[DRABBLE] (by kat3kat) COUNTDOWN - Juntoshi (G)

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[DRABBLE] (by kat3kat) COUNTDOWN - Juntoshi (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:11 pm

hello!! this is my new JunToshi fic... i really like them so i like writing fanfics about them!!


Rating: G
Member/Pairing: Matsumoto Jun x Ohno Satoshi
Author: kat3kat

(Jun’s POV)




“No, Riida.”

Silence again.

“How about now?”


“Man, it only takes me three minutes when I cook it…” Ohno sat up and pouted, folding his arms over his chest as he eyed the ramen.

I sighed, Can’t you see this is just an excuse for you to stay here a little bit longer…?

14. Wii

It wasn’t until Matsumoto started missing their dance rehearsals just to stay at home, trying to beat Ohno’s high score in Bowling, that the other members began to worry about their leader’s effect on him.


That is how long it took the normally confident DoS member to finally muster up the courage to ask Ohno Satoshi on a date.


The day their timid leader dared to give him peck on the cheek, everybody noticed how Matsujun’s hand strayed to his face all day long…

Matsumoto Jun never begged. He always worked hard to get whatever he wanted, he always did it on his own, he didn’t like help and he certainly did NOT like begging.

So during their national tour, even Kami-sama would be disappointed in how he knelt before Aiba-chan just to switch keys so that he will be able to share a room with his beloved Ohno…


Even just seeing Ohno curled in the nearest sofa taking an afternoon nap in nothing but a striped t-shirt and normal boy shorts, the elite member of Arashi couldn’t help but be left breathless…


When the certain prankster decided to place an arm around Ohno’s shoulders just to tease his friend Matsujun, he had NO idea what he got himself into…


Sometimes, when Jun was in the dark, watching a petit figure sleep next to him, he wondered if even for a moment, Ohno had even slightly considered Ninomiya as more than a friend…


Sakurai Sho had a very strong urge to bring the two together. So when he decided to pick up a nice suit for his Captain to wear at the Christmas Party, he was so glad he did.

...it was the sight of Matsumoto Jun’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor upon seeing their well-dressed Leader that made Sho-kun feel accomplished


The moment a drunken Ohno called Matsujun just to say, “I love you…” instead of Nino, that was when it got complicated…


(Jun’s POV)

[3:12 am]

I hastily opened my eyes upon hearing my cell phone ringing a familiar tune. Slowly rolling to the left side of the bed, I picked it up and wondering who in their right mind calls a person this late…

“Moshi, moshi.?” Silence

“Hello? Who’s this?” But again, no reply…

When I finally decided to hung up, a familiar voice suddenly spoke up.

“Huh? What did you say?” I asked the caller once again…

“… Aishiteru yo, Jun...”


“Jun, I love you!”

“Are you drunk?!” I asked him but the line was cut off and all I heard was a –beep beep- sound from the other line.

Closing the lid of my phone now and placing it on top of my drawer, I sighed as I decided to go back to sleep. But when I closed my eyes, one sentence lingered my mind…

“… Aishiteru yo, Jun…”

Blood quickly rushed up to my face and I felt something strange that night.

I know he was drunk and probably don’t know what he was talking about. But…

why do I feel so happy knowing that he called me instead of Nino…


(Jun’s POV)

I loved grabbing your hand and dragging you to a secluded park. Because moment we step out of the Jimusho, I could feel everything around disappear for a while and it was like there is no one to tell us what to do and what not to do. It felt like we can just be ourselves; no problems, no expectations to fulfil…

…it was as if we are safely hidden from the world…


Matsumoto Jun’s life was a simple, regular, organized celebrity life. Everything was planned, everything was laid out for him, no surprises whatsoever…

…until he came…


They were on their way to Tokyo Dome, riding a private bus, sitting next to each other. There were a lot of fans outside, girls screaming and holding their own ‘uchiwa’ having the picture of their favourite member.

But even though there were a lot of eerie noises from the outside, he couldn’t hear anything other that Ohno’s voice in his ear as he whispered his most precious secret…

…“I love you, Jun…”


(Jun's POV)

I may have lost my sanity but I found my soul mate instead. Still… there were those rare times that I wonder whether I made a fair trade…

But the moment your gaze met mine as you flashed the most loving smile towards my direction, that was when I knew…

I don’t need to be sane after all… All I need is you…


yay!! \:D/  \:D/

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