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[Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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Original author: choshi

Title: Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (The Flower Language is the Language of Love)
Rating: G (for now)
Member/Pairing: Sho x OC
Author: Koi Choshi

This is the last solo member story of the unmei series and the second to the last all-in-all. I hope the glimmer of my writing style will not exhaust on this fan fic as this is the hardest one to write up to date. Why? I started this fic late, in the midst of the schooldays, meaning this is totally ONGOING in my own copy and I know too many Sho-wifeys and I kinda don't want to disappoint them if ever they drop by and read this fic.

So I hope you'll enjoy this fic this happens AFTER "One Heart, One Love" chapter 20... so it's also a little teeny weeny spoiler for all of you who read the said fic.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Mou ichido, Koi Choshi desu...


Kyoto, 1995

“Sho!” his mother called. He went out of his hotel room wearing a smart suit, followed by her small sister, wearing a traditional kimono.

“Okaa-san, why do I have to join you?” he asked, eyeing her mother wearing a dark green kimono and a flower pin on her neat bun.

She knelt beside his sister and put on a cherry blossom pin to match her pink kimono. “Sho, today’s the day,” she said.

“I can’t understand,” he wailed, trying to loosen up his tie.

She knelt in front of Sho and rearranged his tie. “Son, this is an important day for you,” she said. She arranged his collar and stood up. “Iku.”

Their father was waiting at the end of the corridor. All of them went down to the hotel hall, where a flower arrangement exhibit was held.

“Okaa-san, I’ll go to the comfort room,” Sho said, getting uneasy at the number of unknown people looking around at the boring flower arrangements.

“Go back fast, Sho,” she said. “They’re here.”

“Hai,” he said but he was not really planning on going back as fast as he could.

He could hear his mother talking. “Ah, Akibara-san,” she said. “Where is she?”

“She ran off to look at some flower arrangements,” he answered.

“What a sweet girl,” she replied, chuckling softly.

After Sho got out of the CR, he decided to take a detour so that he would not be able to return immediately to the affair. He passed a really large ikebana that really caught his attention so he stopped in front of it.

There was a scream… followed by more shouts…

“Nande?” Sho said as the electricity was cut and the ground started shaking. He ducked and covered his head.

“Earthquake!” some people shouted.

Sho was getting scared. He winced in pain as he felt something hit his leg. Falling debris. Then suddenly, everything stopped.

“Okaa-san? Mai?” he shouted. “Tasukete!”

Everything was silent. However, the silence was broken by cries.

“Otou-san!” a girl shouted. “Tasukete!”

Sho tried to push the rock away but it was too heavy. His legs were feeling numb. “Hello? Can you hear me there?” he asked. The voice of the girl was kind of near.

She stopped crying. “Is anyone there?” she asked.

“I’m here,” Sho said, whimpering a bit. “Daijoubu.”

“Where are you?” she asked in between sobs.

“I could hear you here,” Sho said. He howled in pain as he tried to shift his leg.

“Daijoubu desu ka?” she asked.

“Daijoubu,” Sho said. “A… a rock hit me.”

“I’ll try to find you,” she said. Sho heard some sounds and some rock movements. There was a small beam of light coming from his right. It got a little bigger and a hand got in. “Gomen, I could not move much. My back hurts.”

“Daijoubu,” he replied.

They were silent for a moment. Then she asked, “How long have we been in here?”

“I don’t know,” Sho answered.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Sho.” At that moment, he saw another flash of light. It was a light of hope that there was someone else alive in the ruins. It was hope that he could still be saved… both of them…

“I’m Yuri,” she answered.

“Hajimemashite,” he replied. He stopped abruptly when she started to cry. “Yuri-chan, don’t cry.”

“Gomen, Sho-kun. I’m so scared,” she said.

“Daijoubu. I’m sure they’ll look for us. I’m sure they’ll find us,” he said in a soothing voice, which was quite difficult because he was getting pale at this rate, his leg numbing.

“Sho-kun…” Yuri started. “Arigatou for making me feel better.”

“Did I make you feel better?” he asked.

“Well, your presence makes me feel better,” she said. “I hope we could meet each other if we… if we get out of this…”

“Don’t worry, Yuri-chan. We’ll surely get out of this.” Sho was determined. He still wanted to study in a university! Moreover, he still wanted to get out of this ruins and see this little girl who gave him this small ray of hope.

“Hai.” There was some noise and Yuri’s hand stuck out of the hole. “Sho-kun,” she said. “Please take this.”

Sho looked at the small hand. It was holding a hair pin, the chopstick kind, and there were dangling white lilies on it. “What is this?” he asked, taking it.

“So that I’ll know you when we meet,” she said. “That’s my favorite.”

“Arigatou,” Sho said. He looked for something that he could give back. He found his handkerchief on his coat pocket. A red handkerchief with embroidery of his first name on. “Yuri-chan,” he said, passing the red handkerchief on the outstretched hand. “Douzo.”

She took the handkerchief. “When we meet, let’s show these things to each other, ne, Sho-kun?”

Sho was getting dizzy. The injury on his leg was making him numb.

“Sho-kun? Sho-kun, daijoubu?” Yuri asked.

Her fading voice was the last thing he had heard.


Sho opened his eyes. “Where am I?” He looked around. There was his okaa-san, otou-san, and Mai, who was crying.

“Yokatta! You’re alive!” his mother cried, embracing him.

He looked around. He was in an ambulance stretcher and he saw other ambulances and police all around. And some crying people. “Okaa-san, Mai, daijoubu?”

His little sister nodded, though she was still crying. “We thought we’ll never see you again, Sho!” his mother wailed.

Sho felt he could not move. His injured leg was covered with bandages. He opened his closed palm and he saw the white lily pin, almost squished in his hand. “Where’s Yuri-chan?”


“The girl I was with!” Sho started to panic.

His mother just shrugged. “I don’t know, Sho.”

Sho looked crestfallen. It was as if he was about to cry. “I have to look for her!” he said, trying to stand up.

“You couldn’t stand up, dear,” his mother said. “Your leg.”

“What about Yuri-chan?”

“We’ll ask for her. Don’t worry,” his mother said softly. The paramedics finally placed the stretcher inside the ambulance and drove away with Sho, worrying whether the little girl who gave him the slightest hope to live would live.
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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here's the update for the weekend... thank you for stalking this fic...!

CHAPTER 2: Sakurasou

“Onii-chan, onegai!” Mai pleaded. She was almost dragged by her older brother as he tried to walk with her hands around his leg.

“Mai, I told you I’m busy!” Sho said, frantically trying to move her hands away without hurting her.

“Liar! Onii-chan, I know your schedule and you don’t have anything to do on Saturday!” she said.

“So, she’s the one who rammed through my planner,” Sho thought, raising an eyebrow. “Mai, I have to…”

His sister disappeared. He found her groveling to their mother downstairs. “Okaa-san, Onii-chan doesn’t want to come with me!”

Their mother was arranging Mai’s purple kimono for the affair. She turned around. “Sho, your sister wants you to come with her!”

“Onii-chan, if you won’t accompany me, I could be taken away by men!” Mai pouted. “I’m a really beautiful lady, you know.”

Sho pressed a finger on his sister’s forehead. “Don’t be too full of yourself, Sakurai.”

“Itai!” Mai replied, holding her forehead. “Okaa-san!”

“Sho, go with Mai,” his mother said sternly.


“Mai, remind me why you joined the Kadou class?”

“Because Okaa-san says it will make me a good lady,” she answered smartly as one of the maids arranged her obi around the purple kimono.

Sho snorted in laughter. “Good lady? You’re a lesbian monster!”

“I’m not a lesbian monster!” Mai said, puffing her cheeks in anger.

“You’re not a lady. You’re a five-year-old kid stuck in a body of a 23(?)-year-old woman!” Sho teased further.

“You!” Mai shouted, chasing him in her kimono. She tripped and fell flat faced.

“Gomenasai,” Sho said, helping his sister up.

Their mother went downstairs. “You two. You might be late!”

“Hai,” they chorused. Sho helped his sister get inside the car and went inside to drive it to the hotel.

The two of them walked to the hall where the exhibit was held. Sho was bored, extremely bored. His sister kept running here and there like a little girl, telling Sho that this one was made by her friend, and this one was made by this person, and etc. Sho yawned in the progress.

“Onii-chan, mite!” Mai said excitedly, running with difficulty towards a weird flower arrangement with forget-me-nots and hibiscus. “I made this one.”

“You call this art?” he asked, suddenly laughing. “It looks like you just stuck flowers randomly.”

Mai pouted. “Onii-chan, yameru!” she said, almost crying like a baby.

“Art has no definite form, Sakurai-san,” a voice from his behind said. He turned around and he saw a lady wearing a red kimono with purple obi. Her hair was adorned by a chopstick with hanging red flowers.

“Onii-chan, my sensei. Akibara-sensei,” Mai said. “Sensei, my onii-chan, Sakurai…”

“Sho, hai,” she said, smiling a little. “You should have understood how art differs in many fields, except if you do not understand what kind of work you’re doing,” she said. It was offensive for Sho, however, but he still kept his mouth shut.

The three of them walked through the display flower arrangements and bonsai. “Art could not be defined entirely by this aspect or that,” Akibara said. “There is no boundary on what beauty for art is. One man’s delicacy is one man’s poison, isn’t it?” Mai nodded in agreement. “Sakurai-san, there is no convention that judges if what you make is beautiful or not. Some might like it and might not.”

A man in suit approached her and whispered something. “Please excuse me,” she said. “The show is about to start. Mai-chan, please accompany your brother.” She turned to Sho. “Sakurai-san, hajimemashite,” she said, bowing really low.

“She’s my idol,” Mai sighed. “Onii-chan, I want to be like her.”

Sho just gaped at Akibara. “Mai, you can never be like her. She’s one-of-a-kind.”

The two made their way to seats in front. An emcee stood up. “Let’s introduce the lovely students of the Akibara Classical Art Academy.”

Mai made her way up to the stage, along with other young girls. Sho applauded like the other guests but he was not really that interested in the affair.

“And now, presenting their sensei, Akibara Shirayuri-san!”

Akibara went up the stage but this time, she was wearing a silver-and-red kimono. She gracefully walked to the middle and bowed in an elegant manner. She was like a gentle flower on the stage.

The girls got down from the stage and some tech people started to put flowers on the stage. “Akibara-sensei will present us a live flower arrangement,” the emcee announced.

The lights were all off, except for the blue light on the stage. Then a spotlight pointed at Akibara. She started to move as though she was dancing, gracefully and skillfully taking some flowers at her side and putting them in the pot in front of her.

Sho was staring at her, open mouthed. He was gazing at her intently as she took some of the flowers at the side and arranged them. He even noticed her wince when one of the roses’ thorns pierced through her skin. He did not miss a single twitch, frown or smile.

Her arrangement ended and the audience watched in awe as the closed flowers slowly bloomed open. She stood up and bowed before leaving the stage without a spoken word.

“Akibara-sensei, doushita?” one of the assistants asked.

She shook her head silently as she held her bleeding palm. She gripped one of the prickles too tightly. She proceeded to her hotel room immediately and rammed through the contents of her bag, not for a first aid kit, but for a red handkerchief. She wrapped it around her palm.

She was able to see the embroidery on the handkerchief. She touched the embossed threads softly and smiled. “Sho, I hope that someday, you’ll see how I arrange those flowers. That way, I’ll never get wounded again.”


Sho was just helpless to watch when Ohno and Anna sat at the corner of the dance studio, laughing while eating their lunch. He sighed further when he looked at Aiba, who was busy testing on the phone, his tongue stuck out the way Nino’s tongue did when he was busy concentrating on his DS. Furthermore, Nino was not playing with his DS. He was busy scribbling on a paper, making a song or rather murdering the poor piece of paper. Jun was just busy daydreaming. No, he was reading a fashion magazine sporting, yeah, Katrina on the cover.

“Sho-kun, nande?” Aiba asked as he finally flipped his phone close and edged near him.

“Nan demo nai,” he replied, taking his eyes away from Anna.

Aiba looked concerned. “Sho-chan, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you still like Anna-san?”

He laughed dryly, making the others look towards his way. “Aiba-chan, is that a joke?”

“Sho-chan, I don’t look like I’m joking,” he said.

Sho’s laughs slowly diminished and were replaced by a long sigh. “Aiba-chan…” he started.


“Do you believe in destiny?” he asked.

Aiba frowned. “Destiny?” He thought for a moment before slowly nodding. “Hai. Reina and I are destined for each other.” His eyes sparkled as he started his age-old story once again. “You know when we first met each other in Hawaii? We were so young and we met again here…”

Sho did not listen to him. “Aiba-chan, I have already memorized your love story,” he thought as Aiba animatedly reenacted that scene in the van while Reina was running to catch up with him.

They continued the rehearsals and Sho’s eyes were a little cloudy watching Anna reprimand Ohno, then Nino, then Ohno again.

“She seem to be giving too much attention to Ohno,” Sho thought.

“Sho! Focus, Aiba’s going to…”

Too late, Aiba’s somersault came kicking through Sho’s head.

“Sho-chan, gomen!” Aiba said, standing up to help him up.

“Sho? Sho?” a woman’s voice filled his ears. Sho slowly opened his eyes and saw Anna slapping his face softly to consciousness. “Yokatta. You should have been more careful, Sho,” she said with a concerned look. She helped him stand up.

“Bring him to that seat,” she said. “I thought I’ll only get problems with the Juniors but what’s happening to this lot?” She looked problematic. “Aiba-kun, you should have been more careful too. Too much adrenaline hurts others.”

“Hai. Gomenasai, Anna-san, Sho-chan,” he said. He looked guilty.

“Daijoubu,” Sho said. He touched his cheek that Anna touched earlier.

“I guess I have to dismiss you earlier,” Anna said after flipping down her phone. “My brother’s calling me.”

“I’ll take you there,” Ohno offered.

“Arigatou,” Anna replied, smiling. She took her bag and got out of the room. Ohno followed suit.

“Sho-chan, doushitano?” Aiba asked.

“I don’t feel well today,” he said. He rubbed the bump on his head.

“Gomen,” Aiba said again.

“Iie. It’s not your fault. I was not focusing, actually,” Sho replied. “Aiba-chan…?”


“Is it… really… does it… exist?”



Aiba laughed. “Sho-chan, what’s happening to you?” he asked, still laughing.

“Nothing. I’m just curious,” he replied.

Aiba grabbed a book beside Sho’s large bag. “Is it this one?” The title said “You Destiny”.

I grabbed the book away from him. “Baka,” I said.

“Sho-chan, not all things can be read from books,” Aiba said smartly. “When I do an experiment, I use my imagination, not books!”

“Aiba-chan, it’s not really about books and stuff. I just wanted to know about… about something.”

“I’ll ask you again, Sho-chan,” Aiba said, looking dead serious that Sho got scared. “Do you still like Anna-san?”

“I… I don’t know,” he replied.

“You’re lying, Sho-chan,” Aiba said. He flipped his phone open. Sho got a glimpse of his wallpaper, it was Reina dressed in lavender for her new single, which was entitled “Unmei”.

“Kireii desu ne?” Aiba inquired, shoving the phone in front of Sho. “By the way, Reina’s new single is entitled ‘Unmei’. She wrote it for our first anniversary.” He smiled. “Actually, it’s not our first anniversary since we met in Hawaii a couple of years ago.”

“Aiba-chan, what does it feel like?”


“You know, meeting the person you are destined with?” Sho asked as though he was a small kid.

Aiba lolled his head side to side, thinking of the right answer. Then he placed his hand over his chest. “You feel it in here,” he said. “You know, doki doki.”

Nino’s head propped out of somewhere. “What are you two talking about?” he asked.

“Unmei,” Aiba answered. Nino pursed his lips.

He sighed. “Well then, I must leave the two of you here,” he said. Nino walked away with his head hung low.

“He still doesn’t give up on Cho, ne?” Aiba said. “I think they’re also destined for each other.”

“Sou desu ka?” Sho said, looking at Nino as he got inside his car and drove away. “I really hope so...”

The two of them also got a glimpse of Anna and Ohno walking. Anna waved at them and Ohno followed before they proceeded walking. Sho’s eyes narrowed as he saw the two of them got closer to each other, even sharing in Anna’s overlarge hand-knitted scarf.

“Aiba-chan, I have to go home now,” Sho said, sighing.

“Hai. I’ll go pick up Reina from TBS, she has a taping there,” Aiba said, climbing up his motorcycle.

“You’re going to pick her up with that?”

“I promised her to take her in this,” Aiba explained. He already prepared a helmet for Reina, which was colored pink. “Ja matta ashita, Sho-chan!” He started the engine and left, leaving Sho in the parking lot, alone.

He went inside his own car and drove back home.

“Onii-chan!” Mai said, jumping on his neck.

“Mai, let go. I just came from my rehearsals,” Sho said, the pain on his head doubling because of his sister’s weight.

“Ah, gomen,” she said. She went inside the house to be followed by Sho. “Okaa-san, Onii-chan’s here!”

“Okaeri,” she greeted. Sho noticed a girl who’s back facing him. She was looking at their picture frames. “Come inside.”

“Who is she?” Sho whispered.

“Well…” his mother started.

“Sho,” his father said, standing from the couch. “I would like you to meet your future wife, Akibara Shirayuri-san.”

The flower of longing…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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thanks for the people who read this fic... love you!

CHAPTER 3: Renge

“Maji de?” Sho said.

She turned around. Akibara looked different wearing a long pink dress. She bowed with the same grace from the flower arrangement affair.

“Hai. It was short-noticed but her father and I talked,” he explained. “I would like you two to know each other more so she would be living here until her parents’ return from their world cruise.”

Mai was busily talking to Akibara so that she would not feel uncomfortable.

“Why didn’t you inform me earlier?” Sho asked angrily but he was trying to hide it for the sake of Akibara.

“You already know that you are in an arranged marriage, Sho,” his father said. “But I want you to at least be with each other before that date. Do take care of her while she’s staying here.”

Sho looked at Akibrara, who did not look directly at him.

“I’m going to my room.”

“And one more thing, Sho,” his mother said. “Shirayuri-chan will sleep with you in your room.”


Sho went out of the shower, fully dressed. He was not accustomed to doing that since that was his room but the fact that there was another woman inside his room made him do otherwise. He found her sitting, kneeling on the tatami mat.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” he asked. He was quite uncomfortable at her stiffness, sitting on the floor which was cold at his feet at that time. He kept on wiping his head with the towel.

“I… I don’t know where,” she said. She was still speaking with her polite manner. Sho took down a spare futon from his cabinet and placed it on the floor.

“You sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep here,” Sho said, pointing at the bed. However, Shirayuri remained motionless on the floor.

“You sleep on the bed, Sakurai-kun,” she said in a shy manner.

Sho bit his lip. “Please, call me Sho. And don’t talk in a polite manner. It scares me,” he said.

“Ha…hai, Sh…Sho-kun,” she said, bowing her head that it fell from her shoulders down her face. “I’ll sleep on the futon.”

“I insist,” Sho said. Being that stubborn, Sho half-carried Shirayuri on the bed. He noticed how cold and pale she was. He also noticed that she was very light.

“You don’t need to carry me, Sho-kun,” she said.

“It’s rude if you get to sleep on the floor while I sleep on the bed,” Sho said. “Of course we could not…” he stared at her then gulped. “Of course we could not sleep on the same bed, ne?”

“It’s also rude to have you sleeping on the floor. This is your room,” she replied. Now, she’s being stubborn!

“You know, Akibara-san…”

“Shirayuri…” she pressed on.

“Shirayuri-san, both of us will not be able to sleep if we’re both like this,” Sho said hopelessly. “So just sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep o the futon. Understand?”

Shirayuri just stared at Sho, who was pissed off. She nodded slowly. “Fine. I’ll sleep here.” She lied on the bed and wrapped herself with the blanket. “Oyasumi,” she said.

Sho sighed and sat on the futon. He noticed a new addition to the contents of his bedside table, a wooden box etched with flowers. He was curious about the box but thought that it was not his place to touch it or anything.

“Oyasumi,” he said, standing up and leaning at the bed to see if she was already sleeping and he saw her eyes closed.

He lied down on the futon, thinking.

“Right timing. Bringing this girl to our house,” Sho thought. Then his thoughts drifted back to Anna. And Anna’s happy with Ohno. He could not just butt in and take her.

“Sho-kun?” a soft voice said, waking him up from his thoughts.


“I was wondering, is this okay for you?” Shirayuri asked.


“Being in an arranged marriage?”

Sho pursed his lips. “Of course it’s not okay! I have this supposed-to-be-single career and I suddenly have to hook up with a girl whom I don’t know!”

“Gomenasai,” she said. “I could not do anything about it.”

“Daijoubu. I couldn’t do anything about it either,” Sho replied. “Go to sleep now.”

“Hai. Oyasumi nasai, Sho-kun,” she said again.

Sho was sleepless as he felt Shirayuri’s movements from the bed. She was uncomfortable sleeping up there. She sat up again. “Sho-kun, can I sleep on the futon?” she asked.

“Eh?” Sho replied back. “It’s cold down here,” he said. It was true, he was hugging the blanket all over him because it was cold sleeping on the floor.

“I am not accustomed to sleeping on a bed,” she explained. “Daijoubu, I could manage.”

Sho got up from the futon and went to the bed as they exchanged places. “Gomenasai, I’m such a bother to you,” Shirayuri apologized.

Sho was about to sleep, after almost an hour of thinking about different stuff when he heard some noises from the futon. He took a peek and saw Shirayuri trembling and squirming in her sleep. Her eyes were tightly shut.

Sho got down and tried to shake her awake. She was extremely cold, like a dead person. “Shirayuri-san,” he called out, trying to wake her. She did not wake up but her face relaxed into a peaceful sleep.

“I guess it’s really cold down here,” Sho said. He carried her light body to the bed and placed a thick blanket over her. It was quite unnecessary but Sho slept beside her, keeping her warm.


“Sho, you’re spacing out,” Anna said as she watched the five dance her new choreography for their new single. She sighed. “Everyone, let’s stop for now.”

Nino let himself fall on the floor, rolling. “Yokatta. I’m tired!”

Sho watched as Ohno approached Anna. “Satoshi, nande?” she asked as he put his arms around her waist. “You’re sweaty.”

“You are sweaty too,” he said as he placed his chin on her shoulder.

She hit him playfully on the forehead. “What about if we have dinner together?” he asked.

“Sou… sou… it’s my brother’s birthday today and I am inviting all of you,” she said.

Ohno pouted. “Demo…”

“Aiba-chan, Nino-kun, Jun-kun, Sho, do you all want to go to my brother’s birthday?” she asked.

Aiba jumped. “Yay! Yay! Can I bring Reina? Onegai?” he asked.

Anna nodded. The others also nodded. “We’ll go there afterwards.”

Sho just sighed.

After all of them prepared, they all went to Anna’s house. It was as cozy as ever. “Nee-chan, you brought all of them here!” Maki shouted.

Aiba’s car was the last one to pull over since he took Reina from their apartment. “Otanjoubi omedetou, Maki-kun,” she greeted, holding up a small box.

“Oh my, you already have a gift for him?” Anna said.

“Hai,” Reina replied, smiling.

“That’s what I like about Reina,” Aiba boasted, hugging her. Reina playfully pushed him away.

They all went inside and sang for Maki before he blew his birthday cake.

While everyone was busy eating or chatting with each other, Sho’s phone rang.

“Moshi moshi?”

“Anou, Sho-kun…” It was Shirayuri.


“Anou sa… your parents left with Mai-chan and Shu-kun,” she said. “And I’m all alone in the house.”

“Sou ka?” Sho replied. “I’ll go home now.”

“You seem to be busy,” she said. “I might be a bother.”

“Iie. I should take care of you.”

“I’m fine. I’ll just wait until you get home,” she said. However, Sho noticed that her voice was shaking.

“Are you scared?” he asked kindly.

“Daijoubu,” she said. However, it was obvious that she was scared. Sho himself was scared everytime he was left alone in that large house.

“Anna,” he said, excusing himself. “I have to go.”

“Eh?” she said. “Demo…”

“Arigatou gozaimasu. Maki-kun, otanjoubi omedetou,” he greeted, ruffling his hair. He quickened his pace until he reached his car and drove back to their house.

He opened the gates and found Shirayuri in the garden, surveying the flowers. “Shirayuri-san,” he said.

She did not turn around. “The flowers here, Mai takes care of them, ne?” she said.

Sho nodded. “Hai. You have taught her very well.”

She finally turned around. “Sou…” She wrapped the shawl tighter around her.

“Let’s go inside,” Sho said, leading her inside the house.

Shirayuri sat down on the couch. “Have you eaten?” Sho asked.

She shook her head. “Gomenasai,” he told her.

“Daijoubu,” she replied. She accepted the offered tea to her.

“How does it feel like being alone in here?” Sho asked.

Shirayuri took a sip and looked at him. “You have a big place, ne?” she said.

“I know.”

“I saw the stuff in your room. You make music,” she said.

“Hai,” Sho said. He was slowly smiling. “It’s nicer if she talks more casually.”

She smiled at him. “I like them,” she said.

Both of them stood up and went to the bedroom. Sho noticed a new addition to the room. His untidy study table was cleaned up and there was a new vase there with yellow poppies and red tulips.

“You made this?” he asked. Shirayuri nodded.

