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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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i'll update now because i feel like it....

this is my last update for the week... it will be our semestral break so by that time, i'll be a writing monster then... so... yoroshiku...

i think lots of you are waiting for this chapter... err... not just this chapter, but the chapter after it!

CHAPTER 21a: Cactus

“Shirayuri-san, what happened?” a voice gasped. Yuri opened her eyes and looked at the figure that was blurred in front of her. “It’s me, Reina.”


“Is there something wrong? I’ll call Sho…” She fumbled through her pockets for her phone but Yuri held her hand as she tried to stand up.

“Iie. Don’t.”


“It’s our wedding today, Reina-san. Please just help me prepare…” she requested, her voice still croaky.

Reina nodded reluctantly. She helped Yuri stand up to sit in front of the dresser. “I brought my make up artist and she’s waiting outside. I’ll clean up first.”

“Hai. Arigatou,” Yuri replied as she stood up to go to the bath. She practiced her legs further, taking small steps.

Reina smiled at her while she arranged the gown and put it out from the box. She also prepared the jewelry Katrina gave and the shoes. After the bath, Yuri got out and Reina helped her down the dresser. The make up artist started putting on her make up.

An hour later, Reina went back to see Yuri. “You look wonderful, Shirayuri-san!” she exclaimed. She excitedly helped her put on the wedding dress, shoes and the necklace and earrings. Lastly, she gave her the bouquet of white and pink lilies.

“Anou… I am still not accustomed to the shoes,” Yuri admitted. Reina gladly helped her practice.

“How are you going to surprise Sho?” she asked Yuri.

“Can we please bring my wheelchair?” she asked Reina.

Reina smiled. “Mochiron desu.”

“Anou, can you please give me that box over there?” she asked.

Reina, puzzled, took the box and gave it to the bride. She placed it carefully inside a pouch and tucked it under her bouquet. “There,” she said. She smiled at Reina. “It’s my gift.”


“Sho-chan, you’re shaking,” Aiba remarked as they stood at the end of the aisle. Sho shaked his hands to remove the numbness.

Sho sighed. “I can’t help it,” he said. He started pacing around his place. His father stood up and put an arm on his shoulder. “Otou-san!”

“Daijoubu,” he said. “Just breathe deeply.”

“Ah, Reina’s here!” Aiba said. It was a signal that Yuri was also there, waiting behind the large wooden door. Reina smiled at Aiba and sat in front of the piano to start playing the music and also to sing.

anata no kata ni hoo uzume
inoru futatsu no koto
toki ga tomari masu you ni...
yukkuri susumi masu you ni

On your shoulder I cry,
I pray for the two of us
It’s time to stop…
Progress slowly

The doors slowly opened, revealing Yuri seated on her wheelchair. However, Sho’s eyes widened as he saw her stand up from her wheelchair.


kagayaku ano tsuki no you ni
donna kurayami mo terasu hikari de iru yo
watashi ga miageru anata ga
zutto kagayakeru you ni
hitotsu zutsu kasaneru
hitori kiri ja nai kioku

Like that shining moon,
It illuminates any darkness with the light.
You, to whom I look up at,
Can shine all the time.
I repeat it one by one,
The memory which isn’t alone.

She walked towards him with a smile on her face. Slowly, and gracefully, like the way she did when she first showed up in Sho’s eyes years after her quest for real love.

“Yuri, you did not tell me that you can walk already,” Sho said with surprise. “You are so beautiful…”

Yuri blushed. “I wanted to surprise you, Sho,” she said. “Arigatou.”

He held out his arm and Yuri held it. They proceeded to the altar.

They both exchanged vows, reciting them from the heart, making sure that these words will serve as their bond for life. No matter what happens… forever…

“Sumimasen. I have to go somewhere,” Nino said, passing behind Aiba who was watching the scene happily. He just nodded in reply.

“Take this ring as the symbol of my undying love…” Sho stated, putting on the wing on Yuri’s gloved hand, its shimmer rivaling that of her engagement ring. Yuri took Sho’s ring and did the same.

At the end of the ceremony, Sho was finally allowed to take off Yuri’s veil embroidered with small crystals and flowers. To him, Yuri is the most wonderful and the most beautiful flower in the world and nothing can be compared to her. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” he whispered as he held her closer. He gently kissed her lips as applause followed.

“Sho, aishiteru,” Yuri whispered back. They turned to the people and smiled at them.


“Matte yo!” Nino shouted as he ran after the woman he saw running away from the hall. He knew her very well. The woman continued to walk, but this time faster. “Cho, tomare!”

Her quick footsteps died down as she halted. She did not look back. Sensing that Nino was trying to go closer to her, she said, “Don’t come near me, please.”

“Nande? Cho, what are you saying?”

“I… I don’t want to see you anymore…” she cried out halfheatedly. It was a lie. She knew very well that she wanted to see him, to hold him again.

“Cho… iie…” Nino said. He took some steps forward.

“I’m doing this for the better, Nino. Gomenasai…” She stopped and remembered that she was holding something in her hand. She turned around and held out the small box she was holding. “Please give this to Shirayuri-san.”


She gasped when he did not reach out for the box. Instead, he embraced her tight. “Onegai…” he cried. “Onegai…”

Cho closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of being in Nino’s arms. However, she pulled away. She was shaking her head as she took some backward steps before finally turning around to run away.

Nino was too dumbfounded and weakened that he was not able to follow her.


