[Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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[Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:21 pm

Original author: choshi

The 4th Unmei fic... BTW, Unmei means destiny...

i just finished writing this so i am free to post this... however, updates are not really that regular since i have started studying and memorizing stuff...


this story is quite hard to write. it actually confused me... but i hope you'll all like it...

I swear to love you in 100 years.
You are all of me.
I nothing but believe the belief.
To the person who carves the same…


“Maji de?” I asked the real estate agent. “What do you mean this is only the available apartment?”

“Sumimasen. This is the only apartment fitting your needs. Near to the university, near to the supermarket, near to the train station, near to all amenities,” she explained.

“But this is too expensive!” I protested. “I can’t have this!”

“This apartment has two rooms. If you’re willing to, I’ll find a co-boarder,” the agent said, clearly scared at my sudden anger flare.

I already saw the place. I liked it. I couldn’t just give it up because of the price. But my allowance! I couldn’t just sell my collection internationally. Okay, I know I could do that, but they’re just too precious! I absentmindedly stroked the big bag in front of me.

“Fine. Find me a co-boarder,” I said. “But can I move there?”

“Hai,” she said. “Just sign these papers. I’ll surely be able to find you a co-boarder in one week.”

“And if not?” I asked, horrified at the deadline. One week? That’s baloney.

“Gomenasai, you have to pay the whole rent,” she said apologetically, leaving me.

The taxi stopped in front of a simple apartment with cream paint. The taxi driver assisted me up to my room, carrying some of my things. “Well, this is cozy,” I said as I went inside. It was fully furnished with the essential furniture.

“Arigatou gozaimasu,” I told the driver, handing him the cash. He smiled and went out.

I started to empty my things. “Wow, they have a cabinet here,” I said as I saw the room I’ll be using. The other room was equally spacious but I chose the room with yellow paint. Yellow, my favorite color. Just don’t ask why.

“It’s a sure relief this apartment’s already clean and fully furnished,” I said as I sat down on the couch after arranging everything.

“I have to arrange the university papers then,” I said as I stretched myself on my bed. “Oh, I forgot.” I took the precious bag and put its contents carefully inside the cabinet. “I’ll never leave you in the house, you know,” I told them as though they would reply.

I unrolled a poster and put it on the wall over my headboard. “Especially you,” I said, tucking the poster.

I drifted off to sleep.


I was walking as fast as I could towards the subway station. I was not really late but I wanted to be exceptionally early to go back home. “The next train leaves in fifteen minutes,” I panted as I tried to walk faster.

My phone rang. “Oh, the co-boarder arrives today?” I sighed in relief. I did not need to sell my stuff in exchange for the rent. “I’ll meet that person? Hai. I’m on my way home.”

Everything stopped when I hit a man in front of me. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed in English as I saw my black coated W61SA phone slide itself from my coat through the rough sidewalk. I scrambled to get it and wiped it with my coat. “Daijoubu ka?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“Omae!” the man I accidentally hit shouted behind me. I had not yet recovered from the bump.

“Chotto matte? Atashi…?” I asked him, turning around angrily. He was so rude. And he was so… weird. I know it’s cold but why wear a thick jacket like that?

“Look what you did with this?” he asked angrily, holding up a baby blue DS. “It already has scratches.”

“Well, you are the one not looking at your way!” I said. He was pissing me off! And I need to catch the train! “This is nonsense. Your console’s still working.” I started running away.

“Oi! Chotto matte!” he shouted behind me. “Pay for this!”

I ignored him as I went to the train station to pay for the ticket. I was catching my breath as I entered the train when I heard a voice, “Are you thinking you could escape me?”

“AHH!!” I shouted, making the people turn around. “You’re following me, are you?”

“No, I’m not. I’m on my home,” he said, smirking. It somehow annoyed me.

“Liar,” I muttered under my breath. We were both standing, holding on the rails. “You’re trying to follow me so that I’ll pay you.”

“Ah, actually, you don’t need to pay me. You look poor. I’ll just waste my time on you if I chase you around,” he said, his grin widening.

I raised my hand to hit him hard. However, the train suddenly stopped on the next station, making the whole impact of inertia hit me. I fell on his arms. “Clumsy,” he said. I got a nearer view of his face. He looked quite familiar. “And don’t touch me too much.”

“Sumimasen,” I said immediately, pushing him violently away. However, I was already blushing. How did I know? I could feel it. Screw that feeling! He’s the most annoying creature I’ve ever met! And that smirk… who does he think he is? A superstar?

I made my way towards my apartment to see that there were boxes in the living room. “I guess the things come in first, ne?”

I prepared dinner. I thought I should prepare dinner for two persons so I doubled. The doorbell rang.

“You?” I asked. It was the weird guy from the subway. “This is the wrong door, excuse me.” I closed it in front of him.

The doorbell rang again. “I told you…”

“Hey, I’m renting this apartment,” he said, frowning. He removed the glasses and the cap and smirked at me.

“No way…” I said. My tongue suddenly tied up.

This can’t be Ni no Arashi. Ni no Arashi is only meant for Arashi members. Then what is Ninomiya Kazunari doing in front of my door, saying that this is his apartment?
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:22 pm

UPDATE for the Arashic weather... (literally)


“You are joking!” I shouted, pointing at him. “I have asked a co-boarder…”

“And I’m the co-boarder. Seriously, you have a slow brain,” he said as he made his way inside. “Ah, dinner!” he exclaimed, looking at the low table in the middle of the room.

“I asked the real estate agent…”

“I liked the place and the price is split in half so I decided to move here,” he explained, sitting in front of the table. “Is this for the two of us?”

“Iie. It’s for me and my dog,” I said, an eyebrow raised. I was still annoyed with his cool attitude in the train and now I will have to keep up with it.

“You don’t have a dog. And dogs could not eat with chopsticks,” he said.

“You know, I can’t have you as my co-boarder,” I said frankly, folding my arms. Seriously, could I live with Ninomiya Kazunari, the Arashi member?

“Well then,” he said. “Find a new co-boarder. The real estate agent told me that if you could not have the co-boarder within a week, you’ll have to pay the rent whole. Itadakimasu!” He started to eat. “Sugoii, they’re actually good.”

“Iie, iie, iie,” I answered quickly, sinking down on the kitchen stool. I watched him eating. “I still can’t believe it.”

“Well, it’s me, believe it or not,” he said, his mouth full of food. “I just decided to live by myself but I needed to find a cheap apartment.”

“You’re an idol. You can get any luxurious apartment,” I replied, my head under my hands as I buried myself on the kitchen table.

“I have to save money,” he said. I heard munching and I saw him, still eating. “Aren’t you going to eat?” he asked.

I felt like I lost my appetite but I sat in front of him. “I guess I have to put up with you,” I told him, defeated.

He smiled and winked at me. Oh, stop making me feel like that this instant. However, I was feeling it, the sudden urge to burst forth and flail all around. But I would not give him the satisfaction. “Ah, we forgot formal introductions. Ninomiya Kazunari desu.” He offered a hand.

“I know,” I replied. “I’m not a girl from the mountaintop or something, you know.” I took his hand. “Warashi Cho desu,” I replied.

“Woah! Your name is hard to say,” he said. “Can I call you Cho-chan?”

“Iie,” I said. Who does he think he is, anyway? “Warashi will do.”

“Well then, you have to call me by my family name too,” he said. Was he torturing me? That’s too long!

“Whatever, Ninomiya-san,” I said with emphasis. “Now, if you would let me, I’ll go back to my room, which should be off-limits for you.”

“Wakarimashita,” he said, waving a hand. “My room will be off limits too,” he said.

I already closed the door behind me when he said, “Hey! Don’t tell me I’ll clean this mess up!”

I hastily took a spare locked and opened up the cabinet. I touched momentarily the tons of CDs, uchiwas, clearfiles, and other whatevers that were mostly composed of Arashi. Maybe I’ll freak Nino… I mean, Ninomiya-san if he sees all of that.

“Demo… it’s still unbelievable, ne?” I asked no one in particular. “I’m in the same apartment as my idol.” But I did not realize that he was really THAT annoying.

I’m contradicting myself. Maybe I should just sleep.


I woke up next morning. “Surely, Ninomiya Kazunari as my housemate is a dream, ne?” I said as I stared at the ceiling. I got up and made my way to the kitchen.

“Hey, Warashi-san,” a voice called out from the low table. He was watching television.

I stared at him, dumbstruck. “Somebody slap me!” I thought, slapping myself.

“Oi! Stop slapping yourself! I’m real!” he said, grinning. “I’m really here.”

“Hontou desu… ka?” I asked again.

“Hello! Don’t you have anything for breakfast?” he suddenly asked.

I raised an eyebrow. My shock disappeared and it was replaced by disbelief. “I’m not a house maid, excuse me,” I told him.

“Ah, sou sou…” he smirked. Maybe he said that just to infuriate me.

“Why don’t you just leave today? Don’t you have photoshoots, recordings, practice, or anything?” I asked him as I made my way to the sink.

He was still switching channels as he was hugging the throw pillow. F.Y.I., my throw pillow. “Nah, I want to have my dayoff in my new apartment.” I saw that the boxes he was carrying was scattered on the floor, some of them open, some of them not.

“And, does that give you the excuse to scatter these all around?” I asked, using the knife I was using to chop the onions to point at the mess.

He grinned with closed eyes. Seriously, he should stop using his expressions to get me. “Actually, I was emptying them.”

“Sou desu ka, emptying them,” I said, narrowing my eyes. I took the eggs from the fridge. “And then?”

“And then, I’ll try to arrange them,” he simply said as though he was answering an easy question. “Demo…” he looked at me, putting up a pitiful face.

I shook my head. “I get it,” I said, as I dropped the eggs on the frying pan. I told my friend before that if Ninomiya Kazunari puts up a face like that, it will be hard for me to resist, like looking at Puss from Shrek.

“Nani sore?” he asked.

“Aren’t you looking, baka, this is called breakfast!” I said, busily cooking.

I looked up and found him staring at me from the table across the kitchen. “Kawaii na…” he said, his chin on his elbow. He was smiling while looking nowhere.

I looked back at the eggs, they seemed to get overcooked. I quickly put it away from the fire. “Kuso! My heart’s beating fast!” I complained. “Anou sa… do you… do you also want to have breakfast?” I asked him shyly. My tough rock was slowly melting.

“Onegai!” he said like a kid. “Let me help!” he jumped out of his seat and stretched before he took two bowls and put rice in it.

“You should because I’m not your housemaid,” I replied, smiling. Our hands accidentally touched, making both of us stop. “Gomen!” I called out, pulling my hand away. However, he just stared at me for a moment.

“Itadakimasu!” he said before digging in. “I was so tired taking out my things…”

“Yet you did not arrange them,” I said.

He grinned. “I’ll manage. You’ll help me, right?” his eyes twinkled. Or maybe I imagined it.

“I could but I have to leave by 12 PM,” I said. “Itadakimasu,” I said in almost a whisper before I ate.

He just nodded as he continued to eat. He finished eating first and left his plate on the kitchen table. “Don’t tell me I’ll clean up your mess.”

“You had me clean up the mess last night,” he complained.

“But you were the only one who ate last night, duh?” I replied. Seriously, life was being fair and unfair to me, at the same time.

He just smirked at me, making me gulp. I don’t know if I was scared that he could put roaches on my bed or something. But I certainly stopped breathing.

“Stop smirking, you look intimidating,” I told him.

He just smirked again, maybe to intimidate me more. “Kami-sama…” I thought as I avoided his gaze. I took the plate he used and placed them on the sink to start washing them. “I could wash plates forever if he would just pay me…”

I stopped when I heard crashing from his room. I went inside and I saw him covered with boxes. “Tasukete,” he said.

I immediately ran towards him. “Daijoubu desu… ka?” I asked him. That was stupid. It was obvious that he was not.

“Do I look fine?” he asked. I tried to remove the boxes but they were heavy. “Don’t touch them!” he said.

“Eh? Nande?”

“They’re my precious gaming consoles! Don’t touch them!” he said.

“Ah, okay,” I stood up and walked away.

“Oi! Help me get out!”

“I thought you told me not to touch your ‘precious gaming consoles’?” I asked, a smirk playing on my lips. “Oh, the feeling.” “Guess it’s in your hands then.”

“Oi! Chotto…” he struggled to get out of the mess. “Chotto matte, Warashi-san! Just pull me out!”

I guess guilt got me. “Just hang in there. You’re not suffocating, are you?” I asked teasingly. I struggled to pull him out of the piles of boxes that buried his small body.

I managed to pull him out of the mess. However, I was out of balance so I fell on the floor due to the force I applied to pull him. Inadvertently, I pulled him down.

“Itai!” I complained. My back hurt. Then I saw him on top of me, his face flat on my chest.

And then I realized…

“AHHH!!!” I shouted, kicking him away.

I realized I was only wearing a large shirt, really short shorts, and nothing inside the shirt.

And his face was flat on my chest? I felt myself red at the thought. He was still holding his aching stomach due to the pain I caused him.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:22 pm

i was kinda confused at first with the forum changes. but i love it! anyway, here's the update. i still don't have school tomorrow but i'll have to study. i hope you enjoy this new chapter...!

And at last, the creative juices for Sho's fic has started to flow!!


“Itai!” he complained as he writhed in pain on the couch. He was still holding his stomach. “Are you a martial artist or something?”

I blushed. “Gomenasai,” I apologized, putting ice on his stomach. “Does it really hurt?”

“I was lucky you did not hit me down there,” he said. That made me redder. “You act randomly.”

“I do not!” I protested. “It’s just that…” “Arrgghh… Cho, stop blushing in front of him!” “… So, yeah, right, that was my fault.”

“I noticed you still haven’t changed clothes,” he said, his smirk still evident through his pained face.

Well, yes, I haven’t. That made me run back inside my room. I changed to long sleeves and jogging pants, covering my whole body. “I hate you, Ninomiya Kazunari!” I shouted, throwing pillows all over the room. It hit the collection cabinet, making one of the Nino uchiwa fall down.

I picked the fan down and stared at the face. “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” I said, shaking the uchiwa furiously. I was about to break it in half when my logical side got into me. “Well, I still could make this to good use… like… fanning charcoal!” I laughed dryly, of course that’s not serious. How much did I pay for that freaking uchiwa, anyway? Money and blood (literally blood).

I got out of the room; he was not on the couch anymore. “Ninomiya-san?” I called out. I felt suddenly cold at my nape. “AHHH!!”

I turned around. Nino was laughing loudly, holding the icepack on his hands. He placed that on my nape when I did not expect him to. “You’re an unsuspecting victim, Warashi-san!”

I turned to him angrily. I forgot to tell everyone: the thing I hate the most is being played on. It really pisses me off. It’s equal to facing humiliation. This was humiliation. “Ninomiya-san!!!” I shouted, chasing him around the room.

He was laughing as he tried to duck from my fury. We were chasing all around the room, both laughing and teasing each other. Maybe I was dreaming. Onegai, someone wake me up if I’m dreaming! I couldn’t be laughing, chasing and playing with Kazunari Ninomiya in my humble apartment! Okay, it’s not just MY apartment.


“Eh? You mean I just have to submit a research paper to graduate? That’s only it?” I asked, shocked.

“Hai,” my sensei replied. “It’s like the last project for this term,” she explained. “However, the only available research facility for your proposal is in Osaka.”

“Osaka?” I voiced out. I was eating burger in McDonalds. “Isn’t that far, sensei?”

“I know, Warashi-san. However, it’s the only way. If you don’t do that, you won’t graduate,” she said in a sorry voice. Screw graduation papers!

“Daijoubu. I think I can manage to go to Osaka…”

“It’s not that easy, Warashi-san,” she said further. “You have to pay the laboratory fee, which amounts to Y100, 000.”

“One hundred…!” I almost shouted. Seeing that people are staring at me, I lowered my voice. “One hundred thousand?” I hissed at the phone.

“Gomen, I could not do anything about it. I already sent recommendations and requests everywhere about you but it seemed like no one can… or no one wanted to sponsor you,” sensei said. “But I’ll give you time.”

“Hai,” I managed to reply. “As if I have the time to get Y100, 000. That big amount of money could not fall down from the sky!” I thought.

“So, Warashi-san, ganbatte kudasai,” she said before hanging up.

I almost threw my phone back to my bag. I even lost my appetite. I looked at the poster hanging above me. It was Arashi endorsing the fastfood chain. “And why are you looking at me like that?” I asked the smirking Nino on the poster. A woman looked at me as though I was crazy.

I slowly made my way back home. After fitting the key, I saw that the living room was quite untidy. And he was not here.

“I hate this,” I muttered under my breath as I started clearing the boxes. It looked like he also has his own kitchen stuff. I decided to put his stuff in an empty kitchen cabinet.

I took the other boxes and placed it inside the room. He did not lock it. I entered the room, with the same layout as mine, and saw that the room was still in a mess. I also decided to clean it up. I placed all his games on the shelves, his consoles stacked neatly beside the television set, his clothes (that was miraculously neatly folded) inside the clothes cabinet, and this and that. I also did some dusting. After almost an hour, it was all done.

“Seriously, I am not a housemaid. Why am I doing this?” I wondered loudly. His room was already clean so I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower.

I returned to my room to change clothes then I took my passbook. “I could not go to Osaka with this amount!” I said. Of course, aside from the Y100, 000, I also have to live, eat, and sleep. Plus my fare to the city. And of course, I have to pay my part of the rent in this apartment. And most especially, my medicine.

“Graduate or not to graduate?” I asked. My eyes turned towards my collection cabinet. My eyes started to fill with tears. “Gomenasai! I have to graduate!” I wailed, bowing in front of the cabinet as though it was an altar or something. I slowly opened the cabinet and slowly stacked the CDs, DVDs, photobooks, uchiwa, clearfiles, penlight, pamphlets, etc. etc. etc. on my bed and took a pen and notebook from my bedside table.

I started looking at each item, listing it on the notebook and indicating the proposed price. I looked like a child crying for toys, really, as I counted each item. They were all in good condition that they all looked new!

“I can’t do this!” I wailed repeatedly as the list got longer. But surely, selling these stuff (or auctioning, rather) will help me get the amount I needed. I was crying uncontrollably as I looked at them. I buried my face on the sheets as the stuff was in front of me, agonizingly torturing me. The thought of putting all of them in packages and sending them off to the unknown was like sending your own child to the other end of the universe!

I was almost gasping for breath as I clutched my chest. It was painful. Tears filled my eyes as I laid my head on the bed, trying to make the pain go away.

“Hey, Warashi-san… what the…?” I tried to sit up as I was kneeling on the floor, hiding the pain. He looked at the bed. “Eh?”

I stopped crying and looked at the intruder. “Oh no, not you,” I thought as I saw Ninomiya Kazunari, showing a horrified/shocked/amused face as he saw the stuff I was crying on.

“What do you want? Go away,” I said, throwing a pillow on him. He ducked.

He approached me and kneeled in front of me, looking at the bizarre collection on the bed. “I did not know you were obsessed with me!” he said with interest. He smirked.

I cried again. “I’m not obsessed with you!” I shouted madly, my arms flailing all around. I just felt the chest pain go away, maybe because of too much anger.

It was totally annoying. I am desperate here and the last thing I needed is someone to taunt me. “Then why are you crying in front of all of these? They all look like they have my faces…”

“Uruseiyo! I’m going to sell them!” I screamed.

His face contorted from his mocking grin to a confused look. “Sell… sell all of these?” He grabbed a CD. “I haven’t even seen one of these in… in seven years!”

I wiped my tears with my hands. “Do you think I have a choice?” I asked him, taking the CD back. “And don’t touch them! They might get ruined or scratched.”

“You could sell it in a higher price if you tell them I touched it,” he said innocently.

“And who would believe me, anyway?” I asked him back. I was still sobbing and I was hiccupping too.

“Well…” his voice drifted away. “Why do you need to sell them, anyway? By the looks of it, they all look precious to you.” He took the uchiwa showing his face and waved it at me, smiling funnily. If he’s trying to make me feel better, that was not working.

I tried to grab the uchiwa from him but I missed, falling face first on the floor. He helped me sit up again. “Daijoubu?” he asked.

“DO I LOOK FINE?” I shouted at him. “I have to get Y100, 000 to use the research facility in Osaka, I need to also have my fare to go there, living expenses, and I have to pay the rent for this apartment!” I was already crying on his shirt.

I felt him touch my head. “Oi, stop crying,” he said, patting my head a few times. “You don’t really have to pay the rent immediately. I could pay it then you pay your part when you can.”

“That doesn’t solve the problem!” I shouted.

He sighed, still looking at the goodies. By the look at his face, even he hasn’t seen a collection that big before. And the thought of me, a faithful fan, selling them because I couldn’t live staring at them forever, was horrendous.

“Want a part-time job?”


“Part-time job? So you wouldn’t have to sell them?”

“I have part-time jobs! I work in a coffee shop, clothes shop, laundry shop…” the unending list went on.

“Chotto matte, you work that much?” he asked. He looked at me, it took him that long to figure out? “And you’re studying?”

I nodded.

He sighed again. “Quit all of your jobs.”

“What are you…?”

“I told you I’m giving you a job!” he repeated. “Y50, 000 a month.”

I looked at his hand, his palm outstretched to show ‘five’. I took it, staring at the number of fingers he was showing. Oh, his hands are indeed like hamburgers. “Are you… are you sure?”

He grabbed his hand back, his eyebrows almost touching each other. “Hai.”

I looked at him suspiciously. “What job is that?” I asked.

“Simple. You’ll be my P.A.”

“P.A.? Maji?” I asked in skepticism. “Yada!”

It was one of my stupid and bizarre dreams to work as a P.A. of even one of the members of Arashi. Wipe their shoes, carry their clothes, comb their hair, or even fan them endlessly. But this is getting out of line.

“Don’t you want to?”

“P.A.? Of you?”

“You also don’t have to pay the rent… well, not until you could pay it…”

“Eh?” That was a nice offer. But is he really going to make me just a P.A.? I mean, he’s like buying my life with that price! Well, I don’t really cost that low. But P.A.s are not paid that high!

“If you don’t want to…”

“I’ll take it!” I said. I was desperate. “I’ll be your P.A.!”

“Of course, that includes cleaning the house, serving me breakfast, and going with me in places, as a P.A., of course,” he reminded. “Don’t you have school?”

“Whatever,” I replied. “And the only thing I needed to do to graduate is to finish my research proposal.”

“Good,” he replied. “Just promise me one thing…”


“Never sell any of these,” he said, pointing at the bed. “Those are precious vintage treasures, Warashi-san.”

I looked at him appreciatively. At least he cares for my collection. “Hai.”

“And call me Ninomiya-sama…”

“Ninomi… eh?”

“Just joking. I’ll call you Cho, then. You’re family name’s too long!”

“Whatever pleases you,” I replied.

“And now, as my P.A., I want you to cook dinner,” he ordered, standing up as high and mighty as a prince. And what would you call me? His slave?

“Can’t I just start tomorrow?” I complained. I’m still tired from my other jobs.

“Well then, forget the deal if you don’t start now,” he said threateningly.

“Iie! I’ll do it! But we don’t have anything!” I complained further.

“Mendokusai ne?” he said, shaking his head. “I have guests coming tonight. They’ll arrive at 9:00.”

I glanced at the clock. “Damn you, Ninomiya!” I thought as I saw that it was already 8:00. “And what do you expect me to do in this one-hour time limit? Slice your body so that they’ll have something to eat?”

“Nothing like that,” he said, laughing a little. “Daijoubu. I bought stuff to cook because I know they’ll be coming over. Now move faster before the clock strikes nine.”

“How about these?” I asked him, looking at the piles of CDs and other stuff.

He looked at them. “Nobody would steal them, baka,” he assured me. We both got out of the room and he closed the door gently.

I went to the kitchen and emptied the shopping bags, thinking of what I could cook with the variety of food he bought. “This looks like he just dumped them on the cart and paid for them,” I said as I thought of something… something fast!

I took the eggs from the fridge and the chicken he bought. Guess I have no choice then but to use my cutlery set since it looked like he doesn’t have his own.

He got out of his room. He has changed into a simpler set of clothes. He looked surprise to see that everything’s set on the low table. “Sugoii! You’re that fast?”

I was just removing the apron and cleaning the counter when the doorbell rang. Like a cat, I crept at the wall dividing the door and the kitchen, pressing my ear on the wall.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:23 pm

update: because i'm a comment whore and this story sure got a large deal of comments... you sure know how to please me... haha


“Yo!” I heard voices from the door.

“Nino, this place is cozy!”

“And unbelievably clean!” a comment from a high-pitched, breathy voice came.

“Err… why don’t you all come inside because you’re absolutely blocking the way?” Nino asked.

I heard scrambling and footsteps going inside the apartment. That made me stop the eavesdropping (I mean, why am I doing that, anyway?). “Yappari,” I said with a sigh while wiping the tabletop. “Bringing them here, what more can I get?”

“And that is my housemate, Warashi Cho,” Nino introduced, pointing at me. I frowned at him. It seemed like everyone was silent for a short while. Nino cleared his throat loudly.

“Konbanwa,” Sho greeted politely.

“Hello!” Aiba said, waving his hand energetically I was scared that it could fall off.

Jun bowed a little. “Konbanwa, Matsumoto Jun desu.”

Ohno bowed a little awkwardly. “Yo.”

I didn’t know if I was just facing impersonators, or if I was in a bizarre dream, or maybe I have read too much ‘insert-your-name-here’ fan fictions, or if I had drugs (which was impossible), or if I inhaled too much chemicals in our chemistry lab, or if I overworked myself, or if I’m dead and I’m in heaven. But the five of them were standing in front of me!