“Yellow poppies mean power while the red tulips symbolize fame,” she explained. “I hope you like it.”

Sho looked at the arrangement. It was simple yet the combination and the positioning of each flower were captivating. “I like it.”

“Arigatou,” she replied. “Sho-kun…”


“Were you the one sleeping beside me last night?” she asked.

Sho felt himself blushing. “Ha… hai…”


“Eh?” Sho was shocked with her response.

“It became warmer last night. Arigatou,” Shirayuri said.

Sho just nodded unknowingly. “Ah… sou…”

“Anou… Sho-kun?”


“Do you hate me?” she asked in a voice almost a whisper.

Sho looked at her. “Why is she asking a question like that?” he thought. “Of course not.”

“I thought you hate me because we’re both tied to this,” she said. “I don’t hate you, Sho-kun.”

“I don’t think you hate me,” he replied. She, after all, looked like someone who doesn’t convey any emotion.

“I’ll… I’ll talk to otou-san about this,” she said. “I don’t want to force you… in a wedding,” Shirayuri said. However, her voice was trembling at the mention of her father.

Sho was not able to answer. He just stared at her. Of course he did not want to continue the wedding especially if it’s with this stranger. And Anna…

“Sho, stop thinking of her!” his mind screamed. “It’s Ohno-kun and Anna who should be together!” A bulb clicked in his head. An idea…

And without a next warning, she fell on him, crying on his shoulder. Sho impulsively put his arm around her. “I think you should sleep now.” He led her to the bedroom and tucked her to bed. “Oyasumi,” he said.

He proceeded to go to his study table. “Anou, Sho-kun…” she started. Sho looked at her.


“Aren’t you going to sleep too?”

“I’m composing a song,” he replied as he looked for a large notebook in his shelf. Shirayuri watched as he placed the vase on the side of the study table so that he would have space.

“Sou desu ne…” She nodded slowly. “Sho-kun, anou, ca-can you sleep beside me?”

Sho, was about to start to write, accidentally created a large blot of ink on the paper. “Eh?”

She held the covers tightly. “Gomen ne. I don’t think it’s comfortable sleeping on the floor.


“Or if you want, I could just transfer to another room,” she added.

She gasped and looked down as Sho approached her, sat in front of her, and placed his arms on his shoulders. “Shirayuri…”

She looked at his eyes.

“Can I call you Shirayuri?”

After a few seconds of staring, Shirayuri slowly nodded, still puzzled.

“Call me Sho.”

“Sh-Sho…” she said in a small voice.

He just smiled before going back to the study table. “Oyasumi,” he greeted without looking back.

“Oyasumi,” Shirayuri said back before going to sleep on her side so that Sho would have space to sleep on.


“I don’t want to, otou-san, onegai!” she pleaded, almost kneeling in front of her father.

“You’re going to follow my orders, Yuri, whether you like it or not!” he shouted back at her.

Shirayuri continued to cry. “Otou-san, I haven’t even met him! I don’t love…” she was stopped when her father heavily slapped her, making her fall on the floor.

“Yameru!” her mother said, going beside her and trying to comfort her by hugging Shirayuri.

“Is this the reason why you don’t want to marry?” Shirayuri’s father yelled, holding out a red handkerchief.

“Iie!” Shirayuri beseeched, crawling and holding on to the hem of her father’s suit. “Please give that back to me, otou-san!”

“Yappari,” he said, holding the handkerchief on top of his lighter. He lit the lighter and the end of the handkerchief started to burn.

“Otou-san!” Shirayuri cried. He let the burning handkerchief fall on the floor.

“You teach that girl her place!” he snarled at her mother, who was also crying. He left the room.

“Iie!” Shirayuri shouted, trying to put out the fire with her bare hands. It burned, it hurt, it stung but she continued t hold it until the fire gone out. The edge of the handkerchief was burnt. She started to weep on the floor, holding the piece of cloth against her chest.

“Yuri,” her mother said, embracing her.

“Okaa-san,” she cried. “I don’t want to marry him, okaa-san…”

Shirayuri woke up suddenly, panting and sweating. She looked at her right side and saw Sho sleeping peacefully beside her. He stirred a little but did not wake up.

Slowly, she took the handkerchief from the pocket on her bosom and looked at it. “I hope I’ll see you again. I hope you’ll save me. I hope you’ll love me too…” she wished, using the hanky to wipe her tears. “Sho…”

She tried to sleep again, the handkerchief settled on her hands.


Sho decided not to wake up Shirayuri. He tried to move as silently as possible as he made his way to the bathroom to take a bath, then packed his clothes, then proceeded out of the room. He closed the door gently.

“OHAYOU, ONII-CHAN!” a loud, high-pitched voice greeted.

He pressed a finger on his lips. “Mai, Shirayuri’s still sleeping!” he scolded with a hissing voice.

“Oh, gomen,” she replied, covering her mouth. “Onii-chan,” she started with a whisper. “How was your first night? Did you…?”

“Young lady, where did you get that way of thinking?” he asked angrily as both of them proceeded downstairs.

She pointed at Sho. “You, onii-chan. And also from Aiba-kun and…”

“I’m going to kill him,” Sho muttered under his breath. “And I’ll brainwash you,” he added to his sister.

“Yeah right, ero king,” she muttered to herself. Mai frowned. “Onii-chan. I was just joking. I know you won’t do it to her. And I know she would not let you do it.”

Sho raised his eyebrow. “Nande?”

“Because of lotus flowers,” Mai replied smartly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak gibberish,” Sho replied.

“Yappari. I guess Keio boys are not always the smartest boys,” Mai said sinisterly. “Lotus flowers are planted in the ponds of women’s houses before to show that they are waiting for someone. Like you’re not single or something.”


“Clearly, onii-chan, Akiba… Shirayuri onee-chan is waiting for somebody,” Mai said. “Use logic!”

“Ah, sou…”

“How about you, onii-chan?” Mai asked as they sat on the dining table. “Are you waiting for someone? I remember your girlfriend…”

Sho raised an eyebrow, making the noisy girl stop. “Mai, can’t I eat in peace?”

“Gomenasai,” she replied in a small voice. She knew how his brother gets angry and she doesn’t want to experience that this morning.

“Mai, are you in an arranged marriage?” Sho asked.

Mai looked at the ceiling. “Otou-san said if I don’t find the right one, then we’ll settle with an arranged marriage,” she said. “Nande?”

“Betsuni,” Sho replied.

Both of them looked behind as they heard a noise. It was Shirayuri, walking towards them, wearing a casual dress. “Anou… ohayou gozaimasu,” she greeted, not looking at them.

“Onee-san, sit here,” Mai said excitedly. She stood up and pulled her towards the chair beside her, parallel to Sho’s chair.

“Ohayou, Sho,” Shirayuri greeted carefully, as though she was unsure of what she’s going to say.

“Ohayou,” Sho grunted back as he was reading the newspaper while eating.

“Onee-san, douzo,” Mai said, passing food to her. She started to eat quietly. Sho cautiously looked from behind the newspaper because the silence gave him the impression that Shirayuri wasn’t there.

He saw her eating. She was moving as though her hands were made of feathers. He also noted his sister staring at her graceful way of eating. “So lady-like…”

She suddenly stopped, putting down her chopsticks. “Anou sa…” she started, putting her hands on her lap. “Why are you staring at me?” she asked fearfully.

“Ah, nan demo nai,” Sho replied, hastily going back to the newspaper. After a few more bites, he stood up and said, “I’m going now.”

“Kiotsukete!” Mai said, not really looking at him. She, on the other hand, was reading a fashion magazine.

“Chotto!” Shirayuri interrupted, Sho stopping on his tracks. She glided (Sho thought she really did) on the tatami floor and went in front of him.


“Anou… you forgot your coat,” she said shyly. Sho let her assist him in wearing the coat. He was under shock while she also buttoned the coat up. She also arranged her tie. “Don’t you know how to tie your necktie?” she asked in an amused voice. Sho pouted a bit because of his embarrassment as Mai snorted.

“Her hands are so light,” Sho thought. His hands held hers to stop her from arranging the coat for him. He noticed that they were really light and thin, as if he was just holding bones wrapped in skin. “Daijoubu,” he said. He smiled appreciatively, making her stare at him.

“Kiotsukete na,” she said in a small voice. Her face contorted to a look that half-wanted to smile.

Sho nodded and took his bag from the couch before setting off.

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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CHAPTER 4: Kasumisou

“Sho-chan!” Aiba shouted excitedly as he entered the dance rehearsal studio. “Reina got the top spot!”

“Omedetou,” Sho said, smiling even though he was weary. He placed the bag on the bench and started to unbutton the coat. He remembered Shirayuri’s hands gliding over them, the way her hands glided magnificently on the flowers she was arranging at the affair.

“Everyone here?” a voice from the door said, waking Sho from his inattention. Anna entered the room, followed by Ohno who was carrying her bag along with his.

Sho momentarily looked at Anna, who smiled as she noticed him looking at her. “Okay, I’ll give five minutes warm up for all of you before we start.”


“Onee-san,” Mai called out. Shirayuri was again in the garden, walking around, observing the flowers.

“Nani?” she asked.

“I would like to ask what you think about nii-chan.”

Shirayuri looked at her. “Mai-chan, come over here,” she said. She pointed at the flower near the big decorative rock.

“That’s Lilac!” she said.

“What does it mean?” Shirayuri asked.

Mai mused for a while.

Shirayuri chuckled. “That means ‘first love’.”

“Ah, sou,” Mai answered.

Shirayuri sat on the big rock formed as a chair and Mai followed suit. “When I was young and we were to meet for the first time with your parents, an accident happened.” She sighed. “I was stuck inside the building. I was so scared. However, there was a boy who was also stuck inside the building. I haven’t seen him but he kept me company until I fainted. When I woke up, I was outside of the ruins.”

“How sweet,” Mai exclaimed.

She smiled. “I know. I am still looking for him, Mai-chan.”

Mai looked at her sadly. “Gomenasai. You have to marry onii-chan.”

“Daijoubu,” she replied. “I’ll just… I’ll just try to get along with him.” She picked a flower form the ground. “However, his world is entirely different from mine. He is living in a world of happiness while I am like a prisoner wherever I go.” She blew the small flower from her hand. “Only the flowers are my companion in our house in Kyoto.”

“That’s sad,” Mai replied. “But onii-chan is a serious guy. Quite dorky sometimes. I hope you two get along well.” She smiled at her. “You know, I really, really want to become like you. You are a perfect lady.”

“There’s no such thing as perfect lady, nowadays, Mai-chan,” she said, laughing a little.

“But you are!” she said. “Okaa-san said that you are really a very fine woman and she’s happy that onii-chan is bound to you.”

“Sou desu ne?” Shirayuri replied, smiling. “I’m flattered.” She suddenly shut her eyes and held her head in pain.

“Doushita?” Mai asked.

“Just a mild headache,” she replied, holding her temple. She felt like it would be split in two.

“I think you need to rest,” the younger girl said with concern. She helped her go back inside the house and inside Sho’s room.

“Onee-san, daijoubu desu ka?” Mai asked as she gave her a glass of water.

Shirayuri nodded. “Just a mild headache.”

Mai grinned out of the blue. “Onee-san, do you and onii-chan sleep on the same bed?”

Shirayuri blushed. “Na-n-nde?”

“The futon is not lying around and there are extra pillows on the bed,” Mai said, using her logic.


“Daijoubu. I think that’s preparation, ne?” she said, giggling. “Onee-san…”


“I know it’s rude of me to ask but please make my onii-chan happy,” Mai said. She stood up and went to his study table. “Onii-chan is in love with a girl. But this girl is with his friend.”

“How sad,” Shirayuri said. “But at least he knows whom he loves. Me, I don’t even know where to look for him. I don’t even know if I’ll still have the chance to be with him if we see each other…”

“What is his name?” Mai asked curiously.

Shirayuri looked at her. “Eh?”

“I might know him, onee-san…”

“Demo… It’s no use. I’m already bound to marry…”

Mai pressed a finger on her lips. “Daijoubu. I just want to ask.”

She sighed in reply. “His name is Sh…”

She was interrupted when the door opened. It was their mother. “Mai called and told me that you’re not feeling well.” She went beside her and started to touch her forehead to see if she had fever.

“Daijoubu desu,” Shirayuri told her.

“I think it’s better for you to rest, ne?” she said in a gentle tone, helping Shirayuri on the bed and putting a blanket over her.


“Dajioubu,” she replied. “I’ll just ask the maid to clean the room. Ok?”

“Hai,” she replied appreciatively, though she would appreciate it more if she would let her get up and clean Sho’s room and of course, change the flowers in the vase. Her eyes momentarily settled on the vase replaced on the middle of the study table.

She sighed.


Sho had it all planned. He looked at Anna and Ohno, who were talking and planning about a new choreography. He sighed.

“Sho-chan, daijoubu desu ka?” Aiba asked curiously as he sat beside him to wipe himself with a towel.

He quickly turned away. “Betsuni.”

“I’m not that naïve, Sakurai-san,” Aiba said, looking at the couple at the other end of the hall. “Ne, you still like her?”

Sho just looked at Aiba, open-mouthed. However, the rational side took over and said, “Aiba-chan, Anna’s with Ohno now.”

“But you still look at her, Sho-chan,” Aiba said like a child insisting on going to a park. “Sho-chan, it’s obvious that you’re lying.”


“Why don’t you try to look for another, Sho-chan? A girl you’ll seriously be with,” he suggested.

Sho pursed his lips. It was true. He had recently been in flings with different girls, though none of them made him happy. Then he remembered.



Sho took a deep breath before saying him. “Aiba-chan, I’m going to tell you a secret.” Aiba leaned nearer. “I…”

“You’re gay?”

“Uruseiyo!” Sho shouted, offended. “I am not gay! But Aiba-chan…” Sho took a deep breath again. “I am under an arranged marriage.”

Aiba gasped. “Hontou da?”

Sho nodded. “She is Akibara Shirayuri, Mai’s sensei.”

Aiba frowned. He thought for a while. “Chotto… Akibara… I’ve seen her before.”


“She’s this beautiful girl that always wears kimono in formal parties, right?” Aiba said. “I’ve seen her three times and she always wears this large hanging lily blossoms on her hair.” Aiba looked at the ceiling dreamily. “I want to see Reina in that fashion.”

“Lily blossoms?” Sho repeated. “Of all details you notice, her hair?” he laughed. Then he suddenly stopped, remembering something. But it was quite blurry so he decided to drop it.

“So, Sho-chan, what are you planning?” Aiba asked.

“I’ll try to, you know, get comfortable with her,” Sho said. “I think she’s also not into this marriage.”

“So you’ll try to like her so that you’ll forget Anna, ne?”

Sho nodded. “I can’t treat her harshly, Aiba-chan. Shirayuri is so… fragile…” Aiba looked at him, confused. “I mean, it seems like she did not enjoy life as much as other girls did.”

Aiba just nodded, though he looked like he did not understand anything. Sho just sighed. Then suddenly, an idea clicked in his head.

“Minna, we’re starting in five minutes…” Anna announced.


“How was your rehearsal?” Shirayuri asked shyly as Sho roamed around the room, trying to change clothes without showing too much skin as she was inside the room.

Sho took the stool from the study table and sat across the room. He nodded. “It was fine.”

“Sou desu ka,” she replied. “Gomenasai. I’m such a useless person here in the house.”

Sho happened to look at the vase on his table. The flowers have changed. “You’re not useless. I see you’ve changed the flowers again.”

“Don’t you like them? I’ll remove them if you want,” Shirayuri said, standing up. Sho was not able to stop her as she took the vase in her hands. It slipped and shattered on the floor.

Shirayuri released a small shriek as one of the shards flew and hit her leg, cutting through it. Sho ran towards her. “Don’t touch it!” he shouted, as he saw that she would try to clean up the mess with her bare hands. However, his shout just shocked her, making her accidentally hit some other pieces, wounding her fingers.

“Shirayuri, don’t move!” Sho yelled at her. She just remained motionless, watching the blood flow from her fingers. “Daijoubu desu ka?” Sho asked as he went near her, carrying her away from the shards.

He looked at her fearfully as she was trembling while staring at her own blood. “Shirayuri?” He touched her, she was cold. “Chotto matte, I’ll get the first aid kit.” He hastily went to his bathroom and took the box there. He sat again beside Shirayuri and slowly raised her leg up so that it will rest on the bed. Her white skirt was already stained with her blood. He lifted it gently up to her thighs, revealing her smooth pale skin.

She winced as he dabbed the cotton with antiseptic on her leg. She shut her eyes tight that tears fell from it. “Sho…” she whimpered.

“Daijoubu,” he replied kindly. The bleeding slowly diminished and only a fresh scar remained. He wiped the trails of blood on her leg with a clean cloth before wrapping it with bandage. “Let me see your hands.”

Shirayuri slowly showed him her bleeding hand, like a child not wanting to give something. “Itai!” she shrieked as he also dabbed cotton on her multiple cuts. Afterwards, he also wrapped it in bandages.

“There,” he said, surveying his handiwork. “You should change, Shirayuri,” he said, looking at her already red skirt.

“Sho,” she said, making him look at her. “Arigatou.”

He smiled. However, he was shocked when she slowly and timidly went near him and hugged him by the waist, her head leaning on his chest. She started to cry. “Doushita?”

She was not able to reply as she was still crying. She was really silent and light with her movements that Sho only felt her shaking and the wetness of her tears on his chest. He put his arms around her in reply. “Stop crying, onegai,” Sho said, stroking her hair gently. He made her sit up straight holding her shoulders so that she would face him. He looked at her clearly, admitting how beautiful she was with those teardrops shining on her eyes.

“I guess I would not make a good wife,” she said. “I should be the one who should take care of you and yet…”

“Daijoubu,” Sho replied. “I have something to tell you.”


“I have decided… We will continue this, Shirayuri.”

She looked at him again. “Eh?”

“I will marry you.”

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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i'm using a hanakotoba book in this fic. so the title of each chapter is a flower and the meaning is at the last part of the chapter. gomen, i am using the japanese term of the flowers for greater impact.

btw, please read and drop a comment in my one shot "reina in recomen". arigatou gosaimasu!

CHAPTER 5: Mokuren

“Hontou desu ka?”

Sho nodded determinedly. “I’ll try my best. We will push through this wedding.”

“Not now.”


“Not now, Sho,” Shirayuri replied. “You’re thinking rashly. What if… what if we try meeting each other before that?”

“Demo… Whatever would happen, we still have to marry each other,” Sho said.

“I know,” she replied. “But at least we know each other by that time. And if someone… someone comes for you or for me, we know that we should stop, ne?”

Sho smiled appreciatively. “If that’s what you want.” He was silent for a moment. “Shirayuri?”


“We’ll go somewhere tomorrow.”


“Kireii!” Shirayuri exclaimed as she held her hand out to touch the petals of the flowers. Because of too much excitement, she started to run along the trail of the different flowers in the botanical garden, Sho following her. However, her knees were weak that I could not sustain being up for that long, she stumbled down.

“Shirayuri!” Sho shouted with worry. He grabbed her hand but he just fell after her, the two of them rolling on the downhill. He held her protectively, his hand protecting the back of her head, as they rolled on the grass, both their eyes closed.

Shirayuri slowly opened her eyes. “Ah, gomenasai!” she apologized as she tried to stand up. However, she could not stand up at all.

Sho opened his eyes. “Shirayuri, daijoubu desu ka?” he asked. The girl nodded. He sat up and helped her up too.

“Douzo,” he said, passing to her a blue handkerchief. He dusted off the grass on her pink dress and wiped the dirt off her face, making her inhale the scent from it. She shivered as he touched her hair to brush off the grass from it.

“Sho, mite!” she said excitedly. The two of them landed in a forb of flowers. She picked one and looked at it. “Aren’t they beautiful?”

Sho smiled and took the flower from her then placed it on her ear. “There. It looks better.”

Shirayuri instinctively blushed and bowed down her head. “Don’t,” he said, tilting her chin up. For a moment, their eyes met. Shirayuri stared at Sho’s eyes.

“Ah, Sho-kun?”

Shirayuri immediately pulled away, the small blossom falling from her hair. She looked at the unknown newcomers.

“Ohno-kun,” Sho greeted. “Anna…” his voice trailed away.

“Hajimemashite,” Ohno greeted to Shirayuri, who also bowed in return.

“Sho, are they your friends?” she asked like a small child. She was quite shaky meeting new people.

“I guess she’s not accustomed to meeting lots of people,” Sho thought. “Anou, that’s Ohno Satoshi, our leader and Mitsuhashi Anna,” he explained. Shirayuri nodded, though not understanding what he had said.

“Anou, I hope Sho’s doing a good job,” Shirayuri said.

Ohno scratched his head. “Eh?”

She looked at Sho. “Ne, Sho, why are you laughing?”

Sho chuckled. “I’m an idol, Shirayuri, not an employee.”


“We dance and sing and act. Ohno-kun is our leader,” he explained slowly. Shirayuri digested the information.

“I think I got it,” she replied, blushing at her stupidity. “Why don’t you sit with us?” she asked the two.

“Sumimasen,” Anna apologized. “We just passed by.”

“Sou ne?” Sho said. He pursed his lips. “Have a nice day, then.”

The two left. “Sho, doushita?” she asked as she found him quiet.

He faced her. “Nan demo nai,” he replied. “Iku?”

He helped her up. “Arigatou. Gomen ne, I don’t even know who you are.”

“Daijoubu. You need to get accustomed that I’m not always in the house because I have work.”

“I’m so curious. I want to hear you sing.”

“I don’t actually… sing…” Sho said. “I rap for the group.”

“It’s your own form of art, ne?” she replied.

Sho snorted. He remembered how sharp her tongue was in the event before. How different she is now…

Both of them went home. “Arigatou,” Shirayuri said.

“Ah, that’s nothing,” Sho replied. He went beside her.

Shirayuri covered her face. “I’m so stupid! I didn’t know…”

He removed her hands from her face. “Ne, daijoubu… Gomen ne…”

“I saw you leave yesterday with a coat,” Shirayuri explained, “so I thought…”

“That’s for News Zero,” Sho explained. “You don’t watch television?”

She shook her head. “I’m busy taking care of your flowers.”

“Sou ne. you love flowers…”

“They’re the only things that accompany me,” Shirayuri replied sadly. She sighed. “In our house, they’re my only company. I’m always alone in the house and I just go to the garden and look at those beautiful flowers.” Sho noticed the slight glimmer in her eyes. Instinctively, he embraced her, not so tight, but enough for her to feel his warmth.

“Daijoubu,” he said. “I’ll always keep you company.”



Shirayuri pulled away, confused. “Eh?”

“I’ll take you somewhere tomorrow,” Sho said, smiling. “But for now, you have to rest.”

“How about you?”

“I’m going to work,” he explained.

“Sou desu ne…” Shirayuri excitedly blurted out her curiosity. “Ne, Sho, when can I hear you sing?”

Sho’s eyes widened and his nose wrinkled. “Eh?”

“I want to hear you sing. You sing, right? You dance, right?” she asked excitedly.

“Honestly,” Sho thought, rolling his eyes. “I’ll ask Mai about that.” He smiled again before leaving the room. Minutes later, Mai came storming in, a pile of DVDs in her arms.

“Ne, onee-san,” she said, grinning wickedly. “You’ll curse the day you’ve heard onii-chan sing.”

“Mai, I heard that!” Sho’s voice from outside replied. The younger one chuckled.

“I’m sure he’s great,” Shirayuri said, smiling at her as she started to connect the wirings of the sound system.


“Sho-chan, what are we doing here?” Aiba asked as they entered Katrina’s shop.

“I’m looking for something,” Sho said, leaning at the glass showing different sorts of sparkly things. Nino leaned at the glass too. It was obvious that sadness was in his eyes. He was eyeing the necklace decorated by gems, all shaped into hearts.

“Here,’ Sho said, pointing at the glass in the middle. He was pointing at a diamond ring, cut into six and shaped like a flower. “I’ll take this one.”

“Eh?” Aiba asked. “Sho, that wouldn’t fit you!” Nino was not with them, he was still staring at the shimmering display.

Sho stared at Aiba for a moment, wondering what he was talking about. Then he realized he was talking about the ring. “Baka, Aiba-chan,” he said as he took the boxed ring from the counter and gave his credit card.

“Ah, I know, it’s for her!” he said, jumping excitedly.


“The girl in kimono… umm…”


“Hai!” Aiba said excitedly. “I’m so envious! Chotto, I’m going to find something for Reina!”

“Aiba-chan, didn’t Reina say…” but he did not continue as Aiba started to run around the place, looking for a perfect gift.

Sho approached Nino. “Ne, doushita?”

Nino’s eyes were glimmering like that of a diamond in yellow light. “Nan demo nai,” he replied.

“Nino,” Sho said, “are you still…?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he said. “I did not know what happened but I’m sure it’s my fault.”

“It’s not,” he replied.

“It’s no use, Sho-kun,” Nino said. “Are you done? I think I should go. This place…” he just shook his head. Sho just nodded as Nino dragged his feet from the shop.

Sho’s phone rang. “Hai. Are the preparations done? Good. Make sure there are lots of flowers.”

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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CHAPTER 6: Suzuran

“Mite! Isn’t that Sho?” Shirayuri asked Mai as she watched a concert DVD. “Sugoi!”

