[DRABBLE] (by faradakiut) 5ive (G)

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[DRABBLE] (by faradakiut) 5ive (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:42 pm

Title: 5ive
Rating: G
Member: Arashi
Author: faradakiut



He frowned as he looked up to the huge white canvas in front of him. He looked down at the choice of color he had, before closing his eyes, trying to imagine a picture he wanted to draw. With eyes still closed, he reached down to for the color to begin it with. He worked the brush slowly on the canvas to test the outcome and stopped to look at it. He withdrew a few steps to take a full view of the canvas before continuing working on it.

He placed his fingers at his chin as he looked at the drawing in front of him with full concentration before lifting the brush and made his final move. He smiled contently as he was done with the finishing touch. Another masterpiece had been created. He turned to the door when he heard the sound of it being opened and saw his mother. He smiled as he watched his mother’s eyes widened when she saw his work, knowing that she would praised him for it.

“Oh My God, Satoshi,” his mother exclaimed. Ohno smiled and looked at his mother as she squatted in front of him. “What have you done to the wall?” she said as she took the blue crayon from her 5 years old son’s hand.


It was Sunday. He purposely woke up early in the morning to watch the news and educational morning programs. He turned on the television as he settled on the couch. His mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while his father was reading a newspaper, sitting on the single couch beside him.

He turned on the volume a little louder when he came across the news channel. He listened to the caster in with full concentration and nodded a few times. He found out that the economy was doing a lot better than last time but he knew that wasn’t going to last forever. He also knew he had to do something to help his country and his family. He was too focused on the program on the television that he was oblivious to his father’s eyes.

“Sho,” his father said as he folded the newspaper neatly. Sho turned to his father and raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t it too early for you to be worry about the world economy, son?” he continued, asking his 5 years old son.


He stepped out of the fence and into the unknown. He walked slowly in the small jungle, searching for something when he heard sound coming from behind him. He turned to see a beast staring right at him. He froze as the beast started to approach him but he knew he must never show it his fear or the beast will use it against him.

He looked around to find something to protect himself or better to keep the beast from coming closer and attack him. A fire would do, but he knew he wouldn’t manage to make one judging from the distance between him and the beast. Then, he saw a stick, long and thick, not far from where he was standing. He turned to the beast and to his horror, he found out that it was also looking at the stick as if knowing what he was thinking. Quickly, he grabbed the stick and shoved it in between them. He was ready to fight all his might when he saw the beast started running towards him.

“Masaki-kun,” his friend called. Aiba sighed in relieve to see the beast stopped upon hearing the voice before turning to his 5 years old classmate. “You’re supposed to throw that stick so that the dog can catch it,” the friend continued.


He found himself being surrounded by tall buildings. All of them were destroyed and vehicles were overturned or burned. Smokes were everywhere. He looked around and decided to continue walking to find another survivor of the mysterious disaster. Without anything to guide him, he started to move east with a gun in hand to protect himself from unknowing danger.

As he walked pass a building, he saw a shadow passed through a window. Thinking that it might be a survivor just like him, he stepped slowly into the building. He found himself heading towards the last room at the end of the hallway. His grip on the gun tightened as he advanced forward. He kicked the door opened and pointed the gun inside before stepping in. He instinctively turned his head around when the door creaked close. The moment he turned back to look around the room, he found himself face to face with a hideous creature. “AH!!!” a loud scream echoed in the room. His small body jerked when his sister clung on him.

The 5 years old boy sighed as he put down the game controller before turning to the origin of the sound. “How am I suppose to win this thing when you’re gonna scream at my ear every time that stupid monster appear?” Nino frowned as he pushed his sister away.


His eyes wondered around the arena as soon as he stepped inside. He stood there with hands folded to his chest and watched as everything being prepared. He turned to the staffs and asked one of them to check the lighting and everything needed for the event.

He was going to make sure that everything was perfect. He wouldn’t allow any mistake during the event. Satisfied with the job well done, he sat on the chair and watched intently as everyone else continued working their hardest. He only turned his head when someone called for him.

“Jun-kun,” his kindergarten teacher called. “It’ll be nice if you lend a hand and help us decorate the room for your friends’ birthday,” she continued as she tried to hung a banner saying [Happy 5th birthday] on the window.

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Re: [DRABBLE] (by faradakiut) 5ive (G)

Post by hoshinomi » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:19 am

This was awesome! I love it so much, very creative. This would be so cool as a short film =)
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