[DRABBLE] (by krapty12) Color of Friendship - Sho with his A-friends (G)

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[DRABBLE] (by krapty12) Color of Friendship - Sho with his A-friends (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:59 pm

Title: Color of Friendship
Member: Mainly Sho with his A-friends
Rating: G
Author: krapty12


It was a busy day for him because of pictorial, shooting for his movie, interview and doing news and he was happy because he can go home early and relax but something was missing and he can’t figure out what was it. "Maybe I just need to take a walk" so he wear his disguise and went out.

When taking a stroll he suddenly see a store that sell fishing gears. "I wonder what Riida was doing now? Maybe he was fishing or finishing his art works. Yabai, I forgot to buy riida a gift for his b-day." Sho blurted out and decide to enter the store then choose a fish pole that actually match their captain so he choose a blue fishing pole and buy it. "I hope he like it and next time I’ll ask him to teach me how to fish".

So after buying the fishing pole he decide to take a stroll again until he suddenly see a game shop and it remind him of Nino "I wonder what Nino was doing now? Maybe playing a game of Mario or have a shooting for his movie Gantz. "Then he enter the gameshop and thinking of what video game should he buy for their resident brat then suddenly he remember Nino wants the FFXIII and he almost brag about it everyday that he was going to buy it no matter what. And Sho decide that he will buy the FFXIII for Nino. 'He will play it after I give it to him and when he finish playing it he will shout Yatta!!!.' Sho imagining Nino.

After buying it he take a stroll again and see an accessory store and a smile show up on his face he thinks of Jun 'I wonder what Jun was doing now? Maybe he was on a date w/ Mao or in his apartment just reading books.' Sho thinks. And he enters the store and after looking he spotted those skull rings and remember Jun was looking on a magazine w/c has those skull rings too and see Jun’s eye sparkle in happiness. It was decided that he will buy those skull rings for him with matching skull necklace. 'He will be happy if I give it to him'.

After leaving the store he goes on where his brain decide to take him until he accidentally see a pet store and he think of their genki Aiba. 'I wonder what Aiba was doing now?Maybe he was in his parent house or shooting for his new drama' . Sho thinks. Then he decide to enter the store and then he spotted a two cute white puppies and he remember that Aiba want a puppy on his apartment to play with because he was alone. So he decided that he will buy two puppies for aiba so that he will be happy. 'Aiba will be happy to see those puppies and he will never be alone on his apartment.' Sho smiles thinking of Aiba and the puppies.

And after leaving the store he decides to go home. He reach his apartment around 8:00 pm at put what he buy on the sofa and he remember that something was missing and he can’t remember what was it. 'Maybe I’ll remember it tomorrow and the gifts that I’ve buy I’ll give to them too when I meet them'. And when he was going to his bedroom to change his clothes and go to sleep, a knock on his door have heard.


"Who could that be I’m coming" as he open the door, the other four was in his front door. 'Guys what are you doing here?" ask Sho. Then Jun said "this tensai said he misses you so much and can’t wait to see his sho-chan"Jun, Nino and Ohno pointed Aiba who is hiding his embarrassment. "Don’t just point me I know you miss Sho-chan too" Aiba replied to them. "Okay Aiba we miss him too and sho, can we enter your apartment now because we are freezing here" replied by their resident brat.

"Sorry sho if we disturb you in this hour" captain said. "No you didn’t disturb me" Sho replied. When they enter the apartment Aiba spot what Sho have buy and ask "What are those sho-chan?"

Sho smile. "...When I suddenly taking a stroll before I go home I stop every shop because I remember you guys and buy something for you" Sho replied. So that he decide to give his gifts to the member. When he give it to them everyone was very happy what sho have give and gave him a hug…."Arigatou sho-chan" the other members said.

Then he realize that was what missing all today…his friends because of their schedule they only meet to shoot their show after that everyone of them need to go on a different location to work…Sho misses them so much … He glad that he have chosen to be in arashi-

because he meet jun, nino, ohno and aiba that gave color in his life…


this is my first time to write a story...hope you like it...
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