[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) First night - Matsumiya (PG)

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[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) First night - Matsumiya (PG)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:06 pm

Title: First night
Rating: PG
Member/Pairing: Matsumiya
Author: Michmich

A/N:A little drabble as part of the Medieval Arashi series I have going ^^ set in between 'The Prince and the Pauper' and 'Checkmate' All thanks to momokan69 who requested it. Matsumiya's wedding night, not R-rated at all in the slightest.

The door clicked shut behind the pair, the wolf whistles of friends being cut off with a snap. Though the silence was probably even more awkward for the pair, the door to them having made a much louder noise than it actually did.

Jun coughed from where he had just closed the door. “Uhh, so...” He tried to smile reassuringly but he knew that a blush was spreading up his face.

Kazu gulped, not nearly as mischievous as usual. He could feel his heart beating faster and couldn’t even find it in him to joke about Jun’s blush. “S-so...” He cursed inwardly at himself for stuttering, looking down at the floor, flushed with embarrassment. He looked back up, about to say something to try and show that he was completely fine but the words died in his throat as he noticed that Jun was taking off his smart jacket and unbuttoning his shirt.

Jun froze as he met the eyes on him, taking in the slightly panicked expression that Kazu was trying to hide. The moment stretched for what seemed like forever, an awkward silence falling over them. Jun inwardly sighed; knowing that at any other time Kazu would have probably been blushing and looking cutely away, while sneaking glances at him whenever he thought he could. He waited until Kazu looked away before making his move.

Kazu finally tore his eyes away, blushing madly and trying to cover up the fact that his heart was beating even faster than it had been before when they had just been left alone. He jumped as he felt himself being engulfed by a hug. “Jun?” He looked up as best he could by craning his neck, trying to see Jun’s face, confused at the turn of events.

“We don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for, Kazu.”

Kazu suddenly relaxed and snuggled into Jun’s chest, smiling slightly at the words and the concern that he could feel emanating from them. He realised how stupid he’d been acting, this was Jun after all. He knew Jun would look after him. “No, it’s fine.” He looked up at Jun cutely, a soft blush on his face. “I’m just a bit nervous that’s all.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I can wait if you’re not-”

Kazu silenced him with a kiss. When they broke away he smiled again. “It’s our wedding night, Jun.”

Jun smiled back, his eyes full of concern. “Don’t feel like we have to just because of that.”

Kazu pouted, trying to hide any remnants of his nervousness. “I’m fine really.” He dragged Jun over to the bed; waiting any longer would just make him doubt more.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the bed or for Kazu’s heart to start racing again. He leaned up, brushing his lips against Jun’s. “Jun...I love you.” He blushed at his mushy words.

Jun smiled into the kiss before kissing Kazu on the forehead. “I love you too, Kazu.”

~The Next Morning~

Kazu blinked awake, feeling something playing with his hair. He looked up, noticing he was curled up on Jun’s chest and stared straight into Jun’s eyes.

Jun smiled at him, still playing with a lock of Kazu’s hair. “Good morning.”

“Morning.” Kazu snuggled back into Jun’s chest, pulling the cover up as he did so, feeling suddenly cold.

Jun closed his eyes again; content to stay there for a while longer once he heard Kazu’s breathing rate go slow again as he drifted back to sleep.

A loud thud and a crash a few minutes later made them both jump, Jun having to grab Kazu before he fell out of the bed where he had sat up too fast. They looked at each other, suddenly wide awake and wondering what on earth had happened.

A whine outside the room before a loud burst of laughter made them realise exactly what had happened.

“It’s not funny Sho!”

“B-but it is.”

Jun and Kazu sighed simultaneously, both trying not to smile as they imagined the scene outside the room of Aiba on the floor and most probably some broken china and breakfast over the floor or in this case Aiba’s excuse for waking them up.

Another whine echoed before there was a knock on the door. “Why can’t I get in?”

Jun sat up, pushing Kazu off him slightly so that they both weren’t threatening still to fall off the bed. “It’s locked Aiba.”

“Huh? Why?” The sentence was muffled but they could almost feel the lost puppy dog eyes through the heavy wooden door.

Jun looked incredulously at the door even though Aiba couldn’t see him. “You’re asking that after what you just did? Learn to knock!”
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