The white car stopped in front of a house near the small lake. It was Anna’s friend’s house. Yuri looked from inside the window in wonder. “What are we doing here, Sho?”

“Obviously, my love, this is where our honeymoon will be,” Sho said. He stepped down and held out his hand. Yuri took a small white pouch from the side before she got down from the car. She squealed when she swept her off her feet, carrying her.

“Sho, this is embarrassing,” she exclaimed as she held onto his neck so that she wouldn’t fall off.

“No, it’s not, we’re married, ne,” Sho said, griming at her. He started to walk, not towards the house, but towards the fields beside it. He knew very well that Yuri loved that place. The grass was knee high that Yuri’s white gown swept on the grass like a veil. The moon was shining fully. Reaching a clearing, Sho laid Yuri softly on the mat earlier prepared beside a tree. There were flower petals around it and candles too.

Yuri smiled. “What are we doing here?”

“I want to make you happy, Yuri,” Sho said, holding her hand tight. “On this day, the moon shines full on the flowers of this field. Can you see it?”

She looked around and saw very well what he was talking about. The moon shone on the flowers, making them glow like stars on the ground. “Kireii na…”

“Not as beautiful as you,” Sho said, pulling her close and kissing her gently. He quietly pulled away and they looked at each other’s eyes.

“It’s time,” Yuri thought. She took the pouch from her hand and opened it. There was a small box inside. “This is for you, Sho.”

“Nani?” Sho asked in confusion.

Yuri slowly opened the box and took out the red blossom with a ring of white inside it. She held it in front of Sho.

“Sho, I…”

He silenced her by pressing a finger on her lips. He somewhat studied hanakotoba for the sake of understanding Yuri and he knew very well what that flower means. He had thought of Yuri as a pure and delicate flower and even if it occurred to him whether this would happen, he had never imagined it. He even thought of it as a sin, touching an angel like her.

“Yuri, are you sure?”

Yuri placed her arms around Sho’s neck as he kissed her, her hold on the red cactus blossom loosening. He laid her softly on the carpeted grass, treating her like a delicate flower as he held her gently.

“We’ll be wishing on the same star… Looking at the same moon…”


I'll be returning back to the "please-PM-me" style because there are lots of people downloading the chapter b without even saying who they are...

so, please guess the song... and PM me if you think you want to read the chapter b... yoroshiku!!!
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:59 am

endorsement: please read "Aiba in Aki No-No". i know it's an end of summer one shot but it was kinda late... there will be a part 2 for that one shot after a few days...the next one is so nice... so please try to drop by and comment... arigatou...

UPDATE!! I'll be out this weekend so i'll post my update tonight...

about the b chapter: i really had difficulty writing sho's b chapter because of... err... his "sexy aura" ... and of course, yuri's an angel... how can i possibly mix that up? i am so sorry if it's not really that good. and i've been losing the feeling... i hope it will return (i know it will... it's just that it's not nino)...

So... replies to your wonderful comments...

ichatara: well, i love her too

hinamorisohma18: well, it almost looked like sho was doing all the work... well it really did look like that. but how did you know that sho is not out of character??? :whistle: JOKE!

yama_kaze: hmmm... i don't know

kumoarashi: when i read this, i immediately re-dloaded nino's b chapter and tried to see the difference... well... if i put too much detail, well, it will be hard... but what was the "unexpected" thing you wanted? hear hear?

pretty_princess: is it? it takes a lot of effort to do that.

julygrl393: i'll start gate when i finish hanakotoba... don't worry

rosevic87: i suck at wedding scenes because i still haven't gone to a wedding yet

botanbutton: let's see if he really does marry a purely pure girl in the future... that will be exciting

m_jenine: why are you shocked? did i do something wrong?

*sad sad* hanakotoba will be near to its end now...


“Okaeri,” Mai greeted as the couple returned from their honeymoon. She embraced Yuri tight. “How was it, onee-san?” she asked.

Yuri smiled. “I feel so happy,” she said. Sho followed, carrying their bags inside. Mai embraced him too.

“Yuri, you must be tired. You have an appointment tomorrow,” Sho reminded.

She smiled. “Hai,” Yuri replied. She took the smallest bag she could carry and proceeded upstairs, walking slowly.

“Ne, Sakurai-sama, how was your honeymoon?” Mai asked, teasing her brother. “Did you enjoy each other?”

“Urusei yo,” Sho replied. However, he was not able to hide the smile on his face.

“Oi! Onii-chan’s smiling! Onii-chan’s smiling!” she teased further. Like a cat, she jumped out of the couch and up to the stairs.

“You will never be a proper woman, Sakurai Mai,” Sho said in disbelief as he tried to chase her. Then he finally stopped and sighed. “Tomorrow, it’s work again,” he muttered under his breath. He made a mental note to take Yuri to the hospital the next day. “If I could just extend her life more…”


“Gomenasai, I couldn’t accompany you to the hospital. We have something coming up,” Sho explained. “If you want, you can call Mai.”

“Daijoubu,” Yuri replied. “I’ll just go there by myself. She’s not around today.”

“Hai. Just get a taxi so that you’ll be safe, ne?” he called.

“Hai. Kiotsukete,” Yuri said before hanging up. She sighed. She proceeded to the room to prepare herself. She looked at herself on the mirror. Sho always told her that she was really beautiful. However, she could see that she gets paler and paler as months passed by. She stared at her image with sadness.