Mai chuckled. “Onee-san, don’t be impressed that much,” she said.

“But he’s really amazing, ne?” Shirayuri asked. “Look! He looks scared!” she commented.

Mai laughed harder. “He’s afraid of heights!”

Shirayuri laughed with her. Then she looked at the wall clock. “Anou, Mai-chan, do you have anything to do this evening?” she asked.

“I’m free tonight. Nande?”

“Well, we have an event at the hall nearby,” Shirayuri explained. “And I have something to give you.”

Shirayuri knelt down and took a box from under the bed. She opened the box and Mai widened her eyes with awe. “This is a gift for you as you will become my sister-in-law.”

Mai blushed. “Arigatou.”



“We’ll go to the event tonight, Mai-chan,” Shirayuri said. She smiled.


“Sumimasen, sumimasen,” Sho said, trying to part the crowd of black clad people laughing and talking about.

“Sho-chan!” Aiba shouted from behind. He was being driven away by the crowd.

He pulled Aiba and they went around a corner. “My manager’s going to kill me for wearing this suit,” he complained, arranging his cream colored outfit. “Where are we going?” He pouted as he looked around.

“Masaki!” a voice shouted. Aiba turned around and he saw Reina. “What are you doing here?”

Aiba just gaped at the girl, wearing an uneven hemmed silver tube dress. “Re-re… Reina!” he exclaimed.

“Aiba Masaki, why are you wearing your PV outfit?” she asked. Aiba blushed.

“Shhh! Don’t tell this to my manager! And don’t tell this to your manager because she’ll surely tell this to my manager! And if Matsujun knows this, he’ll tell Katrina! And she’ll tell it to my manager!” He continued the hierarchy of the events that could happen once Reina tells anyone about this.

“Daijoubu. I thought you’re here for a promotion or something. The thing is, that outfit is for a single you’ve had a year ago,” Reina said. “Ah, Sho-kun, you’re here too.”

“Konbanwa,” he greeted.

“I saw your sister over there, with Akibara-sensei,” she said. “She looks like you, ne?”

Sho’s eyes widened. “Maji de?” He stormed away, going to where Reina was pointing.

“Ne, Masaki, why don’t you go after him?” Reina asked.

Aiba pulled her nearer and whispered. “Well, let’s just let onii-chan handle his imouto, ne?” He steered the woman away from the crowd.

Sho was panting when he reached Mai. “Eh, onii-chan, what are you doing here?” she asked. She was eating sushi at that time so her voice was muffled.

“I should be the one asking you that, you little brat?” he said through gritted teeth.

“Onee-san asked me to accompany her here,” she said. She pointed from the back. Sho’s mouth hung open as he braced himself at the sight. Shirayuri was walking towards her, wearing a white bead-strap dress with fur linings at the hem. Her hair was hanging at her shoulders, curled and decorated with crystal beads shaped like flowers. She shyly walked towards Sho.

“Anou, Sho, do I… look fine?” she asked. She was blushing furiously.

Sho stood up properly. “Ha… hai,” he said. He could not help but stare at her beauty. She looked different while wearing her kimono.

“You told me to go here,” she said. “I asked Mai to come with me because I am afraid I’ll get lost.”

“Ah, sou ne,” Sho replied. “Mai, go home,” he ordered.

“Demo, onii-chan…”

She stopped as Sho stared at her reproachfully. “Mai, follow what your onii-chan’s telling you.”

The girl gulped. “Hai!” she said as she started to go away. She passed Sho’s back and grabbed the Y10 000 bill from his hand.

“Iku?” Sho asked, offering his hand. Reluctantly, Shirayuri took it. He led her towards the veranda of the hotel. It was silent.

Sho clapped his hands and the lights turned on. They were surrounded by hundreds of white flowers.

“Suzuran!” she exclaimed, approaching some. “Sho…?”

“A promise of happiness,” he said, smiling at her. He approached her and pulled out the ring from his pocket. “I know we don’t really know each other but please let me make you happy.”

Shirayuri stared at him for a moment. “Ne, Sho, is this really okay?”

He nodded. He took her hand and placed the ring on her finger. “We still have a long way to go, Shirayuri.”

“Gomenasai,” Shirayuri thought. “I don’t know…” “I’m still longing for him.” “But I accept your promise of happiness.”

Sho pulled her close. However, he resisted himself from kissing her. He hugged her instead.

“Arigatou ne, Sho,” she said.

“Arigatou,” he pressed on, saying that he should be the one saying that.

“Sho, you must not force yourself to like me,” she said in a serious voice.


“I know that you’re doing this to make our engagement formal but you don’t have to force yourself,” Shirayuri said. “You’re giving me a promise that you’ll try to make me happy but if I become the reason of someone’s sadness, I won’t be happy.”

“I am not sad being with you,” Sho said flatly. He was getting annoyed with this conversation. It was as if Shirayuri was pressing on him that he would not, in any way, like her enough to make her fit to be his bride. “But why am I getting this angry, anyway?” he asked himself. He was guilty all the while, using this girl to forget Anna. But this woman is forcing him away.

“If ever you will like another girl, it will be fine for me,” she said, making Sho look at her for a long time.


“Don’t go explaining, Ohno Satoshi!” Anna shouted. Aiba stopped as it was the first time in a year since he last heard Anna shout. Well, the first time was not really a shout but a walk out.

“Riida, what happened?” he asked. “Riida, nani?”

“I… I don’t know!” Ohno said with a worry. “I was just… but she…” he could not speak clearly because he was shaking.

Aiba stared at the door, it bounced open again at Anna’s impact.


“I hate you!” Sho heard a familiar voice shouting at the garage of the private dance studio.

“Anna?” he called out. He saw Anna crouched at the side of the parked car, crying. “Doushita?” he approached her and crouched near her.

Anna embraced him suddenly, making Sho gasp softly. “Sho, am I not good enough for Satoshi?” she asked, crying. He stroked her back to comfort her.

“Of course you are,” he replied. It broke his heart seeing Anna this way. He wanted to be angry at Ohno at that time. “What happened? Why are you asking questions like that?”

Anna just shook her head, not wanting to say anything. “Sho, I don’t know what to do,” she said.

“Daijoubu,” he said back. “I think you have to rest and think it over.” He helped her stand up.

They both stopped when Ohno arrived at the door. “Anna…”

Anna’s voice became cold as she gripped Sho tighter. “I’m going home,” she said in a cold voice.

“Anna!” Ohno called out.

“Nani?” she asked back, not looking at him. She expected to hear a sorry from him but nothing came out. “You have nothing to say? I’m going.”


Shirayuri sighed. She was at the garden, barefooted, feeling the soft breeze. She has just finished doing a flower arrangement for Sho’s room. She was clutching the red handkerchief with her hand, running over the embossed name. “Sho.” She sighed again. “What if when I meet you, you have loved another?” She was stupid to think that the boy would even remember her. She stood up and went inside the bedroom, carefully carrying the vase.

“Eh, nani?” she wondered as she hit small music box at the side of the vase where she placed her newly arranged flowers. It fell down and hummed a tune, Ketsumeishi’s “Sakura”.

http://www.imeem.com/anabel21/music/Jkl ... ion_sakura

Shirayuri bent down and took the upturned music box. However, she gasped at what she saw. One the floor was a long clip decorated with white lilies.

“This is…”

“Sho-kun,” she said. “Please take this.”

Sho looked at the small hand. It was holding a hair pin, the chopstick kind, and there were dangling white lilies on it. “What is this?” he asked, taking it.

“So that I’ll know you when we meet,” she said. “That’s my favorite.”

“Arigatou,” Sho said. He looked for something that he could give back. He found his handkerchief on his coat pocket. A red handkerchief with embroidery of his first name on. “Yuri-chan,” he said, passing the red handkerchief on the outstretched hand. “Douzo.”

She took the handkerchief. “When we meet, let’s show these things to each other, ne, Sho-kun?”

“Sho-kun?” she asked herself, looking at the clip and at the red handkerchief that always stayed with her. “Sakurai Sho… Sho-kun?” Slowly, her eyes started brimming with tears. She held the two items to her chest while the music box continued to play. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time and you’re just here with me.”

For the first time in many years, she was happy.

A promise of happiness…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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it's our math test tomorrow so i'm rushing this a bit... please don't lose faith in this fic! i'll make sure that i'll make this one of the best!!!

CHAPTER 7: Sumire

“Daijoubu desu ka?” Sho asked Anna as they stopped in front of her house. Anna just sighed.

“I don’t know, Sho,” she said. She looked straight ahead. “I don’t know what’s wrong with the two of us. We’re always pressured and sometimes I lose control of myself and I get angry.”

Sho sighed. That fact is indeed true. Anna, when she gets pressured, goes ballistic. “Don’t take it too much,” he said. He closed his eyes for a bit, half-hoping the next words would not get out but they did. “You know, you should talk to Ohno-kun a bit about this. I know he’ll understand.”

Anna looked at him appreciatively. “I’ll try to,” she said. “Arigatou, Sho,” she said. She looked at him for a moment and turned away quickly. “I’ll… I’ll go now. Kiotsukete.”

“Oyasumi, Anna,” Sho said, trying to smile at her. She hopped down and watched him leave before she proceeded inside her house.

“No, Sho, don’t think about those things,” he said to himself as he hit the brakes when the stoplight turned red.

Sho crept slowly inside the dark bedroom so he would not disturb Shirayuri in her sleep. It was dark that he slipped, causing the wooden music box to fall on the floor, opening and playing a tune. A hair adornment fell from it. Sho knelt down and picked it up. He hastily closed the music box.

http://www.imeem.com/nk57/music/SVVDr20 ... ate_36939/

“Isn’t this…?” he said. He rolled the chopstick clip for a bit, making the lily strands twirl around.

“Do you believe in destiny, Aiba-chan?”

unmei sore wa umareta toki
sadamerareta michi datta?
deaeta koto dake de
ashita no futari no kibou ni tsunagaru kedo

Fate. Is that the way that has been determined
at the time you were born?
But our hopes of tomorrow are only tied together
by the fact that we've met each other.

“I almost forgot about her,” Sho said, sighing. He stared at the lilies decorating the stick for a minute or so, still kneeling at the floor. Then he smiled. He remembered how much he longed for this girl. “I did not even try to look for her,” he thought bitterly. Then Anna came, erasing her totally in his mind. Yet this fragment of memory drowned him.

“We were so young back then,” he said, twirling the pin once more. “But I think I was in love with that girl.”

His face slowly formed a smile as he stared at it. He hastily placed it back to place when he heard Shirayuri stir and sit up. “Sho?” she called out.


“Okaeri,” she greeted. He heard some rustling noises and the lamp clicked open. She smiled. “Anou… gomenasai I did not wait for you.”

“You don’t need to,” Sho replied. “It will always be like this. If you wait for me, you’ll just tire yourself.”

She nodded. “Daijoubu. It will be rude.”

“No, it’s not,” Sho insisted. “You look tired yourself.”

“You’re more tired. How was it?”

“Tiring,” Sho replied. “Ne, Shirayuri, go to sleep. I’ll be fine,” he said.

“You don’t need anything?”

Sho shook his head. “I’m fine.” He proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower then got out, fully dressed. He sat by the bed but he suddenly gasped when he felt Shirayuri’s hands around him. “Nande?”

She just held on, making Sho think that something was wrong. “Shirayuri, if something is wrong…”

“Ne, Sho, doushitano?” she suddenly asked. “Is something bothering you?”

Sho stared straight ahead. Indeed, Anna and Ohno were bothering him… and his thoughts of marrying Shirayuri. “Sho, don’t even think about it,” he thought frantically. “Daijoubu.”

“Sho, you have done so much for me. I don’t want you to be upset,” she said in a voice as soft as a child’s. “Am I making you upset?” she asked.

“Iie,” he quickly replied. As the days passed by, Sho started to memorize the simple woman’s attitude, and he knew that the least he would want to do is to make her think that she’s at fault for everything. “Shirayuri…”

“Sho?” she said.


“Don’t you get sick calling me by my whole name?” she asked. “Please call me Yuri.”


“Hai,” Yuri replied, smiling and nodding. Her glowing eyes were evident by the small lamp at the bedside. “Only Okaa-san and… a special friend call me Yuri.”

“I’m honored,” he replied. “Now go to sleep, Yuri. It’s already late.” He helped her lie down on the bed and wrapped a blanket over her. He stroked her hair momentarily. “Oyasumi.”

He watched her as she slept. “She’s just too fragile,” Sho thought. “As fragile as a lily.” She stared at her closed lids, at her pale face and her plum-shaped lips that made her beautiful. He groaned with annoyance. “Sho, stop it!” he told himself as he tried to divert his attention to her face and the fact that she was sleeping on his bed.

He couldn’t help but gasp as he heard her talk in her sleep. “Sho…” She held her hand out in the subconscious. He took her outstretched hand and held it in his. He also lied down on the bed, facing her. He stared at her for a moment.

There was something familiar in her. He could not really see what that was but he felt, at that moment while he was holding her hand, she knew him before and he knew her before.


“He would not even talk to me,” Anna said, looking away.

Sho sighed. “Did the two of you talk about it?”

“It was his fault,” Anna said. “He did it first.”

“But you should understand…” Sho insisted.

Anna sighed. “Sho?”


“Why are you so kind you us?” Anna asked. “I mean, after what happened…”

Sho turned to stone at Anna’s question. He gulped. Then his phone suddenly rang.

“Moshi moshi?”

“Onii-chan! Come, quick!” Mai shouted.

“Nande? And don’t talk too loud,” he hissed.

“Onii-chan, it’s onee-san!” she gasped.

“What happened?” he asked back.

“Early this morning, she fainted. She’s in the hospital now,” Mai said urgently. “Onegai! Come here.”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” Sho replied. “Anna, gomen. I have to go somewhere. It’s an emergency.”

“Hai. Wakatta,” she replied. She got down from the car.

“And don’t forget to talk to our leader, ne, Anna?”

She nodded in appreciation. Sho hit the gas and sped off. He tensely ran towards the room Mai indicated. He was panting when he opened the door of the hospital room. “Yuri…”

“Sho! What are you doing here?” she asked in surprise. “Mai, I thought…”

“Gomen,” she apologized. “But onii-chan must know what happened.” She went out of the room silently.

“Sho, gomenasai. I don’t want to disturb you. I asked Mai not to tell you about this.”

“Daijoubu desu ka?” Sho asked worryingly. He rushed beside her. “Are you feeling dizzy?”

She smiled back at him. “Don’t be too paranoid,” she said. She pointed at the yellow flowers in the vase beside her. “Sho, mite.”

He looked around and saw the small yellow blossoms. “They’re rape blossoms, meaning ‘cheerful’. They’re usually given if a person is sick.”

“Sou ne?” Sho replied, laughing a bit. “You know a lot.”

“And I watched you sing in those DVDs,” she continued. “You really look happy.” She chuckled. “You’re like a hinageshi.”

“Nande?” Sho asked.

“Because you’re wearing red,” Yuri joked. “And you look really happy while you’re making the people sing with you.” She reached out the vase and took out the red tulip from the crowd of flowers. “For you.”

“Tulip? What does this mean?” Sho asked.

“For the best idol,” she said with a smile. “Red tulip means fame. I’ve already said that before, didn’t I?”

“Gomen ne,” he apologized. He took the blossom from her hand. “I’m not really that famous,” Sho said. He was slightly blushing. But he was happier that they are now comfortable with each other. “It seems like you’re teaching me hanakotoba, ne?”

She chuckled. “I am not forcing you or anything, Sho,” she replied. “Ne, at least you should have a background. Mai and I watched one of your dramas and you’re acting as a kadou artist there.”

Sho frowned a bit. “I know I did but we did not really go to that point.”

Yuri shook her head. “I like to express my feelings through flowers. You may not understand it now.”

“I think I’m starting to,” Sho replied.

“Yokatta na…”

“For you…” he added. Yuri stopped short, her heart suddenly beating fast. “I’m starting to learn them for you.”

“You… you should not force yourself, Sho,” she stammered.

“Daijoubu,” Sho replied. “I want to understand you more, Yuri.”


He looked at her with confusion. “Of course. It’s because we’ll get married, ne?”


“Okaa-san,” she said as her mother arrived.

“How’s my daughter?” she asked as she sat beside her.

“Okaa’san, I have something to tell you,” Yuri said.

“Nan desu ka?” her mother asked. “You look a bit happier. Happier than years ago…”

Yuri took the red handkerchief from the pocket of her hospital gown. “Okaa-san…”

She took the handkerchief. “What about this?”

“I’ve found him.”

“The boy in the ruins?”

Yuri looked at the vase at her bedside. “Hai.”


“He’s my fiancée…”


“Okaa-san,” she started. “At last I’ve met him. And now I’ll be married to him.” She sighed. “I’ve never had anything precious in my life and I feel that he’ll be that precious thing that I will always cherish inside my heart.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“I want him to love me, okaa-san,” Yuri said, the fire of determination on her eyes. “I want him to feel the same as I do.”

Please love me…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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gomen ne! are you all disappointed with me? don't worry, i won't put the quality of this fic in jeopardy (because i know that OHOL was the bomb!)... so if we all really want the best in this fic, pelase be patient... i'm trying to find time to do this in my free time...

so this is my next update... arrrgghhh...! the results of our examinations will come out today...

CHAPTER 8: Higanbana

Sho wasn’t sure what he would think of. He wanted to get the thoughts of Anna out of his head but the situation between her and Ohno was a temptation in his part. He knew he wanted to make her happy, it was a promise, but he did not want to look like he was someone who would take something important from his friend. And Yuri… She’s very well attached to him now and it would make him feel guilty if she gets hurt.

“Sho!” Anna called out from the café. He waved at her and crossed the street. “Arigatou…”


“Satoshi and I just worked it out,” she said happily.

Sho stared at her, loss at words. “Sou… sou da ne?” He forced a smile on his face. “Well, omedetou.”

“You’re right. I should not really wait for him to start the conversation,” she joked. “Ne, Sho, do you want to have some coffee? My treat.”

“Iie. I have to go somewhere,” he said.

“Sou desu ne…” Anna looked at him again. “Anou, what about next time? We’re planning to go by the lakeside. My friend invited us to stay over in her rest house by the lakeside. And Satoshi told me that he’ll try to see when you’ll have a break. Everyone decided to come over.”


“Ah, Akibara-sensei should also come!” she said excitedly.

“Anna… there’s a call from you…” a voice from the shop called out.

“Hai,” she replied back. “Ne, Sho, I have to go. I’ll see you later in the rehearsals, ne?”

Sho waved back at her as she entered the shop. He sighed heavily. However, he had a brilliant idea. “Maybe I should really take Yuri there,” he thought.


“Akibara-san,” the doctor said as she sat in front of his desk.

“Hai,” she answered. She watched as the doctor observed his records and the printouts of her scans.

“Do you always have headaches?”

She nodded.

“You should have consulted a doctor long before,” he said in a sorry voice.

“Gomenasai,” she apologized. “What’s wrong with me?”

“You have a brain tumor,” he announced gravely.


The doctor nodded. “It’s a malignant tumor, and by this time, it will be harder to cure. But if you are willing to go through operations and observations, or to confine yourself in the hospital…”

“Iie,” she answered. “Demo, I’ll think about it.”

“Wakatta. Meanwhile, I’ll give you some medications so that you will have less frequent pains,” the doctor said while writing his prescription.

Shirayuri stared at the paper being written on. If this illness was announced to her before, she would accept it with open arms. She would even long to die right there and then. However, the thought of Sho, the thought of him coming back to her life, it pains her to know that she was about to die…

“I could not die with him not loving me a bit,” she thought bitterly.

“Sensei, please don’t tell this to anyone,” she asked, making him look up at her.

“Wakatta,” he replied. “But I think it should be you who should tell them, ne?”

She nodded. “Arigatou, sensei,” she said as she took the prescription.

She walked at the gardens of the hospital and saw other patients passing their time looking at the trees or by the river. She sighed sadly and smiled bitterly. It was Mai who met her at the front of the hospital.

“So, how was it, onee-san?” she asked.

Yuri mustered her courage to smile. “Daijoubu. He just prescribed me with painkillers.”

“You should not work too much. What if you arrange a leave from the school?”

“Ne, Mai, will that be alright?”

“I think so. You have a lot of great teachers in your school. They could take care of it while you rest,” she replied.

“Well then,” Yuri mused. “Please accompany me there.”


“Sho-kun…” a voice from afar said.

Sho opened his eyes. He was in a white room and there was a mirror in front of him. He gasped.

“What the…?” He looked like when he was young. He looked around when he felt movements and a voice.


“Dare? Where are you?” he asked, looking around.

“Please look for me,” she said in a soft voice, almost a whisper. Sho entered through a series of curtained mazes until he found a girl wearing a white kimono, with the familiar lily clip on her hair.

“Yuri-chan?” he called out.

She smiled and turned away from him. As she did so, she immediately transformed to a full grown woman wearing the same attire. At the mirror beside Sho, he saw that he was also at his real age.

“Yuri-chan?” he called out.

“Sho-kun,” she started, not looking at him. “We promised that we will meet each other again.”

Sho’s eyes widened. “Gomenasai… I… I forgot…”

“I never forgot you. You always stayed in my heart,” she said. Sho started to go near her as her back was still facing him, her nape showing in the kimono she was wearing.

Sho was near enough to touch her but as he did so, she disappeared and the only thing left on his hand is a red spider lily. “Higanbana?” he wondered.

“Sho? Nande?”

Sho almost gasped as he found his face inches nearer to Yuri as he woke up. “Higanbana.”


“Yuri, what does higanbana mean?”

She turned away sadly. “Red spider lily…”


Sho sat on the couch of the living room, only a lamp was lighting it up. In front of him was the music box where the lily clip was in. his chin was resting on his hand as he stared at it with silence.

“Before Anna… before anyone else,” Sho started as he put his hands at the lid of the box. “I have you in my heart.”

“Higanbana? Nande, Sho?”

“I… I dreamt of it…” he replied.

Yuri looked away from him. “Higanbana means lost memory. When you dream of this flower, it means something important from the past, an important fragment of your memory will be lost if you abandon it. It will disappear if you let it go.”

“Ah… sou ne…” he said, nodding at the information he received.

“We promised each other that we will see each other again, ne?” he said, talking particularly to the clip.

He leaned on the couch and closed his eyes. “But how to look for Yuri-chan…”

How is he supposed to find a girl carrying the red handkerchief he gave her from years ago?


The days passed and Sho’s mind was getting cloudier and cloudier.

“Sakurai Sho!” a voice shouted. He was back to earth when he felt something hit his head.

“Gomen ne… Sho-kun,” Aiba apologized.

Sho touched the bump on his head. He stared at his side. It was Aiba’s shoe. “Aiba-chan, please tie your laces properly.”

“Okay, everyone, are you all alright? Sho?” Anna asked as she crouched beside him. She held out her hand to him so that he could stand up. “You are spacing out today, ne?”

Sho shook his head. “Daijoubu.”

“Am I giving you too much pressure?” she asked.

“Iie. Gomenasai. I am not following instructions,” he apologized.

Anna smiled at him and turned to Aiba. “Aiba-chan! Tie your shoelaces properly!”

“Hai!” he answered back.

“Back to your places, people!” Anna said. “Ne, Satoshi, can you take in charge for a while?” He just nodded in reply. “I was called in the office. So, I must see you all later, ne?” she closed the door behind her.

Sho just sighed as Ohno went to the front. However, he zigzagged his route and went in front of Sho. “Sho-kun, daijoubu desu ka?”

Sho almost gasped as he found Ohno staring at him. “Ha… hai! Ohno-kun, you shouldn’t do that, you know?”

“Gomen ne… You look awful today,” he said with a frown.

“Daijoubu. I think I’m just… stressed,” Sho said.

“Gomen ne. I couldn’t do anything about that. We have to practice,” Ohno said with a sorry voice. “Demo, you could…”

“Iie,” Sho said. “Let’s start now.”


“Okaa-san!” Yuri said as her mother entered the Saurai family’s garden. Yuri was kneeling at the porch, holding the pliers as she arranged the flowers in a beautiful arrangement. She let go of the pliers and hugged her mother.

Her mother sighed as she spotted the scars on her daughter’s hands. “When are you going to stop this, Yuri?” she asked as she held her palms.

“Nani?” she asked innocently.

She sighed. “Everytime you arrange flowers, you purposely cut yourself. Don’t you think I did not notice that?” she asked.

Yuri sighed. “I have already stopped, Okaa-san,” she replied. “Ever since I’ve found him, I stopped. Each time I make these arrangements, I always offer them to him and I take note of each one. Each scar symbolizes the times I longed for him.”


“Gomen ne, Okaa-san. I’m making you worry,” Yuri said sadly, hugging her mother.

She stroked her daughter’s hair. “Ne, Yuri. I have something for you.” She took her bag.

“Nani?” she asked.

Her mother smiled. “When we went to New York, I saw you cousin.” She took an envelope from her bag and handed it to her. “I was not able to give that letter to you when you were in the hospital.”

“Hontou da?” Yuri said excitedly. She took the envelope.

“She’s now in a university,” she said. Yuri smiled as she took a picture from the envelope, a woman carrying a little baby. “And she has a son. I pity her. She has to raise the child alone.”

“Sou ne?” Yuri said. “She has a wonderful child. I hope I could see her some time.” She opened the letter.