“Cho, calm down,” my brain said. But my heart was pounding wildly I could put my chest on a taika drum and it would definitely sound off. “Ha…ha… hajimemashite!” I greeted, stuttering, as I bowed, accidentally hitting my forehead on the table top.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” Aiba asked. Of course the hit was obvious, it sounded throughout the apartment.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. She’s just… ecstatic,” Nino said.

Aiba was next to me, looking at my now red forehead. “Eh? Nande?”

“She’s our fan. Actually, my fan,” Nino sneered.

I wanted to contradict him but with my head spinning, I think I could not. “Just sit here,” Aiba said, pulling out a stool.

“Minna, tabemashou!” Ohno shouted as he removed the piece of cloth covering dinner. He was already seated when everyone sat down.

“Why don’t we invite your housemate to eat with us?” Jun asked, looking at me as I was trying to make my forehead feel better.

Nino pursed his lips. “Oi, Cho-chan! Join us here!” he said.

“That’s so rude, Nino. You talk to her as though she’s someone lower than you,” Sho scolded.

“Well…” he eyes me as I sat beside him. “She’ll be my new P.A.”

They all stopped eating and looked at Nino as though he was crazy or something.


“Riida, please see if Nino’s sick.”

“I’m not sick,” Nino said in a scary voice, silencing everyone. “I just decided to have a P.A. and Cho-chan here gladly took the job.”

“But still, you have to be kind to her, ne, err… can I call you Cho-chan too?” Ohno asked.

I just nodded. I feel like I could not eat. I feel like I could not speak.

“Nino, you know very well that if you get a P.A., you have to pay for that yourself, and not the jimusho,” Sho explained. “And knowing you, you won’t spend for a P.A. You’d rather carry your stuff yourself…”

“…Or ask my PA to carry your stuff too,” Jun added.

“Well, I decided I could do with a PA,” Nino said. He already started eating. “I admit, this tastes good.”

“Umai!” Ohno said, putting up a dreamy face. “Nino, are you sure she’ll be your PA?” He looked like he was envious that Nino would get a PA who knows how to cook. Well, I’m not really saying I’m a cooking expert.

“Riida, you have your own private cook!” Aiba replied. The chopsticks were still settled inside his mouth. “Cho-chan, this tastes awesome!”

“Arigatou,” I said, repeatedly bowing in front of them. I just made sure I wouldn’t hit the table.

“Oh, it’s already late,” Nino told everyone. “Now scram.”

“Eh? We just finished dinner!” Aiba exclaimed.

“Yeah right,” Nino said sarcastically. He opened the door. “We don’t want to let Cho-chan stay up late cleaning up this mess, do we?” I did not miss it, Nino looked at Ohno with a raised eyebrow.

Ohno started to nod vigorously. “I think it’s better if we go home now.” He stood up.

Nino put his arm around him. “See? Even Oh-chan agrees with me!”

Everyone stood up from the low table and I started cleaning it up. I was in the kitchen when I heard their small conversation from the wall divider.

“Nino…” Ohno started.


“It’s about her…”

Sho also joined. “Doesn’t she remind you…?”

“Urusei!” Nino hissed. “Don’t talk about that here,” he said.

The door closed. I hastily went back to the sink, confused about the conversation that did not really mean anything.

Nino sat across the counter, watching me wash the dishes. “Why don’t you go sleep?” I asked him. “It’s late.”

He just smiled, putting his arms on the table and laying his head on them.

“Oi, I did not tell you to sleep there,” I said, tapping his shoulder as he was motionless on the counter table.

“I’m not asleep, baka,” he said. “I just want to make sure that you’re fine.”


After the work, I went to my room to keep the things again, relieved that I did not have to sell them. He sat on my bed as he looked at the other items. “They did not even give me a copy of this one!” he said angrily as he saw a limited edition version of a CD.

“I thought you get your own copy,” I asked him as I properly and carefully arranged the CDs on a pile. I took the one he was holding.

“Well, sometimes, I forget to take mine,” he explained. “Nice room. Is yellow your favorite color?”

I just nodded.

“It’s really neat. Oh, by the way, thank you for cleaning up my room. I can’t believe you cleaned it even before I asked you to be my PA.”

“Don’t mention it,” I replied, closing the cabinet. “I just don’t like seeing untidy stuff around. You don’t want to see your consoles out of the window, ne?”

He was silent as he stared at me. “Ninomiya-san?” I called out, as he seemed to be traveling to some faraway place. “Ninomiya-san? Oi!” I waved my hand over his face. It did not work. I took a large book from my bookshelf and slammed it shut in front of him.

“AH!” he shouted. “Why did you do that for?” he asked irritably.

“You were spacing out. And I thought it’s only Ohno-kun who does that,” I said sarcastically. “I’m going to sleep now.”

“Hai,” he said, standing up from the bed. “Oyasumi.”

“Oyasumi,” I greeted back. I closed the door behind me.

“Oh, chotto matte, Cho-chan,” he said from behind the door.


“Tomorrow, we’ll have a taping tomorrow. I guess your work starts tomorrow then,” he said from behind the door.

“What time should I wake up?”

“Before 6 will do,” he said.

“Hai. I’ll prepare breakfast,” I said.

“Anou… can you prepare packed breakfast for everyone?” he asked.

I smiled unknowingly. “I will.”

“Arigatou. Oyasumi,” he said. Then it was followed by silence. I opened the door a little and saw his door close.

Why does my heart beat with familiarity everytime I see him? Why does it feel like I knew him before? It’s impossible, I’m just a fan of him.

We have never met before.


i think you all have a common question that i couldn't answer...
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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I don't know why but my sho creative juices drained suddenly...



I heard a yawn after his door closed the morning. I was busy packing up food that I did not pay attention to him as he walked around. However, I almost dropped the plate I was holding when I looked at him.

“Ninomiya-kun! Wear a shirt, for Pete’s sake!” I yelled. He was walking around the house with only his shorts and a towel hanging on his shoulder.

He was in the middle of his stretching when he heard me. “Ah, gomen ne,” he said, smiling teasingly that I felt I was near to fainting. He proceeded to the bathroom.

I was almost gasping per breath when I heard the door close. “Maji?” I said exasperatedly. “Why is he walking around with only that, anyway?”

The next sight was almost unbearable. He got out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. I did not know if I should stab him with the chopsticks I was holding or if I should jump on him. One thing’s for sure, I’m in a near death experience.

“You’re too thin,” I said, not looking at him.

He just smirked. “So, you’re looking at me,” he said.

I felt my cheeks get red. “I am not!”

He laughed before he entered inside his room. “Seriously, this will be the death of me,” I said as I touched my chest. My heart was beating extra hard. “And Okaa-san told me not to do strenuous activities.”

After wrapping the pack with a cloth, I proceeded to the bathroom, bringing clothes along with me. I didn’t want him seeing anything!

I got out of the bathroom minutes later and I saw him sitting on the couch, playing a tune on his guitar. “Ah, you’re through! And you’re dressed!” he added.

“What do you expect to see?” I asked him, an eyebrow raised.

He just shrugged and continued playing with his guitar. I couldn’t help but smile as I heard a few notes from his music.

“Iku,” he said as he saw me get out of my room.

“Where are your things?” I asked him.

“Eh?” he asked as he packed his guitar and placed it inside his room.

“Things! I’m your PA so I think it’s my job to carry things for you,” I said. Am I not making sense?

“Well, I don’t have to bring many things,” he replied. “So, all you have to do is go with me and follow my orders.”

“Ah, hai,” I replied. I took the packed breakfast from the table and we both went inside his car to go to his office building. It will be my first time to go there. Was fate really serious that it made me a PA before I get to reach stars?


“I’m here!” Nino said as he entered the dressing room where his other co-members were waiting, each doing his own stuff. “And I brought breakfast.”

“Yosh!” Aiba shouted.

“Cho-chan, iku,” he said, motioning me to go inside.

I looked through the peek at the door. “I can’t!” I whispered.

Nino suddenly grasped my arm tightly and pulled me inside.

“Cho-chan’s here!” Jun said enthusiastically.

“Well, she’s my PA,” Nino said.

I placed the packed breakfast on the table in the middle and unpacked it. “It smells good!” Ohno commented. I removed each bento from each layer and gave it to everyone.

“Wow, how kind,” Sho remarked. “She reminds me of…” his voice trailed away as Nino looked at him. “Gomen ne.”

I also looked at Nino, who was silent at the corner. I gave him his breakfast. “You look like you haven’t eaten for many years,” I told him.

“Sou desu ne?” he replied. He took the bento and the chopsticks I offered him. He was about to take a bite when he asked, “I don’t see your breakfast.”

“I didn’t make one for myself,” I replied. Actually, I forgot making one for myself.

“Baka. You can’t be my PA if you don’t eat.” He gave me the bento and forced the chopsticks on my hand. “You eat.”


“I am ordering you to eat,” he said firmly.

“What about you?” I asked him. Even though I almost hated him, I am still concerned about him.

“Daijoubu,” he replied. He smiled at me. Not his usual smirk that annoyed me, but a gentle smile. I felt my heart skip a beat.

“Ninomiya-san, let’s just… let’s just share,” I decided. “This is a lot. I think I could not finish all of it.”

He pursed his lips in a cute way. I looked at the others, they were still busy eating. “Well then…” He took the chopsticks and started to eat. I just watched him eat. It made me full. It made me smile. I also took spare chopsticks from my bag… Urrghh, it was in a small pack. Actually, it was the Dream A-Live chopsticks.

Nino almost snorted on the meal when he saw me assembling the chopsticks. “You also have that?” he asked.

I nodded as I started to eat. “Is it forbidden for me to have these?” It was uncomfortable for me eating like that because I might hit his head while eating from the same plate.

“Iie. I just find it cute to see someone actually use that,” he said. “Most people buy stuff like those just to keep.”

“I bought these just for keep. But I don’t have spare chopsticks so I used these,” I explained. If I was talking to some stranger, I might be crying on the thought of using these chopsticks just because I didn’t have one. But I was actually glad while I was telling Ninomiya Kazunari that I am actually using their concert goods as eating utensils.

“Gochiso-sama,” we both said after we finished eating. I took the responsibility of taking their empty plates and repacking them.

“Umai, Cho-chan! You cook really well! Though Reina is always the best,” he said.

I nodded at him though I did not know who Reina is.

“Aiba-chan!” Sho scolded.

“What did I do?” he asked, puzzled.

“Daijoubu, Sho-kun,” Nino said, patting my head. “Cho-chan will not say our secrets, ne, Cho-chan?”

I nodded at him. Actually, I looked like a puppy obeying her master’s orders as he kept on patting my head. “Yamette,” I said, putting away his hand.

A knock came from the door. “Arashi, you have to go now,” the guy said.

“I’ll have to leave you here now,” Nino said. Now, it looked like I’m some baby sister being taken care of. “We have an interview.”

“Ninomiya-san,” I said, my lip twitching. “Can you stop talking to me that way?”

“Fine, fine,” he said in a defeated tone. “So, ja ne.”

“Ja ne,” I said as all of them bade goodbye. “They really are boys,” I sighed when I saw the mess they left. Being bored, I decided to clean everything up. I found a broom at the corner of the room and started dusting and sweeping the whole dressing room. I also arranged their clothes on the clothes hanger.

I was in the middle of arranging the magazines when it hit me. “Not now,” I said through gritted teeth, closing my eyes in pain. I tried to reach my bag and rummaged through it. “Kuso!” I said as I saw that the pillbox was empty. I staggered and fell on the couch, my breathing short and shallow. “Not here, onegai!” I said.

My eyesight started to get blurry when I heard the door open. “Murasaki-chan?”

I looked around. I could not actually see the face of the boy standing by the door as it was beginning to get harder for me to breathe. “Tasukete,” I just said with difficulty. He immediately went beside me and carried me to the couch. He gave me water.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” he asked. “Who are you?”

“Warashi Cho desu,” I said with difficulty.

“You’re getting blue. I’ll call an ambulance,” he said.

“Iie, I can manage,” I replied. I did not want anyone to worry. And if he brings me to a hospital, I have to pay for hospital fees!

It took me some more minutes before I got back to my normal state. I looked at the boy next to me. “Eh?”

“Hajimemashite, Ikuta Toma desu,” he said. “Gomen, I thought you’re Murasaki-chan. What are you doing here?”

“Murasaki-chan?” I asked. “I’m Ninomiya-san’s PA.”

He started to laugh. “Nino got himself a PA? At last!” he said. “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked again.

“I’m fine. I can manage,” I told him. I slowly sat up. “Sumimasen, who is Murasaki?” I asked.

“Ah, an old friend…” he said, hesitating to tell more information. “So, Warashi-san, I’m going to leave you now here.”

“Ikuta-san,” I said before he got out of the door. “Please don’t tell anyone, especially Ninomiya-san about what happened.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.


“Wakatta,” he said. “Take care of yourself.”
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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I am so frustrated.. demo, this chapter will show who Imi Reina is... Imi Reina is the girl who grabbed Aiba's heart from Hawaii... Please read "A Wish from the Heart" to understand... to those who knew, kudos to you!


“Ah, this is cozy,” Nino said as he stretched himself on the couch. “Eh? Why is my water bottle empty?” he asked.

I pursed my lips. So the water Ikuta gave me was actually from Nino’s water bottle!

“Never mind,” Nino said. “Just fill this with water from the water fountain outside.”

I took the water bottle and went outside. I was waiting for it to get full when someone almost said, “Saemoto-san!”

I turned around. “Ah, sumimasen. I thought…” the girl wearing an office uniform said.

“Ah, daijoubu,” I replied. People in this place are freaky! They keep calling me different names!


“How is your first day as a PA?” Jun asked as we ate dinner outside.

“Not really that much,” I replied. I am starting to get comfortable with them. Sometimes, I even forget I’m walking with stars.

“Well, usually, our PAs complain when we have concerts. Wait till you see,” Sho said, chuckling.

The waiter arrived, carrying the menu with him. “It’s pay-your-own today,” Jun said, looking at Nino.

“Wakatta,” the others chorused.

“Why don’t you order, Cho-chan?” Aiba asked, looking at me as I put down the menu.

“I’m not hungry,” I said. I’m still lying. I could not afford buying food again!

Ohno looked at me. “You just shared breakfast with Nino a while ago then we left you and I doubt you ate lunch.” He looked at me as though what I’ve done was the most impossible thing a person could do.

“Fine, your share will be my treat,” Nino said. He opened the menu and forced it to my hands.

“Daijoubu,” I said, trying to return the menu. From what I knew, this guy is a cheapskate. “And I don’t know what to eat.”

“What about sweet and sour tofu and pork?” Aiba asked. Sho pulled him down.

“Aiba-chan, urusei…”

“Actually, I like tofu,” I told Nino, looking at him. For a moment, he stared at me with a look I could not understand. Then he smiled, the right corner of his lips curving before the left.

“Then we’ll order that for you,” he said.

“Nino, maji? That’s one of the most expensive!” Aiba exclaimed noisily. He earned another hit, this time from Jun.

“Anou… I’ll just order a cheap one,” I said, opening the menu again, trying to look for something that would not cost too much. However, he took it from me.

“Iie. Daijoubu,” he said. The waiter returned and our orders. I was silent as Nino said, “And one sweet and sour tofu and pork.”

Our orders arrived and the five started chatting with each other about different things I did not really understand. I slowly ate but I felt a pair of eyes watching me.

“Gochiso-sama,” Aiba said happily. “Hey, let’s do our best in our concert, shall we?” he suddenly said.

“Hai, I almost forgot!” Nino exclaimed. He put an arm around me. “Ne, Cho-chan, we’ll be having a concert next month. So, your real works starts by then.”

I felt tingly when he placed his arm around me so I just nodded.

“Is this your first time to go to a concert?” Sho asked.

“Iie,” I replied. “I had been to a concert five years ago, and every year after that.”

“Sugoii! So, you’re a fan club member?”

“Hai,” I replied.

“Sugee! You’re a fan!” Aiba said enthusiastically.

“And a lucky fan,” Sho added. “Because it’s usually ballot based, ne?”

“But this time, it’s different,” Jun said. “You won’t be watching the concert but you’ll be seeing how the backstage looks like. That would look more exciting.”

What’s exciting with that? I would not even enjoy the concert since I’ll be taking orders from Nino. “Ah… I think so…”

“Daijoubu, we’ll let you watch the general rehearsals so that you’ll have an idea how the concert will look like,” Sho said, chuckling.

“But if she watches it every single concert date, she’ll get bored,” Ohno said.

“It’s just a one-month winter thank you concert,” Nino said. “Is that fine with you?” he asked me.

“You don’t need to ask me if that’s fine. I’m your PA,” I said sarcastically.



Today is really boring. Arashi had already left for their dance rehearsals and Nino just told me to stay inside the house. Am I a puppy of some sort?

“Now what?” I asked myself as I lay on the couch. “Isn’t that Y50 000 per month too much?” I asked myself. “I’m not even doing anything!”

It didn’t look like the house needed cleaning but I cleaned it anyway. There was a player stuck inside my ears, and I was humming their songs while doing so. If Nino was there, I might not be doing that because it has been a long time since I madly sang and danced along with their songs.

I was in the middle of changing the curtains from yellow to fresh blue ones when I suddenly stopped with no particular reason.

“Kienu kienu samidare no ato kawakanu namida no ato
Kesenu kesenu yamiyo ni ukabu itoshiki hito no kage
Yuuyake kawara wo aruiteru kimi to issho ni egao tsurete
‘Kyou no ban gohan nani shiyou?’ Chiisana sugoku chiisana futsuu no shiawase
Shindeitta anata wa boku no kokoro ni shimite ikita”

I was standing there on a high stool, my heart stopping, my brain dead, and I was listening to the song. His song…

“Why does it feel like this?” I asked myself. It was unbelievable. It was as if the song was talking to me.

“Ano hi umeta kokoro no tane wa hatsuka sugi mebukimashita
Sugata katachi chigaedo kawaranu ai yasashii hikari…”

“Cho-chan, watch out!” a voice shouted, loud enough for me to hear.

“Ah!” I shouted as I lost balance and fell. However, Nino caught me at the right time.

For a moment, I saw him look at me full of worry. Then it immediately shifted to his usual grin. “Baka, what are you doing standing up there?” he asked. He was still carrying me.

“Gomen. I’m just changing the curtains,” I said. He finally put me down.

“You look like you’re possessed!” he joked. He went to the kitchen. “Ah, no dinner? What shall we do for today’s dinner?”

‘Kyou no ban gohan nani shiyou?’

“Ah… eh?” I said. “Gomen, I’m cleaning so I forgot.” I returned the stool to the kitchen counter and placed the old curtains in the hamper. “I thought you’re going to eat dinner outside.”

“I just came from rehearsals and no dinner,” he said. “So, that means if you’re alone, you won’t cook your own dinner.”

“I think so,” I admitted. “I would not want to touch the food since I used your money to buy them.”

“Daijoubu,” he said. “I have no use for a PA who’s not eating,” he said. “I told you that you need energy if you have to be my PA.”

“I’m fine,” I said.

“Yeah right,” he replied. He was already by the fridge, looking for something. “I don’t want to eat instant ramen.”

“I’ll go cook. What do you want?” I asked him.

“I feel like I want to eat okonomiyaki,” he said like a kid, throwing himself on the couch.

“Okonomiyaki?” I voiced out. “Where do you expect me to get the ingredients, eh?”

“I know. That’s why you’re coming with me,” he said, pulling me from the kitchen.

I was puzzled. “I thought you’re not spending…?”

“Daijoubu,” he said. “It’s like an early treat.” He took his jacket again as I went inside my room to get mine. We walked towards a nearby restaurant and he ordered the food.

“Since you’re my PA, you have to prepare my food,” he said, grinning widely.

“Fine, fine,” I said. “You are so hopeless,” I added as I placed the ingredients on the pan. “Ninomiya-san?”


“I just want to ask, what will I do as your PA in the concerts?” I asked him because I want to prepare myself.

“Ah, that’s simple,” he said. “You just wait backstage and carry the next costumes that I need, help me change, give me water, wipe my sweat, and so on and on.”

It took a while before my jobs clicked inside my head. “Are you sure that’s a PA’s job? I look like a babysitter,” I said. I sliced the okonomiyaki in half and gave his share. “Besides, why do I need to help you change?”

“Duh, because we wear layers of costumes,” he said as though it was the most obvious fact that I should know. “And I thought you have watched every concert.”

“I have!” I defended. “But isn’t that a little over-the-top?”

“It’s easier than what the staff do,” he said. “At least you’re only taking care of me. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” He happily took his share. “Itadakimasu.”

I just stared at him. “Help him change? Wipe his sweat?” those swam inside my head as I took my bite. “Atsui!”

He immediately gave me a napkin and water. “Baka. You should be careful.”

I just glared at him. “I am careful.”

He just shrugged as we continued to eat. We passed by a drugstore. “Anou, Ninomiya-kun, chotto matte.” I ran inside the drugstore.

“Can I have these?” I asked the pharmacist, handing her the prescription. She nodded and went inside to look for the medicine.

“What are you buying?” Nino asked. He was right beside me.

“Now who’s the baka?” I sneered. “Medicine of course,” I said.

The lady returned and gave me the medicine. Thankfully, it’s already inside the paperbag so Nino couldn’t see it. I gave the payment.

“What’s that medicine for?” he asked curiously.

“None of your business,” I answered. I have no plans to tell him what those medicines are for, anyway.

“Fine,” he said. We both walked, not towards the apartment, but on the playground nearby. I was on the swing and he was pacing all around.

“You should sleep,” I said. “You have rehearsals tomorrow.”

“I can’t sleep,” he simply said. He took out a baseball and started tossing it to the air.

“Sou ka…” I said. I was shivering in the cold that I could not move. “It’s too cold,” I commented.

He suddenly approached me and put his own scarf on me. “There. Now don’t complain,” he said as he continued playing there by himself.

I felt warm when he placed the scarf on my neck. “Arigatou,” I mouthed. “You look stupid playing there by yourself,” I shouted.

“Catch!” he yelled, throwing the ball to me. I was lucky I caught it or else it would hit my head.

“Omae!” I yelled back, throwing it again at him. Then we began playing catchball.

He threw the ball farther than expected. “I’ll get it!” I said, running towards the ball. I picked it up. I noticed a fading mark on the ball. It was the kanji for ‘eternity’.

“Eternity,” I mused for a while. I felt my heart beat faster not because of the running and catching but because I saw the character on the ball.

“Oi!” Nino shouted. I did not realize that I was standing in the middle of the street. “Cho-chan, watch out!” he shouted.

I looked at my right and there were lights. A truck was coming my way! Panic overcame me and I was rooted on the spot until I felt pain on my back. Someone pushed me.

I was lying on the ground when I realized what had happened. “Baka! What were you doing standing there like a tree?” Nino scolded. He was lying on his stomach on the ground. He used his hand to support himself to stand up. “Itai!” he complained loudly.

“Doushita?” I asked standing up to go near him. He rolled on his back and I saw that he had a scratch on his knee. “Gomenasai!” I quickly said.

He smiled. “Daijoubu, daijoubu,” he said while patting my head simultaneously like a dog. “You got me worried like crazy!” he said.

I looked at him. “He was worried?” I thought. I stood up and helped him up, assisting him as we made our way back to the apartment. I laid him on the couch.

“This is your fault. How can I attend our rehearsals tomorrow?” Nino asked through gritted teeth.

I was already teary-eyed. “Gomenasai!” I said again.

“Nah, it’s just a joke. Just help me clean the wound,” he said, smiling and giving out his signature ‘peace’ sign.

I ran inside the bathroom to get the first aid kit and rolled his short pants higher so that I could clean the wound. He hissed in pain as I wiped his wound with the cotton dabbed with antiseptic.

“Cho-chan, why are you crying?” he asked me. A small smile was on his lips as he tiled my chin up.

“I’m not crying,” I said, even though it was obvious that I was crying. “Something got in my eye.”

“Liar,” he said. “You’re crying. You’re worried about me,” he said. I was putting bandage on the wound.

“I’m not worried!” I suddenly shouted. He pouted. “Ah… eh… that’s not what I mean!” I said.

“Wakatta,” he replied, pinching my cheek. “Go to sleep now. Oyasumi…” He stood up from the couch and walked towards his room. I heard the lock click.

I sighed as I stared at his closed door. I arranged everything and made my way back to my room. “It has been a long day,” I said, lying on my side, smiling. “Oyasumi,” I said to no one in particular before closing my eyes to sleep.


This time, Nino asked me to go with him to his rehearsals. We made our way to the JE building, where I saw a lot of celebrities just running around inside, playing, chatting, or just walking.

Nino handed me his duffel bag. “I guess it’s your job to carry this, ne?” he said. It was not really that heavy. “Take care of that, my DS is in it.”

“Hai,” I replied. I held it close to my chest as he told me to take care of it.”

A bullet fast figure ran past us, hitting me, the bag almost slipping from my hands. “Yokatta,” I said in relief as I caught the bag, treating it like a delicate baby.

Nino shouted angrily at the running figure. “Oi! Chotto matte!”

He stopped running and walked cautiously towards Nino. “Anou… nani, Ninomiya-kun?”

Nino smirked at the boy. “Don’t you know that it’s dangerous running around the corridors?” he asked. “You almost hurt her!”

Chinen turned at me and put up a sorry face that was just too cute to handle. “Gomenasai,” he said, bowing.

“And you, little brat, you almost put her life, and my DS’s life in danger,” Nino hissed, scaring the boy out of his wits that he started to step backward.

“I didn’t know,” he said, shaking a little.

I heard a loud smack and I saw a tall woman hitting Nino’s head with a rolled newspaper. “Nino-kun, stop bullying Chinen-kun,” she said sternly.

“Ah, Anna-san, I did not see you there,” Nino said innocently. “I’m not bullying Chinen, ne Chinen-kun?”

The boy nervously nodded at Nino’s devilish smile.

