[SONGFIC] (by siriusvel) Nichibotsu, Ashita no Kioku - Sho (G)

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[SONGFIC] (by siriusvel) Nichibotsu, Ashita no Kioku - Sho (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:21 pm

Title: Nichibotsu, Ashita no Kioku
Rating: G
Member: Sho
Author: siriusvel

This was my first fan fic, done while I was on college, just wanna share it here...

Inside the Biology Masteral Class in Keio University, while waiting for their Thesis Writing Professor, Yuuhi Kiryu is silently listening to Arashi’s newest single, Ashita no Kioku…

Aoi: “Yuuhi… Oh, you are pacing out again.. you must be listening to Arashi ne.. Am I right?”

Shioka: “Oh, we know right? With that kind of smile… you must be dreaming again of your dear Sho-chan ne?

(Yuuhi suddenly stood, fist clenched, resting at her desk..)

Aoi and Shioka: “Oh! Are you angry?

Yuuhi: (smiles..) “Ie… The professor is late, he’s not coming anymore, we.. know.. right?” (then she reluctantly leave the room.)


“Oh, we know right… you must be dreaming again of your dear Sho-chan ne?

“It was not a dream, it’s our memory…”

Yuuhi’s feet directed her to the rooftop of the Natural Science Building, She often hangs out there after school hours, or whenever the professor won’t show up for classes…

“It was not a dream, it’s our memory of being together, Sho-chan..”


Primary School Days…

Ano hi kimi to miteita
yuuyake eien ni shitakute
kioku no naka tewo nobashite
nandomo fure youto suru keredo

onaji keshiki mo kimochimo
nidoto towa tori modosenai kara
kagayaiteta kako no yume wo
furi kaette shimandaro

massara na mirai ni sae
kanashimi ga kobore dashite
kokoro wo niji maseru kara daremoga
tachi tomari miushi natte shimauyo
The sunset we saw together
I wanted to make that sunset last forever

The same feelings i have
I will never be able to take it back
i keep on thinking about the past

The future makes me sad
I just loose myself standing there

Sho: Yosh! Camping is the best!! I love getting out of town… and (noticed Yuuhi Kiryu, silently seated at the back of the bus, beside the window…) Yo! Kiryu! You are staring blankly again… (sweet chibby Sho sat beside Yuuhi.)

Yuuhi: Sempai…

Sho: You don’t have to be that polite ne… besides, we’re not in our school grounds anymore…

Yuuhi: Gomen (bows) demo, you are the one who told me, seniors must be called that way, and you asked me to address you as one remember?

Sho: Oh well, I just thought that was cool, but if it’s you, I think it’s better if you just call me the way you always do…

Yuuhi: (smiles) Sho-chan…

Sho: Yosh! That sounds better! I’m even more fired up… I’m excited to see the mountain!

Yuuhi: Oh! Did you put on some mosquito repellant?

Sho: Okage same de! Demo… will those tiny vampires attack me?

Yuuhi: But of course, your blood type is their favorite…

Sho: Maji?! Ah.. Kiryu.. you must have brought one with you ne?

Yuuhi: What’s the password then?

Sho: Onegai shimasu…

After a three and a half hour bus ride, the campers finally reached Okinawa.

Ms. Nagasawa: Campers! Before alighting, I am going to reorient you first of the things you can and cannot do while in the camp…

Sho: (whispers to Yuuhi) She’s been reorienting us on our way here… this is in fact her sixth, no I think seventh time of retelling us those crap rules and regulations…

Yuuhi: (Smiles..)

Ms. Nagasawa: Sakurai-kun! (coughs, composes self) I hope you are listening… Oh, well, going back to what I have been saying… Remember that there are also some other students from our affiliates in Hungary who would be joining us to this year’s camp… Show kindness to them and try building friendship ne? Tonight, we’ll be having a bon fire and everyone will have a chance to introduce him or herself, and then tomorrow, with your assigned campmate, we’ll be having our tour around Mt. Okinawa, if we still have time, we can all go to the hot spring near the foot of the mountain ne? Did minna understand?

Children: Hai!

Sho: (Drags Yuuhi, trying to subtly sneak out...) Hurry up... I’ll show you my favorite part of this camp…

Yuuhi: Eh? Majime ni?

Sho: Just believe me.. Here… Nobody will notice us if we went this way… Just don’t look back!

(the two went away from the other campers…)

meguri meguru kisetsu no
tochuu de nani irono
ashita wo egaki masuka
tsuyoku tsuyoku shinji aeta nara
nani iro no mirai ga matte imasuka

taisetsu na omoide sae itsukawa iro awasete kurukara
genjitsu kara me wo sorashite
yume to yu kotoba ni nigeta

kizutsuki kowareta kinou ga
ayamachi datta to shitemo
te wo furete wa naikara nandomo hajime kara yari naoshite yukeba ii

meguri meguru jidai no tochuu de
nando hito wo suki ni
nareru no darou
fukaku fukaku sasae aeta nara kimi no tameni nani ga dekiruno darou

As the seasons go by
i see tomorow
As i strongly believe
If we met, what color future would we have?

