would happen.

“Eh?” the two mothers uttered in surprise.

Anna just nodded. “I just wanted to return here in Japan so that I’ll be with Satoshi,” she said. She was already crying. “I just said that so that Okaa-san will allow me. But I didn’t know it will go this far.”


“I just want to be here with him. Is it that bad?” Anna asked.

Ohno-san moved to Anna. She thought she’ll earn a slap or some rude words but she embraced her. “Anna-chan, you really love my son that much,” she said.

Then suddenly, her mother started laughing maniacally, making the hairs at the back of their next stand up.


“Hikaru-chan,” she called out. Sonosa went inside the room and bowed in front of everyone. “You thought I would not know?”

“Eh? What’s the meaning of this?” Ohno asked, wide-eyed.

“I knew it all along,” she said, folding her arms.

“She really has a lot of connections,” Anna sighed. She looked at the hospital band on her wrist. “Iatta! Maji de?”

“Nande, Anna? I co-owned this hospital with Hikaru-chan’s father,” Anna’s mother said, smiling devilishly. “I just let you move on with your drama,” she said in her hard voice. “But it looks like you’ve made it this far, until guilt finally found you, Anna.” She shook her head. “You’re really not that tough, you know.”

“How did you know?”

“Hikaru-chan contacted me when that idol boy and his companion went to her clinic to ask for her help,” she explained. “I guess you really went that far just to go back here, my dear.”

“So, what will happen now, Okaa-san?” she asked, frightened.

“Well, if it is really my plan to part you from him, I should have done so upon discovering the truth,” she sighed, patting Ohno, who looked quite scared at the sudden contact. “I’ll return to the Philippines,” she said, smiling. “And I’ll let you stay here but…”

“But what?”

She turned to Ohno. “If he does not take care of you, I’ll make you return here and then I’ll kill him.”


“Daijoubu. I was just joking,” she said with a grin.

Ohno smiled. “I’ll take good care of her. Arigatou gozaimasu,” he said as he bowed in front of her.

“Douitashimashite,” she replied. “You are a wonderful boy. I decided to do a background check on you and I was pleased with everything I’ve found out.” She turned her heel and left the room, followed by Sonosa.

“It’s all good?” Aiba asked, removing his cover and staring at the door.

“It is, baka!” Nino said, hitting his head. “Oh-chan, we did it!”

“Oh, I even thought that I’ll really have a grandchild. Perhaps next time, ne, Anna-chan?” she winked at Anna, who just smiled at her a little, anxious at her. She also left.

“Does that mean Anna-chan’s staying here?” Aiba asked again. “Hurray! Anna-san! Riida! You’re safe!”

“Your ‘butai’ was useless, Nino,” Jun sneered. Nino just raised an eyebrow at him.

“But at least we all learned a lesson,” Sho said in a motherly way, breaking Nino’s and Jun’s heated eye contact.

“Let’s celebrate!” Aiba said happily, bouncing up and down.

“Baka, we have to leave the room,” Nino said, dragging Aiba’s scarf. “Ja ne,” he told the couple.

When they left, Ohno sat beside Anna. “So… it’s all good, ne?”

“Hai,” Anna replied. “At least we’re still together.”

“I told you. We will always be together,” Ohno said with a pout. “Can you pack up now?” he asked.


“We’re going somewhere. It’s been a long time since I wanted to you to come with me there,” he said.


“To my escape…”


The stars never lost their luster. Anna and Ohno were on a boat, lying on a mat, looking at the star-filled sky. The waves of the sea added to the silence, like music.

“Satoshi…” Anna called, slightly sitting up to see Ohno with his eyes closed. She thought he was asleep but she realized otherwise as he tightened his grip on her hand.

“Umm?” he asked. He opened his eyes.

Anna lied back down. “Betsuni… you are just so quiet.”

“People say I’m always quiet,” he replied.

Anna chuckled. “I know,” she replied. “But that’s unusual for me tonight.”

“What’s unusual?” he asked her, turning on his side to face Anna.

“That you are here with me, watching the stars,” she said, also turning to her side to face her.

“It’s not unusual. If you want, we could stare forever at the stars,” Ohno said. “Or I could buy my own boat so that we’ll watch the stars here by the sea while I fish. That way, we don’t have to rent one.”

“I don’t know how to swim,” she admitted, blushing. “You don’t know how scared I am when you told me we’ll go fishing tonight.”

“Daijoubu,” Ohno replied. “If you fall down the sea, I’ll follow you. I’ll rescue you.” He removed the stray hairs that blocked her beautiful face from view then held her hand, making her feel secure. He started babbling. “You know, if we would have a girl, I want her name to be Hoshizora,” he said, pointing to the sky.

Anna laughed. “Satoshi, you’re thinking too randomly.” She looked at the sky. “But Hoshizora is a good name, ne?”

“Hai,” he replied, opening his hand as though he was grabbing the stars. “Kireii na…”

“Satoshi…” Anna started again.