She took her purse and went out as the taxi she called for arrived. She stepped down in front of the hospital and walked through the garden. She remembered how Sho took her for walks when she was staying in the hospital.

Yuri blinked her eyes a few times as the road ahead her became blurry. She let out a moan of pain before staggering sideways. Her vision slowly darkened and she fainted. The last thing she heard was her name becing called by a woman.

“Akibara… I mean, Sakurai-san,” a voice said. Yuri opened her eyes and found herself on a hospital bed.

“Where am I?” she asked. She found Sonosa standing beside her.

“You are in my clinic, Sakurai-san,” she said with a small smile on her lips. “Anou… if you could already stand up, I would like to speak to you… as a doctor,” she added.

Yuri stood up and they both proceeded to her office desk. She sat on the other side nervously. “Nan desu ka?”


“Nani?” Sho asked on the phone. “Eh?”

“Sho-chan, why are you so…?”

Sho hung up the phone. He looked at Aiba excitedly. “Yuri, she’s pregnant.”

“Hontou desu ka?” Aiba squealed excitedly. He started to bounce up and down happily. “I’m so happy for you!”

Sho smiled widely as both of them proceeded to the studio.He excitedly went back home after his job but before he could start the engine of his car, he received a call. He went to the hospital. He went to Yuri’s doctor’s office.

“Ah, Sakurai-san, I asked you to come here for a talk,” he said seriously.


“It’s about your wife’s pregnancy,” he said. “We all know about her condition, right?”

“What about it?”

“With Shirayuri’s case, it will be hard for her and for the child,” he admitted with a grave face. “I will be straightforward, Sakurai-san. As early as now, you have to choose. If we let the child live, you are doubling the risk for Shirayuri. The treatment might also affect the child. If we would…”

“Don’t even say it, sensei,” Sho said, looking at him bitterly. “I won’t let the child die.”

He sighed. “I will refer this problem now to Sonosa-sensei. She might know what to do. But for now, I suggest that we postpone all treatments for wife since the baby is underdeveloped.”

“Hai,” Sho said. “If you don’t have anything to say, I’ll be going.”

“Talk to Sonosa-sensei first,” he reminded.

Sho had no plans to talk to Sonosa about this but as he stepped outside the clinic, he came face to face with her. “Sho,” she said. “I think my clinic is that way.”

“Hai,” he said, his head hung low. They both proceeded to her clinic.

“So,” she started with urgency. “Sho, I really want to save the baby so I came up with this study.”

Sho looked at her hopefully. “What are you planning?”

“A baby is already fully developed by its seventh month,” she said. “We’ll have to take the child by the seventh month and, well, incubate him. That’s the plan. Demo…”

“What is it?” Sho asked. He knew that there’s always a risk.

“I’m worried about Yuri. If we have her to undergo caesarian, there a big chance that her body will give up. I asked her doctor to cancel all her treatments for the sake of the child and that will make her more vulnerable.” Sonosa frowned. “But if you want, we’ll have her continue the treatment.”

“How about the baby?” Sho asked.

“That’s the risk of it. There’s a risk in both sides,” she admitted. “She’ll be in danger if she doesn’t continue the treatments but the baby will be in danger if she continues the treatments.” She sighed. “I’m trying my best to look for ways, Sho, and I’m even trying to talk to my friends in New York in case she has to return there. But I very well know she won’t go if you won’t go.”

Sho just nodded in reply.

“I would like you to think about things,” she said. “Sho,” she called out, making him look at her. “Akiramenai.”

“Hai,” he replied as he got out of the door. He leaned on the door and looked up, trying not to let the tears fall down. It was agonizing. He was facing a choice of life and death. He was facing a choice between his wife and his child. It was agonizing that their lives were on his hands.

He started to walk slowly out of the hospital. While walking, he took out his phone. “Hai, this is Sho. Otou-san, I need to talk to you and okaa-san tomorrow.”


“Sakurai-san,” the maid called Yuri as she was taking her walk in the small garden.

“Hai?” she felt really awkward being called with her new surname. “Nande?”

“Your parents are in the living room,” she said. “Your husband is talking to them.”

“Sou ka?” Yuri replied. She smiled. “Arigatou.” Missing her parents, she walked towards the living room but stopped when she heard her mother wail from the other side of the door. Due to worry and curiosity, she stayed there and listened.

“… Why is this happening?” her mother cried.

“I… I really don’t know what to do. Both of them are at risk,” Sho said in a desparate voice. “If she stops her medication, she’ll be in danger but the child will also be in danger if she doesn’t.” He held her mother’s hand. “Onegaishimasu. Tasuke.”

“Sho, Shirayuri is your wife now,” her father said in answer. “You should decide on it.”

“Demo, you are her parents, you also have to…”

“It’s your family, Sho.” Her father insisted. “Your wife and your child. I also want both to live but you have more right to decide. Why don’t you talk to her about this?”

“I don’t want to make her feel upset,” he said. “I… I can’t even tell her that she won’t last longer than a year.”

Those words struck Yuri. Muffling her cry, she ran back to their room and wept on the bed. “Sho didn’t tell me… he didn’t tell me…” she thought sadly as she cried. After a while, she felt arms around her. She looked up and saw Sho lying beside her.

“Why are you crying?” he asked gently. “Don’t you know it’s bad for the baby?” However, it just made her cry more. “Nande?” he asked again.

She sat up slowly. “Sho, why did you lie to me?” she asked. “Why?”

“Yuri… what are you…?”

