[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) Kitten tale - One year old - Jun/Sho (G)

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[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) Kitten tale - One year old - Jun/Sho (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:27 pm

Title: One year old ♥
Rating: G
Member/Pairing: Jun/Sho (not pairing)
Author: Michmich
Synopsis: Jun's had Aiba kitty over a year now, has the cat learnt anything in that year? (set after all my other kitten tales that can be found in the index)

Jun stared disbelievingly at the closed door behind him, hearing a pitiful meow that he hadn’t heard in a while. He opened the door, looking at his cat sitting on the other side, looking up at him hopefully. “Well come on then.” He closed the door behind Aiba, rolling his eyes as the cat brushed up against him, purring. “Honestly, have you not realised in a year that you normally get wet in this room?” He stepped into the bath watching the cat stare up at the toilet roll. “Oi you, that’s not a toy.” He flopped back and closed his eyes, ignoring the small noises the cat made as she explored the room around him.

Jun tried not to jump as a ‘thud’ sounded beside him, peeking open one eye. He sighed at the cat staring at him up on the side of the bath before deciding the bubbles around Jun were far more interesting. “You going to fall again?” He giggled as she ignored him and tried to get as close to the bubbles without falling as she could. He picked up a handful and held it up for Aiba to sniff, pushing it on to her nose as she came close, making her pull back slightly before returning to try and sniff it.

Jun blew the bubbles, watching them scatter, the cat ducking her head slightly, ears drawn up before jumping back off the side and on to the floor. Jun watched, leaning his arms and head against the side of the bath and proceeded to blow bubbles at the cat, watching her play and dart around the room, either away or towards the bubbles as she went hyper. He closed his eyes for a second when Aiba decided to preen herself instead of play before deciding it was time to get out of the bath, remembering Sho was meant to be coming around at some point today.

Jun stood up, watching Aiba get close to the door, obviously bored of the room. He smirked softly as he wrapped a towel around him and grabbed a load of bubbles in his hands, covering the cat before him with them, his smirk widened as the black cat suddenly had a white covering. A knock stopped him from continuing as he went to make sure it was Sho before opened the door in a towel.

~A few minutes later~

“Jun, why is Aiba soaked?” Sho frowned as he went to give the cat a fuss.

“She got covered in bubbles.” Jun shouted from the other room, getting changed quickly.

“You mean you covered her in bubbles?”


Sho sighed at the guilty answer. “What are you going to do if she gets a cold now?”

Jun opened the door once he was ready, throwing the towel onto the cat before starting to dry her. “Honestly, even to the kittens you’re motherly.”

“Says the one that as soon as I put the idea into his head starting making sure she was dry.” Sho smirked at the shocked, slightly blushing look on Jun’s face.

“S-shut up Sho.”

A/N: I know I've done about bathtime before but my Momo is over a year old now T^T I got him the day after my birthday (which was a few weeks ago now...yeah this took too long to write >.<) T^T It's been a year~ He's gotten so big~ and I'll be leaving for University in September (hopefully) and leaving him *cries*
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