[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) Puzzling Kittens - Jun/Nino (G)

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[DRABBLE] (by Michmich) Puzzling Kittens - Jun/Nino (G)

Post by iheartaiba » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:01 pm

Title: Puzzling Kittens
Rating: G
Member/Pairing: Jun/Nino
Author: Michmich
Synopsis: Jun's cat had kittens...how much trouble can looking after them all for a day be? Set after 'Kitten tales' and 'Jun's worst shopping trips'

“Dropping your one off too?”

Nino grinned as Jun opened the door to his apartment, noting the already exasperated look on Jun’s face as four kittens scurried around his living room floor. “Actually I just thought I’d come and visit.” He stepped in as Jun gestured, closing the door behind him before any of the cats could escape.

“And thought you’d bring Momo with you?” Jun raised an eyebrow at the cat box in Nino’s hands, where a soft mewing was coming from. Obviously Momo didn’t like being in the box.

“Well, I couldn’t leave him behind when we’re having a family reunion.” Nino opened the front of the box, grinning as Momo ran out quickly before preening himself in the corner. “And I have the day off so I thought I’d keep you company as you were looking after them on your own.” He smirked as Jun pouted; the other three Arashi members had been busy all day and had asked Jun if he would ‘cat sit’ as they didn’t know when they’d be back. “I don’t know why they didn’t ask me when I had the day off as well.”

“Maybe they just don’t trust you to look after them.” He smirked back at Nino who stuck his tongue out before walking over to the table where he’d been doing something before Nino arrived.

Nino followed, peeking over Jun’s shoulder as he worked. “You really like your puzzles, don’t you?” He chuckled as Jun clicked a piece in, happy that he’d found the next part.

“Yeah, and? You liked your birthday present before didn’t you?” Jun didn’t look up, instead continuing to rifle through the puzzle pieces for a connecting piece.

“What the one you completed before giving me?” Nino sat down beside him, stealing a piece to play with.

“Yeah, what? You said you didn’t mind.” Jun frowned, turning to him before taking the piece back. “Give it; I’m having enough trouble with the cats, without you joining in.”

“I didn’t, I would have got bored trying to put it back together, it was just amusing.” Nino looked around for the kittens. “Why what have they been up to?”

“Well...” Jun pulled out the box lid from under the table where Oh-kitty was completely flopped out in, his front paws stretched out in front of him and over the edge of the box. His eyes opened slightly, sniffing up at them before him head flopped forward again onto the box and he shifted back to sleep. “Not that this is too bad, it was quite amusing turning around and finding this.”

Nino stroked Oh-kitty getting a sleepy tap from his paw as he batted him away in an attempt to get more sleep, even though he was purring softly. “Is that all?”

“No, I’ve had Aiba sitting and running across it.” He turned around to where Aiba-kitty was playfully attacking Sho-kitty on the floor. “Luckily enough she decided Sho was more entertaining to play with and kept pestering him instead of running across my puzzle.”

“What about my cat counterpart? Is he living up to expectations?”

“...No, actually.” Jun frowned, looking round. “I don’t know where he is actually.” He smirked as Momo gave the cat box he’d come in a wide berth, not wanting to go back in. “But I will say that Ohno was holding the box he came in oddly, something about him finding a way out on his own.”

“Smart cat.” Nino smirked. “I’m liking that kitten more and more.”

“Of course you are, it’s you.” Jun rolled his eyes before watching two bundles of fur fly past, a look of horror on his face. “No, no, no.”

Aiba-kitty blinked up at him, eyes wide and confused as to why her jump up on to the table was interrupted, her feet still moving as she struggled out of Jun’s grip. Sho-kitty sat on the floor, ears down as if worried they were about to get scolded.

“No, Aiba, we’ve been through this.” Jun poked her on the nose getting a soft grumbling mew back before he let her go again on the other side of the sofa, Sho-kitty shuffling round to find her and continue their chase around the room.

Jun sighed with relief, picking up the one or two pieces that Aiba-kitty had managed to scatter off the table. His sigh of relief turned into a flop of the head as Nino-kitty did what Aiba had been unable to do and skidded across the table, taking the puzzle with it.

Nino giggled. “I think he decided that Aiba had the right idea.”

Jun glared at him before picking up the kitten and giving it at him. “Control yourself.” He then proceeded to pick up what remains of the puzzle he could, hoping to keep the parts he’d worked on vaguely intact.

“Why would I do that when it’s so amusing?” Nino kept a hold on the kitten though, knowing Jun wouldn’t be impressed if it scattered what was left of the puzzle off of the table. He smirked as a skulking black shadow sneaking up on Jun. “I don’t think you’re the only one that likes puzzles either.”

“Huh?” Jun looked around from what he was doing to see Momo sniffing the pieces on the floor and giving them a tap. “Oi, you. This is my puzzle.”

The kitten gave him a dignified look before picking up the closest bit and running off with it as if to say ‘the puzzle might be yours, but this piece is mine.’

Nino grinned from his seat, the kitten in his arms watching with interest as well as Jun chased after the black fur ball.

“No, don’t eat it!”


Jun pouted when he finally retrieved the puzzle piece from the kitten. “Will this even fit any more?” He turned it around a few times as he frowned, plopping back down in the sofa next to Nino.

“That’s if you find out where it goes.” Nino smirked as he looked at the deformed and slightly damp piece. “I mean what colour is it even meant to be?”

Jun put it back on the table before going back to the puzzle, hoping he could ignore the fact that part of it was now ruined. “Let’s wait until I finish it, hopefully then I’ll see where it goes.”

“If you finish it.”

Jun followed Nino’s gaze to the cats watching him, pupils growing wide as they watched him play around. He glared down at them before grabbing a toy and throwing it in the other direction, watching the cats scamper after it. “Remind me again why I said I’d look after them.”

A/N: I went to play with a puzzle I bought not long after I got Merlin (my kitten), I then remembered why I'd never done it >.> because Merlin had chewed up about 5 of the pieces once my other cat thought it would be fun to tackle it off of the table and onto the floor =-=; Now any puzzle is done on my desk, for some reason cats don't go near it ^^ I got idea of some of this though from the fact that Jun did apparently buy Nino a puzzle and then finished it before giving it to him, I remember Maz showing it to me, anyone hear about this or was it just a random thing we found on the interweb?
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