“Sho, I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to die and leave you,” Yuri cried. “And now, we’re having a baby, I don’t want to leave both of you.”

“Daijoubu, you won’t leave us,” he said in a comforting way. However, Yuri pushed him away.

“Why are you still lying, Sho?” she asked. “I heard you talking with my parents and you’re telling them that I only have less than a year to live! Is this the reason why you married me? Do you just pity me?”

Sho held her close. “Iie, Yuri, stop saying things like that. I married you because I love you. I don’t pity you.” He still held her while she cried. “Yuri, please don’t be like this. It makes things harder for me.” He sighed in relief as her cries diminished and she just lay still in his lap.

“Sho…” she breathed out.


“Choose the baby.”

He looked at her directly in the eyes. “What are you saying?”

“I want our child to see the world. I’ve seen it enough so it will be fine for me,” she said in a solemn voice that scared Sho.

“Don’t say things like that,” he replied. “You’ll both live. I’ll do everything for our family.”

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:59 am

endorsement first: i have posted the last aibaxreina one shot in the one shot section. please find time to read that... "Aiba's hula dancing challenge"... yoroshiku!

CHAPTER 23: Poinsettia

“Yuri, please listen to me!” Sho said. His wife was locked in their room, crying. “Please open the door!”

“I won’t go! I won’t go!” she screamed continuously from the other side.

The maid went beside Sho and gave him the spare key. He stuck the key in and went inside. He found Yuri crouched at the side of the bed. He went beside her and embraced her even though she was trying to push him away.

“Yuri, this is for you and for our child,” he said in the gentlest voice he could give. “If you don’t…”

“Sho, please don’t leave me, please,” she pleaded. “I’ll die if you’re not there with me.”

“I will go with you if I could but…”

“You don’t care for me, Sho! You don’t!” she said. She started hitting him. He just closed his eyes as he took the blow. “You don’t love me…”

He kissed her, making her stop. “Yuri, I love you. That’s why I’m doing this for you.”

“But you want me to go away…”

He wiped her tears away. “I’m doing this for you and for this little child here,” he said, touching her stomach. “It will be bad for the baby if you cry like that. I want both of you to be safe, that’s why I want you to go to New York.” She shook her head fearfully. “Your cousin will be there and I know she’ll take care of you.”


“Hikaru, she doesn’t want to go,” Sho said. He was talking to her through the phone.

“This is a problem, Sho,” she replied. “It’s only there where she could make it.”

Sho sighed. “Can’t we do something?”

Sonosa sighed. “Sho, I wonder how Yuri is now, not taking any of her medicine. Does she still eat?”

“She does, but a little.”

“How about at night?”

Sho closed his eyes. It was painful for him to remember what Yuri was going through every night.

“Your silence makes me worried,” she said in a stern tone. “You are the only one who could convince her.”

Sho sighed as he looked at the rain outside the window. “I’ll do my best.”


Yuri was staying in the room. She was too weak to move or to do anything. She was just there, sitting on the bed, talking to the baby inside her stomach.

“Ne, how would you like to see the world?” she whispered lovingly. She smiled. However, a sharp pain wen through her body. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips, trying to hold back the pain. She touched her stomach as she also felt the baby move inside. “Daijoubu, okaa-san will be fine…”

She laid her head on the bed and curled up to try to make the pain go away. However, the pain got worse. She was moaning in pain, gripping on the sheets tightly. At the corner of her eye, she sighted the medicine she used to take. She closed her eyes.

“You have to stop taking the medicine first, Sakurai-san, so that the baby will be fine,” the doctor’s words swam in her head. She held her stomach again.

“Daijoubu, you’ll be fine,” she said in assurance, ting to smile. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead. Tears started falling on her eyes. A part of her wanted to take the medicine. Her body slowly gave in, crawling painfully towards the dresser. “Iie…”

The pain was all over Yuri’s body. She was trying to resist herself from taking the painkiller for the sake of the child but it was all unbearable. “Sho, tasukete…” she breathed. She reached out for the dresser with difficulty. She whimpered in pain as it stayed. She was about to reach out for the bottle when a pair of strong hands held hers.


“Sho…” she replied, turning to him. “Please help me…”

Sho bit his lip; the pain his wife was feeling was unbearable for him. She embraced him tight, wanting to somehow transfer her pain to him. He felt her hands dig on his back. “Yuri, Yuri, please stop crying,” he pleaded. “Please stop.” He himself was trying to stop his tears from falling.

“I’m going to die, Sho. I don’t want to die,” she said. She repeated those words to him as she clung to him.

Sho bitterly grabbed the bottle and showed it to her. “If you want to take your painkiller, take it, Yuri,” he said. “I don’t want to see you like that. If only… if only I could be the one feeling your pain.”

She shook her head stubbornly. “I don’t want to. Our baby will be in danger if I take them.”

“Yuri, onegai. I don’t want to see you hurt. I don’t want to see you in pain.”

“I’d… I’d be in pain if our baby will be hurt,” she said. She was as stubborn so Sho had no choice. He carried her to the bed and kissed her forehead.

“Ne, Yuri, next month, you’ll have to undergo caesarian,” he explained. He was stroking her hair gently. He watched in amusement as his wife’s eyes fluttered.


“So that the baby will be safe,” he explained. “I already talked to Sonosa-sensei and she told me that she will be the one who will help you.”

“Please say thank you to her,” she replied, her eyes still closed. She loved the way Sho touched her hair. “I hope the child will be fine, ne?”