When i remember important memories we had together
I keep running of to the dream

hurt, broken, As yesterday pass
I should of started over from the beginning

As years go by
i think im gonna be able to like someone again
Deeper, Deeper, As we support each other
what can i do for you?

Yuuhi: Kirei na!!

Sho: See... I told you, this is the best part… Japan’s sunset sky is the best!

Yuuhi: (Looking at Sho’s face...) Hai... The best... (smiles)


Yuuhi: Sho-chan! We should be going back now! I believe that smoke must be coming from the bonfire, they must have been starting now…

Sho: Hontou? Ie.. Sensei will surely notice us.. I’m dead gain..

Yuuhi: Oh, let us just tell then we were enjoying the nature and we lost track of the time…

Sho: Eh,, How lousy! Yosh! Let me just do the explanation part ne.. we’ll be going back now, and you don’t have to say a word, hear me?

Yuuhi: (smiles…)

While still holding Yuuhi’s hand, they went inside the bon fire circle, a Hungarian young lady was introducing her self then…

Sho: Sumimasen! (Forced Yuuhi to bow too..)

Yuuhi: Hontou ni gomenasai..

Ms. Nagasawa: Oh! I know it! I had a feeling that there must be some missing students… and Sakurai-kun! You must have a good explanation about this huh!

Sho: Hai! ( Sho bit his lips and looked passionately at his teachers eyes, determined to convey sincerity..) Nature… I had… I had a call of nature!!

Yuuhi: Eh?

Sho: I needed to pee… and so I looked for some built-in toilets around… But as expected, it’s impossible to see one, so I just looked for some private area… Yuuhi’s just following me, not knowing where I am going, or what I’m about to do, the urge of taking a pee did not allow me to explain to her either… and because of that, I also lose my sense of direction… and we got lost.. Lost in the woooods!!!!

Children: Kowai!!

Ms. Nagasawa: And how were you able to come back then?

Sho: Oh… sensei! I’m a bright student ne? You always say that to my mom every time you see her... So when I saw the smoke from the bon fire, I tried going to the direction where it’s coming from…

Ms. Nagasawa: Yuuhi Kiryu? Is this true? (Everyone suddenly went into silence...)

Yuuhi: (Looks at Sho, smiles) Hai!

Sho: (sighs..) and!! There’s more sensei!! I also used my animal instinct…

Ms. Nagasawa: Eh? Animal instinct?

Sho: If animals have that so-called pheromones that leads them to their mate or warns them from their enemies, the hotdog over there is calling my tummy!! (points to the hotdog being grilled…)

Minna: Laughs!!

But a different laughter caught Sho’s attention..

Hungarian girl: (Laughing...) I bet that stories are all based on his imagination.. I know it! And I can’t believe the teacher believes it…

Sho: (while looking at the Hunagarian young lady) Kawaii…

Yuuhi: (Looks at Sho and the girl whom he called cute...)


2005 Clippings

Interviewer: Who is your first love?
Sho: I can’t even remember her full name, but she’s a Hungarian girl we called Gabriella, I met her in a camp when I was in my primary days.. I can’t really remember her face right now, but I must say she’s as beautiful as the sunset I saw that day… She’s really beautiful.. Really…

Yuuhi: (reading..) Sho-chan…

kasane atta kokoro no oku ni
yorokobi to kanashimi nukumori to nikushimi
boku raga meguri ai wakachi atta hibi wa
tashikani kono muneni yaki tsuite iru kara
Ah Ah..

meguri meguru kisetsu no
tochuu de nani irono
ashita wo egaki masuka
tsuyoku tsuyoku shinji aeta nara
nani iro no mirai ga matte imasuka

nani irono ashita wo egaki masuka

the feelings for you that i kept on stacking
my heart has happiness, saddness, warmth and pain
the day we got together

i still have that feeling burned in my heart
Ah Ah...

As the seasons go by
i see tomorow
As i strongly believe
If we met, what color future would we have?

At Jimusho’s building…

Jun: After the show, why don’t we you guys join me for some adventures in the mountains of Okinawa, my grand parents want me to visit them and they emphasized that I should bring you guys along..

Nino: Oh Yes! I love the scenery of the night sky, and I just want to get out of the busy city ne…

Aiba: If minna’s coming, oh well, I guess that would be fun!! What do you think Riida?

Ohno: Mama.. I need to tell Mama first!

Jun: Oh.. not again! To think you are the eldest here!

Nino: Oh how about you Sho ?
Sho: E? Oh well, I’m ready for mountain adventures.. I have this.. (Shows Mosquito Repellant) … To deprive the tiny vampires of their favorite food…

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