Arashi on music-streaming services

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Re: Arashi on music-streaming services

Post by inutrasha94 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:35 am

Its baffling that it's 2018 and they're still stuck in this antiquated system. Like I understand Johnny's makes a lot of money but they gotta know all the potential they're missing with they international fans! We get it somehow anyways they may as well profit it from it.

But I actually had this one job and in the store they had like this subscription music service I'd never heard of and they had a Japanese playlist. So one night when I was closing I put it on and Love so Sweet came on and I was like ???????? This shouldn't be here! It was really low quality so i could tell someone had ripped it off and it was a really weird experience haha.
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Re: Arashi on music-streaming services

Post by threetenfour » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:32 pm

It honestly really sucks that Arashi/J-POP are not on streaming sites. I know the Japanese music industry is unique in that physical sales are still number one (and that's why even K-POP agencies focus heavily on the Japanese market). It just makes it hard for us international fans to access their music and TV shows. I basically transitioned to K-POP because of how easy it was to find everything. I'll always do whatever it takes to get my Arashi fix, but it's so time-consuming that sometimes I give up. lol
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