[DRABBLE] (by swtcamden) Daijoubu - Aiba/Jun (PG)

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[DRABBLE] (by swtcamden) Daijoubu - Aiba/Jun (PG)

Post by iheartaiba » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:19 pm

Title: Daijoubu
Rating: PG
Member/Pairing: Aiba/Jun
Author: swtcamden
Notes: A requested drabble... My first JE fic ever too.

“You have an eyelash… here.”

Hand reaching out in front of him, Aiba gently removed the stray lash and then turned his gaze to the striking pair of eyes peering back at him. Drawn to their intensity, Aiba faltered, unable to back away.

Confusion growing on Jun’s face, his back was slammed forcefully against the wall as a pair of legs hooked around his waist, the weight of another bearing down on him. Instinctively, his arms wrapped around Aiba as his heartbeat began to race.

Aiba, responding quickly in turn, smiled briefly before his lips met Jun’s. With the warmth of each other’s kiss, they deepened their embrace, drowning in the moment. As Aiba’s fingers migrated up into Jun’s hair, Jun tightened his hold, hands caressing Aiba’s lower back.


“Hmm?” Finding himself standing in front of Jun again, Aiba shook his head in disbelief, slowly realizing that it had all been in his head.

“Daijoubu?” Jun repeated.

Grinning sheepishly, Aiba nodded and replied, “Yeah.”
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