“Our baby will be fine.”


Sho was waiting outside the operating room. He was wakling back and forth, and he was really nervous. A loud set of footsteps was heard and he saw the other members of Arashi.

“How’s Shirayuri-chan?” Aiba asked, his face a mixture of excitement and worry. Sho just nodded.

Ohno patted his shoulder and motioned all of them to sit down and wait. “Calm down, Sho. Everything will be…”

His words were cut off when they saw doctors and nurses run towards the operating room, pushing with them trolleys with different apparatus.

“Nurse, what’s happening?” Sho asked worryingly, standing up. They ignored him as they went inside as fast as they can. He tried to sgo inside but other nurses blocked him.

“Paging Sonosa Hikaru-sensei, please proceed to the operating room immediately,” the paging system announced. Moments later, they spotted Sonosa running towards the operating room.

“Hikaru, what’s wrong?” Sho asked. She did not seem to notice him so he shouted. “Hikaru! Tell me what’s happening!”

She stopped at the door. She shook her head and bit her lip. “Sho, I’ll do my best for her, I promise.” She opened the door and went inside.

Sho fell on one of the benches and covered his face. He was crying and he knew it. He was scared to lose his love. He was frightened to lose Shirayuri and their child. Choosing between them is already bad; losing both is worse.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yuri being brought to her room on a rolling bed. “She’s safe,” Sonosa said. “The baby is too…”

“Can I see the child?”

“Hai,” she replied. She brought him to the baby room with an incubator where the little newborn was. “What will you name her?”

“Sakura,” was the immediate answer of Sho.

“The cherry blossoms are falling wonderfully,” Yuri said as she looked from the window of the car. “This is that day.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I chose this day because this is the day when I met you, Sho. The real first day when I met you,” she stressed.

“Sou ka,” Sonosa said. “A nice name.” She went to the tag and put on ‘Sakurai Sakura’ on the blank taped on her incubator. “So, let’s leave Sakura-chan here. She has to stay here for two more months.”

Sho nodded as he followed her to the hospital room where Yuri was. “We almost lost her,” Sonosa said sadly. “But I admire how she held on.”

He looked at his wife’s face, paler than ever. “Will she be fine?”

“I hope so. She still cannot go through treatment for now,” she answered. “Sumimasen,” she said as she left.

Sho sat beside Yuri and held her hand. He kissed it. “Yuri, yokatta na…” he said. His eyes were shiny with tears as he let her hold hands be warmed by his cheeks. “Yokatta…”


Three months.

They waited three months before the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Sho was the one who went to the hospital to bring Sakura home to her family.

“Tadaima!” he said, bringing the little child. Mai excitedly rushed towards the door to see the baby. “Where’s Yuri?”

“At the garden,” Mai said.

Shu also went to them because of his curiosity. “Kawaii! Onii-chan, she has your eyes!”

“Baka… how did you know?”

He walked towards the porch where Yuri was sitting, looking at the sky. “Yuri, Sakura’s here.” He was about to go near her to give her the baby.

Yuri slowly looked behind her. She eyed Sho and the baby. She looked back at the sky again. “Get that child away from me.”

Sho was shocked with her words. “Demo… Yuri… She’s your daughter.”

The baby started to cry. Yuri covered her ears painfully. “Make her stop! Make her stop!” she cried. “Go away!”

“Doushita?” Mai asked. “Why are they all crying?”

“Mai, take Sakura to our room and please take care of her first. I’m going to talk with Yuri,” Sho said. She nodded as she took the baby in her arms and went upstairs. “Yuri, what is happening to you?” he asked as he took her in his arms. He stroked her hair so that she’ll stop crying. “That is our daughter, Sakura.”

She continued to weep on his arms. “Iie…”


“I don’t have a child!” Yuri screamed.

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:00 am

UPDATE!! not much to say today so... here it is!!

EDIT: anyway, if you have read my aiba one shot and still curious on the meaning of the song, i have put up the translation... ^_^... and that is not the last aiba one shot since i've found a new reinaxaiba connection!!*

CHAPTER 24: Yamafuji

“What happened to her?” Sho asked. Sonosa went to their house and was now beside Yuri.

“Post-partum depression,” she answered. “I suggest you wait for a while.” She stood up from the bed and went to the baby. “She was quite lonely when she had the pregnancy; that was part of it.”


“Hai,” Sonosa said. “Give her appropriate sleep and healthy foods. However, I must warn you that she will be quite… touchy.”

“Wakatta,” Sho replied.

Sonosa frowned. “I think it’s better if you don’t let Sakura-chan stay in this room. It’s frightening what Yuri can do if she hears her cry.”

“Wakatta. Arigatou gozaimasu, Hikaru,” he said.

Sonosa sighed. “Douitashimashite.”

After taking her to the front entrance, Sho turned around as he was about to return to the room. However, there was an earsplitting shriek and the sound of the baby crying.

“Yuri. Sakura,” he said as he sped upstairs. He saw the baby, crying on her crib while Yuri was on the floor, crying too.

“Yuri, Yuri, doushita?” Sho asked as he knelt in front of her. “Mai!” he called his sister. She immediately took the baby out of the room to make it stop crying.

She looked at him. “She did not want me! My daughter doesn’t want me!” she cried. Sho put his arms around her. “Sho, she doesn’t love me…”

“No, don’t say that, Yuri,” he said. “Sakura loves you. You are her mother.”

