[DRABBLES] (by faradakiut) 5 times Aiba fell asleep on Sho - Sakuraiba (PG-13)

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[DRABBLES] (by faradakiut) 5 times Aiba fell asleep on Sho - Sakuraiba (PG-13)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:03 pm

Title: 5 times Aiba fell asleep on Sho
Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: Sakuraiba
Author: faradakiut



Sho opened his eyes to the feeling of weight on his shoulder. His neck hurt like hell as his head was leaning to the window the whole time. he can barely register his surrounding as they were travelling at night plus his eyes were fuzzy from the sleep so he just stayed still in his seat hoping the weight will move on its on. He waited for a few minutes but the weight didn’t move so he slowly turned to see Aiba’s head on his shoulder.

“Hey, Aiba-chan…” he called quietly to avoid waking up everybody in the van but Aiba didn’t move an inch. He tried to push Aiba away to let him leaned back to the chair properly but ended up being snuggled against. “Aiba-chan…” he sighed.

As if hearing Sho’s sighing Aiba opened his eyes and blinked several times before looking at Sho with his puppy eyes. “What’s wrong Sho-chan?”

“Ah~ lean back on your seat or you’ll hurt your neck…”

Aiba gave Sho a smile before leaning back against him and closed his eyes. “Em, Sho-chan smells good…” Aiba said sleepily. He stayed still, smiled as he swung his hand to Aiba’s shoulder pulling him closer oblivious to two pair of eyes looking at them from behind.


He was awakened by a sound of thunder outside the room. The room was a dark as he forgot to open the curtain to let any light to enter and he was grateful for that as the sound appeared once again. Traces of lightning went in through the narrow opening of the curtain causing him to flinch before realizing that there was someone else on the bed with him.

“What the-” he managed as he tugged open the sheets covering his body. “Aiba-chan?” he called as he realized that the lad was practically latched himself to his body.

“Hi, Sho-chan~”

“What are you doing in my bed?”

“I- I was-” Aiba’s words was cut short as another thunder sounded. He buried his face on the sheets while attaching himself to Sho’s body as close as possible.

“Are you afraid of a little storm?” Sho chuckled.

“No, I-” Aiba tried to deny but as soon as another sound appeared, he let out a squeal and buried his face back on the mattress. “Ok, yes… please don’t tell me to go away~” he whined as the sound subsided.

“I won’t…” Sho sat up leaning on the headrest and reached for his walkman on the bedside before pulling Aiba up to sit next to him. “Come here…” he leaded Aiba to face him and put on a headphone on his head. He turned on the volume louder so that Aiba won’t hear a thing from outside. “Much better?” he asked by moving his lips and Aiba nodded.

“Arigatou, Sho-chan~” Aiba flashed his brightest smile despite his sleepiness. Sho watched as Aiba’s eyes slowly drifted close and a curve forming at the tip of his lips. He was thinking to crawl back under the sheets but didn’t have a heart to disturb Aiba so he ended up pulling the sheets up to cover his body and pulled Aiba closer so that he was covered too before closing back his eyes.

A few minutes later, the door to their room opened as three boys entered the room. Smile formed on their lips seeing the scene in front of them. Aiba’s head was on Sho’s shoulder while Sho’s head was comfortably on top of Aiba’s head.


The pair stood in front of the cinema discussing whether to get in or not. “You sure you wanna watch this?” Sho asked again. “It might bore you to death…”

“I wanna watch it with you, Sho-chan…” Aiba said enthusiastically. “Stop asking question…” he pouted.

“If you said so… Let’s go in then…” Sho said as he started walking.

“Wait...” Aiba pulled Sho’s hand to stop him. “Buy me popcorn, please…” he gave Sho his puppy eyes.

“Fine… only if you promise to stay quiet inside…”

“I promise…” Aiba raised his hand in pledge. “I want extra butter, please…” he smiled. Sho grunted as he went his way to buy it.

A few minutes later they found themselves watching the movie. But after about 20 minutes after the movie started, Aiba had started to fidget in his seat. “Ne, Sho-chan…” he called.

“Nani?” Sho hesitantly turned to Aiba as he wanted to focus on the screen.

“I’m bored…” Aiba said as he looked to Sho giving him a pleading look to take him out of that place. But Sho shushed him instead.

