[Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

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[Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:08 am

Original author: tenshii_chan

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


+So that I won't commit the same mistake again+

five years ago
university apartment..

"What do you mean?". she said with a hint of sadness in her face.

"Sorry, idols really dont have time to play, can we end this?", Sho said hoping that his guts won't leave him, he needed it. now that he is about to hurt the girl whom he had depended these past months of being an exchange student.

"nani de.. after what happened,.. besides i didn't know that you're an artist in japan..?". she said, tears starts flowing from her eyes and Sho couldn't help it, he's so affected by the girl whom he just met for months, but he knew that he was just doing what he think is right,or at least , at the moment..

"Im really sorry,.about what happened last night, even though you're only sixteen,you get it right?..after all you're a genius.... i am an exchange student and since school ended, my schedule wont allow me to stay further.., Im leaving for Japan tomorrow.." Sho said without looking, because it is painful to see her especially when she's crying....


"Goodbye..i hope you will be able to realize your dreams.. ganbatte ne.." Sho said..

Sho took one last glimpse at the crying girl and left the apartment before he changes his mind. He knew that if he chooses to stay, he will
have some quite problems in the future.

"Im really sorry shii-chan, i will always remember you, so that i won't commit the same mistake as i did to you.. arigatou.." He told himself.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:10 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


5 years later..

in japan..


"Oi Sho! I know you're busy, but please answer your phone," yelled Jun.

"Yeah, its been ringing for a while, if you can't pick up, at least put it in silent mode," Ohno added while handling the phone to Sho.

"Ah gomen, I didn't notice that it was ringing," Sho apologized.

"Eh?, we all noticed, and you dont?," Aiba asked with eyes still focus on Nino and Jun who are both staring at Sho's laptop.

"Hey, what's wrong with you man, and what's with this wallpaper?", Jun asked with a curious face.

"Yeah, I've also been wondering about that ." Nino added.

"Nani?" Sho asked.

"See! i told you guys, Sho-chan is sick," Aiba said worriedly.

"We're talking about your desktop background," Jun answered.

"Ah, sore wa-"

But before Sho can reply, Ohno snatched his phone, opened it and showed it to the Nino,Jun, and Aiba.

"He even had it as his phone's wallpaper." Ohno stated.

Upon seeing Sho's wallpaper, the four couldn't help and began questioning Sho.

The members did not know, but the thing that Sho dreaded most is actually the time when they would start questioning his wallpaper, and now that it had come to this, he had no choice but to continue.

"Ah remember the girl whom i told you about five years ago?" Sho asked in an unusual tone.

"Hmm? Are you talking about your 16 yr old girl buddy who helped you a lot from 5 years ago?" the members asked knowingly.

"Yeah, that's her when she's 5 years old." Sho explained.

"kawaii!" Ohno exclaimed.

"Are? this is her? how come you only told us now?" Jun smacked Sho on the head.

"You should have told us earlier, we've been curious you know," Nino patted Sho's back.

"Its good ne? She must really be a good friend because Sho-chan even made her childhood photo his wallpaper" Aiba said cheerfully.

As the four started to go back on what they were doing, Sho suddenly said,

"You're right, she's a good friend, but can you imagine how much I'd wronged her? Five years ago, I did something very awful to her.."
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:10 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan



"You're right, she's a good friend, but can you imagine how much I'd wronged her? Five years ago, I did something very awful to her..."


The members of arashi were speechless upon hearing Sho's revelation. Everyone manage to control themselves except Nino who loses his cool upon hearing the story behind the girl in the photo and was about to hit Sho when Ohno restrained him...

"Hana shite!! I want to punch this guy so that he'll realize what exactly had he done!" Nino said angrily. He was so mad at Sho for doing what he did and at Ohno who was restraining him from hitting Sho.

"Doshite?". Jun, who was the first to recover from shock, asked Sho.

"I thought you regard her as a precious friend?" Aiba inquired.

"You even made her photo as your wall paper, so why?" Ohno asked calmly, his hand still on Nino's. "Calm down Ninomiya!", he shouted at Nino who was still trying to let go from his grip. Ohno thought that the last thing they need is fight especially at the peak of their career. As their leader, he had to do something about this, and about Sho. Once Nino had calmed down, Ohno asked Sho:

"Sho tell us, if you did something that which is awful to her, why are you still using her photo as your wallpaper?"

"Its a memento. A reminder. A warning, or whatever word that is appropriate. It is to remind me never to commit that same mistake again. Whenever I see that 5 yr old picture of her, I was reminded of my sin. Of what i had done to a 16yr old girl. So i kept it. I know it is not enough to compensate with what I did, but at least in that way, I would never again allow my desire to overrule my judgment.." Sho replied.

"Nino, I do deserve to be hit, you can hit me as much as you want but wait until our job is over. " Sho continued. This the first time in their life as arashi to experience something like this. No one wants to voice out their opinion. No one wants to argue, because they all knew that what happened is something from the past- something that cannot be change.

"Minna, am I that terrible?" "Ïf so, I am really sorry.. for not telling you guys about this until now.." Sho apologize with a polite manner.

"I want to say that its alright, but it is not.. so learn from your mistake Sho," Jun replied.

"Ano~ we can't do something about it right?, so lets just hope for the best ." Aiba tried to smile, but turned out to be half smiling and half frowning.

"I guess we have no choice but to move on and look forward." Ohno stand and approach Nino who is at the corner. "What about you Nino? Do you have something to say?"

"I think Aiba was right. As much as i want to do something about it, I can't since its from the past." Nino walk towards Sho who is now looking at him. Suddenly, he look as if he would hit Sho but he offered a hand shake instead.

Now that it was settled, everyone tried to forget what happened, but memories which are painful can not be exactly forgotten.


On his way home, Ninomiya tried to focus on the road he'd been walking for some time, yet he couldn't decide on what to do. Their schedule this day seemed a little off and so Ridaa asked their manager to allow them to go home early. While trying to make up his mind, he come across a playground and saw a little girl playing, suddenly, without a warning his memories of what happened that day hit him..

"You're right, she's a good friend, but can you imagine how much I'd wronged her? Five years ago, I did something very awful to her.."

"Five years ago, before I go back to Japan from my exchange studies, Shi and I celebrated. Since we always do it everytime we had an exam, it looked normal to stay in her apartment. But that particular day was different. Because normally, Shi would not want to drink some alcohol,since she's still minor and she is alcohol intolerant, but for the sake of celebrating with me, she chose to do so. And then it happened.."

"Damn that Sho," Nino blurted. "How can he do something like that. My God, that kid was only 16 that time.." Nino's thoughts continued….
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:11 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


''That time, i did not know what had gotten into me, I suddenly wanted to kiss Shi, and felt guilty afterwards--

"Argh! itai.." Nino was snapped back to reality. "Nani de?", He said while hand at his forehead. He look around and saw a little girl holding the ball that had cause the pain.

"Uwaa~ gomen na sai onii-chan. I was supposed to lob it back to my brother but it flew right at you." the girl apologize. Nino was astounded to see the little girl from a while ago that he ended up staring at her. Before he realized that he's keeping the girl hanging, it was already too late.

"I said I'm sorry onii-chan. Please don't get mad. I didn't mean it." the girl cried out helplessly. Nino bent over to comfort the little girl who was now hysterical.

"Shinpai shinaide kudasai. I wasn't hurt at all, and I'm not mad, so please dont cry," Nino told the girl.

"Hontou?", the girl asked between broken sobs.

"Hai!" Nino smiled at the girl who was now smiling back at him. He couldn't help but be dazzled, he knew he had seen that smile a long time ago but when and where, he did not know and that troubled him. He was about to ask the girl's name, when her brother shouted.

"Oi Shuri! Hayaku, hayaku, mom would get mad if we come home late." the boy who is about the girl's age said.

"Hai!" Shuri said and turned to Nino who's still troubled. "Onii-chan, that's my twin brother Shuji," she said while finger pointed to the boy.

"Twins?" Nino asked shocked. Shuri smiled before she nodded.

"Isn't he kawaii? We are fraternal twins, but Shuji-chan was older than me by about 3 minutes," she explained to Nino. Before Nino could follow up his quetsion, Shuji moved toward them and grabbed his sister's hand.

"Let's go Shuri, or mom would worry about us.." Shuji said anxiously.

"Wakarimasu," Shuri answered happily and turned to Nino, "Bye bye onii-chan. mata ne?." Shuri said while waving her hand to Nino and the twins headed on to their direction.

After his encounter with the twins, Nino was left speechless. Ahhh I didn't get to introduce myself, for sure they would be surprise to know that I am an idol... I wonder who their mother is..such cute little twins.. Nino thought to himself. Unable to decide what to do next, he started walking. On his way home, he suddenly remembered what he was thinking before meeting the twins and kicked the road to his frustration.. Now i wondered what happend to Shi-san after that incident..damn.. Nino thought endlessly.


"Hello, I'm Sho Sakurai from Japan. Nice to meet you." the guy at front said to her. Shi wondered what's with him, normally, students wouldn't want talking to her unless if it got to do something with academics. She often wondered what was her mom thinking for her to do business in this country and forced her to leave Japan instead. So even though she's japanese, she speaks English and Filipino fluently, and other languages as well. Afterall, she is considered genius for being 3rd year college in the B.S Civil Engineering degree at a prestigious university in the Philippines although she's only sixteen. Now a japanese guy was talking to her, and Shi didn't know what does he want..

"Tadaima,", the twin shouted cheerfully and ran to their mom who they thought was busy reading some building plans. When the twins realized that their mom was sleeping they slowly tap her back and wake her.

"Ano~I wonder if I can borrow a pen, because I forgot mine," the japanese guy told her. Huh? Shi thought to herself when suddenly--

"Mom wake up!" Shi heard a kid's voice. Ahhhh.. Yume? yokatta! She smiled to herself. When the twin recognized that their mom was awake, they repeated, "Tadaima" and kissed their mom.

"Okaeri nasai, Shuji, Shuri," Shi hugged them both.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:11 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan



"Okaeri nasai, Shuji, Shuri," ..

"How was your day?" Shi asked the twins over the dining table. "It was fine mom, school was fine, but we can't get used to it.."Shuji complained. "All our classmates had been staring at us, giving us some sort of four-year-olds-were-not-supposed-to-be-in-first-grade kind of look. Honestly mom, its quite bothering you know." Shuri added.

"Ah, i thought you like being in first grade?," Shi said amused to see the twins reacted like that. Usually, they always keep their thoughts to themselves, especially when its about school, but now, she was happy to know how they're fairing. Being in first grade isn't something that any 4yr old kids can do, right? How come they're so like her?

"Choto, mama are you listening?" Shuji leaned across the table. "Hai, sorry, I was thinking about other things," she answered, still amused at the twin's reaction. "Ano~ne~mama, you know, at the playground, I 'd run into Ninomiya-oniichan, but i think he didn't know that we recognized him" Shuri seemed excited. "Huh?" She gave her daughter a confused look.

"He is an idol,mama, [laughs] i think you should at least have a bit of reading about entertainment biz, I dunno what's with it that you hated much.." Shuri laughed at her mother's confusion. It had been a puzzle why their mom hated the entertainment industry, so much that she can't even tell if a person is an idol or not.

"Hontou? and what had you got to do with this Ninomiya-san?"she asked changing the topic.

"It doesn't matter mama,it seems you're not really interested at all," Shuri answered , a little offended at her mom's casualness.

Their mom wouldn't talk about it, but somehow, they had this feeling that their dad had something to do with showbiz.; after all, they weren't geniuses for nothing. Although they're 4yrs old, they managed to be in first grade. Despite Shi's hostility, they actually convinced her to allow them to take an acceleration exam. At three, they were able to play different instruments. As much as they appreciate their mom's sentiment, they wanted to work hard. So that when there comes a time they have to meet their dad, they would face him and proudly say: "Mama had raised us well!"

"Gomen Shuri, " Shi said to her daughter awkwardly.

"Dai-jo-bu okaasan" Shuri smiled, calling her mother "okaasan" meant that she forgive her, and Shi understood this well. "Arigatou," and hugged Shuri across the table. "Oi mama, you're spilling some dishes at the table," Shuji who seemed delighted at her mom's smiling face began throwing side dishes to his mother (note:This is not the proper way to treat moms ^^), shuri joined as well.

"Wakatta Ojii-chan," Shi laughed at her own joke and played along with her kids.

"Ehh? Thats not funny mom" the twins said in chorus and started laughing as well.

"Yokatta ne, mama.. now you're back to your usual self. ureshii.." Shuri said happily "Yosh, its time to clean up." Shuji said while picking up some of the mess.

"Yes sir!", Shi and Shuri answered.


Its past midnight, the house was quiet because the twins had already gone to bed, but Shi lies in her bed, unable to sleep for fear of dreaming that same dream again..

"You're Shi right? Sho asked her. How come he knew my name? Shi asked herself.
"A lot of people were talking about you, you know. "Yamette".....

...-damn, how am i suppose to sleep now.., why is it have to be the day before my appointment? sh**. . oh god, help me..Shi talked to herself. Ever since she had that dream, she was unable to work properly as if memories of the past kept haunting her. She often tried to daydream just to be able to snapped out of it. And now, its tormenting her. Oh sheeshh~what a night.


"Ano~ Angel-san, kindly wait at the lobby for a moment," the receptionist told her. Shi nodded and smiled at the guy in the reception who couldn't help but admire her. "This is one of those moments when Im thankful that I am my mother's daughter," Shi thought happily.

Two years ago, after accomplishing her bachelor's degree.,she came back to Japan, and used her mother's connection to register her English name. She thought it was necessary to do so because she doesn't want reporters to track her like what happened in the Philippines... .

2 years ago..

[camera flashing]
[camera flashes]

Reporter1: Ms. Tetsuka, how does it feel to be the first in the history of the Philippines to perfect a licensure exam?
Reporter2: Were you pressured that time?
Reporter3: I heard you are only 18..
Reporter4: there have been rumors that you're also first in Asia to perfect a licensure exam at such a young age..
Reporter5: This year, you'll be the cover for Time magazine's issue right?

and so on and so forth,,,,,,,.

Shi had to answer all the questions until her body was exhausted..

"Gomen Shi," her mom told her, "I wasn't able to help you because of a business meeting"..

"That's it! I had enough, I'm going back to Japan, and I wont use my japanese name, except when I have to register in my MS.". Shi told her mom angrily...

"Sheesh, not again.!" Shi told herself. In able to regain her composure, she walked around the building and saw something that amazed her, "Sugoi!!" Her eyes were so fixed on the model that she forgot to look where she was walking and stumbled on to something. "Itte!.."

Her things are all over the place- the plans which she had spend many nights drafting are all over the place. Upon seeing that, she felt rage and turn around to see what had caused her to fall, only to realize that it was "who"and not "what".

"Nani shite iru yo?" "Walking carelessly while daydreaming, bumping on to others and not apologizing, that's worst! And what's with all this paper?" Jun shouted, while he tried to free his left foot out of the bunch of papers scattered all over the floor.

..ahhh, her blueprints, her designs.. all are ruined, ruined by this guy, whom she had only met now. Sheesh,.. what an idiot. He doesn't even know that he's stepping on a building plan.,Shi thought helplessly. She was about to say something , when a guy approach them.

"Oi jun, what's the matter?" the guy asked. "Its too early to bully someone especially if its a girl.." the guy said winking at her..

"Choto, Nino, it wasn't my fault."
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

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Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan



"Its this bitch's" Jun said disgusted. Nino looked upon the lady who was on the floor. "Eh? I dont see what part of her is bitchy, besides, dude you're the one who's trampling all over her things," Nino backfired. "Oi,Nino, why are you defending her? I told you it wasn't-- Jun phone suddenly rang. he had no choice so he left without a word. Aishhh! one day I would get back at that bitch. hmph. What's with Nino siding with her?. he asked aggravated.

..sheesh, what a pathetic guy. He just left without saying sorry. Shi felt her blood rising. Seeing her things being trampled like that made it even worse. She wondered what's with the people staring as if she had been convicted with a crime she didn't do. She thought that its funny, because the guys wear the same clothing style, also their hair was weird. It seemed that going there was not good at all. It was a complete F-A-I-L.

Shi recovered from her talking-to-myself- state and began collecting her things. To her surprise, Nino was doing the same thing. "Ano~its okay if you don't help, I can't trouble you that much," she told the guy. "Hmmm, I don't mind helping since it was my friend's fault."
"Uwaa? you're friends with that baka?" Shi asked flabbergasted. "Hmmm," Nino replied without looking, his mind is focus on trying to decipher the things at his hand. The documents were entirely damaged that he felt remorse towards the girl...she's quite pretty huh,, or so he thought. "Yosh,!" Nino said handing over the now-trash-looking papers to her.

"Sh**, I can't use that now. How am i supposed to present that if its so ruined. Cursed your friend." Shi sighed heavily. She rarely badmouth people no matter how bad they are. But now, everything was messed up because of her decision to see that person before going to the site. A moment ago she's so delighted to know that he actually kept his promise 5years ago about the miniature model that she constructed out of habit. But they say, in every good thing, there's always the evil. And that moment was evil.

Nino glanced at the girl whose cheeks were flustered upon the weight of the incident that morning. He couldn't resist it, his curiosity about this girl is killing him and an idea entered his mind.

"Ojou-san, care to have some coffee?" Nino asked nervously. He marveled at the thought of being rejected by a girl, but he was dumbfounded when she agreed. And here they are sitting face to face inside a coffee shop near JE building. Nino had this impression that the girl was unaware of who he was, and its a good thing. There's also a slim chance that she knew the profession of all those people who stared at her inside the building so NIno had chosen the nearest coffee shop outside. It will be rowdy if the guys from JE found out that she is clueless. What was she doing there anyway? Nino pondered.

"Sorry for being nosy, but what are you doing inside JE building? Its a place of idols you know," Nino asked hesitantly. "Huh? Idols? I thought it is his office." Shi told him.

"Him? who's he?"

"Nani demo nai. I was planning to see someone I met years ago, but it seemed he's out." Shi replied smartly. The last thing she needed was to disclose herself to someone who's a complete stranger. She actually accepted Nino's offer to give credit for siding with her. But that doesn't mean she can trust him. Nino give her a confused look, and she just smiled sheepishly... Ahhh what a smile., I can't believe she's able to dazzle me this much..his mind wandered.

"ano~sumimasen, you're buying me coffee, but I didn't know your name.." Shi told him. "Ah- gomen, Kazunari-desu," Nino replied, Shi introduced herself, "Ah right, Kazunari-san, watashi wa Angel-desu, yorushiku.!" in a manner that made Nino melt, especially the way she says his name, he knew there's something special about this girl. But something troubled him, did she just say "Angel"? what about her family name?

"Don't you have any family name? Its weird to call you Angel since we've just known each other.." Nino asked in a confused tone. "It doesn't matter Kazunari-san, just call me Angel." Shi smiled giving him assurance, if she planned on being a complete nobody, she needs to start it now.


Back in JE building..

"Sir, I'm sorry, I was sure she's here just a while ago. I told her to wait at the lobby" the receptionist told him.

"Did she told you her name?" He asked the receptionist who was now troubled.

"Hai! She said she's Angel, and asked me to give you this," the reception handed him a keychain that had a very detailed design. When he examined it, it was engraved with the initials S.T. His eyes traveled around the lobby and found what he is looking for: a model of what's supposed to be JE stadium. The man smiled knowingly, there's only one person able to create something very detailed like the one in his hand.

"So you opt to use the name Angel huh? You never ceased to amazed me Shi." the man told himself.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:12 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan

CHAPTER 6 [1/3]

"Yabai! It's this time already?" Shi exclaimed looking at her watch. Just a moment ago, she called the site to ask if it is possible to re-schedule the presentation due to some "unexpected" events. Luckily, one of the sponsors couldn't attend that time so it was actually cancelled. "Gomen, Kazunari-san I need to go," she gathered her things and prepared to leave.