Hisashiburi! It has been a long time since we last saw each other, ne? It was so sad that I was not able to invite you to my graduation just months ago. It was also sad that I was not able to say goodbye. Many things happened and I could not explain them all.

Shirayuri-chan, once you find a treasure, please keep it and value it. Never let it go. I know you have longed for happiness for a long time. Do not be selfish. Selfishness could lead to wrong decisions. Whatever you value, give your selfless love. Understand. And don’t ever hurt the person who loves you. But don’t let that person hurt you. Tell that person how much you love him.

Shirayuri-chan, I wish happiness for you. Do the things you want to do and you ought to do for they will surely bring happiness to you.

Yuri was teary-eyed when she finished reading the letter. “Do the things you want to do,” she repeated. “Okaa-san?”


“Arigatou,” Yuri said.

“Douitashimashite,” she replied.

“I want to see my cousin,” Yuri said, sighing.

Her mother sighed. “She has been in a tough road ever since…”

Yuri bowed her head sadly, taking the pliers and continuing her work. “If I accept the offer of operation in New York, I’ll be able to see her…” she thought. However, she did not like the fact of leaving Sho’s side.

Sho had become a part of her and not seeing him kills her.

A forgotten memory… it should never be lost…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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CHAPTER 9: Poppy

“Anou… Yuri?” Sho asked as he found Yuri lying on the bed. However, he knew that she was not yet asleep. He instinctively touched the stray strands of her gracing her face. He felt her stir and look up at him, though she did not sit up.

“Okaeri,” she greeted. “Nan desu ka?”

“Anou… we have our break next week,” Sho explained. He could not really speak that well since the sight of Yuri was distracting him for a reason he himself did not know. He just tried not to look at her.


Sho sighed. “Are you having classes next week? I want you to meet my friends,” he said.

She slowly tried to sit up. However, as she did so, she felt a sudden headsplitting headache. Sho caught her into his arms. “Daijoubu desu ka?” he asked.

“Hai,” she replied, nodding a little. She clutched her head. “Friends?” Sho thought her expression was that of a child being told that she was going to go to an excursion. “Are they the ones with you on those concerts?”

He chuckled. “Hai. I want you to meet them personally. I also want them to meet you.”

“When?” she asked. Sho shifted so that she could lie on his chest. “I do want to meet them.”

“How about the academy?”

“Daijoubu. I arranged a leave,” she assured, smiling tenderly at him. Sho’s eyes traveled once again to his study table. This time, a new arrangement was there. A more complicated one. He grabbed hold of her hand.

He looked at her with worry. “You have a lot of scars.”

“Daijoubu,” Yuri replied. “I don’t… I don’t cut my hands anymore. I am trying to…”

She stopped as Sho kissed her open palm. “You should take care of yourself, ne?” he said. Yuri just stared at him, surprised. “Arigatou, Shirayuri.”

She smiled. “Arigatou, Sho…”

Sho was already sleeping soundly beside her when there was another wave of pain passing. Yuri tried not to move around as the pain cut through her head down to her jaw. She clutched her forehead and bit her lip so as not to cry out. She carefully moved across and down the bed to get her medicine.

“Onegai…” she muttered in small gasps as she frantically searched her bag for the medicine bottle. It was a great relief that there was always a pitcher of water on the table. She managed to grab hold of the bottle through her pain and drank a pill. However, the pain did not subside immediately. She twisted and kneeled on the floor, holding her temple. She was trying to be quiet as possible but the sound of scratches and her small whimpers were enough to wake Sho.

“Yuri?” Sho called out in the dark. There was a sound of falling and smashing of glass. She accidentally pulled the table cloth, causing the pitcher and the glass to shatter on the floor. “Yuri!” He stood up and opened the nearest lamp. He saw her on the floor, her head almost touching it as her eyes were closed in agony.

“Sho…” she breathed out as she was near to fainting. He took her into his arms and carried her to the bed. She was breathing heavily. “Gomen ne. I woke you up.”

“I should be the one saying sorry,” he replied. He touched her sweating forehead. It was cold. “What is happening to you?”

She shook her head, though her breathing was still audibly short. “Daijoubu. It’s just a simple headache. No need to worry.”


“Sho, I just need to rest,” Yuri pressed on. He carried her back to the bed. “Gomenasai.”

“Mou ii desu ne,” he replied. He put a blanket over her. “We’ll go to the hospital tomorrow.”

“No need. The doctor told me I’ll be fine,” Yuri said. She looked at Sho’s eyes. Inside her, she was hurt that she was lying to him. But she needed to.


“Sure,” she said with assurance. She smiled at him. “Go to sleep too. You need to rest.”

“Hai,” he replied.


“Sho-chan, you looked worried,” Aiba said. He offered a cookie. “Here. Have some.”

“Arigatou,” Sho replied. He took the cookie and stared at it. It was white.

“Ne, Sho-chan. That’s supposed to go in your mouth, not in your hand,” he replied. He sat beside him. “Ah, I know. Is it about Akibara-san again?”

Sho did not respond. He could not sleep last night, trying to check out on her condition even though she’s already soundly asleep. They both looked up when they saw Ohno and Nino enter the room.

“Yo,” Ohno greeted. “It has been arranged. We’re going to Anna’s friend’s lakeside resthouse this weekend, in the first day of our one week break.

“Yay! Reina just finished her promotions! Maybe I could ask her to come over,” Aiba said, swinging his arms in delight.

Nino smirked. “Oi, Aiba-chan, I hope Reina-chan isn’t sick of seeing you almost twenty-four hours a day. You’re a stalker,” he joked.

Aiba pouted. “Ne, Nino, are you coming with us?”

Nino just shrugged in reply. “I have to do some errands on that day,” he said.

“Sou desu kedo?” Ohno replied. “Oh well, Anna will also be coming over, along with Maki-kun,” he added. Sho shot a glance at Ohno and immediately returned looking down. No one noticed.

“Ne, Sho-chan, why don’t you bring Akibara-san over?” Aiba asked.

“Akibara-who?” Jun said, hearing Aiba’s loud whisper to Sho. He had just come out of the shower room. And by the way, Katrina told me she would not allow me to go with you… without her.” Everyone burst into laughter. “Hey! That’s not funny!” he said, getting red.

“You’re an underdog,” Aiba joked, leaping around. “Ne, Sho-chan, yo haen’t told them?”

Sho sighed. “Aiba, know how to sense stuff!” he thought angrily. He was doing some hand signals to stop Aiba from telling everyone.

“Yeah, tell us, Sho-kun,” Nino said darkly. “Or else, we’re going to force the truth out of you.”

“That’s basically the same,” Sho replied.

“Akibara-san is Sho-chan’s fiancée!” Aiba shouted excitedly.

“EH?” everyone chorused back. Sho slapped his hand on his face in reaction. They then looked at Sho for his own side.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he said.

“Yappari. The first one to marry,” Jun said, smirking. “And I thought that would be me since oba-san was forcing me to propose to Katrina!”

Sho sighed. “Fine. Minna, I’m in an arranged marriage ever since I was… thirteen years old?” he seemed unsure of the real time.

“NANI?” Ohno blurted out. “Gomen,” he apologized to Nino, whose ear was hurting because of the sudden impact.

“And yes, the name of the girl is Akibara Shirayuri,” Sho said. “She’s currently living in our house…”

“… and in the same room where Sho-chan is,” Aiba interrupted smartly.

“Does Johnny know this?” Jun asked. He looked quite worried.

“Actually, I was planning on telling him,” Sho said.


“Hmmm… Akibara Shirayuri. The only daughter of the kadou artist family Akibara, ne?”

She nodded fearfully. Looking at the old man was really scaring her. She squeezed Mai’s hand a little tighter.

“Daijoubu. Have some,” he said, offering some white cookies to her. She slowly took one. “Taste it. Go on,” he said with a gentle smiling face.

She took a bite. She could not help but be overwhelmed by the taste. “Arigatou gozaimasu. Oishi desu.”

The old man smiled. “By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. Kitagawa Johnny desu. Hajimemashite.”

Yuri stod up and bowed in front of him as he did his own bow. “Hajimemashite. Akibara Shirayuri desu.”

“You are here in the office of the talent agency where your fiancée is working,” he explained. “Sakurai-san, have you explained to her…?”

“Hai,” Mai replied. Yuri looked at her.

“So you very well know that my talents are not allowed to be in public relationships and other so-so,” he confirmed.

“Hai. Gomenasai,” she apologized quickly. “We were…”

“Arranged to be a couple, I understand,” he said. “Most of the time, I get that kind of problem with some of my talents. But I allow them to do that in the right time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Akibara-san, are you willing to wait? To hide? And to keep your relationship with Sakurai-kun a secret?”

Yuri looked at Mai, who nodded at her. “If that’s what could keep Sho up,” she answered. “I’ll be willing to wait for the right time.”

“A smart answer,” the old man said, smiling. “And I think this is not the right time for they are, Arashi, in the peak of their career.”

Yuri nodded. As much as she wanted to protect Sho’s career, she was quite disappointed that she couldn’t be married to him soon.

“Quite understandable, young lady,” he said. “We don’t know what the future may bring, ne? You two might be just arranged for now but time could do things to move you closer to each other.”

Mai tried to suppress her giggle. Yuri blushed. Johnny cleared his throat. “By the way,” he said, standing up and going near his desk. “I bade for this flower arrangement for five million yen,” he said, touching some of the lily blossoms. “You made this, didn’t you?”

Yuri looked at the arrangement and found her signature loop of twines in the middle. “Hai.”

“You are such a wonderful artist… and a fine lady,” he said.

“Arigatou,” Yuri replied. “Kitagawa-san, if you want, I could make you another one,” she offered, smiling.

Johnny showed a gentle look of surprise. “Hontou da? Akibara-san making an arrangement for me for free?”

“It’s nothing,” she replied. “I just want to show appreciation to you on how you take care of Sho.”

Johnny chuckled. “Sakurai-san, tell your brother that he has found a nice wife.” Mai nodded. “I might be wasting your time now. Sayonara.”

“Sayonara,” Yuri and Mai chorused, both bowing before going out of the room.


“Do we have everything prepared?” Sho asked as he opened the door for Yuri. He smiled as he saw her wearing a casual blue dress.

“Hai,” she replied. “Sho, where are we going?” she asked curiously as Sho placed the seatbelt over her.

“One of our friends has a friend who owns a lakeside resthouse,” Sho explained as he himself climbed up the driver’s seat. “It’s also an opportunity for you to meet them.”

Yuri was silent as Sho went to each member’s house to get them.

“Hello!” Aiba greeted as he and Reina went up at the back seat. Reina smiled at Yuri.

Sho pulled over in front of an apartment and blew his horn five times before Jun got out alongside with Katrina. They seemed to be in a weird trance as they entered the car.

They went to Ohno’s house where he and Anna were waiting.

And finally, they went to an apartment building. Ohno had to get down and go up. After thirty minutes, Nino went out with him, looking as if he was not really ready for the trip.

“Are we off?” Sho asked as he wore shades.

“Hai!” everyone chorused, Aiba’s voice noticeable with his high pitched and excited tone.

I will comfort you..
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:53 am

here's the next chapter. i would like to apologize if it took me so long. i've been busy and lots of incoherent ideas went inside my head, i had difficulty organizing and tying them up!!!

note: please look for the song "tender is the night" by yuna ito for this chapter...

endorsement: please read my new one shot dedicated to "One Heart, One Love", it's in Kazuko's POV... I tell you people, the little boy's a friggin' genius!! (well, carrying the genes of a university topnotcher and an ambidextrous guy --- meaning he's also a genius)

and if you have a vox account, you could add me in your neighborhood. "my love" series will start earlier in my blog... http://koi-choshi.vox.com


CHAPTER 10: Tulip

“Yuri, wake up,” Sho said. He was leaning over her. “We’re here.”

Sho watched with slight amusement as Yuri fluttered her eyelids, trying to grab hold of where she was. It gave him an impression that he was watching a bud blooming into a flower in fast forward motion.

“We’re… here?” she asked. She sat up properly and looked at the windshield’s view. They were parked in front of a peaceful clear lake. And beside the lake were small log houses. “Kireii na…” she said in amazement.

Sho smiled. He helped her down the car. “I got our things in our cabin,” he said. “Do you want to see it?”

Yuri nodded. She followed him to the cabin nearest to the small port of the lake where a small boat was tied up. He opened the door. “Subarashii,” she said in awe. The contents of the cabin were simple: a low table, a cabinet, a bench, a small kitchen, and a second floor bedroom.

Sho followed her as she went up at the bedroom and opened the window. He was curious what got her excited so he also looked at the window. He couldn’t help but smile as he knew the reason why. There was a field full of flowers. “Do you want to go there?” he asked. She just nodded in reply. “Gomen ne, the boys and I have something to do first. Can you go there alone?”

“Daijoubu, I’ll manage,” Yuri replied. She ran down the room, Sho widening his eyes as he wondered where she got her sudden agility.

“She really loves flowers,” he thought, smiling more.


“Kireii na…” Yuri repeatedly said as she walked through the almost waist-high wild garden of flowers. She then spotted a woman at the other end of the field. She turned around at the sound of Yuri’s footsteps. It was Anna.

“Akibara-san,” she said, smiling at her. “You really do love flowers, ne?” she said. Yuri nodded. They stood in that field for a moment. It was almost sunset. “Ne, Akibara-san…”


“Do you… do you love Sho?” she asked, looking at her.

Yuri stared at her. “Why are you asking?”

“Because you’re always with him. I noticed that.”

Yuri took a deep breath before speaking. “Anna-san, Sho and I are in an arranged marriage.” She heard Anna gasp. “We were meant to be married ever since we were young. However,” she looked at her. “I love Sho ever since the first time I met him.”

It was clear that Anna did not understand everything she said so she just nodded. “And does he know how much you love him?”

Yuri bit her lip and shook her head. “I don’t know how to tell him. I always put flowers in his room, I always wait for him to get home, but I don’t have the courage to tell him what I really feel.” She touched one wild blossom in front of her. “I couldn’t tell him because I know he doesn’t love me.”

Anna bowed her head. “Ne, Akibara-san, you should not give up.” She smiled at her. “I know that Sho is also longing for someone who will love him truly. And I think that is you.”

Yuri looked at Anna. “How…?”

“Take care of him, ne?” Anna said. “I know that he’ll realize that you’re always there for him. I know it.”

“Arigatou,” Yuri said. “I hope he will…”


“Douzo,” Sho offered, opening the door for Yuri.

“I’m so nervous,” she said, holding his arm.

Sho chuckled. “Daijoubu. They won’t bite. They also want to meet you.” He motioned her inside and led her to the part of the room where almost all of them were milling.

“Minna, this is Akibara Shirayuri, my fiancée,” Sho introduced straightforwardly. Everyone looked at her way. She blushed at the way Sho introduced her.

“Hajimemashite,” Jun said. He was the only one in the group who hasn’t seen her yet.

Yuri bowed slowly. “Konbanwa, Akibara Shirayuri desu.”

At first, Yuri was really shy that she merely listened at the chitchats of the others. Reina was trying to make her talk but in vain. She had an idea that she whispered to Anna. Anna nodded.

“Sumimasen,” Reina excused herself. She proceeded to the part of the room where the piano was and started an etude. “Minna, konbanwa,” she said on the microphone, making everyone look at her way.

Kimi ga namida wo nagashita ano yoru oh
Ima mo kokoro ni yureru mm
Donna kotoba mo todokanai basho de
Hajimete au you na kimi wo dakiyoseta

Kakushite itai kanashimi ya sabishisa wo
Daremo ga kakaete iru tonight

That night you cried, oh
Even now rocks my heart, mm
In a place where no words can reach
I drew you near as if for the first time

Everyone has sorrow and loneliness
They want to hide tonight

Anna semi-dragged Yuri to the middle of the small hall. The other boys pushed Sho to the middle too. Yuri looked down as soon as she saw Sho in front of her.

“Yuri… may I?” Sho asked, holding out his hand.

Slowly, cautiously, Yuri held out her hand to put it on his.

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Tsuki no hikari dake wa yasashiku dream on
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Yoru wa hito wo sukoshi sunao ni suru kara
Stay all night

Donna koto demo hanashite hoshii to
Negatte iru no wa tabun jibun no tame

Kokoro no subete wake aeru tada hitori
Daremo ga sagashite iru tonight

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Only the moonlight is tender, dream on
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Because the night makes people honest
Stay all night

It's probably selfish
To want you to talk about everything

Everyone is searching for that one person
With whom to share their heart tonight

“I… I don’t know how to dance,” Yuri admitted. She was almost motionless on the floor if not for Sho’s steering.

“Daijoubu, I’ll teach you how,” he replied, holding her nearer, their bodies touching. She moved to the direction where he was steering her. “You’re so light, Yuri,” he commented.

Yuri just nodded nervously as she somewhat looked like a rag doll being moved around. Sho let out a howl of pain as she accidentally stepped on his foot. “Gomenasai!” she apologized quickly, shutting her eyes tight.

Sho just bit his lip. “Turn this way, like that,” he just demonstrated. Yuri followed his instructions carefully.

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Jikan ga odayaka ni nagareru forever
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Yoru ga kimi no namida kakushite kureru yo
Stay all night

Stay, stay all night
Stay with me all night

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Time flows calmly forever
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
The night will hide your tears
Stay all night

“I guess I won’t work out as a dancer, ne?” Yuri said. She was about to walk away and to sit down but Sho did not let her go.

“Then let’s just sway slowly like this,” he said. He took her hands and put them around his neck and put his around her waist. They swayed moderately.

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Hoshi no akari dake ga mitsumeru forever
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Hitorikiri de iyasu kodoku mo aru kara
Stay all night

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Tsuki no hikari dake wa yasashiku dream on
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Yoru wa hito wo sukoshi sunao ni suru kara
Stay all night

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Only the starlight is watching, forever
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Because sometimes loneliness can be healed alone
Stay all night

Tender is the night when you're crying
Tender is the night as a silky hug
Only the moonlight is tender, dream on
We can share the pleasure of living
We can share the loneliness of distance
Because the night makes people honest
Stay all night

Everyone applauded as Reina finished the song. Yuri smiled at him. “Arigatou for teaching me.”

Sho just led her outside without another word. They started walking back to their own cabin, a little farther than the mini-hall. The moon was shining blue and was being reflected by the lake.

“I would like our wedding to be as soon as possible,” Sho suddenly said out of the blue. Yuri, who was walking while playing with the grass on her feet, looked up at him.

“Nande, Sho?”

“I just… feel like it.”

“We… we can’t,” Yuri replied. “I just talked to Kitagawa-san and he told me that this is not the time for you to get married.”

“You talked to Johnny?”

Yuri nodded. “Mai called me and she told me that we should go. He has nothing against it, it’s just…”

Yuri gasped as Sho held her face to look at him. “I should have asked you what you wanted. Daijoubu?”

“I’m willing to wait, Sho,” she replied. “I don’t want to get in your way. I’ve seen how you enjoy working. I’ve taken too much of you.”

“Actually, I’m getting fonder of you,” Sho admitted. “You are a nice person.” He noticed that she was shaking. It was getting colder. “Ah, I think you better get inside,” he told her.

“Hai,” Yuri replied. She immediately went inside the cabin because she was really getting sick with the cold.

Sho was about to go inside when he saw someone walking near the port of the lake.


“Moshi moshi?” Yuri greeted as her phone rang. It was Mai.

“Ne, onee-san, I’ve found out something,” Mai said excitedly.

Yuri frowned. “Nani?”

“Remember the boy you were looking for? The one you told me about? I know him,” she said in a giggly voice.

Yuri frowned a bit. “Ne, Mai-cha, how…?”

“Simple, he’s onii-chan, ne?” the other girl said. “I saw the handkerchief; you left it here in your bedroom. I knew that onii-chan was missing one color out of five because our oba-san gave that to him.”


“Onee-san, why don’t you tell him?” Mai suggested through the phone.

“Demo… Mai-chan…”

“I know that onii-chan was looking for you for a long time now,” Mai said. “So I know he’ll be happy if you tell him that you were that girl,” she added. “Go tell him,” she nudged on.

Yuri pursed her lips and nodded determinedly. “Mai-chan… I…” She took a deep breath and said, “Hai. I’ll try.”

“Ganbarou, Onee-san!”

Yuri cautiously went out of the cabin. However, what she saw broke her heart.

Sho was kissing Anna.

“Anna, I only love you,” Sho said, touching her cheek. Anna pushed his hand away gently.

“Sho, gomenasai,” she said, looking sorry. “You know very well that it’s only Satoshi whom I love…” Sho looked at her for a long time. “You have Akibara-san…”

“But I don’t love her!” Sho argued.

“But I’m not the one for you, Sho!” Anna answered back. “She is the one who always waits for you at night. The one who always want to comfort you after a tiring day. The one who arranges flowers for you. She is… the one who cares for you from the bottom of her heart!”

Sho stared at Anna. “Sho, if she isn’t for you, then there is indeed someone out there. Please realize it, Sho. Think about it. I don’t want to hurt you but I don’t want to hurt myself. I only see you as a friend.”

Sho was just standing there, motionless as Anna scrammed away. Before she finally left, however, she said her last words to him. “Sho, if you don’t value a memory, if you don’t value the precious things you could not see around you, they might disappear like how snow melts as it touches the ground.”

Yuri immediately yet silently went back inside the cabin and inside the room, tears falling down her eyes. She went on the bed and covered herself with the blanket while crying.

“Yappari. Sho will never love me,” she said as she cried the whole night. She was asleep that she did not realize someone enter her room, someone touching her through the covers.

“Gomenasai, Yuri…” Sho’s voice gently said as he sat beside her, touching the strands of her hair on the pillow.


Sho was sitting in front of their cabin, looking at the dark river and feeling the breeze. He remembered Anna’s words. And out of the blue, he suddenly remembered the girl he met in the ruins. He remembered the promise. He remembered the dream…


“Hai?” he replied as he put the can of beer at the table beside him.

“Can you give me the contact number of the private investigator you hired a year ago?”

He snorted. “Nande?”

“I want to look for someone,” Sho said.


Sho sighed as he closed his eyes. “Someone I don’t even know.”

“Baka. You don’t even have any background then you’ll go looking for someone,” Nino said sarcastically.

“Don’t be so bitter, Ninomiya.”

“I’m not,” he said, a smile playing on his lips. “Demo, he couldn’t even find someone whom I knew the name, I knew the face, and I knew the heart…” He frowned. “How about someone whom you don’t even know?”

“I know he’ll do his best,” Sho said with confidence.

Nino ruffled his hair. “Fine… I’ll give you his contact number as soon as we get back to Tokyo.


“Ureshii na!” Aiba said, stretching. “I love vacations!”

“Watashi mou,” Reina replied. They placed all the things at the back of the van.

Sho sighed as he spotted Yuri coming back from the cabin. She was carrying her bag towards the car. However, as Sho was about to open the front car door for her, she went to the back.

He sighed. He noticed that Yuri had been trying to avoid him in their two-night stay in the resthouse. She was bedridden since their first night in the place and she refused to get up or even to eat anything. She refused to turn on the lights or to open the windows. She was in darkness.

“Yuri? Yuri, it’s already morning,” Sho said. However, she just stayed on the bed.

He was about to open the window when she said, “Don’t open them.”

Sho stopped. “Nande?” He went near her to touch her. She was burning in fever. “Yuri! You’re sick!”

She weakly pushed his hand away. “Don’t mind me. Go with them.”

He could feel that she was sad. “Ne, Yuri, do you want to see the fields outside?”

“I don’t want to see anything,” she snapped, turning at the side. She coughed a little as she held her forehead, a wave of pain passing through her. She did not let him see that she was in pain, physically, and emotionally.

Sho let out a sigh and left the room quietly. Yuri bit her lip to stop her cries. Sho did not notice that there was blood on the sheets.

“What’s wrong with Yuri-chan?” Aiba asked Sho as he watched her weakly climbing up the car.

Sho shrugged. “I don’t understand.” He looked at Anna guiltily, who was carrying some stuffs and laughing while Ohno was struggling to carry a big cooler. “Yuri, what’s wrong with you?” he thought sadly as he saw Yuri cough at the back.

Nino was the one who went to the front seat along with Sho. He drove quietly back to the city. He kept on glancing on the mirror to check on Yuri. She was just staring ahead, looking tired.

“Ne, Sho-san, doushita?” Nino asked as he continued to play with his DS.

Sho shook his head and focused back to the road, trying to focus back to the road. By nightfall, the number of people in the car slowly diminished. As Ohno stepped down from the car to get the cooler, Anna gave a stare to Sho which she hoped he understood. Sho looked away.

Finally, after some minutes’ worth of driving, Sho was able to safely park the car. He went to the back to find Yuri sleeping. He knew she was not sleeping nicely as her brows were furrowed and she looked in pain. He decided not to wake her up and carried her. He just asked the other driver to take care of the stuff.

He laid her gently on the bed and put on the covers on her. Then he stared at her pale face. “Yuri, I know that I am hurting you so much. Gomenasai.”

He stood up, closed all the lights and the door behind him. Little did he know that Yuri was already awake and she heard every word her said. “Sho…” she just whimpered as she let the tears freely fall down her face.


“Sakurai-san, a girl from the Kyoto earthquake fourteen years ago?” the investigator confirmed.

“Hai. Gomenasai, I don’t know her name,” Sho replied.