“Stop that crap, Nino-kun. And you, you’re late, little kid,” she said, pointing at Chinen. “I’m not giving you any special treatment even though Satoshi’s fond of you or because you are fond of him… or whatever.” He looked thankful as he ran as fast as he could into the dance rehearsal room and with the corner of my eye, I saw him jump on Daiki, hugging him so tight that he could not breathe.

Anna turned to me and smiled. “Oh, a friend? Or a girlfri…”

“My PA,” Nino said. “Cho-chan.”

“Hajimemashite,” I said. “Warashi Cho desu.”

She smiled. “I’d better go back inside. We’ll be starting our rehearsals.” She turned back at Nino, this time carrying a glare. “And if Chinen-kun gets traumatized and could not dance this day, I’ll make sure you’ll pay for that.”

She closed the door behind her and Nino stuck his tongue out like a kid. “Yes, the ever protective mother,” he said, rolling his eyes. I laughed.

“Iku, Cho-chan,” he said, pulling me to the rehearsal room two doors to the left. He opened the door and we saw the other members warming up. “Yay! I’m not late!” he said in relief.

“You’re so lucky. Maybe Cho-chan is your human alarm clock, ne?” Sho teased.

“Not really. Ah, before I forget…” he took the bag from me and took out a folder. “Can you please take this to the second floor?” he asked.

Everyone looked at Nino. I noticed it. “Eh?” Aiba asked.

“Anou, where in the second floor?”

“It’s simple. There’s only one office in the second floor so you’re going to tell the receptionist that I sent you there to give these,” he told me.

I nodded my head. The others were staring at me as though I’m going to jump down to a lion’s cage so I ran back to Nino. “Are you sure it’s okay?” I asked him nervously.

“Daijoubu,” he said. “These airheads here are just scaring you,” he said, smirking at the others.


“We’re not airheads, you airhead!” Jun said.

“Now go, Cho-chan. I’m counting on you,” Nino said, patting my head again. Seriously, I hate being treated like a puppy.

I nervously made my way to the second floor and saw a desk with a receptionist. “What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Anou… I’m here to give these,” I said, showing her the folder. “Ninomiya-san asked me to give these.” I left the folder on the desk and started to walk briskly away.

“Chotto matte!” the girl called. She went to me and returned the folder. “I think you have to give that personally to the president.” She led me to a room with two doors, opened it, and went inside.

The girl smiled at me and motioned me inside. She bowed before closing the door behind her, leaving me alone inside the large office decorated with wooden sculptures and certificates, also portraits of each debuted group, in timeline.

I was looking around the room, not really sitting down because I think it would be rude. I walked towards the window, where a beautiful view of the city caught my eye.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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“Oi! Don’t write on that!” he complained loudly but too late. She has already marked the ball with the permanent marker.

“Douzo,” she said, giving the ball.

“This is a special ball!” he shouted.

She giggled. “If you have played with that special ball on that day, we would have met, ne?”

He sighed. “Sou ne?” he replied. He held her near. “You know, even if I did not get in Johnny’s, I’m sure that we’ll meet.”

“Nande?” she asked, touching his hair.

He sighed and contemplated before putting his hand over her chest. “Because our hearts only belong together.”

“Murasaki?” a voice called. I looked around. I saw an old man walking towards me. “Ah, gomenasai, I thought…”

“Ohayou,” I greeted. “I was sent here by Ninomiya-san,” I said, showing the folder I was holding.

“Ah, Ninomiya-kun, deshou?” he said. He chuckled a little. “Take a seat. Do you want English chocolate, coffee, or tea?” I shook my head. “Bring in English chocolate,” he still told the secretary, who nodded and went outside. “So, Ninomiya-kun sent you here. Can I have that?”

I handed him the folder, my mind still clouding that I was sitting in front of Johnny. The Johnny who almost ruled Japan’s music world. Am I just exaggerating? Well, he also showed up in the English magazines I’ve read in our English subject.

He nodded as he read whatever it was inside the folder. “Anou, may I ask… who is Murasaki?” He suddenly looked at me. “Ah, gomen! I’m being too nosy!” I apologized. I placed my hands on my lap and tapped them tensely.

“Daijoubu,” he replied, turning the page. “Murasaki… she’s my favorite niece.”

“A niece?” So that’s the reason why they all knew her. “Anou… I was here the other day and people kept calling me ‘Murasaki’ or ‘Saemoto’.”

“Her whole name is Saemoto Murasaki,” Johnny replied, putting the folder back on the table.

“Ah, sou ka…” I replied, nodding a little.

“You also remind me of her, umm…”

“Warashi Cho desu…”

“Warashi-san” he said. “I almost thought it was Murasaki but it was quite impossible.”

“Eh? Nande?”

He sighed. “Murasaki died five years ago,” Johnny said, smiling sadly.

“Sumimasen,” I replied, feeling sorry. But I was really interested about this girl. “So that’s the reason why everyone knows her.”

“Everyone?” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Hai,” I said. “I was cleaning the Arashi dressing room when Ikuta-san entered and mistaken me for her. And I was walking the corridor when some girls called me ‘Saemoto’.”

“That girl,” he said, laughing a little. “I didn’t know that she really sneaks in the office to see him…”

“See who?”

He gave me an all-knowing smile. “I’m not the right person to tell you, Warashi-san. So, I think you have to return to Arashi’s rehearsals to take care of your Ninomiya-kun, ne?”

I nodded a little. “Nice to meet you again,” I told him as he led me to the doors.

“Come go here next time, Warashi-san,” he said.

“I’ll try,” I replied, smiling at him. I felt really light talking to him. “I haven’t met him before but I feel like I’ve known him for years,” I thought.

I returned to the rehearsal room. The door was locked but there was a note posted in front of the glass window of the door.

“I left our dressing room unlocked. Just go and stay there until we finished.”

- Ninomiya-sama

“Ah…” I said. I looked momentarily at the glass door after taking off the paper and saw that he was practicing hard along with the others. Then suddenly, I heard laughter beside me. I looked at the side. “Are? No one’s here,” I said. I rubbed my ears, making sure I don’t have any ear disease from hearing Nino’s voice now and then.

“Kowaii…” I exclaimed as I looked again at the glass window. Then I blinked my eyes several times. For a tad bit of a second, I seriously saw something change in the scene I was watching. “Spirit of Saemoto Murasaki-san, please don’t bother me…” I stupidly said as though I’m in a temple or something. My eyes were closed and I was repeatedly murmuring some incantations I heard from my grandfather.

I almost jumped when I felt someone touch my shoulder. “KAMI-SAMA!” I shouted as I looked behind me.

“Yo!” the girl greeted. She was a woman with long brown hair and a lacy dress, carrying a pack of lunch. She looks familiar…

“Imi Reina deshou?” I asked, pointing at her. It was rude so I put my hand down immediately. She smiled. My fright immediately disappeared as I felt warm liquid down my stomach. This is unbelievable.

She pressed her finger on her lips and pulled me away from view. We walked towards the elevator, making our way to their dressing room.

“I just took a peek to see what Masaki’s doing,” she explained. “You, what are you doing there? Don’t tell me one of them is your boyfriend…”

My head spun, my tongue stuck inside my mouth. I found it hard to speak. “Masaki? You mean you’re with Aiba Masaki?” I could not believe my ears. “So that’s why Nino told me that I could also keep their secrets…”

She smiled again as we entered the dressing room. “Woah! It’s clean!” she said in amazement. She sat on the couch. “Well, I want to know you better. It seems like you know me, ne?”

“Hai,” I replied. I’m not an Arashi-only shipper. In fact, I also liked Imi Reina. And the fact that she’s hooked up with a member of my favorite band is like ‘woah’! “Warashi Cho desu. Hajimemashite.”

“Ah,” she said. “Let me guess who you’re with. It’s impossible that it’s Ohno-kun since he’s with Anna-san…”

“Chotto matte, I…”

She was not listening. “Well, it’s not Masaki, isn’t it?” she asked me, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“Iie!” I replied.

“Yokatta,” she replied. “Jun-kun’s with that scary designer…”

“Eh?” Am I hearing right? Three Arashi members have girlfriends? And who’s the ‘scary designer’?

“So that leaves Sho-kun and Nino-kun,” she concluded, showing two fingers.

“You’re thinking of it wrong, Imi-san…”

“Call me Reina,” she said.

“Reina-san… I’m not anyone’s girlfriend. I’m Ninomiya-san’s PA,” I explained.

She edged nearer and looked at me closely. “Are you sure you’re just a… personal assistant?” she asked, looking at me suspiciously.

“Mochiron desu yo!” I replied. “What makes you say that…?”

She sighed in relief. “Anyway, I brought lunch for us. However, I did not know that you’re here so I guess…”

“Daijoubu. I just won’t eat,” I told her.

“That’s rude!” she replied. “I insist. Maybe I won’t feed Masaki because he’s getting fatter…”

“Iie, Reina-san. He must eat because they’re practicing hard,” I said.

“Sou da ne,” she said with an innocent look. “So, what are we going to do with you?”

“Seriously, I could manage…” But she has already started to open the lunch box and taking a spare plate, she took a bit of this and that from the bento boxes.

“You must taste this… and this…” she muttered as she took bits of rice, meat, bean sprouts, and all other sorts of food that were served.

“Reina-san, you’re taking out too much,” I said.

“Sou deshou?” she said, stopping. She stared at the plate that was almost full. “Gomenasai. I got too excited.”

The door opened and Aiba excitedly ran towards Reina, hugging her. “Reina!”

“Eww, you’re sweaty, Masaki,” she complained. The others had gone inside the shower room. He followed. “And don’t get out of that room undressed. We are here.”

I was already blushing red at the thought that the five of them were inside the shower room. “Cho-san? Doushita?”

“Nan demo nai,” I replied. I just helped her prepare the food on the table and cleaned up some mess.

One by one, the boys got out of the room, all-dressed up, though their hair was still dripping wet. They looked like they were not accustomed to changing clothes inside the shower room.

Suddenly, there was a banging from the shower room door. “Cho-chan!” Nino called.

I stood up and pressed my ear on the door, the others watching me. “Nan dayo?”

“Anou, can you bring my bag over here?” he asked.

I took his bag from the couch. Then I noticed everyone looking at me. I blushed. “Cho-chan! Hayaku!” Nino’s voice from behind the door said. “Or I have no choice but to get out of the shower room naked!”

“Hai!” I said, nervous. He should not get out of the shower room naked. It’s not only me here, but there’s also Reina. I looked around. “Eh?” Aiba and Reina disappeared, as well as the others. The food on the table was gone too, except for the spare plate containing my share and Nino’s share.

“Where did they go?” I asked. I was getting nervous with each moment that passed. I knocked on the door. “Ninomiya-san, here’s your bag.”

He opened the door a little. However, instead of pulling the bag, he pulled my wrist, dragging me inside. “Kyaa!!” I shouted, closing my eyes. I fell on the tile floor, my head hitting the bench.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” Nino’s voice asked. I was careful not to open my eyes even though the head blow was painful. I felt his damp hand touch the bump, which was really painful. What kind of material did they use to make that bench, anyway? Solid gold?

“Oi, Cho-chan, answer me!” Nino said, shaking me.

“Daijoubu!” I answered, annoyed. I also opened my eyes. “Kyaa!” I shouted as I saw him only covered by a towel. I closed my eyes again. “Why did you have to pull me in here, anyway?”

“Did I?” he answered. I could not see him but I know that he was really amused mocking me.

“Change into some clothes. I’m going,” I indignantly said, standing up with my eyes closed. I did not know what my foot stepped into but I slipped. “I’m going to die if I hit my head!” I thought. “I’m going to die and it will be Nino’s fault!”

I was prepared for the blow when I felt something warm and damp catching my back and shielding my head.

I slowly opened my eyes. I saw that I was beneath Nino’s head as he was shielding my head from hitting the solid bench. “What happened?” I asked him. It was after a minute of silence when I noticed that he was still topless and he was still wearing that towel on him waist. “Ah! Let me go now!”

However, he did not let go. My back was still against him. “Baka. If I let you go, the towel will fall off!” he answered.

I hope he did not notice that I was blushing red. “Why are you getting so red?” he asked. Oh great, he noticed.

“I’m not blushing!” I protested. “Urusei!” I tried to stand up myself but the floor was still slippery that I just landed on the floor.

“I told you,” he said in a singsong voice.

“I can manage. Can you just change into clothes?” I requested. I might melt and disappear inside that stuffy shower room in less then thirty seconds!

He slowly shifted his position so that whatever he was wearing would not fall off. However, his sudden movement caused his face to get inches… no… centimeters away from my face. I gulped and blinked a few times.

“Yameru,” I thought as my heart started beating fast-paced, it could level the strength of a taika drum. But that wasn’t the case. What should I do if my favorite idol was inches away from me, only wearing that towel that was dangerously falling off? And I was on the floor. If that was just any other man, I could have kicked him there and then and ran away. But there’s something inside me telling me not to run away. What am I thinking? Maybe I’ve been listening too much to Matsumoto’s Dream A Live solo.

“G…ge…get off…” I managed to stutter. He also blinked a few times and pulled away. I hope he has noticed. My heartbeat was ultra fast that I could not breathe. I’m not talking about the fangirl breathlessness but seriously, I have to get my medicine and drink it! And fresh air! Onegai! Somebody help me!

“Cho-chan, doushita?” Nino’s voice from faraway called. My eyesight was blurring.

“Dai….daijoubu…” I replied. I felt that I was trembling as I crawled on my knees out of the room. I didn’t want to ask help from him. The door! I have already turned the doorknob and I saw the bright light of the dressing room outside.

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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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this next update is really critical for this story. i hope this update is enough to compensate for my one week hiatus... ja matta ne... i love you all...


She was peeking at the glass window of the dance rehearsal room, chuckling to herself.

A man got out. “Hey! What are you doing here?”

“I want to laugh!” she replied teasingly. “That looked painful, ne?” she asked.

He blushed red. “You saw that?”


“I hate you,” he said, striding out of her.

“Cho…chotto matte!” she wailed, following him. “Are you mad?”

“What do I look like to you?”

“Gomenasai!” she apologized. “I think I made you feel bad.”


“Gomen… gomen… gomen!”

She was bowing uncontrollably that he had to hold her shoulders. “Listen to me,” he said, managing to have eye contact. “Don’t say sorry again, okay?”


“What are you doing here?” she asked as she saw him on the rooftop, humming a tune on the guitar.

“Baka, what do I look like doing?”

“Playing a guitar? Iie, you’re escaping rehearsals!”

“Shh… This is my secret.”

“Can you teach me?” she asked.



He gave in to her stubbornness, handing the guitar to her. However, at her first strum, one of the strings broke.

“Hontou ni gomenasai!” she said, giving it back to him. “Yappari. I guess guitar isn’t for me.”

He laughed as he stared at her pouting, almost crying face. “Hey, I told you not to say sorry to me.”

“But I just…”

“Daijoubu. I could just buy strings for this.”

I opened my eyes. I was staring at the white ceiling. Did I just pass out?

I slowly sat up. Nino was beside me. Yokatta, he’s fully dressed. He was staring at me with utmost concern. The others were back and they were also looking at me.

“Gomen,” I just said. I scrambled for my bag and saw my medicine in the pillbox. However, I could not take it with all of them staring at me.

“Daijoubu… desu ka?” Aiba asked.

I tried to smile. “Hai. It’s just overfatigue.”

I glanced sideways for a moment. Nino was still looking worried. Then he looked at me. “I told you, you should eat,” he said in a smooth voice.

“Gomen,” I just apologized.

“Stop apologizing. I don’t want to hear any apologies,” he said in a cold voice. Everyone stared at him as he made his way out of the door.

I bit my lip. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked, feeling crestfallen.

Aiba started to talk. “You know, Cho-chan, Nino used to…”

“Aiba-chan!” Sho scolded again.

“Nan dayo?” I asked Sho. It looked like Aiba wanted to tell a story.

Sho looked at me. “Gomenasai, Warashi-san. Please don’t ask questions about that.”

“Hai. Wakatta,” I answered out of politeness. But deep inside, whatever Aiba wanted to say, I was dead curious.


“Ninomiya-san…?” I asked as the two of us walked back to the apartment.

“Nani?” he asked, not really paying attention. He was kicking a can.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked him.

“Iie,” he replied. He was still kicking the can.

“Gomenasai,” I said again.

“I told you not to say sorry,” he said, not in a cold voice, but in a calm and warm voice.

I nodded. We walked in silence up to the elevator. We’re not even looking at each other.

“I’m going to sleep now,” he said. “Oyasumi.”

“Oyasumi nasai,” I replied as I saw him close the door. After a quick shower, I made my way to my room, changed into pajamas, and went to bed. It was still kind of early that I could not sleep. I stood up and opened my cabinet to take a CD and played it in the player.

I was sitting on my bed, listening to the soothing songs when my phone rang.

“Moshi moshi?”

“Warashi Cho desu ka?”


“This is Yamashita Koya,” the voice said.

I smiled in familiarity. “Ah, sensei!” I said. “Why did you call?”

“I would like you to meet someone,” he said.


“She’s a person who wants to meet you. It has been five years. She’s the donor’s mother,” he said.

“Sou da ne…”

“Hai. Actually, it’s against our policy to tell the recipient but she insisted. And she wants to meet you. Can you go to the café near the hospital tomorrow?”

“I’ll try. I’ll just ask if I could have a day off,” I answered.

“Ah, you’re working. I’ll just give you her number and call her if you cannot come,” he said. He gave me the number.

“Arigatou,” I said.

“Douitashimashite,” he replied. “Oyasumi.”

“Oyasumi, sensei,” I said, hanging up after him.

Now what? Her mother wanted to meet me. I have to ask Nino if he would allow me to go. It’s rude to knock on his door but I decided to do so, anyway.

“Ninomiya-san,” I said, knocking gently on his door. “Are you awake?”

I pressed my ear on the door. There was a gentle strumming of a guitar. He was playing a tune. I knew it was not something from their released songs but it really felt familiar.

“Ninomiya-san, I would just like to ask if I can have the day off tomorrow. I have to meet someone.” I knocked again on the door. No reply. I guess he was not allowing me. I sighed and went back to my room. I was about to call the woman I will meet when there was a knock on the door.

“Just prepare me some breakfast by 6 o’ clock,” he said, his voice audible even through the CD I was playing. “And don’t listen too much to my songs. You might get dreamy.”

I made a grab for the door and I saw him at his doorstep. “And don’t disturb me when I’m playing. I almost died, you know,” he said.

“Put a sign on your door if you don’t want me to disturb you,” I said back before closing my door again. Then I just realized… Playing? He was not playing any games… he was playing a song…


I wore a simple lavender dress. I did not know why I chose that dress but I felt like wearing that. I got out preparing breakfast.

Nino got out of the bedroom and saw me in the kitchen. I turned around and saw him gaping at me. “Ah… nande?”

“Nan demo nai,” he replied. “It’s weird seeing you wear dresses,” he commented.

“Ah, I used to wear dresses,” I answered.

“So, are you going to a date?” he asked as he sat down on the kitchen counter while I prepared his breakfast. For a moment, I saw a scary glint in his eyes that disappeared with a blink.

“Iie! I’m going to meet someone,” I replied.

“So, it’s called a date.”

“It’s not a date,” I said firmly. I sat across him and started to eat too.

“Sou… sou…” he said, frowning. “Gochiso-sama,” he said, finishing up.

“Chotto matte!” I called, handing him a bento box. “I just felt like making you lunch.”

He stared at me with wide open eyes. “A…arigatou,” he said, taking it and shoving it in his bag. “Ja ne.”

He closed the door behind me. I did not know what drove me to make him lunch even though he did not order me to do so.

After cleaning the house a bit, I left and made my way to the café near the hospital. As I got there, I saw a woman wearing a hat, sipping coffee. She caught sight of me and gasped. She ran towards me.

“Are you… Warashi Cho-san?” she asked, stopping herself from embracing me. I nodded my head and she hugged me tight. “I’m so glad you came.”

She heaved me to the chair next to her and sat down. “Hajimemashite. Soujiro Nanako desu.”

“Hajimemashite,” I replied.

“You know, I can’t help but stare at you. You really look like my daughter. Not really twin-like, but you remind me of her strongly.” She surveyed the way I stirred the coffee. “You even put two packs of creamer on the coffee! It’s really like her!”

I did not know what to say. She was delusional but I also felt nice towards her. “Sou ka?” I tried to think of something to say. “Your daughter is an interesting person.”

“She really is,” she said, chuckling. “Warashi-san, do you have some time to spare?” she asked.

I nodded in reply. “Nande?”

“I would like to take you somewhere,” she said. A car parked in front of us and she asked me to hop in. I did not feel any suspicion or something to I gladly stepped inside.

“Where are we going?” I asked her.

I stared at the sights outside. My eyes widened as we entered a gate guarded by security guards. It was a private subdivision. “Chotto matte…”

The car entered a set of large gates and drove into a foliage of trees. “Soujiro-san…”

“Welcome to our house,” she said as the car finally stopped in front of a large mansion.

I could not help but reveal my amazement to her. “Sugoii.” I looked at the side, there was a fountain and an arrangement of flowers. “Kireii…”

“That garden is my daughter’s favorite,” she said. “Let’s go inside,” she said.

I followed her and the maids that trailed the way bowed as we passed.

I looked at amazement at the large crystal chandelier that decorated the almost empty carpeted hallway. “Anou, where shall I put my shoes?” I asked her.

“You don’t need to remove the shoes here,” she replied. “The shoes are removed when we enter each room.”

“Hai,” I said. I followed her as she went up the large carpeted staircase. “Your house is really big,” I said.

“And silent,” she added. “Before, when she was still here, the house is full of laughter, even though it’s just the two of us.” She looked at me. “Let’s eat lunch first.”

I nodded as I accompanied her to the second floor. “Oku-sama,” a maid asked, bowing in front of her. “Will I set the dining room?”

“Iie. Use the other room,” she replied.

The maid gasped at her words. I did not know why but it looked like the maid did not expect her answer whatever it was.

“Ha…hai,” she said, moving away with another bow.

“I’m going to tour you around as they prepare the lunch,” Nanako said, taking my hand.

“Don’t you get lost inside the house? It’s too big,” I told her.

“Well, actually, I haven’t explored the whole house, just the usual places,” she replied. “My daughter’s the one who knows each passageway of this house.”

“I think your daughter is really kind,” I said.

“She is. That’s why she’s always a favorite. In school, in work, even in our relatives,” Nanako said, boasting of her daughter. “However, she’s really naughty and she loves pulling pranks on people.”

“Why is she a favorite if she does that?”

“Her smile lets her get away,” she said. “She just smiles at those people and she gets forgiven.”

What? Is she like a Ninomiya female version? Well… “She’s really interesting.”

“Oku-sama,” the maid said, approaching us. “The lunch is ready.”

“Iku,” she said, leading the way. I saw a dining room with a very long table and I thought we’re going to eat there. However, she led me to a small room beside it. “It’s just the two of us so I think it’s better if we eat here,” she said.

I looked at the small room with a table for two inside. The room was themed yellow. There was a piano and a guitar at the side. The food was prepared on the table. Then I saw a black and white picture on an altar, filled with different sorts of flowers. The girl was smiling. She was so beautiful.

“My daughter and I eat inside this room. Sometimes she brings in a friend and they eat here together.” She looked around the room. “It’s much better here than the dining room.”

I sat in front of the table and she sat across me. “Help yourself, Warashi-san.”

“Hai.” I took the chopsticks and said, “Itadakimasu.” I tasted the chicken and I couldn’t help but comment on the taste. “Oishi!”

“Arigatou,” she said. “I cooked that.”

“You cook well,” I said. “How did you get the taste?”

“I used chicken oil,” she replied.

I made a mental note to use chicken oil as both of us ate the food on the table. “It really tastes good.”

She smiled. “Yokatta,” she said in relief.

I nodded. She looked sad. We continued to walk in a hallway decorated by vases, paintings and figurines of butterflies. “There are a lot of butterflies around.”

“Well, those are her favorite,” she said. “She loves to collect those things. We’re here.”

She opened the door at the end of the corridor. We removed our shoes and went inside. “Sugoii…!” I exclaimed as I entered a large room themed purple. There were different sorts of butterfly decoration: figurines, pressed wings, vases, and a collection of crystal ones inside a glass shelf.

I looked around in amazement. It was spacious and clean. It looked like someone was living in it. “I always make sure that the room is clean,” Nanako said.

I looked around and saw the bed with fresh covers and a net curtain hanging over it. Perpendicular to it was, unexpectedly, a Nino poster. A large one.

“If it isn’t rude… Soujiro-san, could I…?” I couldn’t just ask her how her daughter died like asking someone how to cook eggs!

“Ah, the way she died,” she smiled sadly. She sat on the bed and she motioned me to go there too. I sat beside her, trying not to be intimidated with the large poster near the bed.

“It was five years ago. My daughter was burning with fever…”

“No, Saki. I won’t allow you,” Nanako told her daughter.

“Okaa-san, onegaishimasu!”

“You’re sick and it’s raining outside,” Nanako said, pointing at the window.


“Mou ii desu,” she replied austerely. “Stay here until you get well. I’ll call him to visit you.”

The girl turned to the side of the bed. “It’s no use, okaa-san. He won’t come here.”


“He does not even reply to my messages or answer my calls,” Saki said, crying. “I don’t know why.”

Nanako sat beside her. “Saki, I thought you understand him. You know that he works hard, ne?”

Saki nodded. “But he should at least…”

“He might be very busy,” her mother said, stroking her hair. Saki got up and embraced her mother while crying.

“But I miss him so much, okaa-san,” she said. “I want to see him smile. I want to hear his voice. It has been three months since I last saw him!”

“Daijoubu,” Nanako said with a soothing voice. “I’ll make sure he’ll come.”

“Hontou ni?”

“Hai. I’ll make sure,” she assured her daughter.


