[DRABBLES] (by faradakiut) 5 times Sho comforted crying-Aiba - Sakuraiba (PG-13)

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[DRABBLES] (by faradakiut) 5 times Sho comforted crying-Aiba - Sakuraiba (PG-13)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:37 pm

Title: 5 times Sho found Aiba crying and had to comfort him
Rating: PG-13
Member/Pairing: Sakuraiba
Author: faradakiut



*sniff* *sniff*

Sho was about to go home when he heard sniffling on the other side of the green room. He recognized that voice very well but a little weird because he never heard it crying. “Aiba-chan?” Sho called. He found Aiba scrunching down at the corner hugging his legs to his chest. He put back his bag on the table and squatting in front of Aiba.

“hai~” Aiba managed to wipe his tears upon seeing Sho coming towards him.

“What’s wrong?” Sho asked with concern.

“Nothing…” fake a smile at Sho but Sho knew better then to fall for it.

“Don’t lie… I heard you crying…”

“My feet hurt… I can’t walk anymore…” Aiba whined.

“How many times have I told you to be careful while practicing?” Sho sighed. “Now you’re hurting yourself…”

“But you’re the one stepping on it…” Aiba looked at him accusingly.

“Eh?” it only took a second for Sho to remember that during the practice, he was somehow distracted and ended up stepping on someone’s foot. He didn’t even have chance to look aside as Matsujun was starting sharply at him. “Ah~ I’m sorry but it can’t hurt that bad, right…?”

“Oh, the pain~, it’s horrible…” Aiba started again. “I’m gonna be paralyze for the rest of my life and I’ll have to quit Arashi and-”

“Fine, fine… I’ll piggyback you home…” Sho finally defeated. He turned his back towards Aiba and placed his hands at the back. “come on…”

“yay~” Aiba exclaimed as he jumped on Sho’s back, hugging tight his neck.

“And I thought you can’t stand the pain…”

“Ah~ yes…” Aiba continued sobbing but with a smile.


*sniff* *sniff*

Sho looked up from his laptop and around the room to find the sobbing sound. Convinced that there were only Aiba and him in the room he called for him. “Aiba-chan?”

“Hai~” Aiba responded with crack on his voice indicating that he was crying. Sho went closer to him to see he was holding a manga in his hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Reading…” Aiba answered simply before continuing to sob.

Noticing that Aiba wont stop anytime soon, Sho asked again. “What are you reading?”

“A manga…” again came the short answer.

“And you’re crying because…?”

“The girl in this story had to break up with his boyfriend coz his mom don’t like her. And the boy, he-”

“Ok, spare me the details…” Sho rolled his eyes. “I mean why are you reading that manga when you know that you can’t stand sad story?”

“Coz you asked me too…”


“When I came in; I said ‘hi, Sho-chan’ and you said ‘take that book and read it’… so I read it…”

“And why would I want you to read that manga when I know that you’re gonna be all teary?” Sho asked with a frown.

“How should I know? I don’t read mind, Sho-chan…” Aiba pouted. “Now, shush… I’m getting to the good part here…”

Sho hit his head playfully. Well, at least he didn’t bother me, he thought before resuming with his work. Think again, Sakurai, his thought mocked him as he heard another cry coming from Aiba.

“Aiba-chan, you don’t have to finish that manga you know…”

“I know…” Aiba sniffled. But still he kept reading the manga and cried his heart out.

“Fine. Let’s go…” Sho said as he closed his laptop and stood up.

“where are we going, Sho-chan?” Aiba asked innocently.

“Stop playing fool… I do remember that I promise to bring you to the new amusement park today…” Sho sighed. “I thought I may finish my work on our day off but looks like I’m wrong…”

“Oh~ and I thought you’ve forgotten already…” Aiba said sarcastically with a chuckle.

“Yeah, yeah… Are we going or not?” Sho asked annoyingly.

“Hai~~” Aiba jumped happily and hug him earning a smile from him.


*sniff* *sniff*

“Now what?” Sho looked at Aiba who came crashing on the couch next to him the moment he got there.

“’Sho-chan’ died…”

“Eh~!?” Sho looked at him in surprise. “But… I’m still here Aiba-chan… healthy and alive…”

“Not you, silly…” Aiba managed between his sobs. “… Sho-chan…”

“Who- Who’s that?” Sho was taken aback when Aiba looked irately at him.

“My goldfish…”

“Ah~ and it’s just-” Sho inhaled deeply before continuing “… and I thought someone died…”

“Someone is dead… and it’s all because of you…” Aiba exclaimed angrily.

He noticed that lately he had been causing Aiba to cry whether unintentionally and now this. He was positive that this has nothing to do with him and yet Aiba blamed him. “And how’s that my fault again?”

“You promise to take are of them when I go to visit my family…” Aiba said slowly. “… and now ‘Masaki’ is all alone in the aquarium…”

Eh!? How come I don’t remember my promise to Aiba-chan. And since when did he have a couple of fishes in an aquarium? Sho frowned to recall anything but fail. At last he gave up. “I’m really sorry, Aiba-chan. I shouldn’t have promise you anything if I can’t do it…” Sho apologized.