“But why did she cry when I tried to carry her?” she asked like an innocent child. She was still in his arms, her eyes closed.

“Maybe she was just shocked,” Sho said. “Yuri, Sonosa-sensei said you need to be happier so that Sakura will not cry when you hold her. Wakatta?”

Yuri looked at him for a while. “Wakatta,” she answered, smiling a little. Sho felt his heart leap as it was the first time he saw her smile for a long time.

“Yes, Yuri. Smile,” he said. He embraced her.

“I will be happy for our daughter, Sho, don’t worry,” she said. Sho nodded but Yuri did not see the sadness etched on his face.

The following days were better than the first. Sonosa instructed Sho to let Yuri hold the baby when he thought it would be fine to do so. As Yuri had already stopped her tantrums and her sudden breakdowns, he decided to bring Sakura to her.

Yuri was sitting on the same porch, a vase and different flowers in front of her. She was starting to arrange the little flowers on the vase.

“Yuri,” Sho called out. She looked behind her and saw him carrying Sakura. “Do you want to see her?”

Yuri smiled and nodded. Sho knelt in front of her and slowly passed the baby to her. “She is so beautiful,” she said. “She has your eyes.”

“But she’s as beautiful as her mother,” he replied. “What are those flowers, Yuri? They are so beautiful.”

“Yamafuji,” she answered. “I want to put these in our room. I want Sakura to stay in our room too.”

“As you wish,” he replied. He was about to stand up when he heard a small whimper. Sakura started to cry.

“Sho…” Yuri stammered. “I…”

The baby cried harder. “Yuri, doushita?” Sho asked worryingly. He saw beads of sweat form on her forehead.

“Take… take her… I don’t feel well,” she said.

Sho called a maid and gave her the baby. “Take her to the room,” he ordered. He went beside Yuri. “Yuri, what’s happening? How do you feel?”

“I…” she said, her eyes shut painfully. She held her forehead. “It’s really painful, Sho,” she cried.

“I’m going to take you to the hospital,” he gasped. He immediately carried her.

“I could hear Sakura crying,” she said. “I want to see her. I want to comfort her.”

“Stop it, Yuri. I have to take you to the hospital,” Sho said. He was panicking. He carried her to the car and immediately drove to the hospital.

“What the…?” he exclaimed when they were met by the heavy traffic. He blew his horn, his temper rising, his panic making his heart beat faster. He looked beside him and saw Yuri, clutching on the door handle, biting her lip to muffle her cries of agony. “Yuri, hold on,” he said, touching her free hand. She nodded in reply.

Feeling uneasy and angry that he could not do anything for her, he decided to do some twists and turns, trying to look for shortcuts to take her to the hospital as fast as he could. They finally reached the hospital and he carried her to the emergency room. “Save her!” he kept on shouting as the doctors and nurses came to end. “Make her live!”

“Please, sir, you cannot go inside,” one nurse said. She stopped him from going in and disappeared behind the door.

Sho, breathing heavily, sat on the bench beside the operating room and ran his hands through his hair. He bit his lip as tears fell down his cheeks. He remembered vividly the way Yuri’s beautiful face was when she was suffering the pain. Pain he hoped to take away. And Sakura… their daughter…


“Yuri?” he called back. He was in a garden full of white flowers.

“Sho…” the voice said again. He saw a girl wearing white at the end of the pathway lined with flowers. He started walking towards her. However, the sky turned dark and the white flowers turned to red spider lilies. Sho, panicking, ran towards the girl in white. However, as he held out his hand to touch hers, she disappeared, leaving only a red spider lily on his hand.

“Yuri, don’t leave me!” he gasped.

“Sho-san, daijoubu?” Nino’s voice swam in. He woke up and he was still in the same corridor, this time, Nino and the others were there. “How’s everything?”

He panted heavily as he sat up properly. “I just rushed Yuri here.” He looked at the operating room but the red light’s still on. After a few more minutes, the red light went off and Yuri’s doctor emerged from the room.

“Sakurai-san, I need to talk to you,” he said.


“Sho, is it alright to bring Sakura here?” Yuri asked. “I don’t have any contagious illness, ne?”

“You don’t,” he said. He kissed her forehead. “I’ll bring her here. Just wait.”

The door opened and Mai came in. “Onii-chan, onee-san,” she said. “I brought Sakura-chan.” She gave the baby to Yuri and she smiled, rocking her gently in her arms.

“She’s really so beautiful, Sho,” she said, smiling widely.

Sho just nodded. He looked at his wife and his child with sadness on his eyes. He wanted to cry at that moment, seeing the two of them, seeing Yuri happy like that. “Let me take you a picture,” he said. He took his handy camera and took some pictures of them. After that, he previewed the photos. He bit his lip to stop himself from crying. “Please excuse me,” he said as he left the room. He went to the comfort room and washed his face so that the tears wouldn’t fall.

“Sakurai-san,” the doctor said. “I am really sorry to tell you but you have to prepare yourself.”


“Only a miracle could save your wife.”

Beautiful birth…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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hello there minna...

i know that reading and commenting are a bit scarce lately here so there was actually a time when i considered dropping all of my projects but anyway, i decided not to... maybe i'm just a bit of depressed or whatever...

so comments keep me happy!!! (especially on GATE...)

UPDATE!! You might as well want to look for the song "Yuki no Hana"

CHAPTER 25: Yuki no Hana

Sho made it a point to visit Yuri to the hospital he also kept on asking the doctor if there’s a way but even overseas operation could not help her. He always brought Sakura with him so that she’ll be with her mother. So that she could still recall how it felt like being in her mother’s arms.