“Do you love me?” she asked, her face serious.

Ohno just lied on his back and stared at the sky. He seemed to be thinking of an answer, though he knew that she knew it. He just wanted to say something impressive. Then thinking of the best answer, he wrapped his arms around her, pulled her closer, and placed her head on his chest. “Anna, I could not say anything good but my heart could,” he said.

Anna’s distress was slowly replaced by a smile as she listened to his heartbeat. “Your heartbeat is like a song,” she said, closing her eyes, savoring the feeling. “Satoshi…”

“Hm?” he reacted again. He was absentmindedly stroking her hair while looking at the stars.

“I’ll only dance with you… forever…”

“I’ll only dance with you too…” Ohno replied, kissing her hair. “What if we have Hoshizora now?” he asked mischievously

“Satoshi!” Anna cried out. However, Ohno kissed her. He held her tight as the two of them fought the waves driving their anchored boat in the middle of the sea, under the stars, loving each other.

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Re: [Complete] Never Dance Alone (Ohno and OC)

Post by mclam01 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:31 pm

you're all in for one last chapter...


Ohno was sitting on the hill by the river, under the tree. He was busily painting something on a canvass, a smile sketched all over his face even though it was stained with paint.

“Satoshi!” a voice shouted from afar. It was Anna, running towards him. “Gomen ne, I was late. I have to teach choreography to the kids and I had a hard time because Nino-kun came in and terrorized them. And I just filed my leave.”

“Daijoubu, daijoubu,” Ohno replied, still painting seriously. His tongue was stuck out in concentration.

She started to lay down the mat. “What are you painting?” she asked as she removed the contents of her basket.

“Umm… a secret,” he replied playfully, grinning. “Come here,” he said. Anna followed, leaving the basket on the mat.

“Nani?” she asked.

“I’ll teach you how to paint,” he said.

“Iie, I draw like a preschooler,” she protested. However, he held her hand and gave her the brush. He guided her hand as she made strokes on the canvass. She was enjoying herself being steered by Ohno’s hands when something rolled down the paintbrush. “Are?”

She looked at the thing closely, the thing stopped by her hand holding the brush. It was a diamond ring. She took the ring and looked at it. It was clearly handmade.

“Kireii na,” she said, looking at it through the light. “You made it, didn’t you?”

“Hai,” Ohno replied. “Look inside,” he said.

“You’ll never dance alone…” It was etched in the ring.

“For you,” Ohno said, taking the ring from her. He removed the ring from the brush and placed it on her finger. “Anna… will you dance forever with me?”

Anna giggled. It was like the time when Ohno asked her to dance with him in the concert performance. But this was different. This was more than she expected. “I will,” she replied. “I’ll never dance with anyone but you…”

He edged near her and kissed her forehead, then her lips. “Anna, aishiteru yo,” he said.

Anna smiled. “Aishiteru yo, Satoshi,” she replied.

“Will you allow yourself to become Ohno Anna?” he asked.

Anna chuckled. “It may sound awkward at first but I will,” she replied, embracing him.

“You should. It’s for me and this guy over here,” he said, his hand on her stomach. She just chuckled. “Hoshizora?”

“Uruseiyo. You don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy,” Anna replied.

“Then we’ll have to call this kid baby Ohno then,” Ohno said. Anna lied down the mat as Ohno placed his ear near her stomach. “Shhh… I could hear Ohno-chan singing.”

Anna laughed. “Baka! Ohno-chan still can’t sing,” she said.

“Seriously! The baby has a beautiful voice,” Ohno said, smiling.

Anna laughed. “Oh sure, that kid has your genes.”

Ohno laughed. “O! Haha…” he said in glee as though the child did some somersaults inside.

“Satoshi, you’re joking me. Three month fetuses do not kick nor make noises!” Anna protested. But she enjoyed Ohno’s touch so she remained lying down.

Ohno started to talk to the baby. “Hey, Ohno-chan,” he said. “Otou-san’s here. I just asked your Okaa-san to marry me!” he said with delight. “She said yes!”

“Satoshi, that tickles!” Anna complained as Ohno placed his hand under her shirt to rub her stomach.

“Nani?” Ohno asked, grinning widely. He looked stupidly cute while talking to the child. “Ah, you want me to sing for Okaa-san?”

“Satoshi…” Anna warned.

“Ne, Okaa-san, what do you want me to sing?” Ohno asked Anna as he slowly crawled beside her to kiss her then to lie down.

“I don’t know. Maybe my favorite song,” she replied.

They both laid down the mat to look at the clouds, holding each other’s hands tight. Ohno started to hum “Take Me Faraway”.

Anna will never dance alone…

Ohno will never dance alone…

For they will always dance on the stage of life forever… together…

CN 5/20/08


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This is actually the first time for me to write a fan fiction for a year. So I am thankful that people still like the way I write. Ja matta ne, and I'll see you in the next fics... (even though I'll be in :nerd2: mode at that time...)
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