"Ah, sorry for keeping you this much," Nino apologized. "Ah, it's alright, since I had the time. But I promised my kids that we'll go out for dinner, so I need to fetch them at their school. Ja, arigatou gozaimasu," I hope we won't meet again. . . that’s what she wanted to say but instead she said, "Mata ne Kazunari-san," Shi smiled, a kind of smile that startled Nino, and left the coffee shop.


"…I promised my kids that…" It's been a week since Nino's fateful encounter with Shi. After their conversation he was left speechless, adamant of what he'd heard. Eh? maji? He thought to himself. I was sure that im listening on to every word she said, but that time she said "my kids." Seriously? She looked younger though, 20 or maybe 21. . . its possible to have a kid, demo, kids.. that's it, its in plural form.

"Shinjirarenai!!!!" Nino blurted out, it's too late to notice that he had actually spoken his mind. "Eh? Nani Nino-chan?" Aiba asked. "You looked sleepless these days," Ohno said while looking at those dark circles forming beneath his eyes. "Oi Nino, masaka~ you're not thinking about that bitch, do you?" Jun asked with raised eyebrows. "Uwa~ Nino-chan met a girl? Is she pretty?" Aiba jumped in excitement. "Oh, good for you Nino, when did you met her? How come you didn't tell us about it? Ohno added, with a hint of curiosity in his face. "It was Jun who first met her." Nino stated.

"Eh?" both Aiba and Ohno chorused. "Yeah, remember last week when I was in bad mood?" Jun asked the two members, Sho's still in Beijing so its only the four of them at the dressing room. "Kya~ come to think of it, that time, I nearly said "kowai" because your expression did scare the hell out of me," Aiba recalled. "man, you'reright, jun's really scary when he's in bad mood, so tell us,[turning his attention to jun] what does you being in bad mood had to do with Nino's girl?" Ohno asked amused. "It was because of her." Jun answered annoyed that the guys been asking plus the fact that Nino's silence meant that he was really thinking about her. Hmft! That bitch. Jun thought.

Upon hearing this, Aiba seemed very keen about the details, but Ohno is faster, "Hmmm, so you're saying that this girl, whom Nino was thinking about, was actually the one who'd cause your mood swing?" "Hai! mate Nino, what were you thinking about her?" Jun turned to Nino.

"Ano~ you see, after that incident, she seemed very upset, so I offered to buy her coffee, but-" Nino was explaining but Jun cuts off, "What? She rejected you? The nerve!" "Hey!,she didn't rejected me okay?, just let me finish." Nino hissed, Jun's been driving him mad, "I was shocked when she accepted the offer, I thought she was also mad at me, but it turned out she's mad at Jun, best not tell Jun that Angel actually called him an idiot, or it might just get him angrier [Nino thought], so I brought her in a coffee shop near JE building." Nino continued.

"So I managed to know her name, its Angel," Nino said to answer the what-is-her-name expression from the three. "I dunno, but there's something about her smile that dazzles me, and she's a real beauty," Nino confirmed Aiba's look. "Its true that I've been wondering a lot about her, her face, her smile, her reaction, demo, its not about her appearance that I'm having sleepless nights, its about what she said to me." Nino clarified.

"Nani, nani?" Aiba said somewhat interested.

"She's married, or how do I put it? She told me that she needed to fetch her kids, so I concluded that she's married, I mean, its impossible to have a kid without a husband right? Especially, when she said my kids boldly," Nino finished, frowning at his last statement, as if telling the members that he actually didn't believe this fact or he doesn't want to. Either way, its painful. Just when he thought that he actually found the girl that he likes, or wanted to like, it was over too soon.

"Hmmmm, I think it was a yes and a no," Ohno said to Nino. "In this society it is believed that you should be married to have kids, so it’s a yes, and a no because it is also possible to have kids without being married." Ohno furthered. "Uwa~ Ridaa, what does that mean?" Aiba asked rather alarmed. "Kanojo wa hontōni inudesu (she really is a bitch)," Jun said explicitly before Ohno could find proper way of explaining.

All eyes turned to Jun. "whoah, What? Did I say something wrong? Its what Ridaa was trying to say, I just helped him from doing so, there's no proper words for it," Jun said palms both raised. "Don't put it so bluntly Jun, maybe you're right, but its wrong to jump into conclusion. We don’t know Angel-san that much for you to judge her." Ohno said in one of his leader-like tone. " Jun-chan, I think you should consider Nino-chan's feelings," Aiba said. "Choto, what are you guys? The way you look at me, its as if I'm the antagonist from one of those romantic films, I was just trying to talk sense to Nino, before he falls for that girl," Jun said quite offended.

Aiba and Onho were about to say something, but Nino silenced them. "You know guys, I appreciate your opinions, but I think Jun was right, " Nino said, he's totally losing it, and he knew very well that if he loses his cool, they will end up arguing just like last time, focusing on Jun, he said , "Demo, I still don’t agree with your words, Angel-chan's not a bitch, its just that, I believe it had something to do with her past, so please stop referring her as "That bitch"," Nino asked Jun. "Hai, hai! Wakatta iru yo," Jun answered, relieved that Nino withdrawn the topic.

"Yosh, it's time for work guys," Ohno announced. "Hai!"
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:13 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan

CHAPTER 6 [2/2]

"Shuri, Shuji, hurry, or you'll be late," Shi beckoned her kids who are playing at the stairs. "Ohayou Mama," Shuri greeted. "Morning mom," Shuji beamed. "Ohayou," she smiled back. "The table's been set, c'mon lets eat breakfast. "Hai."


Its been a week since Shi's misfortune. Well, at least not the encounter with Kazunari-san, she had been wondering what happened after she told him that she have kids,,. She swear it was a real shock for him, but she couldn't help it, looking at him, it seemed that he's starting to get attracted to her, so its best to turn him down earlier. Afterall, she didn't want to have anything to do with an idol, she realized that now, due to the fact that Ninomiya is friends with the idiot from JE building.

Thanks to that idiot, she had have redone all the plans and blueprints in such a short time that she actually freaked her head out due to lack of sleep, and thanks to Kazunari, that she managed to do it on time because when he helped collect her things, he smoothed out all the ruined papers in a way that was still readable. Now, all she has to do is present it to the sponsors, and her job was done. While on her way to her working room, she heard the phone rang.


"Moshi, moshi?" It was Shuji who answered the phone. "Ano~ ohayou, may I speak to Angel-san?" the man on the other line said. "Hai, a moment please", Shuji answered and called his mom, "Mama, there's a man who wants to speak with you," "Right, Im coming," Shi shouted from upstairs.

"Moshi, moshi, Angel-desu, who's this?" Shi asked the man on the phone. "Its been a while Shi or should I call you Angel-san? I heard you went to see me last week." The man replied. "Oh, right, thanks to that I'd come across onto some disaster, "Shi complained. "Ah, gomen, gomen, I wasn't at the building that time and so I heard from the receptionist about that incident," the man said laughing. "Are you mocking me? It was really troublesome you know, my blood pressure's been rising every time I thought about that idiot," Shi said rather annoyed.

"Oh, so you refer Jun as idiot huh?" the man inquired, amused at her reaction. "hmm, anyway, I called to invite you for lunch, since I did stood you up last week," the man offered. "Is that so?no, no,, You don’t have to make it up for me, its not your fault. I just had the time so I took the chance and went to see you but going there was a wrong choice," she said hesitantly, she knew this man well, if he decided on something, no one's able to refuse.

"C'mon Shi, It will be the first time we see each other after a long time ne, I was really glad that you still remember me. So, I insist that we meet," the man carried on. "Okay. But it will be late lunch since I have some work to do. The last time I decided to see you before my work, I nearly lost it. This time I won't allow my decision to interfere with it, so wait okay? If not then-" before she can continue, the man interrupted, "Fine, you're stubborn as ever Shi, late lunch then, and thanks for the keychain," the man said. "You're welcome, and please, call me Angel." Shi demanded. They talked a bit about the details and the man hang up the phone.

"Okay. Time for work, but first, I'll take the twins to school." Shi said after organizing her things. She arranged the twins' obentou, put it on their bag, and made herself ready to go.

"Shuji, shuri, let's go."

"Hai!" the twins answered.

On their way to school, Shi tried to focus on the road but her mind had been wandering since that phone call. And she remembered.

She had been there for a month, yet she's not tired of admiring all those beautiful flowers and sand dunes that were keeping her from crying. It was all she can do to forget that painful memory of the guy whom she considered her first love. She never thought that loving could be that painful-that even a genius like her can get dumb when it comes to love. No matter how hard she rationalized about it, she still couldn't comprehend what had gone wrong. A month ago, it was a night of brokenness and pleasure. She never thought that a guy could pleasure her that much despite of the gentle pain of being penetrated for the first time, yet, she never thought that he could also cause her heart break. Its not his deeds that hurt her. It was his words. He said those words casually as if nothing happened. And now, here she was, broken into pieces.

Shi paused for a moment, and pondered. She sat on the sand, and started making sand castles. She was half done when someone approach her..

"Mama! Watch out!!"
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:13 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


"Mama! Watch out!!" the twins panicked. Shi broke out of her daydream, and apologized while her eyes now focused on the road. "Gomen shuji, shuri," sweat starts flowing from her forehead because of fear. If something happened to her kids, she'll die. BAKA! How can you reminisce while driving? she scolded herself.

"Mama, are you okay? You're sweating," the kids asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, just dozed off a little," Shi smiled re-assuring her kids. "Oh, we're here." Shi said seeing the " Keio Yochisha Elementary School" signboard. She drove along the school grounds and found a good place to drop off her kids. "Mama might be late because of work. Shuji take care of your sister. And please try to get along with your classmates. Understand?" Shi asked the twins. Both answered "yes" and waved their mom goodbye.

..Hmmm, I nearly caused my kids' accident, Shi, get a hold of yourself, you don’t want to mess up things again right?.. she thought before starting the car's engine and heads off into her direction.


Nino was glad to leave the building. He really needed a break, although, that wasn't the right term for it. He just wanted to avoid questions..man, that guy really loves excitement, he thought rather amused because Aiba's been persistent to know the details. He's on his way to the shooting location of his new project. It was a project for the five of them. Every week on TBS, one of them will be featured on a drama, with a unique plot. It will be different this time because the five of them have to act with just one lead actress. Nino looks forward as to what kind of actress she will be.


"..and that concluded this presentation," Shi ended smartly. Just a moment ago, she's sweating cold because of anxiety. She wondered what'll happen if the sponsors were not too happy with her plans. But from the amount of compliments she received, everything seemed right. A lot of people had been shaking hands with her since the meeting concluded. ..arigatou..she thanked silently. It's nearly lunch time, the meeting ended earlier than she expected.

One of the sponsors talked to her, "Angel-san, you're really good. I dunno where, but I think I'd seen you before," "Oh really? I'm sure this is the first time you'd seen me Mr. Yamazaki," Shi answered. She was slightly caught off guard by his statement so she chose not to pursue the conversation. "Ah, I'm sorry but I still have appointments to attend to," she told the sponsor. "Oh right, go ahead then," the man smiled and left. She then managed to sneak out of the site without the crowd noticing.


"This is bad. Aikawa-chan's still abroad due to a sudden illness. Even if she returns, she's advised to rest. What to do? Everything had been prepared, If we cancel the shoot, the schedule would be ruined," the producer announced, alarmed at the consequences if they won't manage to find a substitute. All the staff panicked upon hearing the producer's revelation. Nino who just arrived noted that something was happening.

"What's wrong?" he asked one of the staff.
"ano~ Nino-san, Aikawa-san who was supposed to be the lead actress got sick, and she won't be able to act even if she returns," the staff told him. "That was a real problem then," Nino said. "You're right, producer-san plans on calling your boss to ask if he could recommend someone who might be able to play the lead roles. Producer-san is desperate you know," the staff sighed. "hmm,of course he's desperate. If I'm at his position, I would be too..especially when this was the first time that my boss collaborated with such a project," Nino told the staff who was still down.


Shi entered a fine-looking restaurant. She knew from outside that she'll love the coziness of the place. She wandered inside and her eyes caught the man who'd just done talking to someone over the phone. When he saw her, the man waved his hand and gestured her to come.

"Ohisashi buri da ne Shi-chan," the man greeted. "Ohisashi buri desu, Johnny-san. How come you recognized me immediately? and I thought I told you over the phone to call me Angel," Shi replied, wary about the people around them.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:13 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


An hour ago. . .

..upon gazing at the sand dunes, he noticed that someone was also taking the pleasure of looking at it. He felt delighted, but the girl seemed rather lonely, making it looked like she's carrying the whole world in her shoulders.. she was so focused on making the sand castle which was almost finished as if hoping that all her burdens will be forgotten upon doing that. Looking at her face, a force told him that he had seen that girl somewhere, he just didn't know where.. bound by his curiosity, he started walking towards the girl's direction and managed to have a closer look at the castle that she's making.

At first, he can't believe his eyes. He pinched himself and it throbbed a little. When he realized that he wasn't dreaming, SUGOI! He told himself. He's too amazed at how detailed the castle looked. Of all those years that he spent here, he had seen many artists and aspirants doing sand castle, but this one was way too detailed; it was awe-inspiring, like those mentioned in fiction stories. He never dreamed that he actually would see something like this one- constructed by the girl who was about to break down anytime.

Without realizing it, he talked to the girl, "That is really an amazing castle you know, although it was only half done, I could see that it is very detailed. I wonder what inspired you to create something like that?" he inquired. The girl looked at him and he stared back, but wished he hadn't. Her reaction pierced right through him. He was used to being bothered, especially with those women who mingled with idols from JE and he always managed to get rid of them, but this was the first time that he had compassion with a girl; not that kind of couples love, but as a father to his daughter. Although it was very unlikely of him, he felt it anyway. By looking at her, he felt the agony that she's been going through. Just what the hell happened to her? He asked himself. He was deeply troubled of what he'd seen, yet despite that, he wanted to know everything about her..---


"Moshi, moshi." Johnny answered his phone while looking at his watch. It read ten minutes past 12 o clock. Crap! I didn't notice the time, he told himself. Just a moment ago, he remembered something that brought him back those memories from the past until someone called. "Moshi, moshi," he repeated when the person from the other line didn't speak.

"Anou~ Kitagawa-san, this is producer-desu," the man replied. "oh, what made you call producer-san? Filming with Nino's drama starts today right?" he asked. "Yeah, about that, something happened, Aikawa-chan is sick, and even when she returns, its impossible for her to act," the producer told him. "Nani?! How come you only told me now?" he was irritated. "I was trying to reach you earlier but it seemed that you turned your phone off, .. Gomen Kitagawa-san, I thought you'll be able to recommend someone that would fit the role, that's why I called you" producer-san reasoned out.

Johnny knew very well that if they withdraw the contract with TBS, they'll be wasting a lot of money. "How about Horikita-san?" the guy continued. "No, as much as I recognized her talent, I think she won't do [A/N: sorry for this]. We need a fresh face for this project, especially if she's to act with all the guys from Arashi," Johnny replied, slightly taken aback by the idea. While thinking about anyone who would play the role, someone caught his eyes, but to his dismay, the diners saw her too.

Everyone's attention turned to admire the lady who had just entered the restaurant. She was very lovely on a pink dress, top with an ivory-colored suit, which made it obvious that she's a professional. She was looking for someone. Suddenly, the girl started walking across his direction, and an idea crossed his mind. talking about a fresh face..

Over the phone he said, "Producer-san, I think I just found you a girl who is fit for the role. Everything's gonna be fine. Compare to the cost it will have if the entire project will be cancelled, it won't hurt cancelling the shoot for a day right?" he said while looking intently to the girl who was just inches away from her. "Hai, arigatou Kitagawa-san,"and ended the call. Johnny waved his hand to the girl, and gestured her to come.

"Ohisashi buri da ne Shi-chan," he greeted. "Ohisashi buri desu, Johnny-san. How come you recognized me immediately? and I thought I told you over the phone to call me Angel," Shi replied, wary about the people around them.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:14 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


"Chotto matte kudasai!" Shi exclaimed. She was panic-stricken at the absurdity of Johnny's idea.

Just a moment ago, they were eating merrily when Johnny told her that he had some problems. Shi asked what is it, but now she wished she hadn't. After telling her his problem, Johnny had this crazy preposition of her becoming an actress.

"You knew very well that the only thing that I despised most is idols, and now you're asking me to be one? What's more ridiculous is that you wanted me to play lead role? That's very foolish of you Johnny-san," Shi said in a high-pitched tone.

"You said it yourself, I know you very well that's why I'm asking you to do it. The moment you enter this establishment, I knew right away that you would be perfect for it. Such a young, talented lady you are," Johnny flattered her.

"Haha. Are you kidding? Me? An actress? It can't be. Im a professional engineer you know. I'm not good for that kind of thing," Shi told him, still annoyed with the idea. "Oh c'mon, I never knew a single person who's so gifted like you. If its you, acting would just be a piece of cake," Johnny persuaded.

"Johnny-san, I don't have experience in acting. I won't be able to do so well, especially if it’s a thing that I abhor. Just tell your producer to find someone else," she told him.

"Angel, don't be too hard on yourself. I really don't want to do this to you, but is seemed you're leaving me no choice..," Johnny threatened.

"What do you mean?" Shi asked.

"When I said I know you very well, I meant everything about you," Johnny said with caution.

" Masaka〜" Shi asked alarmed. She's not that stupid to not understand the weight of Johnny's words.

"Of course I know. Even before the twins' birth, I already knew who their dad is," Johnny confirmed.

" Dōshite〜?" Shi asked him.

"Dōshite mondai wa nai koto. So are we good now? Seeing your reaction just now, it seemed that you have no complains," Johnny concluded.

"Its not that I don't have complains—I have lots actually, its just that I can't," she was being sarcastic; "its not like you to mingle with other's business, so I guess you just happen to know that the twins' dad is an idol, ne?" Shi asked certain that he didn't know.

"Beats me," Johnny teased.

"Are you threatening me? Warui koto no Johnny-san," she said hopelessly.

" Īe. I'm stating a fact that the twins' dad is actually SAKU–," but Shi stopped him from saying.

"Alright. You win. Just this once okay?" Shi demanded.

"Not at all. You have to play all the roles. A total of five roles," Johnny reprimanded.

"Eh? I thought you said–" she complained but Johnny warned her,

"I told you, it’s a total of five roles. You don't want me telling others about–" Johnny paused, he was guilty of doing it, but he enjoyed torturing Shi and looks forward up to what extent will she be able to act to protect her secret.

"Wakatta. Of all the people, I did not expect you to do this," Shi surrendered. There's no point arguing with this man.

"That's because I knew you're so stubborn," Johnny told her, although he himself doesn't really plan on revealing the truth about the twins and Sho, after all, it might be bad for business.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:14 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan

Although he himself doesn't really plan on revealing the truth about the twins and Sho. . .

Johnny watched the girl who's resting on the sand, she looked so calm..who would have thought that despite her young age , she had gone through all those troubles, and have yet to endure one. What a nostalgic feeling; just yesterday he found her unconscious, lying on the same sand.. she was so pale that he thought she's dead,. With the help of his assistant, they brought her to the hospital only to find out what caused her to faint. His heart couldn't take it upon hearing the doctor's word, "We don't know how, but she's a month pregnant..", that he actually thought of aborting that "thing" right away. If he's the one to choose, he'd rather she will get mad at him, than her enduring criticism and humiliation.. he thought of her as his daughter that's why it really pained him.. a mother at 16?..oh god, he didn't know what to do..

It was only two weeks since he'd known this child– two weeks full of happiness; he admired her for still being able to smile at people, laugh at funny things and cry at sad moments. Shi has a very sunny disposition in life, he realized that now.. She's brave and doesn't want to bother others, ~he could say she's a shallow person, easy to laugh, easy to cry. She's caring and sincere, yet there's one thing about her, either you will hate it or love it– she trusts others easily, and that's how Sho managed to tricked her. That bastard.

