[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) The Power of Fans (G)

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[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) The Power of Fans (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:05 pm

Title: The Power of Fans
Rating: G
Member/Pairing: No pairing
Author: Michmich
Synopsis: Just how I imagine Arashi responding to the fundraiser if they found out about it, only the fundraiser that is, not the fansubbing and such ^^;

“Having a rough time?”

Sho sighed as he flopped down in the Arashi green room, ready to begin filming again for another one of their TV shows. He found it all surreal that they were just getting on as usual but if they could at least put smiles on some peoples faces that was all he wanted. He looked over at Jun who had spoken, a look of concern on his face at the newscaster. “Everyone’s having a rough time, Jun.” He felt guilty as Jun looked away sadly. “Sorry, I know you didn’t mean it that way.”

Jun played with something on the table in front of him, not looking up at Sho. “It’s fine, you’re right.” He paused for a second as he thought through his words. “So, how are you then? I was just worried because with news zero, you’re doing the most work out of us at the moment. I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

“We’ve all got to try our best.” Sho watched Jun nod before they fell into silence, though it wasn’t the usual amicable silence. There was too much tension for that right now.

“Hey, look what I found.” Nino flopped on the sofa next to Sho, a laptop on his lap.

“Hmm?” Jun walked over as Nino gestured to him, the other two showing some interest at the way Nino seemed pleased with himself.

“I found out what our fans have been up to lately.” Nino flicked open a donations page on the internet, sitting back as the others crowded round.

“Ehh? So this is for us?” Ohno tilted his head. “I wonder what you could buy with that kind of money-” He flinched as he was hit round the head.

“Stupid, it’s for the earthquake.” Sho tutted in a motherly matter before taking the laptop from Nino and scrolling down the page. “Wow, they’re really trying their hardest as well, aren’t they?” He froze as he heard a noise behind him.

“Aiba, don’t cry.” Jun patted him the sniffling boy on the back.

“But they’re doing so much...and for us.” Aiba sniffled some more as he got some hugs from Jun, who was taking the moment to peek over his shoulder at what Nino had found.

Sho turned back to the computer when he knew Jun was taking care of Aiba and continued reading. “Oh wait, this says that it’s not just our fans, it’s all the Johnny’s entertainment fans in general.”

“Yeah, but ours started it.” Nino and Jun shared a proud smirk as Sho rolled his eyes at them.

“Does it matter? At least there are donations.” Sho clicked the laptop lid down as he shut it down, conserving energy high on his priority list at the moment.

“Yeah but...” Jun looked smug as he tried to think his words through and looked around at the other members. “It makes you think right?”

Sho tried to carry on what he was doing but a small smile graced his lips.

“Yeah, I guess our fans are great.”
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