Saki roamed the streets of Tokyo, her head aching. She was feeling extremely cold that she held her coat tighter to her and her umbrella overhead.

“Where is he?” she said to herself, shivering in the cold. “I know that he’s here.”

She looked around, trying to see through the rain. Her eyes widened and her face split to a green when she saw what she was looking for.

She shouted his name with all her might. “Here!” she shouted, waving at him through the rain.

He also looked surprised. “Saki-chan! What are you doing here?” he shouted.

Saki, not minding anything else, ran across the street to meet him.

“Saki-chan! Watch out!” he shouted, pointing at the incoming truck.

“She escaped to meet her boyfriend,” Nanako said, sighing at the portrait of her daughter at the other side of the bed. “She was really sad that he was not seeing her so she looked for him to talk to him, to see him.”

“What kind of boyfriend is he?” I asked indignantly. I did not like the way he ignored her. I somehow felt for her.

“He’s really kind and caring. When he had time, he drops by and plays with her,” Nanako said, staring at the wall.

“Ah, sou…” I said. “What’s her name?”
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:25 pm


“I like that dress on you,” he commented on the white lacey dress she was wearing.

“Hontou ni?”

“You look like the princess in the video games.”

“Stop comparing me with video games, baka!”

“Demo… you are really beautiful, no matter what you wear…”

“What’s your daughter’s name?” I asked.

“She’s my daughter with my first husband. Saemoto Murasaki,” she said.


I slowly walked back to the apartment. “Is that the reason why?” I thought as I carried a paperbag with my other hand.

“It’s a big wardrobe!” I exclaimed as we entered a room full of clothes.

“Chotto matte, Warashi-san,” she said, dragging me to a series of clothes. “Choose what you like…”


“I insist! No one will wear it anyway,” she said. She rammed through the dresses and took out a white lacey dress. “Here.”

“It’s… beautiful…” I said as I ran my hand through the soft fabric.

“It’s yours,” she said. “Come on. Fit it.”

I shyly went to the dressing room and wore the dress. It really fitted me well.

“Sugoii! You look wonderful!” she said. “That’s a gift for you.”


“I didn’t know,” I sighed.

I was sitting on the swing, staring at the ground, when someone called me. “Oi! Cho-chan!” I looked up. Nino was running towards me.


“Did you get busted in your date?” he asked teasingly.

“It’s not a date!” I shouted back at him.

“Wakatta. It’s cold out here. Let’s go inside,” he said.

I followed him back to the apartment. “You’re early today,” I said. He was sitting on the couch, playing with his DS.

“Hai,” he just replied. “Cho-chan?”


“Johnny-san wants to see you tomorrow,” Nino said. “I don’t know why but he said he wants to see you. So you’re coming with me tomorrow.”

“Hai. Wakatta,” I said. Is that about Murasaki?

“And Cho-chan?”


“The lunch tastes good.”


“Well, that just did not come from me. Ohno-kun also had a bite and he said that it tastes good,” he said.

I frowned. Anything tastes good with Ohno, anyway. Or maybe that’s my simple conclusion everytime I watch him.

“What’s your opinion?” I asked him.


“About the food?”

He shrugged. “It tastes good.”

I nodded. “Didn’t you pass out today?” he asked.

“Iie. I’m fine and healthy,” I told him. I turned my back and drank my medicine as fast as I could.

He nodded. “Isn’t it too early to eat dinner?”

“I’m preparing dinner.”

“I want ramen,” he wailed.

“Fine,” I replied. I started to take the ingredients out.

We were on the couch, sitting. He was playing with his DS while I was reading a newspaper. He suddenly asked, “Cho-chan, what happened when Johnny called you to his office?”

I looked at him. “Well… err… I gave him the folder.”

“He would not have the interest if you just gave him the folder,” he said. “What happened?”

“Well… he has… he has mistaken me for someone,” I said.


I decided to ask him the question. “Ninomiya-san, do you know who Saemoto Murasaki is?”

He suddenly dropped the console he was holding and stared at me.


He stood up and looked at me with cold eyes. “Don’t ever mention that name again!” he said, his stare piercing through me. He stormed out of the living room and slammed the bedroom door behind him.

I was shaken, extremely shaken. I couldn’t help it as tears fell down from my face. I was still on the couch, hugging my knees, crying. “Why was he like that?” I asked myself. I continued to cry until I fell asleep. It was cold yet I did not mind.

Why did it hurt me so much that he shouted at me?

Why did I feel empty?

Next morning, I woke up. I was surprised that there was a blanket on me. Nino was sitting at the other side of the couch looking at me. “What time is it?” I asked him.

He was still staring at me. I wiped the remaining traces of tears on my face and stood up.

“You look cold,” he said.

I ignored his concerned statement. “I forgot to prepare breakfast.” I sniffed as I ran to the kitchen. It was really cold.


“Gomenasai,” I said, trying not to look at him. I sneezed due to the cold.

I gasped as I felt warm arms around me. “Gomenasai, Cho-chan,” I heard him whisper softly on my ear.

“Saki-chan, gomen…”

I tried to hold back my tears as I pushed his arms away. “Nande?”

“I shouted at you last night,” he said. “Gomen.”

I tried to smile even though it’s painful for me to do so. “Daijoubu. I don’t mind.”

“But you were crying last night,” he said.

“I wasn’t.”

He held my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “For once, stop lying,” he said. “Did you think I did not see you? I’m not that stupid… nor that tactless…”

I fearfully looked at his eyes. “I…”

“Take a bath and change. We’ll go to the jimusho. Johnny wants to see you.”

“Hai,” I replied.

We did not even talk to each other as he drove his car to the office. We went up the building and he personally dropped me off the second floor.

“Just go to the dressing room. I’ll leave it open for you,” he said, not turning back as he made his way to the elevator.

The receptionist welcomed me and opened the office door. I sat on the couch, waiting for Johnny to arrive.

“Ah, Warashi-san,” Johnny greeted as he came out of the room inside the office.

I stood up and bowed. “Ohayou gozaimasu.”

“Ohayou. Take your seat.”

“Hai,” I said, sitting down. I looked at him nervously. “Anou… Ninomiya-san told me that you want to see me.” Is he going to ask me to leave my job?

“Ah, hai. I told him,” he said, smiling. “Have some,” he said, offering a box of sweets to me. I took one, a cookie coated with chocolate and some bits of nuts and tasted it.

“Oishi!” I commented.

He smiled. “Yokatta.” He cleared his throat. “Just yesterday, my cousin called me.”

I looked at him intently.

“Nanako told me that she has found the recipient of Murasaki’s heart,” he said.

I looked at him. I nodded. “Hai.”

“It’s you, isn’t it?” he said.

I pursed my lips and nodded.

“This is just a small world,” he said, smiling. “Murasaki-chan is my favorite,” he said. “However, I did not like the idea of her sneaking here in the office to pull pranks on people.”

I looked at him intently. “Is it alright for me to tell you stories about her?”

My heart beat in familiarity. I was really curious about this girl who gave me her heart, who gave me a second chance to live. “Hai. I’m also interested about her.”

He grinned at me. “You’ll be interested. Half of the Juniors of her age look at her when she goes here.”

“She must be a very beautiful girl then…”

“She is. That’s why most of the Juniors were disappointed with her because she also had an eccentric personality.” He closed his eyes, reminiscing. “But there is one weirdest encounter she had. Of course we had to keep it a secret but it really caused uproar.”


“Murasaki was always annoyed with one boy. But in the end, that was the boy whom she fell in love with,” he said. “I did not support my talents’ relationships but as long as they tell it to me, I’ll try my best to keep everything under cover.” He chuckled. “He was her match actually.”

“Look at her!”

“Isn’t she the president’s niece?”

“What is she doing here?”

Murasaki was peeking at each door of the dance rehearsal studio, looking for something.

“Oi! What are you doing here?” a boy shouted, making Murasaki turn around.

She stormed at him angrily. “Oi! Don’t think that you could talk to me like that!” she snapped angrily. “Even if you debuted, that doesn’t give you the right to talk to people like that!”

“Well, being Johnny’s relative doesn’t give you the liberty to prance around the hall,” he replied sarcastically.

“I’m not prancing around the hall you… you puppy-looking monster!” Murasaki shouted.

The boy’s companion snorted to hide his laughter.

“What did you say?”

“Puppy-looking monster!” Murasaki repeated but this time in a smaller voice. She blushed a little because it looked like it was not enough insult to the boy.

“Nande?” he asked, his small eyes getting smaller as it narrowed. “Oi! Stop laughing!” he told his companions.

“And you! You are a stupid prancing rabbit!”

“Puppy monster!”


“This is a declaration of war!” Murasaki shouted, storming off. But before she left she threw a dirty rag she picked off from somewhere square on his face.

“She did that?”

“Hai. I just found out when the janitor reported it to my secretary, who eventually told me of it,” Johnny said.

I tried to keep myself from laughing. “You laugh like her,” he said.

I stopped. “Sumimasen.”

“Daijoubu,” he replied, taking a sip of coffee. We were silent for minutes and only the sound of the air conditioning could be heard.

“What happened to the puppy monster?” I suddenly asked to break the silence.

He chuckled. “You are really interested in their story?” he asked. I nodded. “Well, in the end, the puppy monster and the prancing rabbit became together.”

“You mean..?”

“I allowed their relationship,” Johnny said. “I still do not know if I should regret the day I allowed them and kept their secret for them but sometimes I couldn’t help but feel guilty.”


Johnny stood up. “Even though Murasaki-chan is a happy person, she is quite sensitive. She did not understand the difference of her life with the life of an idol.” He sighed. “And that killed her.”

I looked up at him. “That killed her?”

“The day she died, she was chasing him in a movie shoot,” he explained. “She was depressed that he did not respond to her calls so she decided to follow him.”

I stared at the floor. “Sou desu ka?”

“Hai. But I do not blame that boy for what happened. Everything’s an accident,” Johnny sighed. “I don’t know if that boy has moved on but I think he already did.”

I looked at the time. “Sumimasen,” I said. “I have to go now.”

“Ah, chotto matte,” he told me as I was about to stand up. He went to his set of drawers and looked for something. “Douzo.” He gave me a box. I opened it.

“These are…”

“I see that you liked them,” he said, pertaining to the box of sweets the same as the ones I ate earlier. “That’s the last box.”

“I couldn’t take that,” I said, handing it back to him. “They’re expensive, aren’t they?”

“Yes they are. I bought them in London but I think you would need to eat it. You look like you’re not eating.” He insisted in giving me the sweets.

“Arigatou gozaimasu,” I said, bowing in front of him.

I was at the door when he said, “Take care of the puppy monster.”

“Hai,” I replied uncertainly. I closed the door in confusion. “Why should I take care of the puppy monster? Who is the puppy monster, anyway?”

I made my way inside Arashi’s dressing room where I started to clean. This time, I drank my medicine so that I would not pass out. Even though it has been five years after my heart transplant, I still sometimes have these chest pains that are really troublesome. The doctor told me to take care of my health and my new heart.

A few moments later, the boys came in. “Ah! I’m tired!” Aiba said as he threw himself on the couch. He sat up when he saw the box on the table.

He stood up. “Did I gain weight?” he asked everyone, standing up and turning around.

“How should we know?” Nino asked, smirking.

The others shrugged. “Then I could eat these!” he said, going for the box on the table.

“Aiba-chan, yameru,” Sho said. “Those don’t look like yours,” he said. However, Aiba had gotten a piece and was now munching happily.

“Daijoubu, Sakurai-kun,” I said. “Those are mine.”

“Hontou ni?” Aiba answered, his mouth still full of bread crumbs. “Aren’t these the forbidden cookies?”

“Forbidden cookies?” Ohno repeated.

Aiba nodded as he swallowed the food. “Hai. You know, only she gets to eat it in the office...”

“Aiba-chan!” Sho shouted as a warning.

“Gomen! But these taste good!” he said. “Can I have another one?” he asked me. I nodded. I also offered the box to everyone but they just looked at it fearfully, except for Ohno, who happily took one.

“Umai!” he remarked. “It tastes like its worth one million yen!”

“Rumor has it that the forbidden cookies cost 5 pounds per piece,” Aiba said knowingly.

Ohno’s eyes widened. “5 pounds? UK pound?” He started computing in his fingers but in vain. “That’s expensive!”

Even I was shocked. If what Aiba’s saying was true, the whole box costs about 120 pounds! I also tried computing but since I did not know the exchange rate of the moment, I decided to drop it. I’m going to get headaches on these cookies!

“Where did you get these?” Jun asked as I offered him a slice.

“Kitagawa-san gave it to me when I went there,” I said shyly.

Aiba clapped his hands. “Sugoii! I once tried to sneak inside his office to get even just a piece! When we go in his office, he only gives us brownies. They taste good but this is heavenly!”

“Aiba-chan, they are really expensive,” Jun said, looking at the box. “These are like the ones Katrina gave me last month though it’s white cookie.”

“Ninomiya-san?” I said as I offered him. He pursed his lips and shook his head. He even looked scared as though it was some cookie monster.

“Oi! Stop eating sweets, it’s already lunch time!” he just said. “Cho-chan, keep that.”

“Hai,” I replied as I closed the tin box and kept it in my bag.

Aiba pouted and showed puppy eyes to Jun, his only hope to taste the cookies again. Nino got up and got out of the door, slamming it shut behind him.

Sho sighed. “It’s that time again.”

I looked at him with confusion.


It was night and Nino was nowhere to be seen. I looked for him inside his room but he wasn’t there. I also noticed that his guitar was not there. I put on my jacket and went out of the apartment to look for him. I went down but he was not in the playground.

“Why am I looking for him, anyway? He could go where he likes to go,” I said, laughing at myself. I was about to walk towards the apartment door when I heard a soft voice singing from the fire exit door. It made my heart stop for a moment.

“Boku no kokoro no kakera wo atsumete tsunageta
sono saki ni wa ittai nani ga mieru
Nee oshiete kurenai ka
Muda ni sugoshi jibun wo gomakashiteru
Karada ni wa mou daku koto wa dekinai no kana…”

I followed from where the voice came from and I found myself at the rooftop. I saw someone sitting at the edge, his voice clearly carried to the end of the fire exit as there was no breeze to block it.

“Kimi no subete ga ima da koishii da nante baka da na
Kotoshi mo yuki ga mireru kana tte itteta heya mo
Ima wa sugoku hirokute tsumetai…”

I went nearer and I saw that Nino was playing the guitar, singing softly to himself. I approached him and sat beside him. He did not seem to notice me as he continued to play. I also did not want to disturb him. His eyes were closed as he strummed the guitar, his eyelids shining with what suspiciously looked like tears.

“Futari dake de futari dake de yokattan da
Sore sae areba kokyuu ga dekiru
Daijoubu da tte iikikaseta yoru wo
Mata hitori oyogu namida wo kawashite…”

He finished the song, his hand hanging loosely at the edges of his guitar as he kept his eyes closed.

“Ninomiya-san?” I called him gently.

He turned at me, opening his eyes. The outlines of his eyes were shining with tears. I gasped as he touched my cheek. “Don’t leave me again,” he said, inching his face near mine and kissing me.

I just sat there, shocked at what he was doing. He went nearer, wrapping his arms around me. I felt him fighting to get through my closed lips.

I did not know what to think. My mind was cloudy as he held me there. There was a part of me that was aching in familiarity and a part of me that was crying in pain.

“Ninomiya-sa…” I was not able to continue as he was able to get through my defenses, his tongue inside my mouth. I couldn’t take this anymore. I pushed him away. “Yamette kudasai!”

He fell on his back, not moving. I was horrified at what I have done. “Ninomiya-san, answer me!” I said as I shook him. His eyes were covered by his arm as he lay there, motionless.

I felt like I could cry as I heard his small whimpers. He was also crying. “Saki-chan…” he cried. He found my hand and held it. “Gomen ne… gomen ne…”


Could it be?

Murasaki’s boyfriend, the puppy-like monster…

Ninomiya Kazunari..?
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:26 pm

this is my next update. i hope yo enjoy this one!



“Saki-chan, why did you call?”

“You did not even send a single reply to me!”

“Gomen. I am busy. We’re still…”

“You’re ignoring me! You’re neglecting me!” she started to cry.

“Iie! Stop crying, Saki-chan,” Nino said comfortingly. “I’ll make sure I’ll visit you.”


“After we finish the shoot,” he said.

“I’m going to die by that time.”

“No you’re not. Daijoubu.”


“Kazu-chan! I’m here!” Murasaki shouted, waving from the other side of the rainy street.

Nino turned to see her. “Saki-chan, what are you doing here?” he shouted back. She could not hear him through the heavy raindrops.

“I’m going there! Chotto matte!” she said, running across to meet him.

Nino’s eyes widened as he heard a loud horn blowing. There was a truck coming. “Saki-chan, watch out!” he shouted helplessly as he tried to meet her and get her out of the way.

Everything happened fast. There was blood… lots of blood. He just knelt there disbelievingly as the other members of Arashi ran towards him to help him up.

Through the rain, his tears could not be seen.

And all he could do was cry and watch Murasaki’s body lifeless on the rainy street, her clothes covered with her own blood.

“Ninomiya-san, daijoubu desu ka?” I asked as I helped him to his bed. He was burning in fever. I hastily went to the bathroom to get some a wet compress.

I returned. He was mumbling some words I could not understand. His phone was ringing so I answered it.

“Moshi moshi?”

“Eh? Cho-chan?”

“Sakurai-kun,” I said as I identified the voice. “Ninomiya-san’s sick.”


“He’s burning in fever,” I said.

“Mendokusai,” he said. “I’ll drop by.”

“Ah, you might be busy…”

“Iie. I was supposed to take him to dinner,” he said.

“Arigatou, Sho-kun,” I said before he hung up. I sat beside Nino’s bed and watched him. He has fallen asleep but I could still see the lines of frowns on his face.

It was late at night and I was supposed to be asleep but I just sat there beside him, waiting for him to wake up or to ask for anything. Half an hour passed and the doorbell rang. I went for the door and saw Sho, carrying a paperbag on his other hand.

“Konbanwa,” he greeted.

“Konbanwa,” I said. He went to Nino’s room.

“Cho-chan, you have to eat something,” Sho said as he gave me a bun from the paperbag.

“Arigatou,” I said, taking it. He’s right, the watching made me hungry.

“What happened?”

I remembered what he did. “He… he was up at the rooftop and then he just fell unconscious.”

“Nino… Nino…” he repeatedly called. He was not responding. “He’ll be fine,” he told me. “Thanks to your help he doesn’t seem to have a high fever now.”

“It was worse earlier,” I said in relief. Then it clicked my mind. Maybe Sho was the perfect person to ask. “Sakurai-kun?”


“I would like to ask you something.” I led him out of the room. “Do you want some coffee?” I asked as I went to the kitchen.


After making two cups of coffee, we both sat at the kitchen counter. “Sakurai-kun, I would like to ask who Saemoto Murasaki is.”

He was about to take a sip but stopped midway when I asked the question. “Where…?”

“Many people mistaken me for her,” I explained. “Even Kitagawa-san. That’s the reason why he called for me yesterday.”

“Ah, sou… Even I do,” he said.

“Eh? So you know her.”

Sho nodded sadly. “She’s the president’s niece… well… second degree niece and Nino’s dead girlfriend.”

“Ninomiya-san’s…” My suspicion was right.

“Hai,” he replied. “He met her just after our debut. Murasaki-chan died five years ago when a truck ran over her. We just finished shooting a movie when that happened.”

“Ah…” my tongue tied up.

“Do you know the song from the concert, ‘Kakko’?”

I nodded.

“He composed it for her,” Sho said. “He still thinks that he was the reason why she died. He sometimes says that if he had just replied to her mails and calls, none of these would have happened.” He sighed. “Cho-chan, please don’t tell him that I told you about this. I know that he’s starting to move on but when topics that remind him of her are being talked about, he becomes a little sensitive.”

I remembered that night when he shouted at me just because I mentioned his name. “He really is…”

“Why are you so curious?” he asked me.

I smiled sadly as I played with the cup on my hands. “Just two days ago, I met with Soujiro Nanako-san…”

“Soujiro-san? Nande?”

I looked at him. “Five years ago,” I started, “my heart failed. I had a very weak heart and only a transplant could save me.” I looked at him. I think he got what I was talking about. “I am the recipient of Murasaki-san’s heart.”

Sho’s eyes widened.

“I wouldn’t let them!” Nino shouted, punching the wall.

“Ninomiya-kun, this is Saki-chan’s request,” Nanako said.

Nino cried as he shouted. “I wouldn’t let them take any part of Murasaki! I wouldn’t let them ruin her body! That truck is enough!”

Nanako hugged him. “Ninomiya-kun, Saki-chan wanted this to happen. Through her, another will live. Murasaki will continue to live,” she explained, stroking Nino’s back to stop him from crying.

“Gomenasai…” he said through breaking sobs.

“It wasn’t your fault. I know it wasn’t your fault.”

“Murasaki won’t forgive me,” Nino sobbed.

“She will, dear,” Nanako said. “Just let her do this…”

Sho, who was listening to the conversation from the other corner, turned and looked at the glass window of the hospital room door. There was a girl fitted with oxygen mask and other apparatus, pale.

A nurse passed through. “Prepare the girl. She’s ready for the transplant,” the doctor who followed said.

“You were that girl?” Sho asked.

I nodded. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I requested.

He nodded.

After an hour, Sho left, leaving the paperbag of buns for me to eat. I sat beside Nino and looked at him. Even I could not believe how small this world is. I was carrying the heart of the person who loved Nino, the person whom he also loved.

Is this the reason why I always felt my heart beating when he’s near? When I hear him sing? When he smile at me? Does it even have the connection?

Impossible… Even if I get her heart, I wouldn’t feel the same way she feels. There’s no such thing as that.

Am I in love with him? It’s not the heart that I have. It’s me. I am falling in love…

But I could not tell it to him. It’s like a dream.

“Yameru,” I said as I felt someone patting my head. “Let me sleep.”

“Ohayou, Cho-chan,” a voice greeted on my ear.

Why will someone greet me in my room? I always lock the door when I’m asleep. Unless…

I lifted my head up and I saw Nino grinning at me. “Why are you sleeping here in my room?” he asked me.

I suddenly sat up. I had been sleeping with my head on his bed. “Ah!”

“Cho-chan, that’s harassment,” he said as he tried to sit up straight. He clutched his forehead.

“Daijoubu?” I asked him. “You were burning with fever last night.”

“Ah, sou ka?” he said, falling back on the bed. “I have to go to the rehearsals today.”

I forced him back to the bed. “You’re not yet okay,” I said. “You have to rest or you might not be able to get to the concert alive.”

“I guess you’re right,” he said without even arguing. “I guess I’ll stay here.” He hugged a pillow beside him. “Ah, it’s a good day’s rest. You can bring me breakfast in bed.”

“That’s not an excuse to be lazy,” I told him. “And you’re still sick.” I watched him as he looked for something beneath his pillows. He took out his DS. “Hey! No playing!” I said. “You’re sick and you’re playing?”

“Let go!” he said as I grabbed his DS. He pulled it, making me land on the bed, near him.

Not again! I felt like I need to go to the hospital. My heartbeat’s going faster than normal.



“You’re heavy.”

“Ah, sumimasen,” I replied, getting off. I ran towards the kitchen to cook and to escape embarrassment. I touched my flushed cheeks as I watched the water in the pot boil. My heartbeat comparable to the rise of the bubbles in the pot.

There’s no doubt… I’m not only his fan anymore… and it’s not the heart that I have now. I have my own heart and it tells me as clear as water…

I’m falling in love with him…
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:26 pm

my update for this day... anyway...


“Cho-chan, please go with me,” my friend asked.

“But I just got out of the hospital. The crowd might be…”

“Daijoubu. The doctor said you’ll be fine. You need to have fun…”

“I don’t even know those men… Let alone watch them…”


“Hai. Hai. As long as it’s free.”

We both went to Yokohama Arena that afternoon to watch a concert. It was a concert of five unknown men to me. People were screaming for them as they danced and sang with too much energy. I was covering my ears the entire time while the people beside me waved their uchiwa and shouted their names.

However, I slowly removed my hands from my ears when the monitor in front focused on a vase of flowers. The crowd began to stop shouting as the spotlight shone on the man wearing white. That man who had his thumb bandaged.

“He must be injured before this concert?” I thought as I watched him. I was getting somewhat worried about him.

I stopped breathing when he started to sing. My heart stopped as it gave way for my ears to listen to his melodious voice.

“Kienu kienu samidare no ato kawakanu namida no ato
Kesenu kesenu yamiyo ni ukabu itoshiki hito no kage
Yuuyake kawara wo aruiteru kimi to issho ni egao tsurete
‘Kyou no ban gohan nani shiyou?’ Chiisana sugoku chiisana futsuu no shiawase
Shindeitta anata wa boku no kokoro ni shimite ikita”

And from that day on, I became his fan…

“Cho-chan, aren’t we too early?” Nino asked as I forced him to wake up and take lunch. The sun still hasn’t risen up yet.

I shook my head. “Sakurai-kun told me that the service will arrive early today,” I reminded him.

“Ah. But you seem more excited than me,” he said. “You’re not there to watch, excuse me.”

“Wakatta,” I said as I gave him his breakfast. “What will I do there?”

“I told you before,” he said. “You’re going to help me change clothes and assist me all around. I’m going to tell you. It’s really tiring.” He looked for something inside his bag. “Oh, before I forgot.” He handed me a black shirt inside a plastic.

I took it and looked at the shirt. It has the concert title on the front (the same one sold in the goods store) except that it has “staff” written at the back. And it’s black.

“You have to wear that. I don’t really know if that would fit you,” he said. I placed it on my front to see if it would fit.

“Hai,” I said. “I think this will do.” I folded it again.

“So, do you know what to do?”

“Hai. The other staff members taught me,” I answered.

