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[DRABBLES] (by Mishi) 5 short drabbles - ARASHIXOC - Aibacentric (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:30 pm

Title: 5 Drabbles
Rating: G
Member/Pairing: Aiba Masaki and Original Character (with special appearances from the rest of ARASHI)
Author: Mishi

Written for Krissy! Hope you like it!

1. Lost and found.


Nino didn’t bother looking up or pausing his game when he acknowledged the panic in Aiba’s voice.

“What… can’t… you… find?”

He drawled, his attention fixed on defeating the final boss.

“I looked everywhere! I had it when I left the house. I had it when I was driving. I had it when I was in my dressing room. And I know I had it when we were eating lunch! But I don’t have it now! Doushiyo?! Where did it go?! NINO!!!”

The gamer sighed and reluctantly paused his game.

“Alright. How about I call your phone?”

“AHH! That’s a good idea!”

Aiba struck an “I-can-hear-everything” pose and listened carefully.

“I don’t hear anything…”


“Do you have my number?”


Nino’s hands searched his back and front pockets then looked on and under the table and then rummaged through his bag.

“It’s not here.”

“Sou. Maybe it’s ringing somewhere else.”

“No, I’m not talking about your phone. MY phone is not here!”


“But I know I had it with me.”

“I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!”

Nino rolled his eyes at Aiba then continued to search the room.

“The gnomes took them.”


“The gnomes!! They steal your things only to put them back in places you least expect.”

Nino stared at Aiba.

“The gnomes took our phones.”

“Krissy-chan said--”

“That’s enough.”

He had no interest in the beliefs of a thirteen-year old.

Jun and Sho walked into the room just before Aiba could complain.

“Jun-kun! Call my phone.”


“Just call it, will you!”

“Call mine, call mine, Sho-chan!!”

The two looked at each other, shrugged, then proceeded to take their phones out and then dialed Nino and Aiba’s numbers respectively.

The door slammed open and Krissy hopped in with a big grin on her face.


Two distinct ringtones simultaneously rang.


She made a quick 180 turn and sped out of the room.

Aiba’s laugh bounced around the hallway as he followed an irate Nino.


2. What’s in a name?


The puppy wagged its tail then circled happily around an excited Aiba. Sitting on the floor, he bent his lower body down so he was face to face with the puppy when it came around and sat in front of him.

“HORA HORA! Look at its eyes!! KAWAII~”

Krissy plopped down behind the little fur ball then petted its head.

“Is it really that cute?”




“Ja~… I shall name it Masaki!”


3. Blame.

“Don’t blame it on me, BAKA!”

“Don’t call me baka, BAKA! I am twice your age! It’s called RESUPEKU!!”


“RESU… whatever. Stop calling me baka!”

“It’s not my fault you misunderstood me!”

“I did not! You said you liked mapo tofu on pizza! You said it’s delicious! So I made it at Shukudai-kun but it failed! Of course it’s your fault!”

“I said I like mapo tofu and pizza! BUT NOT TOGETHER!”

“NO! You said ON!”

“NO! I said AND!”

Ohno glanced away from Krissy and Aiba to tap Jun’s shoulder.

“Should we do something about those two?”

“Nah. I’m bored. They amuse me.”

4. What’s going on?

The two stood in front of each other only a few feet apart. Aiba towered over the five feet and two inches that was Krissy. She was standing on her tiptoes with her arms stretched out and hands splayed on his chest. Her head was slightly thrown back so she could meet his eyes. Time seemed to have stood still for them as they stared at each other intensely.

“What are they--”


Sho’s question was swiftly silenced by Ohno.

The newscaster was dumfounded. She was jailbait for crying out loud! Why was Riida letting this happen?! When he noticed Aiba lean forward, he took a step forward but Ohno stopped him.

“Just watch.”

“I am not--”


Sho frowned but did as he was told and watched the two closely. But for the life of him he still couldn’t figure out what they were doing.

“Oh God, seriously? They’re at it again?”


Nino shook his head and was about to turn away when Sho grabbed his wrist and pulled him next to him.

“What are they doing?” He whispered the question. Nino smirked then yelled out.


Aiba and Krissy turned to face them. Their eyes were crossed and almost moving independently from each other.

Sho choked on his laughter.

Ohno smiled proudly.

“I guess we should be thankful they’re not mimicking Matsu-Jun’s ‘my-finger’s-so-damn-tasty’ routine.”

Note: If you haven't seen AAA 2008 then you might not get the drabble above. Watch the beginning of this video.

5. First.

“I’m not worried about it.”

Krissy was standing next to Jun - who was in charge of the barbeque at Ohno’s backyard. They were having a short heart to heart talk.

“I’m only thirteen you know. I have all the time in the world for that.”

“True. But is there someone that you’d want to--”

A loud crash interrupted Jun’s question prompting him and Krissy to look at the direction the sound came from. Without warning, Aiba came flying towards them, his head craning back and facing the other way. Facing Nino who was chasing him with a water gun.



Arashi’s Miracle Boy looked forward but Jun’s warning was too late. He crashed into Krissy, falling right on top her. His lips smacking hers for an unbelievable stolen kiss. The shock made him linger seconds too long before he finally stood up red-faced and flustered.


Turning on his heel, he started walking away.

Still on the ground, heart pounding furiously, Krissy closed her eyes then shakily touched her lips with two fingers.

Is there someone you’d want to-- kiss?

Aiba threw a quick glance behind him then his lips twitched slightly when he faced his partner in crime. Nino grinned then gave him a salute.

Mission accomplished.

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