On their first meeting, he could say it was just spur of the moment when Shi disclosed to him what happened and who caused all her grief; that was when he realize that she's always willing to trust. He tried hard to persuade her, but Shi wouldn't tell him the personality of the guy who stole her innocence and left her just like that; that was when he realized that she's stubborn. But he isn't Johnny for nothing. With his connection, he managed to know about her being the daughter of Asia's business tycoon, Reiko Tetsuka; that she's actually Shi Tetsuka, the girl who's all over the news for being able to enter college at 14; and lastly, the most important thing, about all the person that Shi had contact with for the past 6 months, only to be surprised to actually see a familiar name,. SAKURAI SHO..and then it hit him.. the reason why Shi looked familiar was that Johnny did saw her across a report, his assistant had done, on Sho when he was in the Philippines,. Before, He never keep tabs about the everyday lives of idols, but he learned to since that scandal years ago which involved a JE idol…

They say finding the truth hurts, so it does. He chose to be silent about it, since it looked like Shi didn't really want others to know, but he had this feeling that she actually were trying to protect Sho… damn it..that guy doesn't deserve to be treated like this, to be loved by this girl who's suffering alone while he's there doing what he pleases. Johnny was torn between wanting to confront Sho, and wanting to protect his business. . .
"Johnny-san, you have been standing there for a while," Shi suddenly said.
"Ah gomen, I thought you didn't notice.. I was thinking about some things," Johnny answered.
"Nani?" Shi smiled.
"Business stuff," he answered. He wondered how she was still able to smile even at times like this.. "Shi, its okay to cry you know.. you don't have to hold your tears back..let it flow,." Johnny persuaded her., upon saying those words, Shi began to cry. Johnny just stayed there until there were no more tears for her to cry.
"Anou~ Johnny-san, I decided to let the baby live..", Shi told him, with tears still apparent in her eyes.
"Demo~ what about your studies? Your mom?" He asked her.
"daijobu. My mom knows me very well,.. I wont stop my studies just because I'm pregnant, instead I'll study hard BECAUSE im pregnant," Shi said calmly.
..oh right, subarashi,, this child's conviction is beyond my imagination.. he thought.
"how about Saku-~ ah, about the child's father?" He was to say Sakurai, but chose not to.. he doesn't want her to think that he actually dug into her private life.
"Oh, it doesn't concern him. The moment he left, meant that he doesn't want to have anything to do with me, more so if it’s a child," she said bravely.
"Are you sure? I can he–", but before he could offer his help, Shi cuts off, "I also don’t want to have anything to do with him, so its really fine," and smiled, the kind of smile that would make anyone melt.

In the end, Shi was the one who decided for him– whether to confront Sho or to save his business. He chose none. Because that time he decided on something else– that was to help her in any possible means, but what am I doing now? Johnny thought.

He had just dragged her to a pitstop. It was a good thing that Shi still didn't have any idea that he's actually related to Sho, or they'll be working together soon. What really worried him right now are Shi and the twins– his considered daughter and grandchildren. Looking at the way things are now, if God would allow it, he wanted the truth to be buried like this forever, so that no one, even Sho nor the media, could disturb the peace– peace that she tried so hard to established ALONE.

"Oi Johnny-san were you listening?"
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:15 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan



"JOHNNY-SAN-WERE –YOU- LISTENING- TO- ME?" Shi asked again, slightly irritated.
"Hai, gomen, I dozed off a little..what were you saying?" Johnny asked.
"As I was saying a while ago when your mind's in another world, I have some conditions before I signed a contract. Well, knowing you, it is likely that you'll have me signed a contract right?" Shi commented.
"Right. And what are your conditions?" Johnny asked with raised eyebrow.
"Here," she handed him a piece of paper. ..ahh, she should've wrote it while my mind's been daydreaming..Johnny said to himself.
"You sure are quick as ever.," Johnny told her while eyes were off to read the paper in his hand. It says:
1. Call me Angel
2. You are not to tell others my real name.
3. You are not to tell others my real profession while we're on the acting contract.
4. You are not to tell others my address
5. Act as if you don't know me and I don’t know you.

After reading the list, Johnny thought about it.
"It's still a draft though, I will encode and print it so that we can notarize it with your lawyer," Shi said, but something's bugging Johnny, "Anou~ I see you didn't put anything that concerns your kids," Johnny noted.

"Do I have to? I don’t see the point though. In the first place they're the reason why I'm doing this. Another thing is that I don't really mind others knowing that I have kids, just not the thing regarding the biological father~..so if you tell others about who their dad is, then that's breaching our contract, if that happens, I'll terminate it automatically," Shi menaced.

"kowai~ what can I say? Anata wa hontōni tensaidesuga…dekinai~toki ga kuru aisuru koto," Johnny said delightedly. Saying something trivial– as complementing her for being a genius but also saying that when it comes to love she isn't– is enough to make her laugh and he knew that.

"Oh thanks for that not so good compliment. You're really bad at cracking jokes Johnny-san," Shi said trying to contain her mirth.
"Bad eh? But it seems that you can't hold your laughter just now," Johnny told her merrily, and the two burst into laughter.

"So when do I start?" Shi asked accordingly.
After their talk at the restaurant, they agreed to meet at a café after two hours. Johnny thought that was enough to prepare all the necessary documents for both parties.

"Filming starts tomorrow as I had asked to cancel it today. So that means, tomorrow, your profession is an actress. I was relieved when you told me a while ago that your project has ended so that you can put all your attention on this one," Johnny told her after the contract signing. This time they were joined together by Johnny's lawyer because like him, Shi also wanted everything legal.

Johnny looked at his watch and thought its best to introduce Angel to the staff and to her first ever leading man-Ninomiya. At the restaurant a while ago, she told him something about a man named Kazunari, who helped her during the encounter with the 'baka' as how she referred the guy who bullied her. Johnny wanted to confirm that.

"For starters, let's go meet the production staff, I think they're still at the location," Johnny told her while his hands on his phone typing a message for the producer to tell him that he'll gonna come over together with the new actress.

"Um~ okay," Shi just agreed. She also believed that it was a good idea. She doesn't want to have awkward feelings tomorrow. Best to experience it now…she thought.

Nino was about to leave the location when the producer called him.
"Choto matte Nino-san,"
"Nani?" he asked feeling upset. He's really looking forward to their filming, but now it was cancelled.. and to add with his frustration, he will have to act with a newbie tomorrow.
"Kitagawa-san sent a mail that he'll be arriving here together with the new actress," producer-san told him.
Although the producer was confident with it since it was Johnny who recommended the new girl, Nino had his own thoughts about it. He really wanted to leave, but his curiosity towards the new actress stopped him. Suddenly, they heard a car on the driveway. The car stopped a few meters away from them, and the passengers– a man and a lady came out of it.

"Oh, I think they're here– uwaa~~ kawaii~~," the producer said, appalled on what he'd seen. The look of surprised was so apparent on his face. Nino turned to see what had cause the producer to be stunned like that– only to be stunned himself., obviously, it was not WHAT, but WHO.

All heads turned when Johnny entered the hall, but all eyes were concentrated at his companion. She was wearing a pink dress, top with an ivory-colored suit. She was very lovely. All the staff seemed to admire her beauty. Upon seeing how the staffs reacted, Johnny couldn’t help but smile and give Shi an i-told-you-you're-really-pretty look, and Shi just blushed. Johnny cleared his throat.

"Mina, let's welcome our new actress, she'll be working with you starting tomorrow" he said while hands at Shi's back , pushing her forward. When Johnny noticed that she looked pale and stiff, he whispered, " Relax dear, they won't bite. Now be nice, smile and introduce yourself," he beckoned her.

Obeying Johnny's words, Shi moved a little bit forward, smiled and said, "Ha- hajime-mashite, wa-watashi wa Angel-desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu," and bowed so low that her head was a foot away from the floor. She scolded herself for stuttering.

Everyone seemed dazzle by this, but on the corner, Nino was too startled to move– unable to control his breathing.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:15 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan



"Are~ I thought Nino's still here? Where is he producer-san?" Johnny's eyes wandered and found Nino at the corner. Suddenly, everything went fast in Nino's mind like his heartbeat which was now pacing up and down upon seeing Angel. He didn't notice that Johnny managed to drag her towards his direction, and now the both of them were in an awkward position. Face to face with the person who had caused him sleepless night gave him a fright. Uwaa~ fate is sure mean..to be able to play like this with me… he thought while recovering from his astonishment.

"Angel-chan, meet Ninomiya– " Johnny made the introduction.

"Eh??? Matte!– kazunari-san..eh? what are you doing here– oi Johnny-san, kono imi wa nanidesu ka?" Shi asked confused, turning her attention from Johnny to Nino. "Johnny-san, I told you that I met a man named Kazunari at JE building, but why didn't you tell me that Ninomiya-san is actually kazunari-san? And that you know him??" She glared at Johnny.

The two exchange looks, it was Johnny who spoke first, "Gomen Angel-chan, I just wanna confirm it before telling you. There are many Ninomiya's in Japan you know," Johnny expected this to happen, but he must be an evil. He loved it whenever Shi is a bit shaken, just like now. It is more preferable than seeing her lonely expression.

"Mah, mah, since you two have met, then there's no need for formality. Ja~ I leave her to you Nino, treat her well," Johnny tapped Nino's shoulder before leaving.

"Matte kudasai Johnny-san–" Shi called, but he just waved goodbye, his back facing her. Johnny signaled the producer to follow him, and both Nino and Shi were left alone.

"That was surprising huh?" Nino tried to lighten their moods.

"Um, yeah.. I guess so," Shi answered coldly. Right now, she's not interested to talk with this man. She just wanna go home.

"Anou~ Angel-chan, is there something wrong?" Nino asked worriedly because she seemed troubled over something.

"Betsuni, it just upsets me that Johnny-san was always doing what he pleases," Angel replied without thinking.

"ah, he's always like that. Wait, do you know him that much?" Nino was curious but upon seeing Angel frowned, he was taken aback. .this girl changes mood easily, I should be more careful with my words.. "Ah, you don't have to answer that really..gomen," he apologized.

"Ah, its okay Ninomiya-san, don't be sorry," Shi smiled…

..whoah~ not that smile again..but– kawaii~..Nino thought, but then he remembered something so he took the chance to ask her since it has been bothering him for a week now. "Anou~ Angel-chan, about the last time, I was meaning to ask you–" Nino hesitated, " Ah never mind about tha–,"

"About my kids?" Shi finished Nino's statement, seeing his reaction just now she felt that he's battling with himself whether to ask or not to ask, so she decided to interrupt him.

Nino nodded, "Ah, right, about them.." he was to say something when he noticed that Angel's expression changed.

My kids! Oh crap. I totally forgot."Gomen~Ninomiya-san, I wasn't avoiding your questions or what, I just really need to go home now, ask me some other time. Kindly tell the staffs that I left," She told Nino in a hurried tone and started to leave. But Nino immediately followed.

"Nani?" She asked.

"Hmm, since we're working together, call me Nino."

"What for? Ninomiya is fine and all, and i realized that Kazunari is your given name, i thought it was your family name since it is how you'd introduced yourself" She replied, looking for her car keys. It was convenient that she asked Johnny to have his assistant followed them in the location using her car.

"If you want me to call you Angel, then you should do the same," Nino was still persistent.

"Alright. Alright. I really have to leave. Mata ashita Nino-san."

"There you go, finally said it huh?" Nino smiled and opened the car's door for her.

"Whatever," she said. Nino closed the door for her, waved goodbye and left while thinking about how sweet she had said his name…

Shi started the engine and drove towards the road which was now packed with students who's on their way home from school... Oh god. What kind of joke is this? She sighed upon thinking that she needs to have some explaining to do with her kids..

"Eh? Nino-san, I thought you were with Angel-san? Where is she?" the producer ask Nino.

"She said that she really needed to go home, so she left," Nino told the producer.

"Already? Oh I didn't get the chance to talk to her, uwaa~ kanojo wa hontōni kireiidesu yo ne? I mean look at how the staffs gazed at her.." producer-san told Nino, his face glowing with delight.

"Ah, so desu yo.." Nino said annoyed. He furrowed his eyebrows, seeing the producer's reaction just now, it made his blood rise.. if this continue, there'll be a competition– wait.. what was I thinking? Competition? Its not like I like her right? I mean, she's pretty and all, but Jun was right she had kids..so I shouldn't messed with her..Its not like me to like a person whom I just met right? what was happening to me? Nino continued his war with himself through his thoughts..only to be disrupted by the producer's unlikely reaction.

"Oh no. I forgot to give Angel-san the script.. and filming starts tomorrow, what will I do?" producer-san said.

"Anou~the scene that we'll be filming tomorrow, it doesn’t involve a dialogue yet, since it will be purely on music scenes right? So I guess its okay.." Nino tried to comfort the producer who now looked so down.

"Oh god, I forgot about that also," the producer seemed more upset than before. "I didn't get to ask her if she knows how to play different instruments– oh–wait, I think Kitagawa-san knows," upon realizing this, the producer immediately dialed Johnny's number.

"Moshi moshi Kitagawa-san, sorry to bother you, but I just wanna know if you can give me Angel's address because she left without meeting me and I need to give her the script and also I have to– what about her abilities?– does she know– "the producer stopped talking because it seemed that Johnny said something "Ah, right, gomen I'll just have Nino-san give it to you then," and the call ended.

"What was that conversation just now?" Nino asked.

"Ah, he told me that he can't disclose anything about Angel-san's private life, so instead, he'll be the one to give her the script and also he told me not to worry, Angel's a fast learner, and about the instruments, he said, we just have to wait and see it for ourselves tomorrow," the producer explained.

"Ah, sou ka~ she's that good huh?" Nino said his expression uncertain. I wonder what has she got to do with Johnny..better checked that out.
"Nino-san, kindly give this to Kitagawa-san.. it’s the script," producer-san asked him.

"Okay." Nino replied, thinking. If he wanted to know something, better ask Johnny himself.


"Do you both understand?" Shi had just ended talking to her kids. It was 2 hours of dreaded silence, the twins just listened to her intently–nodding when they need to agree, shaking their heads when something was a bit unclear to them. It was good thing that they can comprehend easily, so she was able to smoothly relay all the details, except the part about the actor whom she would act with. From what she recalled, she was sure that Ninomiya was the one who happen to bumped into them a week ago. Even so, the twins would soon found out anyway, so she just had to prolong the meeting.

"Hai, watashi-tachi ga rikai suru," the twins answered and smiled at their mom. They are about to eat dinner when someone pressed the doorbell. Shi wondered who. They seldom had visitors since she rarely talk to people, afraid that they will recognize her. She followed the twins who were on their way to the door, only to be stunned in place. She was inches away when Shuri opened the door.

"Konbanwa Angel-chan, sorry for intruding this late at night," Nino looked at her shocked face and smiled. Shi looked at their wall clock and realized it was past 9pm, she felt guilty towards her kids for letting them eat this late. What about the man in front of her. Shi rolled her eyes to make sure that she wasn't dreaming. She was speechless so Nino felt he needed to explain why he was there.

"Didn't you receive a message from Johnny? He was trying to call you a while ago, but you were not attending to any calls," Nino furthered.

"Anou~ mama. Aren't we gonna let Nino-niichan inside?" Shuji asked.

"Shuji was right Mama, its rude to let the visitor stay outside especially in this cold," Shuri backed up.

Nino was so keen on seeing Angel that he didn't noticed the twins before. It was actually them who opened the door but his eyes first caught Angel's shocked expression. He looked at the girl who just spoke. She looked familiar.

"Ah, gomen Ninomiya-san. Sure. Sure. Please come in," she ushered Nino into the living room. Shi had no choice. Since she's the one who taught that courtesy to the twins, better be an example. Sh**, I swear I'll kill you someday Johnny-san for this..

Nino looked around. The living room appeared to be simple yet it created a profound impression. From the floor to ceiling, it looked nice; the upright piano at the corner adds to the coziness of the place. The furniture complimented each other as if pieces from a chessboard. Yet, the one thing that really amazed him was how detailed the furniture were crafted. She must've bought it from a good craftsman. Nino thought.

"Good eh? It was mom who crafted all the furniture here, " Shuji asked when he noticed that Nino was too occupied by how detailed the furniture. "Actually, it was Mama who cons–" Shuri was about to say that Shi was the one who planned and constructed the house, but Shi gave her a don’t-dare-tell-him look.

"hontou? Sugoi." Nino looked at Angel and simply said. better not to react so much, at least I was able to know that she was the one who crafted them..but its really amazing, I wonder what she really does. . .darn..that Johnny.. he wouldn't tell me anything about her.. .its just funny though, that he agreed when I asked him to let me give Angel the script… mah~ I wonder what would be Ohno's reaction if he see this one.. after another talk with himself, Nino turned to Shuri who's now seated beside him.

"anou~ have we met before?" Nino asked Shuri. Shi sighed in relief. It was a good thing that Nino totally forgot what her daughter had said.

"Hai. We met at the park Nino-niichan, but it seemed you were on a disguised so we didn't bother telling that we knew it was you," Shuri smiled.

"Ah~ omoidashita! Kyaa~ you were that cute little girl in the park., and he's your twin brother," Nino smiled at them.

"Hai. Sugoi desu yo ne~ nii-chan," Shuri smilingly told him. "From what mom told us, you'll do acting with her tomorrow right?, tanoshii~katta," it was Shuji this time.

"What brings you here Ninomiya-san?" Shi asked.

"Right. I was to give you this," Nino handed her a sort of book, "It was the script for tomorrow, but actually, you don’t have any dialogue for tomorrow's shoot. It will be purely a musical performance by you, " Nino told her. Shi looked confused as the twins, so he decided to elaborate, but before he could say anything, Shuri interrupted.

"Anou~ mama, we're hungry (slightly frowned and turned to Nino); Nii-chan, could you talked about it over dinner? Its already late and we were about to eat when you came, so I'm really starving, gomen.. I don't mean to be rude..mama, you don't mind Nino-niichan eating with us right?" Shuri turned again to look at her mom and bowed regretting her manners. Before Nino could react to this, Shi uttered an apology.

"oh- Gomen ne~ Shuri, Shuji, It was my fault, I made you listen to me for too long..right, I don't mind," Shi said and turned to Nino, "Anou~ Ninomiya-san, like what my kids suggested, will you join us over dinner? Sorry to impose, but you could also explain to me the details."

"Ah~ you're not imposing. I would love to. To be honest, I haven't had any dinner yet" Nino smiled.

"Ah~ sou ka, lets eat then," Shi told him. She went to the kitchen and prepared the food. It’s a good thing that she managed to cook before she spoke with the twins, all she needed to do is to set the table ,,? this guy has a kind heart.. hmm I guess his not that bad at all. not bad eh?

From the kitchen, she can hear Nino and the kids' conversation:
Nino: How come you knew it was me
Shuri: Oh~ that was easy. By your eyes^^ Actually it was Shuji-chan who recognized you at the
instant. When we left, he told me it was you, and when I looked back at you, I realized it was
really you., right shuji?
Shuji: Hai. [Chuckles] You see niichan, Shuri and I had this habit of memorizing people through their
eyes. We're fans you know, so we often see you at tv. That's why.
Nino: Ah~ Suge! to be able to do that at such a young age, anou~, nan-sai desu ka?
Shuji: yon-sai desu
Nino: Eh? But when I saw you I swear you were wearing a uniform for elementary students.

"That's because they're in first grade," Shi interrupted the conversation after 30 minutes of preparing dinner. " Shuji, Shuri, wash hands before eating," Shi commanded.

"Hai." And the twins went to the kitchen.

"First grade huh?" Nino couldn't believe what he just heard. Just what's with this family? First, their mom who was able to craft those detailed furniture, and then now two four year olds in first grade?

"It wouldn't be too surprising if Angel happened to be in first grade too when she's five," Nino blurted out his thoughts, it was too late to withdraw what he had said.

"Right. Although I can't say I was exactly, unlike them, I was five when I entered first grade, " Shi told him.

Even so, Nino was still a bit surprised knowing that. He too went at the kitchen to wash hands, while head's shaking, talking about geniuses..


"UWAA~~umai," Nino help himself with the food. One of the things that he liked is good food. And this food– prepared by Angel was one of it. He then explained to her the details of the drama–how it is related to their (the five of them) respective personality. For him, it is about music, since its one among those things he wanted doing. As for the coming drama with the other member, it will be disclosed 2 days prior actual shooting, so he only had idea about the one he will be filming.