“How about my costumes?”

“Hai. I already know what to do.”

“Sugoii. You are really prepared,” Nino said, applauding. Oh my, my ears are also clapping in his compliment! “Demo…”


“We’ll sleep in the arena tonight because that’s our plan,” he explained.

“And so?”

“That means you have to go home alone today,” he said in conclusion.

The doorbell rang. “Ohayou gozaimasu!” Aiba said in an energetic voice, effectively waking up the sleeping cells inside me. He was followed by the other members.

“Woah! The house colors are different!” Jun commented.

“Cho-chan changes everything every two months,” Nino said. “Nice, ne?”

Jun nodded in agreement. “It looks like a real house.”

“Cho-chan! You’re coming with us, ne? Ne?” Aiba asked repeatedly, almost jumping in excitement. I did not know why he was enthusiastic in having me with them. “And you’ll bring the cookies, ne?”

I sighed. So it was the cookies. “I’ll go home after,” I said.

Ohno looked at Nino. “Isn’t this place a bit to far from the arena?” he asked.

“Daijoubu. I could manage,” I said. I’m not really hoping that I’ll also get to notice their sleepover.

“Cho-chan could join us, ne, Sho-chan?” Aiba asked. I noticed that Sho was quiet all the time ever since the four of them arrived inside the house. “Let’s also have her to sleep in the arena. I was told that there were spirits…”

“Eh?” Not that!

“Uruseiyo!” Jun said, hitting Aiba’s head. “Anyway, Riida’s right. The arena is far from here. Rehearsals always end late at night. If we let her go home alone…”

Was that the magic word? Nino looked at Jun then at me. Then he sighed. “Cho-chan, bring a change of clothes,” he said.

Does that mean I’m really going with them in the sleepover in the arena? Oh my. “Hai,” I answered as I scrambled inside my bedroom to take some spare clothes. Minutes later, I got out of my room, my change of clothes squeezed inside my usual bag. Of course, my medicine is inside too, just in case.

“Ikuzo!” Aiba said happily, dragging me by the arm. He’s really a jollypopper. Wait, what does that mean?

“When we had our sleepover before, we could hear noises form the ceiling and we were very scared…!” he told me some scary horror stories in a very light way as though his dream is that a headless woman would show up in his bedroom.

“Aiba-chan, can you please stop telling ghost stories?” Nino suddenly said while he was playing with his DS.

“Nande? Ah, Riida, let’s go ghost hunting later!” Aiba answered.

“Aiba-chan, Cho-chan’s getting pale with your stories.”

He looked at me. I was actually shaking. You can throw me in a pit of wild animals but not in an arena full of ghosts.

“Gomen, Cho-chan,” Aiba apologized. “I won’t invite you in our ghost hunting…”


“Hai! Hai! Gomenasai!” he said again.

We made our way inside a black van. Jun started to sleep again, Aiba was still telling his ghost stories, this time to Sho, who was reading a newspaper not minding him, Ohno was staring at the nothingness outside, and Nino got his tongue stuck out, focusing on whatever game he was playing.

An hour has passed and the scenery changed. Jun was still sleeping, Aiba was already sleeping, Sho was still reading the paper, Ohno was still miraculously staring outside with unblinking eyes, and Nino was already sleeping. I stared at him for a moment. He looks cute while he wrinkled his nose. I giggled at myself. He suddenly moved so I stared back at the window so as not to be caught.

We arrived at the arena after thirty minutes and we saw lots of trucks, vans, and other people bustling about. The van safely parked in a covered garage and the gate was closed immediately. The lights went on and a guard opened the van for us.

“Arigatou gozaimasu,” the others mumbled as they clambered out of the van, still looking sleepy and all that.

“Konnichiwa,” a woman greeted as I got down from the van. “Hajimemashite, Yahiko Natsumi desu.”

“Hajimemashite,” I greeted.

“Ah, Cho-chan, that’s Natsumi-chan, my PA,” Jun said. “Take care of her, ne?”

“Hai,” she answered, bowing down.

I looked at her clearly. She sported a short hair and kind of big eyes. “Ah, what can I call you?”


“Call me Natsumi,” she said, smiling. “Iku. The costume designer asked us to go to her for some costume briefing.”

“Hai,” I answered. Both of us made our way through the pipes and wires under the stage and behind the stage until we reached a lighted corridor with lots of rooms and people running all around. Natsumi opened a door that revealed lots of costumes wrapped in plastic. Two assistants were ironing the costumes. There was a man counting and checking a list while looking at the costumes, and a woman sitting on a chair, listing something in a notebook.

“Ivonne-san, we’re here,” Natsumi said, knocking on the opened door.

The woman nodded. We made way inside. She stood up and I felt intimidated with her beauty. She was wearing a black sleeveless top and short skirt and outrageously high heels.

“I would like the two of you to take care of their costumes,” she said. “I already gave the briefing to the ones who will help Sakurai-san and Aiba-san. You,” she said, pointing at Natsumi, who straightened up, “will be helping Ohno-san.”

“Eh? But I’m…”

Ivonne glared at her. “When I say you’ll take care of Ohno-san’s costumes, I mean it,” she said treacherously. Natsumi just gulped at her fearfully. I also looked at her. She seemed to be overprotective or something.

She showed us the costumes and explained to us how they will be layered one top of another. We also practiced on how to strip off and change the clothing as fast as we could.

“Be careful! You’re not there to wrap sushi!” she scolded. “Do it properly!”

For once in my life, I was reminded of my strict Classic Japanese teacher in high school and my Chemistry professor in the university. Well, she was the combination of both, the ages divided by two.

The briefing ended and she ordered us to hang the clothes properly and put inside the plastic. We shakily got out of the costume room. “I’ll go to the restroom,” Natsumi said.

“Hai,” I replied. I was at the corner, standing and waiting for her when I saw the designer running, her heels bouncing dangerously, towards the other corner. Her phone was pressed on her ear.

“Oh, no no no no,” I said as the curious part of my brain got into me and followed her. I saw her turn to the end of the corridor and stopped before it.

“You almost made her die of shock!” another voice that was quite familiar said.

Ivonne chuckled. “You thought I’ll let another woman touch you?” she said.

“She won’t touch me. Don’t be such a freak.”

“How am I going to be sure that she won’t touch you or something? And why are you defending her too much?” she asked suspiciously.

“I’m not defending her,” he replied. “But if you’re being that paranoid and jealous, she’ll eventually discover it.”

“Then fire her!”

“I can’t. I need a PA.”


There was a brief moment of silence and then the man talked. “You know I only love you and only you, Katrina…”

Slowly, cautiously, I peeked at the corner to see who Ivonne was talking to. I covered my mouth to hide my gasp as I saw her hands around a taller man’s neck, who turned out to be Matsumoto Jun.

I felt someone drag me away. “What are you doing eavesdropping?” Nino asked, a grin plastered on his face.

We crept out to a safe distance. “You could eavesdrop on anything but not on those two,” Nino said. “That might be the last thing you’ll hear.”

“Gomen. I did not know,” I said.

“So, how’s the costume briefing?” he asked.

“Ivonne-san taught us how to change the clothes and layer them,” I said. “It’s hard but fun…”

“What’s fun?” he asked, grinning again. “Will it be fun stripping off my costume?”

“Urusei!” I said, pushing him to the side. He hit the wall. “Don’t talk like that!”

“Itai,” he complained. “Shoganai…” he sighed. “That’s the reason why Katrina-san didn’t want any other person to handle Matsujun’s costume change. But with the way she changes his clothes, they might do it then and there.”

I looked at him in confusion. “Wakaranai,” I replied.

“Ah, you don’t need to understand,” he said, laughing a bit. “Slowpoke. I’ll tour you around. We still have time.” He took my hand and I felt like I was going to melt.

“This is just a special two night concert,” he explained. “So we’re just going to repeat our past solos.”

We passed through a dance rehearsal hall and we heard some shouting. “Don’t hold me too tight!” a girl complained. “You’re spacing out again!”

“Ah, there’s Oh-chan,” Nino said, chuckling. “We’re here,” he said, opening the door where his name was posted. “My dressing room.”

We both entered. It was quite empty that his voice echoed all around. There was a set of make up by the mirror, a clothes hanger at the side, a long couch, and a wooden table were his bag was, its contents scattered all over it.

“You really love scattering things around,” I told him.

He laughed. “Well…” He sat down on the couch. “Cho-chan?”

“Hm?” I was repacking the bag.

“Do you know where you will sleep tonight?”

“I won’t sleep,” I said.

“You need some,” he said, sitting up again.

“Well, Aiba-kun’s ghost stories are enough to make me stay awake,” I said. It’s true. The ghost stories freaked me out that I felt someone’s following me in the corridor. Only Nino’s presence kept me safe.

He started rolling up in laughter. “Baka! You believe Aiba-chan?”

“Well,” I started. “Where do you expect me to sleep?”

“Here,” he said, patting the couch where he was sitting.

“Maji de?”

“Baka. Of course you can’t join us. We’ll be sleeping in Sho-kun’s room,” he said.

“So I’ll be alone here…”

“Iie. Anna-san will sleep here,” he said.



“Cho-chan,” Anna said. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” I told her. I was being restless for an unknown reason.

She sat up from her futon and went beside me. “How does it fee like?” she asked.


“How does it feel like being Nino’s PA?”

I sighed. “Well, there are times when he’s kind, there are times when he gets demanding, and times when he just likes to pick on me.”

“Sou ne…” Anna said, nodding. “But I could see something different.” She looked at me. “You know there’s this weird feeling when the person you like asks you to dance with him?”

“What feeling?” I asked her. I’m not much of a dancer so…

“Well, when that person you like asks for your hand and slowly puts his hands on your waist as you dance,” she said. “You look like that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Everytime Nino’s there and you’re there… You know, just imagine your prom dance in high school.”

“The feeling of dancing with a person you like…” But there was something else running through my mind… and it’s actually not Nino.

“You like Nino-kun, don’t you?” she asked me.

“Me? Like him? Iie!” I shouted. However, the number of times I blinked my eyes gave in.

“Cho-chan, it’s just the two of us,” she said. “Tell me… Even if you don’t tell me, your body movements are giving it all in.”

So, that’s something a choreographer could do? Read other people’s movements?
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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minna, Jun's fic is already in the completed section. please drop by and review on the last chapter. arigatou gozaimasu....


The concert has not started yet but I could hear the screaming from the crowd outside. The staff could not hear each other well so we were fitted with earphones for contact.

“Yosh! Let’s do this!” Jun said. All of us formed a very large circle and shouted, “IKU!”

The Arashi members went to their positions as they will be lifted up to the platform. Nino gave me a peace sign. I nodded at him and waved.

It was really a busy night as we were continuously running. When they went back down, I ran as fast as I could to Nino, carrying the next set of clothes, removing his clothes, wearing the next ones, giving him water, giving him a towel, then pushing him towards the stage again. It was a repetitive process, except that there were times I get intimidated at Jun and Katrina flirting at each other or getting giddy when Nino grins at me while I help him change clothes. Heck, he was not even moving when I change his clothes like a scarecrow spreading his arms like that!

The members went down, leaving Aiba up there to sing his solo. Nino’s solo was next, according to the piece of large paper posted on the wall. I was more relaxed when I gave the clothes to Nino.

“Ah, you’re doing your best, Cho-chan,” he remarked while I buttoned up the sides of the shirt and placed on his outer coat.

“Arigatou,” I said. I did not look at him as I arranged the coat on him. “There.” I said as I finished arranging the clothes. I started to comb his hair while he wiped his sweaty face with the towel.

He gave the towel to me as he took the small box containing some necklaces. “Please wear this on me,” Cho-chan,” he requested as he held out a silver necklace with a cross pendant.

I took the necklace and placed it around his neck. He turned around again and I arranged the necklace on his neck. He suddenly touched my hand.

“That’s my cue,” he said as he was hearing the last lines of Aiba’s song. He gave me a peace sign again and ran to the part of the stage where he would enter.

The finale of their winter concert ended at last after two days of tiring run arounds.

The members of Arashi entered the backstage and were met with a round of applause. They gave high-fives to some of the staff.

Nino approached me and said, “Good work.”

I nodded in appreciation. I should deserve something like that. Running around almost killed me. And that was the time I realized that the salary I will receive was well deserved.

“Iku,” he said, dragging me away from the noise of the staff. He led me to his dressing room.


He started searching the bigger bag he was carrying, the one he did not let me touch. “Here,” he said, giving me a tote bag.

I looked inside. “Aren’t these…?”

I took one of the uchiwa out. There was a signature and a greeting from Sho and Aiba, a large loopy signature from Jun and a drawing from Ohno. However, when I took out Nino’s uchiwa, there was not a single mark on it. “Why didn’t you put yours?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know what to write so I left it blank.”

“Unfair,” I said.

“And also this,” he said, giving me a phone strap. “Don’t even plan on selling that.”

“I won’t,” I answered. “Arigatou.” I was looking at the phone strap with fascination. For the first time, I got one free! And I’m in the middle of money crisis now. What shocked me more was when he pulled me and suddenly embraced me.

We stayed like that for a minute or so.



“You’re sweaty,” I said, trying to get him off me because physical efforts were quite ineffective. I was getting weak on the knees!

“Daijoubu,” he just said, not letting go.

“Ninomiya-san, I can’t breathe,” I then said.

“You’re lying. I could feel your breathing.”

“Ninomiya-san, why are you hugging me?” I then asked. Maybe he’s out of himself.

“I just want to,” he replied. I was suddenly blushing. I wanted to pull away because he could surely feel the throbbing of my pulse points.

The door suddenly opened so he pushed me. The other members were there, as well as the choreographer and Reina. Well, Jun wasn’t there so…

“What are you doing?” Nino asked them, frustrated at their sudden entrance.

“Cho-chan, did you see the uchiwa?” Aiba asked. “Nino asked us to sign yours!”

“He did?” I smiled. He even asked his co-members to sign the uchiwa for me?

Sho smiled an all-knowing smile. “Arigatou,” I told everyone.

“How about the afterparty?” Aiba asked. “Everyone will be going. You should go too, Cho-chan.”

I looked at Nino for approval. “You should go,” he said.

All of us proceeded to the large hall where the other staff members were waiting to get the party started.


“At last, it ended!” I said in relief as we walked up to our apartment.

“Was it hard?” he asked me. “You look exhausted.”

“I really am exhausted,” I complained loudly as I threw myself on the couch. “And I had to help you change and stuff.”

“You almost saw all of me,” he said teasingly.

I scowled at him. He looked at the tote bag I was holding. “I’m going to take this first,” he said, taking out his uchiwa. “I’m going to write my message then I’ll return it to you.”

“Hai,” I replied.

“Go to sleep now, Cho-chan,” he said, standing up and stretching. “I have a taping tomorrow so I want a nice breakfast.”

“Oyasumi,” I said as he entered his room. Carrying my things, I also went to my room. “Hisashiburi,” I said. I went to bed and fell asleep due to tiredness.


“Moshi moshi?”

“Ah, Warashi-san, do you have the Y100, 000 already?” my sensei asked. “The research facility is already reserved for you.” She sighed. “It has been three months.”

“Three months.” That was that fast? Well, I already gained Y150, 000 from Nino. But is it a little awkward to ask him now? And… I held my chest… my feelings… Will it end like this?


“Ah… hai!” I replied, going back to earth.

“Don’t ruin this chance, Warashi-san. This might be the scholarship you are waiting for,” she said excitedly. “I have sent someone there to give you the papers.

“Wakatta.” She hung up.

I should be jumping for joy or whatever. But I just sighed and sat down and closed my eyes, thinking. I did not want to leave. I realized that I did not want to leave this apartment, to leave Nino, even if it’s just a month.

It was evening when he arrived. I had prepared dinner and while we were eating, I brought up the topic. “Ninomiya-san, when can I get my salary?”

He looked at me. “I’ve been putting your salary in a bank account, don’t worry,” he said. “Nande?”

“Anou… Ninomiya-san, the reason why…” I couldn’t say it.

“Speak up.”

“The reason why I needed money was not because I couldn’t pay the rent. I need money for the research I’ll be conducting.”

“Kakkoi na,” he said. “A research?”

“Hai. I have to leave for Osaka.”

He accidentally dropped the chopsticks he was holding. “O…Osaka? Until when?”

“A month or so,” I replied. The happy atmosphere suddenly changed.

“Gochiso-sama,” he suddenly said, not really emptying his bowl.

“You still haven’t…”

“I’m full,” he said. He went inside his room.

When he closed the door gently, I felt a pang inside my chest. Was he sad, angry, or disappointed? I didn’t know. It wouldn’t hurt him if I leave, anyway.

He was in love with Murasaki, that’s for sure…

She was enough to be unforgettable…


Nino walked up to my room while I was packing up and gave me a passbook. “There’s your salary,” he said.

“Arigatou,” I replied, checking the contents inside.

“Anou, Cho-chan, will you return here?” he asked.

“Of course.” I zipped up the bag and patted it. “All ready.”

He noticed the open cabinet. The contents are still inside, including the new uchiwa. “Aren’t you bringing them?”

“They’re proof that I’ll return,” I said, laughing. I stopped when I see his pouting face. “Why are you looking like that?”

“Well, the house will be quiet without you,” he simply said.

“You’re noisy enough,” I said back.

“I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time,” he said, looking at me seriously.

I looked at him. He was not breaking the eye contact. “Nani?”

“Before you leave, let’s play,” he said like a kid.

I snorted. “What game?” I asked. “Your games are mostly RPGs…”

“That’s why I need a second player for this one I bought,” he said.

I carried the bag behind the door. “Fine. But after dinner,” I said.

“After dinner then,” he smiled. He went out of my room and back inside his room.

After dinner, and cleaning up, we went inside his room, where his Wii was. The television was also open.

“Your room is a bit… tidy,” I said in awe.

“Of course I wouldn’t invite you to a messy room,” he said knowingly. “You’ll freak out, I know.”

I shook my head with a smile. “Well then…”

He opened the console and gave me a controller. We started playing. I gave a lot of efforts but in the end, he always won.

I sat down on the floor. “Unfair.”

“Fair,” he said joyfully. “I’m just better than you.”

“Gomen,” I said sarcastically. “I’m not a gaming addict like you.”

“Let’s try it again,” he said, standing up from his bed. “I’ll play it easy for you.”

“No need,” I said, frowning. “I’ll beat you!” I stood up and we started a new game.

“Yay! I won!” Nino shouted again, jumping with joy. “I think you’re getting pissed off,” he said, looking at me.

“I’m going,” I said, holding the doorknob.

“Iie!” he said, standing up. “Let’s just watch a movie.”

“Are you…?” I was about to protest but he dragged me to the bed, making me sit down.

“What do you want to watch?” he asked me. He disconnected the gaming console and connected his DVD player.

“Anything you want,” I said. Honestly…

He grinned at me. “I know!” he said, a lightbulb lighting up. He fumbled through the shelf full of DVDs and games. “What about Matsumoto’s movie?”


“How about this?” he asked, holding out a horror movie.

“Not that!” I don’t like horror movies.

“How about this one? You know, Matsujun insisted on giving this to me but the thought of incest really freaks me out,” he said.

I shook my head. I myself was not fond of that movie.

“How about Sho-kun’s…?”


“My movie?” he asked, holding out a copy of “Ao no Honoo”.

“Do you want me to submerge into depression?” I asked him.

He returned the DVD to the shelf. “Did it really have that effect?” he asked me as he continued to search for something.

I nodded. “You’re really a great actor in my opinion because it turned out to be believable,” I said.

“Sou na… I really am a great actor,” he boasted. He took out a DVD. “Don’t complain. I want you to watch this.”

He placed the CD inside. But I was really sleepy that I just kept my eyes open without really focusing on what we were watching. I just heard a familiar electric guitar overture and I was knocked out.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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eh? no one guessed it right that nino and cho were just watching pika*nchi?

ok, next thing to guess: my age... (nope, i'm just asking you to guess, not to really answer it. if ever you have your guess, keep it to yourself... it might come in handy next time) *or you could PM your guess to me*

UPDATE for a wonderful sunday! I'm trying to solve the i's in my math so i guess i'll leave the reading to you guys...

CHAPTER 13: (again, ominous chapter?)

I woke up on a bed and an arm was on me. I looked at the side. Nino was sleeping there.

“Ah!” I shouted, waking him up.

“You fell asleep,” he said, holding his ears. “You scream too loud. Is that the way fangirls scream?”

“Urusei…” I was fully clothed. “Yokatta.”

“What is the ‘yokatta’ about?” he asked nosily.

“Betsuni,” I replied. I stood up and went out. “Erase! Erase! Erase!” I said to myself as I remembered that I woke up with his arm around me. And on his bed! It’s such a great relief nothing happened. And now, what am I thinking?

“When will you leave?” he asked as he leaned on the kitchen counter, only wearing a shirt and his boxers. Why won’t he wear pants or something?

“I don’t know. Someone’s picking me up.”


The doorbell rang. I went for the door. “Ah, Nori-kun!”

Nino went near, now miraculously wearing jogging pants. “Who is he?”

“Ah, Miyaki Nori-kun, my classmate in high school,” I said.

Nino raised his eyebrow at him.

“Come inside,” I told Nori, who gladly stepped inside.

Nino’s voice echoed as he went to his room. “Who said he could enter?”

“Sumimasen, Cho-san,” Nori said. “It looks like I’m not welcome.”

“Don’t mind him. He’s just… tired,” I said.

“I’m not tired!” Nino shouted from his room.

What’s up with him now? “Do you want anything?” I asked Nori.

“Don’t give him anything!”

“Ah, I’m rushing so no need,” he said. He handed me some folders. “Here are the permits, the rechecked research proposal, and a map. There was also a ticket.

“So, you’re ready for Osaka,” he said.

“Hai,” I replied. He suddenly held my hand.

“Cho-san, I…”

I pulled my hand away. “Nori-kun…”

“Is there something going on between you and him?” he asked. Didn’t he recognize that that was Ninomiya Kazunari, the idol?

“Nothing,” I replied. I hope he did not notice that I blushed.

“Yokatta na,” he said. “Cho-san, gomen.”

“Why are you saying sorry?”

“I… I did not even notice it before,” he started. “Cho-san… I… could you… give me a chance?”

I looked at him and frowned. I think this guy’s crossing the line more than what Nino has done. Anyway, Nino hasn’t done anything to me, except put me on his bed and sleep beside me.

“Nori-kun,” I said. “You don’t realize what you’ve done, do you?” I asked him as though I was just asking my classmate if he realized the effect of putting a catalyst on an active solution.

“Gomen,” he said. “I was naïve. I did not realize. You were the only person who was ready to listen to me but I did not listen to you.”

If I was still the girl in love with him, I might have given in easily. But it’s not the logical brain working. It seems like something inside me wants to drive this guy away. Gosh, I do not even know myself.

“It’s been five years, Nori-kun. I have perfectly forgotten everything. We’re friends, ne?”

“But I don’t want to be just your friend, Cho!” he said at the top of his voice. “I like you! I love you.”

“Yameru,” I said in a deadly calm voice. I do not know why but it didn’t hold on to anything. It was like his words did not have the same effect. But it still has… I’m getting confusing.

I stared at the table. “Nori-kun, did I hear it right?”

“Hai. I know I’m stupid to drive you away but I missed you so much and I know that I love you,” he said.

I could not bear to look at him. I could not bear to tell him I don’t like him anymore. Was this the feeling he had when I also confessed my feelings for him almost six years ago?


“Nori-kun,” I said, “arigatou.”


“Arigatou for giving me the papers. I’m sure you had a hard time,” I said, standing up.

“Ah, douitashimashite,” he replied, standing up.

“I think you have to go,” I told him. He turned around, quite disappointed. But that was the only way to avoid the question fast.

I accompanied him to the door. “I might see you in the research,” he said dryly.

“Sou desu ka?” I was quite sad at the fact I would still see him after this. But it could not be helped.

“Ja matta,” he said after tying his shoes. “And, Cho…?”


“I hope I get an answer by then.”

For the first time, I looked into his eyes. I looked away quickly as I tried to hide the tears from my eyes. The memories from years ago… they suddenly came back…

I closed the door and leaned on it, breathing heavily to block my tears. Then I proceeded to the kitchen counter to clean up.

“So, what did you tell him?” Nino asked. He was leaning at his bedroom door, looking at me. Why now?

I let my hair cover my face as I stoop down to pick up the pack of 3-in-1 coffee. “Nothing.”

“He confessed to you, didn’t he?”

So, he’s also eavesdropping. “It’s none of your business.”

“Did you tell him that you loved him back?” he suddenly asked. I looked up and I saw that he was near me, also squatting.

I stood up and sat on the stool. “Iie,” I answered in a small voice. I felt like my tear ducts would burst any second now. “Sumimasen. I… I’m going to arrange my papers,” I excused, taking the folder on the living room table and going inside my room. I sunk behind the door, sobbing.

My mind would eventually break down with these kinds of things.

I have just realized that I am in love with Nino…

Then Nori suddenly arrives, telling me that he loves me?


It was still dark when I woke up. Nino’s room was still silent so I think he’s still asleep. I quietly cooked some breakfast for him so that he’ll be good to go. I did not tell him the exact date of my departure so that’s that. He wouldn’t care anyway.

After setting up the table for him, covering it with cloth, I made a note for him.

“Ja ne, Ninomiya-san. Make sure you’ll take care of my collection or you’ll have to replace everything.

I took my suitcase and quietly got out of the apartment. I sighed as I closed the door gently. “Sayonara, Ninomiya-san,” I said before walking away.

Sensei and Nori were at the airport, waiting for me. “Are you ready?” she asked.

I nodded at her. “Arigatou, sensei. For all the help.”

“That’s nothing,” she replied. “I am really supportive at this project of yours, Warashi-san. This could help you.”

“Wakatta. Ganbarimasu!” I said, holding up my fist.