“I’ll make up for it. Tell me anything… as long as I can, I promise to do it. I’ll even buy a new ‘Sho-chan’ for you…”

“You promise?” Aiba asked with hope.



“YES!” Sho said determinedly.

“Then, Masaki needs Sho-chan to accompany him to ‘the Aquarium’ tonight…”

“Fine… I’ll do…” Sho stopped before realizing what he just promised to do. “EH!?”

“See you tonight, So-chan…” Aiba called from afar.


*sniff* *sniff*

A sound in the toilet startled him. He was taking a toilet break when he heard someone sobbing in it. “Who’s there?” he called.

“Me…” he heard a muffled voice that he somehow knew was Aiba.

“Aiba-chan? What are you doing in there?” Sho asked with worried in his eyes. “It’s your birthday today and everyone is waiting for you outside…”

“I know but I’m too happy that my tears won’t stop falling…” Aiba sniffed. “Please make it stop, Sho-chan…”

“Eh? But how-” and at that moment Nino came out from one of the stall in the toilet.

“Easy…” Nino cut in as he walked closer to Sho. He whispered something to Sho before excusing himself out of the toilet.

“Ah~ um~ let see…” Sho thought for a while before saying “… I think they don’t really remember your birthday… it’s just a Christmas party, you know…” Aiba stopped crying and looked at him in disbelieve before started crying harder. “Now what?” Sho asked in panic.

“You’ve made him sad, which is worst than the happy one," Nino spoke from behind the door. "Now you have to tell him something that will make him happy…” he smirked “… and good luck on that…” he laughed hard.



*sniff* *sniff*

“What now…” he said quietly as he found Aiba on the couch lying on his stomach, crying. Sho squatted in front of him, touching his hair to call him. “Aiba-chan, what’s wrong?”

“I-” Aiba hesitated whether to say it or not. He sat up straight on the couch looking intently at Sho.

“What?” Sho asked. He withdrew a little upon seeing Aiba leaning closer to his face. And one certain brat decided to show up.

“I’ve told you…” Sho heard Nino said before being pushed backward by Aiba.

“Sho-chan, baka…” Aiba managed before he run out off the room.

“Hey, you’re the one with the name baka here, Aibaka!” Nino managed yelling extra loud to make sure that Aiba heard him before laughing while holding his stomach.

“Nino, what have you told him now?” Sho asked with frustration in his eyes.

“go and ask him for yourself…” Nino said before taking out his DS and started playing it. Sho decided to go look for Aiba as he gave up trying to persuade Nino to spill all out. He was the one being told baka by Aiba just now, not Nino. Now where could Aiba be? Ah~ the rooftop.

Sho went on his way to the rooftop with thoughts in his mind. Aiba should’ve known that everything Nino said was all lies since the two had been together since Junior but somehow Aiba had choose to trust Nino even he had been deceive a few times before. That’s what he loved about Aiba. Lo- Love? Like, I mean Like, Sho said to himself.

As soon as he opened the door to the rooftop he found Aiba sitting next to the door. “Aiba-chan…” he called softly but Aiba didn’t even move an inch from his current position. “Aiba, please don’t do this…”

“What do you want?” Aiba asked nonchalantly.

“I wanna know what’s wrong with you…” Sho said as he took Aiba’s hand in his but being pushed away by Aiba. “What have Nino told you that make you do this…”

“You really wanna know?”

“Yeah~ since this matter seems to be affecting our friendship…”

“Friendship…” Aiba repeated silently.

“Aiba-chan…” Sho tested again.

“Fine, Nino said that you think that my mouth stink…”

“Wha- what!?” Sho laughed hard. “That’s absurd…”

“Really now? I don’t think its absurd… or are you saying I’m absurd now?”

“Aiba, you know I didn’t mean it that way…” Sho said softly.

“Prove it…” Aiba said simply.


“Kiss me…” Aiba said causing Sho to focus to that certain part of the body before blushing hard.

“Wha- What? Are you crazy?” Sho could feel his cheeks getting redder each second.

“Nino is right. You’re disgusted with me…” Aiba said as tears started to fall.

“Ai- Aiba, please… ok, ok, I’ll do it…” Aiba smiled and leaned back to the wall lifting his face a little giving Sho a fell excess to his lips. Sho gulped at the scene in front of him before closing his eyes and leaned forward to claim the lips. The kiss was sweet and simple before Aiba parted his lips indicating Sho to get in. Not wanting Aiba to feel bad, he darted his tongue inside, making the kiss heated and wet. Sho didn’t feel awkward at all kissing his best friend on the rooftop as he was slowly enjoying the kiss. A few minutes later, the kiss was broken by Aiba’s giggle.

“Nino, I did it!” Aiba exclaimed. Sho didn’t even heard the door being opened as he was too occupied with the kiss. Nino showed his tongue to Aiba before disappearing inside. “I’ve won; give me your money now!”

“Wait, this is all a joke?” Sho asked as he felt stupid. He was about to burst when Aiba pushed him against the wall and kissed him, again.

“I don’t think so, Sho-chan” Aiba whispered before running after Nino who was unwilling to pay.

Could this be the start of something more than friendship? Sho thought as he touched his lips.



thanks for reading and comments are love.. :)
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