"Ah sou ka," Shi told Nino after he's done discussing the details. Nino was helping her clean the dining table. Since it was late, the twins were done eating and had gone upstairs to take a bath and sleep. And then there was silence.

"Hmmm, Angel-chan, may I ask how old are you? ..oh~gomen, don't answer if you don’t want to," Nino finally asked, he was holding that question since their first encounter.

"um, 21," she replied shortly. She doesn't want to prolong the conversation, so she thought its better to answer directly. "Sorry to be rude, but its really late, and we have a shoot tomorrow." She was genuinely concern about that, and Nino can sense it.

"Ah~right. I should be going then. Are you sure you don't want me to help wash the dishes?" Nino ask.

"Its okay," She said. They were now at the door, and it was Nino who opened it.

"Lastly, by chance, do you play any instrument?" Nino hesitantly asked. Somehow, he didn't want her to mess up in front of others, best to find it now so that he can do something about it.

"Oh, we'll see about that, ja, mata ashita Ninomiya-san. Take care," Shi didn't wait for him to reply, and closed the door. It was rude, but she really need to clear her mind off many things,, plus she still needs to read the script,. Again, she's thankful–being genius isn't bad sometimes, because she just have to go over the pages of the script once to memorize it, just like how her kids are able to recognize a person just by seeing them once.


"21 huh?" Nino thought, he's still in front of Shi's apartment, sad that Angel didn't give him chance to say good night. "SHIKKARI SHITE Nino or you'll hit the ground too soon before you realize what you're true feeling is.." he snap himself and started walking. Ever since Johnny banned them from driving, he had the habit of walking, but now that its late he had no choice but to call a cab,,man, I'm tired, and I need to re-read the script.. dakara, atashi no ganbarimasu!.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:15 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan


[music playing]
….fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor ショパン (Chopin) echoed majestically at the concert hall.. Nozoe(野添) had never heard it played like this before. He can't believe what he was seeing. He thought it was a difficult piece, but she was able to understand the piece that much. From variation of right hand to left hand,.. as if the piece had come to life…as if singing,.. incorporating all the feelings that Chopin had when he wrote the musical piece..sugoi.. I can hear even the smallest details of the piece… Makoto(誠) ended the piece on a nice encore, in a quiet and mysterious way, where the left hand replays the first few notes of the moderato section theme, while the right hand continues playing sixteenth notes….creating a fantasy-like feeling to those who were watching her,… the audience were too overwhelmed that they didn't notice that the performance ended..expecting more from the lady who had just exited the stage….

"CUUUUUUUUTTTTTT" the director shouted. " Nozoe is supposed to go at the backstage to meet Makoto, you're not one of the audiences Nino,.. I understand your reaction just now, everyone was impressed, but you don't want Angel repeating the same movement over and over again, do you? We're doing the same scene for the fourth time already, if you can't snapped out of your amazement, you'll tire her out, and we don't want that.. we're supposed to shoot other scenes which is more tiring than this one," director-san finished his dialogue.

"Oi Nino-san, puro kōdō,.im saying this for your sake..hora, [turned Nino's head toward Angel's direction] is she really a newbie? Right now, Angel's performance isn't the only scary thing about her,. her acting ability too..for such a short time she's able to dazzle people this much, even you..Nino, you need to pull it together when you're performing your scene with her, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed like those audience, just like a moment ago.." Producer-san told him.

"HAi," Nino looked down. The producer was right. He was too overwhelmed by Angel's performance that he actually forgot the script, he's acting as Nozoe, but after her performance, his true self always emerges.. although in reality, I'm really amazed by her performance,, I didn't expect her to be this good…what else can she do?..

Just a moment ago, the director was adamant on the idea of using Angel as a substitute for Aikawa. Rumor has it that the director was really rooting for Aikawa, plus the fact that the producer forgot to inform him about changing artists, so he's disappointed. He treated Angel harshly, humiliated her when she came 10 minutes late, but did not even give a damn when Nino came in 20 minutes late, saying he wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even know how to play any song or how she's not familiar with classical music at all. But it was not until he heard her perform– for Angel suddenly rise from where she's sitting, told the director "A little part will suffice right?" and went directly on the stage where the grand piano was located and started playing– but to their astonishment, she sang as well..

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me

Fill my life with song
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you. . .

Her voice was soft and gentle that it created a calm impression toward all the staffs and audience present there, it was like a lullaby to the ears, soothing as if cradling a newborn babe…but what surprised him most was the reaction of their producer.

"Fly me to the moon huh?" producer-san mumbled.
"Doshita no producer-san?" Nino asked.
"Nino, by chance did you read the entire script?" producer asked him
"Mada.. I just read the 1st and 2nd part, nande?" Nino looked confused.
"It seemed that she was able to read until the last part. No wonder director-san was speechless after seeing her perform," producer-san looked aghast.
"What do you mean?" Nino asked still puzzled.
"Mah~ mah~ ne Nino-san, ki ni shinai,.. you'll know if you read the script.."the producer seemed to enjoy Nino's baffled expression.
"Eh? son'na.. O oshiete kudasai producer-san.." Nino said, but producer-san just smiled.

After he messed up acting for the fourth time, the director gave them 20minutes break, Nino thought that time was enough to scan the last part of the script, so he took the chance on reading:
Makoto: would you want to sing with me? [turn to face Nozoe and smile]
Nozoe: yeah sure, why not?[Nozoe should smile back]

"Makoto starts playing the intro for the song Fly Me to the Moon–Eh?" Nino stopped reading. That was how Angel managed to gain the director's trust. She knew that playing the song would actually be the direct and easy way to silenced all the people who had been criticizing her. The director instantly fell in love with her abilities; especially when she first played the classical piece for the scene– surprised that she knew it, even more when she played it.. kowai… soredemo kanojo wa subarashiidesu..Nino thought. Now he understood why director-san was annoyed when he didn't complete the act first take. Second take. Third take. Fourth take.

Nino approached Angel who's having her make-up redone by their male make-up artist.. kya~ don't get too close with him,,matte, why was I reacting like that? It was nothing right? I mean, he's just retouching the make-up.. Nino struggled within himself; to make things worse, a voice told him that he was jealous. He furrowed his eyebrows upon the thought.

"Anou~ Angel-chan. Gomen for having you do this many takes… jikai wa, atashi no ganbarimasu.," Nino said repentant.

"Daijobu Ninomiya-san, you'll just need to act accordingly right? I'm sure you'll be able to do it this time," Angel smiled, she was worried for him because from what she heard from the twins, this man is good.. she wondered what's wrong. Nino's heart melted upon seeing her smile, it gave him courage. He also felt guilty because all he did was be amazed and act nothing, while she was giving her best on every take.

Over the stage, the director called, "Nino, Angel, breaks over, let's retake scene 24."
"Hai," they said in chorus.

[music playing]
….fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor ショパン (Chopin) echoed majestically at the concert hall.. Nozoe(野添) had never heard it played like this before. He can't believe what he was seeing. He thought it was a difficult piece, but she was able to understand the piece that much. From variation of right hand to left hand,.. as if the piece had come to life…as if singing,.. incorporating all the feelings that Chopin had when he wrote the musical piece..sugoi.. I can hear even the smallest details of the piece… Makoto(誠) ended the piece on a nice encore, in a quiet and mysterious way, where the left hand replays the first few notes of the moderato section theme, while the right hand continues playing sixteenth notes….creating a fantasy-like feeling to those who were watching her,… the audience were too overwhelmed that they didn't notice that the performance ended..expecting more from the lady who had just exited the stage….

Nozoe hurriedly go at the backstage where Makoto is.

"Wonderful as ever," He smiled at her. Nozoe handed Makoto the bouquet of tulips he'd bought. He knew she loved tulips. Makoto just smiled and accepted the flowers from the man she love.

"Speechless huh? How about we go to a nice restaurant and eat dinner before going home?" Nozoe asked. She's always the silent type, that's why its always a wonder for him what she was thinking. Makoto nodded, gave him a sweet smile and they left the hall hand in hand.,..

"CUUUTTT. That's it for scene 24. Good work you two. [turned to the staffs] Mina, please pack-up real fast, we need to go to the other location to do Scene25. We'll have lunch there," The director called out.

"Eh? maji? I thought we'll gonna film all the music scenes first before going to those scenes? Angel just had gotten the script last night, she might not be prepared for other scenes with dialogue," Nino complained. In truth, he just wanted to prolong those scenes from filming, because he's not prepared to act that part when Angel's involve. At first, he's fine and all because it involved Aikawa, also he wanted to try more mature roles as Jun had been teasing him about it. But when they change it to Angel, he started to have goosebumps with it.. especially the romance part..There's a total of six scenes which involved romance, and scene 25 is the simplest one. If he's being fidgety now, how much more when they have to act all the other scenes?

"Hmmm, if she managed to read the script until the last part, then I guess it won't be a problem right? What are you so anxious about Nino? Seeing her reaction, I guess she doesn't have any complains at all if we change the sequence of the filming," director-san told him. He was looking intently at Angel who's seating at the corner.

Nino felt frustrated because Angel's wearing a poker face so he couldn't tell if she's fine with it or not. Little did they know, she freaked out when she heard they'd be filming one of the scenes which involved romance. Being able to experience all the painful things in life taught her to hide her real thoughts, so she's able to pretend that it doesn't matter at all.

Scene 25 eh? yabai. Although I remember all the dialogues of Makoto, it won't be good if I can't act fairly.. how much more if we have to do the other scenes as well? Scene 25 is the simplest among those romance parts..I wondered what Ninomiya-san was thinking..Angel's thoughts coincided with Nino's.

"How come you play so well?" one of the staffs asked Angel. They were now on their way to the next location.

"Hmmmmm, I think you'll learn that in elementary right?" Angel replied cunningly. It would take forever before she told them that she's able to play the piano and other instruments as well when she's 5., although the thing about learning it in elementary was partly true, afterall she was in first grade at 5.

"Eh, seriously Angel?" the staff was persistent.

Angel smiled widely– her answer was so crafty that all the staff in the car, along with Nino, wanted to pull their hair. Why is it that she can't answer a single question directly? They thought.

-staff : How about the singing?
–Angel: Middle school.
–staff: Acting?
- Angel: Last night.
-staff: Eh? Last night? Is that even possible?
-Angel: Who knows?

It was like watching a Q&A portion of a pageant. Angel was the contestant and the staffs were the judges and emcee. After an hour of ride, they arrived at the shooting location.

"yosh, we'll have lunch first, after that, the staff will set up the usual things, while you two [pointing to Nino and Angel], internalize with your roles." The director commanded.

"Hai," All of them answered.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:16 am

Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: SHO x OC
Author: tenshii_chan



After they dined together, Makoto & Nozoe headed home.

"Are you tired?´Nozoe asked her gently.

"Nope, just wanna clear my mind off things," Makoto told him. They were sitting at the living room, watching the night news– more appropriate to say listening to the tv since they were not paying attention to it really.

"What are you thinking?" Nozoe put his arms over her shoulder.

"Hmmm, nothing to worry about, I'm just happy that you came," Makoto said looking at him intently.

"Oh, sou ka.. from now on I'll always go whenever you have a performance," Nozoe told her. He noticed that her face was blushing, probably because of the wine she ordered..


"Hmmm.,.. just wanna admire your face," Nozoe pulled some hair strands away from her face. He wanted to see her clearly– the face of the woman he love. Suddenly, Makoto held his hands, feeling the warmth that comes from it.

"Your hand is so warm," she said. He can feel her hurried yet gentle breathing, which sends heat throughout his body. Nozoe pulled her closer until they're just about an inch away from each other. Without any warning, their lips met. It was a gentle kiss, awakening their desires toward each other. As the kiss deepened, Nozoe's hand moved gently on her back, taking pleasure in every minute that pass. Her hands cling to his neck, feeling and wanting, consumed with so much passion for this man whom she love. She started unbuttoning Nozoe's shirt, playing and teasing like a music she had been playing. She enjoyed Nozoe's hurried breathing, raged with desires for her. She barely unbuttoned the last of Nozoe's shirt when his hand stopped her.

"ohh, man, that was close.. I guess that will be enough for now Milady," Nozoe smiled. It was hard but if he didn't stop now, they might end up in bed. "You are tired after the performance, I think you should rest," he told her. I f something were to happen between them, her heart might not be able to bear the pain, and God knows he didn't wanted to lose her..

"I'm fine.. if you're worried about that, I can handle the pain," Makoto argued. She just wanna make him happy, even if he didn't tell, she knew all about his desires, which he had been restraining for a while now.

"You know that I don't want to lose you Makoto. If its just for my stupid desires, I'd rather not make love with you for the rest of our lives, than to pay the price of losing you," Nozoe countered…his passion have not yet subsided, and if she'll still insist doing it, he might give in.. God, please let her agree,, please….

"Um okay," Makoto said, a little disappointed.

"Gomen Makoto, I just love you, that's why,.."

"yeah, I know…" she gave him a kiss and headed off to take shower and rest after..

Nozoe smiled and whispered: " Arigatou Kami-sama, please let her stay with me longer..onegai.."

"CUUUUT. So far so good, that's it for today. " the director called out. The staffs started tidying, fixing, re-arranging the set for tomorrow's shoot. They will be filming scenes on different locations that they needed equipments which could be easily assemble and dissemble like the ones they had used just now.
Anou~ Nino-san, hontoni arigatou gozaimasu," Angel gave him a slightly polite bow.
"Daijobu, I'm more than willing to teach you, we'd done filming this early because of your efforts" Nino smiled, jumping in surprise.
"But I couldn't have done that without you," she complimented, turning to her watch. "Anyway, need to get going, my kids are waiting."
"Ah okay, I should be going too, its nearly 7pm, or the guys will kill me if I'm late," Nino said amused.
"Guys? Kill you? Eh?" Angel looked confused.
"Oh, I mean the other members, you knew that we're a group of idols called ARASHI right?" Nino confirmed.
" Ah, so desho? But they won't kill you right?" Angel asked still confused.
" Īe. that was an expression just now–mah~mah~ never mind about that, you'll meet them anyway when you get to film with them," Nino assured her.
"Ah okay. Oh~ I heard you're banned from driving, why don't you ride with me? JE building is not that far from my kids' school. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you."
"Ah, Im fine. I don't want to trouble you that much. I'll just ride the van[company van]" Nino said.
"Onegai. You see, my kids been bombarding me questions about you over the table, so I thought its better if you attend to it yourself, please? Also think of it as my way of saying thank you." she told him ,eyes pleading.
"How can I refuse if a pretty lady is begging me like this?" he asked her smilingly, and slip to the passenger's seat which she opened upon realizing that he agreed.
"Yay. My kids would really be happy, thanks Nino-san," she smiled genuinely. Nino was again dazzled, it’s the first time she'd seen her excited like a child...
"Oh, I forgot, best to do disguises if you come out later, or people will surround you." Angel informed him.
"Oh, right,. Thanks."

"Uwaa~ I knew it! Didn't I told you Shuji? Nino-niichan is here.," Shuri exclaimed, very excited. She was so happy when they noticed that their mom wasn't alone.

"Oi Shuri, don't get too excited. And please tone down, else if you want us to get into trouble esp. Nino-niichan if people hear you.." Shuji warned. They approach the two who were standing near the car.

"Ah, gomen nii-chan, anou~.. " Shuri said demanding a hug from Nino.
Nino hugged Shuri and then bent over to pat her head. "How was school Shuri? Tanoshii monodeshita ka?"

"Hai, tanoshiiga atta," Shuri smiled sweetly

.. ahh, that smile again,, I still haven't resolved where did I see that smile before..Nino thought before turning to Shuji, "How 'bout Shuji?"

"Tanoshii-desu. We managed to befriend some of our classmates, yokata ne~ Mama" Shuji smiled also and turned to look at his mom. It was the first time Nino had seen him smile, and he was sure he'd also seen that smile somewhere.

"Finally become aware of me huh?" Shi pouted. "Before, you used to greet me firsthand, now how come my spotlight was stolen by Nino-san?" she said half-meant, half-joke.

"Kya~ that's because I'm more popular?" Nino said, carrying on her joke.

"Right nii-chan," the two giggled.

"Eh?" Shi pretended to look down.

"Daijobu mama, we still love you.," the two said amusedly. And all of them laugh.

"Kya~ Nino-chan^^" Aiba greeted Nino who'd just come out from Shi's car. "Eh? I see you didn't right the van" Aiba expected answer from Nino, but to his dismay he just nodded. "Hmm, who's the kind-hearted person who gave you a free ri-" but Aiba was not able to finish his statement when he noticed that the car windows opened and a pretty face looked up to them and waved goodbye.

"Anou~ Nino, I should take my leave now.. my kids wanted to-hey choto! " Shi couldn't continue. She was disturbed by the kids who suddenly got out of the car. She had no choice but to come out as well to follow them. When she was able to get near them, the twins had started to introduce themselves.

"Hajimemashite, Aiba-niichan, watashi wa Shuri desu," Shuri smiled.

"Shuji desu" Shuji smiled too.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu^^" they said together.

Aiba was surprised to see two cute little kids, that he couldn't contain his excitement.

"Uwaa~ kawaii! Kawaii!!" then turned to Nino "Who are they Nino?" but it was Shi who answered.

"They are my kids. Anou~ sumimasen for my kids action just now," Shi bowed.

"Ah, daijobu, daijobu, they are cute little kids so they didn't bother me at all. Ah, Masaki-desu, yoroshiku" Aiba said offering his hands.

"Angel-desu. Im really sorry just now. You see, my kids admire your group." Shi said.

"Ah, so desho? How about Angel-san? Are you a fan?" Aiba asked.

"Ah, gomen, this is the first time I have seen you.. to be honest I'm not really that familiar when it comes to idols" she said regretfully. But to her surprise Aiba hit his head.

"Kya~ that was so impolite of me, asking you all of a sudden when we just met." Aiba smiled. Shi can't help but smile back. Aiba's aura seemed different. It was able to create a positive environment towards her. He turned towards the kids who are chatting with Nino.

"How come it was Nino whom you first met?" He asked Nino.

"That was because we happen to bump into nii-chan last week at the playground, and just recently our mom get to act with him," the twins answered smilingly. Although Nino thought if its Aiba, they sure needed to explain clearly.

"Ah sou`ka.. Are? Is she the one whom you have been acting with and who will also be acting with the rest of us?" Aiba asked Nino puzzled.

"Eh? that's what the twins just said right now, I thought you understood," Nino chuckled.

"Hontou desu ka? Kya~ now I am surprised," Aiba said thrilled.

"Anou~ Nino, didn't you say that you guys have an appointment at 7pm?" Shi interrupted their conversation.

"Ah, right. We should be going then, or Jun-chan will kill us.ah. that was jun! Jun-chan" Aiba called.

"Speaking of the devil," Nino said looking at the guy who had stopped walking towards the entrance when he heard Aiba. Shi couldn't hide her disgust when she'd seen him. Nino who was aware about the cold war between the two, beckoned Shi to her car when he saw her reaction.

"Mah` better be going too Angel, or the twins might get starved again" Nino said, hands still pushing her. Shi was smart enough to understand Nino's gesture. When they were at the car's door, she looked at Nino, "Arigatou Nino-san," smiled, and rode her car. The twins at the backseat asked her, "How come we can't meet Jun-niichan?". Shi gave her kids a don’t-ask-me look, started the engine, and sighed. It was the best way she can answer.

"Eh?? you mean Angel was the pretty ojousan who bumped into Jun-chan last week? And she's the one who got kids? And she's the one who will be acting with us? Eh? Nino-chan, isn't it bad if Jun found out?" Aiba asked panic-stricken.

"Oi, don't shout or the members might hear you" Nino hushed him. It’s a bad idea telling this man. But atleast now, he's not the only one burdened with the fact. "We might as well tell Ridaa, he'll be able to help us" Nino said.

"Nani?" Sho who happen to heard them, asked. He just returned from Beijing and was now together with them. "What are you guys talking about?"

"ah` ah, we're tal-king a-a-about the weather, right Nino-chan?" Aiba said and nudged Nino.