“Shh, I’m trying to watch here…” Sho quickly turned his focus on the screen, ignoring Aiba’s whining. “Just eat your popcorn quietly…”

“Gomen…” Aiba said sadly. He sometime gazed back at Sho thinking to continue with his whining. But upon seeing Sho’s eyes never left the screen, he leaned back in his seat, continued stuffing the popcorn into his mouth.

Sho turned as he felt something tapping on his shoulder. Aiba was trying his best to stay awake but failed badly. His eyes fluttered open each time he realized that his head was leaning to his side or front.

“No wonder he’s so quiet…” Sho whispered to himself. He reached out his hand and pulled Aiba’s head gently to rest on his shoulder without taking his eyes off the screen. He smiled as he felt Aiba move a little to make himself comfortable on him.


“I’m glad to be in Arashi!!!” Aiba exclaimed cheerfully as he raised the glass as high as he could. Sho had to pull him back down so that he wouldn’t disturb other customer.

“Aiba-chan, please…” Sho whispered as he tried to make Aiba sat properly beside him.

“I love Arashi…” Aiba said before turning to face Sho and continued “… and I love you, Sho-chan…” he said quietly as he leaned forward to catch Sho’s lips. Sho’s eyes widened by surprise at the sudden confession and did nothing apart from frozen on his place.

“Do you love me, Sho-chan?” Aiba asked as he broke the kiss.

Sho took only a few second to think and gasping for air before looking back at Aiba. “I- I think I- I do…” Sho said quietly before looking down. Sho felt himself blushed deeply despite being confessed by drunken Aiba.

“Yay~ Sho-chan loves me too…” Sho felt backward on the couch as Aiba jumped on him. He tried to push Aiba away before the three came but realized that it was too late upon hearing a voice.

“So it’s true then…” Jun said as he frowned to the couple lying suspiciously on the couch. Nino appeared a few second after.

“Told you so…” Nino smirked. He pulled Ohno to his side before whispering something to him. Ohno took something from his pocket and gave it to him.

“This isn’t what it looks like…” Sho tried to explain while trying to push sleeping Aiba off of him at the same time. His eyes widened again upon seeing flash in front of him.

“Nothing personal. Its just business…” Nino said as he shoved the camera back into Ohno’s pocket. Gonna be a nice “Sorry for the interruption. We’ll be on our way now. Enjoy…” Nino said sarcastically before pulling Ohno away from the place.

“Wait, Ni-” Sho struggled to push Aiba off of him but before he could, Jun cut in.

“I’m gonna go too. Have fun with him, Sho…” Jun said before running after Ohmiya.

“Guys, seriously…” Sho shouted. “This isn’t funny…” he whined. After convinced that the three had really gone, Sho let out a small sigh. “This is all, your fault…” he said and smacked Aiba’s head playfully causing Aiba to mumble in his sleep. Sho smiled as he heard the word love coming from Aiba once again.


Sho was greeted with one sleeping form on the couch when he entered his house that night. Upon seeing Aiba sleeping too soundly and irresistibly cute on the couch, Sho leaned in and gave him a peak on the lips to wake him up. It only meant to be a simple waking up kiss but the way Aiba responded to the kiss making Sho feeling all horny and hard.

The couch was too small for the two of them as they were too moving too rapidly against each other. “Mm, Masaki…” Sho managed between the kiss. He wasn’t aware on how Aiba succeeded on pinning him down on the sofa but he found himself being trap under his body. “Masaki, wait… bed-”

As if he didn’t hear any of Sho’s call, Aiba kept devouring Sho’s lips attentively. Sho gave up trying to convince his boyfriend to move their activity to the bedroom as he closed his eyes enjoying the kiss. The hands roaming on his body making him moaned and when he thought the hands were going further down, it stop.

Sho opened his eyes as he felt the movement on him stop. He just realized now that Aiba didn’t even open his eyes throughout their love making. “Not again~” Sho whined. “Masaki, wake up…” he tried to wake Aiba up before sighing heavily. Slowly he pulled himself up and fixed his position on the couch so that he thought both were in comfort before hugging the motionless body on top of him to sleep.



thanks for reading and comments are love... :)
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