Are You Happy? (2016)

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Are You Happy? (2016)

Post by Dyani » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:07 pm

Are You Happy?
Release date: 26 October 2016

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01. DRIVE (under the supervision of Jun M.)
02. I seek
03. Ups and Downs
04. 青春ブギ [Seishun Boogie] (under the supervision of Masaki A.)
05. Sunshine
06. 復活LOVE [Fukkatsu LOVE]
07. Amore
08. Bad boy
09. WONDER-LOVE (under the supervision of Kazunari N.)
10. また今日と同じ明日が来る [Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru]
11. Daylight
12. 愛を叫べ [Ai wo Sakebe]
13. Baby blue
14. Miles away (under the supervision of Satoshi O.)
15. To my homies (under the supervision of Sho S.)
16. Don't You Get It
17. TWO TO TANGO (only in RE)

DVD (only in LE):
Don't You Get It PV + Making of

LE contains a 80-page booklet, while RE contains a 36-page booklet. All members contributed to the album by picking a song that represents their vision of Arashi with the theme of Happy and dividing the vocal parts (songs marked as "under the supervision of...").