“That’s enough information,” he replied. “And?”

“It was a kadou artist affair of the Akibara family,” Sho said, trying to remember everything. “She’s somewhat my age, based on her voice.”

“Sou ka…” the man confirmed, taking down notes. “I could try looking for the guest list of that event then.”

“Here’s my down payment. Ganbarimasu,” Sho said, handing an envelope. The man bowed in front of him.

“Arigatou, Sakurai-san,” he replied. “I must go now. Konbanwa.”

“Konbanwa,” he replied. The man left, leaving him alone in the tiny fancy restaurant. He stared at the window beside him, looking at the droplets of moist collected.

“I must find this memory before it disappears forever,” he muttered, tracing the kanji of ‘yuri’ on the window.

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Is this just a one-sided love?
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:54 am

endorsement: please read "through the eyes of harmony" in the one shot section...

and since i can't get enough of the "real" reina dancing Hawaiian dance, i decided to do another one shot dedicated to aiba and reina... oh my, i seem to be loving the cutey couple because i have more than a dozen one shots in my mind about them (well, it cannot be helped since the two are the most realistic)... i should have entitled them as a collection of one shots... :D

UPDATE! IT's the longest chapter i've ever done in this story... yet... haha... i hope you enjoy this one....

and again, if you have a vox account, it's nice if you could add me in your neighborhood because i might post "my love series" earlier over there. if not, well, you have to wait... and tell me if you're from here.

CHAPTER 11: Edelweiss

Sho stopped when he found Anna at the doorstep of her office, her head on the wall. She was obviously crying.

“Ne, Anna, doushita?” he asked. He was tempted to put a hand on her shoulder but he did not do it.

Sho gasped softly as Anna turned around to hug him. “Sho, why are we like this?” she asked miserably, choking on her words as she cried.

“Ne, what happened?” he asked kindly, stroking herb ack as she continued to cry.

Anna shook her head as she tried to hold back her tears. “It’s Satoshi. It’s Okaa-san! I don’t know!” she wailed as she broke down into sobs.

Sho sighed. He knew that Ohno and Anna’s mother were not really in good terms. “Ne, Anna, daijoubu. I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out. Just…”

“How will we work it out when Satoshi isn’t moving or doing anything?” Anna said angrily. “I’m trying my best to convince okaa-san that the two of us are alright but he is doing otherwise! I don’t want to leave him!”

“Shh…” Sho said, comforting her. At that moment, he felt somewhat angry at Ohno. He was greatly puzzled as his heart beat uncomfortably while embracing Anna. He embraced her tighter.

“Sho, nande?”

“I will never make you cry, Anna,” Sho said. He looked at her, his hands on her shoulders. “I still love you.”

Anna stared at him. “Sho, what are you saying?”

“I still couldn’t forget you, Anna,” he said. “I knew that you will be happy with Ohno-kun and I only want your happiness. But if it’s like this, I…”

“Don’t say another word, Sakurai,” Anna said sternly. “Onegai…”


“How about Shirayuri?” she spat. “How about her? What are you going to do, Sho?” She sighed. “Can’t you see how… she likes you?”

“Anna, I…”

“No, Sho,” she said, shaking her head. “I know what I am doing. You should know what you’re doing, what you’re heart is doing. If you continue to dwell in the past, for sure, you’ll never see whatever lies ahead of you.” Anna took a deep breath. “I thought we’re through with this, Sho. Shirayuri, she’s engaged to you. Take a chance. Give her a chance.”

She walked away and turned around the corner, leaving Sho staring at the path she took, thinking of the things he had said.


Sho went home, his head hung low. He was in the room, in the darkness. He did not even know that Yuri was there, looking at his misery. She still did not want to talk to him. However, she stood up and showed up to him. She wanted to know.

“Tell me, Sho, am I the reason?” Yuri asked. She slowly walked near him. His silence broke her heart. Yes, she was the reason.

“If you… if you hadn’t come…” he started, his voice trembling. He did not want to shout at her or to hurt her feelings.

“Nani, Sho? Tell me. If I hadn’t come, you could still run after her, ne? If you weren’t engaged to me, you would still be able to go and tell her that you…”

There was a loud thud. Sho has pushed Yuri, making her back hit the edge of the bed. She was in pain, he knew it. However, unlike the ordinary Yuri, she did not even cry out. She was trying to hold back the pain and the emotions.

“Yes! You are the reason! If I weren’t in this stupid arranged marriage with you, I would have still been able to go after her! Don’t you understand? You are the one blocking my way!”

Sho suddenly stopped, shocked at the words that spilled out of his mouth due to his anger. Yuri tried to stand up with difficulty. Her long hair was hanging loosely on her shoulders, covering her face. He could hear her small gasps. He himself gasped when she grabbed the hem of his shirt and buried her face on it.

“Sho… I love you…” she said. “Gomenasai… I love you…”

Sho looked at the miserable figure clinging on to him with horror. He watched her cry silently. He suddenly felt guilty. He suddenly felt like he was tearing the gentle white petals of a delicate little lily apart without any pity.

Still holding on to him for support, she stood up and gave something to him. He looked at his hand and saw the diamond ring. Then she ran out of the room and out, accidentally hitting the tablecloth, the contents falling down. The vase of her arranged flowers fell along with the music box, playing its melancholic melody and showing the lily clip lying forsaken on the floor.

Sho just stood there, trying to fight his conscience of running after Shirayuri.

After almost an hour of standing there, Sho heard thunder and saw a flash of lightning from his window. It has started to rain very hard.

Sho’s phone rang. “Moshi moshi?”

“Ah, Sakurai-san, I’ve found out who the girl is,” the private investigator answered.


“According to the hospital record here in Kyoto,” he started. “There was this girl, the last survivor who was found in the ruins, wearing a white kimono. “She is the only daughter of the Akibara family. Akibara Shirayuri.”

Sho’s eyes widened. His grip on the phone loosened, making it fall down to the ground. A flash of light passed through the window. Thunder…

“Iie!” Sho shouted, running downstairs. He opened the door and found that the rain was pouring heavily. “Yuri!” he gasped. He knew how weak she was and in this kind of setting, she could be in danger.

He hastily took his thick jacket because it was too cold and an umbrella and started to look for her in the dark and blurry night.

“Yuri!” he shouted, panicking. The fear in his chest throbbed painfully. He repeatedly shouted her name even though his voice was slowly fading away because of the cold. He knew he was crying. “Yuri, where are you?” he shouted.

Sho ran around. He himself was getting dizzy with the cold and the running. Because of that, he tripped on an uneven part of the road. He limped as he tried to stand up as he found his knee bleeding. However, he spotted a moving figure at his right side.

He squinted so that he could make out who it was. “Yuri!” he breathed. He hobbled towards her. She was shivering in the cold. He touched her. She was dead cold.

“Don’t touch me,” she said, her voice hoarse. She weakly tried to push him away. Sho felt bad. He knew that he had hurt her badly. However, her words made him hold her tighter. He removed his jacket and placed it around her frail and wet body.

“Why are you here? I thought… I thought…” She cried. She stood up and tried to run away.

“Yuri!” Sho shouted as he saw her collapsed on the cold ground. “Oh no…” he gasped. She has started to cough and blood was coming out of her mouth. He let go of the umbrella and carried her. “Onegai!” He ran, holding her light body in his arms, feeling how cold and weak she was. He felt that each second drains away a part of her life.

At last, he reached the main road. He called for a taxi and placed her inside. “To the nearest hospital. Onegai!” he said with panic.

They went down to the hospital and brought her to the emergency room. “Please do everything you can!” he pleaded almost on his knees. He feared for her life.

“Sakurai-kun, what are you doing here?” Sonosa asked as she saw him in the lobby. She spotted him drenched with the rain.

“Yuri… she…”

“You’re cold. Here, have some,” she said, offering her coffee. She motioned him to sit on one of the benches. “You should call your parents, you know,” she said in a friendly voice. However, she knew what Sho was facing.

“Ha…hai…” he replied with a trembling voice. He fumbled through his pockets to get his phone and called to his house.

Few minutes later, the hospital doors opened, revealing the only available person in the house, Mai.

“Mai… I…” Sho started. However, he stopped when his sister, for the first time, slapped him really hard.

“Onii-chan, what did you do to her?” she asked, crying while glaring at him. She was pounding his chest while crying. “I hate you, onii-chan! I hate you!” she said repeatedly.

Sho held her arms. “Mai, stop it. I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to…”

She looked at him. “Nande? Onii-chan! Onee-san only loved you! She waited for you but you were the one who hurt her!”

“What do you…?”

Mai took the lily clip from her coat pocket. Sho looked at it. “Do you remember this?” she asked, waving it frantically in front of him.


“She is that girl, onii-chan! That girl you were always thinking about!” she shouted. “When onee-san told me the story about that boy, I knew it was you!” She sunk on the bench. “Onii-chan, how dare you! She waited for you for fourteen years…”

Sho bit his lip. “I… I’m so…”

Mai started to cry. “You don’t know how much she suffered waiting for you,” she said. “You don’t know what his father did to her, locking her up for many years so that she would not meet you. So that she would only meet her future husband. You don’t know how it tortured her when the only fragment of memory she held of you was almost destroyed. You were the only person who made her happy, onii-chan and yet you are the one who hurt her. If you don’t love her, you should have at least made her happy before she… she…”

Sho looked at his sister. “Nani? Mai! What will happen to her?”

A set of footsteps stopped behind Sho. “Akibara-san only has few months to live, Sakurai-kun,” Sonosa said. “She could be saved if she went to New York for an operation but she did not want to go.”

“She said she’d rather die here with you rather than dying alone in a place where she would be alone, in a place where she would not see you,” Mai said, hiccupping.

Sho looked at Mai fearfully. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he said. “Mai, why…?”

“Because she did not want you to worry about her!” she bellowed back. “Onee-san did not want to be rejected by you. She thinks you don’t really care for her. If she tells you about it, she thought you will not do anything for her.”

A nurse came in. “Sonosa-sensei,” she said. “Akibara-san is fine now.”

“Hai,” she replied. “Iku,” she told the two. Sho and Mai followed her to Yuri’s room. She was still unconscious.

Sho sat beside her and stroked her hair. She was pale white, paler than before. He just stared at her as he held her hand.

“Onii-chan,” Mai said as she woke up hours later. “It’s already morning, don’t you have work?”

Sho shook his head. “Daijoubu.”

“Ne, onii-chan, gomen ne,” Mai apologized. She stood beside him. “I slapped you last night. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Wakatta,” Sho replied. “I know how attached you are to Yuri…”

“Onii-chan, I only want her to be happy,” Mai replied. “I also want you to be happy.”

“I looked for her, Mai,” Sho said, looking at Yuri’s sleeping face. “I did not even realize that she was always there for me.”

Mai sighed. “You were blinded by your love for Mitsuhashi-san,” his sister said. “But I remember very well how you looked for Yuri nee-san.”



“Please go home now,” Sho asked. “I want to spend some time alone with Yuri.”

Mai smiled softly. “Hai.” She opened the door. “I’ll just return here with clothes for her. And maybe for you too.”

After another hour, Yuri slowly stirred and opened her eyes. She found a mass of hair at her side. She patted the person sleeping beside her slowly. He moved. It was Sho.

“Sho?” she said softly. He just stirred and turned to the other side. “What is he doing here?” she wondered to herself. She remembered last night’s events. She closed her eyes as she felt that wave of bitterness once again.

Sho moved a little again and woke up. He blinked a few times to clear his vision. “Yuri, are you awake?”

“Hai,” she answered in almost a whisper.

Sho sat up straight. Yuri smiled a bit, trying to restrain herself from crying because of the pain. “Do you need anything?” he asked.

She shook her head. She tried to avoid his stare. “What are you doing here? What am I doing here?” she asked.

“Anou… last night you… when you…” Sho was not able to continue. He did not want to relive everything from last night. “You fainted and I brought you here. Yuri, why didn’t you tell me?”

“What should I tell you?” she asked back. She turned away, looking at the flowers in the vase. Shiragiku… She knew what he knew.

“Yuri, why didn’t you tell me about your condition? Why didn’t you go to New York for your operation?” Sho asked in a concerned voice.

“What is it to you if I die, anyway?” Yuri said bitterly that Sho felt it pierce his insides. “Will you care? Will you even cry…?”

“I will…” Sho said, interrupting her. “I didn’t know that you were lying ever since, Yuri.” He showed the red handkerchief to her. “You’ve taken care of this. You’ve waited.”

Yuri’s tears started to fall. “Sho…”

“I was looking for you,” he said. “And you were just beside me all the time.” He touched her cheek to wipe away her tears. “Ne, Yuri…?”

“I’ve always loved you, Sho,” she said. “And now that I’ve found you…”

“You don’t need to look anymore, Yuri,” he said, looking at her. “I’m here now.”

“But you… but you love Anna-san,” she said. “If I…”

Sho gently kissed her. “Yuri, why would I look at another if I have you?” He looked at her eyes. They were like of a child’s. He edged her nearer so that he could embrace her. She laid her head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat. “Gomenasai, Yuri.”

She shook her head. “Daijoubu.” She touched her lips for a second. “That’s my first kiss…” she thought. She blushed.

He took the ring from his pocket and placed it again on her finger. “Ne, Yuri, I think you forgot this.” He watched as she looked at the ring again. “I want you to go to New York.”

She looked up to him. “Nande?”

“I want you to live, Yuri,” he said.

She clung tighter to him, almost bruising his chest as she dug her fingers on the fabric of his shirt. “I don’t want to leave. I wouldn’t see you. I don’t know that place. What if I…?”

He hushed her. “Daijoubu. I’ll go with you.”

“Demo… how about…?”

“Daijoubu, Yuri,” Sho said again. “I told you I’m going with you.” He smiled. “I want you to take care of yourself. I’ll arrange the date when we’ll go there.”

Yuri bowed her head. “Hai.”

“Yuri, promise me something,” Sho said seriously.


“Don’t keep it to yourself when you’re in pain. Tell me,” he said. Yuri saw the sincerity and concern in his eyes.

“Only that and no love,” Yuri thought disappointingly.


Sho held Yuri close as they made their way through the airport. Sho was in heavy disguise that she kept on staring at him. He held her protectively.

“Yuri, nande?” he asked as he caught her staring at him.

She shook her head. “I just feel… uncomfortable.”

“Gomenasai,” he explained. “These are the rules.” They both boarded the plane. Yuri proceeded to her seat near the window. She held Sho’s arm as the plane took off. “Are you scared?”

Yuri shook her head. “I’m nervous.”

“Daijoubu. I’m sure you’ll be fine. When we return to Japan, we will continue our wedding, ne? Ganbarimasu.”

Yuri smiled. “Ganbarimasu.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder to go to sleep. Sho touched her head and urged her to lean on him.


“What did he say?” Sho asked as Yuri got out of the doctor’s clinic.

“He told me that I will start the therapy tomorrow,” she said.

“Ah, sou…” Sho said. “Do you want to go for a walk?”

She looked at him. “If you say so.”

“Well, if you’re tired,” he started.

She smiled. “I would like to take a walk with you.” She heard his phone ring. “Douzo.”

Sho picked up the phone and nodded a few times. “Hai.” He hung up. “Nino will follow after his schedule.”

“Sou desu ne?”

“Hai. He would like to do something,” Sho explained.

“Ah, sou ka,” Yuri said. “Iku?” He offered his hand. Yuri silently yet gladly took it as they set off for a walk. Yuri quite knew the place since she has been there for some exhibitions. However, she clung tighter to Sho, especially in places where lots of people walk.

However, they passed a rallying parade in the street. Sho tried to hold on to Yuri but she was caught by the wave of people.

“Sho!” she shouted. She tried calling him but he was out of reach. Yuri looked around to look for his familiar figure but she saw no one. “What am I going to do?” she sighed. Yuri was so scared. She did not have any money with her. She tried asking people but most of them ignored her.

She gasped when she felt someone tap her back. “Sho!”

Give me the power… give me the courage… so that I could continue to live…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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endorsement: please check out the one shots in the one shot chapter... ii'm so disappointed because people kept on downloading my ohno one shot without leaving a comment... oh well, shoganai yo...

and i guess some people here haven't read "through the eyes of harmony", ne? because if you did, you'll know who shirayuri's cousin is...

CHAPTER 12: Kiiroibara

“Shirayuri-chan? What are you doing here?” the woman asked her.

Yuri looked at her closely. She was wearing a checkered cream coat and was pushing a stroller. “Cho-chan?”

Cho smiled. “Ne, what are you doing here?” she asked again.

“I…” Yuri thought of a lie. She would not want to let her cousin know that she’s in New York for a series of operations. “Anou… I’m here for a vacation.”

The other motioned her to follow. “Sou desu ne… Demo, I think you are lost.”

“Actually, I am,” Yuri admitted. “Sumimasen.”

“You really don’t have a strong sense of direction,” Cho teased. “Who is your companion?”

Yuri suddenly smiled. “Ne, Cho-chan…”


“I found him already.”


“The boy from the ruins! The one I was telling you about!” she said excitedly. They settled themselves by the bench beside a tree. Cho was gently rocking the stroller so that Kazuko would continue to be asleep.

“How about your arranged marriage?”

Yuri held Cho’s hand happily. “He’s my fiancée, Cho!”

The other lady giggled a bit. “Sou ne?” Then she looked at her watch. “Anou, Shirayuri-chan, I have work today. Where do you stay?”

“I can’t remember where,” Yuri admitted, biting her lip.

Cho sighed. “Maybe you could stay in our apartment. From there, you could contact your fiancée then he could take you home.”

“Nice idea,” she replied. The two giggled. “Ne, Cho-chan, what’s his name?”

“Kazuko,” she replied.

“Kireii na,” Yuri replied. She bent near the baby. “He’s a wonderful child. Where is his…?” She suddenly looked sorry. “Gomen ne.”

“Daijoubu,” Cho replied. “Kazuko… is the remaining memory of my only happiness,” she said, looking at the sky. “Iku. Gomen ne, our apartment is just a small one.”

The two of them rode a taxi to the small apartment building where Cho stayed. They both went inside. “Shirayuri-chan, I have to go now.”

“Hai. I’ll take care of Kazuko-kun,” she replied.

“And call your fiancée. He might be worried now,” Cho added before closing the door.


“Eh? What do you mean Shirayuri’s missing?” Nino said as he went inside the suite.

Sho ran his hands through his hair. “I’ve been trying to call her but I can’t reach her phone. It might be off.”

“Ne, Sho-san, this is a big city. We can’t just lose her! It’s dangerous!” Nino said, panicking.

Sho looked at him. He knew that it was not just Shirayuri he was talking about. “Nino, let’s go look for them.”

“Are? Them?” Nino said, his eyes narrowing. “What do you…?”

“I very well know,” he said. “Ikuzo.”

The two of them roamed the city. Both of them were trying to call Yuri’s phone. Nino was the first one who reached the phone.

“Moshi moshi?” a voice answered.

“Shirayuri-san?” Nino said, not recognizing the voice. “Anou… it’s me, Ninomi…”

Nino looked at his phone, confused on why Yuri hung the phone up. Then he received a message.

“I’ll send you a message where you can pick me up.”

“This woman’s weird,” Nino said as he called Sho. “But that was not Shirayuri… It’s another voice… And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that somewhere before…”


Kazuko was asleep once again. Yuri placed a blanket over the baby in the crib and stood up. He then spotted something by the bedside.

“Eh? Isn’t this…?” she started, taking the uchiwa from its holder. She turned it over and saw the message. “Does this mean…?”

The door suddenly opened and Cho sped in. In hurry, Yuri returned the uchiwa. She was panting. “Shirayuri-chan, let’s go.”


“I’m going to take you to a café nearby. Your fiancée and his friend will pick you up there. Gomenasai. I can’t let them in here,” she explained hurriedly. Yuri prepared herself.

“How about Kazuko?”

“I’ll have to take him,” Cho said hurriedly. She placed the baby in the stroller and placed a blanket over him. The two of them helped each other take the crib outside and lock the door. They went to the nearby café.

“Ne, Cho, why are you tensed?” Yuri asked worryingly.

“Betsuni,” she replied. But it was noticeable that cold sweat was dripping down her forehead.

“Why is there an uchiwa of Ninomiya Kazunari in your room? Are you in any way related?”

“Please stop asking questions,” Cho said. “Onegai.”

“Demo, he’s my fiancee’s friend,” Yuri said.

“Eh?” Cho stopped walking and looked at her. “What are you…?” She looked at the ground. “Who is your fiancée?”

“Sakurai Sho,” Yuri answered.

“Yada…” Cho said. “Shirayuri,” she held her hand. “Promise me. Don’t tell them that you know me.” She started crying. “Onegai.”


“Onegai,” she pleaded once more.

Yuri nodded in understanding. “Hai.”

The two of them entered the café and took a seat by the window. Cho passed the phone to Yuri. “I told them that you’re here.”

Yuri pointed at the glass window. “They’re here,” she gasped.

Cho gathered the baby bag and the stroller. “I must go now, Shirayuri-chan. Do call me when you have time,” she said. She gave her a business card. “And onegai, our promise.”

“Hai. Wakatta,” Yuri said. “Kiotsukete.”

Cho smiled before pushing the stroller and out of the café. She waved at Yuri before disappearing walking towards the alley on the way to her apartment. Footsteps were heard and Yuri turned around to find Nino and Sho staring at her.

“Yuri, you got me worried,” Sho said, sitting beside her. Nino sat across. He narrowed his eyes at the alley where Cho disappeared.

“Ne, Shirayuri-san, who was that lady who helped you? The one with that stroller?”

Yuri blinked a few times. “Anou… umm… she’s the one who found me in the streets,” she said.

“Ah… sou ne…” Nino said, lolling his head at one side. “Ne, Sho-san, can we eat? I’m hungry with all the running.”

“Hai,” Sho replied.

Yuri sighed as she stared at the window.


“Sho, onegai, don’t leave me,” Yuri said as he was about to leave the room. The nurse smiled softly at him.

“Are you sure she’ll be fine?” Sho asked the nurse in English.

“I think Miss Shirayuri is just nervous,” she replied. She placed the trolley beside the bed. Even Sho gulped at the apparatus on the trolley.

Yuri held his hand tighter, not wanting to let him go, as the nurse untied the strings of her hospital gown and took the injection from the trolley. Apparently, its end was blunt.

“Miss Shirayuri, this won’t take long,” she said. She stuck the needle on a part of her lower back and Yuri writhed in pain. She held Sho’s hand tighter that it hurt. Her scream also filled his ears that he had to close his eyes.

“Ne, daijoubu desu ka?” Sho asked after her three injections. She knelt in front of her. He saw that she was sweating heavily and her eyes were red. She was also breathing heavily. “Gomen ne, you have to go through all of that.” He arranged a few locks of her hair covering her face.

She smiled and shook her head. “As long as you’re here, Sho, I know I will be fine,” she said.


Each operation was preceded with the same actions. Shirayuri had to face painful injections but she just agreed to take them when Sho was beside her. He was always there, holding her hand. And each day that passes, Sho slowly felt more than sympathy and care to Yuri.

Whatever he felt, he did not want to admit.


Sho was suddenly confused when he heard some laughter from Yuri’s room. He was carrying some white lilies for her since she started to stay in the hospital. When he entered, he found a doctor at her bedside.

“Ah, Sho!” Yuri said. “Doctor, this is Sakurai Sho, my fiancée,” she introduced in English.

“You don’t need to introduce me in eigo, Shirayuri-chan,” he chuckled.

The name ringed in his ears. ”Shirayuri-chan? What the…?” Blood is rising through Sho’s veins.

“Sho, this is Sakuma-sensei,” Yuri said. “He was my classmate in high school, my best friend.”

Sho took a deep breath so that he could control his anger. “Why am I angry, anyway?” he thought. “Hajimemashite, Sakurai Sho desu.”

Sakuma bowed along with him. “You are the member of that… boy… hmm… what do you call that in Japan?”

“Honestly!” Sho thought again, raising an eyebrow. “We call that idol group.”

“Ah... sou… sou, idol group,” he said. “Well then, Shirayuri-chan, I must go. I have another patient to look at.”

He gave another wave and a pat on Sho’s shoulder ( “Does he even think we’re close?”) before leaving the room.

“Is his specialization even related to your condition?” Sho asked disbelievingly.

Yuri chuckled. “He’s a pediatric oncologist,” she said.

“You are not a child,” Sho replied.

“Shirayuri!” she excitedly squealed. She held her hands out like a child wanting to take a toy from someone.

Sho immediately sensed what she was talking about. He gave her the bouquet. “I bought these from the flower shop near the hotel.”

“Ah, arigatou gozaimasu,” she said. “Ah, Sho, mite, there’s a different one here!” She showed him the lily blossom that was different among the others. It has a pink core. “It’s different!”

“It looks beautiful, ne?” Sho said, sitting at the stool beside her bed. “How were you in here? Gomen ne, I could not sleep here like you.”

“Daijoubu,” she said. “At least I won’t go through those injections again.” She chuckled weakly. Then a sharp pain hit her. She clutched her forehead.

“Yuri!” Sho said, going near her. The bouquet fell from the bed. “Daijoubu ka?”

“Ha… Hai…” she tried to say, then she gripped on Sho’s shirt in pain. “Yamette…” she gasped out. She was holding back her tears.