"Ah, hai, hontou desu," Nino answered, it was a bad excuse and he knew that Sho wouldn't buy it, but to their delight, Sho drop the topic, "Ah, so desu ka?"

"Hai, so desu" the two chorused.. maybe still too tired from travel..they thought.

"Mina, manager-san is calling us.. I know we're all tired from our different works, but lets do our best on this okay?" Ohno asked them.

"Hai Ridaa," the four of them answered.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

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It was 7am, the guys were at their room, early for their VSA rehearsal.

As usual, Ridaa was sleeping in the couch, Nino was playing with his DS, Aiba was talking to his mother over the phone, Sho is reading the newspaper, and Jun was missing. He always had trouble waking up early.

At 7:30, Nino was currently drinking his morning coffee, when Jun entered the room and asked: "Nino, I forgot, how was your filming yesterday? I thought I'd seen some girl with you and Aiba yesterday" Nino nearly spit out his coffee. Ohno grabbed a tissue and handed it to him, while Aiba patted his back. "Oi mate Jun, don’t surprise me like that, the coffee nearly splashed on my shirt," Nino complained, but he realized it was a mistake.

"Eh? what was surprising about that? I just asked about yesterday, unless if you're trying to hide something," Jun was offended.

"Ah~ omoidashita.. yesterday Aiba and Nino were talking about something which they didn't want us to hear, I was just too tired to ask, but now I wonder what were you two talking about?" Sho closed his book and looked at them a bit interested. Aiba and Nino exchanged looks. Nino swore he could have hit Sho that time. Why is it always this guy? He thought.

"Ah, we're talking about mountain climbing, right Aiba?" again, it was a lame excuse. "R-r-right," Aiba followed.

"C'mon guys, its obvious that you're keeping a secret from us," Jun said, his eyes glittering.

"Mah`, if they didn't want to talk about it, better not ask them, maybe they had a strong reason why they didn't want to say it," Ridaa told them calmly. He was pissed because his sleep was disrupted by their argument.

"Ah gomen," Sho apologized.

"Hmm, this was boring, " Jun said. Both Nino and Aiba sighed in relief.

"whew~ that was close. Arigatou Ridaa," Aiba said happily.

"What are you so happy for? You two [pointing to Nino and Aiba] should have a better reason for not telling us, or it might get too annoying," Ohno warned them.

"Hai," the two answered.
After their rehearsal, Jun was still uneasy. So he tried once more to ask Nino.

"Nino, who was that pretty girl with you yesterday?" Jun asked.

"Ah, that was the lady who I'm currently acting with, and eventually will act with you guys," Nino thought at least he would be able to give Jun an answer without having to lie. He gave Aiba a puzzled look.

If Jun knew that she was "that" girl, he wouldn't have complimented her, but still, its remarkable that even Jun sees her as pretty..even Aiba sees her as pretty..how much more if Sho sees her, after all he loves smart girls, and Ohno, oh how can I forgot? Angel's also inclined into arts.. Nino can't help but get troubled.

Yesterday he was stunned when Angel approached him.

"Anou~ Nino-san, I had read and memorized all of Makoto's line, demo~ no matter how I visualized it, I couldn't seem to understand how to act it. Can you please teach me how? Onegaishimasu!" Angel bowed.

Nino's heart melted. It was the first time she'd seen her looked so trouble, so he agreed.

"What part you didn't understand?" Nino asked. "Um, all of it.. all about the romance part.."

"Eh, but you have kids already, I'm sure you had experienced all of that," Nino asked, it was a good chance to know more about her.

"Yeah, I guess so.. but you see.. I was drunk that time, and I was only 16 then.. all I remember was the pain it brought me afterwards..[Angel said but withdraw afterwards] Ah gomennasai Nino-san, that was a lie just now.."

"What part of it was lie?" Nino look at her, he could tell that she was having a hard time, so he smiled and said, "Daijobu, if you didn't want to tell me, don’t force yourself,"

"Īe, heki desu. If you were to teach me, I shouldn't lie to you.." Angel told him.

"Are you sure? Its really okay.." Nino assured her.

"Honki desu... Actually, I remember all of it. How can I forgot something that had cause me to be who I am now?..I remember all of it, that's the reason why I couldn't act it well, because its too painful.. too painful to remember. But now it had come to this, and I really didn't want to mess up, because if I did, the peace which I worked so hard to establish would be ruined," Angel laughed bitterly and continued. "Its also thanks to that guy that I didn't manage to have any relationship with other men. I mean who would want a girl with kids as his girlfriend right?"

Nino could have answered "me" but stopped himself. He wished he could take away all her pain. Now he also felt bitter towards the guy who messed with her and wanted to hit him real hard. Just who the hell did this to you? He wanted to ask her, but it seemed too early for Angel to trust him freely, so he just shut his mouth and let her continue.

"That's why you could say, I'm a girl with kids but was inexperienced at all.." Angel finished.

"Oh, okay.. so I guess you really need a tutor huh?" Nino cracked and smiled. He wanted to lighten her mood.

"Hai sensei, onegaishimasu," she bent over and smiled when she stood up.

"Yosh, for starters," Nino embraced her gently and said "that was what they call a lovers' embrace."

"Hai, demo~ sensei, Makoto and Nozoe started with a kiss," Angel told him, her cheeks blushing.

"Oh, a kiss then," Nino kissed her, "ojousan, that was a kiss just now," Nino told her, he started sweating, claiming her lips, it tasted sweet "And this is how they deepen a kiss," He started kissing her, from that, he's able to tell that she's really inexperience because she wasn't responding, so he tried again, this time playing with hers, Nino felt his body respond and he knew it shouldn't be, but he still continue anyway- "Itte! You bit me," Nino said, his mouth aching."But you stunned me, I didn't know what to do.. gomen Nino-san, daijobu?" Angel asked worriedly. "Don't worry its fine," Nino said slightly relieved. It was lucky that she bit her, or he didn't know what could have happened. It was his punishment for taking advantage on her…but it also made him worried. .."How am I supposed to act in the real scene?.. better control myself.."

When it was the time to act for the real scene, he was again impressed by her. How can she act so professional? She was kissing him passionately yet at the same time so calmly that he could feel the difference. When he was teaching her, it felt real.. but that time it was plain acting.

"Oi Nino, are you listening?" Jun broke Nino out of his daydream, "hai. Nani?" Nino said startled.

"Im asking what's her name," Jun continued.

"Ah, Angel-desu," Nino gasped, it was too late.

"Ah, sou~ka, nice name," Jun just said.
It seemed that he hated the girl so much he forgot that the girl's name was actually Angel. But that couldn't evade Ohno's memories. He looked from Nino to Aiba, and the two nodded. Ohno shook his head out of surprise. He understood the thing that the two were hiding. It was only Sho who looked puzzled.


A week have passed, and Nino was relieved that still, Jun wasn't able to establish the connection between Angel and the girl he hated. He might as well prolong the meeting. Actually, he was more worried on how Jun would deal with her the day they have to act together than his own reactions.

After shooting Scene 25, Angel seemed more comfortable with him now compare to their other meetings. Because of her, they had done romance scenes, all in one take. But still, Nino had a lot of difficulty controlling his self. He just can't help it. He was dazzled by everything she does, even the smallest gestures.

He was dumbfounded when he'd seen her wearing nightdress for the first time. Of course it was during one of their scenes together. But the effect was too overwhelming. Even the staffs were amazed on how elegantly she walked through their supposed room just wearing only that– short white satin dress with lacy straps plus the material was too flimsy that you could actually see beneath it. Although Nino had seen some girls wearing those kinds of stuff, she was way too pretty, different, and wholesome. Despite the vulgarity of the thing she was wearing, Nino didn't feel any hint of indecency at all. As if anyone would be ashamed to think of her that way. Especially if they knew that she had raised two 4yr old kids well.

Actually, Nino admired her openness. She's not hesitant to tell about her twin kids when the staffs asked if she already have a boyfriend. Of course it was shocking, but when they found out that the twins are in first grade despite their age, they just can't help but admire her honesty to the point that all the staffs were so persistent to meet the kids, in the end Angel had no choice but to agree.

"Hajimemashite, watashi no namae wa Shuji-desu"


"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" The twins bowed politely to the staffs.

"Uwaa~kawaii," one of the staff said.

"Hontoni kawaii kodomo-tachi" another staff said.

"Desho?" Nino asked delighted.

"Hai, so desu.. kawaii~~"

It was the second to the last day of their filming. As promise Angel brought her kids and the staffs loved them already. It was still too early for their scheduled shoot, but since a lot of the staffs were excited to meet the twins, they had set-up ahead of time.

"Kya~ is that a grand piano? Was that the one mama was using? Suge!" Shuji said and hurried toward the stage. "Sugoi! Shuri-chan, mite mite!! There's also a violin here!" he told his twin sister excitedly. Shuri run towards the stage and followed her brother.

"Oi Shuri! Shuji! Hayaku, hayaku, Come off the stage now.." Angel said while apologizing to the staffs, producer, and director. "Moshiawake arimasen!" she bowed, feeling very sorry. She forgot that the twins love seeing grand piano, since the one they have in the apartment is just an upright..

"heki dayo ne~." The staffs said.

"Shinpai shinaide kudasai Angel-san" producer-san told her.

"Sore wa kekkodesu" the director assured her.

"Hontoni gomenasai," Angel frowned, "My kids love seeing grand piano, since the one at home is an upright..."

"Mah~ daijobu, we still have lots of time before the filming starts" the director tapped her back, and turned to the twins, "Shuri-chan, Shuji-chan, do you know how to play those instruments? [talking about violin and piano]", director-san asked, although it was a stupid question since the two were only four year olds.

"Hai!" the twins answered. Nino was speechless beside Angel. He knew the kids were not bluffing. How dare them make fun of the twins! Just a while ago they were surrounding and admiring the kids. Hmph! Nino thought.

"Anou~ can we play then?" Shuji asked the director.

"Oh~ [couldn't contain his laughter] gomen ne~ sure sure" the director said. He wanted to see what the kids can do.

"Hontou? Arigatou director-san" Shuji and Shuri gave courtesy to the director and headed where the instruments are. Shuji seated in front of the piano and Shuri was holding the violin– but it was so peculiar that made everyone in the hall laughed, including the director. He didn't know if the kids were joking or they're just annoying little brats.

"Oi mate Shuri-chan" one staff laughing.

"Nani?" the girl asked innocently.

"Are you sure you know how to play? Bec–" but the staff's gibberish was interrupted by Angel who was now as pissed as Nino.

"Its fine, since they can use both hands, but Shuri prefer using left hand more so she always play like that," Angel explained sarcastically. Nino just stared; it was the first time he'd seen her more pissed than when she encountered Jun. He realized that it was because the twins were involved.

"ah~ so desho?" the staff asked embarrassed.
Usually a violin player holds the bow on his right hand, and left hand on the strings, so the sight was actually peculiar– Shuri was holding the bow using left hand, and her right hand was on the strings, plus the fact that the violin is for a right-handed person. If Angel didn't tell them that fact about the twins they might still laughing at them.

"Anou~ can we play now?" Shuji asked excited.

"Ah, sure, just one piece okay?" the director said impatiently. Just what is wrong with this family? Like mother like kids? He asked himself. Although he was not saying that it was not good at all. But Angel was enough,. He might get a heart attack if he saw the kids' play– that's how she recognized Angel's talent.


And a beautiful music started to be heard throughout the hall. . .

Ah….It was J.S Bach's Air on G string, I have this piece in my collection book..sugoi..for them to be able to play this well.. Even it was not as good as their mom's, it was not making a mistake. . . the notes can be distinctively heard over the other.. suge.. Nino pondered.

When the music ended, everyone was speechless.
Even their hard-to-please director.

"SUGOI Angel! How about we make them into child–" the director said jubilantly but before he could do with his talking, Angel discarded the idea.

"YADA!" Angel said.

"Demo~ they're really good!" Director-san was persistent.

"YADA! Director-san, don’t ever talk about that, I don't want them to grow up like their own da-" she manage to hold her mouth. Itai nani shite iru yo Shi..she told herself. Luckily, the twins had just come down from the stairs, so the staffs didn't get what she had just said; but that didn't escape Nino. Eh? What did she just said right now? He thought.



," I don't want them to grow up like their own da-" It had been 2 days, yet Nino was still thinking about what Shi had said then. What was she trying to say that time? Im sure if I continue her sentence its like she was telling that the twins' dad has something to do with entertainment industry..based from her reaction, it seemed she's really against about the director's idea. .eh,.nande? kya~ I'm curious..

"Doshita no Nino? You're spacing out" Sho shrugged Nino. They were currently rehearsing for their concert.

"Ah, gomen, just tired..we worked till morning yesterday, " Nino reasoned out.

"Eh? for the weekly drama?" Sho asked.

"Hmmm," Nino nodded, he didn't want to share his thoughts to Sho.

"Kya~that was really tiring then, demo~ how was she?" Sho inquired.

"She? Who?" Nino pretended not to know.

"I mean the new girl, the one we'll be acting with. Is she that pretty?" Sho asked, eyes glittering. Nino furrowed his eyebrows before answering, now his pissed off for no reason, Sho had done it again.

"Yeah, kanojo wa kireii desu, if you really wanna know, asked Aiba. Now since its you, im sure you're gonna asked, yeah, she's smart too.. really smart.." Sho smiled upon hearing it, but not until Nino was done with his statement.

"Demo~ she already have kids, twin kids." Nino finished his statement.

"Eh?!!" two voices were overheard at the stadium. He only wanted to discourage Sho about the possibility of a romance with Angel, but it seemed fate hadn't chosen to side with him. It was when Nino noticed that all the members were listening to their conversation. Since Aiba and Ohno already knew about it, only Jun and Sho reacted.

"whoah~ bikkuri shita," Sho said, but it was Jun's reaction that alarmed Nino.

"matte Nino," Jun's eyes were sharp against Nino. "MAsaka~ YOU! LIED TO ME?!" Jun can't hold his fury. Now he understood why Nino always side tracked whenever he tried to dig up some information on Angel..angel? eH? how can I forgot,the one who stole away my hours of sleep.. THAT girl's name is Angel..Jun was losing it. He knew he was losing it. Before he can do anything to Nino, Ridaa intervened.

"Oi! What's wrong with you two?" Ohno said, shifting his eyes to Nino from Jun. Aiba motioned Nino to calm as the latter was starting to get irritated as well. Sho did the same thing to Jun.

"BACK OFF guys."Jun continued. Everyone tried talking sense to him. But he can't absorb anything right now. He was so raged with Nino's lying.

"That was because I knew you were mad at her! But I really wondered what made you so mad? She didn't do anything wrong, you're the one who bumped into her, and ill-treated her," Nino started, he too was looking sharply at Jun while Aiba was trying to hold him off.

Yeah! She has done something wrong. She did stole my hours of sleep.. but Jun can't admit that, the feeling was nauseating. So he just stared blankly as Nino continued his rant.

"As if that wasn't enough! instead of helping her, you even ruined all her papers. Even if I dunno what those papers were, I could sense the importance of it when I looked at her frustrated face, so what do you think am I supposed to do? Sit back and relax? While you, were insulting her? " Nino, done with his talking.

"But that wasn't enough reason for you to lie! If you just told me that you like her that's why you're protecting her, I could've understood it more–" Jun couldn't finish because Nino blurted out something unexpected.

"Hell yeah!! I like her! I like her that it made me wanted to hit you because of insulting her! That kid had experienced a lot of painful things that were beyond our imaginations! Who are you to judge her? I like her! To the point of wanting to trace her kids' dad to punch his light out! Especially now that I discovered that he was an idol!" Nino was trembling. It was good to let out all his thoughts.

"EH?!!" it was 4 voices this time. Ohno blanked face. Sho shocked. Aiba gasped. Even Jun was surprised to hear that. He didn't expect something like that.

"Maji?" Ohno asked.

"kya~ bikkuri shita." Sho still looked aghast.

"Oi Nino-chan, don't joke like that." Aiba frowned.

"Doyukoto?" Jun's fury was slowly subsiding. Sho, who was restraining him, loosened his hands when he realized this.

"That was what I've been thinking a while ago when I spaced out," Nino admitted. Now he had no choice but to tell the guys. "I'm not sure about it, but I think that was what I'd heard when the director tried to persuade her into making her kids artists," Nino explained when the guys gave him a puzzled expression.

"When she heard what the director had said, she panicked to the idea, she'd said something like " I don't want them to grow up like their own da-" and gasped when she realized she'd said that. Although the staffs didn't notice, but you knew me right?" Nino asked them. The guys nodded. If it was Nino, he would instantly recognize that thought.

"Even after hearing about that, you still like her? What's with you Nino, I understand your sentiments just now, and atleast I could spare her the cold shoulder. But for you to like a girl with kids?" Jun was still adamant with the idea of Nino liking the girl or he just didn’t want him to like her for his own selfish reason...

"You wouldn't really understand since you haven't acted with her yet, " Nino snapped out.

"Even if I act with her, I don't really want to understand either," Jun retorted, he didn't want the feeling.

"Well, see for yourself," Nino seethed and walked off the stage.

"Oi matte Nino! Where are you going?" Ohno called out.

"Im just gonna get some water," Nino lied, and turned his back to them before he lets out his tears. Talking about Angel is painful, but even more painful if Jun reacts like that. He didn't want to argue with him, especially if they had spent almost 11 years together,, but right now, he's being bratty– if that word still applies to him.

Back at the stage, the guys were left speechless. Even Aiba, the group's sunshine looked troubled, zan'nen Nino, for you to like a girl,, but I feel also sad about Angel..he thought. Only Sho was not that shaken.

"Mina, what's with you? Why are you allowing that girl to be the reason for us to fall apart?" Sho lectured. Now he's starting to get irritated with the girl. He likes smart girls, but if she'll cause all this mayhem, he might as well abandon the idea.

"Hey,! Yamete kudasai. That's bad for business. You're not kids anymore so please act professionally," it was their manager this time. He was alarmed when Nino suddenly went down the stage, so he checked out what's wrong, only to find that they're arguing about a girl.

"Hai." The five of them answered. Nino was on his way to the stage so he also heard the manger's prattle. He was holding a box with five bottles of water.

"Minna, moshiwake arimasen deshita!" Nino bowed. He gave each one of them a bottled- water. Ohno smiled at his behavior. Sho was stiff– he didn’t expected that. Aiba approached him and patted his back when out of the blue, Jun poured water onto Nino's head. Everyone smirked at the gesture.


Sho struggled to get his phone. He looked at his bedside table. The clock read 3am, it was only an hour ago since he arrived from practice.

"Just who the hell–Eh? Matsujun?!?" Next time, check first who was calling, Sho take note on that. Since it was this person, now he can't hang up.

"Doshita no?" he asked. But it was stupid since he knew that Jun would ask him to meet him.
"Let's drink.. I'm on a pub right now.." Jun confirmed his thoughts.

"Now tell me Jun, what's wrong? Lucky me to answer one of your morning calls. You only do this whenever you have a problem." Sho yawned. He was keen to listen but at the same time too tired to prolong the conversation; he thought its best to ask directly and get it over with.

"Its about that girl." Jun started. He was really bothered and he can't hide it anymore. Since it was only Sho who didn't have full idea as to what happened, he thought its better to talk with him. After all, Sho was their "rule book".

"Girl? Who? " Sho didn't get it.

"The one whom Nino likes," Jun explained, but it seemed Sho can't think so he added, "Angel."

"Ah, that girl from a while ago during our practice?" Sho stated. Jun nodded. "What about her?" he continued.

"I like her, or I thought." Jun said before taking his drink in just one gulp.

"Are~? I thought you're mad at her? That's why you're talking sense to Nino back then," Sho was taken aback.

"Ie, im not mad. Just pissed off about the fact that Nino likes her; that it was Nino who helped her during our encounter; that it was Nino who first get to know her, even her name," Jun ranted. Jun doesn't usually talk this much, unless if he's really annoyed or something.

"Wait, I don't get it. What encounter? Where? When?" Sho asked spontaneously. Jun had no choice but to tell him.