“Ne, Sho, why do you look so down?” Yuri asked. She was rocking the baby gently to sleep and she found Sho looking at nothingness. “Daijoubu desu ka?”

“Hai,” he replied. “Sakura’s already asleep. I will take her now so that you could rest.”

“Iie,” she replied. Yuri smiled sadly at the sleeping baby. “I have a feeling that I should stay with her longer.”

“What are you saying?” Sho asked.

“I have a feeling that my life is slowly draining away,” she said, rocking the baby gently so that she’ll continue to sleep. “Everyday, I feel like I’m getting weaker and weaker.”

“Don’t say things like that, Yuri,” Sho said. “You will certainly live and you will see Sakura grow up.”

However, Yuri seemed not to be listening. “I am so sorry, Sakura,” she said, kissing the baby’s forehead gently. “Okaa-san will not be able to watch you grow into a wonderful lady.” She gave the baby to Sho.

After he had safely tucked her in the stroller, he sat beside Yuri. “Don’t say words like that, Yuri. I know… I know that you’ll still live long.” His eyes blinked a few times. It was the eyes that give in to a lie, as others say.

“I don’t know, Sho,” she said. “As each moment passes, I feel as if my life slowly drains away from me.” She snuggled in Sho’s arms.

“It’s just a feeling, my love,” he said, kissing her forehead too. “Daijoubu. I’ll always be here. I won’t let you die.”

“If it’s my time, Sho, no one can do about it,” Yuri said.

Both of them were silent for a moment. It was Yuri who broke the silence. “Sho?”


“I want to lay down the grass like we did before,” she said.

“Demo, it’s snowing outside,” he said. He looked at the window and there were small dots of white falling down.

“Sho, onegai,” Yuri said, looking at him. He gave in to her pleading eyes.

“Fine,” he answered. “But wear your coat. It’s cold outside.”

It was like forever for Sho as he took her white knitted scarf from the stand and her cream coat. He helped her wear them, his hands softly touching her long hair as he placed the scarf around her neck.

He went to the side to take her wheelchair but she said, “Sho, I’ll walk. Daijoubu.”

Sho smiled but he was still worried. He just held her as she stepped down from the bed with difficulty. She staggered a little. “Yuri, just take the wheelchair.”

“Iie,” she said, smiling at him. “Daijoubu, I’ll manage.”

It was painful for Sho as he led Yuri out to the hospital garden. She almost fell a few times but Sho was there to catch her.

“Yuri, onegai, let’s go back,” he said. However, she continued to move forward. The path towards the garden seemed to go for infinity

Sho, who cannot take what was happening anymore, took Yuri in his arms and carried her towards the garden. They sat down on the grass that was slowly becoming white due to the snow.

Yuri laid her head on Sho’s lap. “In the snow, the flowers that do not stand out in the spring show their real beauty.”

Sho looked at the spot where Yuri was looking. A small white flower was standing on the grass. Yuri made attempts to take it so he picked it up and placed it on her hand.

Nobita kage wo hodou ni narabe
Yuuyami no naka wo kimi to aruiteru
Te wo tsunaide itsu mademo zutto
Soba ni ireta nara
Nakechau kurai

Kaze ga tsumetaku natte
Fuyu no nioi ga shita
Sorosoro kono machi ni
Kimi to chikazukeru kisetsu ga kuru

Our shadows stretch out on the pavement
As I walk in the twilight with you
If we could be together like this forever
Holding hands
It's almost enough to make me cry

The wind grows colder
I can smell winter
Soon the season will come to this town
When I can get close to you

“If I leave this world, please don’t be sad,” Yuri said. A tear fell down from her cheek and on Sho’s lap.

“I won’t be sad,” he replied. He bit his lip. That moment made Sho feel so empty and cold. “You won’t leave me, ne, Yuri?”

She just closed her eyes and smiled. “And please take care of Sakura. Don’t forget to tell her how much I love her…”

“Yuri, onegai… yamette kudasai,” Sho said. His voice was breaking as he was giving in to tears.

Kotoshi, saisho no yuki no hana wo
Futari yorisotte
Nagamete iru kono toki ni
Shiawase ga afure dasu

Amae toka yowasa ja nai
Tada, kimi wo ai shiteru
Kokoro kara sou omotta

This moment
When the two of us cuddle up
To gaze at the first snow flower of the year
Is overflowing with happiness

It's not dependence or weakness
I just love you
I thought so with all my heart

“I am so happy that I was able to meet you, Sho,” Yuri said. She let Sho touch her hair, stroking it softly. “I am so happy that fate brought us back together. I love you, Sho.”

“I love you too, Yuri,” he replied. “But please, please don’t say those kinds of things. You’re scaring me.”

“I remember that time. I was staring at a piece of wonderful flower arrangement when the earth shook. And then I found you, Sho. I looked for you and now you’re with me… I hope it’ll stay like this. I’ll give up everything to stay like this.”