“I’ll call the…” Yuri pushed Sho’s hand away from the signal button.

“Iie. Daijoubu,” she said, panting. She tried to smile at him. She gasped when suddenly, Sho embraced her. She closed her eyes, feeling his warmth.

“Yuri, gomenasai, I couldn’t… I couldn’t do anything to ease your pain,” Sho said as he felt her relax in his arms. “Demo, I promise to do everything for you.”

“You don’t need to say sorry,” Yuri replied. “Arigatou gozaimasu.”

Sho smiled.


“Yuri?” Sho said in wonder as he found her hospital room empty. A nurse was inside, arranging the apparatus. “Excuse me,” he said in English, “where is Shirayuri?”

“She’s in the garden,” she replied, “with Doctor Sakuma.”

Sho scowled as he left the room and made his way to the garden. He was still carrying the flower bouquet. He spotted the wheelchaired long-haired girl facing the small lake. Beside her was a tall man.

Sho just suddenly felt his blood on fire as Sakuma placed a hand on Yuri’s shoulder. He did not understand but he had the thought of lunging at the guy and pushing him to the lake. However, the rational side won. He tried to calmly approach the two.

“Yuri,” he called out. She turned around and smiled at him.

“Sho, Sakuma-sensei just accompanied me here outside,” she said.

“Sou desu ka?” he said as he gave the lilies to her. “I found these. They’re the ones you like, ne?” The bouquet was filled this time by lilies with pinkish stains in the core. “You should have waited for me so that we could go here together.”

“I thought you might be late so I decided to take her here,” Sakuma interrupted. Sho’s eyes widened in annoyance but he did not let the two of them see his expression.

“Arigatou, Sakuma-sensei,” he said, standing up. He did not want to sound so sarcastic. “Demo, I’ll take it from here. You might be busy.”

“Iie. I’m fine,” he replied, looking straight at him. It was as if they were challenging each other.

“Anou, Sakuma-sensei, I don’t want to bother you,” Yuri said, breaking the eye contact.

Sakuma smiled at her and said, “Fine. I’ll go now. Matta ne.” He walked back to the hospital building.

“You told me Sakuma-sensei is your best friend,” Sho said as he pushed the wheel chair.

Yuri nodded. “Hai.”

“Are you sure you were not…?” Sho started. “Never mind,” he said, cutting it off.

She chuckled. “Ne, Sho, are you jealous?” she asked.

“I’m not!” Sho said defensively, his face forming a silly expression that was laughable. “I’m just… Well… you’re my fiancée and I don’t want other guys flirting with you.”

“Daijoubu. He’s just my best friend. I only love Sho,” Yuri sighed as they stopped by the shade of some trees.

Sho looked down at her sadly. “Ne, how were your operations?” he asked, changing the topic.

“They do not hurt anymore,” she said. “They make sure I’m asleep when they perform their radiation.” Sho touched her shoulder and she suddenly whimpered.

“Gomenasai,” he said. He slightly lowered the hospital gown and saw a burn mark on her shoulder. “Yuri, is this…?”

She nodded. “Daijoubu, it’s only my shoulder,” she said. “Demo, I won’t be beautiful anymore for you.” She let him tie up the gown again.

Sho contemplated a bit on what she was talking about. “Yuri, you are always beautiful,” he said.

“Ne, Sho?” she asked again.


“You always look mad when Sakuma-sensei is around. Don’t you like him?” she asked. “If you don’t want me talking to him, I understand.”

“Iie. Daijoubu,” Sho said. However, deep inside, she was right. He did not like him a bit and he did not like him talking with Yuri. He only wants Yuri’s attention to be on him and only to him.

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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the reason why i am updating today is because i won't be able to update tomorrow, and on saturday... i won't be home... i'll be in some party thingy...

oh well, i know sho-chan's jealous and nino's really near to cho... and here's the next chapter! enjoy!! I love your comments people! keep them coming!

endorsement: there's a second Love Situation one shot... please check the thread and...

please guess imi reina's birthday... if you guess it right... if you guess it right... there's a surprise for you!!! (CLUE: Imi Reina is based on a real person named.... dot dot dot... i always mention this girl... ALWAYS)


CHAPTER 13: Wasurenagusa

Sho was waiting inside the room when Yuri entered, her wheel chair being pushed again by Sakuma. “Honestly, is he really a doctor? He seemed to be tailing Yuri!” he thought angrily. He stood up and met her and before Sakuma could do so, he carried her from the wheel chair and laid her on the bed. “I could take it from here, thanks,” he snapped.

Sakuma was quite frozen on the spot. “Sakuma-sensei, daijoubu desu ka?” Yuri asked.

“Hai,” he said. He smiled and went out of the hospital room.

After an hour of chitchat, Sho decided to go out so that he could buy themselves some lunch when Sakuma blocked his way.

“Nan dayo?” he asked angrily.

“I know your kind, Sakurai,” he said, getting out of the “respectable doctor” coat as he pinned him against the wall. “You’ll just hurt Yuri. You’ll just make her cry.”

“What the…?” “Hanasu yo!” he said, pushing him away. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“If you will hurt Yuri, I will never forgive you!” he snarled. The two of them looked at each other for a moment.

“Are you threatening me?” Sho asked.

“You don’t even love Yuri, why are you here?”

“What makes you say that…?”

“Yuri and you are in an arranged marriage, right? And you’re a celebrity. People like you… all of you are liars!”

Sho punched him. “And so if I am a celebrity? So what if we’re in an arranged marriage? You have no right to judge me like that!” Sho said, his control draining off.

Sakuma wiped his bleeding lip. “Yuri… Yuri is a sensitive person. If something bad happens to her, if you hurt her…” he looked at Sho with a hint of menace on his eyes. “I would kill you.”


“Nani? He told you that?” Nino said, quite angry like Sho.

He just nodded. “He’s really getting in my nerves,” he said as he almost crushed the can he was holding. “Hey, Nino, how was your search?”

He sighed. “Nothing. I found nothing.”

“Ah, sou ka…” Sho said.

“Ne, Sho-san, are you jealous with that Sakuma guy?” Nino asked. Sho ignored the question. He stood up from his bed and took his wallet from the side table. “Oi! Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m going to the hospital,” he said.


Sho just sighed as he stepped out of the hotel room. Nino followed, locking up the room and pocketing the card key. They both went to the hospital.

“Is Shirayuri Akibara in her room?” Sho asked the receptionist.

“Yes, sir, but we’re not accepting visitors at this time,” she replied. However, Sho continued to walk towards the elevator. “Sir! Please!” she said, going out of her post to stop Sho. However, Nino and Sho were already in the elevator.

They went in the room and found no one. “Yuri?” Sho saw that the lilies he gave her early that morning were scattered on the floor. Nino went near the bed. He saw that she left her phone.

“Where is Yuri?” he asked the nurse who was tailing them. It seemed like she was also shocked.

“Great security you have here,” Nino sneered. “You even lost a patient!” The phone rang and Nino, who was the nearest to the bed, picked it up. “Moshi moshi?”

“Shirayuri-chan, it’s me, Ch…”

“Chotto matte, who are you?” Nino asked the person speaking Japanese on the phone. “Shirayuri’s missing.”

“Missing? Demo…”

Sho took the phone. “Who is this?” he asked.

“This is… Shirayuri’s cousin,” the panicked voice replied. “Is it true? Shirayuri’s missing?”

“Hai,” he replied. “Do you think you know where she would go?” he asked, also panicking.

“Iie,” she replied. “I was calling her because I wanted to visit her. Please look for her. I’m so worried!” The voice from the other line was breaking, tempting to burst to tears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look for her,” Sho said. He threw the phone back to the bed and sped out of the room, running.

“Sho-san, chotto matte!” Nino said.

Sho looked back at him. “I… I love Yuri.” He faced straight again. “And I’ll never let her leave my side forever.”

Nino nodded as he watched him leave. “At last, Sakurai Sho, you admitted it yourself. I did not even need to ask.” He took the phone from the bed and looked at the call record. “And I also never wanted her to leave my side…” He was about to open the phone register and see who called but the phone was off. “Kuso!” he cursed. The battery of the phone was already empty.

He started to follow Sho but he was not in sight. Then he happened to stop by the entrance of a ward full of children. “Yappari,” Nino said, sighing. He dialed Sho’s number and he only received beeps. “What’s with people having empty batteries today?” he said angrily. Then he smiled. “But maybe this will help for Sho-san and Yuri-chan…”


“Yuri, where are you…?” Sho muttered to himself as he ran the streets. It was impossible for her to get that far since she has no ability to walk while undergoing the operations. “Yuri?” He called out, walking around the large garden of the hospital.

“Sakurai, what are you doing here?” Sakuma said, coming out of the shadows.

“You! You took Shirayuri, didn’t you?” Sho said angrily, grabbing him by the collar.

“I don’t…”

“URUSEIYO! I know that you took Yuri! Where did you take her?” he spat angrily.

“I told you, Sakurai, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” he said, shouting back at him now. However, he just earned a punch from Sho, making him move sideways. He avenged himself, though, and minutes later, they ended up in a fist fight.

“Why are you so sure that I took Shirayuri away?” Sakuma asked as he tried to punch him in the face. Sho barely escaped it.

“Because she trusts you! She wouldn’t leave this hospital with a person she doesn’t trust!”

After another 30 minutes of shouting and punching, both of them fell on the grass. “Oi, Sakurai, I told you I did not take Yuri,” Sakuma said, his voice a little muffled because of his swelling bruise.

“Ah, sou ka…” Sho said. He was too tired to shout back.

“I wouldn’t do anything bad to my best friend,” Sakuma said. “That’s why I also want to ask you if you really would not hurt her…”

“I won’t hurt her,” Sho said, staring straight at the moon. “I… I love her already…”

Sakuma laughed. “Were you jealous?” he asked.

“I’m not!” Sho blurted out defensively.

“I’m a man too. I could see how protective you are with Yuri when I’m around,” he said.

“That’s because I love her.” She stood up. “I shouldn’t be wasting time here. I must find…” He stopped as he saw Yuri, with Nino pushing her wheelchair. She was carrying a bundle in her arms. She spotted Sho and his bruised face and lopsided clothes.

“Sho, what happened?” she asked, looking worried. She passed the baby to Nino, who was quite smiling as he rocked him gently. He did not even notice as Yuri rolled the wheelchair herself towards Sho, who also ran towards her. She was shocked when he was suddenly on his knees, hugging her.

“Yuri, where did you go?” he asked, his voice breaking. He started crying as he held her.

“Ne, Sho, I was just…” Her words were blocked as Sho kissed her.

“Don’t leave again without telling me, okay?” he said. She nodded.

“What happened to you?” she asked, touching his swollen eye.

Sakuma limped towards them. “I think Sakurai-san and I need to go to the emergency room. Iku.”

“Nino, take Yuri back to her room,” Sho said.

“Hai,” Nino said. However, he was busy playing with the now awake baby, who was laughing as he cooed and spoke some baby language.

“Ne, Ninomiya-kun, you seem to be enjoying playing with him,” Yuri said, smiling.

“What’s his name?”

“Kazuko,” she said, smiling. “Her mother might be worried. Let’s return him to the ward and check out Sho.”

“Hai,” he replied. “What a cute name, Kazuko,” he told the baby. “You must be named ‘Kazunari’ because you are so overflowing with cuteness.”

After they returned the child in the ward, the two of them went to the emergency room. Yuri found Sho’s right eye bandaged, as well as his fist. “Ne, Sho, daijoubu desu ka?”

He nodded. Yuri moved a little closer to the bed where he was sitting. “Sakuma-sensei just left because of another emergency.” He stood up and pushed the wheelchair back to her room.



“Why did you fight with Sakuma-sensei?” she asked. He was still silent as he carried her from the wheelchair and laid her on the bed. “Sho?”

He sighed as he sat on the stool beside Yuri. “Ne, Yuri, is it true that you really love me? Like what you said that night?”

“Hai,” she replied. “I have loved you ever since I met you in that ruins.”

Sho touched her cheek. “Gomenasai, Yuri. When you were lost… when I thought you were in danger, I was really worried.” He smiled. “I was not worried simple because I care for you. I was worried because I don’t want to lose you. I want you to stay by my side.” He touched her forehead with his and wound his hand around hers. “I love you, Yuri. I love you.”

Yuri’s tears fell down. “Sho, is that the truth?” She looked at his eyes as he nodded. “Yokatta… yokatta…”

Sho kissed her softly. Yuri was really happy with his confession. “Yuri, please don’t ever leave my side,” he pleaded.

“I promise. I will never leave you,” she said. “I have waited fro this day, Sho. I have waited for you to love me.”

“I guess that’s ‘unmei’ then,” he said.

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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yay!!! another update!!!
anyway, i'm so genki today so i decided to update (since i came from a jun tanjoubi party)...
sooo... soo... this fic is really connected to nino's fic (because all unmei series are indeed connected)

anyway, because people got it right, expect something new on sept. 20...


CHAPTER 14: Carnation

“Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Shirayuri?” Nino asked. The two of them were packing because they were called for a sudden engagement. Their vacation was not yet through but then…

“If I say goodbye to her, she’ll be sad,” he said as he took some of his clothes from the cabinet. “Besides, I want her to continue the operations and return only when she’s perfectly well.”

Nino sighed. “Have you told the doctor?”

“Hai. He told me he’ll take care of her,” Sho said, busily packing up his remaining condiments. “Are we all set?” Nino nodded. Both of them dragged their suitcases out of the room, where a bellboy was waiting to carry their luggages. “Nino?”

“Ne, Sho-san, I remember that baby from the hospital, the one Shirayuri was holding,” he said as they were in the taxi.

“Ah, sou, what was his name?”

“Kazuko,” Nino replied. “There is something something… something so familiar about him…”

Sho chuckled. “What I remember, you kept on saying that he should change his name to ‘Kazunari’ because he’s overflowing with cuteness,” he said.

Nino just smirked.


Sho sighed as he laid down the bed. It has been three days since his return to Japan and this was his first night to go back home and lie down on that bed. He looked at his study table. He missed Yuri’s flowers. Furthermore, he missed Yuri so badly that it was depressing. “What if… what if…?” He did not want to have bad thoughts. “Yuri will be safe, I know it.”

“AHHHH!!!!!” What are you doing here?” Mai shouted from downstairs. Sho was suddenly awakened from his hazy dream.

“Mai, what are you shouti…?” he stopped halfway as he saw a figure standing at the doorstep. “Yuri? What are you doing back here?”

“Sho!” she said happily, walking towards him. She hugged him tight.

“Eh? I thought…?”

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” she asked. “I’m already well.”

“But it’s just three days,” Sho replied. Yuri just smiled.

“I told you I’m better now. I can now walk, but not that fast,” she added with a pout.

Sho then smiled. “I’m glad.” He looked at the dining table. “Have you eaten, Yuri? You look tired.”

She shook her head. Sho led her to the dining room. “It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten these!” she said with pure happiness. Even Mai looked surprise at the sudden sweetness of the two.


“You did not tell me that she’s sick,” Cho told Sakuma as they were in his clinic.

“Warashi-san, she told me to keep it a secret,” he said.

“So now it will be my fault that she went back to Japan!” she shouted. “If I just knew, I would not let her go back!”

“Ne, Cho-chan, can you help me?” Yuri asked as they were in a café near the hospital.

Cho put down her coffee cup. “Nani?”

“I want to go back to Japan now,” she said. “Please help me.”

“Sou desu ne? how about your vacation?” she asked.

Yuri sighed. “Sho has already left. I’ll just feel sad when I’m here alone.”

“Sou desu ka? I’ll do you a favor then,” Cho replied. “Demo…”

“Wakatta. I will not tell them. But next time I’ll go here, I’ll visit you two, okay?”

“Right,” Cho said. She took her phone and called a travel agency.

“What could happen to her since she did not finish her operations?”

“She could be well at first but since she did not finish all of them, there is a fear of relapse,” Sakuma replied. “I know it’s a bit same with children.”

“Maybe she could continue the operations in Japan,” Cho said hopefully.

“That is if she WOULD continue the operations,” Sakuma said. “I know her. She would lie to that Sakurai that she’s already finished her operations. There’s no point in her continuing it.”


Yuri was at her usual spot by the veranda, arranging new flowers. It has been a long time since she arranged flowers for Sho’s study table.

“Yuri?” Sho said as he entered the veranda. He sat in front of her. “It’s the first time I’ve seen you use these two,” he said, observing the two new blossoms, red roses and red camellias.

“Sou ne,” Yuri said, placing on in the vase. “They mean love.” She smiled at him. “Aren’t you busy today?”

“I just have my radio program tonight,” he said. “And I’m perfectly fine. “Yuri?”


“Can you teach me how to do that?”

Yuri showed a look of surprise. Sho sat beside her. “Anou… you of course have to pick some flowers that you like.”

“Well, is it that simple?”

Yuri shook her head. “The way you hold them, you should be careful.” However, too late. Sho suddenly jerked when he accidentally touched the thorn of a rose. “Sho!”

“Daijoubu,” he said. The splinter has gotten in his skin. However, Yuri took his hand.

“Gomen ne, I told you to be careful,” she said. She carefull removed the splinter from his palm and forced out some blood. Then she took her handkerchief, the memorable red one, and wiped it dry. “You should not bandage that. Just put antiseptic.” Sho’s eyes widened as she kissed the wound gently.

“Do you do that all the time?” he asked.

Yuri smiled. “I teach kadou to young girls,” she said as she continued cutting and placing the flowers. “They sometimes cry when they get wounded. That’s why I don’t usually use roses in their arrangements.” She looked at her palm. “When I remove their thorns, I get wounded too.”

The two of them started enjoying themselves by putting flowers here and there. Even Sho was laughing when he found that his arrangement was lopsided. Yuri went beside him and fixed the flowers so that they’ll be standing up.

She suddenly slapped her hand on her forehead in pain. “Yuri, doushita?”

She shook her head as she tried to make the pain go away. “Daijoubu, daijoubu,” she said, pushing him slightly away as she crouched down. The pain subsided, and she sat up properly. Sho rushed to the kitchen to give her some water to drink.

“Yuri, I think I need to bring you to the hospital,” he said worryingly.

“Iie,” she said. “Daijoubu na. I don’t need to go to the hospital. I’m perfectly fine,” she said.

In Sho’s opinion, Yuri looked as if she’s a child not wanting to take some bitter medicine. “Hai,” he said, giving up. “But the next tiem this happens, I want you to go to the hospital, understand?”

“Wakatta,” she replied, smiling at him. “Don’t worry, Sho, I’ll be perfectly fine.”


“Moshi moshi?” Sho said as he answered his phone one day. They had just finished a photoshoot and everyone was changing into their normal clothing.

“Anou ne… is this Sakurai-san?” the voice asked. It was familiar.

“You are Shirayuri’s cousin, ne?” he confirmed.

She ignored the question. “I have something to tell you.”


She took a deep breath. “Anou ne… I’m so sorry I let her go back to Japan. I thought… I thought…”

“You thought what?” Sho asked, curious and worried.

“I thought she is just in a vacation so I helped her return there. Then I found out… Listen well, Sakurai-san. Shirayuri’s not yet through with her operations,” she said. “She just went back there for you. If she doesn’t finish her operations, she might…” She started to sob. “There’s a fear of relapse.”

Sho was dumbfounded. “So Yuri’s still sick,” he thought bitterly. “I’ll take care of her.”

“Please help her live,” she said. Sho was about to hang up the phone before she talked again. “And Sakurai-san…?”


“Please tell Ninomiya-san that I still love him.”

“Chotto matte… Cho?” Sho said in realization but the line was off. He tried redialing the number but it was already off. He sighed. “I guess there’s no point telling Nino that it was Cho.”

However, the fact that Yuri was lying to him made him so disappointed and frustrated. He immeditaly drove back to the house where he found Yuri in their room, sitting on the bed and listening to her music box’s melody.

“Yuri?” he called out.

“Hai?” she replied.

He was not angry at her. He was just worried and sad. He sat beside her. “Yuri, nande?”


“Why did you lie to me?” he asked. “Why did you tell me that you’re fine? Why did you return here even though your medication’s not yet through?” Yuri looked at the side. She could not bear to look into his eyes. Sho suddenly held her by the shoulder and forced her to look at him. He tried not to treat her harshly but he was also angry at that moment. “I’m going to send you to New York.”


“Yuri, yamette kudasai!” he shouted, arguing with her. “This is for your own sake!”

“Sho, I only want to be with you! I’ll die without you!”

“Yuri, stop being so immature!”

“Sho, onegai!” However, the door of the room was shut on her face. She tried opening it but it was locked. “Sho, don’t…” She pounded on the door.

“I’m going to send you there,” Sho said.

Yuri was crying as she pounded on the door. “Sho, onegai… onegai…” Sho could her her muffled voice pleading for him from the other side. He sunk low, crying along with her but he did not let her hear him. It would break her heart more, he knew.

“Yuri, if I could just do something to save you,” he thought as he cried silently at that side of the door, absorbing the heart-wrenching sounds of life from the other side.

He was half-asleep behind that door. The pounding from the other side stopped. However, he was suddenly awakened by the shattering of glass from the other side.


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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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at last update! if you're all excited fr the next chapter, i myself was excited to finish this chapter... so anyway...

thanks to all comments and for patiently waiting for me and my fic... however, i'm a bit disappointed that no one took notice on what cho told sho...

endorsement: i am officially an aibaxreina shipper!! i made another fic for them (and i love them more than ninoxcho and annaxohno pairings)... please read the part 1 of "I miss your voice", which is entitled "koe"... onegai! please read and comment!!!

CHAPTER 15: Sayuri

“Yuri nee-san, akiramenai!” Mai said as she held her hand. They were running in the hospital and she was on the stretcher.

Sho was also running along, holding her other hand. Then they were blocked by the nurse at the operating room. Sho punched the wall angrily.

“Onii-chan, what happened?”

Sho turned to look at his younger sister. “Yuri, she’s not really okay.”


“She went back from New York even though her operations were not through!” Sho shouted. He was guilty himself. “Why did I leave her?”

The hours seemed long and each tick of the clock made Sho’s heartbeat speed up. The doctor got out of the operating room by dawn. “She’s fine for now.”

“Can we see her?”

“Hai,” the doctor replied. “She’ll be transferred in another room so please wait.”

Sho and Mai nodded as the doctor left.


Yuri took the empty glass and threw it on the floor. She took one blade, cutting through her skin, and held it against her wrist.

“Why do I always make Sho worried?” she asked herself. “I don’t want him to be sad. I don’t want him to be worried about me. I think it’s better if I’m out of his life.”

She slashed her wrist and watched as blood dripped from it. At that moment, while her head was spinning and she felt she was going to faint, a pair of strong arms held her. “Yuri, nande?”

“Gomenasai, Sho…”

“Gomenasai…” she said as she woke up. Sho was behind him. He clearly looked stressed with the dark bags under his eyes. She knew he was watching her, she felt it. She looked at him as he tilted her chin towards him.

“Yuri, promise me. Don’t do that again,” Sho said. He held her hand.


“I won’t let you return to New York as long as you stay here for your operations,” he said. “Onegai. I want you to live, Yuri. If not for me, live for yourself.”

He let her embrace him, her hands around his waist, her head on his chest. “Iie, Sho. You are the reason why I live and why I’ll continue to live.”

Sho looked at her. She smiled. He knew that she’ll continue her operations.


“Akibara Shirayuri-san’s room?”

“Number 2501,” the nurse at the station answered.

That person walked up, carrying white lilies to her room.

“Hai?” the voice from the hospital room asked as she heard the knocks from the door. The door was opened. “Ohayou gozaimasu,” Yuri greeted to her visitor.


“Sonosa-sensei, here’s a letter for you,” her nurse assistant said. She took the envelope and opened it.

“No way,” she breathed out as she looked at the content. She took her phone and called Sho. “Hai. We need to talk. Onegai, this is important.”

She waited for an hour and Sho came in her office. “Nani?” he asked. She handed him the envelope and he looked at it with horror. “Who…?”

“I also don’t know, Sho,” she said. She took it again and this time, she threw it in the trash bin. “Gomenasai.”

Sho stared at her. She was facing at the window, against him. “Hikaru…”

She faced him. She was trying to hold back her tears. “This shouldn’t have happened. Shirayuri will be so…”

“Hikaru, gomen ne,” he replied. “But let’s just…”

“… Keep this a secret,” she replied. She smiled at him sadly. “I hope we could. We should look for whoever had those photos.”

There was a knock on the door. “Sonosa-sensei, Akibara-san’s looking for Sakurai-san,” the nurse said.

He looked at Sonosa first. She nodded and he went out of the room.


“Ne, Sho, someone visited me earlier,” Shirayuri said.


“She told me she’s your friend. We had fun talking with each other. She knows a lot about you,” Yuri said happily. “And look, she gave me flowers!”

Sho looked at the bedside table. There were white lilies in the vase. “How kind. Who among my friends is that?” he asked.

“Well, she told me her name is…”

They were interrupted by Sho’s phone ringing. “Moshi moshi?” he asked.

“Sho-chan,” Aiba said. “You seem to forget that we have a taping today. We picked you up in your house but you’re not there.”

“Ah, gomen ne,” he said. He looked at Yuri. “I need to go now,” he said. He bent down to kiss her forehead. “And please tell me friend ‘thank you’.”