I had just entered JE building when I noticed her. She was so pretty in blue dress carrying different sort if papers–seemed professional and everyone was staring at her. But I doubt if she knew that. She was busy talking to the receptionist; it was obvious that the guy wanted to hook up with her. O well, what a guy.

A minute passed and the receptionist told her something. For a moment there she looked so down, but was able to regain her composure by smiling sweetly to the receptionist who was already startled by her. I can't help but smile also. She was really overwhelming even afar. I wonder what she's doing here. Did she have any idea that this place is for idols? That's when I decided to approach her.

It seemed that she's spacing out so for a moment there I was worried. She was walking carelessly inside the building until she saw something that amazed her. Well, I can't blame her because I was impressed too when Johnny brought that model of JE stadium 5years ago. But something was wrong; her eyes were so fixed on the model that she didn't even notice me, either her surroundings. We were just few inches away from each other, when I realized that she really DID not notice me. Then we collide.

"itte!" She said and looked up to see me. I was expecting that she would NOW recognize me for who I am, but to my dismay, she just kept on staring with a blank face. And that did it. My ego was hurt so I started to blurt out hurtful words.

"Nani shite iru yo?" "Walking carelessly while daydreaming, bumping on to others and not apologizing, that's worst! And what's with all this paper?" I said, while pulling my left foot off her documents. Upon doing so, I saw her face crumpled, and guilt feelings dawned on me. Maybe she was thinking how idiotic my actions just now, but I can't help it. I was about to apologize and say that I didn't mean it, when Nino arrived.

"Oi jun, what's the matter?" Nino asked. "Its too early to bully someone especially if its a girl.." and Nino winked at the girl. That gesture stirred up my anger even more.

"Choto, Nino, it wasn't my fault. "Its this bi**h's" ..I was disgusted with myself saying those things but I can't hold back now, because Nino might notice that I liked the girl.

"Eh? I dont see what part of her is bitchy, besides, dude you're the one who's trampling all over her things," Nino said to me. Now I was pissed off. How come Nino was always the nice guy and I'm the bad?

"Oi,Nino, why are you defending her? I told you it wasn't—" but someone was calling me. I had no choice but to attend to the call. When I ended the call, I really plan to go back and apologize to her, but I was too late. Nino had taken my place.

Darn. Always acting cool. As if that wasn't enough, that guy invited her out for coffee which she agreed instantly. TEME!! I just told myself. I felt sick seeing them together. Just a moment ago, I found a girl whom I admire without effort, but how dare Nino to intervene? Mah~ it was my fault anyway, I'd spoken those bad things without thinking. Just because I was too shocked that she didn't even recognized me, but atleast, she didn't recognize Nino too. Eh,.. Why does my mouth always get ahead of my brain?

Now I regretted it.


"Are~ Matsujun wasn't here yet?" their manager entered the room.

"Probably asleep at this time," it was Sho who answered. After listening to Jun's babble for an hour he still managed to get some sleep. Luckily, their schedule today was a little late. A while ago, he learned that Jun actually liked but dislike now the girl– for he said its bad to fall for someone who had kids already. Now he wondered if she was really that pretty for even knowing that she had kids already, Nino still likes her.. and what about the thing about the kids father being an idol? Now he was curious.

"Eh, what do you mean Sho-chan?" Aiba asked.

"Um, remember Matsujun's habit of giving us morning calls?" Sho inquired.

"Hai, what about it?" It was Ohno this time.

"Lucky me to answer one of those at 3am." Sho told them laughing.

"EH> Maji? Uwaa~ what happened? What was Jun's problem?" Aiba asked excitedly.

"Betsuni. He was just blabbing, and unfortunately, I was his victim," Sho lied. He didn't want to divulge Jun's business. She turned to their manager and asked.

"What's wrong manager-san? Why are you looking for him?"

"Ah, it was about his upcoming drama, since Nino's was just about done.." Manager said.

The guys exchanged looks. Nino was alarmed. Aiba was anxious. Sho was appalled. Ohno was awake.



"What's with those reactions? I just come to tell him that it will be cancelled due to locations. One venue for filming many scenes needed some renovations, it will take weeks to do it, so the TBS committee decided to push through with Ridaa first. Therefore, after Nino's shooting, it will be Ohno's turn to act with the new girl." Manger-san finished his dialogue. All the members sighed in relief. Although Jun had promised to spare Angel the cold shoulder, they still were troubled with the idea.

"Yappari~ I thought there's something weird with you guys, ja~" Manager –san shook his head before leaving.

"Yokatta ne~ Ridaa, you get to act with her this time" Aiba said thrilled.

"Ah, sou ka~" Ohno just said, he didn't know how to react on this.

"Ja, itekimasu!" Nino headed towards the door but Sho stopped him.

"Mate Nino, today will be your last filming right?" sho asked.

"Hai, nandesu ka?" Nino asked.

"Why don’t you—ah,hahah– nandemonai.. ganbare!" Sho said, he wanted to tell Nino to ask Angel out, but he averted. The words of Jun before they parted a while ago kept playing on his mind: As much as I want him [Nino] to be happy, I don't want him to end up being with the wrong girl… and she[angel] was not good enough for him; no matter how pretty and talented she may be, the fact that she had kids at 16 negated it all. What if Nino just felt pity towards her? Angel will be hurt badly-as if the pain she experienced wasn't enough already. The least I can do for her is to prevent that to happen. Even if it meant bullying her, I will do it. Just to stop them from falling towards each other..and also for the group's sake..Am I too selfish Sho-chan?

"Eh? what was that? Its like what manager-san said, you're weird." Nino said grinning. "ja~ganbarimasu," he said quite enthusiastically and left the room.

Nino really looked forward to this day, but didn't know exactly what to feel. He was happy that the shooting was almost done, yet at the same time sad because it might be the last day that he'll be together with Angel and he'll also miss the twins.. even if its only for a short time, he grew fond of them,,. Eh.. nande.. its not as if I can't see her right? I mean there are other means to see her, since I was the only one who happened to know where she lives, well except for Johnny…Nino thought, but before his mind could wander further, the driver mumbled.

"Nino-san, we're here at the location," driver-san told him.

"Ah, gomen~ im thinking something that I didn't notice,, how long since we arrived?"

"Er, about 20 minutes.." the driver was half amused at his reaction.

"Eh? that long? Ah.. gomen ne driver-san" Nino opened the door of the van and gave the driver a salute before he came out. The driver was left wordless.

"Otsukaeri" ^_^

Angel and Nino bowed and thanked all the staff. It was past midnight. After the last scene, everyone seemed exhausted but relieved that the filming was done. They gave both Nino and Angel a round of applause for their hard work and each a bouquet of flowers. It was a sign of gratitude.

After all had been said and done, the production staff started to set off the equipments used in the filming. One of the wardrobe staff approached Nino and Angel and handed them two coats; the last scene had required the two to wear only night dresses.

Angel examined the coat and found out that it was awkward on her; the coat was lined with so many buttons that the wearer might chose to wear it unbuttoned than to have it otherwise, but since she's only wearing a night dress and its really getting cold, Angel had no choice but to do it.

"Oh, let me help you on that," Nino offered. He can't bear seeing Angel having difficulty in doing something.

"Um, okay, thanks!" Angel smiled and held her hair up so that Nino could do her coat's button. When Nino's hands accidentally brushed her chest, she was slightly revolted. Luckily, he wasn't paying attention because his eyes were focused on what he was doing so she just let it pass. Afterall its wrong to think that way, especially when he was helping her.

Nino was about done with only few buttons left when the sound of a flashing camera stopped him– and her. It was one of their ads staff.

"Oh sorry about that," the staff apologized.

"Er, what was that for?" Nino asked, a little annoyed.

"Its for the promotional video and cover," staff-san explained.

"But you could've asked us you know, no need for candid moments," Nino said, aside from being annoyed, he was pissed because the staff had spoiled the moment. On his side, Angel froze. If their photos will be posted on TV and print ads, there's a chance that someone might recognized her.. eh.. why didn't I thought about it before? This could be expected because we're doing a drama..Yabai..

"That's because producer-san told me to capture natural scenes and the one which I took just now felt very natural. Besides, you two really look awesome together," staff-san said while arranging the camera on its stand. "Now, for the formal–" but he was interrupted by Angel.

"Anou~ sumimasen, When you said promotion, you didn't mean on TVs and print ads right?" Angel wanted to confirm her thoughts.

The staff chuckled, "Eh what kind of question was that? THAT'S exactly the reason why we're doing this, there's also the press conference together with the members of ARASHI when–" staff-san couldn't finish; they heard Angel shrieked.

"Whats wrong? Are you hurt somewhere? Nino asked worriedly.

"Its bec- because- I-. the kids—" she wanted to tell Nino, she wanted to trust him, but Angel just couldn't tell. Couldn't tell him that she's afraid Sho might see her or she's worried the news about her perfecting the licensure exam had reach even Japan press.. She kept her face hidden with her palm and cried driedly–she can't show her weakness now. Why didn't I think about this before? She asked herself again.

"Don't tell me you're afraid to face the camera?" Staff-san asked her.

"Mah~ don't mind.. the press conference won't be held until all the members got to act with you, which I think will take about a month or two. By that time I guess you would be able to conquer that fear of yours."

"Hontou?" Angel slowly took off her palms against her face.

"Hontou-desu, demo~ I wonder why you are so afraid to let people see you, I mean, it would be a pity if the world might not able to glimpse one of the prettiest face I've ever seen," staff-san muttered. But It wasn't a good idea because Angel started sulking again.

"An-gel-san–" Nino called her in an affectionate manner. She glanced at Nino but was stunned; "Itte-"Nino's waiting finger poked her. It hurt a little, but thanks to that she was able to snap out the gloomy feeling.

"That's because you're so serious," Nino giggled and pinched her nose; she too giggled and thanked Nino silently. This guy sure knows when to put a prank.. a sound of camera flashed.

"Yatta! Nice Nino-san, that was also a good shot," staff-san said delighted.

"Eh? choto matte staff-san! That was too much," Nino raised an eyebrow–he didn't know whether he should be annoyed or pleased by their staff's expression. No wonder Angel was a bit shaken. Their staff seemed quite spirited.

Staff-san chuckled before he answered, "But it was REALLY nice. I think these photos were enough to encourage viewers. Ja~ why don't you two go and celebrate your first work together?" Staff-san patted Nino's backed and winked at Angel before leaving, but the staff accidentally tripped on what seemed like a boulder.


"Nino-san" Angel started but it was also the same time when Nino spoke. They stared at each other and end up laughing.

"Oh, go ahead, speak first," Angel suggested while trying to control her laughter.

"Ladies first," Nino insisted, he was out of breath for laughing hard.

"Um, okay,, actually I was going to invite you for a little celebration in the apartment,–"

"Eh? celebration? In your apartment? Seriously?" Nino felt excited all of a sudden.

"Um, I understand if you don't want to,, after all it was weird for a girl to invite a guy onto her house, although–" before she could finish her statement, Nino interrupted.

"Eh? Of course I want to!–um, I meant, I don't mind going since you asked,." Nino tried to hide his emotion. It was a very blissful moment.

"Although it was my kids' silly idea, I really intended to invite you over." Angel explained happily. She didn't like the feeling. Her intuition regarding male gender had always got to do with Sho; that’s why for the past five years it was always negative, but being around Nino made her see the other side of male species brightly. Well, put aside his bratty attitude.

"Er, its really okay you know,.at least it saved me the expenses," Nino stated wonderfully. He honestly thought how much it would cost if they go out to some places.

"Eh? That was sly Nino-san..," Angel grimaced and nudged him. She wondered if that was among Nino's prank. He just stared at her and grinned. Oh well, talking about a bratty one.

"Oh, I think I could atleast pay for our drinks.." Nino offered.

"Um okay~ " Angel just agreed.


"Okaeri!" The twins greeted them vigorously. It was obvious that the kids had been trying to stay awake despite this late hour.

"Eh? seriously, Shuji, Shuri, its past midnight, how come you're still up?" Angel scolded. Their dreamy-eyes told her that the twins had been trying hard not to sleep– she felt remorse towards that.

"That's because we wanted to congratulate you Mama.. uwaa~ nii-chan!" The twins were perked up due to sudden excitement. "Eh Mama, you're mean..why are you making Nino-niichan wait outside? [turn to her twin and said] Shuji-anchan, hayaku, please let onii-chan in," Shuji nodded and Nino felt little hands tugging him inside the house.

"Omedetou Nino-niichan!" Shuri yanked Nino towards her and kissed him. Nino thought the gesture was charming.

"Uwaa~ arigatou Shuri-chan," Nino carried the girl in his arms.

"Hey! Don't do that. You'll steal away my children's' affection!" Angel said amiably. She's both jealous and glad at Nino's fondness towards her kids.
Nino laughed. "Gomen, gomen. Not that I planned it eh? I just can't help it.. your daughter is as charming as you," Nino smiled widely.

"Oh so you've switch to complementing me huh? Kya~ nice strategy there Nino-san," Angel smiled back. This guy never failed to make her laugh. "Ugh, so much for that, Nino-san do you mind waiting here while I prepare the food? I'm really starved you know. If you don't want me to think of you as food, let's get things done." Angel joked.

"Oh I don't mind.. though I'm not sure if I could satisfy your appetite. As you can see, I don't have that much flesh." Nino giggled.

"Daijobu, I think you'll do," Angel carried over her joke.

"EH! Kowai!!! Mama had turned into a monster," Shuji faked a scared expression.

"Anou~ Nino-niichan, lets run from here, or else she'll eat us.." Shuji warned Nino.

"Honestly my son, you're not serious are you?" Angel smiled and pinched Shuji's cheek. Nino shifted Shuri to his right arm making the child cling onto his neck; he then patted Shuji's head.

"There you go little guy, we better not pissed your mom too much, lest she'll eat you too." Nino rolled his eyes.

"Eh? son'na.." Shuji pretended to look down.

"Hey, will you stop that. Honestly, Im really hungry.. do you guys wanna eat or not?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Now you're threatening us with food..that's mean!" the three grinned.

"Hmph! Talking about brats! And you there [pointing to Nino] you're not even a kid, why side with them?" Angel said.

She headed towards the kitchen. Now they'd done it– she's pissed off. Dealing with them at a hungry state was such a bad thing. Plus the fact that the twins were joined in by a guy who acts like a brat. She opened the ref and carried out food stuffs. Although she had prepared it before she left this afternoon, it'll still take time to cook it.

Just for this day, she'll prepare hamburger– that because, according to the twins, Nino loves it. I wonder why am I even doing this..though I could prepare other food..she thought. But there's no point in that, she knew she's doing it out of gratitude. For the past weeks, Nino had always been helping her; she just wanted to return the favor.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help? I can cook you know." Nino peeked over the counter between the kitchen and the dining.

"Hmmm–" but before she can answer, Shuji tugged Nino along the living room where Mario music could be heard.

"Uwaa~ Mario!" Nino's voice echoed.

"Eh? a gamer too? Angel thought silently. She shook her head smilingly and focused on what she's doing.

In the living room..

"Uwaa~ sugoi! Sugoi! Onii-chan wa sugoi!" Shuri clapped in admiration.

"You see, shuji-anchan can't pass that level.."

"Oh~ that's because I'd played this game a hundred times already." It was an exaggeration, but Nino enjoyed the twins' admiring face.. yet upon seeing their faces, there was that troubled feeling again..

"Oi mate Nino-san, its wrong to lie, especially to my kids." A delicious smell had reached Nino's nose. Masaka~ I know this smell….. Nino passed the controller to Shuji and walk with hurried steps towards Angel who was now setting the table.

"Kya~ I knew it! Hamburgers! I just knew it!" Nino's eyes glittered. He suddenly felt hungry. "Um, can I try one of these–" his hands reach onto the hamburger plate, but Angel pulled off the plate away from him. "No." but Nino still tried to grab some.

"I said No. You wash your hands first. Shuji, shuri, you need to get your hands washed too.." Angel called out.

"Kya~ you sounded like my mom when I was younger, hmph!" Nino pouted.

"That's because you're acting like a brat, honestly Nino, kindly set an example for my kids," Angel grimaced.

"Hai. Hai, wakatteru iyo!" Nino headed toward the kitchen sink where the twins were currently washing their hands.

"Does your mom always act like a nag?" Nino whispered. The twins just giggled. "Now I'm amazed at how you managed to withstand that."
"Hey I could hear you over here, you know." Angel told him and lets out a sigh. The moment was hilarious.


It was 2 o'clock in the morning. After they done eating, Nino, angel and the twins, were sitting altogether at the living room, the twins were trying to keep up with them despite the late hour..Shuri was sitting on Nino's lap, while Shuji on her mother.

"Umai~" Nino let out a glee. He was very full. The meat was really tasty,, and it was cooked in such a balanced way that complimented his cravings. The juicy, tingling feeling and the flavor– everything fits. Again he was amazed by her abilities. Suddenly, they heard a shrilly laughter.

It was Angel.

"Eh, yabai Nino-niichan!" Shuji examined the can in her hand. "You let Mama drink alcohol, this is bad." Shuri followed up.
Nino glanced onto Angel's flushed face. It was redder this time. "Eh, why is it bad? She only had one can, and haven't even done half of it.." he said innocently.

"Er, it doesn't matter how much..because mom was alcohol intolerant." Shuji explained. "Meaning, she gets drank easily, even only for an ounce of alcohol." Shuri scratch her eyes. It was evident that she's really sleepy.

"Eh, maji?"

The twins both yawned before nodding. Yabai..with the twins sleepy, what am I supposed to do?..
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

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"Anou~ daijobu?" Nino glanced at Angel. A while ago, the twins got sleepy when her mind's been off to wandering; he didn't want to leave her even for a second, but had no choice since the kids might catch a cold if he let them sleep in the living room.

"Hmm, I think so..um, where's my kids?" Angel looked around while hands on her head. She still feels dizzy after drinking a small amount of alcohol.

"Um, they're upstairs; they fell asleep so I brought them to their bedroom." Nino answered. "Are you sure you're okay? Coz you don't really look good right now.." he asked worriedly and sat beside her.

"yeah.. just that my head feels heavy.." upon saying it, Angel leaned on Nino's shoulder.

The scent of her hair lingered onto his nose; it gave a nostalgic feeling, in any case he's still a man. He tried to control himself from touching her, but it was very tempting. Since he always had difficulties in expressing himself, he somewhat excelled in doing pretentions. But when faced with such a situation right now, he didn't know how to react. He sighed heavily. Dosho… Before Nino could do anything to Angel, he resorted in asking questions.

"Angel?" he started..

"Hmmm?" she leaned closer, placing her hands on his lap. Nino was aware that she's doing it unconsciously, but it was enough to make him panicked. Whoah.. easy.. a surge of heat flowed all throughout his body but he ignored it and continue in his question.

"when was the last time you ever drink?" he asked while slowly removing her hands off his lap. He contained his urge by holding her hands tightly, so that it won't again fall over different places like onto his lap. In that way, he was able to divert his thoughts.

"I told you didn't I?" Angel barely answered.

"Um, nani?" Nino was confused.

"About 5 years ago.. how I end up with Shuji and Shuri.."

"Oh I remember you said something about being drank that time.." Nino told her.

"Yeah.. that was the answer to your question," Angel muttered while trying to let go off her hands from his.

"Sou ka.. 5 years huh? But why did you drink this time if you knew you weren't able to handle alcohol?" Nino squeezed her hands more tightly.

"Er, because I thought I had gotten over it, but it seemed it wasn't the case." Angel laughed hysterically because Nino was still holding her hand. After that, there was a long silence between them; Angel didn't know how long, but they stayed in that position before he spoke again– it seemed he's trying to weigh his words.

"Sorry for asking you this, but may I know who was he?" Nino asked nervously.

"Who?" Angel asked, putting her head off his shoulder.

"The twins' dad." He replied. He wonder how much trust did he gained from her.

For a moment, Angel's expression went blank. She was dizzy that she couldn't organize her thoughts. Leaning on Nino's shoulder helped eased the wobbly feeling. But when he asked that sudden question, she was shocked that she forgot feeling lightheaded for a while; then again, she needed Nino's shoulder for support.