“Yuri, onegai, stop saying things like that…”

Maiochite kita yuki no hana ga
Mado no soto zutto
Furiyamu koto wo shirazu ni
Bokura no machi wo someru
Dareka no tame ni nanika wo
Shitai to omoeru no ga
Ai to iu koto wo shitta

Moshi, kimi wo ushinatta to shita nara
Hoshi ni natte kimi wo terasu darou
Egao mo namida ni nureteru yoru mo
Itsumo itsu demo soba ni iru yo

The snow flowers fell
Outside the window
And colored our town
I realized that love means
Wanting to do something
For someone else

If I should lose you
I'll become a star and shine on you
I'll be with you even on nights
When your smile is wet with tears

“Sho, gomenasai,” Yuri said. Sho held her in a way so that they would face each other. “Gomenasai,” she said, crying.

“Nande?” he asked.

“I love you and I don’t want to leave you,” Yuri said. “I swear I don’t.”

“Don’t say sorry, Yuri. You’re not leaving us,” Sho said.

“You cannot do anything if it’s my time to leave the world.”

“I will do anything,” he said, pulling her closer, embracing her. He started to cry as he felt coldness. “Even if I have to go to hell to get you, I will. Even if I have to die myself, I will.”

Yuri put her arms around him. “Iie. Sho. You have done so much for me. And I am thankful for everything. I am thankful for your love, for the wonderful child you’ve given me, for the warmth you gave me.”

“Yuri, don’t lose it, Yuri!” Sho gasped. He could hear her small gasps of breath as she was having difficulty breathing. “I’m going to take you…”

He stopped when Yuri kissed him. “Sho, I want to be with you. Only with you. Please hold me, even just for this time. Onegai.”

“Ha… hai…” Sho stuttered. He held Yuri close. He held her tight. He would not let her go. Yuri smiled in contentment. She closed her eyes and a teardrop fell down her cheek.

Kono machi ni furitsumotteku
Masshiro na yuki no hana
Futari no mune ni sotto omoide wo egaku yo
Kore kara mo kimi to zutto...

The pure white snow flowers
Bury this town
Softly drawing memories in our hearts
Together forever with you...

“Sho, aishiteru yo…”


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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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final update!!!

i've been quite depressed about the comments lately... oh well... but i'm happy at least someone's reading this! (the last time i felt this sadness was when i was just starting NDA...)


A girl wearing a pink dress ran all over the fields, her curly black hair shining against the sunlight. She was smiling while running excitedly. Her almond eyes, exactly like his father’s, and her charm and grace comparable to a flower. “Chotto matte, Kazuko-kun! You’re too fast!”

“But you’re the slow one!” he shouted back. They climbed up a hill with a single sakura tree.

“Today is that day, ne, Sho-kun?” Cho said, leaning on the tree.

“Hai,” he replied. He looked far off at the sky. It was beautiful and calm. He was carrying a bouquet of white lilies, the same one Yuri loved. He missed her face everytime she sees those flowers. He let out a sigh.

“Why do you look so down, Sho-kun?” Cho asked as she sat down beside him. She saw the flowers and smiled sadly. “It has been a long time, ne?”

“And I still think I’ve not given all the love I could give her,” Sho said.

“Don’t say things like that,” the girl replied. “Of course, you did. I know that Shirayuri was indeed happy being with you.” She looked at the fields. “Kazu, Sakura-chan, don’t run! You might get injured!”

However, the two children continued to run. Sakura tripped over a rock and fell facefirst on the grass. She sat up and started to cry. “Daijoubu desu ka?” a voice asked. She helped the little girl up and dusted her dress. “Otou-san wa doko desu ka?”

“ ‘Tou-chan!” Kazuko shouted. He sprinted towards Nino. “Are you sure you did not give Oji-san a hard time?”

“Iie,” he answered. “They’re up there, waiting for you.” He pointed at the hill.

“Iku,” he said. He nodded and they both walked up the hill.

“Ah, Nino, you’re back!” Sho said. “And..?”

“Hisashiburi, Sho,” another voice greeted. Sakura was dragging her hand excitedly.

“Otou-san! Okaa-san’s back!” Sakura squealed, swinging Yuri’s hand.

“Okaeri,” he said, giving her the bouquet of white lilies.

Yuri smiled. “Arigatou,” she said. She smelled one blossom and smiled more. “I really missed the flowers.”

“And I missed you too,” Sho said, putting his arms around her waist. “Ne, Yuri, did you miss me?”

“Mochiron desu,” she replied. “And also our dear daughter.” She patted Sakura’s head. “You’ve been taking good care of her.”

“She said she wanted to be like you, a real lady,” he replied.

“Anou, we’ll go now,” Nino said. He led Cho and Kazu down the hill and back to the car, leaving the Sakurai family on top of the hill.

“Sayonara, oji-san, oba-chan,” Sakura said. “Ja ne, Kazu-kun!”

The family all sat on the mat. “Okaa-san, I missed you so much!” the little girl said, putting her arms around her mother. Yuri hugged her back.

“You too, Sakura. I never thought that you will be this beautiful,” she said, touching her cheek. “You really do have your father’s beautiful eyes.”

“Demo, okaa-san is the most beautiful,” she said. “Okaa-san, I am also studying kadou. I go with Mai oba-chan every Saturday.”

“Are you sure you want to study ikebana?” her mother asked. She kept on stroking her soft curls.

“Mochiron desu yo!” she answered intelligently. “And I also want to go to a university, like otou-san!”

“And I will make sure that okaa-san will see you through,” Sho said, kissing his daughter’s forehead. “Ne, Yuri?”

“Hai,” she replied. “I promise I’ll be with you. I promise that because I love you.” Slowly, Sho edged nearer to kiss his wife.

“I know we’ll be together always…”

CN 10/17/08


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