“Hai,” she replied. She waved a little as he walked out of the room. She sighed. Yuri turned around a little and took something from beneath her pillows. “Sho, I don’t want to make you worry. Demo…”

She held out the orange lily. “Sayuri. The flower of hate and jealousy.”


Sho has just clicked his automatic car door close when a woman suddenly approached her. “Hello there, Mr. Idol.”

Sho turned around and turned pale at the sight. “Ta-Tachi? What are you doing here?”

“Visiting my beloved,” she said, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. She took Sho’s hand and said, “Hisashiburi, Sho-chan.”

He took his hand away in disgust. “I am not your beloved!” he snarled. “Get away from my life!”

“Oh,” she said in an amused voice. “Don’t threaten me.”

“You cheated!” Sho said through gritted teeth.

“And you have a fiancée. I pity that she’s a bit naïve,” Tachi said, running her hands through his car. “Does she sit now on the place where I sit?” She looked at Sho again and flashed her eyes dangerously. “Has she replaced me on your bed?”

“You…!” Sho attempted to hit her but had second thoughts. “Stay away from her!”

“Oh, guilty?” she said. “I doubt she has then. But I know someone who has slept with you, dear Sho. And I have evidence.”

To Sho’s horror, she took from her bag some photos of him and Sonosa. “I can’t believe you are also into your best friend,” she said in a mocking voice. She threw the photos on his face.

“What do you want?” he asked in a calm but cold voice. He knew he was losing his nerve and any wrong move might be the end of this woman.

“Ne, Sho-chan…”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” he shouted.

“You don’t need to ask,” Tachi replied, pulling Sho into a kiss. The door of the car was opened and they were both inside.

“Yuri, gomenasai… I hope you’ll be able to forgive me…” he thought as Tachi continued to kiss him.

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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YAY update!

I am updating tonight because I won't be able to update tomorrow or by the weekend. We'll be having our field trip so... time to enjoy (and to reminisce the time i saw aiba-san there)... okay.. i'll stop the fangirling now...

if you haven't read "I miss your voice", i suggest you to do so, especially if you're an aibaxreina shipper... you have until september 19 to comment...

and GATE! of course, please review on that... so that i'll know if i should continue the fic or drop it... that's the last one of "unmei" before i start on "My Love" series...

UPDATE!!! THis is quite... err... i don't know

CHAPTER 16: Lavender

Sho was buttoning up his shirt when Tachi embraced him from behind. He looked down guiltily. He did not even know the reason why he was following her every order. “You wouldn’t want to hurt her, would you?” Tachi’s voice ringed his ears every time he hesitated.

He avoided her gaze as she smiled at him. “Ne, Sho…” Her fingers roamed around his face.

“When will this stop?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“What was that again?” she replied sarcastically.

“What do you want to happen, Tachi?” Sho asked in a broken voice.

She let go and knelt in front of him. “I won’t stop until you will love me again.”

“Do you still expect me to return to you?” he said.

“You’re mine, Sho, only mine,” she said in her sinister voice. She stood up in front of him. “And I know just the right way to kill your Yuri.”

Sho looked at her in shock. “What are you…?”

“If you don’t follow everything I’ll say, she’ll end up dead,” she said in a mocking sorry voice. She followed it with a laugh.


“Ne, Shirayuri-chan, before, Sho-kun had a lot of girlfriends.”

“Sou desu ne?” she replied, arranging the flowers in the vase. “Well, at least we are together now. I trust Sho and I know that I’ll be happy with him.”

“But what if he cheats on you?”

Yuri looked down. “I think I’d die if that would happen.” She sighed then followed it with a smile. “But I trust him. I know that he only loves me.”

“That’s what you think…”

“Ne, Tachi-chan, daijoubu desu ka?” Yuri asked in a worried voice.

“Hai. Daijoubu.” She looked at her watch. “I have to go now, Shirayuri-chan.”

“Hai, Kiotsukete,” Yuri replied with a smile.

Tachi closed the door behind her. “I know the right way to kill you, then.” Taking an angry orange lily from her purse, she tied it on the doorknob. “Sho is only mine.”

At the end of the corridor, she happened to pass Sonosa. “Chotto matte,” she said, turning around. “Aren’t you…?”

Tachi turned around with a smile. “Hisashiburi, Hikaru-chan.”

“What are you doing here?” she spat angrily.

“Relax, sensei. Doctors shouldn’t act like that,” she replied coolly.

“Why did you come from Shirayuri’s room?” Sonosa asked.

Tachi smirked. “Well, the little angel. Have you talked to the woman who will marry your best friend?” She laughed evilly. “Oh, not just your best friend. The man you love.”


“Admit it, sensei,” Tachi said, going around her like an eagle circling its prey. “You love Sho and like me, you want that Akibara brat dead.”

“I don’t want her dead! I don’t love…” but she was not able to continue her words.

“Say it, Hikaru. You don’t love Sho? Then why did you lure him to you? Why did you seduce him?”

“What are you talking…?”

Tachi held out the pictures. “Not acting like a respectable woman, ne?”

Sonosa made a grab. “You devil!”

“You are as devil as I am,” Tachi said, her eyes widening. A nurse passed by, forcing her to tuck the pictures uner her coat. “Ne, Sonosa-sensei, daijoubu. Sho is already paying for your sins.”

Sonosa slapped her. “You are the one who cheated on Sho. You left him. And now you’re using your dirty ways to get what you want? What are you trying to prove? That you can have anyone?”

“You are also using your…!” she gagged as she was pushed to the wall. Sonosa was strangling her.

“I could save lives, Tachi,” she said. “But I also know how to take them. Get out of their lives if you want to save yours.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I am saying the truth, Tachi. You know me well,” Sonosa said.

“Paging Sonosa-sensei,” the paging system announced. She let go of the woman and arranged her white coat.

“I’m warning you Tachi,” she said before going, her heels sounding on the tiled floor.

“As if you could stop me,” Tachi sneered before leaving the other way.

Sonosa phoned Sho upon her return to her clinic. She sank down on her chair and closed her eyes, waiting for him to pick up. “Moshi moshi?”

“Sho, I know who is doing this.”

“Tachi, yeah. I know,” he replied in a low voice.

Sonosa wiped her eyes as tears were threatening to fall. “Why is she doing this, Sho? What does she want?”

“She wants me,” he replied.

“But she cheated on you!”

“Hikaru, calm down,” Sho said. “I’m thinking of a way to… to silence her.”

Sonosa stood up from her seat. “Sho, don’t tell me you’re giving in to her whims.” He was silent. “Sho!”

“That’s all I could do… for now…”

“Sho, gomen ne… gomen ne…” she repeatedly apologized, letting herself cry. “I did not want this to happen, I swear.”

“I know,” he replied. “I know you only wanted the best for me, ne?”


“Daijoubu. I want to sometimes stop asking favors from you.”

“You are my friend, Sho.”

“Wakatta. Demo, I…”

“I don’t want anything bad to happen to you,” she further said. “If only I could do something…”

“I know you’re doing everything,” he said in assurance. “Just… just leave it to me.” He paused for a moment. “And Hikaru?”


“Take good care of Yuri.”

“Hai, Sho-chan.”

“You’re returning to your old self, Hikaru-kun.” He hung up. Sonosa sighed as she flipped her phone close and placed it on her table. She stared a bit at their graduation photo in a frame beside her table. She closed her eyes for a bit, leaning on her chair.

“Sho, what are you doing here?” she asked as she saw him drunk in a bar. The bar was almost closed.

“Yuri…” he breathed out. He was swinging his glass wildly. Sonosa grabbed it and placed it aside.

“I’ll take you home,” she said, giving her credit card to the bartender. After the transaction was through, he asked one waiter to help her carry Sho to her car. However, instead of taking him to their family house, she took him to his small apartment. She did not want Yuri seeing him in that state.

“Why did you do this, Sho?” she asked as she laid him on the bed. He just groaned in reply as she daubed him with warm compress. Tehn he started to speak incoherent words.
“Yuri, I… Don’t leave me alone, onegai…” he mumbled in his half-asleep phase. Sonosa touched his face and sighed, looking at how lonely he was.

Then suddenly, without warning, Sho pulled her down and kissed her. It made her feel guilty that she tried to break away. However, the kiss deepened and she was not able to resist much further. She just closed her eyes as he started to remove her clothes.

It was pure of pleasure and guilt as she felt him touch her body.

“Gomenasai,” she thought. “I know this is wrong but...”

“Gomenasai, Sho. I did not mean to do this to you.” She buried her face in her hands. “Is it really wrong to love you?”


“Akibara-san, you have a package,” the nurse said, approaching Yuri who was staring at her window.

“Arigatou,” she said. She took the package from her lap and opened it. She let out a shriek as she saw an orange lily inside. It’s not just an orange lily but a rotten one. She was shaking as she placed the flower aside. Then she took the envelope and opened it.

Faith… that’s what binds two people together… besides love…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:56 am


please do read GATE and my one shots... arigatou gozaimasu.
admit it, GATE readers... you want me to finish Hanakotoba once and for all... i'm trying to do this as fast as i can, don't worry...

CHAPTER 17: Shiragiku

“Ne, Sho, can you come over here?” Yuri asked.


“I just missed you, that’s why,” she said.

“Wakatta. I’ll be there after this,” he said with a smile. He hung up the phone and turned to the others. “Gomen ne. I can’t go with you after work,” he said.

“Daijoubu, Sho-chan,” Aiba said, patting his back. “Shirayuri-chan needs you more.”

Sho smiled. They proceeded back to the recording area for the last session with a hint of excitement on his face. “I haven’t seen her for days now, because of…” He sighed. “At least I’ll be happy seeing her again…”


Sho did not want Yuri to see that he was stressed out, both with work and with Tachi’s interference so he tried to look his best before visiting her in the hospital. He was carrying the bouquet with him when he saw Sonosa get out of Yuri’s room. Her face twisted into a pain smile as she saw him.

“How’s Yuri?” he asked, trying to be casual.

“She’s inside,” she just replied. He nodded and proceeded inside.

“Sho!” Yuri said, smiling at him. “Hisahiburi…”

“Hai. Hisashiburi.” However, instead of handing the flowers directly to her, he immediately placed them in the vase. It was as if she’ll know once she touches them.

She patted the space beside her on the bed, motioning him to sit beside her. He followed. Yuri silently put her arms around him. “Ne, Sho,” she said. She let him pat her head like a small child. “Aishiteru.”

He turned away guiltily. She looked at him, waiting for an answer. “Yuri… why are you saying those things?”

She just smiled at him before she placed her ear against Sho’s chest. “All I wanted is to make you happy, Sho.”

“I know,” he replied. “I love you too.”

“Please don’t hide anything from me…”

At those words, Sho froze. His sweat has turned cold and he was looking at the wall, unfocused. “I… I… I won’t hide anything,” he said, stuttering.

Yuri smiled before letting go of him. “Can you stay with me here tonight?” she asked. “I just want to spend some time with you.”

“Is that so?” Sho replied, chuckling. “Mochiron desu.”

“Arigatou,” she said.

They spent the whole night talking with each other. Sho took Yuri to a restaurant nearby where they ate their dinner. Then they stayed in the park of the hospital, looking at the moon and the stars.

“Ne, Yuri. You should go inside. It’s already late,” Sho said. He was about to push the wheelchair back inside when she talked.

“Ne, Sho, the stars are beautiful, ne?”

“Hai,” he replied in confusion.

“But sometimes, when the clouds come by, they block the shining stars.” She looked up at Sho solemnly. “But I know that the stars will shine again when the wind comes to blow the clouds away.”


Sho was really feeling uneasy when he went back home. He sat down on the bed and ran his hands through his hair. “Guilt… that’s all I feel when I’m with her…”

His phone suddenly rang. “Moshi moshi?”

“I’m suddenly enjoying the show.”

“Tachi! What…?” He gasped as the light vase placed near his table was knocked off by the sudden breeze entering his room. “Yuri…”

He hurriedly dialed her number but she was not answering. Quick as he could, he ran down the stairs, grabbed his keys and sped off to the hospital.

“Ne, Sho, genki?” Tachi asked through the phone.

“What did you do to Yuri?”

“And why are you blaming me? I did not even hurt a hair on her head… But oh well…” She laughed evilly. “It’s in the mind…”

“I won’t forgive you…!”

“Well, Sho, look at yourself. You are the one who hurt that little Miss Pretty of yours.” Tachi hung up her phone.

Sho did not even park his car properly as he saw groups of nurses and doctors looking up. “What happened?” he asked as he approached one nurse.

“A patient is attempting to commit suicide,” she answered. Sho couldn’t make out who it was so he immediately went to Yuri’s room to make sure she’s safe.

“Yuri?” Sho’s eyes widened as he saw that her bed was empty and pictures were scattered all over the bed. He approached it and saw that they were the same pictures Tachi sent him.

“But I know that the stars will shine again when the wind comes to blow the clouds away.”

His phone rang. “Sho! Shirayuri, she’s…”

“I’m coming…” he said. He ran to elevator but it was too slow. He went to the stairs and went up using it. He reached the rooftop, panting and sweating. “Yuri!” he shouted as he was about to approach her.

“Don’t…” she said in a soft voice that made him stop on his tracks. “Ne, Sho…” She turned to him. He saw her eyes shimmering with tears. “Nande?”

Sho looked down. “Gomen ne… Gomen ne…”

“I love you so much that I will accept anything from your past. But we promised each other that we will not have secrets from each other,” Yuri said.

Sho was on his knees. “Yuri, I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“Like the stars hidden by the clouds, secrets will still come out and it will come out, Sho,” she said. “I don’t want to believe them because I want you to tell them to me…”

“Yuri, onegai, come down from there,” Sho pleaded, still on his knees. He was scared to lose her, he knew it. If ever she would jump, he knew that he would not hesitate to follow.

“Sho, am I a hindrance to your happiness?”

Sho looked up at her. She was loking at him, her feet positioned threateningly on the edge of the rooftop. “Are you just forced to say that you also love me?” Tears fell down her cheeks. “Are you just pitying me? Are you waiting for me to die?”

“Yuri, iie…”

“I won’t make it harder for you. If you want me to die so that you can be free, just tell me. You don’t have to give me false hopes that you will love me back,” Yuri said. Each word coming from her lips killed Sho bit by bit.

“Yuri, iie!” Sho shouted. She was walking nearer the edge.

“Akibara-san, yamette kudasai!” another voice shouted, pulling Yuri to a safer place. It was Sonosa. They landed on the ground, Yuri leaning on her.

“Sonosa-sensei…” Yuri said. “Why did you stop me?” she asked. There was no anger in her voice nor her face, just confusion and frustration. “You love Sho. If I’m gone, you’ll have a chance to be together, am I right?”

The doctor nodded. “Akibara-san, gomenasai,” she apologized.

“You don’t have to…”

“Yes, I love Sho. I love him until now. But it has been a long time since I had given up on him,” she said, helping her sit up.


“Because like you, I just wanted him to be happy. I know that I am not the one for him. I know that I am not the one who will make him happy.” She sighed. “That’s why I do my best to make him happy.”


“Akibara-san, you are Sho’s happiness. If you really love him, why do you make things hard for him? Why are you doing this to him?” she asked. Her eyes were full of held back tears.

“I thought…”

“Sho wants you to get well because he loves you so much. Do you think you’ve really shown that you love him if you decided to jump off this building? Do you think that would make him happy?” She wiped the tears off her eyes.

Sho ran towards the two of them. “Yuri, daijoubu?”

Sonosa looked at him. “Sho, please take her to her room. I will have a doctor sent for her.” Sho nodded and he carried Yuri, taking her into his arms. She started to cry like a little child.

“Sho, gomen… I don’t want to make you sad… gomen,” Yuri repearedly said, her voice muffled by her cryng and the fact that she was crying on Sho’s shirt.

“Stop crying now,” he hushed, stroking her hair. “I am the one who is supposed to say sorry.”

“Akibara-san…” Sonosa said, standing up. “Please take care of yourself so that Sho will not be sad.”

Yuri looked at her. “Hai,” she replied. It was a promise.

Sonosa tried to hold back her tears as she watched the two of them leave. “I guess it’s time to let go…”


“Sho, you need to go back home and rest,” Yuri said. “Gomen ne. I really am a bother.”

Sho sat down beside her and held her hand. “Yuri, tell me, where do you really want me to be now?” They looked at each other, eye to eye. “Yuri…”

Yuri started to cry. “Sho, I want you to be just beside me,” she said, embracing him. He put his arms around her. “Forever…”

“Wakarimashita,” he replied. “I will never ever leave you.”


“Be selfish sometimes,” Sho said, touching her nose. “Sometimes, you should think of yourself too, Yuri.”

Yuri smiled. “You should think of yourself too, Sho.”

“I only think about you,” he replied.


“Nan desu ka?”

“Douzo,” Yuri said, giving a small box to her guest. “That’s for you.”



“Why are you giving me a gift?” she asked.

Yuri contemplated. “You are my friend. That’s why I am giving you a gift.”


“Hai,” she replied. Yuri sighed and looked at the window. “I only have a few friends since I was always inside our house when I was young.”

Her guest sat on the bench beside the bed. “That’s sad.”

“That’s why the only persons who visit me here, besides my parents, are Sho, his friends, and you,” Yuri said with a smile. “Please open it.”

“Hai,” she replied. She removed the wrapper and opened the box. It was a necklace with a laminated pressed jasmine blossom as its pendant. “Suteki na…”

“You think so?” Yuri replied. “When there are extra flowers lying around, I do not throw them. I use them too.”

“You are so… creative,” she said, looking at the pendant of the necklace. “No one… has given me something this much ever in my life…”

Yuri smiled sadly. “That’s not much.”

“But you’ve made this yourself,” she insisted.

“I did, for you,” Yuri said. “Please take care of it, ne?”

“I will,” she replied. She looked at her watch. “Anou, Shirayuri-chan, I have to go now.”

“It’s too early,” she replied, pouting a bit.

“Gomen ne,” she said. “I really have to go.”

“Chotto,” Yuri said as she was about to open the door. “My fiancee’s coming. Do you want to wait for him? Even for a minute?”

“Iie,” she replied. “Maybe next time but not now.”

“Sou ne,” Yuri said, looking disappointed. “Then, i couldn’t do anything. Kiotsukete ne, Yukotachi-san.”

“Hai,” she replied. She closed the door behind her. “That was close,” she said, leaning on the door. She looked at the pendant that was inside her closed fist. “Friend, huh?” For a sudden second or so, she felt her heart soften.


“Yuri,” Sho said, entering the room. Aiba was behind him, carrying a box.

“Hisahisburi, Shirayuri-chan,” Aiba said, sitting on the couch beside the bed. “I had no time visiting you but I brought something that my okaa-san cooked!”

“Arigatou, Aiba-kun,” she replied. “It’s nice of you to visit me.”

Aiba flashed a smile at her before he went to the movable table to prepare the meal. Sho sat beside her.

“Yuri, daijoubu desu ka?”

“Nande? Do I look ugly tonight?” she joked. She ran her hands on her face, as if attempting to feel what was wrong.

Sho immediately took her hands from her face and touched them. “Iie. I just want to ask you if you’re fine. How was the treatment?” Yuri looked at him. “Just tell me what you’re feeling.”

“It hurts.”


“Each day I have to face the treatment alone, Sho. I’m even lucky that my hair will not come off. You might find it ugly,” she said.

“Yuri, why are you conscious about yourself? Why do you keep on saying that you are ugly?”

“Because… maybe you won’t like me anymore if I am ugly,” Yuri replied. “You are really good-looking and we won’t fit if I look ugly.”

“Shhh…” he silenced her by pressing his finger on her lips. “You are beautiful, Yuri. I am saying that. And I don’t care what you look like anyway.” He took her in his arms. “All I care is that I love you and you love me.” He held her left hand. “Eh? Where is the ring?” he asked.

“I have to take it off during the treatment,” she explained. “Gomen ne.”

“Where did you put it?” he asked.

“Inside the drawer,” she said. Sho stood up to take the ring. It was still in its crystal case. He sat beside her again.

“Yuri, I’m going to ask this question again.” Sho took her hand. “Will you marry me?”

Yuri looked at him with surprise. “Sho?”

“I want to be with you forever,” he said.

“Demo… Kitagawa-san said…”

“I don’t care. I want to marry you, Yuri,” Sho said. He touched her cheek and was about to kiss her but she pushed him lightly away.

“Are you sure?”

“Eh?” Sho said. “Why are you doubting, Yuri?”

Yuri bit her lip to think. “Sho, are you sure you want to marry me even though… even though…”

Sho kissed her. “Don’t say those things, Yuri. I know you’ll be fine. Please be fine.” He embraced her tight. He embraced her as though she was his only lifeline. “Aishiteru.”

Yuri closed her eyes. “Watashi mou…” she replied. She knew that he wanted her to live and it gave her a new surge of hope and courage to fight. “I will be fine, Sho. I will be, for you.”

“Iie, Yuri. Do it for yourself.”

“But please wait for me,” Yuri said. “Wait for me until I get well.”


“Yukotachi-san!” Yuri greeted as her friend entered. “You are wearing the necklace!” she said excitedly.

“Why are you happy today, Shirayuri-chan?” she asked curiously.

“My fiancée just proposed to me again. This time, for real,” she said, her face full of happiness. “I love him so much.”

“Sou desu ne?” her friend replied. She momentarily touched the pendant before standing up. “Come, I’m going to take you somewhere to celebrate.”

“Hontou da? Demo…”

“Daijoubu, Shirayuri-san,” she said. She assisted her down the bed and on the wheelchair and they proceeded out.

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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

Post by mclam01 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:57 am

Please find time to read this:

YAY! Early update since i have my exams on saturday and monday(God let me pass them more than 80% so that i'll be exempted on the finals) and i won't use the computer because of that...

Yay people... your wishes are coming true... the flowers Japan use in hanakotoba is almost exhausted... (LoL... but you should go see the cactus chapter, ne? i think it's sho's fic that i had difficulty because of his, well, reputation in the, well, *hides and blushes*.. I know aiba's an H too but reina is too pure like an angel... ) back to business!!

people... i'm so sad *pouts* all of you want me to end hanakotoba for GATE... (well, at least i'm leaving you excited... hahaha... *evil laugh*... and finally, reikot and masaru will get a b chapter!! *throws confetti all around*)

endorsement!!! please read the part 2 of "I Miss Your Voice" one shot of aiba... i had to post it earlier than the supposed date because of stuff...

Did i rant too long? Gomen... so, here's the real update:

CHAPTER 18: Jasmine

“Sou ne? Shirayuri-chan and Sho are getting married for real!” Anna told Ohno, who seemed to be a little sleepy. They were about to visit her in the hospital. Anna knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again.

“Weird,” Ohno said. He opened the door and found no one inside. “I thought Sho said she’ll just be here tonight?”

Anna took her phone and called Sho to tell him about what happened. “Maji de?” Anna replied. “Hai. She’s not here.” She hung up. “He said she’s supposed to be here, Satoshi.”

They waited a few minutes and Sho arrived. “The front desk told me she and her friend went out… But…” He tried calling her but he just heard the ring from under the bed. Ohno found it and passed it to him.

“Yuri will never leave her phone when she’s out,” Sho said. His phone suddenly rang. “Moshi moshi?”

“You think we’re through, Sho?”


She laughed. “Are you missing something?” There was shouting from the background.

“Don’t hurt Yuri!”

“Then go here in the warehouse by the pier,” she said. “I’ll be waiting. Ja ne…” She hung up the phone.

“Tachi! Tachi!” Sho shouted.


“Yukotachi-san,” Yuri asked, her wheelchair, hands and legs were chained at a steel post. “Why are you doing this?”

Tachi was playing with her gun as she sat on a chair parallel to Yuri. “You are asking me why,” she said, a break obvious in her voice. “You stole Sho away from me, you rich spoiled brat.”

“I don’t understand,” Yuri said. She squealed when tachi fired her gun, hitting the steel post beside Yuri.

“I’ll make you understand,” she said. “Sakurai Sho was my boyfriend. I loved him so much I’m prepared to give my life to him.”

Yuri looked at her. She was just trying to hold her tears back.

“And guess what, little princess. I was framed. The night after he proposed to me, I was invited to a party and when I woke up, I was on bed with another man. Sho saw us and he thought I was cheating on him.” She roughly wiped her eyes as she continued to talk. “I never cheated on him. Never!”

“If you love him, why are you making things hard for him?” Yuri asked in a calm voice. “Why didn’t you tell him the truth?”

“Because he never believed me. In fact, I think that means he never really loved me,” Tachi answered. “Maybe he was the one cheating on me because you’re getting married now, ne?”


“Urusei!” she shouted, pointing the gun at Yuri. “One more word, and I’ll shoot you.” She turned to her back and said sinisterly, “Now, what to do with Sakurai-san…”

“Onegai, don’t hurt him!” Yuri said. “Onegai!”

“So, you’re pleading me not to hurt him,” she replied, smirking. The door of the warehouse opened. “Oooppsss… too late.”

“Yuri!” they heard Sho shout, looking for them.

“Sho!” Yuri shouted.

“Where are you?”

“Don’t come near. They’ll hurt you!”

“Yuri, where are you?” he just shouted back stubbornly. After few minutes, Sho saw them. “Wha… Tachi?”

The woman blocked his way from Yuri and pointed the gun to the back. “One more step, Sakurai, and this girl is dead.”