“Cho-san,” Nori started. He went nearer and whispered, “I’ll be waiting for your answer.”

I nodded a little. I’m still trying to avoid that question. “I don’t know, Nori-kun.”

“Flight 1706 for Osaka now boarding. Passengers, please proceed to gate 3.”

“That’s mine,” I said, smiling at them. “Ja matta ne.” I waved at them.

Goodbye Tokyo… Goodbye, Ninomiya Kazunari…


Again, I was exposed to the fumes exhaled by different sorts of chemicals. For me, they are my flowers. I love their scent.

I was stirring the beaker with the long glass stirring rod when I suddenly thought, “I missed Nino’s scent.”

NANI? The stirring rod slipped from my hand and fell on the floor, shattering to pieces.

“Gomen!” I apologized, running to the cabinet to get a clean rug and a broom.

“Warashi-san, don’t forget to put it in the autoclave,” a woman said.

“Hai, sensei,” I said as I placed the shattered pieces inside an autoclave bag and placed it inside the autoclave.

I’m thinking of Nino too much! I have to focus on the research. Focus… focus… Besides, if I do not focus and if this research goes wrong, I’ll have to stay in Osaka longer and pay extra. Where will I get that money again?

The day ended and I went back to the dormitory where I was staying. I looked at my phone. Not one message. Maybe he didn’t really care if I leave. Why am I even expecting a message from him?

A call arrived. Thinking it was Nino, I excitedly answered it. “Moshi moshi?”

“Cho-san?” It was Nori.

“Nande, Nori-kun?”


“I’m busy,” I told him flatly. I didn’t want to talk to him.

“Ah, daijoubu,” he replied. I hung up.

“Somebody please stop him,” I pleaded as I looked at my phone’s new phone strap. Since it was not a major concert, the phone strap’s design was the kanji of Arashi, decorated with crystals of five colors.

“I hate to say this but I miss you so much,” I told the Nino’s picture that graced a part of the clearfile holding some of my papers.


After a month, the research ended and the results were very nice. I emailed the remade research paper, with conclusions and all, to the science department of my university.

“At last!” I said in relief as I finished packing up. “I’m going back to Tokyo!”

I arrived in Tokyo 2:00 AM. Since there was no traffic, I arrived in the apartment thirty minutes after. After pressing in the combination, I quietly entered. The apartment still hasn’t changed. However, there were litters of beer cans and cigarette butts on the living room table. I quietly picked them up and threw it to the trash can.

I opened my room and was about to go inside when I noticed that Nino’s room was open. He doesn’t leave his room close so I decided to take a look. I crept inside and turned to the bed.

What greeted my eyes almost shattered my heart to pieces. I had to cover my mouth to hide my gasps due to the tears falling down on my face.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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“Cho-chan?” Nino asked as he went out of his room. He saw the set breakfast table and removed the cloth. There was a note.

“She’s leaving?” he asked to himself. He rushed back to his room and changed clothes and sped to the airport.

“Cho-chan… Where are you?” he murmured as he looked around the airport, trying to see where she had gone to.

His eyes widened when he saw Cho, along with an old woman and the annoying boy who visited her the other day. He was about to run towards her when he saw Nori bend down a little to kiss her.

Nino just stared at the sight. He was the only figure not moving inside the busy airport where people walked to and fro. He just watched from afar as Cho waved at them and disappeared at gate 3.

I was gasping for breath. I left the room immediately and locked myself inside my room. I slowly slid behind the door and cried.

Who am I fooling? Why am I crying? Why do I feel hurt? He needs to do that. He’s a man after all…

But why is it breaking my heart seeing him sleeping with a woman?

I could feel my heart throbbing painfully. It was as if it wanted to get out of my chest at that moment. I could hear cries inside my head. Not just my cries…

“Tasukete…” I gasped as I held my chest. “Tasukete…” I left my medicine outside, in the bag. I frantically banged on the door, hoping Nino would notice. I had already unlocked the door but it was still beyond my efforts pulling it open.

It was also cold… very cold…

I passed out.

I felt a pair of hands carrying me to the bed and covering me with a warm blanket. My hands were being held the whole time.

I felt a soft whisper on my ear but my eyelids were too heavy. I felt something soft touch my lips.

I woke up next morning and I saw Nino beside me, sleeping with his head on the bed.

I looked at him. He had dark bags under his eyes. He looked tired. I felt sorry for him. “Ninomiya-san?” I called out with a small voice. It was still difficult for me to talk.

He slowly woke up, wrinkling his nose a little. “Cho-chan…”

I smiled at him softly. However, the sight I saw last night still remained in my mind, making the smile a sad smile.

“Doushita?” he asked, stroking my hair that was scattered all over the pillow.

I did not look at him. “Nan demo nai.”

“Gomenasai,” he said, tilting my chin so that I could look him in the eye.

“Why are you saying sorry?”

“What you saw last night, I…”

My lip was trembling as I bit it, trying to hide my tears again. “Daijoubu,” I said in a broken voice.

“It’s not okay!” he shouted, standing up. “I shouldn’t have done that! Worse, I shouldn’t have let the woman I love see that!”

That made me look up at him. “Ninomiya-san…”

“I love you, Cho-chan. Can’t you see that?” he said, looking at me. “But I have to restrain myself as you love him and not me!”

“I love… who?”

“That guy!” His eyes were shining with tears but he was able to hold it more effectively than what I could do.

“Nori-kun? Iie…”

He looked at me. “You… don’t…?”

I smiled at him. “Ninomiya-san,” I started. I took a deep breath and said, “I love you too.”

His face split into a smile. “Hontou desu ka?”

I nodded at him. He wrapped his arms around me. “Yokatta…” he said repeatedly. “Cho-chan…”

I couldn’t believe it. He was also in love with me. He kissed me gently while he embraced me tight. “I’ll always take care of you. I’ll make sure that you’re safe. I promise,” he said, kissing my forehead.


“Don’t you want me to accompany you today?” I asked him.

“Iie,” he replied. “You’re still not feeling well.”

He’s right. My head was still spinning that I could not speak. I was forced to lie back again on the bed. “You’re right,” I said.

“Daijoubu. I’ll return as soon as possible,” he said. “I promise.” He kissed me before he left my room.

I guess I’ll have to be alone the whole day. I could not stand up or move. I felt a little useless.

Thankfully, Nino arrived that afternoon. He was carrying take out food from a store. “Tabemashou!” he said, entering my room. Without a warning, he scooped me with his hands and carried me to the living room, making me feel cozy as I sat on pillows.

“Cho-chan, you got lighter,” he said with a grin. “What did Osaka do to you?”

I shrugged. I was able to eat here through the help of his friends but when I was in Osaka, I was forced to eat only once a day to tighten up the budget. And I had to sleep late while I observed some specimens.

“Anyway, let’s eat,” he said, putting the take out bento on the living room table.

I nodded silently. “Ninomiya-san…” I said.


“Will I still work for you as your PA?” I asked him.

He frowned a little as he edged beside me. “Cho-chan, all I want to be is with you. I want to see you always.”

“So, what does that mean?” I asked.

“That means you have to go with me as my PA but you will not be working for me as my PA,” he explained as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Kinda like what Anna-san and Katrina-san do, undercover…”

I did not understand a thing he said. “It’s unfair. I still have to work.”

“Well, just be with me. It’s effort enough…”

“What about the rent?” I asked him. This was too much. “I could work part-time in…”

“Iie,” he said. “You are my PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Got it?” he said, emphasizing the words. “So, you’re working under me.”

I just nodded. I did not have the energy to fight him so I just nodded. He went beside me and placed an arm around me. “Cho-chan, I don’t want to get you out of my sight,” he said, stroking my hair absentmindedly.


He looked at me. “I don’t want to lose you. I want you to always feel that I’m here…”

I looked at his eyes. He did not want to repeat the same mistake again. “Daijoubu,” I said. “I understand.”


“You don’t need to be always there. Just the thought that I matter to you is enough to keep me safe…”


“Ninomiya-san, I know what I’m saying,” I told him.

He bit his lip. “Cho-chan, you always make me worry. You made me worry when you passed out last night, when you were almost hit by the truck, when you fainted in the shower room, and your first day as my PA…”


“Toma told me,” he said. “You even told him that he should not tell anyone.” He glared at me. “Don’t hide anything like that from me.”

“Wakatta,” I answered.

“Gomenasai,” he said again. He placed my head on his shoulder. “Cho-chan, you shouldn’t have seen that…”

“Daijoubu,” I replied again. Seriously, he’s just provoking me.

He kissed my hair as he continued stroking it. “I hope you’ll understand, Cho. Please understand.”

I closed my eyes, loving the feeling. “I will understand. Don’t worry, I’ll understand.”


“Cho-chan!” Aiba shouted as I entered the dressing room, carrying my bag and the smaller of Nino’s two bags. “Hisashiburi!” he looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Aiba-chan, you’re scaring her off,” Nino said, throwing his bag on the couch and sitting on it.

“Gomen,” he said, scratching his head. “Cho-chan, do you still have…?”

Jun hit him in the head. “Aiba-chan, yameru…”

He stood up. “Did I gain weight?” he asked everyone.

“How are we supposed to know if you gained weight?” Nino asked, a vein popping out of his forehead.

“It seems like I did not gain weight,” Aiba concluded happily. “I would like to have some of the special cookies!” he wailed. He looked at me hopefully.

“I think I brought it,” I said, looking for the cute tin box of the cookies. I haven’t touched the box ever since my departure for Osaka. “Douzo.”

Aiba took the tin box as though it was some golden treasure. He opened it slowly. “Itadaki…”

“Chotto matte!” Nino said, taking the box away. “I’m her boss, I should get to taste this!” The two got into a petty fight for the cookies.

“It seems like Nino is himself again,” Sho said near to my ear.


We both watched as the two chased each other, the smaller man carrying the box safely under his arm.

“When you left, Nino was in a mess. He started drinking and stuff that only depressed people do,” he explained. “I think he really likes you, Cho-chan.”

I kept silent. “If you think so…”

Nino landed on my feet, his head on the floor. “Cho-chan, don’t give these cookies to the cookie monster!” he said.

Aiba dived after him. “Cho-chan, onegai!”

The door opened suddenly and Ohno showed some lines on his forehead. “What are you two doing?” he asked Nino and Aiba, who was on top of Nino, trying to grab the box.

“Cho-chan, hisashiburi,” Anna said, entering the room after Ohno. She closed the door. “Someone left this at the receptionist desk,” she said, passing the cloth covered box to Aiba.

“Eh?” Aiba said, opening the pack. There was a note and a tin box.


We just finished our Scotland PV shoot. Gomen, I only bought a small box. I hope you’ll like it.


“At least he’ll stop chasing Cho-chan’s cookies,” Nino said. I took the box and opened it.

“Do you want some?” I asked everyone.

They ignored my offer and looked hungrily, teasingly, threateningly, at Aiba’s box. I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw Aiba hold the box protectively. “Don’t you look at my cookies like that!” he said in a scared voice. He ran out of the room, Sho, Jun, and Ohno chasing him. I could hear their shouts outside.

“Cho-chan,” Nino said. “Can I have one?” he asked.

I gladly opened the box again and gave it to him. However, he did not get a cookie. “I thought you wanted a cookie?”

“Feed me,” he said like a kid, lying on my lap. I admit, he really is a puppy monster.

I took one and fed him. “Umai na!” he said. “No wonder Aiba-chan loves it!” He looked at me. “Why don’t you have one?” He took a cookie and force-fed me.

“Ninomiya-san?” I asked him.

“Nani?” he said, still chewing the next one I gave him.

“I was just wondering if it is, you know, safe,” I said.

He seemed to understand my statement so he answered. “Daijoubu,” he said in a singsong voice to assure me.

I felt relieved…

I know that he’ll always be there…


The next few days, Nino had to leave. He did not allow me to go with him as he was going to tape a special project, going up to the mountains.

I was alone in the house. I kept everything clean, changed the curtains and covers (after a long one month’s time) to green, and sat down to read and proofread my research.

The doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Nori. “Yo,” he greeted.

“Ah, konnichiwa,” I said. I let him in. “Ninomiya-san isn’t here today.”

“Sou ka,” he said. I gave him tea. “Cho, if you could…”

“Gomenasai,” I said, stopping him before he could ask the whole question. “I am… I am with someone now.”

He stared at the cup he was holding. “Sou da ne…”

“Gomen, Nori-kun but I think you’re too late,” I said. For the first time, I spoke up to him again. “You hurt me before and I think the scar is irreparable.”

“You think so?” he asked. “Gomenasai, Cho-san.”

“Don’t mention it,” I replied.

“Are you with… him?” he asked, his eyes on the closed door of Nino’s room.

I nodded slowly. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I said. “Onegaishimasu!”

“Hai,” he replied. “I’m your friend, Cho,” he said.

“Arigatou,” I replied.

After a few chitchats about the research in Osaka, he stood up and left. The house was quiet again. I decided to get my laptop from my room and open my mail. There were a hundred new messages. More than a hundred.

“What are these?” I asked to myself as I opened one of them.


The message was clear.

The other mails carry the same messages, in different degrees of rudeness.

I decided to delete all of those messages. I was shaken. “Cho, calm down,” I told myself. I stood up to make coffee. However, my shaking hand only caused the boiling water to spill down at my hands.

“Itai!” I shouted in pain. I rushed to the sink and let water run on it.

The doorbell rang again. This time, it was mail. I watched in horror as unnamed envelopes addressed to me slipped through the mail hole down on the floor. Some were merely notes in red ink, telling the same message. I ran to pick all of them up, not reading any of them, and threw them in the trash bin.

I rushed inside my room to get my bag and my medicine. I was still shaking when I removed the pill form its case and put it inside my mouth. I unsteadily took the glass of water at my bedside and swallowed the medicine. My phone started to ring. It was Nino.

I took in deep breaths and controlled it before I picked it up. “Moshi moshi?” I leaned at my bed for support.

“Ah, Cho-chan, it’s cold out here! And I’m dizzy!”

“Where are you?”

“Inside a boat. We’re going to the island with a mountain,” he explained. He coughed.

“Daijoubu?” I asked him. I placed the phone farther so that he could not hear my wheezing.

“Hai. Just dizzy. I feel like I’m going to puke!”

“Then why did you call me?” I asked him. I was worried about his seasickness.

He answered in a husky voice, “The guide told me that there’s no telephone signal in that island so I had no choice but to call you.”

“You don’t need to call me,” I said. I was lying to him. I needed him badly.

“Iie. I have to call you. I want to hear your voice. And I want to make sure that you’re not worried about me,” he said.

We were silent for a second or so. “Cho-chan, how are you doing?”

I sighed. “Daijoubu,” I said, trying to give him the most assuring voice.

“Yokatta,” he said. “So, I’ll hang up now. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“Daijoubu, Ninomiya-san,” I told him. “Ja matta.”

I leaned my head on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Then I turned at the Arashi poster at the side of my bed. “Nino, I don’t think I’ll be fine.”

I was trying to be strong…

“Even though Murasaki-chan is a happy person, she is quite sensitive. She did not understand the difference of her life with the life of an idol. And that killed her.”

Am I being like Murasaki? Sensitive?

Am I longing for Nino too much?

Couldn’t I understand that he needs to be away?
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:28 pm

anyway, here's the next update. it's kinda different from the other chapters... but oh well... i might as well change the rating of the story after putting this one up... but anyway, it's not what you all think. but i certainly did not get this from anyone as i wrote this chapter way way back before they wrote theirs. if you know what i mean...

but i am not saying this is the reason why i started asking ages. it's just, i love to ask people's ages... XP



It has been a week. The hate mails continued to arrive. I was being so lucky that the apartment’s security kept me safe from people who might come.

Before, being alone wasn’t that bad. But now, I always hide. I always stayed inside my room. I was afraid to go near the door. I did not even try to step out of the door.

The silence was aching my heart. I went to his room and lied on the bed, thinking about him. I am trying my best not to miss him. I’m trying my best to be strong. But the hate mails continued to come each day.

I was distracted when the doorbell rang. I carefully went behind it and asked, “Who’s there?”

“Cho-chan?” Ohno’s voice came from the other side of the door.

I fearfully took the hate mails and threw them to the nearest trash bin. They were so many that it filled up the bin. I forcefully closed it and returned to the door.

“Konbanwa, Ohno-kun,” I said as he stepped inside.

“Konbanwa,” he greeted back. “Cho-chan, ogenki desu ka?”

“Hai,” I replied. “What brings you here?” I asked him.

“Ah, Nino asked me to visit you. He’s worried about you,” he said further.

I nodded. My eyes traveled momentarily to the trash bin before going back to Ohno. “Do you like some tea?”

“Hai,” he said. He sat on the low table and looked around. “The apartment looks gloomy.”

He noticed that the curtains were closed, causing the room to be darker. “Gomenasai,” I said, opening the electric lights.

“Cho-chan, daijoubu ka?” he asked me as I sat before him, giving him some tea and biscuits.

“Hai. Genki desu,” I told him, smiling a bit. If I let this issue slip, he will surely tell Nino. I did not want him to worry.

“Douzo,” he said, giving me a large lunch box. “Okaa-san made that.”

“Arigatou,” I said, taking the box.

“Nino said you do not eat when he’s not around so I had that made,” he said further. “It has been a long time.”

“I want to go with Nino but he did not let me,” I told him.

Ohno sighed. “Well, the island trip is tiring, especially to Nino. He’s seasick.” I nodded. I know his weakness is seasickness. “Maybe he’s worried about you.”

“I do not have seasickness,” I told him.

Ohno just shrugged. “Anyway. I’m happy that you’re fine.” He looked at his watch. “Gomen, I have to go. Eat the dinner, Cho-chan. It tastes good.”

“Hai. Arigatou gozaimasu,” I said. I accompanied him to the door.

“Chotto matte,” he said. “Where is the bathroom?”

“Ah, it’s there, by that corner.”

He made his way to the bathroom when he accidentally hit the trash bin, its contents spilling on the floor.

“Nani sore?” Ohno asked, stooping down to see.

“Ah, Ohno-kun, don’t!” I said, stopping him. I hastily picked up the letters lying on the floor and dumped them back to the bin. “There’s the bathroom” I told him, diverting his attention.

He nodded and proceeded to the bathroom. I sighed with relief. “I hope he did not notice what those were,” I pleaded silently.


“Cho-chan!” Nino greeted, surprising me as I was in the kitchen. He hugged me and whispered sweetly on my ear. “Hisashiburi.”

I turned around excitedly and said, “Okaeri.” I pushed him away slightly so that I could move. “How’s the trip?”

“I almost puked!”

“You should have brought me along with you,” I said. We both went to his room. I watched him as he changed into another shirt and shorts. He sat beside me.

“How have you been?” he asked. “I think you got thinner.”

“You told me before that I am heavy,” I said. “I decided to lose some weight.”

He jumped on the bed and buried himself on his pillow. He was silent and motionless that I thought he was asleep. I stood up and silently made my way out when he suddenly grabbed my hand.

“Cho, you’re making me worry again,” he said, his face still hidden by the pillow.

“I don’t know… what you’re talking about,” I said guiltily.

“I told you not to make me worry,” he said, showing his face to me. He really looked tired after the trip. “You should have told me…”

“About what?”

“The hate mails.”

Oh great. Ohno did see them and told him about them. “Ninomiya-san, gomen.”

He sat up again, still holding my hand, tighter than his usual grip. “Are you bothered with them?”

“I could manage. I understand.”

“Don’t lie,” he said. He looked at me, who was hiding my face with my hair, trying to hold back the fear. He removed the hair covering my face and tilted my chin to face him. I could feel his breathing. “Cho-chan, don’t be scared.”

“You’re mad at me,” I said, biting my lip.

“I’m not mad at you, baka,” he said, smiling a little. He touched my cheek and I felt it burn. “But you should have told me…”

“I don’t want to disturb you,” I said. “I also don’t want to make you worry.”

“But if you’re that silent, you’re making me worry more,” he said, his hand now on my shoulder. “We’ll go to Johnny tomorrow,” he said in a final tone.

“Demo… I’m fine…”

“Stop saying you’re fine!” he suddenly shouted. I felt like I’m going to burst to pieces. He held my hand. “Cho, I have failed to make you feel special.” I looked at his eyes, full of pain and guilt. “Do you really believe that I love you? I just hurt you. I made you see something that would prove otherwise. I’m not that numb not to feel how sad you are.”

I gulped to hide back the tears threatening to burst out. “I know you…”

He embraced me again. “Gomenasai, Cho. I will never ever make you cry.”


“Just promise me that you will never hide anything from me. Don’t keep your sadness to yourself. I’ll always be here to listen to you… to love you.”

His look really made me give in. “Hai, Ninomiya-san.”

“Good,” he said.

I stood up. “I’m going to take a bath,” I said.

After a quick wash, I dipped myself inside the bath tub. It was warm and it gave me comfort. I just noticed, this was the first time I ever used the bath. What drove me to use it, anyway? The stressful days took their toll but now that Nino’s here, I was able to relax. I wadded on the water, the tub was kind of big. I closed my eyes and thought that the warm water was as warm as Nino’s embrace.

Chotto matte…

That was not water hugging me. I quickly opened my eyes. “Ninomiya-san!” I shrieked as I saw him beside me, clearly in pain as his ear was blown up by my shout.

“Maji?” he said shaking his ears a little. “Is that fangirl training? You shriek too loud!”

“What are you doing here?” I asked, horrified. I tried to cover myself, though I was already covered by the bubbles. I edged as far as I could.

“Baka. What do you think a person would do inside a bath? Commit suicide?” he asked sarcastically.

“It’s not that!” I was blushing. I dipped myself in more that only my head was above water. “Don’t you know that I’m here?”

“Well, the door was open…”

I forgot the bathroom door! “That doesn’t…” My eyes widened. “What kind of mind do you have, Ninomiya Kazunari?” I asked him. I was about to stand up but I saw that my towel was far from me. It’s not really that far but to get it, I have to raise myself a little, exposing my upper body. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction! And he’s thinking I’m inviting him?

I have to think fast. The bubbles of the water were slowly disappearing. And if that happens…

Nino moved a little closer. “Cho-chan, doushita?” he asked.

The water was clouding my senses. Who made the water scalding hot?

“Do…don’t come near me!” I said. However, he was already an arm’s reach and he held me by the waist, almost making me faint.

“Cho-chan, why are you shaking?” he asked. He was not sporting his grin anymore; he was worried.

“Ninomiya-san…” I said in a whisper. I could feel the rise and fall of his chest.

“Cho-chan, daijoubu.” He held me closer and he kissed me softly. I closed my eyes as he gave me the feeling of love. However, my hand gently touched his shoulders and pulled him away.

“Ninomiya-san,” I said. “Gomenasai.” I suddenly felt guilty.

He looked at me seriously. “Cho, I should be the one to say that,” he said, moving away. “I should not force you.”

“Gomen,” I said again. “I know I shouldn’t…”

He pressed his finger on my lips. “Stop saying sorry.” It was an order. He raised himself a little and took the towel, handing it to me. He closed his eyes and waited for me to get out of the bath.

“It’s fine now,” I said. He opened his eyes and stared directly at the wall facing him.



“Please sleep beside me tonight,” I said. I was not looking at him.

He was silent. “Cho, that’s impo…”

“I’m scared,” I admitted, crying. “I want them all to stop coming but they arrive everyday. I wanted them to stop bothering me but they kept on following me. Onegai!”

He sighed. “Wakatta. I’ll try,” he said. It was understandable how he’d be able to do that feat without jumping on me.

I closed the door behind me and went inside my room to change into pajamas. Then I sat on the bed, staring at the lamp at the bedside table. There was nothing important about the lamp, I was just looking at it without any focus. The room was silent.

I sighed. “Maybe he could not manage,” I said to myself, laughing at the thought. I went under the blankets and tried to sleep. I was half-asleep when I felt someone go under the blankets and wrap his arms around me.

“Cho…” Nino said, snuggling closer. It was a cold night.

I felt relieved that he was there.

For that moment, I felt that he really cared about me.

The next morning, I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock. I blushed as I found myself hugging Nino while he was also hugging me too. He was still soundly asleep.

I slowly tried to get up so he would not be awakened. However, I felt him tug my hand. “Ohayou,” he said in a rough voice as he looked at me, smiling.

I smiled at him. “Ohayou gozaimasu,” I replied. He sat up beside me. He pulled me closer and touched his forehead to mine. We smiled at each other. We were busy staring at each other that we did not notice a voice calling him.

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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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here's the next chapter... and please don't forget to read my new fic and my past fics if you haven't read them! and drop a comment too... arigatou!


“Saki! Let me explain!” Nino shouted as he followed her to her room. She locked it behind her. Nino continued to pound on the door. “Murasaki, gomenasai! I didn’t mean to… I couldn’t…” his words faded and he just leaned his forehead on the door, crying, feeling guilty with the thing he had done.

The door slowly opened. “Come inside,” Murasaki said in a straight, hard face. He went inside silently. He could feel that he still wasn’t forgiven.

“Murasaki, I…”

“Look at me, Kazunari,” she said in a soft voice. And in Nino’s horror, she started to remove her clothes, slowly, painfully, as though she was removing her own skin from her body.

“Murasaki, what are…?”

“Is this what you want?” she asked, her tears falling down her face though she was fighting to stay up. “Will you love me truly if I give myself to you?”

“Murasaki, iie,” Nino said in a gentle voice. “I love you.”

“You’re lying,” she said. “Kazu, you wouldn’t do that if you love me.”

Nino ran towards her and embraced her tight. Her knees gave in and she sunk on the floor. “Gomenasai, Murasaki. I know it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have… I shouldn’t have…” he also started to cry.

“What are you doing there with a woman?” she asked, pointing at the two of us.

“Okaa-san, it’s not what you think!” Nino replied.

