[DRABBLE] (by shardaunei) High Tower - Jun (with his RL friends) (PG)

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[DRABBLE] (by shardaunei) High Tower - Jun (with his RL friends) (PG)

Post by iheartaiba » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:17 pm

Title: High Tower - Jun (with his RL friends)
Author: shardaunei
Rating: PG

Jun and his friends are held hostage by a witch and imprison them high up on a lonely tower with no means of escape. It is the same tower that Rapunzel was in, and yes, it is the same witch.

Jun: Augh, this place is so dirty! He flicked imaginary dirt on his white suit.
Nari: Yeah, well who’s the genius who insisted on wearing white today?
Toma: OMG, you guys can see the ocean from here. He was motioning them to come to the window and see for themselves. AAAHHHH!!!
Jun, Nari, Toma, Pi: WHAT?! They jumped at Toma’s alarming yell.
Toma, pointing out the window: I just saw a hawk flew by with a brown rabbit caught in his talons. Poor, widdle bunny. He sniffed.
Jun: Where’s Shun? He looked around and found his best friend sitting all relaxed on the floor, leaning on the wall. Why are you sitting down? The floor’s dirty!
Shun: Meh. He shrugged and closed his eyes to sleep. It’ll be a while till someone looks for us. Might as well take this opportunity for a shut eye.
Yamapi: Damn it! There’s no signal here. He walked around the tower, a cellphone up in the air. I need to call the my head bartender to open the club without me.
Nari: Ahhhh!! Why am I stuck here with you idiots? He crossed the tower in long strides to the lone window, pushing Toma aside. Witch, if you can hear me, at least get us some girls up in here!!!!
Toma: Hey, look down there, in the woods. People.
Jun and Pi, walked to the window: Whah?
Shun: Probably his imagination.
Toma, turning to Shun: Probably you should move your ass to the window and see for yourself.
Nari: Hey, what’s going on? There’s a lot of them.
Yamapi: Hey, I recognize them. His cellphone rang.Hello? Yeah, I can hear you now.
Jun, Nari, Toma, Shun: Huh?
Yamapi: It’s the Verizon Network. They have signal all the way to this high tower.
Jun: I should get Verizon. Shun, Toma, and Nari nodded in agreement.

The end.


A/N: Hello, guys. Excuse the silliness. I did this to get my characters' interaction with each other for my new story. Can you tell each of the five guys' personalities? LOL.

Look forward to it. Yoroshiko onegaishimasu. *bows*

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