"Nah~ gomen ne Nino-kun, can't tell you," she said leaning on his shoulder. Nino felt that she's cold.

"Just a hint then," Nino insisted. He slipped his arms around her shoulders and rubbed it so that she could be warmed. Angel started to get sleepy but she tried to focus on her every word; she knew she can't win an argument with this man being bratty so she decided to give in some information.

"He's probably one of the smartest people I had met, so far diligent and organize yet he sucks real hard when it comes to athletic aspects..,Er,I think that’s enough as hints.." She smiled upon remembering Sho's failure in sports. Angel yawned.

"Eh? You didn't mention even at least one important detail about him," Nino felt constricted. He didn't get it why she sounded so happy talking about the twins' dad. He expected something perhaps an angry feeling that will resonate from her, but her reaction was something beyond unexpected. .

"Hmm, no need for that.. since you probably won't know him even if I tell you, besides, I dunno back then if he was lying about being an idol or not…." Without realizing what she said, she immediately fall into slumber, while on the other hand, Nino's presumption turned to fact.

Nino glanced on her sleeping face. He wondered why she looked very familiar. She was pretty even asleep. Her face was so calm mixed with a hint of sadness and glee. He wondered what it was that she's happy about. He concentrated on her last words: I dunno back then if he was lying about being an idol or not….

"Even if I expected something like this.. why does my heart feel tight just knowing the fact that shuji and shuri's dad was an idol? And just by hearing you talking about him happily, it made me feel as if I was stabbed deep down." Nino whispered silently. He knew she couldn't hear him, but still he muttered: "Im jealous you know" before he gently moved her head off his shoulder ; making it so her head was resting on his lap– because bringing her upstairs might not be a good idea.


"Argh,, ouch" Angel tried to sit and thump her head feebly; her stomach was upset. She was trying to figure out what happened last night. She looked around and saw someone moving at the kitchen. It was Nino. He was preparing something that smelled good. Angel tried to stand but upon doing so, she heard Nino's voice.

"Oh, please don't move.. its bad especially when you have a hangover." Nino said aware that Angel was up already. "Yosh. Its done." He said smiling to himself. It was the first time he'd cooked for her. He poured some in a soup bowl that was already placed on the tray and walk towards the living room where Angel stayed seated.

"Here, please eat; it'll help you ease up." Nino put the tray over the center table.

"What's this?" Angel asked pulling the table closer.

"Its porridge," Nino replied coolly and sat beside her. Angel tasted a small amount and it gave a warm feeling onto her stomach.

"Umai~, did you add something to make it a little sour?" Angel asked, while eating.

"Yeah, I added some lemon extract to compliment the salty taste. It'll help your upset stomach as well," Nino smiled. He loved seeing her fresh-from-sleep appearance.

"Ah. Sou ka..thanks.." Angel said.

"No problem," he assured at her.

"Anou~ Im sorry for making you stay,," she told him. "You could've just left when I fell asleep, why didn't you?"

"Hmm, I wonder," Nino said and broke into a wide grin. Angel raised an eyebrow before giving him a nudge on the forehead.

"Itte- why did you do that?" Nino felt his head and gave her a death stare.

"Hmm, does it hurt?" Angel tried to act cool. She was just joking and didn't expect him to change mood easily.

"Of course it does!" Nino said while hands still on his forehead. Afraid to get him pissed because of her, Angel got an idea.

"Oh, let me see," She took off Nino's hand, but instead of looking onto his forehead, she planted a kiss on his cheek. Nino went numb. "There you go brat, it doesn't hurt now right?" and smiled at him sweetly. But seeing him silent, she continued, "Speechless are we huh? A while ago you gave one of your death stare, and now a NONE expression at all? To think that it took me a lot of courage just to kiss you–," Angel bit her lower lip upon her last statement.

"Eh-um.-….tha-that's be—because you startled me. Nino stuttered and tried to hide his glee by scolding her. "And what was that for? Kissing me on the cheek when my forehead was the one in pain."

"Er, that's because you had a dark aura with you all of a sudden, it surprised me that I didn't know what to do.. so I kissed you..also, it was my gratitude to you for staying with me the whole night add the porridge just now..sorry.." Angel lowered her head. Upon seeing this, Nino was overwhelmed. He took her chin and forced it upward so that they were facing each other. She was pouting. Suddenly he pinched both her cheeks until it was red enough before letting it go, making it so she can't pout anymore.

"Ow~that hurt you know," Angel said while gently massaging her cheeks.

"Oh, really? Mitte-" Nino examined her face closely and planned to kiss her on the cheek but Angel turned her head toward him that his lips ended up meeting hers.

"ah~ sorry!!! " Nino apologized. "I just wanna give you my thanks as well through a kiss." He said gravely, but to his surprise, Angel broke into laughter.

"You could've just asked me you know. Baka!" Angel said in between laughter.

"Baka janai yo!" Nino said, but she couldn't contain her mirth. "Hey! Stop that! I was being serious here you know," Nino pulled her and grabbed her mouth so that she couldn't laugh anymore. Angel tried to resist, but accidentally she fell off the sofa in a loud bang with her back on the floor and Nino on top of her. There was an air of silence between them. Oh God.. please help me..Nino thought while eyes focused on her, he felt beads of sweat starting to form onto his forehead despite the cold weather. As if the gods heard his thoughts, the twins come out of nowhere and greeted.

"OHAYOU~" Shuri said.

"Are~ Mama, nii-chan, the thing called bed was already invented you know." Shuji said innocently. "Weren't you two cold? Staying here? And Nii-chan! You're so mean, letting Mama on that position; she might catch colds you know." He finished unknowingly.

"Ah, right, sorry." Nino got up, and help Angel to stand as well, it’s a good thing they are kids.. they think simple..so no harm done.. Nino thought. He turn around to see Angel's flushed face.. ah.. I almost got lost control..He glanced at the wall clock; it reads 8 o' clock.

"Kya~ I need to get going soon..we have rehearsals at 9.." Nino told them. He should go, before he could do something stupid like kissing Angel in front of the twins.

"Eh? son'na..i thought we could eat breakfast together.." Shuri pouted.

"Hmmm, gomen Shuri-chan, Nii-chan have to go so that I can prepare for work.." Nino patted her head playfully.

"Ne~ nii-chan, when will we get to play with you again?" Shuji clutch his shirt.

"Hmm,, anytime when I'm free.. also that depends if its okay with your momma.." Nino smiled at Shuji. The little guy look earnestly at his mom.
"Hai. Hai. You win. That's if Nino-san only have free time and no games on exam week understand?" she asked Shuji. She was bothered because Nino was spoiling her kids. Shuji nodded and smiled widely. Oh well, as long as they're happy.. I guess a little tolerance is fine… Angel told herself.

"Ja~ mata ne~" Nino headed towards the exit.

"Nii-chan wait~" Shuri pulled him and whispered in his ears– something that made Nino's face brighten.


I and Shuji really like you nii-chan,, I hope Mama will like you too,, just as much you like her..

"Something good happened?" Sho asked.

"Eh? how could you tell?" Nino stopped daydreaming. After what Shuri told him, his mood had been good all day.

"Er, that's because you were smiling all day despite being nag at by our concert's director," Sho noticed.

"Not just that Sho-chan, during breaks, he didn't take out his games but just kept on smiling." Aiba observed.

"Well, it seemed something good happened between him and that b1tch," Jun was being sarcastic.

"So what if it's true?" Nino stared at Jun with animosity and the latter just replied with a shudder.

"Speaking of Angel, how was your filming yesterday?" Ohno inquired. He was thankful that Jun drop the topic.

"Ah, its okay Ridaa.. its tiring but everything had gone well..the staff gave us flowers as token." Nino told them with a wide grin plastered on his face.

"Demo~ Nino-chan, where did you sleep last night? I called your house, but they told me you weren't there and that time its already 1 o'clock in the morning." Aiba gave him an impish smirk.

"Um, I stayed at her house." Nino said coolly. The members gawked at Nino bearing different expressions.

"No you don't" Ohno said.

"Yes I do," Nino replied playfully. He was amused by the looks on their faces.

"Eh, maji? Maji? Ne~ nin-chan how come?" Aiba asked excitedly.

"Kya~ bikkuri shita, spill!!!" Sho exclaimed. Even Jun was curious, but opted not to speak.

"Hey, don't get get me wrong" Nino said cutting them off from wandering.

"Aiba, you pervert, its not what you think it is," he said when Aiba laugh mischievously. "Nothing happened okay? She just invited me out of her kids' wish. Besides, I thought it had saved me all the expenses if I ask her to go somewhere."

"Eh? That was sneaky Nino!" Sho reprimanded him.

"But still, to think that she asked you for her kids, isn't that too overboard? I mean, She could at least gave you the impression that she wanted you to come..or something like that.." Ohno told him.

"Hmm,, actually she did gave me an impression like that.. Guessed what she cooked for me." But the members gave him a we-have-no-idea kind of look so he continued. "Hamburgers! And its really one of the best I've tasted so far" Nino bragged.

"Uwaa~ I hope we get to taste it too." Ohno joke, but to everyone's delight, Nino brought out an obentou from his bag. It was given to him by Angel before he left the apartment since he didn't have the chance to eat breakfast with them and he probably won't be able to eat. "Here, help yourself,. it’s a little cold now, since its this late, but still tasted best; if I'm the one to choose, I wouldn't have shared it with you guys, but she told me to..Nino offered them the lunch box.

"Wow~ itadakimasu!" Even Jun grabbed a piece.

"Umai~" Ohno's eyes are filled with delight.

"Uwaa~ Ridaa's famous expression." The members laugh.

"Hmm, this is really good.." Aiba said while helping himself with a big bite. On the other hand, Sho was kinda baffled and it didn't escape Jun's eyes.
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

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"What's wrong Sho?" Jun asked.

"Ah, nothing..just that, the taste seemed familiar.. but I can't remember when and where did I tasted it." Sho replied still perplexed.

"Ah sou~ka, but Sho, according to the twins, that's Angel's original recipe.. so I don't think it has the same taste with others.." Nino explained.

"Eh? ii desho?, but I am sure I've tasted it from the past...." Sho scratched his head. He still thinks that he'd tasted the food somewhere, but the guys dismissed the topic.

"Angel's a sweet girl ne~ No wonder Nino-chan likes her..right Jun?" Aiba tried to lighten the mood between the two.. Jun froze upon hearing Aiba's question, but tried to fix his composure before answering.

"Yeah, it seems.." Jun said dismally. The pain in his chest was suffocating enough to make him choked. He didn't even know why it hurt him. Just when he decided to forget his feelings for the girl before it even started.

"Daijobu?" Ohno asked when he notice that Jun was a little off.

"I'm fine, just had one big bite on my hamburger and was stuck in my throat," Jun lied. "By the way Nino, what did both of you do after eating?" He turned to Nino and act as if everything's fine.

Nino was a little mystified, but decided not to dwell on Jun's matters. "Oh, I had a couple of drinks, but Angel didn't even manage to finish half of hers, because she's intolerant."

"What? Intolerant?" Sho asked, he was having a weird feeling whatever Nino was saying.

"Um~ she's alcohol intolerant..imagine how the twins scolded me when their mom started to do bizarre things.. it was silly.." Nino laughs thinking how ridiculous it was for a 27 yr old person to be scolded by brats.

"Oh sou~ka" Jun cut in. He can feel that Nino was pleased despite the idea being outlandish.

"Ne~ Nino-chan, what bizarre things did she do?" Aiba's eyes were filled with delight. Nino gave him an impish look.

"C'mon dude, spill." Ohno followed. The members all have an expectant look, so Nino had no choice, but he chose to play with his word, after all, he was known for it.

"Hmm,, what do you expect a man to do, if he was sitting beside a drunk girl who was really hot and pretty especially when the girl put a hand on his lap?" Nino grins. Everyone had different air around them. It was quite a scene.

"Eh? so you do her? I thought nothing happened? Waa!" Aiba who's a natural airhead was taken aback.

"Hey! You messed up dude. Don't play with words." Jun snapped out. He didn't like the idea at all.

"Yeah dude, you fail there," Ohno said giving him thumbs down. "Besides, you don’t wanna end up regretting it like this guy ,who had taken advantage of a 16yr old girl who's by accident an alcohol intolerant too, right?" talking about Sho.

"Yeah, Ridaa was right, don't be like me," Sho grunted. He didn't get it why Ohno had to bring out his past with Shi.

"Okay! Okay! I was just trying to put a prank,. Nothing happened really.. I just found out that my presumption was right,." Nino was beaten in his own 'game'.

"What presumption?" the members chorused.

"Um, that the kids dad was actually an idol." Nino announced.

"Eh? maji??"

"How come?"

"How did you made her tell?"


The members asked spontaneously that Nino didn't know whose was which. So then, he just continued.

"When the twins fell asleep, I brought them to their room which was upstairs, so when I come back in the living room, I sat beside Angel. Because she's dizzy, she leaned her head on my shoulder, unconsciously put her hand on my lap and imagine how it affected me– I am a man you know!" he hissed at Aiba who lets out a chuckle and went on. "So in order for me to control myself from touching her, I asked questions,.. and that's how I manage to get an answer from her– Ie, i didn't find out the name since she was so stubborn even in that state." Nino carry on his story when Sho gives off a who-is-he? kind of expression.

"Then, what other things did you found out then?" Jun asked.

"Um~ found out the guy's personality though.." Nino grunted on the thought. "No wonder she fell for him."

"Why say that?" Ohno was curious.

"Because she told me that the guy was one of the smartest people she'd met, I say he was cunning not smart!" there a tone of disparity in Nino's voice. "He's diligent and organized, but the funny thing is that, like Sho, the guy was also a failure when it comes to sport or stuffs related to it.." upon saying his last statement, something had struck Nino deep down. He didn't want to entertain the thought. Little did he know, it struck Sho as well, but unlike him, Sho easily dismissed the idea, thinking its impossible– that’s the type of person he is.

"But no matter how painful the things that guy had done, you could feel the merriness in her tone while talking about him.. and that pissed me..Until she fell into a slumber; but before that she told me that the guy was an idol.. though I'm not sure if she's aware that she said it.." Nino heaved a sigh.

"It hurts ne? hearing her talk about the guy in such a happy tone,." Sho told him.

"Yeah, you're right..that time, i felt I was stabbed right through here." Nino pointed out his chest.

"But it's still surprising.. although we expected it.. whoever that idol was, he sure messed up.. leaving her like that.." Ohno stated. Aiba nodded. Jun starts to understand a bit of Nino's sentiment, but still wasn't able to agree with it.

"Are you sure about your feelings?..I mean, do you really like her? Or perhaps you just pity her? that, my friend, is the worst thing you can give her.." Jun stated.

"No worries there dude, Nino definitely likes her. Just the fact that he's able to accept her despite having kids was enough.." Ohno patted Jun's shoulder.

"Yeah…so much it was excruciating." Nino told them. "By the way Oh-chan, when will you start filming with her?" He asked turning to their leader.

"Oh, I think its two days from now,, since they had just given me the script a while ago.." Ohno replied.

Sho was relieved that the topic had changed, well not entirely since its still about filming with the girl, but then, he was satisfied that Jun was able to sort things out between Nino. For a moment there, he thought about the similarities between her and Shi added the thing about being alcohol intolerant..maybe he was just thinking ahead of himself. It is unlikely that Shi is her; from his standpoint, Shi probably wouldn't want to be associated with entertainment biz after what happened between them, "yeah it is less likely," Sho speaks out his mind.

"Eh? what was less likely?" Everyone's attention turned to him.

"Ah, nandemonai, just drift off a little, ne~ Ridaa, what was the plot of your drama with her?" Sho changed the topic.

"Um, guessed what," Ohno giggled. He nearly leaped out of joy when he browsed the script a while ago.

"Nani?" Sho asked.

"C'mon guys, pick a guess.. Since the theme of this project is for the five of us to do exactly what we enjoy, then if it's me, what will it be?" Ohno looked at them eagerly. After several minutes, realizations dawned in everyone's faces.

"Eh, Oh-chan, sugoi!" Aiba jumps in excitement. Jun smack Aiba on the head. "ow-Itte, doshita no Matsujun?" he asked wondering.

"Er,. Have you forgotten? Ridaa needs to whiten before the concert.. if the film is about his love for fishing, won't that make him darker?" snapped Jun.

"kyaa~ sasuga Matsujun," Sho patted Jun who gives off an airy look.

"Yeah, Jun's right Oh-chan.. if you go fishing, what will happen with your skin? We're all tired of hearing our make-up artist complain you know."

"Hmmm, daijobu.. Since the setting of the film is always before dawn or during twilight.. " Ohno grinned. No matter what they say, he'll still be going for it. After all, other than drawing and work, it is what he loves: fishing. No one can take that.

"Eh? how come? Would there be fishes during those times of day?" Aiba asked, he didn't understand them at all.

"Um, that was the point. Apparently, the production team doesn't want people barging in, so they decided to film at a period when there are not much people around." Ohno told them.

"Ah, sou~ka," Sho said and turned his attention towards Jun. "Yokatta ne~ Matsujun."

"Yeah,, I think that would suffice." Jun heaved a sigh of relief.

"Demo sa~ Isn't it too dangerous if you film on that time? I mean what if there are wild animals close by?" Nino asked. He was worried about Angel more than how he worried for their leader.

"Um, I don’t think so..since I haven't been in that place either.." Ohno falls deeply in his thoughts. While their leader was spacing out, Sho managed to get the script which was resting on the table and tried to find out if there were infos regarding the location of the filming, and found it.
"Found it." Sho sat beside Aiba and tossed the script to Jun.

"What?" Jun asked and browsed the pages. He found what Sho was saying and read aloud so that the rest of the guys can hear. "Location: Lake Shikaribetsu in Shikaoi, Tokachi, Hokkaido"

"Eh? Hokkaido? Uwaa~ sounds fun," Aiba seemed thrilled.
"Isn't that lake located in Daisetsuzan National Park?" Sho asked. Everyone looked at him and thought: this guy sure knows his books. Jun once again browsed the pages and found it. Sho was right; the lake was in Mt. Daisetsu National Park. "It is a scenic volcanic lake with a mysterious feeling," The guys heard Sho added.

"Oh, that's something to look forward then, right Ridaa?" Aiba is still thrilled.

"Hai, so desu." Ohno was back in reality.


"Eh? Satoshi-san? You're Ohno Satoshi right?" Shi asked the man with delight, she didn't expect to meet him or for him to be an idol. Her impression with this artist was something different if you'll follow her own views regarding idols.

"Hai, hajimemashite, boku no namae wa Satoshi Ohno desu, yoroshiku," Ohno introduced himself, he didn't expect that she knows him, neither Nino who was at his side.

A while ago 3am..

RRRRRNNNGGGG.. Nino glance at his phone, the number of the person who was calling was unregistered. He hesitated, but picked up anyway.

"Moshi. Moshi" Nino spoke.

"Moshi.moshi, anou, Nino-san, is that you? " he heard a familiar voice from the other line.

"Hai, Angel, is that you? Sorry your name wasn't registered so it took a long time for me to pick up. Wait, why a sudden call? Is there a problem? Are the twins okay?" He asked nervously, he didn't want the thought of Angel being in trouble.

"Oh, no, no, nothing happened, its just that, filming with your other member will start today, and I need to get to the station at 5am, but Shuri and Shuji insisted on coming, but if I let them come no one will send them to school.., I mean,, I can't trust others from the neighborhood, so I was thinking if~" but Angel couldn't finish so he connected her thought.

"What? You want me to come as well in the airport and send them to school?" his tone was a bit high pitched so she thought of it as a negative response.

"Ah, I understand if you can't I'll just ask someone from the neighborhood then.. gomen Nino-san for imposing.." She said gloomily and took off the phone from her ear, but Nino spoken.

"Ie, daijobu, daijobu. I'll come, airport right? Will be there with Ridaa." His lips curved in a smile upon thinking that she get to see her and he ended the conversation.