“And why are you two in the same room?” she asked again.

Nino sighed. “Okaa-san, we’re not doing anything. And Cho… Cho, she’s my girlfriend!”


Oh great, he did not tell her beforehand. “Hai, okaa-san. Cho, meet my okaa-san.”

“Hajimemashite,” I said, bowing a little at her.

“Get off the bed, Kazunari,” she told her son. She sat beside me. “Cho-chan deshou?”

I nodded nervously, watching her as she observed me closely. “What do you do for a living?”

“I…” I could not answer. Is it proper to tell her that I’m Nino’s PA?

“She’s a uni student,” he answered for me. I just nodded.

“Good, then,” she said.

“She works part-time as my PA,” Nino added.

“Sou desu ne,” she said. “Are you being abused?” she asked me. She touched my face. “You’re pale.”

“She doesn’t eat if I’m not around,” Nino said, swinging his foot on the couch.

“Take care of yourself,” she told me, smiling a little.

“Hai, Ninomiya-san,” I answered.

“Kazu, she’s really polite,” she exclaimed, chuckling. “You take care of her.” She stood up and went out of the door.

I tried to stand up but I wobbled and fell on the bed. “You look sick,” Nino said, helping me sit up. “You’re hot!” he said alarmingly as he touched my forehead and compared my temperature to his.

“Daijoubu,” I told him, trying to sit up by myself. However, I fell once again on the bed.

“Try to rest,” he said in a comforting voice.

“Iie,” I said. “I must do my job. Ninomiya-san, I should not let your mother work. It’s my…”

He silenced me with a soft kiss. “Okaa-san’s right. I should take care of you.”

My phone rang. Nino passed it to me. “Moshi moshi?”

“Warashi-san, I have good news,” my sensei said. “Your research received excellent marks and you’re ready to graduate for this year.”

“Hontou da?”

“Hai. Omedetou gozaimasu,” she said. She hung up the phone.

I was smiling ear to ear that Nino asked, “What’s that?”

“Ninomiya-san, I’m going to graduate!” I said excitedly. My head was also spinning with the mixture of excitement and headache.

“Did I hear that right?” his mother’s voice said from the kitchen. “Omedetou!”

However, my happiness wavered as I realized something.

“Cho-chan, doushita?” he asked.

“No one will come on my graduation,” I said. “We have no parents. And… my brother isn’t here…” I sighed. “Maybe I shouldn’t attend the rites.”

“You will attend the rites,” Nino pressed on. “I will see to it that you will attend.” He took his own phone from his pocket. “Hai. Sho-kun, what does one need for the graduation rites?” I watched him as he nodded at Sho’s instruction. “Hai. It’s Cho-chan.” He looked at me and said, “Sho-kun’s greeting you.”

“Arigatou,” I replied.

“Sho-kun… ha? Nani? Does she really need to?” Nino frowned a little. “Hai. Wakatta.”

“What did he say?”

“He said, you need a graduation kimono,” Nino answered.

“I really think…”

“Yamette kudasai,” he said. “We’ll find a way.” A lightbulb clicked on his brain. “I know!” He dialed a number and called again. “Hai, Matsujun. Do you know where we could get a graduation kimono? Hai. Hai. Oh, I totally forgot about that. Is there…? Fine. Call me later if it’s good.”

“What’s that? You look really interested,” I told him.

“Well, I’m excited and happy for you, Cho-chan,” Nino said, holding my hand. “So I think you really have to rest for your graduation. When will it be?”

“Next month,” I answered.

“That’s enough time,” he said in relief. His phone rang again. “Sou da ne? Arigatou. Tomorrow? Hai. Hai. We will not be late, I promise.”

“What’s with tomorrow?” I asked him.

“We’ll go somewhere,” he said with a smile.

Hi mother entered, carrying a bowl. “You’re sick, Cho-chan,” she said worriedly. “You must get well so that you’ll look beautiful in your graduation, ne, Kazu?” He nodded in agreement.

I nodded. “Arigatou gozaimasu.” She left the bowl at my bedside table.

“Kazu, I just visited to keep things in check. This girl makes sure that everything’s in check.”

“Mochiron desu yo,” Nino said boastfully as though he owns me already. “So… ja matta?”

“Hai. Ja!” she greeted, swinging her bag over her shoulders and leaving.

“I’ll help you eat,” Nino said, taking the bowl and spoonfeeding me, though it was not necessary.


The next day Nino and I rode in his car and made our way to an unknown location. He stopped the car in front of a café where Jun was sitting, cross-legged, and talking with a girl wearing the café’s uniform. That was Anna. She waved at me and I waved back.

“So, where are we heading?” Nino asked as Jun went inside the car.

“Just go straight and I’ll tell you where to turn,” Jun said.

The three of us made our way to a traditional house. The gates opened as Nino blew his horn. We were greeted by an elderly lady.

“Jun-kun!” she greeted, embracing him.

“Oba-san, this is Ninomiya Kazunari, and Warashi Cho,” he said, pointing at us, who bowed as our names were called.

“Hajimemashite,” she replied. “Ivonne Aika desu.”

“Katrina told me that her mother is originally a kimono designer,” Jun explained.

“My daughter thinks desigining kimono is boring,” Aika said. “It’s more on designing the cloth rather than the form. Come inside,” she said. She herself was wearing an elaborate kimono.

She led us to a room at the far end of the corridor. My eyes widened in awe as she opened the paper door and revealed a lot of kimono. “Jun-kun, you haven’t seen this part of the house yet, ne?” she said, as Jun’s eyes also popped out.

A maid arrived, carrying a measuring tape and a notebook. “It has been a long time since I last made a kimono,” she said. “Come here, dear,” she told me. She took the measuring tape and started taking measurements of my body. “I just hope I’ll be able to make Katrina a wedding kimono but I think she’ll decline.” I chuckled at the tomato red face of Jun. “Ne, Jun-kun, do you want a traditional wedding?”

“I don’t know,” Jun just answered. Nino was smirking in delight as he watched Jun getting red.

Aika kept on saying random things as she took my measurements. “Your graduation’s next month, ne?”


“It’ll be finished by that time since this is the only recent kimono I will make,” she said in delight. “I’m excited! It’s been a long time!”

She stood up and proceeded to another paper door. “I think this one will fit you,” she said, opening the door. There were rolls and rolls of silk cloth behind the door. She held the purple silk cloth with designs of butterflies and flowers that glowed in the classic chandelier light. “This one’s simple,” she said.

“Kireii…” I said as I touched the soft cloth. “This might be expensive…”

“Don’t worry,” Jun said. “It’s a graduation gift from Katrina and me.”


“He’s right, Cho-chan,” Nino said.

Jun looked at his watch. “Arigatou, Oba-san but we still have another appointment,” Jun said. “Iku.”

“Sayonara,” I said politely.

“I’ll make sure you’ll look beautiful on your graduation,” she said as we rode inside the car.

“Arigatou gozaimasu!”

“Nino, drive faster. We can’t be late,” Jun said.


“Ivonne Fashion Co.,” Jun said.

Nino drove through the traffic until we reached a high rise building with displays of mannequins and clothes. We went inside. “Walk faster, Cho-chan,” Jun instructed. “We can’t be late.”

We went to the second floor and Jun opened the office door without knocking.

“And who told you to enter without knocking?” a woman said, busily sketching something on a piece of paper. She looked up. It was Katrina.

“Yo,” Jun greeted. Katrina smirked at him. I thought they were both resisting themselves from flirting with each other. Weird people.

“Miyu-san,” Katrina called. “Warashi-san,” she told me. “I am not fond of designing kimono but I’ll be more than happy to make you your ball gown.” She watched carefully as the assistant started to measure my body parts again. “Ninomiya-san, did you gain weight?” she asked.

“Iie. That’s impossible,” he replied.

“Yokatta,” she said seriously. “Is it through?” she asked her assistant who nodded. She got out of the room.

Katrina went back to her desk. She continued sketching. “This is it,” she said, showing to me the sketch. It was a long dress with an uneven hem. “How is it?”

“Kireii na…”

“I knew it,” she said vainly, glaring at Jun. “I already picked the color. It will be red,” she said.

Katrina accompanied us to her jewelry shop. I was amazed with what I saw. I went from glass to glass, looking at the fantastic glittering diamonds and gems, cut into different shapes.

“Ne, Cho-chan, why are you getting excited?” Nino asked.

“I love seeing sparkly things!” I said excitedly. “They look so… wonderful…!”

“Yappari,” Katrina said sarcastically. “That’s why she loves watching your concerts. You all look sparkly in your costumes.”

Nino frowned. “Sou desu ne?” He pointed at the necklace with a crystal heart. “Do you like that one?”

Indeed, the necklace was beautiful, decorated by different colored gems. But I bet that’s expensive.

“Iie,” I replied.

“Sou na…” Nino said, scratching his chin. “But at least I know you love shining and sparkly things.”


“You look wonderful,” Nino said as I got out of the room.

“Reina! She looks wonderful!” Aiba said, shaking her furiously.

“Arigatou,” I told them. “Reina-san, thank you for letting me inside your house.”

“Anything for you,” she said.

“Reina, sugoii! You made her look beautiful!” Aiba praised even more.

“Masaki, I just learned from the make up artists who take care of me,” Reina explained. “It’s not really that much, gomen.”

I looked at the mirror in the living room. I touched my raised curled hair, few strands adorning my face. “Iie. It’s really wonderful.”

“You’re just really beautiful,” she said.

“Cho-chan, iku,” Nino said. He helped me ride in Aiba’s car, followed by the couple. “I won’t be able to go to your graduation, gomen.”


“Daijoubu,” Nino said . “Have fun!” He closed the car door for me.

I watched him wave at me as the car sped towards my university.


“Omedetou,” my sensei said as she hugged me after the ceremony. “You really look wonderful today. Being the top of the class and such…”

“Arigatou,” I replied. “My friends took care of me.”

“You have good friends,” she said.

“Cho-chan, can I take your picture?” Ohno asked. I posed in front of the school statue and logo and he clicked and clicked.

“I just hope Nino was here,” Sho sighed, rearranging his tie. “It has been a long time since I last saw a graduation ceremony.” He looked at me and shook my hand. “Omedetou, Cho-chan. I did not know that you’re the best of your class.”

“I was also surprised,” I replied. “But it’s all thanks to Ninomiya-san. I would not be able to pursue my research if not because of him.”

“Well,” Sho said, winking.

“Arigatou, Matsumoto-kun, Ivonne-san,” I told the two, bowing in front of them.

“Okaa-san sends her regards,” she said. She looked good in her formal blouse and pants.

“Arigatou,” I said again.

After more picture taking, Aiba drove us back to Reina’s apartment so that I’ll be able to prepare for the graduation ball. She removed the pins on my hair and arranged my flowing hair in curls. She also retouched my make up.

“Katrina-san always makes the best,” Reina exclaimed as she opened the box containing my gown. “Wear this,” she said, showing me the final product. It was a deep red one-sleeved gown with uneven hem. The crystal beads forming a star trail glowed.

I got out of the room wearing the gown. Aiba clapped his hands. “Kireii!”

“Let’s go now,” Reina said with a smile. She gave a last stroke to her two rabbits and we all set off to the hotel where the ball will be held.

“Gomen, we could not go with you inside,” Aiba said. “But have fun, okay?”

“Hai. Arigatou gozaimasu,” I said.

“Douitashimashite,” Reina replied, waving as I got inside.

My friends talked to me. We were all enjoying the night, dancing and singing, and eating. I was happy that they were all giving good comments about my gown. Some of them even knew who made it and told me I was lucky that I have a Katrina Ivonne gown!

The lights dimmed and the slow dance started. I was sitting at the side of the dance floor. No one was asking me to dance. There were some, driven by my ‘popularity’ as the class top, but I did not feel like dancing.

“Cho-chan?” a voice said. “Shall we dance?”

I looked up. It was Nori.

“This might be the last request from me,” he said. “Onegai?” He sat beside me. “Cho…”

I smiled at him but I reluctantly held my hand out. “Hai. It’s a waste that I’ll just sit down with this beautiful gown,” I said.

We went to the middle of the dancefloor and he placed his hands on my waist. I placed my hands on his shoulders. The song ended and the new one started.

“Itsumo sou yo.
Suneru to kimi wa.
Watashi no daiji na mono wo kakusu desho.
Sono basho wa kimatte onaji dakara.
Kyou wa saki ni itte matte miru wa….”

He removed his hands from my waist and he removed my hands from his shoulders. “You’re looking for somebody else, ne?”

I almost fainted when I felt a hand touch my shoulder from the back. I turned around and saw Nino, his hands quickly around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Nori had already gone out.

“You know, I don’t like that guy,” he said.

“Dare? Nori-kun?” I asked. “He’s a good guy. He always helped me and he’s so kind and…”

“But he made you cry,” Nino said. “That’s why I don’t like him.”

I stared at him. He did not want me to cry. That’s why he hated him.

“Cho-san, shall we dance?” Nori asked. I gladly stood up and followed him to the dancefloor.

“You look… nice tonight,” he commented.

“Arigatou,” I replied. “Ne, Nori-kun…?” I stopped short when he placed his hands around me.


“I want… I want to tell you something…”


I took a deep breath before I told him what I felt about him. “Nori-kun, daisuki.”

He stopped moving. “Eh?” He looked at me. “Cho-san, gomenasai. I shouldn’t have been always with you. I think you have misinterpreted everything.”

“Then, you don’t like me,” I asked back. I was hurt. “Just give me an answer so that I will not continue to hope.”

He sadly shook his head. He could not even look at me. I could feel my heart beating forcefully then becoming dangerously slow.

Both of us were silent as the music finished. He wanted to take me back to where I was sitting but I pulled my hand away. I did not even look back at him. I was getting weak and I could feel my breathing getting shorter by the minute.

All I saw were blurry shapes as my eyes were clouded by my tears… then everything went black. The last thing I heard were people calling my name.


I woke up in a hospital, fitted with different apparatus. My sensei, and also the person who took care of me, was sitting beside me.

“Don’t tire yourself too much, Cho,” she said.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“You’ve just gone under a heart transplant. You have to be thankful that you’re given another chance to live.”

And in that new life, Nori will never be included…

“You know, I don’t like dancing like this,” I admitted.


“There are too many memories…”

“BIKKURI shita kao de watashi wo mitsumete wa
Kyuu ni kuchi togarase PUItto soto miru no.
Gomen ne. To iu to
Jaa kocchi ni kite yo to
Nee, hora mite mite
Kage ga kasanatta……”

“Ninomiya-san, what are you…?”

He pressed his finger on his lips. “I really missed you. I wouldn’t miss you being so beautiful and successful.”

“Arigatou,” I said. Our foreheads touched as we danced to the tune of his song. “It’s a nice song, isn’t it?”

“Is it?” he said.

“Korekara wa chotto kurai no wagamama
Itte mo ii yo.
Demo watashi ni dake yo….”

“It’s because you made it. Did you make it for anyone?” I asked him.

“Hai,” he said, smiling a little.

“Mendoukusai kara tte
Sunao ja naindakara
Nande ienai no kana?
Suki dayo.
Hitokoto yo?
Tamani wa kikitai na.
Kyou wa watashi to kimi ga
Myouji wo kasaneta hi.
Ai ga me fuita hi….”

“Dare?” I asked. I was quite disappointed and jealous.


“To the person I dream that I will love with all my heart and all my life,” he said, looking at me with his sincere eyes. “You, Cho. For you…”

“Ninomiya-san…” I felt a teardrop down my cheek.

“Niji ga KIREI dayo.
Iya, omae no hou ga…
TERE hajimeru kimi ni

Arigatou. Arigatou….”

“Arigatou,” I said, smiling at him.

He wiped my tears away. “Iku,” he whispered to me, leading me out of the dimly lit dancefloor.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:29 pm

i'm glad you liked that chapter... that nori dancing with cho flashback is kinda heartbreaking to write... if you know what i mean... *nostalgia attack*

anyway, this next chapter... oh well... never mind...



“Kazu!” Saki shouted, burying her face on his chest, wetting his already wet clothes. “Don’t ever leave me again,” she cried.

Nino placed his arms around her. “Gomenasai,” he said.

“I’m afraid of thunder,” she wailed.

“Daijoubu, I’m here,” he said. “I’ll take you home.” Nino led her inside his car.

“Just stay by my side when it’s stormy like this,” she said. “Yakusoku?” She held out her pinky finger.

“Yakusoku,” Nino replied, taking it.

Nino took me out of the city and up to a cliff park overviewing the city. It was beautiful. He helped me get down on my long dress.

“You’re like the queen of the night,” he remarked.

“Iie. It’s all thanks to Katrina-san and Reina-san,” I said.

“Even if you wear rags in the party, you’ll still be the most beautiful girl in there,” Nino said. The heartstrings were plucked with each word he uttered.

“You’re giving too much compliment,” I said. I leaned on the front of the car. He followed suit, putting an arm around me.

“I am not,” he replied. “I feel like I’m really lucky.”

At that instant, it was funny but, the song ‘Lucky Man’ rang inside my head, blocking all other thoughts.

“Cho-chan?” he said, waking me up from my singing daze. “Do you know why I feel lucky?”

“I don’t,” I replied, looking at him. There was smile on his lips.

“You are such a precious treasure,” he said. “Your heart, it surely is…”

“You are also precious to me,” I replied. “I could throw all of my collection but I’ll never let you go.”

“Do you promise?” he said.

“I will never leave you. It would kill me. My heart would stop beating,” I said.

“I know,” he said. For a moment, I looked at his eyes, there was a weird expression that I could not understand. Maybe it was the trick of the dim lights.

“Ninomiya-san…” I started. “You won’t leave me too, won’t you?”

“If you leave, I would die,” he said, touching my cheek. He leaned slowly to kiss me gently, my eyes closing as I felt his lips touch mine.


I was sitting in front of my sensei’s office, waiting for her to arrive. She called me because she had an important announcement.

“Ah, gomenasai, Warashi-san,” she said. “I called you out so late.”

“Ah, daijoubu,” I replied. I followed her inside her office.

“I could not wait, Warashi-san, but this has been sent to me from New York,” she said, handing me an envelope. My eyes widened as I opened the envelope and saw what’s written inside.

“Is it true?” I asked her disbelievingly.

“They want you to continue on the research in their university,” she said happily. “It will be a scholarship, and while you are working there as an assistant for the research, they’ll also pay you. If you decide to go, you’ll have your own apartment for your stay.”

Slowly, as the reality sunk inside me, I realized what will happen. I’ll leave Japan. I’ll leave Nino. I’ll not see him for five years… or more than five years.

My heartbeat slowed down, terribly slow, as I reread the letter.

“Warashi-san, doushita?” she asked. She looked bothered.

“Nan demo nai,” I replied, putting the envelope inside the bag. “I’ll think about this offer,” I said. “Arigatou gozaimasu.”

As I opened the door, she spoke. “It’s a good opportunity, Warashi-san,” she told me. “However, if your heart’s not in it…”

“It’s also important for me, sensei,” I told her, smiling at her. “But there are always factors that could hold a person back from doing an important thing.”

“Well then,” she said. “If you have decided, just call me, okay?”


I slowly got out of the university building, walking. I decided to walk back home so I passed a small alley that is far from the noise of the streets. Then I felt something drop down my cheek.

“It’s raining,” I said. I forgot to bring an umbrella! I used the bag I was holding to shield my head from the rain.

I was blindly running, led by the alley light when I hit something. I fell on my back and when I sat up, blurry features of people were in front of me. The rain poured down harder.

“What do you want?” I asked fearfully, backing away slowly.

One of them laughed in a creepy voice that sent shivers down my spine. I think I know what could happen next so I scrambled to run. However, one of them caught my leg, dragging me back down.

“Hanashite kudasai!” I shouted, hoping that someone would hear me. I kicked him and he let go in pain. I started to run again. They were really intent in chasing me. They caught me a few times and again and again I managed to free myself from their grasp.

One of them took out a dagger and slashed a part of my leg, making me fall down. He held me by the hair. “Please let me go,” I said in a whimper. The coldness of the rain numbed the bleeding wound. I was about to give up fighting for my life when a voice inside me spoke.

“Cho… He’ll die if you leave him…”

With all my remaining strength, I pushed and kicked the man away and ran, not minding the pain and the flowing of blood from my open wound.

I ran and ran… I ran nowhere… I ran everywhere… anywhere…

“Cho-chan!” I heard a familiar voice shout.

“Ninomiya-san!” I shouted so that he could hear me. I could hear footsteps stepping on puddles. I felt him hold me tightly in his arms.

“Cho-chan…” he said, breathless. He touched my face and helped me see clearly.

I was crying. I was shaking. I was scared. I thought that would be the end of me. I clung onto him tighter. “Don’t leave me,” I said as we walked through the rain. I didn’t know where we were going. It also seemed like he was confused himself. It was shivering cold that the clothing was pointless. I held him tight, still scared, still traumatized.

“Ah!” I shouted, covering my ears as thunder roared around us. I crouched down, covering my ears, crying more. I was really scared. I shut my eyes tightly.

“Cho-chan, don’t,” Nino said, removing my hands from my ears. “Don’t cry.” He slowly kissed the hands he was holding before kissing me softly. Slowly, the soft kisses turned more passionate, driving me to an unknown feeling, a feeling I have never felt before.

I was pushed back to a wall at the side of the empty, wet pavement.

The feeling was creeping all over my body, spreading warmth…

I couldn’t even distinguish the raindrops from Nino’s kisses. Both were touching my skin like fire.


Chapter 17b is... your imagination.... oh, c'mon!

well, i couldn't afford doing more than one b chapters, you know (even though it's my ichiban)?
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

Post by mclam01 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:30 pm

more daring??? OMG... i'm gonna get fried if i do that... so... anyone knew my real age? you should understand why i couldn't make vivid stuff...



“A… cake?”

“Nande? Don’t you like it?” Murasaki asked, pouting.

“Iie. It’s great!” Nino replied, taking some icing and tasting it. “It’s sweet!” He took some more and placed it on her nose.

“Yameru!” she shouted, chasing him around the small room that was their haven. He purposely slowed down so that she could catch him. She placed her hands around his waist. “Kazu…”


“Otanjoubi omedetou,” she said. “I hope we would be together in your next birthday, and the next, and the next, and the…”

Her words were blocked as Nino turned around to kiss her gently. “Don’t worry. We’ll always be together… always.”


“You have asked many promises from me, Saki-chan.”

“Yakusoku?” she asked again, insistent.

“Hai,” Nino replied. “Yakusoku.”

I woke up inside Nino’s room, his arms around me. However, the feeling from before was a lot different. His skin pressed to mine created a sensation that was unknown and unreasonable. I removed his arm around me and stood up to go to my room.

I sat on my bed after I changed into some clothes, staring ahead. Many things had happened. I winced as I touched the bandaged wound on my leg.

But what happened between Nino and me… it was unreasonable…

I did not want that to happen… no… not now…


“Cho-chan,” Nino said as he put his arms around my waist.

I pursed my lips. Then I turned around to look at him. “Breakfast?” I asked.

“Iie. You are enough,” he said, smiling.

“Sou ne?”

“Is something bothering you?” Nino asked.

I looked at the cup of coffee I was stirring and sighed. I wanted to tell him that I was offered to leave. And about what happened last night…

He walked back to his room. “I have work today.”

“Gomenasai,” I said. He stopped walking and looked at me.

“Nande? Have you done…?”

“Did I make you feel bad?” I asked. I limped towards him and he caught me as I was about to fall doanward...

“Why are you saying that?” he asked, confused. “You never made me feel bad.”

“You have work today,” I told him, pushing him away. However, I staggered and fell down.

He scooped me up and carried me to the couch. “I’ll bring you to a hospital.”

“Iie,” I said. “This is just…”

“Cho…?” he called sternly.

“Can I not follow you even for one time?” I asked him, also with pleading eyes. I did not want to go to the hospital, my whole body is aching. I might even get a fever because of last night. Oh my, I’m blushing again… because of last night.

“Then let me help you clean that up,” he said, leading me to the bathroom.

“Chotto matte!” I screamed again. He covered his ears.

“Honestly, your voice is magnified a thousand times!” he complained.

“I’m going inside by myself,” I told him. “By My~self!”

“Wakatta,” he replied, smiling. “I’ll prepare the bandages.”

I sighed as I went inside the bathroom, slowly lowering myself in the bathtub. The wound was still painful as it came contact with the soapy water.

“Everything will be alright, ne?” I asked the bath bubble I was holding. “Cho… put yourself to pieces.”

“Cho?” Nino said, knocking on the door. I was really grateful it was locked or he would have jumped inside the bathtub again without any warning.


“What’s taking you too long?”

Too long? I looked at the water. Yes, I was staying there more than the prescribed time since the bubbles were slowly disappearing.

“Hai, I’m coming,” I replied. I stood up and wrapped myself with a towel. I ran out of the bathroom and into my room, escaping from his stare.

I got out of the bedroom minutes later and he half-dragged me to the couch. I saw that everything’s prepared on the table.

“Place your leg here,” he said, clapping his hands on his lap. I reluctantly placed my leg on there. He ran his fingers momentarily on it, making me jerk it away. A sharp pain followed. “You should not move your leg like that,” he said, grinning. “I’m gonna kill the guys who did this to you,” he continued, touching the still fresh wound.

“Don’t,” I replied. “You might get into trouble.”


“I’ll cry if you get into trouble,” I said.

He sighed as he put antiseptic on the cotton. “You know your ways, Cho-chan,” he said as he wiped it on the wound. I flinched at the stinging pain.

“I just learned them from you,” I said through gritted teeth. “Ninomiya-san, it hurts.”

“Gomen,” he said as he dabbed the cotton more carefully. Afterwards, he took the fresh bandages and placed it on the long slash. “There, much better.”

“Arigatou gozaimasu,” I said.

He pouted. “That’s it?” he said.