“Stop this, Tachi.”

“I won’t stop until you tell me that you love me, Sho,” she said. Tears fell from her eyes. “I only have you in my life but she took you away!”

“She did not take me away from you, Tachi. You are the one who left!” Sho answered.

“Let’s stop this foolishness!” Tachi shouted. Men arrived. Two of them held Sho by the arms. “Are you willing to be hurt for this woman?” she asked. The other men started to punch and hit Sho.

“Yamette kudasai!” Yuri shouted. She started crying. “Don’t do this, Sho. Fight them! Escape from here!”

“One wrong move, Sho, and I’ll shoot Shirayuri,” Tachi said threateningly. Sho seemed to be numb as he let them hit him. His lip was bleeding, as well as his temple. His vision was getting blurred.

After earning another hit from the head, Tachi shut her eyes and turned to the side. Yuri saw this. “Yukotachi-san, please make them stop. You don’t want Sho to be hurt, do you? Onegaishimasu!”

Tachi looked at her momentarily but she immediately turned back to her cold demeanor. “Sho, why are you not fighting them?” she asked. “Why don’t you save yourself from the pain?”

The two men released Sho and he slumped to the ground, unable to move. Yet, he attempted to reach out his hand. “Yu…ri…” he muttered. “Don’t… hurt her…”

“Answer me!” Tachi shouted, letting the tears fall. “Is she worth your life? You could die being hit like that! Why don’t you just fight them and go?”

“I… I don’t want Yuri to be… hurt…” Sho said, ending in a groan of pain. One of the men kicked him. “Please let her go… onegai…”

“Sho… yamette!” Yuri screamed. “Yukotachi-san, please let Sho go. You love him, don’t you? You don’t want him hurt. Just kill me instead.”

Tachi looked at her. “You… you want to die in place of him?”

“Yuri… iie!” Sho shouted. He coughed out blood. His body was twisted in a weird way as though his bones had come off. “Stop this, Tachii… I… I’ll do what you want… Just don’t… don’t hurt her!”

“Tell her that you don’t love her. Tell her that you’ll choose me…” Tachi said. “I’ll let her go if you do so.”

“Sho…” Yuri said, tears welling up her eyes.

Sho closed his eyes. “If I tell you that, will you let her go?” he asked.

“I will… But you will be mine forever,” Tachi said.

“I… I…”

“Sho, please don’t let yourself suffer!” Yuri said.

“Yu…Yuri…” Sho stammered. He was getting weak. He looked at her.

“Sho, onegai…”

Tachi suddenly pointed her gun at Yuri. Then she walked towards her. “You won’t?” She continued walking towards her when suddenly, there was clinking on the ground. She looked down and saw the pendant. She slowly bent down to pick it up. “Jasmine…”

“Yukotachi-san…” Yuri said, looking at her while she was looking at the necklace she gave as a gift. “We’re friends, right? I consider you as my friend. Please don’t do this to Sho… Onegai…”

“Friend?” Tachi repeated. She laughed dryly. “You call me your friend after what I did to you and to Sho?”

“Please open your mind, Tachi-san,” Yuri pleaded. “Onegai… If you love Sho, you won’t do this to him…”

Tachi stood up and pointed the gun at her. “Urusei!” she shouted. “I don’t want your pity, you brat! You took the only thing I value away from me. You took Sho away from me!”

“Tachi, don’t…” Sho said, dragging himself to her. He gasped when a shot echoed the hall.


“Hayaku, Ninomiya-kun!” Anna said as they ran towards the warehouse. Police were already positioned inside the warehouse in case something happens.

“Chotto matte, Anna-san,” he said, pulling her. “It’s too dangerous for you. Oh-chan might…”

“I hope nothing will go…” she gasped when she heard two gunshots from the warehouse.

Friendship… make it or break it…
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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YAY! Update!!

i want you to notice this simple pattern in my fics... in what chapter does the b come out? just asking...

anyway, i am updating now and tryign to write as much as i can because next week is a real hell for me (like 5 long exams...!)

so please, like what my professor said, feel this feeling of relief and contentment... FOR NOW...

Haha... and so, i'll update

CHAPTER 19: Momo

Sho shut his eyes, not wanting to see what Tachi had done. “Sho!” he heard Yuri’s familiar voice shout. There was the sound of chains and he opened his eyes. Yuri was making her way towards Tachi, who was on the floor, gasping for breath.

“What… what happened?” he wondered. Policemen and medical people went to him to assist him. He helped him go near Tachi as he requested.

“Tachi-san, nande?” Yuri asked, letting herself fall to the ground beside her. Tachi did not shoot her. She just shot the large padlock of the chains that bound Yuri.

For the first time in that event, she saw Tachi smile a real smile. “Arigatou, Shirayuri-san,” she said. Yuri looked at her side. It was bleeding. One of the policemen shot Tachi after she shot the padlock. She opened the palm to show her the Jasmine pendant.

“Tachi-san?” Yuri tried not to cry.

Tachi looked at her. “Gomenasai. I did not realize it. I kept on thinking that you took Sho away from me… Demo… I… I am grateful that you gave me something else…”

“Nan desu ka?”

“A friend…” Tachi said with a smile, holding her hand. “Thank you for making me your friend.”

“Tachi-san, hanashite kudasai!” Yuri said, shaking her hand for her response.

“It’s too late, Shirayuri-san,” she said, closing her eyes. “Please tell Sho, I’m sorry.” She looked at her again. “And please live for him. Please love him.”

“Tachi-san…” Yuri watched as she gently closed her eyes. Her grip on her hand loosened and the Jasmine necklace fell from her hand. “Tachi-san!” she shouted, crying. “Gomen ne… gomen ne…!” She wept on her lifeless body.

“Akibara-san,” one of the med people said, approaching her.

“Please help her…” she cried. The nurse tried to feel Tachi’s pulse but it was too late.

“Gomenasai, Akibara-san, she’s gone,” she said in a sorry voice.

Yuri looked at her sadly. She placed the necklace on her neck. “Please take care of her…”

The woman nodded as she asked others to carry Tachi’s body. Another one carried a stretcher for Yuri. “Where is Sho? How is he?”

Her questions were responded when the stretcher was brought to the ambulance. Sho was sitting there while a nurse was helping him clean his wounds and bruises. Anna and Nino were there too, glad that both of them were alive.


“I want to be married to her as soon as possible,” Sho said in a formal dinner they attended with their parents.

Mai giggled in her seat while the parents of both sides of the family just looked at each other. Sho held Yuri’s hand. “Otou-san, okaa-san, please give us your blessing.”

“We’ve already given you our blessing years ago,” his father said with a smile.

“I am wishing for your happiness, my daughter,” Yuri’s mother said, holding her hand.

“Arigatou, okaa-san.” She looked at her father who smiled at her gently, a smile that she longed to see from him for a long time.

“Demo, how about Kitagawa-san?” Sho’s mother suddenly chirped in. “I thought…”

“I don’t care what his decision is,” Sho answered. “I want to be with Yuri no matter what.”

“We will support you with that,” his father said. The waiters arrived. “Well, everyone. Let’s eat.”

“What kind of wedding do you wish to have?”

“A simple one, okaa-san,” Yuri answered. “I don’t want media people buzzing around.”

“We’ll take care of your security then,” her father replied. “Do you need some help with the preparations?”

“We have friends who could help us, Akibara-san,” Sho answered.

“Chotto matte. I think it’s better if you start calling me otou-san, Sho,” he said heartily. “You’ll be my son after all.”

“Same as us, Shirayuri,” Sho’s father said. Both fathers laughed. “Anyway, we’ll let you handled your wedding. Just tell us when your wedding will be.”

“Hai,” the couple answered. They proceeded eating.

“How about a nice grandchild?” Yuri’s father started the topic. The would-be grandparents started talking about the childs future when suddenly, Yuri’s fork fell on the plate, a clanging sound echoed in the private room they rented. Everyone was silent.

“Yuri, daijoubu desu ka?” Sho asked as he went near her.

Yuri blinked a few times to regain her composure. “I need to go to the washroom,” she said.

“Do you need me to accompany you, onee-san?” Mai asked. Yuri just shook her head. Sho helped her stand up. She limped out of the room. Everyone resumed chatting, except for Sho, who looked at her worryingly.

Yuri went inside the washroom and went to one of the cubicles. She vomited. She vomited blood. She stifled her cry as she saw what just happened. She went to the sink and started to wash her mouth and her face to make sure no one saw her pain. She returned to the room and found them still chatting with each other.

“Yuri,” Sho said, putting an arm around her and taking her beside him on a couch. “You look pale. Do you need anything?” he asked.

Yuri just shook her head. “Ne Sho, the doctor said I could stay home now, didn’t her?”

“Hai. Demo…”

“I asked okaa-san and she allowed me to stay with you,” Yuri said. “I just need to go to the hospital if I have a schedule.”

“I missed you in the house,” Sho said happily. “Demo, there are times when I have to go back home late. Is that fine with you?”

“Daijoubu,” she answered, loving the feeling of his arms around her. He made her feel safe and warm. She closed her eyes.

“Are you sleepy?” he asked. “I could take you home now.”

Yuri was already snoozing so Sho excused the both of them, taking Yuri back home. He laid him on their bed and watched her as she slept peacefully. “I could watch you forever, Yuri,” he thought, touching her cheek lightly. “I’m going to watch you and take care of you. I will never let you go.”

“I can’t let you go…”


“I have asked Katrina and she was more than happy to design your wedding clothes,” Jun said as they stepped inside the building.

“Anou, it’s just a small wedding, Matsumoto-kun,” Yuri said. She was already walking, though a bit slow. Sho was assisting her.

“Daijoubu, Yuri. I want you to be the most beautiful bride in the world,” Sho said.

That day was really busy for the couple. They went to different places to plan for their wedding. By dinner, they went to a restaurant to eat.

“Are you tired, Yuri?” Sho asked, watching her as she ate her meal.

Yuri shook her head. “Iie. But I am so happy.”

Sho smiled. “I’m glad you are.”

After dinner, they both went back to their house. But before that, Yuri asked him to drive her to the flower shop of her friend. She had ordered new flowers.

“What are you going to do with these flowers?” Sho asked as he packed them to the backseat.

“I wanted to make some ikebana for you, like before,” Yuri said.

“Ah, everyday, ne?” Sho said, a smile etched on his face.


“I really missed them when you were not around,” he said, still focusing on the road. Yuri looked at him, touched at his statement. He had never openly said something about the flowers she gave him everyday. She just smiled.

Upon reaching home, both of them prepared to sleep. Sho laid her softly on the bed as she was still having difficulty moving around. He then followed, putting an arm around her. “I feel like I want you to hold me forever,” she said, her voice muffled by the blanket almost covering her face.

Sho closed his eyes and held her tighter. “I feel like I want you to be forever in my arms,” he said. He wound his hand around hers, feeling the stone of her diamond ring. “Just a little more time and we’ll really be together forever, Yuri,” he thought as he closed his eyes, her scent filling his nostrils.

Next morning, Sho had to leave early so he did not bother waking Yuri up. He slowly got off the bed, kissing her forehead as he did so. He proceeded to the bathroom to prepare himself. When he got off, he saw her still sleeping soundly. He took his duffel bag from the corner and his cap and hoodie from the side. He sat on the bed. “Yuri?”

She stirred in her sleep. She finally woke up, blinking a few times. “Sho? Are you going to work?”

He bent his face nearer and let his nose touch hers, making her giggle. “Hai. Mai will be around so you won’t stay alone in the house. Just call for the maid if you need something.”

“I want to accompany you downstairs,” she said.


“Sho, daijoubu,” she said. Sho helped her out of the bed and downstairs.

“Sou… Irrashai,” she said, waving at him as he went inside his car. She watched as the car turned around the corner. Then it happened. Her head suddenly spun and throbbed with pain. Yuri leaned on the door as she tried to go back to the room to rest. However, her knees gave in, making her fall on the floor. She fainted.


“Sakurai-san, I need to talk to you,” the doctor said before he could even enter Yuri’s hospital room.


They both went to a far corridor overviewing the garden. “Akibara-san’s condition…”

“What’s about her?”

He sighed. “She’s not getting any better,” he announced gravely.

“How about the treatment?” he asked, trying not to cry. “She’s going to get cured by the treatment, right?”

He shook his head. “It could prolong her life for months, years, but it will never cure her fully,” he said. “Furthermore, the chemicals in her body, they could kill her earlier than what was estimated to be her life span.”

“Is there anything we can do?” he asked, staring ahead at the nothingness. The doctor just looked at the floor. “Sensei, is there anything…?” he asked again, holding him by the collar of his shirt. “You’re lying! Yuri will still live! We’ll get married and we’ll have lots of children and…” He looked doctor once again. His face just showed that there was nothing… nothing could save Yuri. He let him go and he started hitting the wall, hurting himself.


“I’d give anything! If you need any part of my body, take it!” Sho said. “Just let her live! Just let her live!”

The doctor, seeing that he had nothing else to say, slowly walked away, leaving him crying as he hit the wall with his fist and forehead.

“Sho, doushita?” Sonosa asked as she approached him. “Yamette kudasai,” she said as he continued hitting the wall, red marks appearing on his fist.

“Why can’t I be happy?” Sho asked. “Nande?”


“Hikaru, Yuri… nothing can cure her,” he said. He continued to cry, this time in her arms. “Why is this happening to her?”

Sonosa bit her lip. She was also about to cry. “Sho, please stop crying,” she said. “I don’t want to see you cry.”

“What should I do to save her?” he asked desperately. “I’ve only caused her pain and she only loved me ever since.”

“Sho, just show her how much you love her,” she said. “Give her all the love you could possibly give.”

“I…” he stammered.

The paging system was calling Sonosa once again. “Sho, just make her happy and I know that she’ll live…” She smiled gently before briskly walking away.

Sho, with Sonosa’s advce running through his head, went back to Yuri’s room. She was already awake. “Sho, you look tired.”

Sho ran his hands through his tear-stained face. “Do I?”

Yuri smiled. “Don’t overwork yourself, ne?”

“You too.”

“I’m worried about our wedding,” she said. “I will not be able to oversee the preparations.”

“Daijoubu,” Sho said, holding her hand. “Ne, Yuri. Do you want anything? Just tell me.”

This confused her. “Nande?” she asked. “I’m happy with you.”

“Wakatta,” he said. “Demo, Yuri, I think there are also other things that will make you happy.”

She thought a little. “Anou ne… Sho…” She pouted a bit.

“Nani?” he asked, gently caressing her hand.

“I hope my cousin will be invited in our wedding,” Yuri said. “I know it’s impossible because…”

“Why is it impossible?” Sho asked her. “I could call her if you want so that she’ll be here.”

“Demo… Sho…”

Sho sighed. “Your cousin is Warashi Cho, ne?” he confirmed. He stood up and looked at the window. Yuri looked at him.

“So you know her too,” she said. “My cousin, she’s struggling to live alone in New York. She told me that only her son makes her happy. I persuaded her to return here but she refused, saying that she has a contract to finish.” She looked at her hands on her lap. “But I think her real happiness is here in Japan.”

Sho looked at Yuri. “Wakarimashita.”

“Even though it was my family who took care of her, I think I am still indebted to her. She is the only person who listened to my problems since we were young,” Yuri said. “I’ve found you, Sho, and there’s no reason for her not to find hers.”

“So you want her to return here to…”

“You know, right?” Yuri said. “Her relationship with Ninomiya-san. She sacrificed her own happiness for him.” She took something from her bedside. “Onegai, Sho.” She gave him Cho’s business card.

Sho looked at the business card. He nodded. “If this will make you happy, Yuri. And I know it will make Nino and Cho happy too.” He went out of the room and closed the door behind him, leaning on it, closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

Sho took his phone and dialed the number. “Moshi moshi?”

The happiness of love… is it forever?
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Re: [Complete] Hanakotoba wa Ai no Kotoba (Sho)

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Yay!!... You know what, Cho's birthday is coming near... it means I'm going to release another one shot... hmm... I haven't written it yet because of our exams but i'll make sure i'll write one. just guess when's her birthday first... just guess...

Now, update... people who are waiting for chapter 21, you should all wait for chapter 21. wanna know why?

CHAPTER 20: Asagao

Cho gravely walked towards Yuri’s room. She tried to go inside without showing signs of her sadness, carrying the little boy in her arms. “Come in,” the voice inside said as she knocked on the door.

“Shirayuri-chan,” Cho said, faking a smile. The other girl smiled at her, pushing the wheels of the wheelchair to meet her.

“Cho-chan,” she said. “You brought Kazuko-kun. Is it alright for him to be here?”

She nodded. “What made you bring me here?” she asked. “I’m just here because I wanted to see you.”

“Eh?” Yuri replied. “I want you to come to my wedding, Cho.”

She looked horrified. “Demo, Yuri…” She pursed her lips for a moment then said, “Don’t you understand what you’re making me do?”

“I understand it perfectly, Cho,” Yuri replied. “That’s why I want you to go to my wedding and…”

“Yuri, can you stop being selfish for a while?” she replied in the gentlest tone she could ever muster. “What is my worth attending to your wedding? It might ruin everything. I might ruin everything.”

“Cho, I only want you to be happy,” she replied, trying not to cry. “If you would just meet with…”

“Iie, Shirayuri,” she replied. She looked at Kazuko for a moment and sighed. “You don’t understand. I don’t want to ruin him. That’s the reason why I left. And if I suddenly show up with this child, it will be more trouble for him.”

Yuri looked at her. “Cho, why can’t you be selfish for a while? No, you’re already selfish with what you’re doing. What will happen if that child grows up, wanting to know everything?”

Cho looked at Yuri. She stood up. “Gomenasai, Yuri. I shouldn’t be staying here for too long. There might be a problem. I just came here to visit you.”

“Why are you trying to escape? Are you scared?” Yuri asked her. Cho ignored her, opening the door. “Do you really love Ninomiya-san? If you love him, you won’t leave him like this. If you love Kazuko, you won’t do this.”

Cho did not even look at her. “Gomenasai, Yuri. Sayonara.” She bolted the door open and stepped out, leaving Yuri who was already crying.

Yuri wept on her bed the whole day. The way Cho said her goodbye, she knew she was cutting her ties with her, cutting her ties with the world that involves Nino in a way. She was crying when suddenly, a sharp pain passed through her body, from her head to her stomach. She writhed in pain.

“Tasukete!” she breathed out, trying to reach the alarm. She clutched on the covers tightly, her face turning pale and her sweat becoming cold. It was all painful.

Right in time, the door opened and Sho ran inside. “Yuri!” he gasped. He immediately reached out for the alarm to warn the nurses outside as she tried to comfort her. “Yuri, hold on,” he said, shaking her a bit. He carried her back to the bed. She was breathing heavily.

The doctor and nurses arrived. “Do everything you can,” he said. “Onegai.” They immediately went to the computer to control her vital signs while the others started to fit apparatuses to her. Sho stayed on the bench, his hands clasped together, covering his face.

“She’s fine now,” the doctor stated after he injected a dose on her dextrose tube. “Just don’t tire her or give emotional shocks to her,” he reminded. “She’ll be able to continue her therapy in one month when she gets well.”

“Hai,” Sho said. The doctor and nurses left, leaving them in the silent room. Only the sound of the devices could be heard. A few hours later, Yuri woke up.

“What happened?” she asked, her voice muffled by the oxygen mask on her face.

“You made me worried,” Sho said in a gentle voice. “Don’t put too much effort on yourself.”

“Hai,” she replied. “Demo…”

“What happened? Did Cho arrive?” He suddenly remembered the doctor’s advice. “Iie, don’t…”

“Sho, she said goodbye,” Yuri said, crying. “Cho left. She doesn’t want to se me anymore as much as she doesn’t want to see Ninomiya-san anymore.”

Sho watched her as tears silently fell down her face. “Daijoubu,” he said. “I’m sure Cho will return one day. Just… just…”

“What if I… what if I die before that day happens?”Yuri asked.

“Yuri, don’t say that. I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Sho said, holding her hand. “We’ll still be married and we’ll have lots of children, ne?”

Yuri smiled at him. “Hai.”

“We’re still pushing through our wedding,” Sho said. “Next month, after you get well.”

Yuri smiled.


After a month fitted with those devices, Yuri was finally well. She was happy to be free of those.

“Sensei,” she said as she was finally able to sit up properly. “I want to be ale to walk on my wedding.”

“Eh? Demo…”

“Onegai?” she pleaded. “It would look bad if I am on a wheelchair on my wedding day. I want to walk.”

“But your wedding is coming near, Akibara-san. It’s quite…”

“Daijoubu. I’ll do my best,” she replied.


Immediately the next day, Yuri was assisted by a physical therapist who would help her walk. She went to the exercise room.

“You are very determined to walk, ne?” she said. Yuri nodded. She helped her up from the wheelchair and asked her to hold on the bars that would help her walk. “Step your feet on the floor, don’t be scared,” she instructed.

Slowly and painfully, Yuri tried to walk. She stumbled down on her third step but stood up again to try. She was really determined even though the therapist asked her to take a rest due to her difficulties.

“Ne, Shirayuri-san, I think you should really rest,” a voice said. She looked behind her and saw Sonosa smiling at her. “If you force yourself, nothing will happen.”

“Sensei!” she exclaimed, suddenly falling down. The doctor helped her up again and down to a seat.

“This is so nice. I never expected you to start therapies. This is for…?” she inquired.

“Anou…” Yuri started. She did not want to shock the doctor. “We… Sho and I… we are going to get married…”

Sonosa managed to hide her surprise. “Sou ne?” she asked with a smile. “I’m happy for you.”

“Anou… will you go there too?” Yuri asked, shifting uncomfortably.

“Well, if I am invited,” she answered.

“The reason why I want to walk is because I want to look good on my wedding day.”

“You are already beautiful, Yuri,” Sonosa replied. “Why are you saying that?”

“It would look awkward,” she sighed. “Sho would look like a prince. It’s ugly if I go there in a wheelchair.” She looked at the ceiling dreamily.

“Ne, Shirayuri-san, ganbarou,” she said. She looked at her watch. “I guess I have to go. Don’t push yourself too much, ne?”

“Hai, sensei,” she answered. Sonosa helped Yuri stand up and go back to the steel bars to start her walking practice.


“We have a surprise for you,” Jun said as he and Katrina visited her in the hospital. They helped her get inside the car and Katrina drove to her building. The couple helped her on her wheelchair as they led her to the display room.

“Are you ready?” Katrina asked as she stood beside a glass case covered with a black cloth.

“Nan desu ka?” Yuri asked as Jun covered her eyes with his hands.

Katrina smiled as she pulled the cloth off. Jun uncovered her eyes. “Here’s our surprise… and our wedding gift for you.”

Jun pushed the wheelchair nearer to the glass and let Yuri touch it. “Kireii desu!” she exclaimed with happiness. She traced through the glass the outline of the beadwork that graced from the waist down the hem. “Arigatou gozaimasu!”

Katrina leaned closer to her. “I should be the one thanking you, Shirayuri-san. You became my inspiration.” She held out a black box and placed it on Yuri’s lap. “As pure as a lily… I know you’ve loved Sho with your heart full only of innocence and faith. You’ve encountered a lot, you’ve suffered a lot, and yet, you kept on loving him.”

Yuri opened the box and she saw a sparkly diamond necklace, its small diamonds formed into a lily. “Katrina-san… I…”

“Use that on your wedding day. I made that especially for you,” the other woman said. She patted her shoulder. She went back to her stern look. “Make sure you’ll look very beautiful on your wedding day because I made the best for you, understand?” she added in English.

“Yes,” Yuri answered back. Both giggled. “Anou, Katrina-san, Jun-kun, can I ask a favor?”


“Can you not tell Sho anything about these?” she asked.

“Nande?” Jun asked, confused. He earned a hit on the head.

“Baka! Of course she wanted to surprise her would-be husband!” Katrina said smartly. “I promise. I don’t know with this guy.” She glared at him.

“Mochiron desu yo!” Jun said, taken aback. “Let’s return to the hospital then, ne?” He pushed the wheelchair out. “How are you feeling that your wedding will be two weeks from now?”

“A bit nervous,” Yuri said. “But I am so excited. I have a surprise for Sho.”

The couple looked at each other confusingly but smiled as Yuri looked at them. They proceeded out to take her back to the hospital while she clutched the black box safely in her arms.


Three days before the wedding, Yuri was taken out of the hospital. She requested to stay in a separate hotel and not in the Sakurai household so that she will be able to pursue the surprise she has for Sho.

Yuri was exercising her legs at the edge of the bed when the pain suddenly coursed through her body up to her head. She held her head tightly, as if she was trying not to let it break apart. That was the pain she was feeling. She scrambled towards her bedside where a bottle of water and her painkiller were. She drank in her medicine and lay down on the bed, expecting that it would disappear.

“Onegai… not now…” she muttered to herself as she clutched her head tighter. She writhed in pain on the bed, crouching and rolling. There was no one around and she did not want to disturb Sho, whom she knew was resting for tomorrow. She let outsome dry coughs and looked at her hand she used to cover her mouth. She gasped at the stains of blood. She cried.

“Sho…” she cried in pain. She wanted the pain to disappear at that instant so she took another dosage of the painkiller even though it was not allowed. After a few minutes, she drifted into sleep, her eyes still with tears of pain.

Let me fulfill my promise…
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