On the other hand, Shi was left wondering, "Ridaa? What was that? some kind of pet?" and heads off to prepare Shuji and Shuri's meal…

"Ah, sorry for being rude, I'm Angel, its nice to meet you" Shi introduce herself as well and turned to Nino, "Uwaa~ sugoi Nino-san, who would have thought that I will get to meet Satoshi-san, I'm his fan you know." Shi exclaimed.

"Ah sou ka~" it took minutes before it registere to both Nino and Ohno's mind, and when it did, they were surprised.

"Eh? you? A fan?" for the first time this day, Ohno felt awake. From what Nino told them, Angel was supposed to hate idols. Before he could ask, Nino speak.

"Nande? I thought, you don't like idols?" Nino asked. He was dumbfounded and a little jealous to know that she admired their leader despite being an idol. To their surprise, Angel broke out of laughter. It seemed she was trying to hold it off for a while.

"Baka! Im not talking about Satoshi-san as an idol," Angel told them between her laughter. She can't help it. How could they be such an airhead? And what about that 'leader'[ridaa] which Nino was talking about?

a/n: in this chapter, ridaa is pronounced by Shi as 'leader' and thought of it as some kind of pet. That's bec. Some people named their pets, usually a dog, "leader"..and we knew that Shi was a bit stupid when it comes to entertainment biz..^^..lastly, sorry for the boring chapter, i'll update it soon^^
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Re: [Complete] CLASSMATES (SHOxOC) 40/40 (July 01)

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a/n: possible ooc. sorry^^


"im talking about his art, freestyle, Its wonderful you know. My heart had been moved the first time I'd seen it. Never felt that way after so many years" Angel was teary-eyed when she broke off from laughing.

Ohno felt lightheaded. Despite having so many fans complementing his work, hers, felt different. It was warm and sincere that he couldn't help but thought: This was it, the reason why the brat loves this woman. Her heart is pure. Now, he too was having bitter feelings toward the guy who made her suffer.

"Are~ I thought you were with the twins?" Nino interrupted. Somehow he felt jealous that Angel is laughing like that and its not because of him…Wish I can make her laugh like that too.

"Hmm, they're at the cafeteria eating, since we had no time to eat breakfast at home. I just came here to meet you and didn't expect that Ridaa would turn out to be Satoshi-san, I thought it was some kind of a pet, erm," Angel explained smilingly. Ohno furrowed his eyebrows upon hearing her last statement.

"What made you think that Ridaa is a pet?" Nino controlled his laughter; the last thing he'd do is to let their leader know that he's enjoying that moment. He looked at Ohno whose arms are folded and eyebrows still furrowed.

"Erm, gomen.. because you see, I have this friend who named her pet as "leader" so when you said over the phone that you'd be with ridaa, I thought you'd be bringing some pet with you," Angel whispered contritely, but Ohno turned out really pissed. Suddenly, an idea comes to mind. She search her bag hastily, felt relieved when she'd found the thing she was looking for and turned her attention to Ohno.

"Anou~ Satoshi-san, Im really sorry for being silly, here-" She grabbed Ohno's hand and dropped something onto it. Ohno lifted the thing in his hand and observed it with curiosity. Nino was examining it as well. The thing turned out to be a glass keychain for phones, not just any keychain though– it was a miniature model of him: Ohno Satoshi.

"Um, sorry, its not as good as your unique miniatures in freestyle, but I hope it help lessen your annoyance of me. Actually, I made that chain hoping for a day when I get to meet you, but I didn't imagine it to be like this, Im really sorry." Angel bowed her head and tried to smile but it turned out to be more like a frown.

Ohno felt guilty. He really didn't plan to stay mad, he just wanna know how the girl will cope with such situation, but in the end he was lost in his own game. He just can't explain how he was feeling at the moment. The keychain was too splendid or more than that. No word can describe it. So he just stayed silent.

"It wasn't enough of compensation, I guess?" Angel looked closely at him, beads of tears started to form in her eyes. She covered her face to hide the tears from them. But Nino was quick to notice.

"Hey, Oh-chan, say something! You're making a girl cry!" snapped Nino. He was annoyed by the fact that Angel really looked forward to meet Ohno, and that their leader was now acting stupid.

"Angel-san?" Ohno started but got no response from her. Her face was still covered with her hands.

"Im sorry.. didn't mean to offend you there.. I.. erm,how to put it.. I actually like the keychain,,, so much that it made me speechless.." Ohno felt stupid. It was the first time she'd met such a talented artist, add the fact that she was really pretty now that she was in front of him. He was about to pat her shoulder when Angel looked up, eyes the color of a faint rose and smiled.

"Hontou?" she asked in a child-like manner. Ohno smiled and nodded.

"You're not mad anymore?" Angel asked him further.

"Nope… there's no reason to get mad really..hora~" he assured her by showing off the chain which was already attached to his phone, and felt relieved when Angel broke into a smile.

"Uwaa~ arigatou Satoshi-san" Angel said and hugged him only to withdraw instantly when she realized what she'd done. "Ah-gomen.. I lost control.. was too happy that's why" and smiled sweetly.

Ohno was mesmerized. He didn't know that someone can smile as beautifully as that. Suddenly, He felt his heart skipped a beat- not the usual feeling of love at first sight but a premonition. What could it be, he wondered. Beside him, the brat was boiling with jealousy.

"Anou~ can we go back to the cafeteria? Im worried about your kids," Nino asked her, stressing out the word "kids". This didn't escape Ohno. He knew him well. Ohno didn't spent 10 years with Nino for nothing- enough to tell that the brat was jealous.

"Ah, sure sure, you're right~ sorry I was too occupied that I forgot about my kids.. " Angel apologized to him, but to Nino's dismay, she turned again her attention to Ohno. "Satoshi-san, this way please." Ohno glanced back and smirked at Nino who was too struck to move.

"Hey brat, let's go"

"Oi choto," Nino ran after them, heading to the cafeteria where the twins are waiting.

"HMMM, someone's jealous," Ohno teased. Angel was walking ahead of them so she didn't have the slightest idea what the two were talking.

"Of course I would be!" snapped Nino before he continued. "I mean, I never expected she'll turn out to be your fan, not just that, she gave you a keychain which you happily accepted!!". He said in a high-pitched tone. How dare Ohno to make fun of him.

"Whoah~ easy! Who's the one who can't stand seeing even a single tear in her eyes? And besides, If the keychain took a general form, I will happily give it to you knowing about your feelings, but as you can see, this, got my form." Ohno emphasized the word "my" to him while showing off the keychain on his phone. Nino's face crumpled and it amused Ohno.


"Uwaa~ Oh-niichan!" Shuri exclaimed. The little girl was excited to see Ohno despite knowing that their mom was filming with him. "Oi shuri, where are your manners? Um gomen nii-chan, My name is Shuji and this is my twin-" Shuji introduce but Shuri finished the introduction before he could. "Shuri desu, nice to meet you" Shuri bowed her head beckoning her brother to bow as well.

"Ah, its been nice to meet you too, since I heard a lot about you from this guy [pointing Nino] and a from Aiba too." Ohno smiled. He can't help it; something about them seemed colorful, if described in terms of art.

"Uwaa~Aiba-niichan remembered us?" Shuri's eyes were glittering.

"Of course he did, seeing that happy faces of yours, I doubt if someone can forget that," Ohno fluttered the kids.

"Hontou?" it was Shuji this time.

"Hai." Ohno assured them.

"uwaa~ureshii!!" the twins approached Ohno and gave him a hugged. There was a sound of coughing heard from Nino that made the twins to notice him.

"Nii-chan, daijobu?" Shuri unraveled herself from Ohno and turned to Nino.

"Hai, just caught cold last night" Nino replied, which was true, although his intentions were different. He didn't want the feeling of getting jealous all the time. Angel might see his not so cool side if it continues. Ohno chuckled. He didn't expect Nino to do things up to that extent. He must really love Angel, so he decided to stick with the friendship between himself and Angel; afterall, it was what he always tells over interviews concerning their love affairs- best to exercise it now and see how far it would go.

"Are you done with your breakfast?" Nino inquired.

"Um, not yet." One of the twins replied.

"Eh? Didn't I tell you to eat?" Angel was confused.

"Er, mama, because we thought it would be nice if we could eat together, the five of us." Shuji who was older explained to Angel.

"Wow, that's very sweet of you," Ohno told them.

"Yeah, that was sweet Satoshi-san, starving themselves, , and I thought you were a more of sensitive type, I guess not,," She was being sarcastic. "As much as I appreciate my kids' sentiment, I don't want them starving themselves just for a little pleasure–" but before she could finished, Shuji talks, breaking her off from talking to Ohno.

"Hey mama, you're exaggerating! That's bad. You're talking as if we died from not eating. And it's only 30 minutes when you left us to meet with these onii-chans." Shuji lectured her mom in a very-adult manner. He didn't know why, but Ohno suddenly remembered Sho seeing Shuji's attitude. The premonition felt before flowed through his veins, yet he still couldn't figure it out.

"Oh, sorry for that Angel, of course you would react like that..my mom was like that too," Ohno apologized sweetly and turned to the twins."Hmm, don't get pissed with your mom, she's just concerned that something might happen with you two.." Ohno patted both Shuji and Shuri's head..


"Are you worried about your kids?" Ohno asked Angel when he noticed that she had been staring blankly at the sky. They were on their way to Lake Shikaribetsu. It takes an hour and 30 minutes to go there.

"Yeah.. this is the first time I asked someone to look out for them.. " She replied without looking at him.

"oh, don't worry, Nino is a nice guy, he won't do any harm, especially if they're your kids." Ohno told her, hoping to get a more active response from her, which he got in no time.

"Ie,, not that I don't trust Nino.. I wouldn't have ask him in the first place if I thought that he's a bad guy.. what I mean is that, I know my kids,, they can be mischievous at times,, and I don’t want to trouble Nino further because of that." Angel told him anxiously. Ohno felt he was in the wrong for opening the conversation.

"ah sou,, how about your parents? I mean, why don’t you just leave the kids to them so that you'll be at ease." Ohno suggested but was taken in surprise when Angel stared at him blankly. Seemed that he hit the wrong topic again.

For a minute, Angel just kept on staring–sending creeps over Ohno who was now feeling worse about what he'd done. Suddenly Angel move and averted her eyes before answering. I guess she was just thinking her response.. Ohno thought feeling relieved that she stopped looking at him.

"My dad was dead, and my mom was out of the country, too busy working, so I guess its no use if I leave the twins to her." Angel responded before turning her attention back at the scenery outside.

So you're mom lives in Japan huh? Ohno wanted to ask, but instead he said "Ah I see," and dismissed the topic, he didn't want to receive a death stare again–he might not be able to bear seeing a pretty face having expressions like that. Angel, I wonder if this had something to do with the twin's father..the reason why you have expressions like that?.. Ohno can't help but remember the girl whom Sho had hurt badly.. is it the same expression Shi was wearing right now? He thought, before focusing his attention outside.


It was nearing twilight, and their filming will start right away..A while ago, the van they'd been riding encountered engine problem so they ended up arriving at the location later than expected. Ohno was astonished when Angel asked him if he wanted to join her sightseeing while waiting for the sun to set.

"Kireii!" Angel was admiring the peaceful lake. Ohno somehow felt relieved that she's back to her usual self.

"Really?" Ohno smiled. He was dazzled by Angel's innocent smile.

"Yeah.. I'd never seen such a peaceful lake.. it was five years since the last time my heart feels like this."

"You mean, 5 years before the twins were born?.. ah gome~" Ohno asked thoughtlessly; it was too late when he realized what he had just said. He looked at Angel who was staring at him. But she was not wearing that blank expression she had earlier, instead she was smiling. Seemed the memories from five years wasn't that painful as they imagined it to be.

"Hmmm,, not really.. it was while they were in my womb.." She smiled at Ohno. "you see, I was in Hawaii that time, it was there where I took refuge, to cry my heart out and to finally calm as the pain subsided." Angel told him. "then, they came.. my twins,. That's how I was able to put all the jagged pieces of me back to normal."

"Ah, sou ka" Ohno said. He was speechless. It came as a shock to him when Angel discloses that much about her past, but at the same time felt elated that she trusts him.

"Its weird right?" Angel broke him off from wandering.

"hmm, what do you mean weird?" Ohno was confused.

"Suddenly talking about my past to you..I mean its weird because I didn't know you that much.. you may think Im stupid for trusting easily, afterall that’s how I end up with the twins–trusting their dad who can't draw nicely even a simple thing as a stick figure.." Angel muttered but more to herself, as she remembered that one time when Sho tried to impress her by drawing two figures, which according to him represents the two of them. She swear she can't hardly breathe that time due to laughing, and Sho was actually pissed. She suddenly missed him and she didn't want that feeling to resurface again.

"Why say that?, I didn't think of you that way.." Ohno told her.

"Um, because you hardly reacted when I told you about 5 years ago.." Angel frowned, beads of tears started swelling again from her eyes. Ohno realized how much of a crybaby she was.

"That's because I was too overwhelmed that you trust me.. that before I knew it, I can't react.." Ohno wipe the tears off from her eyes and embraced her. He didn't know why, but instinct told him that’s the thing she needed. To his relief, Angel didn't resisted his arms, instead she moved closer to him, feeling the assurance that his hands was giving, while tears flowed freely from her eyes..Ohno could feel her ragged breathing.. and felt the intense sadness that her breathing conveyed.

"there-there` cry to your heart,s content, Im just here kay?.." Ohno brushed her back. Angel nodded despite being encircled in his arms.

When at last her breathing backed to normal, and her crying turned to small sobs, she managed to stand still and moved few inches away from Ohno.

"Daijobu? When was the last time you cried like that? I didn't know that such an amazing girl, who could make an excellent miniature, would turn out to be a crybaby!" Ohno teased.

"Im not a crybaby, and whose fault it is that I cried? Hmph.." Angel started hitting his chest.

"Ow,. Itte~ why? Did I hit your soft spots?" Ohno said while struggling to keep her hands off from hitting him. He was pleased by her expression.

"Hmmph! I swear, never again will I disclose myself to you!! Never!! Hmph,," She said and continue nudging him on the chest. Deep inside she was thankful that Ohno just let her be. If he didn't do that, she'll be bothered for the rest of the filming. She was just too shy to admit it so she opted on this stupid idea of hitting him– which Ohno accepted wholeheartedly. He knew that it was her way of returning the favor. In the end, they are both laughing.

"Hmm,, im glad you're out of it already.." Ohno told her seriously.

"I guess so,, but it was thanks to you,," Angel grinned, showing off her perfect teeth.

"Glad that I was of help to you.." He grinned as well.

"I think we should head back,, its nearing twilight and and I read from forums that this was the place where you wouldn't want to stay during this time of day, I mean when sun was already setting" Angel told him, her expression grave.

"Why is that? hey, don’t give me that look, I had enough during our ride.." Ohno mistake her words as a joke.

"Im not kidding,, I was serious you know..Didn't it occur to you why this particular part of the place, where you can probably see the lake perfectly is closed at 5pm?" angel asked him sill wearing the same expression. Ohno could sense the hint of seriousness in her voice.

"UM, no.. I mean I just figure it out, but how come we're allowed to be here if this part is closed?" Ohno tried to reason things out. He didn't want the feeling of uneasiness in the air.

"We're actually not.. at least in this place where the both of us are standing right now..the team promise the lake's management that we'll not set foot on this place that's why they agreed." Angel told him.

"Um, if that's the case then, what do you mean by this part of place? If the entire place is closed at 5pm, how come you told me that this was only the place we are prohibited to go?"

"Because it is dangerous. It just that to ensure caution, they had widened the range of the prohibition, so they decided to close the entire place at 5pm. You see there were a lot of death casualties– tourist, fishermen, citizens, that happened here . At first the management couldn't tell how or what's the reason for it, but from what I read, just recently they found the culprit and from the time of death, it seemed that they attacked at this time of day.." Angel started to worry.

"Who? Who's the culprit?" Ohno asked, beads of sweat started forming on his forehead despite the cool breeze and a swishing noise could attest to that. He felt an insect bite on his left leg, I wonder why I wore shorts and not pants..now insects would feast..

"Its not who, its what.. its sn–" But before she could finished Ohno suddenly squatted down.

"What's wrong Satoshi-san?" Angel asked worriedly.

"Oh I guess, ive been stung by an insect" Ohno felt cold. His sweats felt also cold. He looked upon Angel who now had a shock and scared expression, her eyes focused on his leg. He turned his attention toward the insect bite, only to find out that it wasn't. Before things registered to him, his body had gone numb. From afar he could hear the swishing sound –turned out it wasn't the breeze but from the hissing sound the culprit made before and after it attacked its victim. Darkness encircled Ohno.

"Satoshi-san? Satoshi-san? Hang in there!" Angel approached Ohno who was lying on the ground. She tried so hard to focus.. she can't panicked now.. if she do, she'll lose Ohno's life and hers as well. By the time she realized it, she was bitten already. She gathered all her strength and tried to remember as much as possible the thing she never expected would be useful.


Sho looked at his clock and felt bored for the first time during a work. Its because he's bothered when he remembered Ohno's shooting location and decided to give a call right away. He must contact him, or at least one of the members. It was the nth time that he's calling. No one was answering his calls, which made him worried even more. He felt relieved when he got a response from the other line, it was Jun.

"What's up dude, I was halfway done on my pictorials. But the staff was quite pissed because my phone's been ringing. So care to explain why the sudden call? Make sure its justifiable or I might get strangle by the staff-" Sho cuts his statement off.

"I was wondering if you could reach Ridaa? Because I can't seem to get through his phone..and I wanted to tell him to watch–"

"Eh? you call just because of that? Can't you even talk to him when you come back? I'm busy you know? And here I thought you're doing productive things there, but instead you're whining." Jun reprimanded.

"Can you please stop interrupting? I didn't even say the reason why I called, yet you're reacting already," snapped Sho from the other line.

"Oh okay, get to the point," Jun said coldly.

"Please tell Ridaa to watch out for snakes, especially when the sun sets– I forgot to tell him the other day that the place where the lake located-" tutt..tutt.. Sho heard a beep.

"Oh sorry Sho, Nino's calling, hang in there mate, will just checked what's up with Nino.. seemed that I've been receiving unusually too many calls from you guys, when I thought you don’t want a call from me.." Jun chuckled before attending to the callwait. "What's up dude? Please be quick, Sho's on the other line"

"Good, so you're the one who'll tell the news to him, Im fed up when I called Aiba a while ago, will just arrange something and will be on my way to the hospital." Nino's voice was unusually cold. Somehow Jun felt the sadness.

"Hospital? Why, you're mom was sent in the hospital? Kya~ sorry to hear about that." Jun apologized, he felt bad for Nino. From the other line, Nino shook his head before answering.

"No, I don't mean my mom. Its Ridaa and her" Nino told him, He didn't want the agony he was feeling that moment.

"Huh? Ridaa? And that b1tch too? What happened?" Jun furrowed his eyebrows. If something happened to Ohno because of her, he didn't want to think of what he might do to her.

"Snakebite." Nino pressed the end button. From the other line, Jun was startled. Tutt….tuttt.. He heard the beeping sound telling him that Nino had ended the call, then he remembered that Sho was waiting. "Moshi moshi Sho? Still there?"

"Yes, what's up with Nino?" Sho inquired.

"It seemed you're right about what you're telling me before Nino called." Jun felt a shiver down his spine. He was worried, worried sickly. Venom is a serious matter.

"What do you mean?" Sho on the other hand was confused by the sudden change in Jun's tone.

"Ridaa and that b1tch were in the hospital." Jun still managed to say despite feeling numb.. his hand were sweating. "Ja, will finished the pictorial and head right away to the hospital."

"Matsujun, stay calm and be professional." Sho told him, he himself didn’t know what to do. He wasn't that stupid not to understand what Jun was saying about him being right.

"I will, I always do things professionally.. though its really hard right now.." Jun answered and ended the call. Now, for the first time in his life, he needed all guts to stay calm and finished his work professionally. He wanted to go to the hospital right away.

Outside the country, Sho wanted to go home badly, but his work haven't even started so he had no choice but to stay there and utter a prayer.
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