He whispered something to my ear. “Eh?” I said again, startled.


“Do I really have to say that?” I said. His pleading eyes made me give in. “Fine. Aishiteru.”

He smiled. “That’s much, much better.” He pulled me closer and said, “Next time, if you want to say thank you, say ‘I love you’ instead.”

“You are getting corny,” I said, pushing him playfully.

“You’re giggling,” he replied, pinching my cheek. He hugged me and we were both silent.

“Ninomiya-san…?” I called out. “I thought you’re going somewhere?”

“Ah, hai, I totally forgot,” he replied. He proceeded to the bathroom to prepare.

I watched him as he went in and out of the rooms, taking his bag and stuff. “Do you want me to help?” I asked him as I comfortably propped myself on the pillows.

“Daijoubu,” he replied, as he checked the contents of his bag. “Everything in.” he swung it behind him. “Cho-chan, call me if there’s something wrong, okay?”

“Wakatta,” I replied. “You’ll be late.”

He ruffled my hair before he ran out of the apartment, leaving me in a dreadful silence. I sighed. “It’s so lonely all alone,” I said. I remember that time in Osaka. It was dreadfully quiet when I was alone in the dormitories.

Suddenly, my head started to hurt. “Maybe I need to sleep,” I told myself as I limped towards my bedroom, throwing myself on the bed and wrapping myself in my blanket. It was warm and cuddly.

Hey, am I getting too much sleep?


I went to the grocery to buy some ingredients for a cake. Why a cake? I just remembered that Nino’s birthday was already near. I decided to make him a cake.

I was on my way home when suddenly, my head started to spin. Not again…

I held the pain until I reached the apartment, putting the things on the table and going to the bedroom, lying there with my arm on my head. “It’s getting worse,” I complained to myself.

My phone rang. “Moshi moshi?”

“Hai, Warashi-san?”


“I am going to ask you about the scholarship. There’s a representative here. He would like to meet you.”

“I’ll go,” I replied. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

I didn’t know what drove me to go. I was still torn about the offer, whether I should take it or not. I slowly prepared myself and made my way to the university.

I was walking under the sun, my head hurting so bad I could feel it splitting in half.

I bumped to someone and suddenly, I was blacked out.
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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i will continue writing because i love to make people happy the same way the stormy boys are keeping me happy....

UPDATE!!!! (LoL, this is getting exciting!!!)


“Ninomiya-san, douzo,” the man said, giving him a folder. “I’ve taken the hospital records and the university information of the girl.”

“Hmm… she stays in an apartment?” he said.

“Hai. And she needs a housemate to divide the rent.”

“Wakatta. I’m taking that apartment,” he replied, looking at the folder. He took an envelope from his jacket and gave it to the man. “Arigatou gozaimasu.”

The man opened the envelope and counted the money. “Why are you looking for her?”

“A promise…”

“Where am I?” I asked as I woke up in a white room.

“You’re in the hospital clinic,” a nurse said. “I think you’re fine now.”


“The doctor would like to talk to you,” the nurse said, opening the curtains.

I gradually went down and proceeded to the doctor’s desk.

“Konnichiwa,” she greeted. I looked at her smiling face. Seeing that I was not really focusing on her, she said, “Sumimasen?”

“Gomenasai,” I replied, waking up from my daze.

“Sonosa-sensei desu,” she said. “I’m here to talk to you about your condition. A kind man brought you here to the hospital but we later determined that it’s a little under my care.”

I looked around her clinic. It couldn’t be… being in her care?

“Your name, according to your ID, is Warashi Cho, right?” she inquired, taking a medical record.


“I presume, since you are a newly graduate, you are… not yet… married,” she asked.

I nodded.

“Warashi-san,” she said, putting her hands on the table. “Did you have some headaches before?”

I nodded. “Nande?”

“I think the reason why you fainted was because you are pregnant.”


She closed her eyes and nodded. “I’m not really that sure but based on my initial observations, you are,” she explained. She knew my case. “Three weeks.”

“This couldn’t happen,” I said, looking at my lap.

She shook her head. “It seems like you and your boyfriend don’t want this to happen, ne?”

I sighed. Of course, I didn’t know what he would think about this. “I don’t know.”

“Tell him,” she said in a friendly way. “People are really confusing. Some people would like to have children but they don’t. And you have just created life.”

“I think this shouldn’t happen…”

She nodded slowly. “I couldn’t do anything about that,” she said simply. “It’s best if you should talk.”

“Arigatou,” I replied.

She smiled. “You may go.”

I walked back to the apartment and went to my room, weeping. What would he think? What should I do? I’ll ruin everything for him…

I only realized that I fell asleep crying when I felt someone touch my cheek to wake me up. “Why are you crying?” Nino asked.

“Am I?” I laughed a little. “Maybe it’s just sleeping effects.”

“Sou desu ne?” He gently kissed the dried tears away. “Well, I have good news for you.”


“We’re going around Asia… again…” he said.

I looked crestfallen. “And…?”

“I want you to come with me,” he told me.


“Because I don’t want to be alone and I don’t want you to be alone too,” he explained.

“Demo…” I hung my head low, thinking about what I discovered earlier this day. I could not go with him…


I just shook my head.


“Cho-chan, you know, I never thought that Nino would actually consider taking you with us,” Aiba said.

“Nande?” I asked back. Both of us were walking towards the building.

“You see, Cho-chan, I’m really thankful that you came to Nino’s life. He was like a dead person when Murasaki-chan died,” he said in a sad voice. “But when you came, he was revived again!”

“Why don’t you look for another, Nino?” Aiba asked as the two of them walked. Nino was having difficulty walking since he was drunk.

“Iie!” Nino shouted indignantly. “I’ll only love Saki-chan! Only her! Only her heart!”


“I’ll find her heart. I’ll look for her heart,” Nino said crazily.

“That’s impossible, Nino,” Aiba explained. “We don’t even know…”

“He was really insistent on looking for the person who got her heart but in the end, he gave up. He met you,” Aiba said. “Argiatou, Cho-chan.”

“I did not really do anything,” I said.

“You did everything.”


I sat on the chair inside his room, staring at the whole of it. We came a long way, both of us. Since I met him, everything changed.

I stood up, accidentally hitting the bookshelf containing the games. A folder fell down from it. I stooped down to pick up the folder.

“Nani?” I said as I read the contents.

Saemoto Murasaki

They’re medical records. I sat down on the bed and flipped the pages. At the end of the large folder, there’s a smaller folder named ‘confidential’. I opened it.

“I, Saemoto Murasaki, am willing to donate my body organs to whoever needs my help. I’ll extend a helping hand willingly and wholeheartedly…”

After the contract and her seal on it, there was a record signed by the doctor below.

Body organ: heart
Recipient: Warashi Cho

I accidentally let go of the folder as I saw my name encircled with a pen. “What’s the meaning of this?” I asked myself.

“He was really insistent on looking for the person who got her heart but in the end, he gave up.”

“Does this mean that he did not give up?” I asked myself again, picking up the folder and shakily placing it back to the original case. “He looked for me.”

No. He just looked for Murasaki’s heart.

The fact broke my heart. Again, I wept. I cried myself to sleep. There was a small whisper beside me. “Why are you crying?”

I opened my eyes. “Ninomiya-san…”

“Cho-chan,” he said, helping me sit up. “You’re crying and you’re not telling me why.”

“You shouldn’t care too much,” I told him coldly, removing his hands away from my shoulder.


“Please tell me the truth. Do you really love me?” I asked him. When he told me he loved me even though I just saw him with a woman, I did not doubt his words. This was the first time I doubted him. And it really hurt me asking him.

“I do,” he said, puzzled at my sudden question.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you knew?” I asked.

He held me. “Wakarimasen.”

“I am the recipient of Murasaki’s heart and you knew that,” I said in a cold voice. “Nino, nande?” I cried. “Aiba-kun said you looked for the owner of her heart.”

He looked away from me guiltily. “Cho, please let me explain.”

“Does that mean you don’t really love me?” My voice was breaking but I did not want to cry in front of him. I wanted to prove to him that he could leave me if ever he did not really love me.

He held me again. “Iie! Cho, onegai. Listen to me.” He started explaining. “Yes, I looked for the recipient of the heart. That’s the reason why I lived in this apartment.”


“I knew it was you. From the very start. That’s the reason why I grabbed the chance to become your housemate.” He touched my hair. “Demo, Cho, I love you not because you have her heart. I love you because you’re you.”

I started to cry and threw my arms around him. “Nino, I only love you. I need you here with me. I can’t… I can’t live alone!”

“I know,” he said, stroking my hair. “Cho, don’t ever doubt my love for you.”

“I won’t,” I said. “Nino, please don’t leave me. Never… I’d die without you!”

“I’ll never,” he replied. “Don’t cry, Cho. I don’t want you to cry.” He slowly kissed the teardrop that ran down my cheek. His gentle kisses reaching my lips, giving me warmth and the feeling that he really loves me.


Nino slept beside me that night. However, I was still restless. I sat up on the bed and stared at the window outside. I momentarily touched my stomach. “How am I going to say this to him?”

I felt someone tug my hand. “Cho-chan? Why are you still awake?”

“This is nothing,” I replied.

He sat up and faced me. “Cho, is there something bothering you?” he asked, looking at me through the pale blue moonlight. “Are you crying again?”

“No, I’m not,” I said. “It’s just…” I took a deep breath and looked at him. “What do you think about the future?”

“Why are you asking things like that?” he asked me. He was puzzled.

“Nothing… I’m crazy, am I not?”

“No, you aren’t,” he said, hugging me. “Cho-chan, the important thing is that I’m here with you and you’re here with me, ne?”

I could read it in his eyes. He was not really planning on settling down with me. He just wanted to be with me, that’s all. “What do you want to do in the future?” I asked him.

“I still want to sing and act until I get old,” he said. I closed my eyes.

“Sou ne?” I replied, making sure that my sad face could not be seen by him. “I’ll always be here to support you.”

“You will?”

“Hai. I’ll be your number one fan,” I said.

He shook his head. “Iie,” he said. “You’re more than a fan, Cho.” He laid me down on the bed. “You should sleep now.”


He kissed me gently and lied down on the bed, turning on his side to face me. “Oyasumi.”


I closed my eyes but I could not sleep. I would just ruin him if I am attached to him.

What should I do, Nino? I don’t want to disappoint you.


“I almost forgot to give this to you,” Nino said, handing a paperbag to me.

“What is this?” I asked.

“Don’t open it till I say so,” he ordered. I was about to take a peek at the content of the bag.


“It’s a surprise,” he said, winking.

“Okay,” I said. I placed the paperbag on my bedside table and sighed. I looked at the calendar too. “It’s really sad that it falls on his birthday.”

My phone rang. “Warashi-san?”


“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Gomenasai,” I replied.

“Well then, my dear, I’ll inform them,” my sensei said. “Good luck.”

“Arigatou,” I replied.

Nino informed me that he could not go home that night since they would have to rehearse harder for their concert. I took the opportunity to bake him a cake, a really special one.

That might be the first and the last time I’ll do so…


and yeah, "A Wish from the Heart" readers, please read my one shot in the one shot section. if ever i get the enough positive comments, i'll make the reina version...
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Re: [Complete] One Heart, One Love (Nino x OC)

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here's my update. the week has been very toxic so i decided to give everyone a treat (if ever you got a toxic week too)...

and please don't forget to drop by and read my one shot, if ever you have read "a wish from the heart"

UPDATE! (Ohh... this is a long one... and exciting one... for the next one has... taa-daan!!)


“Cho-chan, tadaima!” Nino said. He was puzzled at the silence of the house. The room was once again refurbished; the curtains and the covers all sported the color white.

“Cho-chan?” he called out again. His voice merely echoed all around the room.

He dropped his things and roamed around the room. Eveyrthing was clean and in order. Nino went to the kitchen and saw a box. He opened the box. It was a cake for him. There was another box and he opened it, pulling out a glass bottle. There was a crystal heart inside the bottle.

He found a note under the cake box.


Gomenasai. I did not inform you of my sudden departure. I know you won’t forgive me after doing this but it would be more unforgivable if I would stay beside you. I could ruin your life and your dreams. Please understand. I’m doing this because I love you.

You’ll always have my heart.



“Iie!” Nino ran towards her room and opened the entire wardrobe. Not a single thing was left inside. Everything was gone. He sat on the bed and covered his face with his hands. “Cho!”

He decided to run towards the airport. He did not know where she would go or what time was her departure but he still hoped to see her there. However, no matter how loud he shouted her name, she still did not show up.

Sho spotted him running and shouting madly. “Nino!” Sho shouted, shaking him. “What are you doing here?”

“Cho left!” Nino said, tears falling down his face. “She left me, I don’t know why!”

“Come, let’s go home.”

“Iie! I’m going to look for her, Sho! I know she’s still here!” He moved frantically, wanting to get inside the airport once again. However, Sho held him and punched him.

“Nino, yameru!” he said, towering over him. “Nothing’s going to happen if you act like that!”

“Sho…” His face was already swollen with the punch.

“You’ll find her. I know you would,” Sho said.

He drove Nino back home. He went inside her room, touching the bed before sitting on it. Now, he noticed Cho’s cabinet. He opened it and his eyes widened.

“They’re proof that I’ll return…”

Cho’s words roam around his head. “She’ll return,” he said hopefully. “She left these because she’ll return.”

He took his phone and called her. She was not answering so he left a voice message.


I looked around me. New York is a really new place for me. After putting my things inside their places in my new dormitory, I turned on myphone once again and saw a dozen of missed calls and one voice message. All of them from Nino. I listened to the message.

“Cho-chan, it’s me, Nino. I still know that you’ll be back here. I know that. And I’ll wait for you. I’ll look for you, no matter where you are. I’m now giving you permission to open my gift. You have it, right? I hope you’ll take care of it until the time that I’ll see you again.”

I was crying while listening to his message. I took the paperbag inside my bag and opened it. It was the unlabeled uchiwa from the concert. However, it already has a message on it.

“Our hearts only belong together. Aishiteru…

I closed my eyes, remembering all the good times. “This is for the better,” I said to myself, touching my stomach for a moment. “If I stay, he’ll be in trouble.” I used that thought in order to stop myself from feeling that I should not have left.


“Melissa, where are we going?” I asked my friend as she dragged me to her car and sped off.

“We’re going to an advanced film screening,” she replied.


“I just decided that you should go with me, Cho,” she said.

“How about Kazuko?”

“He’s safe with Mom, don’t worry,” she replied. The car pulled over in front of a movie theatre filled with girls.

“I think this is not a good idea,” I said, biting her lip. “What are we supposed to do here, Melissa?”

“Watch a movie?”

“This is no ordinary movie, Melissa. Look at all those girls!” I wailed, looking at rainbow-clad women at the side, carrying flowers and stuff.

She was already holding two tickets and handed me one. I looked at the ticket label and gasped. “No way, Melissa. I’m going home.”

“Just a moment!” she shouted, dragging me back. “Please?”

“No,” I said firmly. “I’m going to take a taxi home and get Kazuko.”

She blocked my way. “Onegai!” she said with her weird Japanese accent. “I’m sure you know them. You came from Japan!”

“Of course I know them. One of them’s the father of my son!” I thought. I was freaking out on the spot. “Actually, no.”

“Impossible! They’re really famous!”

“I live in the mountains,” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t be a killjoy,” she said. She was successful in dragging me in the theatre. I don’t even know why my feet walked towards it. And to my horror, we were seated three rows from the front stage!

“Why are we sitting here?”

“It took sweat and blood for me to get these seats,” she whispered back. I couldn’t hear her very much as the other girls were madly making noises. Well, not different from the cons I attended before.

“Melissa, Kazuko might be…”

“He’s fine, don’t worry,” she said comfortingly. “Mom’s taking care of him.” She dialed a number on her phone. “Mom, Cho’s really worried about Kazu. Yes. Can she talk to him?” She gave the phone to me.

“Hello? Kazu? Kazu?” I repeatedly said on the phone. A voice came in.

“Kaa-chan!” he said with broken syllables.

“Kazuko, go to sleep now, okay?” I said.

“Hai,” he said. I gave the phone back to Melissa.

After a few words from her mother, she hung up. “Cho, is it rude to ask?”


“Who is Kazuko’s dad? The boy looks familiar,” she said.

“No one you know,” I replied. “Besides, he’s just two years old.”

“He doesn’t actually look like you, Cho,” Melissa said. “Maybe he looks like his dad. Who is his dad?”

“Melissa, please don’t ask questions,” I said. I wanted to get away from the topic. The last thing I wanted to happen was someone saying Kazuko really looks like Nino when he was young.

“Why did you name him Kazuko?” she suddenly asked.

“Harmony’s child,” I replied.

“Sheesh, corny,” she said. “It sounds like Ninomiya Kazunari’s name.”

I gasped. “He’s not involved with me giving names. I don’t even know him,” I said. So untrue.

The shouting became louder when someone from the side entered. There were black-clad guards and five people, all wearing suits, walked to the stage. I was thankful everyone stood up to see them because I sunk low so that he wouldn’t see me. I happened to get a good look at him.

He stil hasn’t changed. He still looked like his age when I met him. And yes, the likeness of him and my son was really obvious, especially the eyes. However, he looked tired and stressed. He even looked thinner.

Everyone sat down as the ushers motioned them. Again, I was thankful that the lights dimmed. The members gave their appreciation in broken English, and some Japanese parts were translated. However, Melissa kept on poking me for my own translation.

“I hope you’ll all enjoy this movie,” Nino concluded. He looked like he memorized that line. I snorted.

“Cho! You’re rude,” Melissa said.

“Sorry,” I replied. I continued to sink down low. I opened my bag and took a bonnet to put on my head.

My seat was at the end of the aisle so I hoped he would not notice me. The five of them walked towards their seats, passing the aisle where I was sitting down. I covered my face with the pamphlet, not caring at all even though I was almost kissing the picture of Nino in it. They passed without even looking at me. I sighed with relief.

I decided to look directly at the screen so that Melissa would not notice that I was being restless. I AM restless. I did not need to read the subtitles to understand the movie so there were times I was looking and gazing at Nino’s face on the big screen. His facial features really did not change.

My lip twitched a bit when I heard some talking at the back. It came from Arashi’s seats. They were talking in low voices and fast but I could understand what they were saying.

“Melissa,” I said.

“Yeah?” she was wiping some tears on her eyes as the movie was in the middle of a drama scene.

“I have to go,” I said. “I’ll take Kazu from your house.”


“I’ll take the taxi, okay?”

“Fine,” she said.

I made my way out of the movie theatre, as cautiously as possible, and ran out as the lights of the lobby hit me. I covered my face with my hair and wrapped myself with my thick jacket.

“Yokatta na,” I exclaimed when I saw a taxi stop. I went to Melissa’s house to get Kazuko and hastily made our way to our apartment.

I laid the boy down on the bed and covered him with a blanket as he was still fast asleep. Then I went to the couch. My heart was beating faster as I looked at the uchiwa on my bedside table.

“Our hearts only belong together. Aishiteru…

“Nino…” I said, touching the photo on the uchiwa. “I really want to see you but I can’t…”

My phone rang. I hastily wiped my tears and answered. “Yes?”

“Cho, you know, something unexpected happened!” Melissa said.

“What is it?”

“You know, Sakurai Sho approached me…”

Yeah right… A fangirl… “And?”

“He asked me if I know the girl with the bonnet. He asked me if I knew you!”

I got scared. My pulse beat three times faster. “What… what did you say?” I asked fearfully.

“I… I told them you’re my friend,” she said. Oh great! “Do they know you? Do you know them?”

“Baka!” I shouted. I knew she understood that single Japanese word. “Why did you do that, Mel?” I asked her exasperatedly.

“Cho, sorry! Sorry!”

“I don’t know them, Mel but you’re letting them know me!” I answered. Melissa’s slow she would not realize everything. “What else did you tell them?”

“You’re a researcher in the university…”



“Melissa, you are dead meat!” I said. “You did not tell me where I live, did you?”

“No,” she said.


“But I told them where I live,” she answered. “Matsumoto Jun forced me!”

This is great. Melissa just leaves three floors away from me!

“He did not force you. You gave in by just looking at him,” I said.


“Just don’t tell them where I live, no matter what, understand?”


“And never ever tell them more info about me, especially about Kazuko!”

I slammed the phone shut then proceeded to the room where Kazu was still soundly sleeping. I sat beside him and hugged him. “Kazu,” I whispered. “Gomenasai, I cannot let you meet your otou-san…”


Sho and Jun made their way to Melissa’s apartment. “Oh hello!” she said.

Sho was the one talking. “Err… we’re here to ask about the girl.”

“Sorry,” Melissa replied. “She is a researcher in the university but I don’t know her personally,” she said.

“I see,” Sho answered. “But do you have an idea where she lives?”

Melissa shook her head. “Why are you looking for her?” she asked.

“Well…” Sho started. “Long story. Thank you for the information, anyway.”

“Okay.” She closed the door.

“Kazu!” a voice from the back called. The two members of Arashi turned around, thinking someone called Nino’s name. However, they saw a small boy chasing another boy playing with a ball.

The boy, not really looking forward, accidentally hit Sho at the back. “Sorry,” he apologized as he fell on his behind.

“Daijoubu?” Sho asked, helping him up. He quickly said, “Are you alright?”

The boy nodded. Sho kneeled and dusted the boy’s clothes. He gasped as he finally looked at the boy’s face. “Matsujun, mite!” he shouted. Jun followed.


“Look at this boy,” Sho said, laughing a bit.

Jun looked at the boy, who was scared at the two strangers looking at him. He also laughed. “He looks like Nino!” he said.


“Kazu, give me my ball!” the other older boy has caught up and was now tugging the ball away from his hands.

The two men looked at each other. “Kazu?”

“Sho, ask him his name,” Jun said.

Sho kneeled down and asked the boy, “What’s your name?”

The boy just lolled his head at the side. “He did not understand your English, Sho-kun,” Jun remarked. “The accent’s too strong.”

“Eh? Nani?” the boy suddenly said, freaking out the two.

“He speaks Japanese!”



“Kazuko desu,” he replied.

The two now started speaking Japanese in front of the boy. “You look like our friend.”

“Hontou da?”

“Hai. Very much like him, especially the eyes.”

“We should have brought Nino here,” Jun said.

They looked at the place where the boy was standing but he was already gone.

“He’s gone,” Sho said.

“I think we should go back to the hotel,” Jun said.

“Hai,” Sho answered. The two of them walked out of the park.

Cho sighed, getting out of their hiding place. “Kazu, next time, don’t talk to strangers,” she told her son, who nodded.


“Nino, you won’t believe it! The boy looks like you. Really like you!” Sho said.

Nino just sighed. He was not himself today. “I saw her. That was Cho-chan!” he wailed loudly, pounding on the window glass.


“I’m so stupid! I should have approached her before she left!” he said, hitting his head on the wall.

“Daijoubu,” Ohno said, patting his back.

“Nothing’s okay!” he shouted.

Aiba stood up. “You said you saw a boy who looks like Nino, is named almost like Nino, and he suddenly disappeared!” he said. “Maybe… maybe he’s connected to Nino!”

“What do you mean?” Sho asked.

Aiba sat down again. “What if… he is… Nino’s son?” he asked excitedly.

“EH?” everyone chorused, except Nino, who widened his eyes at the thought.

“And people thought I was the stupid one,” Aiba said, slapping his hand on his face. “Nino, we should go back there and talk to the boy!”

“Let’s go,” Nino said, standing up from his seat.

“Not now, Nino! For sure they’re asleep! Look at the time,” Aiba said, pointing at the wall clock. “Let’s go there tomorrow.”

Ohno frowned at Nino. “Does that mean…?” He raised an eyebrow at Aiba. “Where did you get that stupid idea? Is that even possible?” He looked at Nino. “Is that possible?”

Nino bit his lip. “Then it’s my entire fault,” he said. “We shouldn’t have... I shouldn’t have…” He remembered the letter she left for him. He now understood what it meant.

“Nino…” Sho started.

“If that boy was Cho’s… then he’s also mine…” he said confidently.

“But what if… what if he’s not?”

Nino bit his lip. What assured him that Cho would only love him?

“Our hearts only belong together…”

“I’ll go.”

The next morning, Nino and Ohno made their way to the apartment compound. They saw an old woman sitting at the bench beside a tree.

“How are we going to do this?” Ohno asked Nino. “I don’t know English.”

“I’ll try,” Nino said. He cleared his throat.

“Excuse me,” he said in broken English. “Do you know Kazuko?”

The old woman nodded. “He lives at the fourth floor of the building, the last door on the left.

“Thank you,” Nino said. The two of them, after deciphering the reply with difficulty, quickly climbed the stairs to the top of the building and walked towards the last door at the left. They knocked on the door.

“Cho!” Nino shouted. “Cho, it’s me!” he said, pounding on the door.

The door next to it opened. “They just left,” she said.

It took some seconds before Nino understood. He looked at Ohno. “They’re gone.”

“Gone where?” Ohno asked.

Nino punched the door. “I’m too late. She’s hiding from me.”


He sunk down the door and crouched down, crying. “Cho, why are you doing this to me?”


“Kaa-chan, why are we going to Japan?” he asked in his broken syllables. I patted his head.

“Kazu, we’ll return there. I live there. You live there.”

“Otou-chan!” he shouted.

I widened my eyes. As much as I taught Japanese to this kid, I never even mentioned that word in front of him.


“My otou-chan!”



I sighed and shook my head. It broke my heart when I saw his face become sad, the same way I get affected everytime Nino frowns.

“Our flight’s up, come on,” I told him. He carried his small backpack and we both walked towards the gate.

Am I really escaping from Nino? Or am I just making myself more visible to him? How about Kazuko?

If our hearts really belonged together, there would be a time…

There would be a time when we’ll be together once again…

But the time is not now…
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