[POEM] (by bllue) My Storm - Arashi (G)

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[POEM] (by bllue) My Storm - Arashi (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:20 pm

Title: My Storm/ Watashi no Arashi
Rating: G
Member: Arashi
Author: bllue

Note: I wrote this sestina (structured type of poem) for a fan project in the summer, and I felt like sharing it here. In a way it's vague, but I alluded to Arashi a lot; it really is all about them and my experience in entering the storm. Enjoy :)

In the middle of the night, I was woken by a strong storm, one also known as an Arashi.
It was one I have known for years, but only now did I stop and feel the force of its passion.
It was stronger than I had thought it would have been. It filled me up with the sweetest of all music.
The window has been burst open and I am completely drenched. And now the storm is diligent.
I am now surrounded; it is enveloping me with a spirit that remains too vivacious.
I can’t help my self but think this is nothing more than an overdone wonderful fairy-tale dream.

And yet I know the truth, it stands there before me, obvious, an oblivious unending dream.
Before my senses catch it, I am swept away into the midst of this storm, this great Arashi.
Roaring in my ears, I am captivated by all that is heard, all of these sounds are vivacious.
Perhaps you can feel it, too, this feeling that fills me. It is so strong, it is only called passion.
My heart is ready to burst, I am excited. Is it possible a storm can be diligent?
But it is true! So true it makes me feel joy. Can you hear it? It is wonderful dancing music.

It started so long ago, and I can only hope it will never end. Ten years have left my sweet music.
What, ten years? Insane, a lie! How can that be true? Have I not just begun this insatiable dream?
No lies, only truths. This storm rages before me. In all this time it has become this diligent.
And I feel pride, as if it were mine, this tempest that belongs to none but moves for all, Arashi.
I am now caught up, but I stay so far behind. These winds, new to me, have left plenty of passion.
I am not alone. Others are closer to the eye. They understand why it is so vivacious.

I find myself asking questions, and my answers are incomplete, but nevertheless vivacious.
Much of what I am looking for lies in front of me, obvious, waiting in that gentle music.
Despite my ignorance, my cause is not lost. There is still time. What an amazing feeling, passion.
I had a realization: if I could feel such strong feelings, then this is possibly no dream.
I look about to gather my surroundings. I realize I am familiar with Arashi.
I met it long ago, the memory flees. It never became, it has always been diligent.

I realize another thing that is new. I have changed too. Somehow I have become diligent.
I have come to enjoy these new feelings because they are so strong and amazingly vivacious.
I want to feel this way, and dance in the wind and rain that are a part of loving this Arashi.
I laugh as my body stiffly moves through the rain. It begins to loosen up thanks to the music.
My feet are firmly on the ground, though my soul is flying through the tempest, as if in a wild dream.
Elation no longer surprises me; I have learned that it is a feeling akin to passion.

And that is what this is. I can use no other word, despite all of the synonyms, just passion.
Swaying, I am lifted to the sky. I now have something for which I want to be diligent.
I am smiling so wide, even though I know that someday I may have to wake from this dancing dream.
I can feel a slight descend, a sinking. I do not want to lose all this that feels so vivacious.
But I remember that if anything, I will always have this sweet beautiful sound called music.
I feel release, I am safe. I am home. I have always been. I can see now what makes Arashi.

This valiant storm, this Arashi, has awoken my passion with its own.
The music of my life has begun its diligent strain.
And we will forever continue to live in this vivacious dream.
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